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Locks’ Press.

Second accrual. --  1954-2013. –  1.98 m of  textual records, printed materials, graphic materials,  objects and realia -- Title based on contents of the fonds.

Note: Box numbering is sequential from the first accrual.  Finding aid based upon list supplied by Locks’ Press.

Box 49

Series 1

Locks’ Press books. – 2010-2012. -- 2 cm of printed material. – Title based on contents of the series.

F.1 Deor’s Lament, by anon poet, translated by Fred Lock, 2012.  Copy 21/75.

F.2 Ulisses and the Syren, by Samuel Daniel, 2010.  Copy 8/ 10.

Series 2

Letterpress  Items and Flyers from Other Presses. --  1987-2013. – 46  cm of printed and graphic materials. –  Title based on contents of the series.

F.3 Alcuin Society, Vancouver:
   Citation for Locks’ Press, Poem about Nothing;
   Third prize for Deor’s Lament, 2012.

F.4 Anon American private press:
   Janet Kauffman, The Bath;
   Invitation for Arundel Antiquarian Books, Los Angeles.

F.5 Hugh W. Barclay, Thee Hellbox Press:
   Henry David Thoreau, The Statement from Walden, 1987 (Wayzgoose keepsake).

F.6 Wesley W. Bates, West Meadow Press, Hamilton (Later Clifford):
   Wood engraving, bouquet & cog wheels, 1996.

F.7 Gerard Brender à Brandis, Stratford:
4 Christmas cards:
   2008; 2009; 2010; 2012.

F.8 Tara Bryan, Walking Bird Press, Flatrock/St John’s, Nfld:
Brochure advertising To Stretch the Night;
Flyer, price list for ARLIS conference table (ARLIS conference 30 March - 1 April 2012, Toronto; bookmark.

F.9 Wendy Cain, Rogues’ Hollow Press, Newburg:
Journey, 2010 [silkscreen, shell, fish, sled, Ionic capital];
4 Christmas cards (featuring watermarked paper);15 small sheets of her handmade paper.

F.10 Derek Cowan, Cumberland, British Columbia:
A Prospectus for One Hundred Views, 2010.

F.11 Sue Globensky, Titania’s Press, Cranky Press, Orleans (Ottawa):
Tales for our times, 2008;  Love Poems, 2004; 3 bookmarks; Christmas card, 2008.

F.12 Glenn Goluska, imprimerie dromadaire, Toronto:
 Franz Kafka, If the book we are reading…

F.13 Mike Hudson, Wayzgoose Press, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia:
Will Rogers, Democracy; 4 wood engravings: Waratahs, 1991; Breakaway, 1992;
   Katoomba Morning, 1992; Henry [Henry Lawson], 1992;
Invitation for exhibition opening, Contemporary Designer Bookbindings Europe & Australia, Nov 1984, with ML’s wood engraving of Pepys on cover; Brochure for National Library of Australia, the Rare Book Collection.

F.14 Japanese Paper Place:
Catalogue and invitation for The Power of Two, 2006; Brochure for JPP, 2013.

F.15 Denise Lapointe, La Papeterie Saint-Armand, Montreal:
Blank book for writing yes and no promises.

F.16 Jeff Macklin, Jackson Creek Pres, Petersborough:
3 Christmas cards.

F.17 Gina Marin, Ottawa:
Christmas card.

F.18 Lise Melhorn-Boe, Transformer Press, formerly North Bay, now Kingston:
Breast Cancer Journal, 2010 (copy 16/50, photocopied);
Examples of letterpress which she had accumulated and donated to ML (as examples for ML’s letterpress workshop), including 2 biofolia of Pauline Melhorn, Light and Flaky.

Box 50

F.1 Rick Miller, Peppermint Press, Cavan:
Why We Oppose Votes for Men.

F.2 Paul W. Nash & Alison Felstead, Strawberry Press, Moreton-in-Marsh, England:
5 booklets (paper covers):
   Paul W. Nash, The Woodcut, 2008;
   Paul W. Nash & Alison Felstead, The Ghosts of Liberty Hall, 2009;
   Guido Morris, A Little Journey into the History of a Craft, 2010;
   “Reg Wordsworth” [Paul W. Nash], Fools and Knaves, 2011;
   Adfaxinus, The Cat, The Mouse and the Weasel, 2013.

