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Johnston, Basil

Basil Johnston fonds. – First accrual. – [1860]-2012. – 4.96 m of textual records. – 201 photographs. – 26 sound recordings.

Series 1
– [1970]-2011. – 1.44 m of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: This series lists alphabetically, titles of writings, published and un-published and translations by Johnston. It contains works of fiction and non-fiction under various genres: poems, short stories, articles, essays, speeches, plays.  Some titles became chapters in books. Information contained in square brackets has been supplied by the archivist.

Box 1
F.1 “911”.  Ms. [2000].
F.2 “Animoosh-Amik Abeedimoowishn”.  Ms. Ojibway/English.  With English only version entitled “Aninshinaubae Myths and Legends: Dog! Bring Me a Beaver!”.  Ts.  [2000].
F.3 “The Anishinaubaeg”.  Ts. of Introduction. 1989
F.4 “Anishinaubaemowin”. Ms. [1980]
F.5 “Anishinaubae Myths and Legends (Who Would Be an Anishinaubae)”. Ts. English. [2000]
F.6 “As Sam Ting Came to Know”.
F.7 “Attention: Subway Patron”. Ts., heavily edited. [1999]
F.8 “Augimuk (Snowshoes)” and “Part II – To Buckskin Moccasins” and other chapters. Ts.[1973]
F.9 “Awuss-Woodik (Beyond Yonder)”. Ms. Ojibway/English. [2000]
F.10 “Baloney Ain’t Meat-Saw Dust Ain’t Wood”. Ms. and Ts., edited. [1975] Based on incident at Sucloer Creek c. 1880.
F.11 “Batman and Robin”. Ts. [1989-1990]
F.12 “The Bean Rebellion”. Ts. (Photocopy of chapter in Indian School Days). [c.1978]
F.13 “The Bear and the Fox”. TS. (Photocopy). [1982]
F.14 “Beginnings”. Ms. ideas for segments of film. [c. 1990]
F.15 “The Bering Strait Theory”. Ms. [1990]
F.16 “Between Life and Death”. Ms. and Ts. [1980s]
F.17 “Bi’d Seed; Ah! So!” Ts. (Photocopy). [1980]
F.18 “The Birch and the Woodpecker”. Ts. (Photocopy). [1980s]
F.19 “The Blind Men and Racoon”. Ms. and Ts. Also titled as “How the Birds got their Colours”. [1980]
F.20 “Bridging the Gaps”. Ts. [2003]
F.21 “Butterflies”. Ms. [1975]
F.22 “Maemaegawauhnsuk”. Ms. Ojibway version of “Butterflies”. [1975]
F.23 “Buzzards”. Ms. (Two versions). [2000]
F.24 “Canada, a Land for All”. Ts. (Photocopy outline for chapters for text). [1980s]
F.25 “Canadian History Part I”. Ms. [1999]
F.26 “Canadian Grow on Trees”. Ms. (Incomplete with clippings). [1984]
F.27 “Cannibal Dance”. Ms. [1970s]
F.28 “Casino Rama”. Ms. poem and two printed versions. [2000]
F.29 “Cheeby-aub-ooz (The Idle)” Ms., edited. [1990]
F.30 “The Chickadee, My Little Brother (Sister)”. Ms., edited. [1990]
F.31 Children’s Stories, various. Ms. and Ts., edited. [1980s]
F.32 “Clarty”. Ms. (Photocopy). [1990]
F.33 “The Close Your Eyes Stomp”. Ts. [1990]
F.34 “Cod Liver Oil”. Ms., edited. [1980]
F.35 “Code for Long Life and Wisdom”. Ts. [1976]
F.36 “The Coming of the Corn”. Ts. [1980]
F.37 “Commodity, the Promised Land”. Ms. Draft 1. [1990]
F.38 “Community Development (Canada)” and “Community Development (USA)”. Ms. and Ts., edited. [1989]
F.39 “Coocooshuk-Pigs”. Ms. Ojibway/English. [1990]
F.40 “Coosh”. Ms. [1980]
F.41 “Corn and Learning”. Ms. and Ts. Two versions of drafts. [1980s]
F.42. “The Council”. Ms. English/Ojibway, edited. [1989]
F.43 “Crying Dog”. Ms. Draft. [1980]
F.45 “CSIS Article”. Ms. [2000]
F.46 “Culture Conflict”. Ms. [2000]
F.47 “Custodians of the Natural Resources Heritage”. Ms. (partial) and Ts. [1991]
F.48 “Dan George’s Speech at Vancouver in 1967”. Ms. Ojibway. [1980s]
F.49 “David”. Ms. (Photocopy). [2000]
F.50 “Dear Mr. Prime Minister”. Ms. [2003]
F.51 “Did Kitchie Manitou Forget?”. Poems. Ts. [1974]
F.52 “Divine Revenge (The Wrath of God)”. Ms. [1990]
F.53 “The Dog, the Cat, and the Mouse”. Ms and Ts. [1980s]
F.54 “Do Something for Your People”. Ts. [1991]
F.55 “Don’t Let Little Things...”. Ms. [1990]
F.56 “Don’t You Remember? The Man, the Snake, and the Fox”. Ms., edited. [2000]

Box 2
F.1 “The Dream”. Ts. [1990]
F.2 “Dust Thou Art and Unto”. Ms. (incomplete)., edited [1980s]
F.3 “Echoes of the North: The Loons”. Ms. Draft. [2000]
F.4 “Eggs-actly”. Ms. [1980s]
F.5 “Everybody Gotta Drink It”. Ms. [1970s]
F.6 “Exhibition Write-ups for Grey Roots Museum”. Ts. [2010]
F.7 “The Faithful Dog”. Ts., edited. [1970s]
F.8 “Far North”. Ts. Preproduction pilot. [1991]
F.9 “The First Woodpecker”. Nitam Paupausse. Ms. [1980s]
F.10 “Fire! Forest Fire”. Ts. [1991]
F.11 “Food at Spanish”. Ms. first draft and later draft. [1970s]
F.12 “Football Spanish Style”. Ms and Ts. [1970s]
F.13 “Forest Fires”. Ms., edited draft. [1975]
F.14 “The Four Brothers”. Ms. (Photocopy). [2000]
F.15 “The Four Wishes/Neewin Gagawaedawaewinum”. Ms. in Ojibway. [2000]
F.16 “The Fox and the Wolf”. Ts. [2003]
F.17 “Fred”. Ms. [1980s]
F.18 “From Mississauga to Winnipeg, Indian/Native Place Names, April 1985”. Ts. earlier edited draft. [1985]
F.19 “From Mississauga to Winnipeg, Indian/Native Place Names, 1985”. Final Ts. with pasting by B.H. and M. G. Johnston. [1985]
F.20 “From Swan Lake to into the Slammer”. Ms. variant drafts. [1980s]
F.21 “Funeral Burial (Notes)”. Ms. [1980s]
F.22 “Geegoohn”. Ms. Objibway/English. [1990] 
F.23 “Geegoohnok-Fish”. Ms. Ojibway/English. [1990]
F.24 “Geemootaugaedjig-Spies”. Ms. Ojibway/English. [1990]
F.25 “Geezhig”. Ms. includes story outline. [2000]
F.26 “George Keeshig Zhaukaeha (January 7, 1910 – April 2, 2006)”. Poem. [2006]
F.27 “The Ghost Dog”. Ms. [1980s] Ts. [1991]
F.28 “The Gift of the Stars”. Ms. Two edited versions. [1980s]
F.29 “The Gift of the Stars”. Ts. [1987]
F.30 “The Gift of the Stars”. Ts. draft compilations. [1991]
F.31 “The Gift of the Stars”. Ts. [2008]
F.32 “The Good Doctor”. Ms., edited draft. [1970s]
F.33 “The Grandchildren”. Photocopy from Boreal. [1975]
F.34 “Hah-Mah-Tsa”. Photocopy with excised original title as “The Cannibal Dance”.

