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Peace Brigades International fonds. First and second accruals combined. – 1972-1993. – 66 cm of textual records.
These combined accruals consist of administrative files: correspondence, minutes, membership lists, circulars, newsletters and publications received.

Box 1
F.1 1972-1991. Articles about P.B.I. and its forerunners.
F.2 1982-1984. Minutes of International Council and Directorate, including founding conference.
F.3 1982-1991. Newsletters published by P.B.I.
F.4 1983-1984. Administrative Committee minutes.
F.5 1983-1985. Fundraising letters to potential supporters.
F.6 1983/4 & 1985. List of personnel and organizational chart.
F.7 1983-1985. Correspondence from Rene Wadlow, Switzerland.
F.8 1984-1985. Correspondence from Jaime de Diaz, Columbia.
F.9 1984-1985. General Correspondence, Philadelphia office.
F.10 1984-1985. Press releases and publicity.
F.11 1984-1985. Fund-raising dinners.
F.12 1984-1985. Original paste-ups of newsletters.
F.13 1984-1985. Administrative Team (Board) minutes.
F.14 1984-1986. Reading list and circulars.
F.15 1984-1987. Correspondence from Daniel N. Clark, Washington State.
F.16 1984-1987. Correspondence with P.B.I. Council members.
F.17 1984-1988. Correspondence between Charles C. Walker and Institute for Total Revolution, India.
F.18 1984-1989. Correspondence with Sulak Sivaraksa, Thailand. Also materials related to his arrest.
F.19 1984-1990. International Council and Directorate-membership lists and policy statements.
F.20 1984-1991. Articles about P.B.I. activities, originals and photocopies.
F.21 1985-1986. Administrative Team, minutes of meetings.
F.22 1985, October. Notes on conference calls.
F.23 1985-1986. General Correspondence between Philadelphia office and members, supporters and others.
F.24 1985-1986. Correspondence regarding design of new brochure.
F.25 1985-1988. Correspondence between Charles C. Walker (Philadelphia office) and members/supporters.
F.26 1986-1987. Minutes of meetings of the Administrative Team, including some duplicate copies.
F.27 1988-1989. Minutes of meetings of the Administrative Team, including some duplicate copies.
F.28 1986. January. Minutes of Council Meeting in Vedchhi, India.
F.29 1986. September. Circular to Outgoing Escorts in Guatemala.
F.30 1986. October. Piet Dijkstra’s report on London visit.
F.31 1987. Phone notes by Chip.
F.32 1987-1988. Internal Newsletter.
F.33 1987. April-June. Philadelphia Directorate meeting material.
F.34 1987. June. Agenda and Minutes of Directorate meeting, Philadelphia.
F.35 1987. June. Minutes, guidelines and circulars re. Directorate Meeting.
F.36 1987. January-June. Reports on meetings, including AFSC and Mennonite Central Committee.
F.37 1987. Reports on Guatemala.
F.38 1987. Report and article on Sri Lanka.
F.39 1987. Report on interreligious non violence in Asia.
F.40 1987. Directorate material.
F.41 1987. Memos on Newsletter policy and fundraising.
F.42 1987-1988. Correspondence and circulars on Guatemala and South Africa.
F.43 1987-1988. Memos and circulars on Central America.
F.44 1987-1988. Correspondence with Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Argentina.
F.45 1987-1988. Report on social-political situation in Spain (in Spanish).
F.46 1987-1988. Correspondence from Carl Kline.
F.47 1987-1989. Correspondence between Piet Dijkstra and Mary Link, International Secretariat.

Box 2
F.1 1988. P.B.I. Financial Statement.
F.2 1988. Correspondence with Paul Wehr, Nicaragua.
F.3 1988. Israeli/Palestinian Relations, circular.
F.4 1988. Correspondence between Alaine (Canadian Office) and Mary Link, International Secretariat.
F.5 1988. August. Summary of Work in Nicaragua, South Africa and the Middle East, with revised budget.
F.6 1988. Report on Seeking Political Support for El Salvador in U.S. Congress by Barbara MacQuarrie.
F.7 1988. Society for International Development. Correspondence, circulars and publications.
F.8 1988-1989. Correspondence between International Secretariat and International Council.
F.9 1988-1989. Correspondence and circulars re. El Salvador.
F.10 1988-1989. Correspondence, to Administrative Team and others, from George Willoughby.
F.11 1988-1990. International Office Reports.
F.12 1988-1991. Articles (originals and photocopies) about P.B.I. and other peace workers.
F.13 1989. Correspondence from Ueli Wildbeye and report on C.A.P. meeting.
F.14 1989. January-July. Memos from Mary Link to Administrative Team.
F.15 1989. Trier Directorate Meeting. Minutes and notes.
F.16 1989. March-May. Correspondence regarding Directorate Meeting.
F.17 1989-1990. Financial Statements and Correspondence re. Trier meeting.
F.18 1989. Correspondence and agenda material for Trier meeting.
F.19 1989. July. Minutes of Trier Council Meeting.
F.20 1989. General Correspondence and circulars, with financial report.
F.21 1989. Financial Statements, Correspondence and circulars.
F.22 1989. Financial Statements, Correspondence and circulars.
F.23 1989. International Office Self-Evaluation Session, minutes and circulars.
F.24 1989-1990. Directorate Correspondence.
F.25 1990. Directorate Correspondence.
F.26 1990. International Office Financial Statement.
F.27 1990. January-May. Minutes and correspondence relating to Directorate Meetings.
F.28 1990. May. Agenda and minutes of conference call.
F.29 1990. Copies and circulars for Directors’ Meeting, including copy of Founding Statement.
F.30 1990. August. Bethany Conference. Agenda and related materials.
F.31 1990. Bradford Spring Directorate Meeting. Agenda and financial statement.
F.32 1990. January-March. Bradford Meeting reports and papers.
F.33 1990. April. Minutes of Bradford Directorate Meeting.
F.34 1990. May 30. Minutes of Directorate conference call.
F.35 1990. June-October. General correspondence and reports. Also material relating to October Directorate Meeting.
F.36 1990. October-November. Handel, Netherlands Meeting-agenda, reports and financial material.
F.37 1990. June-November. Circulars and meeting material.
F.38 1990. October-November. Circulars and meeting minutes.
F.39 1990. October-November. Handel Directorate Meeting minutes.
F.40 1990. P.B.I. in Sri Lanka-articles, originals and photocopies.
F.41 1990 and 1992. Brigadas Internacionales de Paz, 3 issues.
F.42 1990-1991. Correspondence regarding replacement director.
F.43 1990-1991. Directorate recommendations.
F.44 1990-1991. Correspondence regarding new structure and General Assembly.
F.45 1990-1991. Newsletter from the Sri Lanka Project (incomplete set).
F.46 1991. Directorate nominations and replacement.
F.47 1991. January. Minutes of conference calls.
F.48 1991. February. Circular and financial statements.
F.49 1991. April. Directorate meeting minutes and circulars.
F.50 1991. January-April. Correspondence and minutes of meetings.
F.51 1991. April. Agenda and circulars for Woolman Hill Meeting.
F.52 1991. June. Minutes of conference calls and correspondence.
F.53 1991. July-August. Directorate conference call meeting minutes and correspondence.
F.54 1991. October. Minutes of Directorate decision-making meeting by fax.
F.55 1993. February-December. P.B.I. Project Bulletin. Also Nov. 1991 and Jan. 1992 issues.

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