F.3 Ottawa Press Gang:
Fables: A Collaborative Project, 2009;
2012 Letterpress Calendar, 2011 (copy 17/60);
CD of their work produced by Steve Quick, Weathervane Press.

F.4 Marnie Parsons, Running the Goat, St John’s, Nfld:
Brochure describing publications, 2000-2010;
Business card; Bookmark; Card; Price list for ARLIS conference table.

F.5 Plantin Press, San Marino/Los Angeles:
Robert Louis Stevenson, Requiem, 1958.

F.6 Steve & Gayle Quick, Weathervane Press, Orleans/Ottawa:
Aesop, A Little book of Fables, 2008 (copy 6/100), (linocuts copied from Frasconi);
Brothers Grimm, Rumpelstiltskin, 2009 (copy 7/100);
Dylan Thomas, A Child’s Christmas in Wales, 2010 (Christmas keepsake, copy 46)
   + same title published by Dent with woodcuts by Ellen Raskin, first published in 1968,
   reprint of 1971: unacknowledged source of illustrations;
Stephen Leacock, Two Stories and a Letter for Christmas, 2011 (Christmas keepsake, copy 82);
Aesop, Twelve Fables, 2012, (Christmas keepsake, copy 58);
Christmas cards 2008, 2009, 2010;
Invitation to St Bartholomew-Fest lunch, 2013;
Letterpress Gazette, No 1 (Jan 2010), 2 (April), 3 (July), 4 (Oct); 4 issues 2011, 4 issues 2012; 2 issues 2013, with ephemera.

F.7 Ted Rettig, Toronto. 3 laser printed text:
   Ten Short Texts, 2012 [10 sheets of paper in envelope];
   Loving Sign of Love, 2012 [3 sheets of paper in envelope];
   Our Song of Deepest Graciousness, 2012 [1 sheet of paper in envelope].
[see Box 23 [formerly Box 59] for 2 letterpress items]

F.8 Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto, now Dundas:
Maurice Ravel, The Toys’ Christmas, 1991;
Look to this day…, Christmas 1990;
Louis MacNeice, Snow, Christmas 1993;
Then I was standing…, Christmas 1994;
Kierkegaard, Life must be lived…, 1996;
Edward Gibbon, A Taste for books…, 2005;
Marriage announcement, 2007;
William Morris, A fine book…, 2009;
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Old books…, 2009;
J.H. Mason, Type is like music…, n.d;
Terentius, The fate of books…, 2013;
Wood engraving of a face, 1996;
Price list for The Aliquando Press.

Box 51

F.1 Gordon Sisler, Emmet Press, St Catharines:
Works in olive/grey box:
   Liberty, Equality, c. 2011 (origami, sardine tin);
   Project 109: Gender, Chemistry, Mathematics, 2012 (origami), [description of this work in folder].

F.2 Alan Stein, Church Street Press, Parry Sound:
4 New Year’s cards: 2009; 2010; 2011; 2013;
Flyer for ARLIS conference table.

F.3 Don Taylor, bookbinder & Pointy Head Press, Toronto:
Invitation, catalogue, and post card for And Still the Binder, 2008;
Postcards for ARLIS conference table.

F.4 Larry Thompson, Greyweathers Press, Merrickville:
Vaulted Heights (Salisbury Cathedral) linocut;
Christmas card, 2011; Flyer.

F.5 George Walker, Toronto:
Christmas card;
Flyer for Graphic Witness.

Series 3

Books and publications by other presses and realia. – 1954-2013. – 16 cm of printed and graphic materials and realia. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 52

F.1 David A. Kent & Patricia Kennedy (editors), Hugh Anson-Cartwright, Bookseller. Toronto: St. Thomas Poetry, Series, 2000.

F.2 Erasmus, translated by Thomas Berthelet, Dicta Sapientum. Oxford: (student printers at the New Bodleian ( Library print shop), 1961.

F.3 T.S. Eliot, The Cultivation of Christmas Trees, illustrated by David Jones. An Ariel Poem [in its original envelope].  London: Faber & Faber, 1954.

F.4 Academic and private press books:
Andrew Marvell, The Garden. Hunton Bridge: The Kit-Cat Press, 1978 (2nd ed, copy 127);
The Last Will & Testament of the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Swift, preface by Vincent Kinane. Dublin: Trinity Closet Press  for the Ussher Press, 1984 (copy 323);
Samuel Johnson: Sixteen Latin Poems, various translators. Florence, Kentucky: Robert L. Barth, 1987;
Samuel Johnson, Five Latin Poems, translated and with notes by Thomas Kaminski. Chicago: Loyola U, 1991. (Keepsake for the Samuel Johnson Society);
Alexander Pope, A Letter to Lord Bathurst, introduction by Howard Erskine-Hill. Turnbrudge Wells: The Foundling Press, 1996 (copy 116).

