Fonds Description

Ben F. Meyer fonds. First accrual

Series 1 Correspondence series. -- 1959-1997. -- 54 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Note: Incoming and outgoing.

Box 1
F.1 Allison, Dale C., Jr.; 1992.
F.2 American Academy of Religion / Society of Biblical Literature; 1994.
F.3 Anderson, Mary; 1990.
F.4 Annenberg Research Institute; 1991.
F.5 Arnoux, Gaston; 1992.
F.6 Ashton, John; 1984.
F.7 Barth, Markus; 1987.
F.8 Beauchamp, Paul; 1964.
F.9 Browman, George; 1991.
F.10 Bruce, F. F.; 1973.
F.11 Buller, Cornelius; 1990.
F.12 Calivas, Alkiviadis C.; 1990.
F.13 Cambridge University Press; 1989-1993.
F.14 Canadian Society for Biblical Studies; 1988.
F.15 The Catholic Biblical Quarterly; 1977-1990.
F.16 Catholic Theological Union (Osiek, Lyn); 1993.
F.17 Chapple, Gerry and Nina; 1989.
F.18 The Chautauqua Institute (The Ministers' Union); 1990.
F.19 Chow, Anthony (recommendation); 1991.
F.20 Citizen Ambassador Program (Davis, Dawn M.); [1992?].
F.21 Clarke, Ernest G.; 1989.
F.22 Clirehug, Bob; 1992.
F.23 Cloriano Inc.; 1990.
F.24 Colpe, Carsten; 1989.
F.25 Corcoran, Harry; 1992.
F.26 The Courier / McMaster University; 1989.
F.27 Crowe, Frederick E. see also The Lonergan Research Institute; 1992.
F.28 Crozier, John and Elizabeth; 1990.
F.29 M. le Curé des Verrières; 1990.
F.30 Daly, Robert J.; 1986.
F.31 Davies, W. D.; 1987-1993.
F.32 Davis, Philip; 1990-1991.
F.33 [Deiman?/Diman?], Pat; 1989-1992.
F.34 del Salvador, Sister María; 1994-1995.
F.35 Demers, Margaret; 1991-1995.
F.36 Depew, David and Mary; 1988-1995.
F.37 Depew, Dorothy, Joannie and Judy; 1990-1992.
F.38 Der Fonds; 1993. F.39 Doely, David; 1991.
F.40 Dollarhide, Ken; 1989.
F.41 The Downside Review; 1991-1993.
F.42 Dungan, David L.; 1982-1992.
F.43 Dunne, George H.; 1991-1992.
F.44 Dwyer, Peter; [1994].
F.45 Eckmeier, Frieda; 1986-1990.
F.46 Eisenkolb, Gerlinde; [undated].
F.47 Ellis, Peter F.; 1990.
F.48 Encounter (Savage, Patricia); 1991.
F.49 Evans, Craig A.; 1990-1993.
F.50 Ex Auditu (Snodgrass, Klyne); 1994.
F.51 Farmer, William (Bill) R. see also International Catholic Bible Commentary; 1985-1993.
F.52 Ferlisi, Berthe; 1990-1991.
F.53 First Things; 1991-1992.
F.54 Fitzmyer, Joseph A.; 1986.
F.55 Frick, Peter; 1990-1993.