Box 3
F.1 “The Heart Berry, Toronto Native Times, February 1975”. Photocopy of poems. [1975]
F.2 “He Knows Lots, Him”. Ms. [1970s]
F.3 “History of the Ojibway People”. Photocopy of magazine article, title unknown.
F.4 “Holidays and Holy-days”. Ms. drafts (perhaps for Indian School Days chapter). [1980s]
F.5 “Hot Air and Cold Air: Boom”. Ms. Ts., edited drafts. [1990]
F.6 “How Can We Account for the White Man?”. Ms., edited and revised. [1990s]
F.7 “How Do We Learn Language?”. Photocopy of Ts. draft corrected. [2000]
F.8 “How I Learned to Read”. Ts. [1990]
F.9 “How the Birds Got their Colours”. Early Ms. revised draft in English. Ts. version of mock-up, printed version in English published by Kids Can Press. Illustrations by Sel Ashnikewe. [1977]
F.10 “How the Birds Got their Colours.” Ts. reworked draft. [2010]
F.11 “How the Woodpecker Came to Be”. Ms. Ojibway/English. Ts. English. [1984]
F.12 “How Things Came to Be”. Ts. synopsis of film script. [1980s-1990].
F.13 “Hunting and Fishing = Truancy”. Ms. Two variant drafts [1980s] for Indian School Days. [1989]
F.14 “Hunting Traditions and Customs”. Ms. and Ts. [1980s]
F.15 “I Am the First of Men, I Am the Last of Men. Ojibway Society”. Photocopy of Ms. draft. [1980s]
F.16 “In the beginning”. Ms. and Ts. [2008]
F.17 “Indian Identity, Who Are We?” Ms. [1990]
F.18 “Indian Legends: Glooscap”. Ts., edited possibly of audio recording. [1970s]
F.19 “Indian Legends: The Megmuwesug or the Spirits of Enchantment”. Ts., edited possibly of audio recording. [1970s]
F.20 “Indian on Bicycle”. Ms. draft. [2000]
F.21 Indian School Days page proofs and list of publicity strategy. [1987-1988]
F.22 “Indians 1st Exposure”. Ms. draft. [2000]
F.23 “Indians as Movie Stars”. Ts. [1980s]
F.24 “Insects, worms, mites, manitoushuk”. Ms. draft of vocabulary for chapter on insects and Ms. on buds. [1990]
F.25 “The Instruments of Sin”. Ms., edited draft. [1980s]
F.26 “Interview with William Toulouse, Former Chief and Band Councillor, Sagamok, ON, June 17, 1974”. Ms. and Ts. in Ojibway.
F.27 “Introduction (to Ojibway Legends)”. Ts. [2010]
F.28 “The Invasion”. Ms. [1980s]
F.29 “Is That All There Is? Tribal Literature”. Ts. [1989]
F.30 “Is There a Place For Me On This Blanket?”. Photocopy of clipping from The Educational Courier. [March 1974]
F.31 “It is Winter”. Ts. and carbon copy. [1980s]
F.32 “Jack Jones”. Ms draft with notes. [1970s]
F.33 “Japanese Spy?” Ms. [1990s] possibly chapter for Crazy Dave [1999]
F.34 “Joe Jacobs”. Ms., revised. [1980s]
F.35 “John Angus as Butcher”. Ts. [1980s]
F.36 “Josh/Where’s the Loaf of Bread?”. Ms., edited and revised. [1990s]
F.37 “Journey into the Other Life”. Ms., edited. [1970s]
F.38 “Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses”. Ms., edited. [1999]
F.39 “The Kiss and the Moonstone”. Ms. draft with revisions. [1980s]
F.40 “Kitchi-Manitou”. Ms., early drafts. [1970s-1980s]
F.41 “Kitchi-Manitou Had a Vision”. Photocopy of later Ms. reworked. [1990s]
F.42 “Kitchi-Manitou Has Given Us a Different Understanding”. Ms. of early draft with preface. [1989–1991]
F.43 “Kitchi-Manitou Has Given Us a Different Understanding”. Ts. final drafts. [1991]
F.44 “Kitchi-Manitou Has Given Us a Different Understanding, Home Mission, December 1991”. Published article. [1991]
F.45 “Lady Slippers” or “Whipporwill’s Moccasins”. Ts. (photocopy). [1980s]
F.46 “Land”. Ms. draft two. [2003]
F.47 “The Land of Souls”. Ms. and Ts. written for Via LeMonde. [February 1982]
F.48 “The Land We Cannot Give”. Photocopy of published article. [1990]
F.49 “Language”. Ts. draft. [1996]
F.50 “Language and Culture”. Photocopy of Ms. [1980s]

Box 4
F.1 “Learning and Teaching”. Ms. [2010]
F.2 “Legend of the Buffalo”. Notes and Ms. of eight chapters. [1970s-1980s]
F.3 “Legends: Explanation to the 38 Stories and Innovations”. (Introduction). Ts. [1993]
F.4 “List of Boys and Girls at Spanish”. Ms of names, notes for book, and timeline for Indian School Days. [1980s]
F.5 “Listen! You Might Learn Something”. Ms., edited. [1980s]
F.6 “The Little Boy in the Tree and Other Stories”. Ms. working title with introduction and list of other titles. [1980s]
F.7 “Little Thunderbirds Lose Their Moccasins”. Ts. [1993]
F.8 “Little Thunderbirds Play Bell”. Ts. [1993]
F.9 “The Little Turtle”. Ms. [1980s]
F.10 “Live in Harmony”. Ms. Various incomplete drafts. [2011]
F.11 “Looking Back: From Writing to Publication”. Ms. and Ts., edited. [1990]
F.12 “Lucie”. Printed poem for B.J’s wife. [1999]
F.13 “Made One Man From a Cedar Tree”. Ms. [1980s]
F.14 “The Man and the Mosquitoes”. Title poem. Ts. of various poems. [1980s]
F.15 “The Man, the Snake, and the Fox”. Ts. Two drafts. [1980s]
F.16 “The Manitous: The Supernatural World of the Ojibways”. Ts. full Ms. of book with introduction added. Published in 1995 under the title “The Spiritual World of the Objiways”. [1993]
F.17 “The Maple Sugar Festival”. Ts. [1989]
F.18 “Mashki-aki-quaewuk”. Ms. [1990s]
F.19 “Maudjee-Kawiss”. Ms. drafts, edited and a shorter version. [1990]
F.20 “Maundau-Meen – Seed of Wonder (Corn)”. Ts. [2000]
F.21 “The Maya”. Ms. includes “Mayan History”. [1970s]
F.22 “Meegwunaubae’s Dream”. Ms. and Ts. Ms. includes Ojibway language. [1980]
F.23 “The Midaewaewin”. Ms. notes and variant version and Ts. photocopy. [1990]
F.24 “M-I-D-G-I-T-S and M-O-T-O-R K-I-K-E-L-S” Ts. [2000]
F.25 “Mino-Waunigoziwin” or “Happiness”. Ms. in Ojibway. [1990]
F.26 “The Miracle”. Ms. draft. [1980s]
F.27 “Mirror! Mirror! Mirror! On the Wall! (Don’t You Ever Look at Yourself?)”. Ms., edited draft versions and Ts. [1999]
F.28 “Mishi-Bizhou – The Great Lynx (The Lion)”. Ms. Ojibway/English. [2000]
F.29 “Mississauga”. Ts. entry by B.J. and Donald Smith for D.C.B. [1980s]
F.30 “M’Kiznun”. Ms. carbon copy edited. Poem. [1970s-1980s]
F.31 “The Modern Weendigoes”. Ts. [1980s]