F.5 The Nature of Words exhibition catalogue. Toronto, 2010.

F.6 Wayzgoose:
Cotton t-shirt from 1988 Wayzgoose;
Exhibitor tag from 2013 Wayzgoose;
Laura Arsenau & Rhona Weneger, Thirty Goose Salute: the Story of Wayzgoose, 2008;
Wayzgoose 35th anniversary pamphlet.

F.7 Brochures:
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild;
Western New York Book Arts Collaboration;
Ink Paper Lead, Board Leather Thread Exhibition.

Mailings from other artists.

F.8 Susan E. King:
27 “Support Living Artists!” cards + 2 information sheets;
4 small portfolio envelopes, some containing duplicate “Support Living Artists!” cards;
2 cards from Paradise Press, Santa Monica, about Susan E. King.

Series 4

Locks’ Press roughs/mock-ups. –  1983-2013. -- 16 cm of textual, printed and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 53


F.1 Ulisses and the Syren, 2010.

F.2 Deor’s Lament, 2012.


F.3 Seven Ages of Man, 2002.

F.4 For the Baptiste, 2005.

F.5 Amien’s Song/Under the Greenwood Tree, 2008.

F.6 Juno and Ceres’s Song, 2009.

F.7 Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Winde, 2009.

F.8 Who is Sylvia? 2010.

F.9 Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away, 2011.

F.10 “We work in the dark”, 2012.

F.11 Spring (When daisies pied), 2013.

Calligraphic panels:

F.12 Heavenward, 2009.

F.13 The Fountain (book).

F.14 Know Thyself, 1992 (book).

F.15 The Legend of St Laura (book).

F.16 Chaucer’s Balade de bon conseyl, 1989 (Wayzgoose pamphlet).

F.17 Winter (broadside).

Other miscellaneous roughs:

F.18 Example notebook c. 1983:Research for illustrations for The Fountains;
Notes on various illustrators (mostly British wood engravers).

F.19 Book abandoned because the illustrator, Mona Ryder, moved to Perth, and ML to Kingston:
Hesiod’s Works and Days, to be illustrated with etchings by MR (photocopies of drawings).

Series 5

Locks Press records,  biographical and other.  – 1979-2013. – 16 cm of textual records and printed material. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 54

F. 1 Locks’ Press financial information – books sold, income, purchase of art materials, 1982-1996.

F.2  Account books: expenses 1982-1989, 1990-2010; income 1990-2012.

F.3 Locks’ Press price lists, 2005-2013

F.4 Locks/ Press publication info/flyers, 1979-2013.

F.5 Correspondence re CBBAG publication, Bookbinding Materials and Techniques, 2003.

F.6 Talk on Ink Paper Lead exhibition, 2003.

F.7 Talks on Locks’ Press, 1979-2001.

F.8 Talk on the illustration of Shakespeare broadsides (for Organization of Kingston Women Artists), 2012.

F.9 Talk on bookbinding, 2001.

F.10 Talk on woodcuts by Gweneth Travers (local Kingston artist), 2011.

F.11 First draft of article on French Paper bookbindings (comments by Nicholas Pickwoad), 2011.

F.12 Notes for letterpress workshop, 2012.
Student handouts; List of students; Examples of broadsides produced by students; Responses by several students.

F.13 Notes for woodcut workshop, 1995.

F.14  Margaret Lock  CV.  [2012].

F.15 Catalogues of suppliers.

F.16 Samples of handmade paper by Reg Lissel.

F.17 Samples of handmade paper by St Armand Papeterie (David Caruthers).

F.18 Correspondence with Joe Spratt re wood blocks, n.d.

Series 6

Exhibitions and Book Arts Fairs. – 1987-2013. – 16 cm of textual records, printed and graphic materials. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 55

F.1 Beyond Words, Carnegie Gallery, 2010.

F.2 CBBAG (Canadian Bookbinders & Book Artists Guild), Ottawa. 2008-2011.

F.3 OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design) Printmaking, 1987-2010.

