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Locks’ Press

Locks’ Press fonds. – 1924-2008; predominant 1979-2000. – 9.3 m of textual records, graphic material and objects. – 1 video cassette.

Series 1
Correspondence. – 1983-2006. – 64 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Subseries. – Australia. – 1984-2006. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of subseries.

Box 1
F.1 Australian National Gallery, 2000
F.2 Alec Boulton, Brindabella Press 1987, 1988
F.3 Ross Clendinning, Craft Council of Australia (Sydney) 1984 + photocopy of article on Australian Book Arts by Mike Hudson
F.4 Bettine Gresford, bookbinder, Canberra  1986, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996
F.5 Jill Gurney, bookbinder 1985, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 2002
F.6 Diana Heath, printmaker 1988, 1990, 1992
F.7 Mike Hudson and Jadwiga Jarvis, Wayzgoose Press 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004
F.8 Daphne Lera, bookbinder 1986, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002
F.9 Kathy Nix, papermaker 1988 + paper samples, invitation
F.10 Monica Oppen, Ant Press 1991, 1993, 1995
F.11 State Library of Qld 1984, 1988, 1990, 1992, 2006
F.12 Fred Pohlmann, bookbinder 1992
F.13 Mona Ryder, printmaker 1987 (+ photographs), 1988 (+ photographs), 1990, 1993, 1996; also an exhibition invitation, and The Book of Two Faces by John Kinsella, art by
Mona Ryder, signed by Kinsella (Perth Inst. of Contemporary Art, 1989)
F.14 Bill Thorn, printer 1998, 2003
F.15 Carolyn Willadsen, librarian, Brisbane
F.16 Trisch Wilson-Adams, printmaker1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003; including Four fold catalogue, ca.1990
F.17 Miscellaneous:
Richard King, print dealer, 1988
Richard Burkinshaw 1996
Jeremy Lianage, student, Seven Hills College of Art, Brisbane 1987
Jim Walker 1987
Queensland Bookbinders Guild 1983
Adelaide Old Books 2002

Subseries. – 1984-2006. – U.S.A., England, Sweden. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of subseries.

Box 2
F.1 Beineke Library, Yale University, 1992.
F.2 Bromer Boooksellers, NY
F.3 William Andrews Clark Memorial Library 1984, 2002 (incl. exhibition)
F.4 Erasmus Books (Bill Storey) 1995
F.5 Fine Press Book Association (also Oak Knoll)
F.6 Granary Books (Steven Clay & Merce Dostale)1988
F.7 Susan King, Paradise Press 1988
F.8 Ferguson Kirchner 2000
F.9 Robert Lyon 2000
F.10 Asa Peavy 2003
F.11 Peter & Donna Thomas 1996
F.12 Tatlin Books 1994
F.13 Van Vliet, Claire (Janus Press), 1990.
F.14 J. Clarke-Hall, London 1985
F.15 Deighton, Bell, Cambridge 1989
F.16 Oxford University Press 1986 re How much Land
F.17 Private Press Books (Swanick, 1990) (Paul W. Nash) 1999-2006
F.18 Rocket Gallery, London (David Stevenson) 1995
F.19 Bertram Rota, London (Anthony Rota) 1990-1993
F.20 The Society of Wood Engravers 1996—see also exhibition
F.21 Virago Press, 1990 + Silent Books
F.22 Kungl. Biblioteket, 1984

Subseries. – 1989-2006. – Canada. – 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of the subseries.

Box 3
F.1 Annex Books (Janet Fetherling/Inksetter) 2003
F.2 Hugh Anson Cartwright Books, 1994. Includes pamphlet, The Adventure of the Purloined Errata Slip 9, from the unpublished papers of Dr. Watson
F.3 Walter Bachinsky (Shanty Bay Press)
F.4 Wesley W. Bates, + newspaper clippings – see also Exhib., Loving Soc., list #2
F.5 Reg Beatty 2002 – see also Exhib., Loving Soc. list #2
F.6 Sigrid Blohm 1999
F.7 G. Brender à Brandis, 1990-2002 – see also Exhibition., Loving Soc. list #2
F.8 Tara Bryan (walking bird press) 2000, 2003
F.9 Wendy Cain (Rogues’ Hollow Press, Newburgh)
F.10-20 Canadian Bookbinders’ & Book Artists’ Guild (includes Bookbinding Materials and Techniques, suitcase exhibition for it, book arts fair, volunteer survey, re newletter,
re workshop, including CBBAG brochure with photograph of ML and Susan Globensky on cover, correspondence with students who took workshop — see also exhibitions
F.21 Canadian Notes & Queries 1999
F.22 Canadian Who’s Who 2002
F.23 Carnegie Gallery, Dundas 1996 – see also exhibition list #2
F.24 Mira Coviensky 2003
F.25 Devil’s Artisan – see also Diane Egerton
F.26 Lyndsay Dobson Books 1994-2002
F.27 Dundas Valley School of Art
F.28 Diane Egerton (re DA) 1990-99
F.29 Crispin Elsted (Barbarian Press) 2000-
F.30 Doug Fetherling newsclipping
F.31 April Flanders (Pink Parasol Press) 2003
F.32 Susan Globensky, Ottawa  (Titania’s Press)
F.33 Grimsby Public Art Gallery
F.34 Julia Halliday (née Wallace)
F.35 Elaine Hoag (Nat. Library)
F.36 David Hoeniger, Toronto
F.37 Holly Dean Calligraphic 2003
F.38 Jim Hoover
F.39 Annegret Hunter-Elsenbach
F.40 Nancy Jacobi (JPP).
F.41 Amanda Jernigan
F.42 Rosemary Kilbourn, 1994.

Box 4
F.1 Loving Society of Letterpress Printers 2000-2002
F.2 Marlene MacCallum (Persnickety Press) 2000
F 3 Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph 2003
F.4 Mackenzie Heritage Printery Museum 1999-2000
F.5 McGill University (Donald Hogan) 1996
F.6 Lise Melhorne-Boe 1994-2005
F.7 Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library 1995
F.8 Hugh Michaelson (Harwood Press)
F.9 Susan Mills 1995
F.10 Rollin Milroy (Heavenly Monkey) 2002
F.11 Peter Mitham (re Amphora) 2006
F.12 Modern Fuel, Kingston 2003
F.13 Desmond Neill 1990-1993
F.14 Diana Patterson 1993
F.15 Danielle Pignataro
F.16 Phil Prins 2003
F.17 Queen’s University Library 2004-2005
F.18 Ted Rettig 1998
F.19 Jim Rimmer 2000
F.20 Brian A. Roberts
F.21 Barbara Rosenberg, Toronto
F.22 Ross Roxburgh 2006
F.23 Will Rueter (The Aliquando Press)
F.24 Tom Schweitzer 2001
F.25 Shelagh Smith 2004
F.26 Randall Speller 2000-2004
F.27 Andrew Steeves (Gaspereau Press) 2004
F.28 Alan Stein (Church St Press) 1996
F.29 TVOntario (Joan Reed-Olsen) 1989-1990
F.30 Marie Thompson 2004
F.31 Fred Toma (Utility Grade Press) 2004
F.32 Keith Valentine 2003
F.33 George Walker
F.34 Michelle Walker
F.35 George Wallace
F.36 Jill Willmott + newsclipping
F.37 Miscellaneous

