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Ben F. Meyer fonds. Third, fourth, fifth accruals. – 1965-2003; predominant 1994-1997. – 18.5 cm of textual records.

Third Accrual. – 1965-1997; predominant 1995-1997. – 4 cm of textual records.
Box 17
Bruce Chilton to Denise Meyer, 1996
Sana R. Foster (Mercer U.P.), 1996
Birger Gerhardsson, 1995
Louis Greenspan, 1995
Martin Hengel, 1995
Alan Mendelson, 1995; to Denise, 1997
Hugo Meynell, n.d.
Edward A. Morris, 1995
Quentin [Quesnell], Smith College, 1995
Mark Twomey (The Liturgical Press), 1995; also 2 pages of corrections to “Reality and Illusion in New Testament Scholarship”
Carstens (?), 2 ls, one dated 1996

F.2      Fundamentalism”, mimeograph with handwritten corrections, n.d.
F.3      Interpreting the Phaedrus”, review of I. Josef Pieper, Enthusiasm and Divine Madness, computer print
F.4      The Scrolls”, bound notebook, n.d.
F.5      Understanding Early Christianity”, bound notebook, one entry dated 1965
F.6      Untitled review of Frederick Lawrence, Creativity and Method, ts., no date
F.7      We Have Been Friends Together”, computer print, n.d.
Fourth Accrual. – 1981-2003. – 2 cm of textual records.
F.8      Correspondence, incoming.
Margaret Demers, 1994
Mercedes McCambridge, n.d.
Josef Pieper, 1988
Daniel Rees, 1993
John Schneider, 1994
Jim (card on Meyer’s retirement)

F.9      Denise O. Meyer, email, 4 November 2003, to Brian.
F.10    Article for the Peter Stuhlmacher Festschrift, “Recondite Hermeneutics and the Last Supper Rite”, computer print, 19 pages with corrections. Also two letters to Gerline Eisenkolb, containing corrections to the article, 1995; and one circular letter from Otfried Hofius re the Peter Stuhlmacher Festschrift.
F.11    Department of Religious Studies, McMaster University, Fall 2003 newsletter
F.12    Department of Religious Studies, McMaster University publication, “In Celebration of Gadamer”, 1981
            Two news clippings, 1982 and 2003

Fifth Accrual. – 12.5 cm of textual records.
Box 18
Bibliography of works consulted contained on index cards.

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