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Noble, William Charles

William Charles Noble fonds. – 1913-2007. – 2.5 m of textual records, photographs and slides; 25 cartographic items; 1 reel to reel tape.

Series 1
Archaeological sites. – 1.5 m of textual record and graphical material. – Title based on contents of series.

The sites are listed alphabetically and divided into two groups. The first group, beginning with Box 1, Noble kept extensive notes on the sites, including photographs, analysis, reports, correspondence and other material. The files for the second group are much smaller, usually only one file per site. This second group begins at Box 8, File 6. Researchers should also consult Series 11 for related maps.

Box 1
Christianson Site (AiHa-2)
F.1             Correspondence. 1969-1987.
F.2             Field notes. “Princess Point and Christianson”. 1969.
F.3             Photographs. 1969.
F.4            Site analysis. 1964.
F.5             An analysis of floral remains from the Christianson site (AiHa-2). Irene Ockenden. 1964.

Cleveland Site (AhHb-7)
F.6            Correspondence. 1971-1996.
F.7            Field notes. 1971.
F.8            Artifact Catalogue. 1970.
F.9            Photographs and slides. 1971.
F.10            The Fairchilds-Cleveland Site. Douglas Mannen. 1970.
F.11            Canada Council Report. W.C. Noble. 1971.
F.12            The Cleveland Neutral Village (AhHb-7): A Preliminary Statement. W.C. Noble. 1972.
F.13            The Cleveland Site (AhHb-7): Faunal Report. Rosemary Prevec. 1981.
Researchers may also want to refer to maps 1135 and 1141 in Series 11.

Collins Site
F.14             Field notes. 1982.
F.15            Photographs. 1982.
F.16             Site analysis. 1982.
F.17            Student papers. 1982.
F.18            Two papers by Geoff Sutherland for Dr. Howard Savage. 1982-1984.
F.19            “Gunby Photocopy”. [1982?].
Researchers may also want to refer to maps 1119 and 1132 in Series 11.

Box 2
Fonger Site (AhHb-8)
F.1            Artifact catalogue. 1978-1979.
F.2            Reports by Gary Warrick. 1978-1979.

Hamilton Site (AiHa-5)
Researchers may also want to refer to maps 1113 and 1125 in Series 11.
F.3            Correspondence. 1996.
F.4            Field notes. 1972.
F.5            Field notes report. 1972.
F.6            Field notes “Sudbury Weekend”. 1972.
F.7            Photographs and slides. 1970-1972.

Larder Lake
F.8            Field notes. 1977-1979.
F.9            Maps.
F.10            Photographs.
F.11            Archaeology.
F.12            Manuscript.
F.13            Larder Lake: Early History and Prehistory – An Initial Synthesis. W.C. Noble. 1979.
F.14            Faunal Analysis.
F.15            Archaeological Sites.
F.16            Accounts.

Box 3
Milky Bay (DaGu-7)
F.1            Notes and rough draft of The Milky Bay Site (DaGu-7), Larder Lake, Northeaster Ontario. W.C. Noble. 1980.
F.2            Final draft of The Milky Bay Site (DaGu-7), Larder Lake, Northeaster Ontario. W.C. Noble. 1980.

Pearl Beach (DaGv-1)
F.3            Correspondence. 1977.
F.4            Notes and report. 1977.
F.5            Artifact report. 1977.
F.6            “Original” Larder Lake: Early History and Prehistory – An Initial Synthesis. W.C. Noble. 1979.

Princess Point Site (AhGx-1)
F.7            Cootes Paradise Survey. 1969.
F.8            Analysis and Report. 1969-1974.
F.9            Exhibit.
F.10            A Short History of Cootes Paradise. John A. Scott in The Gardens’ Bulletin. 1970.
F.11            Photographs.
Researchers may also want to refer to maps 1124 and 1137 in Series 11.

Rainy River, Manitou Mounds – Long Sault Site (DdKm-1)
F.12            Field notes.
F.13            Notes and report.

Box 4
Rainy River, Manitou Mounds – Long Sault Site (DdKm-1) continued
F.1            Final report. Foldered in 3 parts.

Sopher Site (BdGu-1)
Researchers may also want to refer to maps 1128 and 1129 in Series 11.
F.2            Correspondence and other material. 1948-1995.
F.3            Field notes. 1962-1965.
F.4            Field notes. 1965.
F.5            Drafts and publications. 1965-1970.
F.6            Site analysis and diagrams. 1965. [continued in Box 5]

Box 5
Sopher Site (BdGu-1)
F.1            Site analysis, 1965. [continued from Box 4]
F.2            Slides and photographs, 1962-1965. Note: the slides are in Box 17, F.8.