Series 2
Photographs and moving images. – 1978-2004. – 16 cm of graphic material. – 1 video cassette. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 5
F.1 Photographs 1982, by David Laing, ML at press; board using 3 photographs for Locks’ Press exhibition at State library of Queensland. (Note: Located with posters in Box 13)
F.2 Opening of Contemporary Bookbinding, Queensland Arts Council touring exhibition 1985-6; Brisbane City Hall, 6 Feb 1986.
F.3 Daphne Lera & Jill Gurnery at D.S. Murray (bookbindery, Sydney) 1984
F.4 Mike Hudson & Jadwiga Jarvis, Katoomba, 1991; Mona Ryder, 1987, 1991, 1992.
F.5 Oak Knoll Book Fest 1995.
F.6 Fred Lock in London, early 1978
F.7 Photographs used by Roger Burford-Mason for article in Ontario Craft, 1989
-Locks’ Press table at the Wayzgoose, April 1991, taken by Diana Patterson
-Wendy Cain & David Hunt, Newburg, 1991
-G. Brender à Brandis, July 1994
-Michael Wilcox, Louise Genest, Annagret Hunter-Elsenbach, Jan Michels, 1992
Jan & Polly Elsted, 1992
-Lyndsay Dobson at The Whole Lot book fair, Hamilton, 1993
-Oak Knoll Fest official photograph, 5-6 Oct 1996
-Wayzgoose 1999 (8)
-Wayzgoose 2001 (12)
-ML 2001 (2); ML & FL 2004 (3) by Helen Tiffin
-students at CBBAG workshop, May 2004 (3)
F.9 TVOntario Hands over Time programme inc. Locks’ Press (video cassette)

Series 3
Private Presses. – 1938-2007; predominant 1980-2007 – 3.2 m of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.
Note: Locks’ Press material is in a separate series.

Box 6
Alphabetical by name of printer or artist: includes ephemera, cards, flyers.
F.1 Rhonda Bachelor, Poppy Press, Vancouver: Brochure, 2003
F.2 Stan Bevington, Coach House Press, Toronto: 5 items (commercial offset) + box to advertise Eunoia
F.3 Wesley W. Bates, West Meadow Press, Hamilton: 1 Christmas card; 1 letter, with accompanying prospectus for book illustrated by Fritz Kredel’s wood engravings; 1 wedding invitation (for daughter, Rae); 13 flyers, of which 4 are letterpress; 1 (case bound booklet) advertisement for wood engravings
F.4 Sigrid Blohm and Liz Eakins: 1 card (woodcut) with Sigrid Blohm: Kitchen Cuts signature for Wayzgoose Anthology
F.5 G. Brender à Brandis, Stratford: 16 Christmas cards, 1991-2007 inclusive ;1 (commercial) card; 8 flyers for books and exhibitions, of which 2 letterpress on hand-made paper, and one "Hand-made books from the Branstead Press"
F.6 Tara Bryan, St. John’s Nfld: Brochure, Gros Morne

F.7 Wendy Cain, Rouges’ Hollow Press, Newburgh: 17 Christmas cards (undated) using collage, sprayed paper pulp, and watermark techniques; 3 other cards ; 12 signatures for the OCAD Anthology, 1984, 1985, 1986 (2 copies), 1989, 1991-1996 inclusive, 2001, 2003 and undated (serigraphy, letterpress, sprayed paper pulp, pulp painting and watermark techniques); 10 signatures for the Wayzgoose Anthology 1986, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1996, 2000-4 incl., 2006; 7 flyers for exhibitions; 23 pieces of her handmade paper
F.8 Rebecca Cowan, Great Hall Press, Toronto & Kingston: Proof of Green-eyed dreamer (etching, accordion fold, 2001); 2 flyers

Liz Eakins see F.4 above

F.9 Crispin & Jan Elstead, Barbarian Press: 2 prospectuses 1997, 1998; notice about Endgrain; 1 press catalogue 1998-99
F.10 Douglas Fetherling, Toronto: 1 artist’s book (photocopied) Week in Review, 1993
F.11 Pierre Filion, Editions du Silence, Montreal: 3 catalogues, 1 flyer, 3 postcards
F.12 Goldsmith’s College, U of London, Dept. of Visual Communication, College diploma students, photocopied booklet, 1978 (ML at centre spread) + 2 invitations for end-of-year show. Also booklet Sunny, by Ali Reza Espahbod, a student (from Iran) at Goldsmith’s
F.13 Glenn Goluska, imprimerie dromadaire, Toronto: 1 card; 5 flyers; article on Glenn by Douglas Fetherling
F.14 Otto Graser, Black Squirrel Press, Ottawa: 2 cards; 2 broadsides
F.15 Stephen Heaver, the Hill Press: Some Arabesque Combination Ornaments, 1994

F.16 Mike Hudson, Wayzgoose Press, Katoomba, NSW:
Prospectus for Dada kampfen um leben und tod
Printed folder (Retrospectus)
Broadside prospectus for Van Diemen’s Land Warriors, + photograph
Broadside list of publications (headed by Van Diemen’s Land)
A Supplement to the Book-Persons Idioticon, Dec 2000
Broadside Don’t Panic
Broadside A Just Peace, Dec 2002
Broadside #4 Slaves 1990
Prospectus for The Isle of Pines with note from Mike
Prospectus for The Auld Shop & the New 1992
3 Christmas cards, 1991 with letter, 1995, 1997
Folder with information about the Press
Prospectus for As dead as the Proverbial Dodo
Broadside prospectus for The Cure
Photograph of Ockers
Broadside prospectus for Bound for the Goldfields
Broadside #19, Report of the Melancholy State of the Australian Labour Market, 1997
Broadside #29, Since competition…Dec 2003
Private Impressions, Dec 1989
A Review of 1998 at the Wayzgoose Press
The Wayzgoose Broadsides
, by Mike Hudson, (Adelaide Old Books, 2001)
[an additional broadside, #8 on typography, is located in Box 23]

