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MacSkimming, Roy

Roy MacSkimming fonds. – 1970-2006; predominant 1998-2003. – 2 m of textual records, graphic material and sound recordings.

Most of the materials in this accrual are related to The Perilous Trade.

Box 1
Series 1

Interviews. – 1975-2006; predominant 1998-1999. – 64 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series. – The files contain transcriptions and/or notes of the interviews. Some files also contain background material and other documents. Researchers should be aware of the following with regard to the transcripts. Of the transcripts that were printed by MacSkimming, some of them have been edited by checking against the sound recording; some have been edited without checking against the sound recording; many have not been edited at all and contain errors or omissions. Some transcripts have been printed by archival staff from a USB flash drive (located in box 5) and are noted as such on the files. The audio cassettes containing the interviews are listed separately in Series 2.

F.1       Interview logs and lists; outlines, correspondence with transcribers, 1998-2000
F.2       “People to Interview”, 23 July 1998
F.3       “Notes from interviews, etc (re Chapts. 3&4)”; also contains some notes re interviews in Chapters 1 and 2.

Interviews recorded with printed transcripts (audio cassettes are in boxes 5-9)
F.4       Patsy Aldana, 26 Jan. 2000, 55 p.; also contains notes titled “Tim Wynne Jones, Feb. 2002” and a newspaper article about Aldana, 18 Nov. 2001
F.5       David Arnason and Patricia Dowdall, 28 May 1998, 40 p.
F.6       Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson, 19 May 1999, 55 p.
F.7       Paul Audley, 28 Aug. 1999, 36 p.
F.8-9    Avie Bennett, 16 July 1999, 45 p.; also includes a letter from Douglas Gibson, emails about McClelland and Stewart, photograph of James Marsh; speeches by Bennett and news clippings about him and the company, promotional materials
F.10     Pierre Berton, 21 Jan. 1999, 39 p.; also includes notes taken of the interview and news clippings about Berton
F.11     Ron Bessie, 28 July 1999; transcript does not have page numbers; also contains research materials on the closing of CDG books, 2002, article on Books for Dummies, 1999; article by MacSkimming on foreign firms, Toronto Star, 12 April 1975.
F.12     Stan Bevington, 25 Sept. 1998, transcript does not have page numbers
F.13     Harold Bohne, 22 Oct. 1998, 36 p.; also photocopies of articles about Bohne
F.14     Phyllis Bruce, 14 July 1999, 76 p.
F.15     Gray Campbell, 24 April 1999, 34 p.; also includes photocopies and faxes about Campbell, photocopy of typed list of books published by Gray’s, 1962-1982
F.16     William (Bill) Clarke, 21 Jan. 1999, 40 p.; also includes notes taken of the interview and photocopies of articles about Clarke
F.17     Victor Coleman, 27 June 2001; 54 p.
F.18     John Robert Colombo, 14 August 1998, 36 p.; also includes ms. notes and articles about Colombo
F.19     Jack David, 26 Aug. 1999, 53 p.

Box 2
F.1       Louise Dennys, 26 Aug. 1999, transcript does not have page numbers
F.2       Kildare Dobbs, 28 July 1999, 42 p
F.3       James J. Douglas, 4 Feb. 1988, 33 p. and 26 Apr. 1999, 23 p.; also notes taken of the interview, background information about Douglas
F.4       Celia Duthie, 28 Apr. 1999, 24 p.
F.5       Robin Farr, 21 Oct. 1999, 52 p.; also notes taken of the interview
F.6       William French, 13 Aug. 1998, 31 p.
F.7       Robert Fulford, 17 July 1998, 26 p.
F.8       Doug Gibson, 8 Dec. 1998, 63 p.
F.9       Dave and Ellen Godfrey, 3 Feb. 1999, 53 p.
F.10     Cynthia Good, 27 July 1999, transcript does not have page numbers
F.11     Frances G. Halpenny, 30 Oct. 1998; also notes taken of the interview, background information about Halpenny
F.12     Bill Harnum, 9 Dec. 1998, 43 p.
F.13     Mel Hurtig, 9 Feb. 2000, 40 p.; also background information and news clippings
F.14     Jackie Hushion, 15 July 1999, 34 p.
F.15     Valerie Hussey, 19 May 1999, 70 p.; also manuscript notes, 27 Feb. 2002
F.16     Dennis Lee, 17 Sept. 1999, 23 p.
F.17     Malcolm Lester, 3 June 1999, 54 p.
F.18     James Lorimer, 16 June 1999, 52 p.
F.19     Allan MacDougall,11 Feb. 1999, 67 p.; also manuscript notes and background material

