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Levenson, Christopher. 8th Accrual. – 16 cm of textual records.

Box 28

F.1          Canadian Poetry Reviews, A-F.
Index of reviews.
Abbey, Lloyd. Files. [Filed under Gutteridge.]
Ahern, Catherine. Poasis. [Filed under McGillivary.]
Amabile, George. The Pleasures of Consciousness.
Amabile, George. Rumours of Paradise, Rumours of War.
Attwood, Margaret. You are happy
Baglow, John. Emergency Measures
Bittle, David. Touch
Bowering, Marilyn. The Killing Room. [Filed under Bowering.]
Brockwell, Stephen. Cometology. [Filed under Lemay.]
Carey, Barbara. Undressing the dark
Clarke, George Elliott. Lush dreams, blue exile
Clifford, Wayne. Glass Passages. [Filed under Kennedy.]
Cogswell, Fred. Ghosts
Cogswell, Fred. Dried Flowers
Cohen, Leonard. The Energy of Slaves. [Filed under Waddington.]
Coles, Don. Little Bird
Coles, Don. K in love. [Filed under Sherman.]
Conn, Jan. Botero’s Beautiful Horses.
Conn, Jan. Beauties on Mad River.
Conn, Jan. South of the Tudo Bem Café. [Filed under Hoogland.]
Cook, Meira. Slovenly Love.
Cooper, Allan. Poems released on the nuclear wind. [Filed under Summerhayes.]
Crusz, Rienzi. Kanaganayakam, Chelva. Dark Antonyms and Paradise: The Poetry of Pienzi Crusz.
Delahunt, Judy. words I choose. [Filed under McGillivary.]
Donaldson, Jeffrey. Once out of nature.
Dudek, Louis. Collected Poetry. [Filed under Dudek.]
Dwyer, Deirdre. Going to the eyestone.
Eady, Robert. Introduction. Includes correspondence.
Fabiani, Louise. The Green Alembic.
Faludy, George. East and West.
Finnigan, Joan. This series has been discontinuity.
Fox, Fail. Flight of the pterodactyl

F.2          Canadian Poetry Reviews, G-L.
Geddes, Gary. Skaldance. [Filed under Nowlan.]
Glickman, Susan. The Picturesque and the Sublime: a poetics of the Canadian Landscape.
Glickman, Susan. The Power to move.
Gustafson, Ralph. Soviet Poems. [Filed under Faludy].
Gutteridge, Don. Coppermine: the quest for north. [Filed under Kennedy.]
Harper, Lea. Shadow Crossing. [Filed under Conn.]
Hawkins, William. The Gift of Space.
Heighton, Steven. Stalin’s Carnival. [Filed under Holmes.]
Heighton, Steven. The ecstasy of sceptics.
Heighton, Steven. The Address Book. [Filed under Nowlan.]
Helwig, David. Atlantic Crossings. [Filed under Kennedy.]
Helwig, David. A book of the hours.
Holmes, Nancy. Valancy and the New World.
Holden, Clive. Trains of Winnipeg. [Filed under Dwyer.]
Hoogland, Cornelia. The wire-thin bride.
Johnston, George. Techniques of intimacy in the occasional poetry of George Johnston.
Kanaganayakam, Chelva. Dark Antonyms and Paradise: The Poetry of Pienzi Crusz. [Filed under Cruz.]
Keefer, Janice Kulyk. White of the lesser angels. [Filed under Carey.]
Kennedy, Leo. The shouding (repr).
Klassen, Sarah. Journey to Yalta.
Kociejowski, Marius. So dance the lords of language. [Filed under Cook.]
Lam, Fiona Tinwei. Enter the Chrysanthemum. [Filed under Conn.]
Landale, Zoe. Burning Stone.
Lane, Patrick. Albino Pheasants.
Lane Patrick and Uher, Lorna. No Longer Two People.
Lane, Patrick. The Measure.
Lane, Patrick. Poems New and Selected.
Lane, M. Travis. Solid Things: Poems new and selected.
Layton, Irving. The Collected Poems of I.L.
Lee, John B. Black Barns Trilogy.
Lee, John B. All the cats are gone.
Lemay, Shawna. Against Paradise.
Lemm, Richard. Dancing in asylum.
Lochhead, Douglas. Cape Enrage. [Filed under Smith.]
Lowther, Pat. Milk Stone.
Lowther, Pat. A Stone Diary.
Liman, Claude. Becoming my father. [Filed under Holmes.]
Lynes, Jeanette. The New Blue Distance. [Filed under Conn.]