Box 2 Correspondence - continued
F.1 Gadamer, Hans-Georg; 1981-1982.
F.2 Galvin, John P.; 1986-1987.
F.3 Gerhardsson, Birger; 1987-1990.
F.4 Goodwin, Peter; 1990.
F.5 Gordon, Grace; 1992-1993.
F.6 Graham, Terry (recommendation); [1990].
F.7 Gregoranium (Dupuis, Jacques); 1990-1992.
F.8 GRÜTLI, Société suisse; 1992.
F.9 Grzeslo, Adam; 1995. F.10 Guelich, Robert and Joyce; 1990-1992.
F.11 Hadidian, Dikran; 1990-1992.
F.12 Hancock, Martin; 1982.
F.13 Hawkin, David J.; 1990.
F.14 Hengel, Martin; 1993-1995.
F.15 Hofius, Otfried; 1989-1995.
F.16 Hollerich, Michael J.; 1989-1994.
F.17 Holmberg, Bengt; [undated]-1995.
F.18 Huebsch, Patricia; 1990.
F.19 Huesman, John; 1989-1992.
F.20 Hurtado, Larry W.; 1990.
F.21 International Catholic Bible Commentary (Farmer, William R.); 1990-1995.
F.22 International Institute for the Renewal of Gospel Studies; 1982.
F.23 Interpretation (Miller, Patrick D., Jr.); [undated].
F.24 JBL (Journal of Biblical Literature); 1989-1990.
F.25 Journal for the Study of the New Testament (Watson, Francis); 1992.
F.26 Jeremias, Joachim and Gert, and Mack, Isolde; 1959-1984.
F.27 Kim, Young Bong; 1990-1993.
F.28 Kinsley, David; 1992.
F.29 Knoch, Otto; 1992.
F.30 Koen, Barbara; 1992.
F.31 Koester, Helmut; 1987.
F.32 Kselman, John S.; 1989-1990.
F.33 Lamb, Matthew L.; 1989-1991.
F.34 Landmesser, Christof; 1995.
F.35 Lawrence, Fred; 1979-1991.
F.36 Lee, Alvin; 1991.
F.37 The Liturgical Press. Includes: Related material; [undated]-1995.
F.38 The Lonergan Research Institute; [undated]-1997.
F.39 The Lonergan Research Institute (Crowe, Frederick E.); 1992-1994.
F.40 Lounibos, John; 1987.
F.41 Love, Dr.; 1993. F.42 Martens, Jo-Ann A.; 1989-1991.
F.43 Martens, John; 1991. F.44 Mason, Steve; 1985-1995.
F.45 Mauser, Ulrich; 1989. F.46 McEvenue, Sean E.; 1990-1993.
F.47 McMaster, David; [1990]-1992.
F.48 McMaster University (Dick, Sheryl); 1990.
F.49 McMaster University (Robertson, John C., Jr.); [undated]-1994.
F.50 McMaster University (Sanders, Ed P.); 1977-1989.
F.51 McMaster University (Simpson, Evan); 1992.
F.52 McMaster University (Vallée, Gérard); 1981-1992.
F.53 McMaster University (Westerholm, Stephen). Includes: Printed or photocopied material for Westerholm); 1990-1991.
F.54 McMaster University - Microcomputer Centre (Ryan, David); 1991.
F.55 McMaster University - Reports to the faculty deans, Human Resources, memos, etc.; 1978-1994.