F.17 Tim Inkster, the Porcupine’s Quill, Erin: 15 items, commercially printed, including bookmarks, 1 broadside, Deaf Mute in a Pear Tree, by P.K. Page (signed); An Honest Trade (Porcupine’s Quill books 1974-83), 1983
F.18 Nancy Jacobi, Toronto: 9 Christmas cards, 1989, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2005, and undated; 5 flyers for exhibitions at the Japanese Paper Warehouse; 2 pieces of thick Japanese paper, one with a note from Paul Hertz (employee at JPP).
F.19 Rosemary Kilbourn: 15 Christmas cards (commercial offset, photography) some with brief letters
F.20 Lise Melhorn-Boe, North Bay: Exhibition flyers, 1989, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2006. Also "Bound by Convention" -- a corset photocopied on Exeter rag paper and rubber-stamped in 1989. This item, issued by Transformer Press, is boxed with the interior of the box signed by Lise Melhorn-Boe. Oversize; not located in Box 6.
F.21 Rollin Milroy, Heavenly Monkey, Vancouver: 2 flyers, 2 brochures, 2002, 2005, 2006

Box 7
F.1 Paul W. Nash, London & Witney, England : 3 keepsakes for the Fine Press Book Fair, Oxford – The Strawberry Press Guide to Etiquette, Some notes on the History of Strawberries, 1997; The Windrush, 2003; Description of the Press; Change of address, 2002
F.2 Monic Oppen, Ant Press, Sydney NSW: Prospectus for Rebecca’s Diary, 1990; Retrospectus, Tale of Love 1990
F.3-5 Bill Poole, Poole Hall Press, Grimsby & Cheshire Cat: Symbiosis: It’s spring
The Canadian Private Presses in Print
+ Supplement, 1984; Catalogues for Lyndsay Dobson Books, 1985-2001then printed by Greg Smith at Blind Pig Pres; 28 items (cards etc) for the Wayzgoose, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, + printed paper bags card from Lyndsay

Box 8
F.1 Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press, Toronto & Dundas: 2 Christmas cards, 1993 (photocopied), 1996; (other Christmas cards used for teaching); 2 invitations; 1 change of address; 1 card + 1 commercial card with letter; 3 catalogues: At the Fisher Library, 1988, at the Far Fifty, 1993, at  the Pratt Library, 1995; flyer, newspaper article
Also a sheet with 3 wood engravings and text and The Loving Society of Letterpress Printers certificate – both items in Box 23

F.2 Mona Ryder, artist, printmaker, Brisbane: 4 exhibition catalogues (U of Queensland Art Museum1984, The Figure, Qld Art Gallery 1987, Centre Gallery 1988, Gold Coast Gallery 1992); invitations (1980, 1985); 6 newspaper clippings, flyers
F.3 Anita Singh (Anita Press, Vancouver & St. John’s ) + Geoffrey Hewett, GeoHew Press: Proofs of playing cards, of linocuts; Artist-book catalogue, 2000; photocopied Whiskey lollypop zine; Photocopies, press releases, letter
F.4 Andrew Steeves, Gaspereau Press: Brochure, flyer
F.5 Alan Stein, Church Street Press, Parry Sound: 7 New Year’s cards: 1998, 2002-2007 inclusive; 19 flyers, prospectuses, invitations for exhibitions, of which 6 letterpress; 2 bookmarks & printed paper bag for bookstore
F.6 James Sutherland, Toronto, designer & photographer: 7 Christmas cards (laser printed etc) 2001-2007 incl.
F.7 Don Taylor, Toronto, bookbinder: 3 flyers
F.8 Bill Thorn, Duyfken Press, Canberra: 4 cards, 2 with notes
F.9 Frederica Tomas, Utility Grade Paper, Toronto: 2 booklets (photocopy?): The Martyrdom of St. Barbara and The Life and Death of Dorothy, 1987; 2 cards (hand-coloured); 7 catalogues, flyers, bookmarks

F.10 Christine Trainor, Hazeltree Press, PEI: 2 Christmas cards
F.11 Erella Vent (Ganon), Droplit books, Toronto: The Baby is a Love Magnet, 1994, with Paul Dakota; Brain Surgery for my Soul (2), 1998; Timber, 1999; Elephant time, by Celeste Ganon & Erella (2), 2001; 1 card, brief note
F.12 George Walker, George Walker Editions: 5 Christmas cards; 2 wood engravings, one with brief note; 2 business cards from Michelle Walker in envelope; catalogue for Winds of change publications, 1991; 7 flyers
F.13 George Wallace (Fine Art Dept., McMaster U; taught ML printmaking), Victoria: 9 Christmas cards, of which 6 have linocuts, some with letters; 1 flyer (for portfolio of etchings)
F.14 Julia Wallace (Dundas), Victoria: 5 Christmas cards, some linocuts; 3 with letters
1 flyer for exhibition
F.15 Patricia Wilson-Adams, NSW: Cards, 1988 (2), 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997 (2, incl. Torn Prayer Flag), + 4 undated; Prospectus, Speaking the Stone, 2001; Exhibition invitation, 1995

Box 9
Miscellaneous Ephemera, Canadian & American
F.1 Ed Hutchins, artist’s book: Amor en el techno/Love on the Ceiling (offset)
F.2 Kitty Maryatt, Two Hands Press (LA) invitation
F.3 Susan Mills (Nova Scotia) Hot Squeezebox, 1994
F.4 A student at OCAD, The Little Book of Letters
F.5 Chris Gustasson, a student at OCAD, A Rant, by Diane di Prima; Collaborative OCAD students (Edwin Jager): Stuff 4
F.6 Budd Westreich, Press of Arden Park, Sacramento. Your Dead Cease to Love You, 1976 + 2 post cards
F.7 Annie Chester linocut, Palm reading 1, 1992
F.8 A View of the Market House at Salem, Mass., colour wood engraving by R. Ruzicka. Merrymount Press, 1940
F.9 Gauntlet Press? broadside, Watching, by Richard Outram
F.10 William Cheney Souvenir of Toledo, by Jake Zeitlin, 1956
F.11 Platen Press. The Tangled Skein of Life, by Floyd Schmoe, 1966
F.12 Windhover Press, Iowa City: Percival Stockdale: Samuel Johnson and his disgrace to English Literature. introduction by Howard D. Weinbrot, 1978.