Thorold Site (AgGt-1)
Researchers may also want to refer to maps 1103, 1106, 1111, 1115, 1120, 1122, and an uncatalogued map in Series 11.
F.3            Accounts. 1979-1980.
F.4            Correspondence, 1979-2005.
F.5            Charcoal analysis, 1980.
F.6            Artifacts, 1979-1980.
F.7            Artifact analysis and catalogues, 1979-1980.
F.8            Field notes. 7 volumes. 1979-1980.

Box 6
Thorold Site (AgGt-1) continued
F.1            Faunal analysis. 1980.
F.2             Faunal reports. 1980.
F.3             Floral analysis. 1980.
F.4            Maps. 1980.
F.5            Photographs. 1980-1982.
F.6            Pipes. 1988-1992.
F.7            Pits/middens. 1979.
F.8             Reports, 1979-1980
F.9             Site history, 1979-1980
F.10            Slides and photographs. 1979-1980. Note: the slides are in Box 17, F.9.

Box 7
Thorold Site (AgGt-1) continued
F.1 Thorold Site (AgGt-1), student essays, 1979.

Van Besien (AfHd-2)
F.2            Field notes. 1972.
F.3            Site analysis and notes. 1973.
F.4            Rough draft of report. 1973.
F.5            Publications, 1971-1973.
F.6            Correspondence. 1980-2001.
F.7            Photographs and slides. 1972. Note: the slides are in Box 17, F.10.

Walker Site (AgHa-9)
F.8            Correspondence. 1974.
F.9            Field notes and cards. 5 volumes. 1973-1974.

Box 8
Walker Site (AgHa-9) continued
F.1            Site plans. 1973-1974.
F.2            Research.
F.3            Photographs and slides. 1973-1974.
F.4            Soil analysis. 1974-1985.
F.5            M. Wright manuscript, edited by W. Noble. 1989.
Researchers may also want to refer to map 1136 in Series 11.

F.6            Bennett Site (AiGx-1), 1962.
F.7             Benson Site (BdGr-1), 1976-1986.
F.8            Bogle I (AiHa-10) and Bogle II (AiHa-11), 1983.
F.9             Carlisle Cemetery, 1986.
F.10            Donovan Site (AhHa-3), 1971.
F.11            Draper Site (AlGt-2), 1976.
F.12            Dwyer Ossuary (AiHa-3).
F.13            Eglington (Jackes) Site, 1974.
F.14            Gunby Site (AiGx-5), 1977-1978.

Box 9
F.1             Hood Site (AiHa-7), 1974.
F.2            Hoskin Site (AgGx-8). Field notes of Ken Noma and Ian Kenyon. 1974.
F.3            James Reid Site, 1984-1985.
F.4            Mannen Site (AhHb-6), 1969-1992.
F.5             Milton Heights (Gaetan) Site (AjGx-44), 1987.
F.6            Miscellaneous North Eastern Ontario Sites, 1965-1966.
F.7            Mount Hope Sites, 1982-1983.
F.8            Porteous Site (AgHb-1), 1969-1972.
F.9            Prins Site, 1983.
F.10             Reid Site (AdHc-5), 1976-1988.
F.11            Rock Lake, 1962.
F.12            Sealey Site (AgHa-4).

Box 10
F.1            Serpent Mounds, 1956-1958.
F.2            Shaver Ossuary (AiHa-1), 1964-1981.
F.3            Surma/Orchid Site (ArGf-1), 1964-1965.
F.4            Surma/Orchid Site (ArGf-1), field notes. 1965.
F.5            Uren Site (AfHd-3), report. 1979.
F.6            Uren Site (AfHd-3), catalogue. [1979?].

Series 2
Archaeologists. – 35 cm of textual records and photographs. – Title based on contents of series.

Material gathered by Noble in support of his writings on a number of archaeologists. The bulk of the material concerns J. Norman Emerson, and includes much of Emerson’s professional correspondence.

Box 10
F.7             David Boyle, correspondence, 1976-1983
F.8             David Boyle, notes, 1976-1980
F.9             David Boyle, photograph (framed), n.d.
F.10             Walter Kenyon, interview with W.C Noble in Toronto (on tape), June 1983
F.11             Frank Ridley, publications, 1947-1970
F.12             William J. Wintemberg.