F.4 ARLIS (Art Libraries Society of North America), 2012.

F.5 Photos of some exhibitors at the 2013 Wayzgoose.

F.6 Photos of Two Centuries of Bookbinding: Materials and Techniques 1700-1900  at the Metro Toronto Reference  Library gallery. [1991].

F.7 Exhibition labels for Leather & Vellum Bookbindings at the W.D. Jordan Library, Queen’s University, Jan 2003.

F.8 Exhibition labels and talk for Nineteenth Century Bookbindings in Cloth and Paper, Queen’s University, 2004.

F.9 The Aliquando Century, at Queen’s University, 2009.

F.10 Correspondence for The Nature of Words (with exhibitors re various venues, 2008-2010.

F.11 The Nature of Words, text for labels, 2010.

F.12 Articles on The Nature of Words for the CBBAG Journal, and for Amphora, 2010.

F.13 The Nature of Words: Newspaper clippings showing other examples of lettering by artists, 2008-2011.

[see Box 11 for The Nature of Words photo album]

Series 7

Correspondence. – 1990-2013. – 16 cm of textual records and printed material.—Title based on contents of the series.

Note: Correspondence is addressed  to/from Margaret Lock and Fred Lock.


Box 56

F.1 Correspondence re Contemporary Book Arts in Eastern Ontario,- general correspondence, 2011-2013.

F.2 Correspondence re Contemporary Book Arts in Eastern Ontario – Larry Thompson, 2012-2013.

F.3 Correspondence re Contemporary Book Arts in Eastern Ontario – Jeff Macklin, 2012-2013.

F.4 Correspondence re selling the press and type, 2012-2013.                                 

F.5 Hugh Barclay, 2011.

F.6 Reg Beatty, 2011.

F.7 Sidney E. Berger, 2012.

F.8 Gerard  Brender à Brandis, 2009-2011.

F.9 Wendy Cain, 2008.

F.10 Judy Donnelly, 2009

F.11 Crispin Elsted, 2008-2009.

F.12 Sue Globensky, 2012.

F.13 Chester Gryski, 2011.

F.14 Sam Higson, 1995-2012.

F.15 Nancy Jacobi, includes World Washi Summit brochures,  2008.

F.16 Susan Warner Keene. 2012.

F.17 David Kotin, 1990.

F.18 Library and Archives Canada, 2002-2013.

F.19 Eli MacLaren re bookbinding review, 2010.

F.20 Kevin Major, 2000.

F.21 Paul Nash, 2011-2013.

F.22 Vincent Perez, 2009-2011.

F.23 Allison Poole (Wayzgoose), 2013.

F.24 Ross Roxburgh, 2009.

F.25 Will Rueter, 2006-2013.

F.26 Thomas Schweitzer, 2007-2013.

F.27 Alan Stein, 2009.

F.28 Don Taylor, 2011.

F.29 Larry Thompson, 2011.

F.30 Jill Yu, 2012.

Series 8

Locks’ Press blocks and plates. –  1979-2013. -- 22 cm of graphic records and objects. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 57


1. 5 lexan plates for Ulisses and the Syren, 2010.

2. Endpaper (Baltic/Russian birch plywood) for Deor’s Lament, 2012.

3. 14 vignette woodcuts (Baltic/Russian birch plywood) for Deor’s Lament, 2012.

4. 1 copper plate for The Pobble who has no toes, 1979.

[see Box 11 for Charles XII of Sweden and Heavenward block]


5. 1 endgrain (wood engraved) block for Amien’s Song/Under the Greenwood Tree, 2008.

6. 1 woocut (pearwood block) for Juno and Ceres’s Song, 2009.

7. 1 woodcut (plywood block) for Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Winde, 2009.

8. 1 woodcut (plywood block) for Who’s Sylvia? 2010.

9. 1 woodcut (pearwood block + pearwood initial “T”) for Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away, 2001.

10. 1 woodcut (plywood block + plywood initial “F”) for Farewell, Ungrateful Traytor, 2012.

Box 58

1. 1 woodcut (plywood block) for “We work in the dark”, 2012.

2. 1 woodcut (2 plywood blocks) for Spring (When dasies pied), 2013.

[see Box 11 for Sigh No More, Ladies plate].

3. 3 plywood blocks (2 triangles + 1 rectangle) for Wayzgoose pamphlet Allaphbed Meandertale.

4. 1 woodcut (thin plywood) for OCAD book arts fair (used as bookmark).