Box 10
F.1  Miscellaneous material from Wayzgoose & OCAD book arts fairs
Rick Miller, Abraxas Press
Peppermint Press, letterhead
Ed Fisher, bookmark
Pygmy Press (1)
Massey College for CBBAG tour (1)
Mammoth Hall Press (2)
Ulf Stahmer, Bovine Press, 1 Christmas card,1 colour linocut
Grocery List from the Mackenzie Heritage Printery
Fred Turner flyer
Keepsake from Bundle Buggy (1987)
Christmas keepsake from The Hell Box Press, 1996, (photocopied)
Bookmarks from Greg Smith, Blind Pig & Susan Globensky, Titania’s Press,
ML printed for 6th OCAD; commercial offset with woodcut by ML for 7th OCAD
The Little Vegetarian Cookbook, by Margarete Heading, 1988
Miscellaneous business cards & bookmarks

F.2 Comic book: William Lyon Mackenzie by Ron Kasman
Material from Mackenzie Heritage Printery Museum

F.3 Miscellaneous Canadian & American (mostly commercial offset)
2 catalogues, 1 card, 1 bookmark from Mona Fertig, Mother Tongue Press
1 catalogue, Caliban Press
1 prospectus, Gaspereau Press
Invitation for A Couch of Grass, by Florence Vale, John Hartman’s illustrations.
photocopied sheet, The Four M Press
Western Books, exhibition catalogue, Rounce & Coffin Club, LA 1950
Twenty Years of Western Books, exhibition catalogue, Rounce & Coffin Club, Sacramento, 1959.
A chronology of events…Zamoro Club, 1976
Invitations, etc, including from Stephen Heaver, the Hill Press

F.4 Prospectuses from Susan E. King, Paradise Press (3 flyers + 1 invitation + info on UCLA extension + Abracadabra)
F.5 Miscellaneous Ephemera, British & European
3 cards, Old School Press
Catalogue, Bookworks, London
Trinity Close Press, Dublin, broadside, 1983
Classics of Literature illustrated by Contemporary Artists, Arts Council 1949

Prospectuses for:
Golden Cockerell, 1938
Celtic Cross
Old Stile Press
Previous Parrot
Rocket Press & Gallery
Yellow Fox

F.6 Miscellaneous Australian & NZ
Alec Boulton, Brindabella Press, Canberra, 2 prospectuses, 1987, 1990
Geoffrey Farmer, 1 card
Paternoster Press
Sydney Shep, Wai-te-ata

Box 23 [all material here was formerly in Box 11]
Letter written…April 7 1931, from Bruce Rogers to Will Bradley, San Francisco, 1980, introduction by Carey Bliss (in envelope)
Hugh Barclay, the Hellbox Press: The Prophet; Ligatures 2007
Annie Chester 2 linocuts, Aboriginal Place Names: Athabaska; Rimouski 1992
Mike Hudson, Wayzgoose Press, Katoomba; Broadside #8, 1993
Brian Maloney for Massey College, University of Toronto,Gaudy Night programme
Naoko Matsubara, Oakville, In Praise of Trees exhibition poster, offset, 2005, signed
Rick Miller, Abraxas Press, Cavan ,Christmas greeting 1988

Ted Rettig, Te Deum Mandala No. 2 2001
Will Rueter, The Aliquando Press:
(2) A book may be an inanimate thing 1990
Musique: breathing of statues
Books are a hindrance 2002
There is nothing on earth more exquisite 2002
Type which can be treated like an ornament 2006
For there is a musicke 1997
Sheet with 3 wood engravings and text
Loving Society of Letterpress Printers certificate

Alan Stein, Church St. Press, 2 prospectuses: for Home country; for In Smoke
George Walker (wood engravings) for Asa Peevy, Bullnettle Press, Ballad
Fleece Press, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, prospectus (at Oak Knoll Book Fair). 1996
Patricia Wilson-Adams 3 lithographs, 1990: Radioactive, Heartland within me, The Women Dance
Eric Gill 2 sheets of wood engravings in mats; 3 triangular tailpieces; 15 historiated initials

Box 12
Boards from the exhibition of Locks’ Press work at the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, 1982 or 1983, with three photographs of ML.
Also signage from Ink paper lead, board leather thread (on foam core)

Box 13
British Library: Japanese Prints: 300 Years, 1981 (laminated); T.J. Cobden-Sanderson, 1984 (laminated)
Crafts Council of Australia: Contemporary Designer Bookbindings, 1984
Canberra Craft Bookbinder’ Guild: Australian Exhibition of Contemporary Binding, 1990
Fisher Library: The Culture of the Book in the Scottish Enlightenment, 2000
MTRL: Facing type, 1993
Eden Mills Writers’ Festival (Tim Inkster) 1998
CBBAG: Book Arts Fair 1998, 2004; Art of the Book 1988 Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair: 17th, 1989; 23rd, 1996
Oxford Guild of Printers Fine press Book Fair: 4th
Designed by Stan Bevington: The Loving Society of Letterpress Printers and The Binders of Infinite Love; Ink paper lead exhibition; Eunoia; Cartier Book type
OCAD Book Arts Fair: No. 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20; also signage (exhibitors)
Wayzgoose (early ones by Bill Poole): No. 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21; For 2002, 2006; 2 placemats by Ed Fisher
Bartholomew Tide Book Arts Fair, 1996, 2003
Signs for individual tables (Bill Poole)
Locks’ Press sign on green paper (by ML)

George Wallace poster for exhibition at Hamilton Art Gallery, 2001 Located with two broadsides from Locks’ Press, The Ruins of Cumae and Lapis Lazuli . (Map Cabinet 7)

Series 4
Locks’ Press. – 1954-2007. – 2.1 m of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on contents of series.

Subseries. – About Locks’ Press. – 1954-2004. – 6 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of subseries.

Box 14
F.1 CV for Margaret Lock, statement from Fred Lock; citations, certificates. Also includes memorabilia of a hand drawn card by Margaret Lock to her Grandma Claxton, dated Christmas 1954.
F.2 Education: transcripts from McMaster, Fanshawe College, Goldsmiths’ College, St. Lawrence College; recommendations from 2 Goldsmiths’ instructors; McMaster University degree. Awards, certificates, 1969-1991.
F.3 Speller, Randall. Betwixen Adamauntes Two, Canadian Notes and Queries, 58 (Nov 2000) 3-11 (photocopy); National Library of Canada private press web site, 2001; Book Arts community Project Questionnaire, 2002
F.4 Ed Hutchins’ essay for Art of the Book, 2002
F.5 Article on ML in CBBAG newsletter 22:1 (winter 2004) 2-6. (by Kate George), 2003

F.6 Reviews of Locks’ Press Books (photocopies)
McLellan, Leigh. Locks’ Press (review of Fames Trumpet: Twenty Rhymes) Fine Print: The review of the Arts of the Book 10.1 (Jan 1984) pp. 36-7.
Livingston, Mark. Locks’ Press (review of Women and Charles XII of Sweden), Fine Print. The Review of the Arts of the Book. 11:4 (Oct, 1985) 228-30.
Elsted, Jan. Review of The Legend of St. Laura. Parenthesis 9 (March 2004) 55.