Box 3
F.1-5    Jack McClelland, 7 Oct. 1999, 55 p.; also “My Rose Garden” (draft outline for JM’s unpublished autobiography given to MacSkimming on the date of the interview), background material about McClelland, notes and reviews of James King’s book about McClelland; McClelland obituaries, 2004
F.6       Linda McKnight, 20 Jan. 1999, 36 p.
F.7       Scott McIntyre, 8 Feb. 1999, 44 p.
F.8       James Marsh, 8 Feb. 2000, 48 p.
F.9       Louise and Rose Melzack, 16 March 1999, 39 p.; also notes
F.10     John Metcalf, 2 Nov. 1999, transcript does not have page numbers
F.11     Catherine Mitchell, 19 June 2000, 10 p.
F.12     Gladys Neale, 23 Sept. 1998, 45 p.; also notes taken of the interview
F.13     John Neale, 27 Jan. 200, 43 p.; also notes taken of the interview, correspondence with Peter Taylor about Neale
F.14     Peter C. Newman, 2 Feb. 1999, 38 p.
F.15     Ivon Owen, 25 Aug. 1999, 53 p.; also notes taken of the interview, background information
F.16     John Pearce, 19 June 2000, 8 p.
F.17     Anna Porter, 20 Oct. 1998, 59 p.; also notes taken of the interview, background information
F.18     Glen Rollans, 1 May 1999, 29 p.
F.19     Clyde Rose, 2 may 1999, 17 p.

Box 4
F.1       Karl Siegler, 12 Feb. 1999, 50 p.
F.2-3    Jack E. Stoddart, 10 Dec. 1998, transcript does not have page numbers; also notes of interviews with Scott McIntyre, Michael Harrison, Jack David, Simon Dardick, Paul Davidson and Allan MacDougall, 2002, re Stoddart and General Distribution Services, email and news clippings
F.4       Donald Sutherland, 28 July 1999, 40 p.; also notes taken of the interview, letter from Sutherland
F.5       Peter Taylor, 17 June 1999, 25 p.
F.6       William Toye, 13 Aug. 1998, 41 p; also notes taken of the interview, notes on an interview with Dennis Reid about Toye, 18 July 2001, correspondence
F.7       Lucinda Vardey, 25 Jan. 2000, 61 p.; also one letter
F.8       Jan Walter, 8 Dec. 1998, 66 p.; also an email
F.9       Robert Weaver, 17 July 1998, 34 p.; also notes taken of the interview, letter to Weaver 2006
F.10     Harold White, 25 April 1999, 41 p.
F.11     Rick Wilks (Annick Press), 19 June 2000, 31 p; also manuscripts notes of an interview with Colleen Macmillan, 21 Feb. 2002 re Annick Press, an email to Wilks from MacSkimming, 2002, photocopy of news clipping
F.12     Kevin Williams, 16 June 1999, 28 p.
F.13     Catherine Wilson, 16 July 1998, 42 p; also manuscript notes taken of the interview

Interviews recorded which have manuscript notes taken of the interviews but no transcripts:
F.14     Sibyl Frei, 14 June 2000
F.15     John Grey, 25 Jan. 2000; also a computer print (2 p.) of an interview with Jim Bacque about Grey, background information, other notes
F.16     Lionel Koffler, 27 Aug. 1999
F.17     Rolf Maurer, 7 Feb. 1999
F.18     Bob Tyrell, 13 April 1999

