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Christopher Levenson fonds. 7th accrual. 1954-2014.
Box 27

Series 1
Collected Poems. Vol. 13. 2010-2014.
F.1          Poems 1-33, 35-49.
F.2          Poem 34, Counterpoint.
F.3          Poems 50-100.

Series 2
Correspondence. 1954-2012.
F.4          Literary correspondence. 2011-2012.
F.5          Profession correspondence, mostly with Carleton University. 1970-1999.
F.6          Personal Correspondence. 1954-1995.

Series 3
Submissions and Teaching. 1997-2010.
F.7          Submissions to Magazines and Anthologies. A-G. 1997-2010.
F.8          Submissions to Magazines and Anthologies. H-W. 1997-2010.
F.9          Reviews of other authors. List of articles in file. 1973-2005.
F.10        Teaching material and proposals. 1998-2002.

Series 4
Audio Visual and Electronic Material.
F.11        Four diskettes. “Poems for Quills + mini-poems anti-haikus”; “Autobiography”; “Poems + Findings Ch 1-3, Word Perfect 9, 1/4/4”; “WilsonRU (5.1 WP) Ruzesky”.
Two compact discs. Levenson’s first three CKCU talks. Anastasia Gould in conversation with Levenson re: Soundings.
Reel to reel audio. Poetry reading Alden Nowlan, Elizabeth Brewster. 26 October 1972.

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