F.7 Reviews of Exhibitions, or general description
Conlogue, Ray. "A perfect indifference to a world of crummy things" [Re Ink paper lead] The Globe & Mail, 23 Jan 2002, R2.
Mason, Roger Burford. Engraven Images: Six Ontario artists carve lyrical lines in the ancient craft of wood-block printing Ontario Craft 14.3 (Sept. 1989) 22-24.
Fetherling, Douglas. Notebook (Review of the CBBAG exhibition, The Art of the Book 88) The Whig-Standard Magazine (Kingston, 24 Sept 1988) 29.
Fetherling, Douglas. Dedication to the Sanctity of Book Craft, Kingston Whig-Standard (March 9, 1988) p. 6.

F.8 Other newspaper clippings
Carter, Sebastian. "Imprints on show" re 4th Oxford Fine Press Fair, TLS 26 Sept 1997. 31.
Taylor, Don. "Bound to be a glorious read" re Bookworks’93. The Globe & Mail, 28 Oct 1993
Re The Whole Lot, The Hamilton Spectator, Oct. 1993

F.9 Catalogue
"Locks' Press 1979-96: an exhibition of books, pamphlets and broadsides" at the Belleville Public Art Gallery, 1996; also woodcut used for the cover design.

Subseries. – Exhibition Correspondence, Catalogues, Invitations with ML or Locks’ Press connection. – 48 cm of textual records. – 1979-2006. – Title based on contents of subseries.

Box 15
F.1 The Japanese Paper Place (25 years): The power of two Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Bowmanville, 4 June-2 July 2006; including catalogue
F.2 A book in question The Art Exchange, London, Ontario, 3-27 May 2006.
F.3 Regional KAAI exhibition 2003, 2000, 1999.
F.4 A new heaven and a new earth: Imago, 2002. including catalogue
F.5 W.D. Jordan Special Collections & Music Library, Queens University, 2002
F.6 Participation in exhibit at Stratford Gallery, 2002
F.7 Books made by hand: ink paper lead, board leather thread Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, University of Guelph, 2003.
F.8 Loving Society of Letterpress Printers 1996-2001, including Will Rueter’s outline, 28 June 1996
F.9-16 Correspondence with members: Bates, Beatty & Taylor, Bevington, Brender à Brandis, Moyer, Rueter, Stein (including finances), Walker, Young

Box 16
Loving Society of Letterpress Printers; The Binders of Infinite Love exhibitions:
Books on the Make Carnegie Gallery, 2-24 Nov 2001
Ink paper lead, board leather thread, hand-printed books and fine bindings by
The Loving Society of Letterpress Printers and The Binders of Infinite Love, Toronto Reference Library, 2002
Binder of slides for Anne Sutherland; 
How the exhibition looked at Queen’s (photographs by ML)
Binder for exhibitions (extra info on exhibitors)
Photographs taken by Lucas Rueter at the Toronto Reference Library opening (prepared by Will)
Ink paper lead, board leather thread with binding by Will Rueter

Box 17
F.1 Toronto Reference Library 2002
F.2 Queen’s, Stratford, Guelph – general, 2002-04
F.3 Opening of Exibition at Queens University 2001
F.4 BOOK//marks: art of the book, Carnegie Gallery 1999.
F.5 Wood Engravers’ Network Exhibition, Minnesota Centre for Book Arts, Sept 1998
F.6 The Holiday Collection, Ontario Crafts Council. 13 Nov-24 Dec 1996
F.7 Of Print, Edward Day Gallery, Kingston, 26 March-14 April 1996.
F.8 Art Books: Private Press Books and Prints, Carnegie Gallery, 29 Sept-21 Oct 1995
F.9 The Good Wood Show, Open Studio Gallery, Toronto, 21 June-23 July 1994.
F.10 Contemporary Block Prints, Dofasco Gallery, 31-Nov-18 Dec 1992
F.11 The Book as Art, Durham Art Gallery, 10 August-28 September 1991.
F.12 Zinc & Ink, St. Lawrence College Art Gallery, Kingston, June 1991.
F.13 The Art of the Broadside, Potsdam College, 15 June-16 July 1990 (1, p. 14).
F.14 Opening of building on McCaul St, Ontario Crafts Council, 1989 (1 book)
F.15 Contemporary Designer Bookbinding, Craft Council of Australia, 1984-5
F.16 Contemporary Bookbinding, Queensland Arts Council 1985-6
F.17 Paper Plus, ACT Crafts Council, 1987
F.18 Contemporary Crafts, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 1988.
F.19 Traditional Crafts, Crafts Council of Qld., 1981, p.3
F.20 Queensland Printmakers, the Printmakers’ Gallery & Workshop, Brisbane, Oct 1979
F.21 Exhibition of Graduate work, McMaster University Gallery, 1979 & 1981:
Inglis, Grace. "Show revives old memories". The Spectator, 19 May 1979. 32.
Inglis, Grace. "Mac grads return home with new work". The Spectator, 30 May 1981. 57.

Subseries. – Correspondence re Solo exhibitions, Book Arts Fairs, Rejected Exhibitions, Talks Given, Workshops. – 1977-2006. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of subseries.

Box 18
F.1 Margaret Lock: woodcuts, Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston, 2002.
F.2 Locks’ Press 1979-2000, retrospective, J.W. Jordan Special Collections and Music Library, Douglas Library, 2001.
F.3 A Protestant Upbringing, St James’s Anglican Church, Dundas, 1998.
F.4 A Protestant Upbringing and Other Prints, Carnegie Galley, Dundas, 1997.
F.5 Locks’ Press: a Retrospective, and Some Prints, Belleville Public Art Gallery,1996. See Box 14 for the catalgoue.
F.6 Margaret Lock: Woodcuts, lithographs and Etchings, Schonell Theatre Foyer, 1977
F.7 Ontario College of Art 1990
F.8 Oxford Fine Press Book Fair 1996-1997
F.9 The Society of Wood Engravers 1998-1999
F.10 Printers 5 (with Ann MacIntosh Duff, John Hartman, Rosemary Kilbourn, Alan Stein 2001.
F.11 Canada Trust Gallery exhibition 2001.

F.12 General Exhibition application letters 1998-1999
F.13 CBBAG Workshop Notes for Review of Pictorial Title Pages and Frontispieces, Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, 1999. DA: 46 (spring-summer 2000) 40-47.
F.14 CBBAG Workshop notes Art of the Book 1988
F.15 CBBAG Workshop notes Introduction to Typesetting and Letterpress Printing 2006
F.16 Talk on Case bindings for Locks’ Press books, Nov. 1984
F.17 Talk on Locks’ Press, National Library of Canada, 17 June 1993
F.18 Talk on Locks’ Press, Special Collections, Douglas Library, Queen’s, 12 Jan 2001
F.19 Talk on A Protestant Upbringing, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 10 March 2002
F.20 Why make books by hand? Macdonald-Stewart Art Centre, Guelph U, 18 Feb 2003.

