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Alan Mendelson fonds. 3rd accrual. – 1997-2010. – 9 cm of textual records.

Art card subscription with notes from Robin Wall. Robin Wall is primarily a landscape artist, but has also done a series of watercolour portrayals of chickens. He has been working as an artist since 1970. The series contains artwork created by Wall as part of his monthly subscription series as well as a few cards and other items. It also includes correspondence related to Wall’s book Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Included with the archives were copies of the early preview edition of Chicken, the final edition, and The Wild Roosters of Stanley Park. These books have been catalogued and added to the department’s monograph collection.

Box 5
Art cards from Robin Wall
F.1          1997. 4 cards.
F.2          1998. 9 cards, plus subscription notice.
F.3          1999. 8 cards, plus subscription notice and two gallery invites.
F.4          2000. 8 cards.
F.5          2001. 9 cards, plus gallery invite.
F.6          2002. 8 cards.
F.7          2003. 7 cards.
F.8          2004. 9 cards.
F.9          2005. 8 cards, plus subscription notice and New Year’s card.
F.10        2006. 8 cards.
F.11        2007. 4 cards.
F.11        2010. 2 cards.
F.12        Correspondence and order form related to Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?. 9 March 2005.

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