Box 5
F.1 “Moonlight – Introduction”. Ms., draft edited. [1980s]
F.2 “Moose Meat Point”. Notebook containing various Ms. notes. First entry titled “Moose Meat Point”. [1980s]
F.3 “Morality and Evil”. Ms., heavily revised. Non-consecutive pages. [1980s-1990s]
F.4 “The Mounties Always”. Ms. [1990]
F.5 “Mutiny: What the Hell is That?”. Ts. of chapter from Crazy Dave. [2002]
F.6 “My Rope”. Ms. [2000]
F.7 “My Irish Wild Rose”. Ms. [2000]
F.8 “Naepaudjinikaessih (The Mole)”. Ms. and Ts. in Objibway. [1980s]
F.9 “The Naming Ceremony”. Ms.., edited. [1990]
F.10 “Nanabush”. Ms. in Ojibway. Possibly taped version of legend as the end of document reads “End Side #1”. [1980s]
F.11 “Nanabush”. Ms. and Ts. English version. [1992]
F.12 “Nanabush and the Ducks”. Ms. drafts, revised and reworked. [1980s]
F.13 “Nanabush Falls in Love”. Ms., revised and reworked. Possibly for tape narration. [1980s]
F.14 “Nanabush Song” Ms. [1980s]
F.15 “Native Ceremonies”. Re: Death and burial. Ts. notes and carbon copy with historical references. [1980s]
F.16 “Nebaunaubaelquae: Mermans and Mermaids”. Ms., edited and revised. [1980s]
F.17 “New Learning”. Ms. Possibly for a chapter.
F.18 “No Man Begins To Be”. Ms., edited. [1980s]
F.19 “No Man Likes this All Neglected... Little...” Ts. [2009]
F.20 “N’sheemachu”. Ms. Early draft with revisions. [1980s]
F.21 “N’sheemaehn”. Ms. variant drafts with revisions. [1980s]
F.22 “N’sheemaehn”. Ts. Final version, edited. [1990]
F.23 “The Oat – Gauzhig”. Ms. Ojibway. [1990]
F.24 “Oh Ye of Little...Faith”. Ms. [2000]
F.25 “Ojibwa”. Ms. carbon copy of word entry in D.C.B. by B.J. and Donald Smith. [1980s]
F.26 “Ojibway Heritage” Ms. of preface to 1976 edition and early and later drafts.
F.27 “[Ojibway Language]”. Ts. carbon copy. Proposal. [1976]
F.28 “Ojibway Legends”. Ms., early drafts, edited. Non-continuous pagination. Stories used in several publications. [1970s]
F.29 “Ojibway Legends”. Ms., early drafts, edited. Non-continuous pagination. Stories used in several publications. [1970s]

Box 6
F.1 “Ojibway Proverbs”. Ms. draft with revisions and Ts. photocopy. [1980s]
F.2 “The Old Woman Becomes a Woodpecker”. Edited photocopy of Ts. [1980s]
F.3 “Once”. Ms. drafts and notes of poem. Ts. of finished piece. [1980s]
F.4 “Original Sin”. Ms., edited. [2000]
F.5 “Ottawa”. Ts. carbon copy of D.C.B. entry by B.J. and Donald Smith. [1980]
F.6 “Otter – Ningik” with other short pieces. Ms. [2010]
F.7 “Our Ancestry is the Sky”. Ts. Photocopy. [1983]
F.8 “Our Friends in the Sky”. Ms., edited. [2000]
F.9 “Our History of the Ojibway”. Ts. carbon copy. Ts. and Ms. photocopy. [1975]
F.10 “Overcoming Winter’s Block”. Ts. [2001]
F.11 “The Path of Life”. Ts. and Ms. early draft. English/Ojibway. Lacking preface. [1979]
F.12 “The Path of Life”. Ts. Photocopy of final draft with preface. [1979]
F.13 “The Path of Souls”. Photocopy of printed article of B.J’s narration at Monchanin Center. Monchanin Vol. VIII No. 1. [November 1974]
F.14 “The Path of Souls – The Milky Way”. Photocopy of Ts. variant title. [1974]
F.15 “Pauguk”. Ms. draft edited and revised. [1980s]
F.16 “Paupaussae - The Woodpecker”. Ms. draft. Ojibway/English. [1990]
F.17 “Petroglyphs”. Ms. draft revised and incomplete Ts. of article. [1990]
F.18 “Pig Coocoosh”. Ts. Two copies. [1996]
F.19 “Pig Revived”. Ts. Two copies. [1997]
F.20 “The Pipe of Peace Smoking Ceremony”. Photocopy of early Ms. Edited carbon copy of Ts. Photocopy of final Ts. [1980s]
F.21. “Pitou”. Two drafts. Edited variant Ms. [1980s]
F.22 [Play] [Untitled]. Ms. non-continuous pagination, edited. Ts., edited with non-continuous pagination. [1980s]
F.23 “Pleading with Satan”. Ms., edited [1980s]
F.24 “Pleading With the Devil, The Evil One”. Ms., edited. [1980s]
F.25 [Poem]. “George E. Keeshig Zhaukaehn, 1910-2006”. Broadsheet in Ojibway/English. [2006]
F.26 [Poems] [Compilations]. First poem titled “The Eagle” [1974-1976]
F.27 [Poems] [Untitled]. Ms. and Ts. of various poems. First poem titled “To a Blossom” [2000]
F.28 [Poems] based on the Painting of Norval Morrisseau. Ms. write-ups for paintings with reference numbers to paintings. [1999]
F.29 “Potawatomi”. Ts. entry for D.C.B. by B.J. and Donald Smith. [1980s]
F.30 “The Power of Prayer”. Ts. [1980s]
F.31 [Preface to proposed book on myths]. Ms., edited. [May 1982]
F.32 “The Priest and Dancing”. Ts. for article. [1980s]
F.33 Proposal for Manuscript. Working title: “Back to the Reserve”. Ms. photocopy. [1990]
F.34 [Promotion] Ms. on sportsmen [1999]
F.35 “Providing”. Edited Ms. drafts. Two versions. [2010]

Box 7
F.1 “Pukawiss (The Idle)”. Ms. draft edited. [2000]
F.2 Quechua History. Ts. [1980s]
F.3 “The Rabbit – Spring Pow-Wow”. Ts., edited. [1998]
F.4 “Re-Establishment”. Ts. [1980s]
F.5 “Remembrance Day/Iron Ray”. Ms. for speeches. [2000]
F.6 [Residential Schools]. Ms. edited draft of chapter. [1970s]
F.7 “Resource Book: Stories and Affixes”. [Ojibway legends and use of grammar] Printed. [2002]
F.8 “Revenge is Sweet”. Ms. synopsis and story outline. [1980s]
F.9 “The Ritual of the Dead”. Ms. draft, edited. [1981]
F.10 “Root Beer”. Ts. [1980s]
F.11 “Running Like a Charm”. Ts. [1990]
F.12 “Say Dad”. Ms. draft, edited. [1990]
F.13 “Seagulls”. Ms. draft, edited. [1990]
F.14 “Selling Your Book”. Ts. and faxed copy. [2001]
F.15 “Sentenced to Spanish”. Ms. draft chapter from Indian School Days. [1980s]
F.16 “A Sign of the Tunes”. Ms. [2000]
F.17 “The Silent Enemy”. Ts. of film script. [1991]
F.18 “Silent Night” Ts. [2006]
F.19 “Skills or Understanding Knowledge or Wisdom”. Ts and Ts. (carbon) of earlier draft. [1980s]
F.20 “The Smoking of the Peace Pipe”. Off print. [1980-1990]
F.21 “Social Graces”. Ms., edited. [1999-2000]
F.22 “Society of the Dawn Ritual”. Ms., edited. [1980s]
F.23 “The Sons of Winonah and Ae-pungishimook”. Ts. fax version. [2005]
F.24 “The Spanish Argonauts”. Ms. draft for Indian School Days chapter. [1980s]
F.25 [Spanish Chapter]. Ms. draft for Indian School Days. [1980s]
F.26 [Spanish Chapter Three]. Ms. draft, revised and edited for Indian School Days chapter. [1980s]
F.27 [Spanish Chapter Nine]. Ms. early edited draft for Indian School Days. [1980s]
F.28 [Spanish Indian School]. Ms. and Ts. draft of background for Indian School Days. [1980s]
F.29 [Spanish School Days]. Ms. chapter fragments. Drafts (non-paginated) and notes, edited. [1980s]
F.30 “The Spirit of Pukawiss”. Ms. draft, revised. [1990]
F.31 “The Spirit of the Dead Chief”. Ts. (photocopy) of script for film. [1980s]
F.32 “Sports and Recreation”. Ms., edited for Indian School Days chapter. [1980s]
F.33 “Squirrels”. Early Ms. draft, edited. [1970s]
F.34 “Stand Off in Puerto Vallarta”. Ts. [1998]
F.35 “Stand Off: Lucie and the Geko”. Ms., edited. [1999]
F.36 “The Star Which Fell into the Water”. Ms. draft of poem. [1990]
F.37 “Stealing the Strap”. Ms. notes for Indian School Days. [1980s]
F.38 “Stewardship of the Land”. Ms and Ts., edited. [2004]