Subseries. – Roughs for Locks’ Press books and Wayzgoose, cards, broadsides, art suppliers. – 1976-2008. – 1.4 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on contents of subseries.

Box 19
Roughs for Locks’ Press publication
F.1 Notebook: First roughs of The Prophecy of Jonas. 1976-77.
F.2 The Prophecy of Jonas. 1978
F.3 Edward Lear. The Pobble Who Has No Toes. 1979
F.4 Five Letters from Jane Austen to her Sister Cassandra, 1813. 1981
F.5-6 Fame’s Trumpet: Twenty Rhymes. 1982
F.7 Semonides of Amorgos. Women. Translated by Joseph Addison. 1983.
F.8-9 Charles XII of Sweden: A Character and Two Poems. 1983

Box 20
F.1 Samuel Johnson. The Fountains: A Fairy Tale. 1984
F.2 Leo Tolstoy. How Much Land Does a Man Need? 1986
F.3-4 King Orfeo. Edited and with an introduction by Richard Axton. 1989
F.5. Samuel Johnson. Know Thyself. 1992

Box 21
F.1-2 William of Poitiers. Poem about Nothing. 1995
F.3 Thomas Love Peacock. The Legend of Saint Laura. 2001

Pamphlets for the Wayzgoose Anthology (Roughs)
F.4 Benjamin Hall Kennedy. Who wroteWho Wrote “Eikon Basilike”?’ (1824). 1990
F.5 Vita nostra plena bellis. 1992
F.6 The Complexions. 1993
F.7 Jonathan Swift. When I come to be old. (1699). 1994
F.8 Johann Joachim Winckelmann. Advice on Looking at Greek Sculpture. 1995
F.9 My Mother Said. 1996
F.10 Alison. 1998

Box 22
F.1 Giovanni Boccaccio. Vulcan. 1999
F.2 Justus Lipsius. Ille est par. 2000
F.3 James Joyce. Allaphbed Meadertale. 2002

Cards, broadsides and ephemera (Roughs)
F.4 J.F.Wade. Adeste fideles. 1991
F.5 Christina Rossetti. A Christmas Carol. 1993
F.6 Nativity and Annunciation to the Shepherds. Luke 2:11, in Greek. 1994
F.7 Marjory Fleming. On Learning the Multiplication Table. 1997
F.8 I sing of a maiden. 1997
F.9 Hymn to Hephaistos. Translated by Fred Lock. 1998
F.10 Hippocrates. Life is short. 1999
F.11 Geoffrey Chaucer. December. 1999
F.12 Es ist ein ros. 2001
F.13 William Shakespeare. Winter. 2002
F.14 William Shakespeare. Now the hungry lyons rores. 2004
F.15 William Drummond of Hawthornden. For the Baptiste. 2005
F.16 William Shakespeare Autolycus’s song. 2007

Box 23
Selected cards, broadsides and ephemera (keepsakes for Wayzgoose)
"Amiens'Song" from As you like it, II, 5. The woodcut is based on a Flemish painting. Seventy-five copies of this keepsake were printed by Locks' Press for the thirtieth Waygoose at Grimbsy Public Art Gallery, 26 April 2008.
3 Christmas cards, woodcut, 1970s: Angel with plum pudding; Fred examining the siren of the New Year; Performers
Christmas card, hand-coloured lithograph, 1977, mermaid enticing 2 sailors (done at Goldsmiths’ College, London)
Christmas card, 3-colour linocut, ca.1980
Poster for Queensland Bookbinders’ Guild workshop, 1984
Corrections to a Bibliography of Jane Austen by David Gilson
Prospectus for How much land does a man need? and King Orfeo 1988.
Dinner & registration card for the Wayzgoose Book Arts Fair in 1997
Full Fathom Five—trial for a card for Nancy Jacobi (hers printed on Japanese paper)
Sixth Annual Book Arts Fair (OCAD) 1990

1985 Horace. Odes IV.7. With translation by Samuel Johnson.
1986 Boethius. The Consolation of Philosophy, Book II, metre 2. With translation by ‘I.T.’
1987 This is the boke . . . Matthew 1, in William Tyndale’s revised translation of 1534.
1988 Jacopo Sannazaro. The Ruins of Cumae. With translation by Fred Lock. [pleaes note "Map Cabinet 7" when requesting]
1989 W.B. Yeats. Lapis Lazuli. (1938). [pleaes note "Map Cabinet 7" when requesting]
1990 Samuel Johnson. Nature sets her gifts . . . From Rasselas, 1759.
1994 Nativity and Annunciation to the Shepherds. Luke 2:11, in Greek.
1995 A. E. Housman. On Wenlock Edge. From A Shropshire Lad, 1896.  #1
1996 St Jerome. Quotidie morimur. . . From Letter LX. With translation by Fred Lock. #A.P.
1997 I sing of a maiden. Anonymous fifteen-century poem. #65
1998 Hymn to Hephaistos. Translated by Fred Lock. #1
2001 William Shakespeare. Feare no more the heate o’ th’ sun. From Cymbeline IV.ii.258-281 (the First Folio, 1623).
2001 Es ist ein ros. Anonymous fifteenth-century German carol. With translation by Fred Lock. #1
2002 Sir Walter Ralegh. The Seven Ages of Man. From The History of the World, 1614.
2002 William Shakespeare. Winter. From Loves’ Labour’s Lost, V.ii.901-918 (the Quarto, 1598). #24
2005 William Drummond of Hawthornden. For the Baptiste. From his Flowres of Sion, 1623.
2007 William Shakespeare. Autolycus’s Song. From The Winter’s Tale.
folder with photographs of a LP retrospective, Queen’s U Library, Special Collections, with text of captions.
1992 One who is so fair and bright. Anonymous thirteenth-century poem. With translation by Fred Lock.
1993 Christina Rossetti. A Christmas Carol.
1999 Hippocrates. Life is short.
2000 Sumer is icumen in. From British Library, Harley MS 978.
2003 William Shakespeare. O mistress mine. From Twelfth Night, II.iii.739-752 (the First Folio, 1623).
2004 William Shakespeare. Now the hungry lyons rores. From A Midsummer Night’s Dream, V.i.361-380 (the First Folio, 1623).
Also in broadside folder: Photographs of cases, retrospective of Locks’ Press at Queen’s University library

Book Arts suppliers
Box 24
John Purcell Paper, London including paper samples
Falkiner Fine Paper, London including paper samples
Hayle Mill, UK including paper sample
Twinrocker, USA, including paper samples
Compton Marbling, Wiltshire; Susan Doncaster, paste papers, Newcastle upon Tyne
Cranberry Mill, ON, Ted Snider

Box 25
Misc., including Papertrail, Ottawa
T.N Lawrence & Son, 1981, 1994.
L. Cornelissen, London
Michael Putman, London
Queensland Type Service
Misc. type from St. Mark’s Press, NSW; Australian Type Co., Vic.
Misc. re bookbinding equipment
Misc. catalogues. Woolfit’s, Toronto; Daniel Smith, USA; Carr McLean, Toronto
Photographs of cases, retrospective of Locks' Press at Queen's University library

Series 5
Woodblocks, linocuts, copper plates used in Locks’ Press publications. – 1972-2001. – 2.2 m of objects. – Title based on contents of series.