Interviews recorded on audio cassette for which no transcripts were prepared or notes taken – see boxes 8-9

Interviews that were not recorded but have some manuscript notes:
F.19     May Cutler, telephone interview, 18 April 2001; also background information on Cutler
F.20     Diane Davy, 24 Feb. 2002; also 2 pages of notes headed “Sheba Meland, Owl Books”
F.21     Manuela Dias, 28 Jan. 2001; also her obituary
F.22     Grant Kennedy, telephone interview, 11 Feb. 2000
F.23     David Kent, notes from a lunch conversation, 14 Sept. 1999
F.24     Farley Mowat, telephone interview 11 March 2002; also letter from MacSkimming, 31 Oct. 2001
F.25     Margie Wolfe, telephone interview, n.d.

Series 2
Sound recordings of interviews. – 1998-2001. – 70 cm of sound recordings (101 audio cassettes). – Title based on medium of series. – Audio cassettes were numbered by MacSkimming; dates were also written on them. Names are listed in alphabetical order, however some people’s interviews are recorded on the same cassette as someone else’s interview. Use a search function to find all names. For interviews that have had transcripts prepared and printed see series 1 for dates of interviews.

Box 5
Interviews on audio cassettes with transcripts
1. Patricia Aldana, Groundwood Books, Douglas & McIntyre
2. David Arnason, Turnstone Press, & Patricia Dowdall, University of Manitoba Press
3. Margaret Atwood & Graeme Gibson, authors
4. Paul Audley, publishing consultant, formerly with McClelland & Stewart and Association of Canadian Publishers
5. Avie Bennett, McClelland & Stewart
6. Pierre Berton, author [this cassette was not sent to McMaster]
7. Ron Besse, McGraw Hill Ryerson, Gage Publishing, Macmillan of Canada, CDG Books
8. Stan Bevington & Rick Simon, Coach House Press / Coach House Books (2 cassettes; both numbered 8)
9. Harald Bohne, University of Toronto Press
10. Phyllis Bruce, Key Porter Books and HarperCollins Canada (2 cassettes, both numbered 10)
11. Gray Campbell, Gray’s Publishing
12. William Clarke (Jr.), Clarke, Irwin (2 cassettes, both numbered 12)
13. Victor Coleman, Coach House Press
14. John Robert Colombo, author and editor
15. Jack David, ECW Press 
16. Louise Dennys, Lester & Orpen Dennys and Knopf Canada (2 cassettes both numbered 16)
17. Kildare Dobbs, editor at Macmillan of Canada, author
USB flash drive

Box 6
18. James Douglas, Macmillan, McClelland &Stewart, J.J. Douglas / Douglas & McIntyre (3 cassettes, 2 are numbered 18; third cassette includes part of Scott McIntyre #38 and is numbered 18, 38; there is a separate #38)
19. Celia Duthie, Duthie Books is on #38 Scott McIntyre ; #19 is written on cassette #38 .
20. Robin Farr, Copp Clark, Ryerson Press, McClelland & Stewart, McGill University Press, Canada Council, Ontario government (2 cassettes; both numbered 20)
21. William French, The Globe & Mail
22. Robert Fulford, The Toronto Star, Saturday Night
23. Douglas Gibson, Doubleday Canada, Macmillan of Canada, McClelland & Stewart (2 cassettes, including part 1 of #27, Bill Harnum)
24. Dave & Ellen Godfrey, House of Anansi, New Press, Press Porcépic / Beach Holme
25. Cynthia Good, Penguin Books Canada
26. Francess Halpenny, University of Toronto Press / Dictionary of Canadian Biography (2 cassettes both numbered 26)
27. Bill Harnum, Western Producer Prairie Books, University of Toronto Press (part 1 on #23 Doug Gibson; part 2 on #57 Jan Walter; #27 appears on both of these cassettes)
28. Mel Hurtig, Hurtig Publishers
29. Jacqueline Hushion, Canadian Publishers Council
30. Valerie Hussey, Kids Can Press (2 tapes)
31. Dennis Lee, author, House of Anansi, Macmillan, McClelland &Stewart (2 cassettes, one regular size and one microcassette; both numbered 31)
32. Malcolm Lester, Lester & Orpen Dennys
33. James Lorimer, James Lorimer & Co., Formac Publishing