Box 8
F.1 “Stories for Children”. Ms. and Ts. compilations. Title obtained from original file title. Ojibway/English. Some titles are repeated under individual titles. [1995-1998]
F.2 “Stories for the Geoff”. Ts. and photocopies of various stories. Title obtained from file title. [1980s-1990s]
F.3 “Story Drafts”. Ms. drafts, various compilations. [1980s - 1990s]
F.4 “Strawberries/Odaemeenin”. Ms. Ojibway. [1990]
F.5 “Subtle Humour”. Ts. with corrections. [1990]
F.6 “Summer Holidays in Spanish”. Ms., edited. Draft chapter from Indian School Days .[1980s-1990s]
F.7 “Sun Dance”. Ms. and Ts. Various drafts re-written. [1980s-1990s]
F.8 “Supp-Kay Shee (Net-Maker)/The Origin of Nets”. Ts. and clipping from The Toronto Native Times. [1975]
F.9 Tawow Canadian Indian Culture Magazine. Vol. 6 No.1., Edited by Basil Johnston. Ts. of editorial and article; Ms. of working article for issue, and Ts. of contents plus magazine. [1976].
F.10 “The Teaching Stories”. Ms., incomplete. [1970s]
F.11 “They Didn’t Teach us Anything”. Edited Ts. and partial Ms. [1985]
F.12 ‘Think Indian”. Ms., edited and revised. [1980s]
F.13 “Timex Watches Never Stop”. Ts. of a story. [1980s]
F.14 “To Hell with Squirrels”. Ms., edited. Ts. [1985]
F.15 “Tobacco/Saemauh”. Ms. in Ojibway. [1990]
F.16 “Tobacco and the Drum”. Ms., edited for chapter heading. [1990s]
F.17 “Tom Didn’t Fail! He Succeeded!” Ms., edited and Ts., edited and final Ts. [1999]
F.18 “To the Land of Peace”. Ts., revised. [1980s]
F.19 “To the Land of Peace”. Ms., edited draft. [2000]
F.20 “The Tree of Life”. Photocopy of poem. [1980s]
F.21 “Tribal Literature”. Ms. and Ts. compilation of chapters for The Manitous. [1995]
F.22 “Tukwaunowae – Short Tail”. Ms. in Ojibway and English. [1999]
F.23 “The Two Blind Men and the Raccoon”. Ts. [2000]
F.24 “Two Principles of Learning”. Ms., draft. [1980s]
F.25 “Und Poosh Vhen Poat Goes! (Tales from Spanish)”. Ts. draft of chapter for Indian School Days with Ms. notes. [1999]
F.26 “The Vision”. Ms., draft in notebook and Ts. [1983]
F.27 “The Vision Quest”. Ms. draft of working chapter and Ts. of chapter two. [2000]
F.28 “War is Good”. Ms. [2003]
F.29 “The War Path”. Ms. of working copy variously titled in Ojibway and English. [1990s]
F.30 “Wards of the State”. Ms. draft and Ts. with introduction and cover write-up drafts. [c.1987]
F.31 “Water Legends”. Ms. of bibliography for article with photocopy of correspondence. [1980s]

Box 9
F.1 “Waeondjineessikauduk – The Origin of Bad Weather”. Ms. [1990]
F.2 “Waesseehnuk W’kishkiyaewiziwiniwauh – The Animal’s Gifts”.  Ms. [1990s]
F.3 “The Water Lily”. Ts., photocopy. [1980s]
F.4 “Waubunungissacha – The Snowbird”. Ms. [1990]\
F.5 “Waugoosh – The Fox”. Ts. [1980s]
F.6 “The Waumpum Belt Tells Us...”. Ts., corrected and page proofs, edited. [2004]
F.7 “Wakikoumig – Path without End”. Ts. of playscript. [2000]
F.8 “Weedjeewaugundiwin – The Marriage Ceremony”. Ms., edited draft. [1990s]
F.9 “Weendigo”. Ts. [2003]
F.10 “We’re Being Invaded!” Ts. draft for chapter in Crazy Dave. [1999]
F.11 “Wet and Wry Humour”. Ts., corrected and revised. [2000]
F.12 “Wet Humour and Wry”. Ms. and Ts. heavily edited. Variant title of earlier draft of file 11. [1999]
F.13 “What Do You Lose?” Ms. draft, heavily edited. [1980s]
F.14 “What Happened to the Floor?” Ms., edited. [1999]
F.15 “What have you people done for this country?” Draft of novella with accompanying note. [2010]
F.16 “What Kind of Being Have You Brought into this World” Ts. [1994]
F.17 “Where Fruit Bearing Plants Came From”. Ms. Ojibway. [1990]
F.18 “Where’s Simon?” Ts. photocopy, edited. [1980]
F.19 “The White Man What Makes Him Tick”. Ms., edited draft. [1980s]
F.20 “Why birds go South in Winter”. Ms. draft. [1980s]
F.21 “Why Pines Cry and Weep”. Ms. in Ojibway. [1990]
F.22 “Why Seagulls Stand on One Foot”. Ts. Ojibway. [1980-1990]
F.23 “Why Some Trees Are Green”. Ms. in Ojibway. [1990]
F.24 “Why the Bee was Given a Stinger”. Ms. in Ojibway. [1990]
F.25 “Why the Birds are Differently Coloured”. Ms. in Ojibway. [1990]
F.26 “The Wishes”. Ms. draft. [1980s]
F.27 “Winter and Summer”. Ms, in Ojibway [1990]
F.28 “Winter Rodeo”. Ms. of early draft for chapter in Crazy Dave. [1980s]
F.29 “Winter Rodeo”. Final Ts. for chapter in Crazy Dave. [1990s]
F.30 “With Mom and Dad on Perry Island”. Ms. draft, non-consecutive pagination. [1980s]
F.31 “The Wonderful Dog ‘Never Force Anyone’”. Ms. draft. [1980s]
F.32 “The Woodpecker”. Ts. of poems and Ts. of prose version entitled “The Birch and the Woodpecker”. [1980s]
F.33 “The Woodpecker and the Worm”. Ms. draft and Ts., edited with notes. [1980s]
F.34 “You Can’t Go Back – You Must Go Back”. Ms. draft. [1980s]
F.35 “You Can’t Go Back – You Must Go Back (The Difficulties of Getting Published)”. Final Ts. [1990s]
F.36 “You Must Have Done a lot of Research”. Ms., draft versions and final Ts. [2000]
F.37 “Your Ship Might Sink”. Ms. draft. [1980s]
F.38 “Zeezibaukoot – Maple Sugar”. Ms. in Ojibway. [1999]
F.39 [Notes Ms. on museum pieces and film programs]. [1980s]
F.40 [Notes Ms. notes on Indian Speech for different speeches]. [1999-2000]
F.41 [Untitled Ms. notebook containing autobiographical chapters, first chapter titled “Father’s Mighty Heave”]. [1980s]
F.42 [Untitled Ms. notebook containing various writings] [1980s]
F.43 [Untitled notes] Ms. [1980s]
F.44 [Untitled notes on Anishinaube Language]. Fragments and drafts. [2000]
F.45 [Untitled piece on The Earth] Ms., edited (incomplete). [c. 2000]
F.46 [Untitled pages of Ms. and Ts. of various writings]. (Incomplete). [1980s-2000]
F.47 [Fragments of Ms. writings, poems, drafts, and notes]. [2010]
F.48 [Untitled]. Diary pages from January 2011 with various writings and notes. [2011]
F.49 [Untitled]. Conversation or interview with Philomene Chegahno and others.  2005.
F.50 [Untitled].  Ms. drafts of non-sequential pages of subsequent chapters of Indian School Days  and Crazy Dave.  [1980s-1990s]
F.51 [Untitled].  Ms. notes and grammar on Ojibway language and Ojibway vocabulary.  [1980s-1990s].