5. 1 small pearwood square.

Series 9

Oversize. – 58 cm of graphic records, printed material and objects. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 59
[Please note, for preservation reasons, the materials in this box have been rehoused. The new location for each item has been marked after it.]

1. Ted Rettig, Toronto
2 letterpress items:
   Kindness and Graciousness, 2008 (1 sheet of paper in envelope);
   Ever Constant Graciousness, 2009 (3 sheets of paper in envelope).
   [see Box 23]

2. Photo album made by Will Rueter for photos at the various The Nature of Words venues and visitors’ comments.
[see Box 11]>

3. 1 thin plywood for endpaper pattern, Charles XII of Sweden, 1983 and later used as background for Heavenward
panels, 2010.
 [see Box 11]

4. 1 copper late for Sigh No More, Ladies, 2011.
    [see Box 11]

Locks’ Press broadsides and keepsakes,

5. Juno and Ceres’s Song, by William Shakespeare, 2009 (copies not numbered).
1 plain (as given out as a keepsake at Wayzgoose);
1 hand-coloured.[see Box 23]

6. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Winde, by William Shakespeare, 2009 (copy 5) [see Box 23]

7. Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away, by William Shakespeare, 2011 (copy 22) [see Box 23]

8. “We work in the dark”, by Henry James, 2012 (copies not numbered) [see Box 23]

9. Spring (When daisies pied), by William Shakespeare, 2013 (copy 20) [see Box 23]

10. Who is Sylvia? by William Shakespeare, 2010 (copy 19)

11. Sigh No More, Ladies, by William Shakespeare, 2011:
1 plain (copy 20)
1 hand-coloured (copy 9) [see Box 23]

12. Farwell, Ungratefull Traytor, by John Dryden, 2012 (copy 12) $40. [see Box 23]

Calligraphic work for broadside.

13. William Wordsworth, Written in London, September 1802 (sonnet: O friend, I know not which way I must look), 2010 (watercolour, pen & ink on hand-made paper, 17 5/8 x 9 7/8”). [see Box 23]

Roughs for broadsides

14.  Sigh No More, Ladies, 2011. [see Box 23]

15. Farwell, Ungratefull Traytor, 2012. [see Box 23]

16. William Wordsworth, London, 1802 (sonnet: Milton! thou should’st be living at this hour), 2010 (calligraphy, to go with London, September 1802) [see Box 23]

Miscellaneous print.

17. Eric Gill, “The Hog and Wheatsheaf” (Device for Hampshire House Bakery), wood engraving,
1915 (reprinted in London, December 1971, on thin off-white paper, 13.6 cm diameter, circular [block] and 30 x  
24 cm [paper], matted, not signed),
From a portfolio of 80 copies, printed by Douglas Cleverdon, Bristol, this is 34/80, (see limited edition certificate). Purchased by George Wallace from Louise King, Greenwich, 1971, given to ML in 1999; Photocopy of letter from George Wallace, describing how he purchased the print.[see Box 11]

18. Anonymous fifteenth-century woodcut from a religious text printed in German (matted). [see Box 11]

19. A.T. Boulton, Officina Brindabella, Canberra:
Rainforest, poem by Judith Wright, wood engraving by Rosalind Harris (copy 259).[see Box 23]

20. Wendy Cain, Rogues’ Hollow Press, Newburg:
Watermark, 2008 [handmade paper], in folder. [see Box 23]

21. Wendy Cain, Rogues’ Hollow Press, Newburg:
Contribution for 10th Wayzgoose portfolio, 1988 [2 handmade sheets of paper]. [see Box 13]

22. Crispin & Jan Elsted, Barbarian Press, Mission, BC:
Francis Bacon, Of Studies [showing Krimpen’s Cancelleresca Bastarda]. [see Box 23]

23. David Esselmont, Gwasg Gregynog, Wales:
William Morris quote, 1996. [see Box 23]

24. Mike Hudson, Wayzgoose Press, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia:
Broadside #7 [banned books, quote from Voltaire]. [see Box 11]

25. Ink Petals Press (Nadia), Woodbridge:
Skid-a-marink a dink a dink, c.2013. [see Box 23]

26. Kitty Maryatt, Horn Press, Los Angeles:
 Li Tai-Pao, 3 translations of Of Youth, c. 1980? [see Box 23]

27. Glenna Munro, Munro Press, Toronto:
[List of cities mentioned in the CBC radio weather broadcast for Ontario], 1987. [see Box 13]