Boxes 26-41
Note: contents of boxes are identified with a label.
Letters from Jane Austen—10 linocuts on chipboard
Fame’s Trumpet—48 wc on huon pine ply on chipboard
The Fountains—17 wc on huon pine ply on chipboard
The legend of St Laura—7 wc on pearwood
Sun—wc for the Queensland Crafts council newsletter, ply

Woodcuts for Books, Wayzgoose pamphlets & Broadsides
How much land does a man need?—27 on huon pine ply on chipboard
Know thyself—2 wc on ply, 4 small magnesium blocks
Poem about nothing—28 wc on ply, initial F
In a frith—7 wc on basswood (one block is missing)
Balade de bon conseyl.—2wc on ply (formerly on chipboard)
Who wroteWho Wrote “Eikon Basilike”?’—4 wc on ply
Seamen Three—3 wc on ply
The complexions—4 wc on ply
When I come to be old—4 wc on ply
On the multiplication table—1 wc on pear
A Christmas Carol—2 wc on ply
Alison—2 wc on ply
Vulcan—1 wc on pear
Ille est par—5 wc on pear
Devil’s Artisan cover—1 wc on ply
Double Portrait for cover of Locks’ Press bibliography.

Woodcuts for Books & Wayzgoose pamphlets
King Orfeo—16wc on ply, 5 initials on basswood, a zinc block
My Mother said—4 wc on ply
Vita nostra plena bellis–9 wc on ply
Daedalus—5 wc
Italian town (for imaginary paperback, graphic design exercise)

Woodcuts for Books, Broadsides & Wayzgoose pamphlets
The Pobble who has no toes—9 copper engravings (6 illustr + label, t-p vignette, colophon tailpiece
Charles XII of Sweden—1 copper engraving
Horace Odes—1 wc ply on chipboard
Boethius--1 wc ply on chipboard
The ruins of Cumae—1 wc ply on chipboard
Lapis Lazuli—1wc ply
One who is so fair and bright
—1 wc on ply
Nativity (Luke)—2 wc on ply
On Wenlock Edge—2 wc on ply
Quotidie—1 wc on pear
I sing of a maiden—1 wc on pear
Hephaistos—1 wc on ply
Adeste fideles—1 wc on ply
December—2 wc on pear
Es ist ein Ros—1 wc on pear
Winter—1 wc on ply
For the Baptiste—1 wc on pear
Autolycus’s song—1 wc on pear
Sumer is icumen in—1 wc on pear
Now the hungry lyons rores—1 wc on ply + initial N
Letters from Jane Austen—1 linocut
Twenty Rhymes—1 wc (spider web) ply on chipboard
Charles XII of Sweden—2 ply, one mounted on chipboard, one removed
King Orfeo—3 wc endpapers, on ply
The legend of St Laura—1 wc (yew and flower sprigs) ply
St Matthew—1 wc on pine plank

Series 6
Catalogues, pamphlets, books, magazines and newsletters. – 1924-2003. – 1 m of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 42
Catalogues, Pamphlets, Magazines re Bookbinding in Australia
Contemporary Designer Bookbindings: Europe & Australia. Craft Council of Australia, 1984. (Locks’ Press, p. 35)
Craft Australia. Oct 1984: 2. Exhibition review pp. 37-44.
First National Conference of Craft Bookbinders, Australia, November 1984. (Canberra: Craft Bookbinders’ Guild Inc.), article, pp. 16-18.
Books: Graphic Investigation workshop, 1980-84.
Contemporary Bookbinding: A Queensland Arts Council Touring Exhibition, 1985-86. Curated by Margaret Lock; pp. 22-23.
First National Paper Conference: programme + proceedings. (Hobart, 15-18 May 1987)

Paper Present: an exhibition of contemporary work in paper. (Hobart, May 1987)
Paper Plus: Artist Books and Designer Bookbinding. Tasmanian School of Art Gallery, 15-25 May 1987. (ACT) (Locks’ Press entry)
People, Print & Paper: a catalogue of a traveling exhibition celebrating the books of Australia, 1788-1988, Michael Richards. National Library of Australia. (Locks’ Press, #190, 191)
The Art of the Book: An Australian Perspective: selections from the James Hardie Library of Australian Fine Arts. Brisbane, 1989.
Contemporary Bookbinding 1989-90
ACT: Craft Bookbinders’ Guild Inc. (Fred Pohlmann’s binding of How Much Land, p. 24)
Australian Contemporary Binding, ACT: Craft Bookbinders’ Guild Inc., 1992 (Fred Pohlmann’s binding of King Orfeo, # 29)

Australian Collector’s Annual 1991-92. Article by Margaret Zerner, pp. 64-69
Future Past: An exhibition of Contemporary Bookbinders, 8-22 April 1998. Berkelouw Book Dealers, Sydney. + 2 photographs of Jill Gurney, Mike Hudson, Jadwiga Jarvis
Queensland Bookbinders’ Guild Newsletter, 1980-87; 1980-2, 1982-4 bound by ML; rest loose in slipcase; copy of Books and Bindings, Occasional Publication One by the QBG, 1983, edited by ML, articles pp. 18-44, 62-64.
Blueprint 2: Nationhood through invention: Federation & beyond: Australian Contemporary bookbinding. Katoomba Civic Centre [NSW], 12-22 April 2002.

Box 43
Books, Catalogues, Pamphlets, Magazines re Printmaking & Drawing in Australia
Australian Prints (London: V&A, 1972)
4 catalogues of the Print Council of Australia: Australian lithographers, 1975; Australian etching 1978; Australian screenprints, 1982; Print Council of Australia touring exhibition, 1978 (1 lithograph by ML)
Outlines of Australian Printmaking, by Ron Redford. Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, 1976.
Contemporary Australian Printmakers, by Franz Kempf. Melbourne: Lansdowne Editions, 1976.+ Directory of Australian Printmakers, edited by Lilian Wood. PCA, 1982.

