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Norman, Morris

Morris Norman general collection. First and Second Accruals. – 1833-[196-?]. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic materials. – 12 oversize items.

First Accrual – 1844-[196-?]. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic material.
Box 1
Politics and Government
F.1       Political Pamphlets:
Ralph Fox, Marx, Engels and Lenin on Ireland, New York, 1940
“Marxism vs. Liberalism: An Interview”, Marxist pamphlets No. 2, 1945
Ilya Tsaregradsky, “Cultural Activities of Soviet Trade Unions”, Moscow, 1945
Eric Hass, “Stalinist Imperialism”, New York: 1946
United Nations, “The Threat of Nuclear Weapons”, n.d.

F.2       News clippings: 3 of President Coolidge; 1 of Princess Ileana of Rumania
F.3-4    Government publications and documents:
Canada. Meteorology for Air Navigators, 1943
Alberta, Office of the Recorder of Brands, Notice of Cancellation of Brand, January 1915
North-West Territories, Record of Brands, 1903-05
Nova Scotia, Historic Nova Scotia, n.d.
Ontario. The James Bay Treaty, No. 9, 1909
Ontario. The North-West Angle Treaty. No. 3, 1905, 1909
Lambton County, Ontario, “County House of Refuge”
Middlesex County, Ontario, “Quarterly Return of Convictions, 1899; torn into 8 pieces
Petition for a Tavern Licence

F.5       Government correspondence:
Lord Dufferin. Letter to Charles Blatherwick.. London, United Kingdom, 1871 or 1891.
J. Bryce, House of Commons, letter of thanks for treatise, 1884
Letter to Hays (?), from (?), 1884 (?).
These three letters originally pasted on board together with autograph signatures and postmarks

Consulado de Portugal. Halifax, NS, letter from, 1901
City of Niagara Falls clerk (W.S. Orr) to J. Herbert, 1942
Beaulieu, P.A. Dept. of External Affairs, letter to, re: a pay increase. Paris, France, 1948

F.6       Printed ephemera
Mourning Service, King Edward VII, Windsor, 20 May 1910
Government of Canada. Blank passport application form. Ottawa, Ontario, 192-
Government of Ontario. Gasoline Handling License. Toronto, Ontario, 1934

F.7       Other (Ships)
“H.M. Yacht Britannia: A Short History of Her Predecessors Together with a List of Her Officers and Ship’s Company”, ca. 1953
“The North-West Passage, 1940-42 and 1944: The Famous Voyage of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Schooner ‘St. Roch’” by Sgt. Henry Larsen, RCMP

F.8       Realia
Civil Defence Corps & Civil Defence Corps Welfare. Arm Bands, 1954
Canadian Engineers’ framed embroidered badge; n.d. but before 1965 when Canada adopted a new flag

British posters (oversize)
Tariff Reform League (formed 1903)
“Wanted – a Job”, poster number 135. Printed by Hill, Siffken & Co., London
“Wanted – a Change”, poster number 129B. Printed by Hill, Siffken & Co., London. Artist A.B. White
National Union of Conservative and Constitutional Associations (election posters from either January or December 1910; dated by the Conservative Party Archivist, Bodleian Library):
“Radical Party, Radical Promises, Why! It’s All a Froth”, no. 34
“Working Men, You Can’t Eat your Cake and Have It”, no. 179

Legal correspondence and documents
F.9       Two letters, both written from the Hotel Churchill in Moose Jaw, Sask.: R. Carins to Mr. McClean, barrister; W.J. Cummings to Mr. Goodman, 1946
F.10     W.W. Butts; causal promissory note to outfit man with clothes and shoes, etc., 1 Jan. 1864