Box 7
34. Alan MacDougall, McClelland & Stewart, Raincoast Books (2 cassettes both numbered 34)
35. James Marsh, Holt Rinehart & Winston, McClelland & Stewart, Hurtig / The Canadian Encyclopedia
36. Carol Martin, Peter Martin Associates/PMA Books, Canada Council
37. Jack McClelland, McClelland & Stewart (3 cassettes)
38. Scott McIntyre, McClelland & Stewart, Douglas & McIntyre (2 audio cassettes; note that part of the interview is on cassette #18, James Douglas)
39. Linda McKnight, McClelland & Stewart, Macmillan, MGA Agency
40. Louis & Rose Melzack, Classics Books
41. John Metcalf, author and editor, Porcupine’s Quill
42. Catherine Mitchell, Tundra Books (also contains #47 John Pearce, and #60 Rick Wilks; all three numbers are written on)
43. Gladys Neale, Macmillan of Canada (2 cassettes; both numbered 43)
44. John Neale, McClelland & Stewart, Doubleday Canada, Random House of Canada
45. Peter C. Newman, author
46. Ivon Owen, Oxford University Press
47. John Pearce, Clarke, Irwin, and Doubleday Canada (on #42 Catherine Mitchell)
48. Anna Porter, McClelland & Stewart, Seal Books, Key Porter, Doubleday Canada (2 cassettes, both numbered 48)

Box 8
49. Glenn Rollans, University of Alberta Press (on same cassette as Rose)
50. Clyde Rose, Breakwater Books (on same cassette as Rollans)
51. Karl Siegler, Talon Books (2 cassettes, both numbered 51)
52. Jack E. Stoddart, General Publishing / Stoddart Publishing (2 cassettes, also including #68 Nelson Doucet)
53. Donald Sutherland, Macmillan, McGill-Queen’s University Press
54. Peter Taylor, author and sales & marketing director, McClelland & Stewart (includes #61 Kevin Williams)
55. William Toye, Oxford University Press
56. Lucinda Vardey, William Collins of Canada, Lucinda Vardey Agency
57. Jan Walter, Hurtig, Macmillan, McClelland & Stewart, Macfarlane Walter & Ross (2 cassettes, including part 2 of #27 Bill Harnum)
58. Robert Weaver, CBC Radio, Tamarack Review (2 cassettes, both numbered 58)
59. Howard White, Harbour Publishing
60. Rick Wilks, Annick Press (on #42 Catherine Mitchell)
61. Kevin Williams, Raincoast Books (on #54 Peter Taylor)
62. Catherine Wilson, McClelland & Stewart, James Lorimer, Kids Can Press (3 cassettes, all numbered 62)

Interviews on cassettes without printed transcripts (although there are manuscript notes for a few of them in Series 1)
63. Susanne Alexander, Goose Lane Editions, 26 Sept. 1999
64. Peter Atwood, Blizzard Publishing, 27 Sept. 1999
65. Simon Dardick, Véhicule Press, 20 April 2001