Series 2
– 1958-2011. – 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: This series contains general correspondence and is filed alphabetically by last names. Correspondence related to specific series has not been separated from original files.  Additional correspondence can be found in series 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13.

Box 10 A - N
F.1 Correspondence ‘A’
F.2 Correspondence ‘B’
F.3 Correspondence ‘C’
F.4 Correspondence ‘D’
F.5 Correspondence ‘E’
F.6 Correspondence ‘F’
F.7 Correspondence ‘G’
F.8 Correspondence ‘H’
F.9 Correspondence ‘I’
F.10 Correspondence ‘J’
F.11 Correspondence ‘K’
F.12 Correspondence ‘L’
F.13 Correspondence ‘M’
F.14 Correspondence ‘N’

Box11 O – Z, Family; Fan mail, First names
F.1 Correspondence ‘O’
F.2 Correspondence ‘P’
F.3 Correspondence ‘R’
F.4 Correspondence ‘S’
F.5 Correspondence ‘T’
F.6 Correspondence ‘U’
F.7 Correspondence ‘V-Z’
F.8 Correspondence, Lucie Johnston (wife)
F.9 Correspondence, Family (daughters, son, grandchildren)
F.10 Correspondence, Fan mail
F.11 Correspondence, First names

Series 3
– 1954-2010. – 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 12
Day Planner, 1994
Day Planner, 1995
Day Planner, 1996
Day Planner, 1997
Day Planner, 1998
Day Planner, 1999
Day Planner, 2000
Day Planner, 2001
Day Planner, 2002
Day Planner, 2003
Day Planner, 2004
Day Planner, 2005

Box 13
F.1 Application for Admission to Graduate Studies at the University of Saskatchewan [October 23, 1972], Transcript Loyola College [May 1954], Indian Status Card, Curriculum Vitae, List of Lectures and Conferences, 1954-1986
F.2 Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation certificate and application form, 1962
F.3 Basil H. Johnston – a biography, Ms. and Ts., write-up and a List of Publications, 1987
F.4 Nawash Associates Inc.  Legal documents re formation of Corporation
F.5 Autobiographical ms. notes of school routines and other details, possibly for Indian School Days, [1988]
F.6 Convocation Address on the occasion of receiving the LLD from the University of Toronto, [June 9, 1994]
F.7 Convocation Address on the occasion of receiving the LLS from Laurentian University, [June 13, 1998]
F.8 Poems by BJ for Lucie (wife), [1999 & 2001]
F.9 Documents regarding the funeral of Lucie Johnston [2001]
F.10 Drawing and letter from Jason Johnston (grandson), [2001]
F.11 List of Assets [2002]
F.12 Last Will and Testament [2002]
F.13 Nomination for National Aboriginal Achievement Award, [2003]
F.14 Ontario College of Teachers certificate of registration and qualifications, 2003.
F.15 Land Possession Certificate and Transfer of Land documents, 2010

Ojibway Language
. – [1970]-2007. – 48 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 14
F.1 Ms. notes and grammar, Preface for Anishinaubae Thesaurus (2007)
F.2 Ojibway Language Course for Intermediates – Manuscript copy, notes, and grammar [c. 1979-1989]
F.3 Ojibway Language Course – resource materials, preparation, correspondence, etc. [c. 1970-1989]
F.4 Ojibway Language Course for Intermediates – Final and complete version [c. 1989]
F.5 [Native Translation]. Ojibway/English grammar, vocabulary and proverbs [1980s-1990s]

Box 15
F.1 English to Ojibway lexicon index cards
F.2 English to Ojibway and Ojibway to English vocabulary index cards (with page numbers)
F.3 English to Ojibway dictionary – word processed version [1980s]
F.4 Ojibway to English glossary index cards
F.5 Ojibway to English phrases and verbs index cards
F.6 Indian place names index cards [1980s]
F.7 English to Ojibway and English/Latin to Ojibway plant name index cards [c. 1980-1990]
F.8 Ojibway to English prefixes and suffixes

Box 16
F.1 K’d'inawaewininaun: Our Language. Winter Spirit Creations. [2001]. Spiral bound
F.2 K’d'inawaewininaun: Our Language. Intermediate Level. Winter Spirit Creations. 2001. Spiral bound.
F.3 Articles and stories on language – manuscript and typescript [1980s]
F.4 Articles on language – various drafts and pagination [1980s-1990s]
F.5 Language tapes and books correspondence, [1981-1993]
F.6 Language tapes correspondence, [1977-2007]
F.7 Printed materials and news clippings re: Language
F.8 Beausoleil First Nation Education Authority Language Story Seminar notes, [2002]

Series 5
Literary, Editorial and Publishing. – 1972-2006. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Note: This series includes editorial correspondence with publishers, literary agent and agencies regarding rights, permissions, royalties, publicity.

Box 17
F.1 Broadview Press. 1992
F.2 Butterworth’s. 1991
F.3 Canadian  Reprography Collective. 1989-1991
F.4 Dundurn Press. 1991-1993
F.5 Ginn and Company. 1972-1974
F.6 Harper/Collins Publishers. 1994-1995
F.7 Key Porter Books. Correspondence, 1987-1999
F.8 Key Porter Books. Contracts for “Wards of the State” [subsequently published as Indian
School Days
, 1987, with edited manuscript and draft versions of  Introduction to book
F.9 Key Porter Books. List of tentative titles for Indian School Days and write-ups on “Wards of the State”. 1987
F.10 Key Porter Books. Publicity strategy plan for Indian School Days, with author biography notes, 1988
F.11 Key Porter Books. Publicity and Promotion schedule for Indian School Days, May 1988
F.12 Kids Can Press Inc. Memorandum of Agreement and correspondence, 1978
F.13 McClelland & Stewart Ltd. Contract for Moose Meat and Wild Rice, March 1978 and correspondence 1975-1976
F.14 Michigan State University Press. Editorial correspondence, 2006.
F.15 University of Oklahoma Press. Author information forms, c. 1990
F.16 Beverly Slopen Literary Agency. Correspondence, permissions, rights, royalties, 1987-2009
F.17 Union of Ontario Indians. Assignment of ownership of copyright for legends (titles as listed). 1994.
F.18 Waapoon Publishing and Promotion. Contract for The Adventures of Nanabush between Johnston, Royal Ontario Museum and Waapoon Publishing, June 1986; correspondence, 1986-1999
F.19 Invoices for various literary titles, 1999-2003
F.20 Royalty statements, 1993-2010