Box 11
J. Norman Emerson
F.1            Correspondence. 1940s.
F.2            Correspondence. 1950s.
F.3            Correspondence. 1960-1962.
F.4            Correspondence. 1963-1965.
F.5            Correspondence. 1966-1969.
F.6            Correspondence. 1970-1973.
F.7            Correspondence. 1974-1977
F.8            Notes. 1940s.
F.9            Lecture notes. 1942.
F.10            Research papers. 1941-1973.

Box 12
J. Norman Emerson, continued
F.1            Field experiences. 1947-1965.
F.2            Cahiague site (BdGv-1), 1947-2002.
F.3            Photographs. 1950-1996.
F.4            Noble’s research biographical notes. 1974-2004.
F.5            Noble’s research correspondence on Emerson. 1979-1997.
F.6            Noble’s research notes on Emerson. [c.1990].
F.7            Noble’s paper for the CAA. 1994-1997.

Series 3
Artifact catalogues and collections. – 7 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series. Box 24.

Box 13
F.1             John C. Bonham catalogue, 1980.
F.2             James A. Egan collection, 1983.
F.3             H. Findley collection, n.d.
F.4            Mullock & McGregor collection, n.d.: photocopy
F.5             E.C. Walters collections, n.d.: photocopy

Series 4
Collectors. – 23 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.  

Noble gathered together material related to a number of early archaeological collectors. This series consists mostly of collection listings and biographical information, as well as notes Noble made about them and their collections.

Box 13
F.6             Everett J. Case and Charles A. Case, 1955: photocopy-2002
F.7             Rutherford B.H. Smith, background, 1970-1997
F.8             Rutherford B.H. Smith, collection, c. 1980s
F.9             Rutherford B.H. Smith, correspondence, 1935-2007
F.10             Frank S. Wood, manuscript photocopy, newspaper clippings, 1923-1997
F.11            Wilfred Jury, bibliographical.
F.12             Wilfred Jury, publications, 1949-1955.
F.13             Wilfred Jury, Fairfield reports, 1942-1946.

Box 14
F.1             Wilfred Jury, Clearview and Crawford report, 1939-1948.
F.2             Stewart Leslie, correspondence, 1973-2005
F.3             Stewart Leslie, publications, 1973-2007
F.4             John B. Morton, correspondence, 1933-1980
F.5             John B. Morton, newspaper clippings and photographs, c. 1970s
F.6            John B. Morton, reports. 1913-1973.

F.7            P.M. Pringle and W. Cleland, correspondence, 1931-1935.
F.8            P.M. Pringle, maps and data, 1932-1935.
F.9            P. M. Pringle and W. Cleland, record, 1932.
F.10            P. M. Pringle and W. Cleland. [c.1935]-1980.
F.11            P. M. Pringle and W. Cleland, miscellaneous and Noble’s notes on, 1923-1972.

Series 5
Conference papers. – 6 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 15
F.1             Paper. 1975.
F.2             Papers. 1982-1989.
F.3            Paper. 1988.
F.4             Papers.1991-2006.

Series 6
Correspondence. – 6 cm of textual records. – Title based on the contents of series.

Box 15
F.5             Correspondence regarding the Anthropology Department (McMaster University), 1977-1996.
F.6             Correspondence regarding collections (in possession of McMaster University), 1969-1995.
F.7             Notes regarding collections, 1970-2005.
F.8              Correspondence regarding Tsouharissen and Neutral Archaeology, 1952-2004.
F.9              Personal correspondence, 1988-1990.

Series 7
Articles and reports. – 3 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 15
F.10             Unpublished typed manuscripts, 1966-2002.
F.11            Typed manuscripts. Offprints and photocopies of published materials were not retained.

Series 8
Professional career. – 4 cm of textual records, photographs, and negatives. – Title based on the content of series.

Box 16
F.1             Academic files, 1965-1995.
F.2            Notes from trip to India. 1988.

Series 9
Research notes. – 18 cm of textual records, photographs and slides; 1 reel to reel tape. – Title based on the content of series.

There is related material in series 4 as it relates to early Ontario collectors.

Box 16
F.3             Early Ontario collectors – Binder 1. (Photocopies of Cleland/Pringle correspondence removed, please see originals in Box 14.)
F.4             Early Ontario collectors – Binder 2.
F.5             India Skull Survey, 1958-1960.
F.6             Iroquois pipes, binder, n.d. (In two parts when removed from binder.)
F.7            Neutral Archaeology, maps, 1982.
F.8             Neutral Archaeology, miscellaneous sites, 1983-1995.

Box 17
F.1            Neutral Archaeology, manuscripts and publications, 1960-1984. The reel to reel tape that goes with this material is housed in Box 18.
F.2            Neutral Archaeology, annotated bibliography, 1980.
F.3            Neutral Archaeology, photographs, 1986.
F.4            Neutral Archaeology, settlement patterns, 1982.
F.5            Neutral Archaeology, slides, 1972-1989.