Business correspondence, invoices and other documents
Bell Piano and Organ Col. Ltd, Guelph, Ont., certificate, n.d.
C.C. Snowdon Oils. Calgary, Alberta, letter to Gravel & Gallant, 1930
Canadian Bank of Commerce. Toronto, Ont., 1951 Business cards for F.O. Harrison
Claris Banking House. St. Thomas, Ont., 1884, notice and envelope
Crescent Bowling Alleys. Collingwood, Ontario, [196-?]
D.A. Jones, Dealers in Bees, Queens, Hives, Extractors. Beeton, Ont., invoice, 1879
Dearborn & Co. Tomato Catsup, envelope addressed to Miss Grace A Wilson. 190-
F.W. Bird & Son, Hamilton, Ontario, 1906, letter, leaflet and envelope
Ganong Bros. Ltd. St. Stephen, N.B., 1920, invoice
Gore Bank. Hamilton, Ontario, 1844, three deposit slips
Gray-Campbell Ltd., Moose Jaw, SK, letter re an estate claim, 1926
Greg Manufacturing Co. Ltd., information on Valento Wine, sent to Miss Grace A. Wilson, 1899
H.C. Taylor Co., Chaswood, N.S., letter, 1905
Hamilton Willow Furniture Co., Hamilton, Ont., invoice, 1911
Imperial Oil, Limited. Monthly statement for and letter to Miss G.E. Wilson, Boiestown, N.B., 1919-20
J.K. Falconbridge. Richmond Hill, Ont., 1856, invoice
John Labatt Brewer, London, Ont., 1907, invoice
John Eaton &Co., Dry Goods, Hamilton, Ont., invoice, 1876
Jones & Barclay Ltd., Birmingham, U.K., quotation on brass chain for Fraser Hardwar Co. Ltd. Galt, Ont., 1923
Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba, invoice, 1902

Lambton Loan and Investment Co., Sarnia, Ontario, savings bank book, 1889-1893
Leonard Bros ., Dealers in Fresh, Dry, Pickled and Smoked Fish, St. John, N.B., letter to J&S. McEachen, Douglas. Ont., 1903
Lewis A. Lavers, Produce and Provision Commission Merchant, letter to McEachen Bros., Shamrock, Ont. re: the prices of partridge and venison. Montreal, Quebec, 188-?
M. Staunton & Co., Paper Hanging and Borders, Toronto, Ont., invoice, 1879
Mail and Empire. Cheque for W.E.B. McKenzie. Toronto, Ont., 1930
McCurdy & Co. Antigonish, Nova Scotia, list of goods ordered, 1900
McMillan & Haynes, St. Catharines, Ont., 2 letters to J.S. McEachen, Douglas, Ont.1895
M.S. Sobieski, ship’s laundry bill for cabin 60, 1948; in English and Polish
Ontario Gypsum Co., Ltd., Paris, Ont., form letter, 1920
Miss K. Patton, employee’s saving and profits sharing fund statement from Robert Simpson Co. Ltd., 1932
R.H. Smith Co. Ltd., St. Catharines, Ont., letter, 1911
Rock City Tobacco Co. Quebec City, Quebec, invoices and page 2 of a letter, 1900-1910
Renfrew Machinery Co. Ltd. Letter and product information, 1936
Sheridan Equipment Co. Limited. Toronto, Ont., envelope
Spring Creek Stock Farms (Charles Barrett), Parkhill, Ont., letter re: breeding, information on Grattan Royal, 1921
St. Charles Condensing Co. St. Charles, Illinois, letter to J&S. McEachen, Douglas, Ont.1903
Stewart S. Haskell, Wholesale dealer in Fresh Fish, Owen Sound, Ont. Letter, 1922
T.A. Estabrooks Ltd (Tea Importer). St. John, N.B., letter and invoice to Grace A. Wilson, 1906
Traders Bank of Canada. Ingersoll, Ontario, 1901 cheque to D.D. Brown
Treaty Petroleum Ltd., Bloor Indian Reserve, prospectus, 1939
Welland Vale Mfg. Co., St. Catharines, Ont., letter re the price of bicycle bells, 1897
Whites Ltd., Collingwood, Ont., letter to Fraser Hardware Co. Ltd., Galt, Ont., 1922
Yonge-Eglinton Motors Ltd., Toronto, Ont., billing envelope addressed to Follis Garage, 1958