Series 6
Royal Ontario Museum and Teaching.
– 1972-2007. -- 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 18
F.1 Algoma University College correspondence re: Ojibway language materials and speaking at convocation [1990-2010]
F.2 Board of Education for the Borough of North York letter of resignation, [June 1972]
F.3 Brandon University correspondence and teaching appointment, [1997-2009]
F.4 Brock University correspondence re: Aboriginal Adult Education Degree Program, [June 2007]
F.5 Lakehead University correspondence re: offer of employment and anthology, [1982-1997]
F.6 Nipissing University speaking engagements, [1993 & 2006]
F.7 Northern Michigan University consulting visit and plans for meeting, [June-September 1997]
F.8 Rainy Lake Ojibway Education Authority course outline for principles of aboriginal interpretation, [1998]
F.9 Rainy Lake Ojibway Education Authority notes for teaching geography, [1998]
F.10 Rainy Lake Ojibway Education Authority’s Polytechnical Institute course outline and memo, [1999]
F.11 Royal Ontario Museum – lectures notes, [1970-1980]
F.12 Royal Ontario Museum – notebook and teaching notes, [1980s]
F.13 Royal Ontario Museum – mythology notes for teaching, [1980s]
F.14 Royal Ontario Museum – four notebooks for teaching [1980s]]
F.15 Royal Ontario Museum – seven notebooks with teaching and Ojibway vocabulary, [1980s]
F.16 Royal Ontario Museum – six notebooks, [1970-1980s]
F.17 Royal Ontario Museum – teaching resource [1980s]
F.18 Sir Sanford Fleming College course outline for interpretation and educational planning, [1997]
F.19 St. Peter the Apostle School correspondence re: Aboriginal Day, [June 2000]
F.20 Trent University consultation re: Ojibway Language Orthography, [August 1972]
F.21 University of Maine Itinerary, [November 2000]
F.22 University of Oklahoma reader’s report on “American Indian Mythology” manuscript and typescript, [1998]
F.23 University of Sudbury evaluation of Introduction to Ojibway, n.d.
F.24 University of Toronto correspondence, [1991-2007]
F.25 University of Washington correspondence re: Indian School, [July 1992]
F.26 University of Waterloo correspondence re: speaking engagement, [May 1995]
F.27 University of Wisconsin correspondence re: conference, [February 1992]
F.28 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire correspondence re: symposium, [August-November 1999]
F.29 Wiarton District High School students’ work and tests, [2002-2003]
F.30 Wiarton District High School, [2002-2003]
F.31 Wiarton District High School, English to Ojibway words, [2003]
F.32 Wiarton District High School lesson plans [2002-2003]

Box 19
F.1 “Your Red Brother: ROM Museumobile”, [September 1972]
F.2 “Smoking of the Peacepipe: ROM Museumobile”, [September, 1972]
F.3 Interim Cataloguing Sheet, [1976-1977]
F.4 Royal Ontario Museum – “Just Stories” manuscript and typescript, [c. 1970s-1988 and edited 1998]
F.5 Royal Ontario Museum – The Image of the Indian on American Literature manuscript and outline, [1979-1980]
F.6 “The Tadpole Museum” manuscript (notebook), [1985-1986]
F.7 Settlement between OPSEU Local 543 and ROM, [October 28, 1987]
F.8 Heads Meeting re: Education in the ROM, [1992]
F.9 “My Friend” – a eulogy for Edward Rogers, [2000?]
F.10 Piece by Johnston re: Museum Security manuscript and typescript, [1980s]
F.11 ROM correspondence with the Ministry of Culture and Resources, [1975]
F.12 ROM correspondence and clippings re: “Tales the Elders Told” [1981-1982]
F.13 ROM correspondence with the Wisconsin Academy, [July-October 1986]
F.14 ROM correspondence with Frank Lorimer, [1988-1990]
F.15 ROM correspondence with Mark Warhus and the American Geographical Society re: Indian and Inuit Maps Exhibition Project, [1990-1992]
F.16 ROM general correspondence, [1970s-1992]

Series 7
Lectures, Workshops, Conferences and Symposiums. – 1966-2011. – 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series. Note: This series is arranged in date order.

Box 20
F.1 Trinity College Conference on the Canadian Indian, [January 21-22, 1966]
F.2 Convocation of American Indian Scholars, [September 16-19, 1971]
F.3 Sweetgrass First Nations Language Council Constitutional Conference, [March 30-31, 1989]
F.4 Native American Languages Issues Institute, [May 19-22, 1987]
F.5 Birch Community Centre Meeting, [1987]
F.6 Minutes of Literature Office Sounding to Identify needs within the Ontario Native Writing and Publishing Committee, [January 15, 1990]
F.7 Draft Agenda for the Keepers of Our Language Conference, [April 26-29, 1990]
F.8 Sweetgrass First Nations Language Council Inc. Meeting, [1990]
F.9 Native Language Translators and Interpreters Conference, [June 28, 1990?]
F.10 Iroquian Institute, [1990-1991]
F.11 Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts, [1990-1991]
F.12 Sweetgrass First Nations Language Council Inc. Curriculum Writer Workshop, [1991]
F.13 Anishinaabeg Workshop, [April 12-13, 1991]
F.14 Cambrian College – First Nations Language Consultation, [May 16-17, 1991]
F.15 The Politics of Language by Amos Key, Fourth Annual Conference, [October 29, 1991]
F.16 Returning the Gift Project – University of Oklahoma, [1992]
F.17 Sweetgrass First Nations Language Council, [1990-1993]
F.18 Augsburg College, Minneapolis re: speaking arrangements, [1996]
F.19 Conference on Editorial Problems re: correspondence and workshop notes of Johnston’s Ojibway stories, [1996-1997]
F.20 Sunshine Sketches, Canadian Festival of Verse, Legend, Song, and Storytelling, [1997]
F.21 Expanding our World Through Understanding Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre, [May 12-13, 1997]
F.22 Ontario Municipal Social Services Learning Symposium, County of Lambton, [June 1-3, 1997]
F.23 Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Homecoming National Assembly, [August 6-9, 1997]
F.24 Northland College, [1998-1999]
F.25 Indigenous Knowledge Lecture Series, McMaster University, [November 29, 1999]
F.26 Anishinaabeg of the Great Lakes Region Symposium on History and Culture, [1999]
F.27 Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute, [1999]
F.28 Jelbun Lodge, [1999]
F.29 Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute, [1999-2000]
F.30 Conference on Exploitation of Native American Spirituality and Culture in Europe, Stockholm Sweden, [May and June, 2000]
F.31 Blueprint for the Future: A Project of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, [November, 2000]
F.32 Ningwakwe Learning Press, [December, 2000]
F.33 Native American Programs at the University of Maine, [2000]
F.34 Sweetgrass First Nations Language Council Inc., [2000]

Box 21
F.1 Ken Doss Win Communications Literacy Program, [1999-2001]
F.2 Workforce 2000 Conference, [March and April, 2001]
F.3 International Centre for Cultural Studies, [June, 2001]
F.4 Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat, [July, 2001]
F.5 Ojibwe Culture Foundation, [2001]
F.6 Midland’s Anuual Pow Wow, [2001]
F.7 Need to Read Festival, Chatham, ON, [October 2001]
F.8 Eastern Michigan University Diversity Symposium, [2001]
F.9 Seventh Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Conference, University of Toronto, [2001]
F.10 Tools for Partnership 2nd Annual Workforce 2000 Conference at the Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology, April 3-5, 2001]
F.11 Beausoleil Language and Heritage Maintenance Program, [2001-2002]
F.12 Language Story Seminar Beausoleil First Nation, [October 5-6, 2002]
F.13 Expanding our World Through Understanding Workshop, [2002]
F.14 Report on Words for Our Future: Second Aboriginal Languages Conference, [2004]
F.15 Barrie Native Friendship Centre, [October 26, 2004]
F.16 Association for Native Development in the Visual and Performing Arts, [March 19, 2005]
F.17 Fulfillment of a Dream First Annual Nature Festival of the Arts, Owen Sound, [July 1-2, 2005]
F.18 Health Promotion in Action.  Summer School, 2005.
F.19 Saskatchewan Nature Theatre Co. Inc. Contract, [October 18, 2007]
F.20 Wikwemikong Development “Funding our way as Champions”, [2007]
F.21 Wabans Centre for Aboriginal Health Conference Agenda, [2009]
F.22 Concordia University Centre for Native Education Speaking Engagement, [November 2009]
F.23 Printed Notices, Brochures etc. [1990-2010]
F.24 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Invitation, [2010]
F.25 Ministry of Ontario Focus Group Session, [2010]
F.26 Inclusion and Representation in Anishinabek Self-Government, [January 21-22, 2011]
F.27 Beyond Survival: The Waking Dreamer Ends the Silence, an International Conference of Indigenous Writers and Performing and Visual Artists, n.d.
F.28 The First American Prevention Center, n.d.
F.29 Canadian Native Arts Foundation, n.d.