Box 3 Correspondence - continued
F.1 Meilen, Jacquelyn; 1992.
F.2 Mercer University Press; 1990-1992.
F.3 Meyer, Mrs. (mother); [undated].
F.4 Meyer, Alicia T.; 1990-1995.
F.5 Meyer, Denise; 1991-1993.
F.6 Meyer, Ralph M.; 1995.
F.7 Meynell, Hugo; 1995.
F.8 Moran, William (Bill) L.; 1989-1995.
F.9 Morris, Edward A.; [undated].
F.10 Moule, C. F. D. (Charlie); [undated]-1995.
F.11 Muller, Claudine; 1977.
F.12 Naughton, Michael; 1992.
F.13 Neuhaus, Richard John; 1990-1995.
F.14 Neusner, Jacob; 1991-1992.
F.15 New Testament Abstracts (Harrington, Daniel J.); 1992.
F.16 Nicholson, Wendy; 1995.
F.17 Orchard, Bernard; [undated]-1993.
F.18 Panine, Issa; 1977-1989.
F.19 PermaGest; [1992].
F.20 Pickwick Publications; 1987-1992.
F.21 Pieper, Josef; 1986-1990.
F.22 Pinard, Garry; 1991.
F.23 Power, Marion (Impy); 1990-1995.
F.24 Privet, John A.; [undated].
F.25 Quest, Kevin; 1992.
F.26 Redwood City, CA - Office of the County Clerk Elections Division; 1990.
F.27 Reinhartz, Adele; 1993.
F.28 Reites, James; 1988-1989.
F.29 Richardson, G. Peter; 1990.
F.30 Rideau Research Associates, Ltd. (Watson, Kenneth); 1990.
F.31 Roach, Sal; 1991.
F.32 Roebuck, Graham; 1992.
F.33 Rollmann, Hans; 1987.
F.34 Rone, Marjory M.; [undated]-1995.
F.35 Rook, John; 1991. F.36 Root, Michael; 1991.
F.37 Rordorf, Willy; 1979-1992.
F.38 SCM Press, Ltd.; 1979-1993.
F.39 The Santschi sisters; 1989-1991.
F.40 Sasseen, Robert F.; 1993.
F.41 Schaller, Berndt; 1983-1989.
F.42 Schopen, Greg; 1984-1984.
F.43 Schreiber, Cece, Herb, Karen and Marnie; 1990-1995.
F.44 Schuller, Eileen; 1991.
F.45 Schürmann, Heinz; 1979.
F.46 Scobie, Charles; 1993.
F.47 Sheehy, Ben; 1989.
F.48 Sheffield Academic Press (Kirk, Andrew); 1991.
F.49 Sinclair, Mrs. Louis (re Keesmaat, Sylvia); 1990.
F.50 Singer Handy Stitch; [undated].
F.51 Smith, Barry Douglas; 1991-1993.
F.52 Smith, James H.; 1990-1992.
F.53 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; 1981-1984.
F.54 Spadafora, Sam (recommendation); 1991.
F.55 Stanley, David M.; 1979-1990.
F.56 Steenburg, David; 1992-1994.
F.57 [Stein?], Nancy; 1990.
F.58 Stenhauser, Michael G.; 1990.
F.59 Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses; 1989-1991.
F.60 Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas; 1995.
F.61 Stuhlmacher, Peter; 1979-1993.
F.62 Subramanian, Samuel and Thelma; 1992.
F.63 Tassone, Sal; 1990.
F.64 Theological Studies (Burckhardt, Walter); 1990.
F.65 Theology (Coleman, Peter); 1990-1991.
F.66 Thompson, William G.; 1987.
F.67 Thorson, Barb; 1990.
F.68 Thought (Dimler, G. Richard); 1991.
F.69 Toronto Journal of Theology; 1989.
F.70 [Tripet?], Tante Violette; 1990-1992.
F.71 Trossman, Bernard; 1995.
F.72 Tyrell, Bernard (Bernie) J.; [undated]-1993.
F.73 Union Schweiz; 1993.
F.74 Varghese, Roy Abraham; 1990-1991.
F.75 Vertin, Michael (Mike); 1992-1995.
F.76 Wansbrough, Henry; 1990-1991.
F.77 Warren, Helen; 1991.
F.78 Welker, Michael; 1990.
F.79 Wiche, Ben; [undated].
F.80 Wiebe, Ben (recommendation); 1990.
F.81 Wilhelmsen, Frederick D.; 1990.
F.82 Wilken, Robert L. (on verso of letter dated 19 June 1995 are Ben Meyer's ms. notes re his funeral); 1992-1995.
F.83 Wirtz, Rita; 1990.
F.84 Wright, Jack; 1990.
F.85 Wright, N. T. (Tom); 1994.
F.86 Correspondence identified by first name only: Gordon (last name possibly begins with "M"; [undated]-1994.
F.87 Janet; 1994.
F.88 Jeannette and Stephane; [undated]-1995.
F.89 John; [undated]. John (different signature); 1987.
F.90 Lydia; 1990.
F.91 Poupela; 1989. F.92 Tom; [undated].
F.93 Correspondence: Not to or from Ben Meyer; 1989-1995.
F.94 Correspondence: Book orders; [undated]-1995.
F.95 Correspondence: Financial; 1989-1992.
F.96 Correspondence: Housing; 1989-1993.

Series 2 Journal and diaries series. -- 1948-1995. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 4
F.1 Journal (fragments); 1948-1956. Ts. and ms.; variously paginated.
F.2 Diary V; 26 May 1980-31 December 1981. Ms.; 1 item.
F.3 Diary VI; 1 January 1982-27 January 1984. Ms.; 1 item.
F.4 Diary VII; 28 January 1984-5 January 1986. Ms.; 1 item.
F.5 Diary VIII; 6 January 1986-10 December 1987. Ms.; 1 item.
F.6 Diary IX; 21 December 1987-19 March 1990. Ms.; 1 item.
F.7 Diary X; 20 March 1990-19 March 1992. Ms.; 1 item.
F.8 Diary XI; 20 March 1992-12 May 1994. Ms.; 1 item.
F.9 Diary XII; 13 May 1994-23 December 1995. Ms.; 1 item.

