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Mol, Hans, 1922-

Hans Mol fonds

Series 1
Manuscripts and correspondence (1962-1985) related to Hans Mol's books.
Files 1-6 (boxes 1 to 6), 1.86 m
Correspondence between Hans Mol and other sociologists, authors of articles, editors, publishers, and reviewers.

Box 1 (1962-1972)
Western Religion. A Country by Country Sociological Inquiry. The Hague: Mouton, [1972];

Box 2 (1967-1985)
Religion in Australia: a Sociological Investigation [Melbourne, Thomas] Nelson [(Australia) 1971]

Box 3 (1964-1984)
Identity and the Sacred: a Sketch for a New Social-Scientific Theory of Religion Agincourt, Canada: Book Society of Canada, 1976; Identity and Religion: International, Cross-cultural approaches. London: Sage Publications, 1978

Box 4 (1977-1985)
The Fixed and the Fickle: Religion and Identity in New Zealand. Waterloo, Ont. : Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1982; The Firm and the Formless: Religion and Identity in Aboriginal Australia. Waterloo, Ont. : Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1982; Wholeness and Breakdown : a Model for the Interpretation of Nature and Society Madras : Dr. D. Radhakrishnan Institute for Advanced Study in Philosophy, University of Madras, 1978; Meaning and Place : an Introduction to the Social Scientific Study of Religion. [Hamilton, Ont. : Mol, 1980]

Box 5 (1971-1984)
Faith and Fragility : Religion and Identity in Canada. [Hamilton, Ont. : s.n., 1982]

Box 6 (1965-1980)
Faith and Fragility : Religion and Identity in Canada. [Hamilton, Ont. : s.n., 1982]
Identity and the Sacred : a Sketch for a New Social-Scientific Theory of Religion. Agincourt, Canada : Book Society of Canada, 1976

Series 2
Unpublished material and draft copies of articles
Files 1-2 (boxes 7-8), 0.62 m
Literary writing by Hans Mol including articles to journals and newspapers such as: The Canberra Times, Religion, Christianity Today, The Australian, The Courier, Migrations News, The Outlook, The Christchurch Star, The Canadian Baptist, Presbyterian Record. This series consist also of correspondence with those journals and other religious and other institutions (e.g. Research Group for European Migration Problems).

Box 7 (1969-1985)
Articles (draft copies)
Unpublished materials

Box 8 (1982-1984)
Manuscript to: How God Hoodwinked Hitler. [not published?] 4]

Series 3
Correspondence with other professors, students and religious institutions (in alphabetical order) (1955-1987)
File 1 to 5 (boxes 9-13), 1.55 m
This series consists of correspondence with other professors and students throughout all the years of Hans Mol professional activity (1955-1987). There are also some documents connected with his degree studies at Columbia University in New York. Files 1 to 5 consist also of some personal documents of Hans Mol connected with his wife Ruth McIntyre and his children. Files are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of person or institution (or subject).

Box 9
Files A - D

Box 10
Files D - I

Box 11
Files J - N

Box 12
Files N - R Publications (1979 - 1986)

Box 13
Files S - Z

Series 4
Teaching Files
File 1 to 2 (box 14-15), 0.62 m
Files 1 and 2 consist of written material that is connected with Dr. Hans Mol work as a lecturer of Australian National University in Canberra (Australia), University of California in Santa Barbara (California), University of Marquette in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), University of Canterbury in Christchurch (New Zealand), and McMaster University in Hamilton (Canada). The papers consist of essay topics, course lists, course description, courses outlines, lists of recommended readings, examination books, grant applications and student recommendation, seminars.

Box 14
University courses: 1975-1988

Box 15
University courses: 1962-1976
Publications (1962-1976)

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