Series 8
Radio,Television and Film
. – [1977]-2006. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 22
F.1 Anishinabe Productions – Proposal to archive the legends and stories of the Native Peoples
of the Chippewas of Saugeen and Nawash to the Assembly of First Nations, [1992]
F.2 CBC Newsworld – correspondence re: interview with Johnston, [1992]
F.3 CBC Telelvision – Program release for Indian Legends, [November 1, 1983]
F.4 CBC – correspondence re: “The Four Directions” series **date
F.5 Ellis Vision Productions – “Echoes of the North” [1978-2001]
F.6 Direction Films – correspondence and release re: “The Man, the Snake, and the Fox” [1977-1978]
F.7 Direction Films – “The Robin or Pitchi” story notes in manuscript, [1980]
F.8 Kinnarees Digital Media – publication and distribution approved between Johnston and John A. LaFontaine, [2006]
F.9 National Film Board of Canada – contract, [1982]
F.10 National Film Board of Canada – “Indian Hunting Traditions” [1983]
F.11 Settler Film Productions Inc. – “Mirrors of the Soul” [1987]
F.12 Via le Monde Canada Inc. – correspondence, contracts, scripts [1980-1982]
F.13 Via le Monde Canada Inc. – writing for television “Mandamin” [1980]
F.14 Via le Monde Canada Inc. – “The Path of Souls” suggested sequence manuscript [1980]
F.15 Via le Monde Canada Inc. – “The Pleiades” manuscript notes and story typescript [1980]
F.16 Via le Monde Canada Inc. – “The Windigo” diagrams and story ideas [1980]
F.17 Via le Monde Canada Inc. – the nature and character of Windigo manuscript notes and
typescript in French and English [1980]
F.18 Via le Monde Canada Inc. – “The Spirit of the Dead Chief” [c.1980s]
F.19 “Far North” manuscript and preproduction pilot, [1991]
F.20 Brochures and ads regarding film and television

Series 9
Residential Schools
. – 1998-2012 – 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 23
F.1 The Garnier Residential School for Indian Boys (photocopy)
F.2 Spanish Reunion Committee, [1987-1988]
F.3 Shingwauk Reunion, [1991]
F.4 Correspondence with the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, [1998-1999]
F.5 Correspondence regarding residential schools, [1998-2012]
F.6 “Residential Schools and the Aftermath”, [1999]
F.7 Zimmerman and Associates Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3, [October 1999]
F.8 Community Notices re: residential schools, [1999-2006]
F.9 Correspondence with John A. Tamming Law Office regarding the survivors of Spanish, [1999-2007]
F.10 Letter from Gib Oskaboose to John Tamming re: Dedication of Plaque, [July 15, 2000]
F.11 Aboriginal Healing Foundation Program Handbook 3rd Edition, [2001]
F.12 “Forever, We will Remain: A Report on the Memorial Wall Project” by: Uriah Dodge [October 21, 2002]
F.13 The Forgotten Survivors Project [2002-2004]
F.14 Map of Indian Residential Schools of Canada, [2003]
F.15 Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada, [March-June 2004]
F.16 A Healing Journey Final Report Summary Points, Aboriginal Healing Foundation, [2006]
F.17 Basil Johnston at the Anishinabe Spiritual Centre, [May 12, 2006]
F.18 Court Notices, [2006-2007]
F.19 Indian Residential Schools Resolution Canada, [2007]
F.20 Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, Algoma University: Spanish Indian School Photo Albums, [April-June 2012]
F.21 Statement of Reconciliation on behalf of the Government of Canada [2009]
F.22 “Ruination in a Residential School”, 2005
F.23 “Short and Long Term Effects of Confinement in a Residential School”, [2005]
F.24 Notes re: Spanish Indian School, [2000]

Box 24
F.1 The Midweek Standard Volume 41 No. 30, [July 27, 1988]
F.2 Maclean’s Magazine Abuse of Trust Exclusive, [June 26, 2000]
F.3 Healing Words Volume 1 No. 3 - Volume 2 No. 4, Year?
F.4 “System to Settle Native Lawsuits Failing: Lawyers” in National Post by: Richard Foot, [June 14, 2001]
F.5 “Ottawa Appeals Native Schools Ruling” in National Post by: Richard Foot, [September 11, 2001]
F.6 Wawatay News Volume 31 No. 19, [September 23, 2004]
F.7 Windspeaker, [December 2000, August 2001, and September 2007]
F.8 Globe and Mail article re: Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s apology, [June 12, 2008]
F.9 Toronto Star article re: Prime Minster Stephen Harper’s apology, [June 12, 2008]
F.10 News Clippings re: Child Abuse in the Catholic Church
F.11 News Clippings re: Residential Schools

Series 10
Land Claims.
– 1976-2006. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on contents of series. Note: Dates of creation of photocopies not known.

Box 25
F.1 Surrender of Indian Lands, Provisional Agreement, situated between London and Lake Simcoe. (Photocopy and transcript of original document of October 1818).
F.2 Treaty with the Chippewa, 1854 (Photocopy)
F.3 Indian Act R.S.C. 1906 (Photocopy)
F.4 “Workmen at Griffiths Island unearth Twenty Skeletons” (photocopy), [July 19, 1916]
F.5 Indian Act R.S.C. 1927 (Photocopy)
F.6 Indian Act S.C. 1951 (Photocopy)
F.7 Indian Act R.S.C. 1952 (Photocopy, 1999)
F.8 “Indian Grave Unearthed at Oliphant” September 9, 1954 (Photocopy)
F.9 “Socio-Territorial Groups Before 1821: Ojibwa and Cree” (author unknown) (Photocopy)
F.10 “History of the Peninsula Portage and Canoe Route: Colpoy’s Bay to Lake Huron with Overview of Indian Occupation of Bruce Peninsula” by: Irene Bowman, Ministry of  Natural Resources, December 1975 (Photocopy)
F.11 “The Debate Concerning Land Tenure Among the Subarctic Algonquins” by: E.S. Rogers, 1976 (Photocopy)
F.12 “An Analysis of Bill C-31: An Act to Amend the Indian Act” by: Douglas Sanders, March 5, 1985 (Photocopy)
F.13 Indian Act R.S., 1985 (Photocopy of Act amended in 1989)
F.14 Indian Act c. 1-5 from 1998.  (Computer printout)
F.15 “Old Transcript leads Researchers to Treaty” in The Express, [December 2, 1998]
F.16 Saugeen/Nawash Research Project and Brief Report, [2000]
F.17 Articles of Agreement between Chippewas of Nawash First Nation with Saugeen First Nation and Basil Johnston, [2002]
F.18 Saugeen/Nawash Aboriginal Title Team Materials, [September 5-6, 2002]