Series 3 Notebooks and notes series. -- [197-]-[199-]. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 5
F.1 Numbered notebooks I - IV; [197-?] (table of contents). Ts.; [2]p.
F.2 Notebook I; [197-?]. Ms.; 1 item.
F.3 Notebook II; [197-?]. Ms.; 1 item.
F.4 Notebook III; [197-?]. Ms., annotated "INTERPRETATION"; 1 item.
F.5 Notebook IV; [197-?]. Ms.; 1 item.
F.6 Notebook VI; [197-?]. Ms.; 1 item.
F.7 Unnumbered notebooks; [197-?]. Ms. with some ts. inserts; 2 items.
F.8 Unnumbered notebooks; [197-?]. Ms.; 2 items.
F.9 Unnumbered notebook; [197-?]. Ms., annotated "VOCABULARIES"; 1 item.
F.10 Unnumbered notebook; [198-?]. Ms.; 1 item.
F.11 Notes; [undated]. Ms. and ts.; variously paginated.
F.12 Notes and photocopies; [undated]. Ms. and ts.; variously paginated.
F.13 Notes and offprints; [undated]. Ms. and ts., annotated "EUCHARISTIE/GLOSSARY"; 2 items.
F.14 Notes; [undated]-[199-]. Ms. (2 sets); variously paginated.
F.15 Notes; [undated]-[199-]. Ms. and ts.; variously paginated.
F.16 Notes; [undated]-[199-]. Ms., ts. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.17 Notes; [undated]-[199-]. Ms.; variously paginated.
F.18 Notes; [198-?]-[199-?]. Ms.; [2] p.

Series 4 Courses and course related material series. -- [195-]-1992. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series

Box 6 Courses
F.1 Religious Studies 3O3 ("...Gospel of John"); [198-?]-1989. Ts. and ms.; variously paginated.
F.2 Religious Studies 3X3 (Paul - Romans); 1990-1991. Ts.; [2]p.
F.3 Religious Studies *702 ("Theory of Interpretation"); Autumn Semester, 1992. Ts.; [1]p.
F.4 Religious Studies 707 ("The Rhetoric of Jesus"); [1989?]. Ts., ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.5 Religious Studies 707 ("Reflections on ‘understanding'..."); [197-?]. Ts., ms. and photocopies (original file label annotated "Dick Slobodin"); variously paginated.
F.6 Religious Studies 707 ("The Rhetoric of Jesus"); [198-?]. Ts., ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.7 Religious Studies Seminar ("History of Jesus"); Winter 1988. Students' critique printout; 1 item.
F.8 Religious Studies Seminar (hermeneutics); [1992]. Ts. memo; 1 item.
F.9 Religious Studies; 1987/1988. Graduate timetable; 1 item.
F.10 Religious Studies; 1990-1991. Ts."Introduction to Philosophy" course outline; 1 item. Course related material:
F.11 Aramaic; [undated]. Ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.12 "Biblical Texts"; [undated]. Ts., ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.13 Greek; [197-?]-[198-?]. Ts., ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.14 Hebrew; [undated]. Ts., ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.15 New Testament/Aramaic; [197-?]. Photocopies and newsletters; variously paginated.
F.16 New Testament/Judaism; [197-?]. Ts., ms., outlines, related correspondence, notes, photocopies and published material by others; variously paginated.
F.17 Notes (fragments); [undated]-1992. Assignments, ts. and ms.; variously paginated.
F.18 Photocopies of material by others; [undated]-[197-]; variously paginated.
F.19 Photocopies of material by others; [195-]-[198-]; variously paginated.

Series 5 Manuscripts, typescripts and published material series. -- 1986-1994. -- 82 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 7 Books
F.1 Critical Realism and the New Testament. Allison Park, Pa.: Pickwick Publications, 1989. Ts. errata list; 2 items.
F.2 The Early Christians: Their World Mission and Self Discovery. Wilmington, Del.: M. Glazier, 1986. Ts. memo "A propos of the March 15 publication"; 1 item.
F.3 Lonergan's Hermeneutics: Its Development and Application/ edited by Sean E. McEvenue and Ben F. Meyer. Washington, D. C.: Catholic University of America Press, c1989. Laser proof introduction; 1 item.

Reality and Illusion in New Testament Scholarship: A Primer in Critical Realist Hermeneutics. Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical Press, c1994.
F.4 Ts., some ms. annotations; p.1-100.
F.5 Ts., some ms. annotations; p.101-200.
F.6 Ts., some ms. annotations; p.201-300.
F.7 Ts., some ms. annotations; p.301-342.
F.8 Galleys, ms. annotations; 241p.
F.9 . Ts. and ms. notes; 2 items.
F.10 Ts. notes; 2 items.
F.11 WordPerfect 5.0 version; 13 items.
F.12 "WordPerfect 5.0 Apr. 94 complete text"; 14 items.
F.13 Corel WordPerfect 8 version "Bibliog + Notes I"; 36 items.