Box 9
66. Rik Davidson, University of Toronto Press, & Susan Kent, Hurtig Publishers, 26 June 2001
67. Frans Donker, bookseller, Book City, 16 March 1999
68. Nelson Doucet, General Publishing / Stoddart Publishing (on #52 Jack E. Stoddart)
69. Sylvia Fraser, author, 3 June 1999
70. Sibyl Frei, Ragweed Press, 14 June 2000
71. John Gray, journalist, son of John Gray, Macmillan of Canada, 25 Jan. 2000
72. Anne Hardy, Michael Macklem & Nicholas Macklem, Oberon Press, 26 Feb. 2002
73. Bill Hushion, various publishers, McClelland & Stewart (2 cassettes both numbered 73), 4 June 1999
74. Shane Kennedy, Lone Pine Publishing (includes #83 Allan & Katherine Shute), 9 Feb. 2000
75. Lionel Koffler, Firefly Books, 27 Aug. 1999
76. Brian Lam, Arsenal Pulp Press, 30 Jan. 2001
77. Rolf Maurer, New Star Books, 7 Feb. 1999
78. Peter Milroy, McClelland & Stewart, University of British Columbia Press, 6 Feb. 1999
79. Dan Mozersky, bookseller, Prospero Books, 17 Mar. 1999
80. William Roberts, bookseller, Shirley Leishman Books, 12 April 1999
81. Rob Sanders, Western Producer Prairie Books, Greystone Books / Douglas & McIntyre, 12 Apr. 1999
82. Ellen Seligman, McClelland & Stewart, 20 Jan. 1999
83. Allan & Katherine Shute, Tree Frog Press, Book Publishers Association of Alberta , 9 Feb. 2000 (on Shane Kennedy, #74)
84. David Staines, critic & author, M&S / New Canadian Library, 7 April 1999
85. Basil Stuart-Stubbs, former chief librarian, University of British Columbia Library, 2 Feb. 1999
86. Alan Twigg, publisher, B.C. Book World, 10 Feb. 1999
87. Bob Tyrrell, Orca Book Publishers, 13 Apr. 1999
88. Randall Ware, Canadian Booksellers Association, Canada Council, National Library of Canada, 21 July 1999

Total recorded interviews: 88; number of cassettes: 101 cassettes.
Series 3
Research materials. – 1970-2002. – 32 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series. – Files contain news clippings, tear-sheets, notes, press releases, leaflets, internet prints, catalogues, emails and correspondence, and a photograph.

Box 10
Publishing firms and periodicals:
F.1       Arsenal Pulp Press, 1983-2001
F.2       Coach House Press; includes two pages of proofs signed Dennis Reid, April 1996, printed in 2001
F.3       Contact Press; includes letter from Peter Miller, 2001
F.4       Goose Lane Editions, catalogues, 2002-3
F.5       Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1967 photocopy
F.6       Harbour Publishing, 1979 photocopy, 2002
F.7       Harlequin Books, 1999
F.8       McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 2000 sale of
F.9       McGill-Queens U.P., catalogues, 2000-01, fax from Arden Ford, 2001
F.10     Oberon Press, note with encl. documents used for grant applications
F.11     Porcupine’s Quill (John Metcalf), letter from, 2000, encl. parts 1 and 2 of “An Aesthetic Underground”
F.12     Quill and Quire, photocopies of back issues, 1950-1970
F.13     Ryerson Press, photocopy, 1969
F.14     Talon Books, photocopy, 1978
F.15     Véhicule Press, chronology, 1972-1993, 5 catalogues, 1982-2001

F.16     Anglo-Quebec, 1999

Biographical information:
F.17     Hugh Kane and William C. McConnell
F.18     Jim Lorimer
F.19     Carol and Peter Martin

F.20     Book clubs and reading, 1973, 1998-9
F.21     Book publishing, 1987-89, 2000
F.22     Book Publishing and Public Policy conference, 13-14 April 1981, program and papers
F.23     Bookselling / Bookstores, 1999
F.24     CanLit, 1975, 1999
F.25     Chapters Bookstores, 1999-2000
F.26     Children’s Publishing, 1967, 2000; letter from Judith Saltman, n.d., encl. chapter of her book

