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Mitchell, Charles Hamilton, 1872-1941

Charles Hamilton Mitchell fonds. – 1914-1959; predominant 1914-1919. – 1 m of textual records, graphic material and cartographic material. – 117 photographs.

Letter books
L.1       Letters May 12, 1915 to September 14, 1915 from CHM to family members (probably including his wife) addressed as “Dear Heart” or “Dear Ones.” 68 letters; 193 pp.
L.2       Letters September 12, 1915 to January 19, 1916 from CHM to family members addressed as “Dear Heart” or “Dear Ones.” 82 letters; 194 pp.
L.3       Letters January 10,1916-April 26, 1916 (title of book possibly erased by water damage to brown paper jacket, now removed), from CHM to family members addressed as “Dear Heart” and “Dear Ones.” Includes handwritten copy of letter found in No Man's Land written by German soldier in English, addressed to English soldiers, with accompanying explanatory note by CHM. 89 letters; 232 pp.
L.4       Entitled “Letters No. 4,” April 27, 1916 to November 10, 1916 to family members addressed as “Dear Heart” or Dear Ones.” 150 letters; 282 pp.
L.5       Entitled “Other Letters 1916-17,” Dec. ?, 1915- Jan. 3, 1919; to CHM from many and varied correspondents, largely military associates corresponding informally. Photograph of a sketch of CHM taped to verso of front fly leaf (n.d.). 133 letters; 376 pp.
L.6       Entitled “Letters No. 4A, 1917“, November 21, 1916 to September 14, 1917, from CHM to family members addressed as “Dear Heart” and “Dear Ones.” 161 letters; 368 pp.
L.7       Entitled “Letters No. 5,“ September 16, 1917 to December 12, 1918; from CHM to family members addressed as “Dear Heart” or “Dear Ones”; one letter to Wheeler, April 28 [?]. 227 letters; 495 pp.
L.8       Entitled “Letters No. 6,” December 19, 1918 to January 15, 1919 from CHM to family members addressed as “Dear Heart” or “Dear Ones.” 16 letters; 41 pp.
L.9       Letters September 27, 1918 to January 11, 1919 to CHM from various correspondents; military colleagues writing informally. 26 letters; 77 pp.

S.1       Entitled “Scrap Album No. 1: 1915.” WWI memorabilia ca. 1915-1916, including postcards, maps, news clippings, letters, army instructions and intelligence documents (including German communiqués), letters, greeting cards, cables and telegrams, sketches and photo postcards (showing French scenery and portraits of soldiers). 1 photograph; 5 photograph postcards; 19 postcards; 4 letters (11 pages); 5 maps (carbon copies); 1 telegram; 1 pmk. envelope.
S.2       Entitled “No. 2 Scrap Album: 1916-1917.” WWI memorabilia ca. 1916-1917, including postcards, intelligence documents, sketches, letters, memos, news clippings, cables and telegrams, photographs (photo postcards of scenery with captions in French and German, photos of shell damage, of troop activities, aerial trench photo), two sketches by Christopher Williams (1873-1934). 15 photographs; 5 photograph postcars; 1 letter (1 page); 2 telegrams.
S.3       Entitled “No. III Scrap Album.” WWI memorabilia ca. 1917-1918 including postcards, paper currency, intelligence documents, maps, letters, telegrams and cables, greeting cards, and photographs (aerial shots showing trenches, shell explosions, and scenery, portraits of soldiers, photo postcards of scenery). 8 photographs; 5 photograph postcards; 1 postcard; 1 letter (1 page); 1 pmk. envelope; 1 map.
S.4       WWI memorabilia ca. 1918, predominantly relating to CHM’s service in Italy. Includes postcards, letters, sketches, menus, news clippings, paper currency, maps, photographs (of troop activities). 5 photographs; 3 photograph postcards; 3 letters (5 pages); 1 map; 3 telegrams.