Box 8 Reality and Illusion in New Testament Scholarship: A Primer in Critical Realist Hermeneutics (continued)
F.1 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), " Part Two: Roots of Hermeneutical Conflict"; [1], 83-115p.
F.2 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Chapter Five"; p.119-150.
F.3 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Chapter Six"; p.155-188.
F.4 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Part Three"; p.193-225.
F.5 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Chapter Eight"; p.230-253.
F.6 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Appendix"; p.256-262.
F.7 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Glossary"; p.264-281.
F.8 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Notes"; p.284-297.
F.9 Corel WordPerfect 8 version (another), "Bibliography"; p.298-307.

Box 9 Manuscripts, Typescripts and Published Material - continued Articles and essays (Note: Not described at the item level):
F.1 "Appointed Deed, Appointed Doer: Jesus and the Scriptures". Includes: Addenda.
F.2 "But Mary Kept all These Things...".
F.3 "A Caricature of Joachim Jeremias and his Scholarly Work".
F.4 "The Challenges of Text and Reader to the Historical-Critical Method Historical-Critical Method and Reader-Response Theory".
F.5 "Christ and the Apostolic Community" (incomplete).
F.6 "The Church in Earliest Christianity: Identity and Self-Definition".
F.7 "Conflict, Clarity, and Tone in the Rhetoric of Jesus".
F.8 "Decline and its Reversal".
F.9 "Deconstruction, David Lehman, and the Return to Reality".
F.10 "Did Paul's View of the Resurrection of the Dead Undergo Development?"
F.11 "Election-Historical Thinking in Romans 9-11, and Ourselves".
F.12 "Entry into Jerusalem, Cleansing of the Temple, Question about Authority: Notes Toward a Reconstruction of What Happened and Why". Includes: 1p. ms. notes.
F.13 "The Expiation Motif in the Eucharistic Words: A Key to the History of Jesus?"
F.14 "The Fully Human" (incomplete).
F.15 "Has Culture Replaced Religion?"
F.16 "L'Histoire de Jésus en tant que théologie biblique".
F.17 "History as Question and Answer".
F.18 "How Jesus Charged Language with Meaning: A Study in Rhetoric".
F.19 "How Jesus Read Messianic Texts".
F.20 " ‘Identity' and ‘Self-Definition' in Monographs from the McMaster Project on Judaism and Christianity".
F.21 "In Tune with a World that is Good: Variation on the Theme of Authenticities".
F.22 "Indices to the Non-Historicity of Gospel Texts".
F.23 "The Initial Self-Understanding of the Church".
F.24 "Is a Christian Philosophy of History Possible?"
F.25 "Jesus and the Remnant if Israel".
F.26 "Jesus Christ".
F.27 "Jesus' Ministry and Self-Understanding".
F.28 "Jesus, Paul, and the Eucharistic Words".
F.29 "Jesus's Scenario of the Future".
F.30 "Locating Lonerganian Hermeneutics".
F.31 "Many (=All) are Called, But Few (=Not All) are Chosen".
F.32 "Master Builder and Copestone of the Portal: Images of the Mission of Jesus".
F.33 "The Meaning of Pentecost".

