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Pamphlets collection. Second accrual. 32 pamphlets

Canadian Pamphlets
A book for the farmer on the use of explosives. (Montreal, 1911: Canadian Explosives Limited). 116p. Shelf no. 4082.
A great Canadian industry and its founder. Being a brief history of the McLaughlin Carriage Company. 32p. Shelf no.4083.
Almanach du people. Faits et chiffres pour les electeurs du Canada…tradition d’un supplement de La Gazette, Montreal.
(Montreal, 1891).  48p. Shelf no. 4084.
Beaver house.
(London: The Hudson’s Bay Company). 44p. Shelf no. 4085.
Celebrating a friendship 250 years old! (1920: Hudson’s Bay Company). 11p. Shelf no. 4086.
Milton: Semi-centennial 1857-1907. (1907). 52p. Shelf no. 4087.
River rampant. (Winnipeg, 1950: Stovel Press). 50p. Shelf no. 4088
The ABC’s of traffic safety issued by the Motor Vehicles Branch, Department of Highways of Ontario. (Toronto, 1954: Public Relations Services Limited). 30p. Shelf no. 4089.
The Orange Anniversary songster. (Toronto, 1888: F. Crapper).  32p. Shelf no. 4090.
The Winnipeg District: The city and farm lands adjacent. Issued by a committee of the City Council of the Winnipeg Board of Trade, the Winnipeg Retailers Association. (Winnipeg, 1898: The Buckle Printing Co., Limited). 24p. Shelf no. 4091.
Yukon Territory: History, administration, resources and development. (Ottawa, 1950: Northern Administrations Department of Resources and Development). 58p. Shelf no. 4902.
Castex, J.M. Along the bay. (Penetanguishene: Harold R. Beaudoin). 59p. Shelf no. 4093.
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The C.C.F. and total war. (Ottawa, 1942). 23p. Shelf no. 4094.
Laurier, Sir Wilfred. Reciprocal trade with the United States.  Speech delivered by Sir Wilfred Laurier in the House of Commons of Canada. March 7, 1911. Ottawa, Canada, 1911. 16p. Shelf no. 4095.
Manion, Hon. R. J. Why Canada is at war. A broadcast delivered by Hon. R. J. Mnion, M.C., M.D., M.P. November 13, 1939. (Ottawa, 1939: J.O. Patenaude, I.S.O.). 10p. Shelf no. 4096.
Purdy, Amos. To the residents of the County of Cumberland. (Amherst, September 16 1901). 16p. Shelf no. 4097.
Rowell, Hon. N. W. One year of Union government. An address given in Bowmanville, Ontario. December 17, 1918. 24p. Shelf no. 4098.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A career in scarlet with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (Ottawa, 1952). 60p. Shelf no. 4099
Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Information for prospective recruits. (Ottawa, 1951). 26p. Shelf no. 4100.
Woodward, E. L. Some political consequences of the atomic bomb. (Toronto, 1945: Oxford University Press). 26p. Shelf no. 4101.

American Pamphlets
San Francisco: Before and after the fire. (Los Angeles, 1906: Rieder-Cardinell Co.). 18p fold-out.  Shelf no. 4102.
The truth about Catholics. (Los Angeles, 1946: Catholic Literature Society).  34p. Shelf no. 4103.
The unspeakable war. (New York: Labor Committee for Peace in Vietnam).  31p. Shelf no. 4104.
Green, Gil. United we stand for peace and socialism. Report on the sixth World Congress of the Young Communist International. (New York, 1935: Workers Library Publishers). 64p. Shelf no. 4105.
International Coordination Council. Italy against fascism. (New York, 1942: Quaderni Italiani). 16p. Shelf no. 4106.
McColl- Frontenac Products. Harvest gold: war edition. McColl Frontenac farm machinery manual. (1943, The Texas Company). 120p – missing pages. Shelf no. 4107
Progressive Labor Party. A plan for Black liberation. (New York, 1969: Progressive Labor Party). 64p. Shelf no. 1408.

International Pamphlets
War pictures at the National Gallery. (London, 1944: Curwen Press). 32p. Shelf no. 1409
Youth in the Soviet land. (ANH) . 88p. Shelf no. 1410.
Barker, Sir Ernest. Winston Churchill. (London, January 1945: The Ministry of Information). 72p. Shelf no. 4111.
Chesnokov, D.I. Marxism-Leninism on basis and superstructure. (Bombay, 1952: People’s Publishing House Ltd.). 60p. Shelf no. 4112.
Huguenin, Pierre. Inside the story of the Swiss watch. Translated by R. Grandvoinet. (La Chaux-de-Fonds, July 1949: Publications Department of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce).  31p. Shelf no. 4113.
Webb, Sidney and Beatrice Webb. Soviet Communism: Dictatorship or democracy? (London, October 1936: The Left Review). 32p. Shelf no. 4114.

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