Box 11
F.1       Editors / Editing, 1975-2002
F.2       Educational publishing, photocopy 1967
F.3       Exporting to the U.S.A., 1979-1999
F.4       Festivals (literary), includes Eden Mills program, 1998
F.5       Ideas for Book, ACP discussion paper, 1997
F.6       Independent Publishers Association / Association of Canadian Publishers, 1989; includes photograph of the IPA bus and a computer print of an article by Carol Martin
F.7       Marsh Jeannerett, research notes about
F.8       Literary agents
F.9       Ontario Royal Commission on Book Publishing, photocopy of news clipping 1972
F.10     Prizes (literary), 1996-2001, includes bookmarks
F.11     Publishing conglomerates, 1998-2000; includes computer print of a guest Quill and Quire column by MacSkimming, n.d.
F.12     Publishing Policy Reports (Audley, Lorimer); includes draft chapter of a book by Audley

Publishing (regional)
F.13-4  B.C. Book Publishing, 1999
F.15     Prairies Publishing, 2001-02

F.16     Small Presses, 1979-2002
F.17     Technology (e-books)

Series 4
The Perilous Trade and other writings. – 1981-[2006?]. – 29 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 12
The Perilous Trade (2003)
F.1       Synopsis and Chapter outline, chronology and timeline, 2000-2001
F.2       Early draft of chapter 12, “Small and Smaller” with corrections, 59 p. plus 1 p. of manuscript notes
F.3       Logos for Chapter 15, faxed by Alex Schultz, 2003
F.4       Notes on revisions
F.5-11  Photocopy of edited manuscript with cover letter from Barbara Czarnecki, 2003
F.12-4  Page proofs, corrected, printed 5/9/2003

Box 13
Other Writings by MacSkimming (see also Box 11, F. 11)
Order is chronological.
F.1       “Trade Publishing in English Canada”, typescript, 47 p., sent to MacSkimming by Pam Graham, 1981 for revision.
F.2-3    “Anansi Then and Now: A Celebration”, 1997, computer print, 36 p.; also correspondence with Matt Cohen and Jack Stoddart, notes on interviews with various Anansi people, paper by Jennifer Andrews on the House of Anansi history, printed materials
F.4       “A Response to ‘The Impact of Globalization and Technological Change on Culture …’ prepared for the CTPL seminar … 9 Oct. 1997”, computer print, 5 p.
F.5       “Terms of Trade Column”, computer print, 5 p., 27 Nov. 1998
F.6       “Bookstores and Bookselling”, computer print, 6 p., sent to Bill New, 1999 for inclusion in the Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada (University of Toronto Press).
F.7       Reviews of two books for the Globe and Mail: André Schiffrin, The Business of Books and Jason Epstein, Book Business, ca. 2002, computer print, 3 p.
F.8       “In Memoriam: William Roberts”, [2006?], computer print for the Globe and Mail, 1 p.

Works by others
These items are mostly bound in coil or wire and have not been placed in file folders.
“From Word to Action; 1989 ACP Conference on the Future of Publishing in Canada”, 1989
“The Reading and Purchasing Public: The Market for Trade Books in English Canada”, 1991
“Reading in Canada 1991 Highlights”
“Book Publishing and Canadian Culture: A National Strategy for the 1990s”, Association of Canadian Publishers, October 1991
“New Directions”, Association of Canadian Publishers, November 1995

Series 5:
Correspondence. – 1987-2005. – 3 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.
Association of Canadian Publishers (Linda Liu), 1999
Dean Cooke, 1998
John Metcalf, 2000
Anna Porter, 1987
Jack Rabinovitch, 1999
Shelagh Rogers, 2002
Keith Spicer, 1988
Shirley Sharzer, [1988]
Sue Stewart, Canada Council for the Arts, 1999
Rosemary Sullivan, 1998

F.10     Margaret Atwood, 1999
F.11     BookFest Windsor 2005
F.12     Jack McClelland, l. from MacSkimming, 1987; 4 letters, 1989
F.13     Quill and Quire: re an article on bookselling, 1990; also notes, press release, research materials.
F.14     Jan Walter, 1999-2000

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