F.3          Canadian Poetry Reviews, M-.
Maillard, Keith. Dementia Americana.
Mandel, Eli. Crusoe: Poems New and Selected.
Mandel, Eli. Stony Plain.
Marty, Sid. Noboday dance with Miss Rodeo.
McGillivary, Judy. Time Lines.
McKay, Don. Night Field. [Filed under Donaldson.]
McNeil, Florence. The Overlanders. [Filed under Lemm.]
McNeil, Florence. A Balancing Act.
McNeil, Florence. Barkerville.
McWhirter, George. Incubus: the dark side of the light. [Filed with Amabile.]
Millar, Jay. False Maps and other Creatures.
Moure, Erin. Wanted Alive. [Filed under Lemm.]
Musgrave, Susan. Selected Strawberries and other poems.
Musgrave, Susan. Becky Swan’s Book.
Nause, John. The Valley. [Filed under Kennedy.]
Nickel, Barbara. The Gladys Elegies.
Nowlan, Alden.
Ormby, Eric. Araby. [Filed under Lemay.]
Page, P.K, ed. To say the least. [Filed under McNeil.]
Purdy, Al. In search of Owen Roblin. [Filed under Helwig.]
Purdy, Al. The woman on the shore.
Purdy, Al. Sex and death.
Reid, Monty. Disappointment Island.
Rosenfeld, Rita. The Days in Careful Measure. [Filed under McGillivary.]
Ruzesky, Jay. Painting the yellow house blue.
Scheier, Libby. Sky. [Filed under Hoogland.]
Sherman, Kenneth. The Book of Salt.
Shaidle, Kathy. Lobotomy Magnificat. [Filed under Nickel.]
Shields, Carol. Others.
Smart, Carolyn. Stoning the Moon. [Filed under Carey.]
Smith, Douglas Burnet. The Killed.
Souster, Raymond. Change-up: new poems. [Filed under Helwig.]
Souster, Raymond. Rain-check.
Struthers, Betsy. Driven. [Filed under Conn.]
Summerhayes, Don. Heavy Horse Judging.
Thompson, John. At the Edge of the Chopping there are no Secrets.
Tremblay, Mildred. The Thing about Dying.
Van Beek, Edith. Points of White. [Filed under Holmes.]
Waddington, Miriam. Driving Home: Poems new and selected.
Waddington, Miriam. The Price of Gold.
Wayman, Tom. A planet mostly sea.
Wilson, Paul. Dreaming my father’s body. [Filed under Ruzesky.]
Wiseman, Christopher. In John Updike’s Room: New and selected poems.
Wreggitt, Andrew. Zhivago’s Fire. [Filed under Nickel.]
Young, Terence. The Island in Winter. [Filed under Fabiani.]
Zend, Robert. From Zero to One.
Zieroth, Dale (David).

F.4          Reviews of Canadian Poetry Anthologies.
An Anthology of Prairie Poetry. Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, 1981.
Choice Parts. Oakville: Valley Editions/Mosaic Press.
Eclipse, ed. Jan Figurski. [Filed under News and Weather.]
The Gay] Grey Moose. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. 1992.
News and Weather, ed. August Kleinzahler. Coldstream: Brick Books.
Squid Inc 1982. [Filed under News and Weather.]

F.5          Canadian Fiction and Non-fiction
Coupland, Douglas. Shampoo Planet. Pocket/Distican. Ts. with ms. annotations, 5pp. Published article and clipping, 2pp. 1989.
Galt, George. Trailing Pythagoras. Quadrant Editions. Ts. 2pp.
Govier, Katherine. Before and After. Penguin, 1989. Ms. notes, 3pp. Ts. 2pp. Published article. 1989.
The Journey Prize Anthology. McClelland & Stewart, 1990. Ts. 3pp. Published article. 1990.
Radu, Kenneth. Distant Relations. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1989. Ts. 2pp. 1989.