Box 10 Manuscripts, Typescripts and Published Material - continued
F.1 "A Memorandum on Ernst Troeltsch".
F.2 "Modernity and the Culture Wars" (fragment).
F.3 "The Must rion in Saint Paul".
F.4 "A New Catholic Commentary: The Character of a ‘Catholic' Commentary".
F.5 "A New Context for the Free World?"
F.6 "New Jesus Books: A Report".
F.7 "A Note on What the Hermeneutics of Critical Realism has to Offer to Literary Critics".
F.8 "Objectivity and Subjectivity in Historical Criticism of the Gospels".
F.9 "Paul and the Resurrection of the Dead".
F.10 "Pentecost".
F.11 "The Perennial Problem of the Church: Institutional Change".
F.12 "The Philosophical Crusher".
F.13 "The Pre-Pauline Formula in Rom. 3. 25-26a".
F.14 "Pro-Life: Christ and Christianity on the Side of Life".
F.15 "Recondite Hermeneutics and the Last Supper Rite" (title varies).
F.16 "The Relevance of ‘Horizon'".
F.17 "Religion and Religious Studies".
F.18 "Remnant of Israel".
F.19 "Response to Prof. Willy Rordorf's Essay, ‘Eine neue Interpretation des römischen Messkanons...'". Includes: Copy of Rordorf's "Eine neue Interpretation...".
F.20 "Responses to John C. Robertson".
F.21 "Resurrection as Humanly Intelligible Destiny".
F.22 "The Roots of the Christian Mission to the Roman Empire".
F.23 "Le sfide del testo e del lettore al metodo storico-critico".
F.24 "Some Consequences of Birger Gerhardsson's Account of the Origins of the Gospel Tradition".
F.25 "Specifying the Questions Answered by One's Discoveries (or Rediscoveries) in Cognitional Theory". Includes: Ms. notes.
F.26 "The Temple: Symbol Central to Biblical Theology".
F.27 "Theological Rationale of Historical-Jesus Research".
F.28 "Tonal Variation in the Rhetoric of Jesus" (fragment).
F.29 "Toward an Improved State of the Question for Both Literary and Cultural Criticism Today".
F.30 "A Tricky Business: Ascribing New Meaning to Old Texts".
F.31 "A Word of Simeon". Reviews (Note: Not described at the item level):
F.32 Baigent, Michael et al.: The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.
F.33 Barth, Markus: Justification: Pauline Texts Interpreted in the Light of the Old and New Testaments.
F.34 Böcher, Otto: Das Neue Testament und die dämonische Mächte.
F.35 Boers, Hendrikus: What is New Testament Theology? The Rise of Criticism and the Problem of a Theology in the New Testament.
F.36 Colwell, Ernest C.: Old or New: The Christian Struggle with Change and Tradition.
F.37 Coppens, Joseph: La relève apocalyptique du messianisme royal.
F.38 Crossan, John Dominic: The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant.
F.39 De Lorenzi, Lorenzo, ed.: Résurrection du Christ et des Chrétiens.
F.40 Friedrich, Gerhard: Die Verkündigung des Todes Jesu im Neuen Testament.
F.41 Funk, Robert W. et al.: The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus.
F.42 Genest, Olivette: Le Christ de la passion - Perspective structurale.
F.43 Gerhardsson, Birger: The Gospel Tradition.
F.44 Gerleman, Gillis: Der Menschensohn.
F.45 Gogarten, Friedrich: Christ the Crisis.
F.46 Going, Cathleen: Dialogues in Celebration.
F.47 Gooch, Paul W.: Partial Knowledge: Philosophical Studies in Paul.
F.48 Harvey, A. E.: Jesus and the Constraints of History.
F.49 Hultgren, Arland J.: Christ and His Benefits: Christology and Redemption in the New Testament.
F.50 Jaspert, Bernd, ed.: Rudolf Bultmanns Werk und Wirkung.
F.51 Kasper, Walter: The God of Jesus Christ.
F.52 Koch, Klaus: The Growth of the Biblical Tradition.
F.53 Kremer, Jacob: Das älteste Zeugnis von der Auferstehung Christi.
F.54 Lonergan, Bernard: 3 Lectures.
F.55 Marshall, I. Howard: The Origins of New Testament Christology.
F.56 McArthur, Harvey K., ed.: In Search of the Historical Jesus.
F.57 Miller, James E.: The Passion of Michel Foucault.
F.58 Minear, Paul S.: Commands of Christ.
F.59 Orton, David E.: The Understanding Scribe: Matthew and the Apocalyptic Ideal.
F.60 Theissen, Gerd: The Shadow of the Galilean.
F.61 Trautmann, Maria: Zeichenhafte Handlungen Jesu.
F.62 Wilson, Stephen G.: The Gentiles and the Gentile Mission in Luke-Acts.