Three Printmakers (Baldessin, Maddock, Shomaly), NGV
Australian Woodcuts and Linocuts of the 1920s and 1930s, by Nicholas Draffin. Melbourne: Sun Books: Academy Series, 1976.
Australian Drawings of the Thirties and Forties in the National Gallery of Victoria, by Bridget Whitelaw. 1980.
Fred Williams: Works in the National Gallery of Victoria: Painting, Gouaches, Prints, by Robert Lindsay & Irena Zdanowicz, 1980.
Paperwork, by Pat Gilmour & Anne Willsford (Canberra, National Gallery, 1982)
George Baldessin: sculpture & etchings, by Robert Lindsay & Memory Jockisch Holloway, NGV, 1983

Art in Australia, 20:3 (issue of the Queensland Art Gallery) 1983
Art in a Classless Society, by Donald Friend (Sydney: Richard Griffin, 1985) with inscription.
Print as Object: Concepts, Works, Documentation, by Bill Meyer. Melbourne: Print Council of Australia, 1985
150 Victorian Women Artists (Melbourne, 1985)
Barbara Hanrahan: Printmaker, by Alison Carroll (Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 1986).
Australian Drawings, by Hendrick Kolenberg (Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW, 1997)

Box 44
Four fold (Christine Ross, Aldona Iakarauskas, Vlask Nikoleski, Patricia Wilson)
The River Styx (Sticks): An Australia-New Zealand Artists’ Book Project (Canberra: Raft Press Inc., 1994 . (including Trish Wilson)
Arts National 2:1 (Sept 1984) article by Craig Douglas ‘The art of Mona Ryder’ 64-5 (plagiarized from my essay in Qld University Gallery catalogue which MR gave him in typescript)
Imprint: A Journal about Australian Printmaking, PCA, 1976-87; 1976-80 & 1981-84 bound by ML; 1985-7 loose.

Art Museum Catalogues from Australia
The Melbourne Dante Illustrations by William Blake, by Ursula Hoff. Nat Gallery of Victoria, 1961, reprinted 1974.
An exhibition of Oenpelli Paintings on Bark. Autralian Gallery Directors’ council (Sydney: Aboriginal Arts Board of the Australia council, ca.1977)
Master Prints and Drawings from the Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, by Alison Carroll, 1978.
Australian National Gallery souvenir guide

Box 45
Bookbinding, Artists’ Books, Exhibition Catalogues, Canada, USA, Britain, Europe
Modern British & French Bookbindings from the Collection of J.R. Abbey, 2 June-3 July 1965 (London: Arts Council)
Thirty Recent Bindings [in vellum] by Sydney Morris Cockerell & Joan Rix Tebbutt (Frenich: K.D. Duval, 1981)
Jean de Gonet: Reliures (Paris: Claude Guérin, 1982)
Modern British Bookbinding at Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels. (London: Designer Bookbinders, 1985)
Turning over the pages: Books. Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 1986
Exposition internationale de reliure d’art Montréal: Décourrons la reliure, 13 May-5 June 1988.
Polychrome—Polytechnique. Book Arts exhibition 22 April-3 June 1990, New Haven, Conn.
Equinox 59, Oct 1991 article on Michael Wilcox pp. 68-75.

The Janus Press, 1955-75; 1975-80; 1981-90 catalogue raisonné by Ruth Fine Lehrer/Ruth E. Fine, U of Vermont, 1975, 1982, 1992.
Claire Van Vliet: Landscape Paperworks. Ruth E. Fine (1984)
Art of the Contemporary Book: New Works. A National Juried Exhibition, 3-24 Nov 1991. Columbus: Ohio State U.
Tenth Anniversary Exhibition of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. 9 Mar-2 May 1992
Beyond the Fold: artist’s books: traditional to cutting edge. 12 Sept-31 Oct. 1999, Gallery of South Orange. With a post card from Ed Hutchins.
In Sync: Canadian Artists Using Washi 25 Sept-9 Oct 1996 Toronto: the Japan Foundation
Textual Relations (Don Taylor, Will Rueter) 2003.

Miscellaneous on Paper, Printing, Graphic Design, Book Arts
Using Type Correctly, by Kurt K. Volk (NY, 1935)
Papermaking by Hand in 1967, by J. Barcham Green (Maidstone, 1967)
Influences on California Printing, by James D. Hart & Ward Richie. William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, LA 1970
Note on the standardization of paper sizes, A.D. Dunn ca. 1970
Bücherverzeichnis, Georg Müller, 1924-25. Munich
A Los Angeles Type Sticker: William M. Cheney. A Bibliography of his Printed Work, by Mary Lutz Jones. LA: 1981

Book Design and Production,
Vol 3:3, 1960
Typographica, New Series, 1 (June 1960); 3 (June 1961)
Monotype Recorder 41:3 (1958) Eric Gill; 43:3 (1968) Stanley Morison; with 5 broadsides from the Printing Historical Society
Provincial Paper: the Measure of Typography 23:2 (1958)
Format: Society of Typographic Designers of Canada
Allan Fleming, Designer checklist, AGO exhibition, June 1977
Examples of graphic design by Alan Fleming of Cooper & Beatty: including invitations from the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Toronto, ca.1959. (given to ML by George Wallace) [Moved to Box 23]

Officina Dec 1990 (Basle papermaking museum, pp. 17-32)
Boeken maken 1890-1940. De Collectie Nijkerk
Third and Fourth International directory of Private Presses: Letterpress. Compiled by Budd Westreich. Press of Arden Park, Sacramento, 1982 & 1986
Ninth British International Print Biennale, 23 Mar-22 June 1986.
Tamarind: Homage to Lithography. Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, NZ, 1973
Serpentine Graphics ’73 exhibition catalogue, London
Blair Hughes-Stanton (wood engraving) and Norman Ackroyd (intaglio), Central School of Art & Design, London, 1977

Box 46
4 lettering copy books: set of cards; Ornamental Penman’s, Engravers, Sign writers & Draughtsmen Pocket Book of Alphabets; Vere Foster’s Copy Book (Blackie & Son);
2 sheets of alphabets
Wood Engraver’s Network bundles. 1987-March 1999

Box 47
Wood Engraver’s Network bundles. May 1999-Summer 2001; March 2002-Winter 2003

Box 48
Printing Historical Society Newsletter 41 (March 1978)-50 (some missing); Bulletin 2 (Jan 1981)-24 (1988), missing #17, 21, 22; with various ephemera
Australian Printing Historical Society Newsletter 1.1 (Oct 1985), 1.4, 2.1, 2.2 (Oct 1985) + poster for membership
Multiples, newsletter of the Wood Engravers’ Society, Oxford  3:7-18; 4:1-18; 5:1-3 (Jan 1998-May 2003)
Queensland Bookbinders’ Guild Newsletter, 1980-87; 1980-2, 1982-4 bound by ML; rest loose in slipcase; copy of Books and Bindings, Occasional Publication One by the QBG, 1983, edited by ML, articles pp. 18-44, 62-64.

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