Box 1
F.1       Letters, 1914 and 1917, to CHM from family (father and aunt). 1 letter (1 page); 1 greeting card.
F.2       Letters, cards, and telegrams, 1915-1932 some n.d., to CHM, from friends and associates, personal in nature but largely related to his military service personal (e.g. congratulations for decorations). 31 letters (44 pp.); 3 cards; 4 telegrams
F.3       Letters, 1914-1918, some n.d., from CHM to his wife (addressed as “Dear Heart”); predominantly handwritten carbon (?) copies; originals presumably retained by CHM and collected in letter books; some copies are annotated in ink. 49 letters (99 pp.); 1 envelope
F.4       Letters and enclosures, 1914-1918, some n.d., from CHM to family members G.A. Mitchell, P.H. Mitchell, and H.E. Mitchell; many include postmarked envelopes. 18 letters (57 pp.); 13 envelopes.
F.5       Letters,1902-1926, from CHM to friends and associates (one to Lord Byng). Some are carbon copies; the earliest relates to his activities as a city engineer. 4 letters (10 pp.).
F.6       Letters, 1917-1918, from CHM to unknown recipient(s). These letters were general updates to acquaintances that he did not have time to respond to individually. All are carbon copies describing military experiences. 17 letters (49 pp.)
F.7       Letters, 1916-1959, neither to nor from CHM; one letter to his wife; some are carbon copies. 4 letters (7 pp.)

F.8       Clippings, 1914-1918, some n.d., re War news.
F.9       Clippings, March-June 1918, re Army mentions and decorations. Gathered in envelope by CHM.
F.10     Clippings, 1914-1929, re Charles Hamilton Mitchell’s activities and achievements
F.11     Clippings, 1921-1929, re War and commemoration related news.
F.12     Clippings, 1921-1934, re obituaries and funerals of noted military personnel.
F.13     Clippings, 1921-1935, re Lord Byng, Governor General.
F.14     Clippings, 1930-1935, re War and commemoration related news.

F.15     Panoramic WWI shots of scenery, troops, and roads; ca. 1914-1918; stamped on reverse: Printed by the Photographic Section A.P. & S.S. Italy. 21 photographs measuring between 3x10" and 4x13".
F.16     Panoramic WWI shots of scenery, troops, damaged buildings, and roads; uncaptioned. 7 photographs (3 measure 4x12"; 4 measure 3 1/2x5").
F.17     WWI military photographs, 1916-1918, some n.d. but ca. 1914-1918; includes scenery, troop activities, portraits of soldiers, intelligence shots of shell damage and aerial photographs, photo postcards of scenery. 56 photographs (19 measure 3 1/2x5" or less; 25 measure between 3 1/2x5 and 4x6"; 12 measure between 4x6 and 6x10".
F.18     Post-WWI military photographs, 1924-1956; photographs of military personnel, including formal portraits of Sir Samuel Hoare. 5 photographs; 1 smaller than 3x5; 2 between 3 1/2x5 and 4x6"; 1 larger than 4x6".
F.19     Personal photograph, n.d.; CHM and P.H. Mitchell’s office entrance.

War Memorabilia
F.20     Spoof communications documents, ca. 1914-1919 (some dated); includes reports, orders, 2 intelligence summaries, 1 dispatch, announcements, and 2 maps. 12 items in total.
F.21     Carrier pigeon message, n.d., but ca. 1914-1918; test message.
F.22     First World War espionage instructions and map printed on tissue. Instructions in French, maps in Italian. The area depicted is the Pola peninsula, the site of a major Austro-Hungarian naval base. 3 items.
F.23     Informal printed material related to daily army life; 1917, 1918, some n.d.; includes calendars, cards, regimental song sheets. 7 items.

Box 2
F.24     Printed commemorative memorabilia, n.d and 1956. 3 items.
F.25     Realia, ca. 1914-1918, including Italian flag and pressed flower. 4 items.
F.26     Service related memorabilia of CHM, 1914-1930; includes records of service; announcements of decorations, handwritten memos and lists, uniform receipt, various ephemera. 28 items, not including news clippings.

Personal Memorabilia
F.27     Dinner invitations and menus, 1919-1933. 28 items.
F.28     Church orders of service, 1919-1926. 4 items.
F.29     Ephemera, n.d. and 1931; loose material from S.1 including pamphlet, list, and address. 3 items.
F.30     Ephemera, n.d. and 1918, 1933; loose material from S.2 including pamphlet, handwritten lists, tickets and passes. 5 items.
F.31     Ephemera, 1916-1966; includes records of service for Nursing Sister Juliet May MacChesney, carbon copy of a sermon, empty postmarked envelopes. 6 items.

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