Box 11 Manuscripts, Typescripts, and Published Material - continued Other material (Note: Not described at the item level):
F.1 Ms. notes regarding E. P. Sander's article "Jesus and the Kingdom...". Includes: Photocopy of article.
F.2 "Current ms." Variously paginated.
F.3 "Overture to the Theme of The Fully Human" annotated "Dernier texte de Benjamin. a revoir avec John R. 29.4.98" [Meyer's last work]. Ts., ms. annotations and notes; variously paginated.
F.4 Fragments.
F.5 Bibliography.
F.6 Book reviews of Meyer's works.
F.7 Essay about Meyer. Buchanan, George Wesley: "Meyer's Support for Weiss's Eschatology". Includes: 1p. ts. comment re essay by Meyer.
F.8 Dust jackets; 2 items.
F.9 Research material.
F.10 Speeches (flyer notices).
F.11 Spiral (newsletter edited by Meyer).
F.12 "Under the Sun: A Tribute to Ben Meyer" (laser copy photos - flyer).
F.13 Lecture series honouring the memory of Meyer. [Author unknown]: "Death and Afterlife in Second Temple Judaism".
F.14 Lecture in honour of Meyer. Depew, David: "Why has Evolution Been Such a Bitter Pill to Swallow? And Does it have to Be?" September 1997.

Series 6 Personal Documents Personal documents series. -- 1954-1995. -- 6.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 12
F.1 Citizenship; [undated]-1988; 7 items.
F.2 Critique of Meyer's thesis; 12 July 1963. Ts.; 1 item.
F.3 Curriculum vitae; [undated]-[199-]. Ts.; variously paginated.
F.4 Health tips (photocopies); variously paginated.
F.5 Last Will and Testament; 15 November 1994. Ts.; 1 item.
F.6 Mailing lists; [undated]-[199-]. Ts. and ms.; variously paginated.
F.7 Menus; 1992. Ts.; 3 items.
F.8 Meyer family history; [undated]. Ts., ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.9 Poems (some by Meyer); [undated]-1995. Ts., ms. and photocopies; variously paginated.
F.10 Reading list; 1954-[1958]. Ms.; 3p.
F.11 Writing and style tips (photocopies and handouts); variously paginated.
Series 7 Material by others series. -- 1902-1996; 1981-1993 predominant. -- 40 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 13
F.1 Allison, Dale C., Jr.: "Matthew: Structure, Biological Impulse and the Imitatio Christi"; 1992. Offprint; 1 item.
F.2 Alonso-Schökel, L.: "Erzählkunst im Buche der Richter"; 1961. Offprint; 1 item.
F.3 Badone, Ellen: "Anthropological Perspectives on Pilgrimage"; 1995. Ts.; 1 item.
F.4 Book catalogues and lists; 1987-1996. Printed material; variously paginated.
F.5 Burstyn, Varda: "Breeding Discontent"; 1993. Periodical excerpt; 1 item.
F.6 Cartoons; [undated]. Clippings from periodicals; variously paginated.
F.7 Chilton, Bruce: "Jesus Within Judaism"; [undated]. Photocopy; 1 item.
F.8 Crowe, Frederick E.: "The Janus Problematic"; [undated]. Photocopy. Includes: Cover letter from Crowe dated 11 September 1995; 2 items.
F.9 Crowe, Frederick E.: "Rethinking Eternal Life: Theological Notions from Lonergan"; 1993. Offprint; 2 items.
F.10 Dalman, Gustaf H.: Jesaja 53; 1914. Photocopy; 1 item.
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Box 14 Material by Others - continued
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Series 8 Electronic material, moving images and sound recordings series. -- 1986-1996. -- 12.5 cm of electronic material, moving images and sound recordings. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 15
F.1 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Corr..."; 1989-1992. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.2 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Bibliog + Notes I"; 1989-1993. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.3 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "See ‘Context'..."; 1989-1993. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.4 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Mixed Bag..."; 1990-1995. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.5 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Bibliog-Meyer..."; 1990-1996. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.6 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Letters - 90 & 91"; 1991-1993. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.7 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Stationery...WILL..."; 1991-1995. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.8 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "...Reality & Illusion..."; 1993. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.9 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "...April, 1994 Complete Text Reality and Illusion..."; 1993. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.10 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Ben Meyer..."; 1993-1995. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.11 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "Text of Ms. B. F. Meyer Aug, 1993 Insight & NT Hermeneutics"; 1993-1995. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.12 Electronic material. Microdisk annotated "dernières disquettes de Benjamin lettres, articles 1995 - "; 1995-1996. Includes: File list; 2 items.
F.13 Moving images. VHS videotape annotated "Literate Society from tapes 3 & 4 Bernard Lonergan...Lonergan, ‘What is Levi-Strauss up to?' #4"; [undated]; 1 item.
F.14 Sound recordings. Audio cassette annotated "Meyer & Melchin 18.10.86 Hermeneutics Conference"; 1986; 1 item.

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