F.6          South Asian Poetry and Fiction in English
“Recent Indian poetry in English: A Collection of Snapshots”, Toronto South Asian Review. Spring 1992. Photocopy.
“Four Recent Indo-Anglian Women Poets”, Toronto South Asian Review. Summer 1992. Photocopy.
“Indian Women Poets Writing in English: An Update. Ts. 19 pp. [1996?].
Desai, Anita. Baumgartner’s Bombay. Lester & Orpen Dennys. Ts. 3pp.
Crusz, Rienzi. Insurgent Rain: Selected Poems, 1974-1996. Toronto: Tsar, 1997.Ts. 8pp.
McGifford, Diane, ed. The Geography of Voice: Canadian Literature of the South Asian Diaspora. Toronto: Tsar, 1992. Ts. 3pp.
Seth, Vikram. A Suitable Boy. Little Brown. Ts. 8pp. Photocopy of article, 1p.
Selvadurai, Shyam, ed. Story Wallah! A Celebration of South Asian Fiction. Toronto: Thomas Allan Publishers. Ts. 3pp. Press material, 4pp.
Ghatage, Shree. Brahma’s Dream. Ts, 2pp. Photocopy of article. 2005.

F.7          Contemporary and Earlier British Poetry
Alvarez, A. New & Selected Poems. London: Waywiser, 2002. Published review, 2pp. 2003.
Mack, Maynard. The Garden and the City, Retirment and Politics in the later poetry of Pope, 1731-1743. Toronto: UofT Press.Ts. 2pp. Correspondence and copy of published article from Ottawa Citizen. 2pp. 1970.
MacCaig and others. “Some Contemporary British Poets”, Queen’s Quarterly. Vol. 68, no. 2; Summer 1971. Copy of published article, 12pp. 1971.
MacNeice, Louis. After the Thirties. Offprint, 6pp.
Tomlinson. Charles Tomlinson: An Introduction. Ts. 13 pp. [1979?].

F.8          U.S. Reviews
Carpenter, Humphrey. W.H. Auden: A biography. London: Allen & Unwin, London, 1981. Ts. 2pp. [1982?].
Bowers, Edgar. Collected Poems. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1997. Ts. 4pp., offprint, 1p. 1998.
Plath, Sylvia. “Who is Sylvia?”: Letters home by Sylvia Plath. Aurelia Schober Plath, ed. Harper & Row/Bantam Books. Ts. 8pp. Edited ts. 8pp. Published copy, 1p. 1977.

F.9          Non-English Language Poetry and Fiction
Adilman, Mona, ed. Spirits of the Age: Poets of Conscience. Kingston: Quarry, 1989. Photocopy of article, 2pp.
van Doesburg, De Gedichten van Theo. I.K. Bonset: Nieuwe Woordbeeldingen. Amsterdam: Querido, 1975. Ts. 3pp.
Kloos, Willem. Zijn jeugd, zijn leven : een bloemlezing uit zijn gehele oeuvre, ingeleid en samengesteld door Hubert Michael. The Hague: Bert Bakker/Daamen N.V. Ts. 7pp.
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Collected Novellas. Harper Collins, 1990. Ts. 4pp. Photocopy of article.
Neruda, Pablo. Memoirs. Translated by Hardie St. Martin. New York: Farrar, Straus and Grioux. Ts. 4pp. Photocopy of article.
 “Odes to the Heart and the Hague”, Times Literary Supplement. 2 December 1964. Printed article.

F.10        Miscellaneous Articles
Country House Poems. Ts. 17 pp.
“Neglect at the Old Imperial Centre”, Canadian Forum, December-January 1977-78. Printed article.
Canadian Literature in England. Ts. 4pp.
“All Abord the Ark!” ARC 33.

F.11        Documentary on Christopher Levenson’s life. Rowland Woods.

Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies. Vol. 31, no. 1. Spring 2010.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 1. April 1997.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 2. May 1997.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 3/4. June/July 1997.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 5. August 1997.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 6. September 1997.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 7. October 1997.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 8. November 1997.
The Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 6, no. 9. December 1997.
Outlook. Vol. 42, no. 4. July/Aug. 2004.
Outlook. Vol. 44, no. 5. Sept/Oct. 2006.
Des Pardes. Vol. 7, no. 1. Spril 1995.

Birth of a Rare Book.
Despatches from the Sub-Continent.
RockSalt: An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry.

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