Other correspondence
F.13     Letter from Thomas S. Scott (chief architect, Public Works Canada) to his daughter, 2 June 1982, written from the Grand Union Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba; letter from Gus to Jim, 20 February 1903, written from the Hotel Leland, Wolsley, Assiniboia

Printed materials and ephemera
F.14     Dr. Nicholson re his practice in Bathurst, 17 April 1856; Principal and Mrs. Dawson invitation to student of the university, 1869
F.15     Fredrick Burke Carron: Cape of Good Hope Medical Practitioner’s Licence, 14 May 1908; Province of Quebec Medical certificate, n.d.
F.16     Temperature Indicators and Temperature Indicator Chart for Wiping Solder

F.17     Great Lakes ships:
-Luckport, built as the Magnolia in Midland, Ont., 1898 at dock in ice with another ship, name not visible.
-Hagarty, built in Collingwood, 1914, in ice with tug beside it; two other ships in the background
-Rosa Reinecke, born 1867, amateur Buffalo N.Y. opera singer
-Man and car, Tel-Aviv, 1935
-“Lumber Yard Across the Road from the Scott Farm”
-Old Boys Reunion, Peterborough, Ont., 1925 parade, float “From Trapper to Finished Product”, Wm. Leach & Sons Ltd.

Gravure Print
F.18     “The Famous South Africans”, women and children from various tribes with a white man, National Chemigraph Co. St. Louis; name and tribes on verso

Cabinet Cards
F.19     Unidentified
-Unidentified man photographed by L.E. Desmaria et Cie., Montreal, 1890s
-Child in a baby carriage, photographed by Hadden’s Studio, Alvinston, Ont., 1890s

Second Accrual
Morris Norman general collection. Second accrual. – 1833-1958. – 12 oversize items. – 2 folders (F.20, F.21)

F.20     Sir Peregrine Maitland (1777-1854), British soldier and colonial administrator, autograph letter glued on paper, 1844
F.21     Montreal Neurological Institute: 3 b&w photographs mounted on board, one with its director, Wilder Penfield, 1950s?

Photographs (Oversize)
- Women’s Wear shop; the only identifiable item for sale are Perrin Gloves. Items have been set out in display where customers would normally be. B&w photograph
- Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, and other members of their party, at Government House in Toronto on 11 Oct. 1901. J. Frazer Bryce, photographer from the Carbon Studio. B&w photograph. Everyone is identified in printed index
- Charles-Ignace Gill (1844–1901) was a Quebec lawyer, legislator and judge. Notman b&w portrait in his judge’s robes, thus 1879 or later
- Ontario Normal College, staff and students of, 1897-1898, Hamilton, Ont.. B&w photograph. Morrow, photographer. Everyone is identified in printed index

Images (Oversize)
“The Ontario Agricultural College and Experimental Farm, Guelph, Canada”; premium presented to subscribers of 1889 by the Canadian Live stock and Farm Journal, Hamilton, Ont.

Printed Materials (Oversize)
- Negro Boy Lawn Ornament pattern, no. 22, Darling Patterns, New Toronto, Ont.
- Saskatchewan Land and Homestead Company, Toronto Ont. “Happy Homes, Announcement No. 1 … Fertile Farms”
- Great Western Railroad Company, Province of Canada Debenture, County of Oxford, ₤100, 1 August 1853; image of Queen Victoria and a rail train on the debenture
- Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, plan of the townsite of Rivers, 142 miles west of Winnipeg, 1910
- The Carbonear Star and Conception Bay Journal, vol. 1, issue 30, 15 May 1833, pp. 77-80; Newfundland

- Province of Manitoba, Employment Available, Harvest Works is Available. W.R. Clubb, Minister of Public Works, 9 August 1937. Text only.

- Christmas Island H-Bomb Tests, 1957-58, fabric pennant illustrated with a bird sitting on an anchor; white on black

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