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Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875

Charles Kingsley collection. -- 1834-1837. -- 4 cm of textual records. Three accruals combined.

Folder 1

Schoolboy poems
M.S. Holograph.
"Babylon" [1833]; Untitled verse; "The Aurore Borealis," Nov. 8, 1834;
"Verses on the opening of the New School" [1833] ; "Achilles to Priam Homer Lib 24"[1829]
The Priest's Heart. [1870]
M.S. Holograph 2 versions, 1 heavily revised
Dan Bacchus. [n.d.]
M.S. Holograph. 1 p. 1 autograph revision
"Proemion to this and all future Romances" from The Saint's Tragedy
M.S. holograph. 42 lines on 3 pp., mounted on an album leaf. N.d.

Folder 2

A Sermon preached at Eversley, Hants, on Sunday morning, 18th April, 1847, by The Rev. Charles Kingsley, Junior. The Rector. London, 1847
M.S. Holograph; bound with the printed text
"[Sermon for] Chapel Royal Nov. 26 1865 [on text from the] Habbakuk II, 4: The just shall live by their faith]"
M.S. Holograph; 20 leaves (stitched), in a box

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