28. Paul W. Nash & Alison Felstead, Strawberry Press, Moreton-in-Marsh, England:
Paul W. Nash, The Black Eros, wood engraving by the printer, 2010. [see Box 11]

29. Plantin-Moretus Printing Museum, Antwerp:
Christopher Plantin, translated by Frances Lobb, The Joys of this World. [see Box 11]

30. Steve & Gayle Quick, Weathervane Press, Orleans/Ottawa:
Radio Free Vestibule, The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan, 2011. [see Box 11]

31. Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto, now Dundas:
Christopher Plantin, translated by Jan Schreiber, Le Bonheur de ce Monde/Wordly Happiness, 1984. [see Box 23]

32. Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto, now Dundas:
Friedrich R
ückert, Ich din der Welt…, 1992. [see Box 11]

33. Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto, now Dundas:
Osip Mandelstam, What shall I do…, 1995. [see Box 23]

34. Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto, now Dundas:
Rainer Maria Rilke, Sonnet 14 (Stehe die Blumen…), wood engraving by Wesley W. Bates, 2004. [see Box 11]

35. Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto, now Dundas:
Piet Esser, Rembrandt, wood engraving by Will Rueter, 2006. [see Box 23]

36. Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto, now Dundas:
Joseph Conrad, Of all intimate objects..., wood engraving by Will Rueter after David Milne, 2006. [see Box 23]

37. Alan Stein, Church Street Press, Parry Sound:
Parry Sound Books: Twenty Years of Author Readings, 1988-2008. [see Box 11]

38. Trip Press, Toronto:
David Kotin, The Original Tongues, printed by Will Rueter (keepsake for 35th Wayzgoose), 2013. [see Box 11]

39. Trip Press, Toronto:
The Practice of Presswork: Watching Work ABC, 2013. [see Box 11]

40. Ross Roxburgh, Oakhill Pond Press:
3 prints. [see Box 23]

Other (miscellaneous) publications.

41. Monotype Ornament broadsides:
1: Arabesque;
2: Fleuron;
3: Border;
4: Nineteenth-century;
5: Twentieth-century. [see Box 113]

42. New York Public Library, Old Fashioned Type Specimens (designed by Liam Dunne).[see Box 13]

43. OCAD book arts fair posters: 2008; 2011; 2012. [see Box 13]

44. Wayzgoose Posters for:
2006 (Thomas Dannenberg, Richmond Hill);
2008 (Hugh Barclay) + table labels & pamphlet;
2011 (Pomegranate Press);
2012 (WNY Book Arts Centre) + table label. [see Box 13]

45. Reproductions of 3 leaves of Kelmscott Press Boethius (De consolation Philosophie), and Chaucer.[see Box 11]

46. Poster for the CBBAG Book Arts Fair, 2004, Ottawa. [see Box 23]

47. Poster for Margaret Locks’ talk, Queensland College of Art. [see Box 13]

48. 2 pp photographs of Locks’ Press exhibition, W.D. Jordan Special Collections & Music Library, Queen’s U, 2000. [see Box 23]

49. Poster for “Contemporary Book Arts in Eastern Ontario”, 2013. [see Box 13]

50. Mona Ryder, Untitled [Portrait of Fred Lock], 1980:
38.7 x 32.3 cm (plate), 56.3 x 48.8 cm (paper), etching and aquatint on Arches mould-made paper (2/5). [see Map Cabinet 7]]

51. Mona Ryder, Untitled [Portrait of Fred Lock], 1980:
43.2 x 40 cm; cont
é, ink wash on Arches mould-made paper. [see Map Cabinet 7]

52. Mona Ryder, Untitled [Portrait of Fred Lock in a dark T-shirt], 1980:
50 x 39.7 cm; pencil, conté, ink wash on Arches mould-made paper. [see Map Cabinet 7]

53. Mona Ryder, Untitled [Portrait of Margaret Lock], 1991:
42.5 x 37.5 cm, watercolour on Arches BFK Rives mould-made paper
Inscribed in pencil on verso, lower edge: To Margaret with love Mona Ryder 1991.[see Map Cabinet 7]

54. Mona Ryder, Untitled [Portrait of Fred & Margaret Lock], 1984:
58 x 79.5 cm; pencil and watercolour on mould-made paper. [see Map Cabinet 7]

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