Series 10
Slides  and Photographs (miscellaneous). – 11 cm of slides. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 17
Descriptions on the original slide containers have been noted at the beginning of each section.
F.6            Slides, pages 1-9:
Seed site (AkGv-1)
Helen Devereaux (1977),
La Salle and Tinawatawo.,
Gabriel Sagard,
Down East (1969) and Down West (1963),
Palframan site (1977),
Ethnographic collections,
 McIlwraith 1948 paper,
J.N. Emerson 1948 paper,
Canadian Archaeology,
Faculty Students (1983).
Toronto (1959)

F.7            Slides, pages 10-15:
A box of loose slides had the following information noted on the label:
Ft. Erie Burial (1965), Ft. St. Joseph (1964), Cahiague (1965), Sopher Site (1965), and 1976 – Noble, Vastokas, [Pauson?], Kennedy, [Reuereaux?].
Individual captions indicate that they were also from Mackinac Is. and Nova Scotia.

F.8            Sopher site slides from Box 5, F.2.
F.9            Thorold site slides from Box 6, F.10.
F.10            Walker site slides from Box 8, F.1 and F.3.

Box 18
F.1            Photographs and slides. 1958-1986.
F.2            “Rogues Gallery” of Canadian Archaeologists. Photo album has been disassembled for preservation reasons.
F.3            Negatives.

Series 11
Maps. – 25 items. – Title based on contents of the series.

1103            Thorold House Area 3 (unpublished) ­ - good condition, graph paper
1106            Thorold Houses 3, 7, 10, 11 and 12 WCN (unpublished) – graph paper, good condition
1107            Cahiague Floor Plan, Allen Tyska (unpublished) – fair condition, ripped
1109            Central Neutralia (original notes pertaining to arch collections) – good condition
1111            Thorold House 3 – 3 copies (unpublished) – good condition, graph paper
1113            Hamilton Midden A and Houses 1 and 2 – graph paper, good condition
1114            Neutralia Capital Town, Town, Village, Cemetery, Hamlet WCN 82 (arch coll) – tracing paper, good condition
1115            Thorold House 2, 1979/80 (unpublished) – good condition
1118            Historic Neutral Trails, Towns etc WCN (original notes) – good condition
1119            Collins Site map, student (unpublished) – good condition
1120            Thorold Site WCN81 (unpublished) – fair condition, tracing paper, ripped
1122            Thorold House 4 and Interior Palisades (unpublished) – graph paper, ripped
1124            Princess Point Site Map, student, 1969 – fair condition, ripped
1125            Hamilton Site 1972 -  good condition
1127            Petun, Huron, Neutral and Other Iroquoian Placement WCN82 – tracing paper & ripped
1128            Sopher Site WCN – good condition
1129            Sopher Site maps, 1965 – good condition, graph paper
1132            Collins Site, Student Map, 2nd attempt – bad condition, ripped
1135            Cleveland Site (multiple maps, original notes), (unpublished) – good condition
1136            Walker Burial Trench, Jackie Crerar – fair condition
1137            Princess Point Map, 1969 WCN (on site mapping, original notes) – graph paper, good condition
1139            Site/Collectors Finds: 1) Craig Smith Collection, late Archaic; 2) Smith and Glencrest Rd. – possible late Archaic/mixed, 19th c. historic; 3) Salem (original notes) – good condition
1141            Cleveland 1971 – good condition
1145            Flat folded maps published with archaeological notes etc: Brantford; Hamilton area/plotted Neutral sites; Galt ON; Hamilton ON; Ontario; Hamilton/Flamborough/plotted sites; Milton Brampton West; Bradford east half, ON; Grimsby east ON; Bradford ON/plotted sites; Mount Hope; Dunnville, Cayuga West ˝; Dunnville East ˝; Brantford west ˝; Caledonia, Grimsby west ˝. – good condition

Uncatalogued.  Thorold House 1 and 6, Middens (unpublished) – graph paper, fair condition

Box 19
F.1          [Letter from Noble to Dean, Arts & Science at Trent University recommending promotion of Dr. Susan M. Jamieson—9 February 1998; response from Dean—12 February 1998; photocopy of typescript of Jamieson’s dissertation, “Neutral Iroquois Lithics: Technological Process and Its Implications” (Washington State University, 1983) : fldr 1 of 3].
F.2          [fldr 2 of 3].
F.3          [fldr 3 of 3].

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