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Key Porter Books

Sixth accrual.
– 1978-2007. – 79 cm of textual records.
Boxes 117-8 consists primarily of editorial files with authors. Box 119 contains company catalogues (including 2 catalogues of Lester Publishing) and a file on the establishment of Key Porter Books and problems and difficulties in operating the company.

Box 117
F.1       Anderson, Doris. H. Rebel Daughter: An Autobiography.1999-2000.Contains ts., “Sammy and Delilah”, 232 pp.
F.2       Batten, Jack. The Leafs: A Remarkable Decade. 1993-2004.
F.3       Bookpersons’ Lunch Club. 2000-2005.
F.4       Callwood, June. Twelve Weeks in Spring. 1997-2004.
F.5-6    Camp, Dalton. Geoffrey Stevens’s The Player: The Life and Times of Dalton Camp. 2003-4.
F.7-8   Castro, Fidel. Autobiography with research material. 1994. See also F.15, box 117.
F.9       Chrétien, Jean. Straight from the Heart. 1994-2003.
F.10     Clark, Joe. A Nation Too Good to Lose: Renewing the Purpose of Canada. 1994-96.
F.11     Cohen, Albert. 2003-5. Includes ts. entitled “The Chauvco Resources Saga”.
F.12     Colville, Alex. 2002. Contains tss. of Tom Smart’s “Alex Colville: Metaphors of Eternal Return” regarding co-publication with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.
F.13     Decter, Michael B. 2000-4.
F.14     Eksteins, Modris. Walking Since Daybreak. 1998-2005.
F.15     Furiati, Claudia. Re publication of her biography of Castro. 1999-2001.
F.16     Hungary. 1997-98.
F.17     Israel. 2002-06.
F.18     Larmore, Phoebe. 1996.
F.19-21  Levine, Norman. By a Frozen River: The Short Stories of Norman Levine and The Ability to Forget. 1999-2004. Contains tss. of “In a Cemetery” and “Boiled Chicken” and copies of many other stories. Continued in box 118.

Box 118
F.1       Levine, Norman. 2004-05.
F.2       McCain, Margaret. 2003.
F.3       MacGregor, Roy. Canada Miracle series. 2001.
F.4       Martin, Sir Gilbert. The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust. 2001-04.
F.5       Moore, Brian. Lies of Silence. 1998.
F.6       Mowat, Claire. 2002-4.
F.7-14  Mowat, Farley. 1992-2006. General correspondence; rights and reversions of original contracts; re-publication of Snow Walker, The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float, Sea of Slaughter, and No Bird Sang; publication of No Man’s River.
F.15     Munk, Peter. 1995-2007.
F.16     Murphy, Rex. 2003.
F.17     Murray, Joan. Home Truths. 1993-94.
F.18     Newman, Peter. 1997-2002.
F.19     Ontario Ministry of Culture, The Honourable Madeleine Meilleur. 2004.
F.20     Prime Minister’s Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs. 2003-04.
F.21     Russon, Anne E. Orangutans: Wizards of the Rainforest. 2003-04.
F.22     Silcox, David. 1982
F.23     Škvorecký, Josef. Eve Was Naked: A Journey through Life. 2000-02.
F.24-5  Škvorecký, Josef and Zdena Salivarová. “Encounter in Prague, with Murder”, ts., 280 pp.
F.26-7  Zolf, Larry. “A Born Canadian: A Memoir”, ts., 373 pp.

Box 119
F.1       Lester Publishing Limited. 1994-5. Catalogues.
F.2-3    Key Porter Books. 1983- 2003. Catalogues.
F.4       Memo on “starting a new publishing house”, 1 September 1978. “Key-Porter 1984”, objectives, staffing, etc. Memo to Allan Ibarra, 10 August 1995 re financing. Memo to Porter from SRe, 10 September 1994. Porter’ appointment books (pages for 13 February-12 March 1997). Memo from Clare McKeon, 7 January 1999.

Seventh Accrual. 1984-2007. – 48.5 cm textual material.

Series 1
Anna Porter Correspondence. – 1997-2007. – 7 cm textual material. – Title based on contents of series.

Selected correspondents are listed.

Box 120
F. 1      A-C
James K. Bartleman
Lyn Cadence
June Callwood
Cormorant Books

F.2       D-F
Ronald Dixon, includes manuscript
Jordan Fenn

F.3       G-K
Greg Gatenby
Mary Hawkins
Darrell Jose

F.4       M
Michael Marrus
Mint Publishers
Michael Mouland

F.5       P-R
Charles Pachter
Julian Porter
Linda Pruessen
Jennifer Rae

F.6       S-W
Irene Shubik
Margaret van Dijk
Peter Waldock

F.7       Writer’s Development Trust
F.8       First names and miscellaneous
F.9       Statements and price quotes

Series 2
Business papers. – 1984-2007. – 41.5 cm textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Documents related to partnerships, financial information, and re-structuring of Key Porter Books.

Box 120
F.10     Key Porter Board of Directors agenda and minutes. 1995-1996.
F.11     Key Porter Business Plans. 1995-1999.
F.12     Key Porter Corporate Information. 1996-2005.
F.13     Key Porter Department of Canadian Heritage/Price Waterhouse study. 1993-1994.
F.14     Key Porter Financial/Legal correspondence and statements. 1992-

Box 121
F.1       Key Porter Restructuring. 1995-1995.
F.2       Key Porter Shareholder information. 1993-1994.

F.3       Alliance Communications.
F.4       Key Publishers and Anna Porter Enterprises. 1984-2003.
F.5       Key Publishers. 1988-1990.
F.6       Lester Publishing. 1993-1994.
F.7       Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon & Co. Ltd. 1992-1994.
F.8       Penguin Canada. 1994-1995.
F.9       Stoddart. 1996.

Box 119

F.5       Catalogues. 1984-2007.
F.6       Catalogues. Children. 2003.
F.7       Catalogues. International. 2000, 2004-2005.

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