Box 26
F.1 The Evolution of an Ontario Archaeological Myth by: William R. Fitzgerald and Darlene Johnston, [July 2003]
F.2 Analysis of Aboriginal Diet through Nitrogen Isotope Data by: Ronald Williamson, [July 2003]
F.3 Aboriginal Identities on the Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula by: James Morrison, [July 31, 2003]
F.4 Draft Oral history Proposal for Saugeen and Nawash by: Ed Koenis, [August 20, 2003]
F.5 Assertion of Aboriginal Title by: Victor P. Lytwyn, August 23, 2003
F.6 Draft Statement of Claim, 2003 (Photocopy)
F.7 List of Sensitive Words by: Darlene Johnston, [2003] (Photocopy)
F.8 Map of Saugeen Ojibway Nations’ Traditional Territories, January 2004
F.9 Saugeen Ojibway Nations Territories Media Releases, May 2004
F.10 Anishinabek Law Reports by: John Borrows, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria First draft of ms. [c.2005]
F.11 Our Aboriginal Title Claim Survives Another Court Challenge from Canada and Ontario, [2005?]
F.12 Visit of the Commissioner of the Ipperwash Inquiry to Nawash, September 2005
F.13 Draft of Ideas for an FN Consultation Process, 2005
F.14 Correspondence with Roger Townshend re: Land Claims, 2001-2006
F.15 Chippewas and Saugeen v. Attorney General of Canada and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, [2003-2006]
F.16 Old Copy of Indian Land Surrender by: Judy Garvey, (Photocopy)
F.17 “Saugeen Ojibway go to Trial” by: Joan Taillan. Clipping [2000].
F.18 “Litigating Identity: The Challenge of Aboriginality” by: Darlene Johnston, 2002
F.19 Map of Ontario from 1850 (Photocopy) 
F.20 Island sites in Bruce and Grey Counties, [2000]

Series 11
Photographs. --
[1860]-2011. – 201 photographs. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 27
Note: Numbers in round brackets in left margin refer to numbered cardboard sleeves housing the photographs.  Some photos were received with identification on reverse. Most photos are undated.  Dates in square brackets have been estimated by archivist. All photographs are b&w unless indicated as being colour photographs.

(1)Tin type photographs: 2 photographs
Each photo shows 2 unidentified men in three piece suits and pocket-watches and hats, [1860].

(2) Canadian military: 10 photographs
Photo of George Keeshig; Sylvester Keeshig; Bernard Solomon, portrait of Archie Johnston (grandfather), made into postcard, inset into image of crest of Ontario, indicating his battalion as 160th BRUCE, of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, [1915], photographed in Surrey, U.K; group photo of Archie Johnston standing; photo of Dan Proulx; Joseph Shawanegehip; Wellington Pedaniqott and Laurier Elliot standing, photo taken in Surrey; photo of Gregory Keeshig and Daniel Elliott, taken in Surrey; Military cavalcade on horse carriage.

(3) Portraits and group mounted studio photographs: 9 photographs
Photo of George Jones (W.J. Winter, Wiarton, Ontario); Louis Lamourandiere and John Akiwenzie Sr. (McDonald Studio, Wiarton) standing against railing; portrait of Louis Lamourandiere (Matthews, Wiarton); Portrait of two couples: Earnes Lamourandiere and his wife Susan Richard, Harry (Andrew) Taylor and his wife Josephine (Matthews, Wiarton); group of three people: Andrew Taylor, Peter Desjardins, Bob Nadjiwon McDonald Studios, Wiarton); portrait of Adam Chepano, seated (Matthews, Wiarton) with close-up copy of partial photograph; portrait of Bill Johnston (BJ’s grandfather) and Jim Proulx (W.J. Winter) with copy of photo.

(4)Mounted photographs: 3 photographs
Photo of Cape Croker school house with group of group of men, women and children in formal attire in foreground and some boys with bow and arrow. [c. 1940s].Photo of children in playground, labelled as Cape Croker School House, before stone house.  (date?); photo of Baseball team members Wellington Pedaniquott, Wilfrid Lamourandiere, Burlyne Lavalley.

(5) St. Joseph’s and Garnier Residential School, Spanish Ontario: 19 photographs
Buildings, various students, activities and sports.  Photographs have identification on reverse. 1940s-1950s

(6) Cape Croker Reserve and Parry Island Reserve: 15 photographs, identified on reverse.
Photographs of people and groups: Harold King standing, with background of house; Harold King, Lila King, Michael King, 2 ½ months, seated on sofa, colour photo [c. 1965]; Wilf Commanda, Cutter, Ont. standing in forested area; Max and Margaret Simon wedding photo in front of church [1960s]; Mary Johnston, 1940 (BJ’s mother); Rose Cheehauk; Philomene and Laurence [Lafreniere], 1947; Uncle Joe with Letitia, Irene and Virginia; Mary Jane Pedaniqott  seated in garden; [Joe]La Freniere standing beside tree; Cape Croker School No. 1, 2 photos of classroom with pupils: Irene J., photo belonging to Miss Moran, showing three  pictures hanging above blackboard; Archie Johnston and Bill Proulx; Andrew Taylor (Herman’s father); Chris, Carl, Phillip Shawana seated outside in rural setting (1957).

(7) Formal groups: 4 photographs
Wikwemikong Convention, Sept. 15, 16, 1946 : 2 photos.
Group photo of men who attended convention, wearing ribbons around table, some names identified on reverse. From Manitoulin Expositor. There is also a copy of the photograph; Group photo in auditorium of men in uniforms wearing medals seated in first row with other men and women in attendance during a ceremony. Location of this photo appears to be same as above. There is also a copy of the photograph.  [c. 1946].

(8) Fishing: 11 photos
Various group fishing trips [c. 1940-1950].

(9) Funerals: 4 photos
Chief William McGregor funeral.  There is also a copy of this photo; Funeral procession on Reserve grounds and burial.

(10) Formal portraits: 10 photographs
Louis Johnston; Josephine Taylor (Herman’s mother); Mrs. W.B. McGregor; Peter DesjardinsMatthews Studio, Wiarton); Mrs. Mike Johnston and Josephine Taylor (daughter); Susan Akiwenzie and Bill Johnston (W.J. Winter, Wiarton); Elijah Jones? (W.J. Winter, Wiarton); Alec Akiwenzie and Peter Pedoniquott; Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell Johnston (2nd wife of Henry Johnston) from Saugeen “Nisbeo” (E. Hart, Southampton, Ont).; portrait of young man in suit Seated with child (girl) in format dress and ribbon standing.

(11) Ceremonial events and dances: 15 photographs
8 small prints described on back: “Mohawk joyfully dancing”; “Mohawks on warpath”;”Indian Club Banquet”; “Senator Gladstone and wife”; “M [ike]. Devine [in headdress], Sean Slowey, Frank Whelan, Grim faced IAB official”; “Mike Devine in Headdress”; “Chief White Owl presenting lamp to Senator Gladstone”; “Six Nations Dancers 1958 Indian Club Banquet”.  1958.

8”x10” photo with 2 reprints: Aboriginal men and women in ceremonial costumes and drum  outside steps, under Gothic archway in Ottawa [parliament buildings?].  Original titled on reverse: “Wishing you the compliments of the Season W. Murdoch Xmas 1946.  Photo taken by Newton, Ottawa.

8”x10” photo with 1 reprint of large group with some in ceremonial headdresses and other officials, outside building with Gothic archways [parliament buildings?].  [1946].

8”x10” photo with 1 reprint of large group taken indoors perhaps in a Legion Hall of men and women and Chief (?) in center.  [Cape Croker Reserve?] [1949-50]. Some people in photo are identified on the reverse: Jonah Elliott, Jack Jones, Verna Johnston, Tom Jones and Nellie, Christine Waukey, Henry Johnston, Andrew Akiwenzie.

(12) Music bands : 2 photographs
Quintet with George Lamourandiere, Fred Johnston, Louis Lamourandiere, Paul Nadjiwon and Tommy Jones, c.1905; Marching band, c. 1900.

(13) Basil Johnston: 16 photographs, some in colour.
Includes formal portraits.  1948-2005.
See also (18)

(14) Houses and church: 5 photographs
House on hill, stamped with  North-Land Studios, Parry Sound, ON stamp on reverse; same house distant view;  two identical photos with larger house and shed attached, with horse, stamped with North-Land Studios;  8”x10” photo of church.

(15)Various people and children, photos  taken outside.  Unidentified: 21  photographs. [1920-1970]

(16) Family and friends: 17 colour photographs and digital prints 1980-2011

(17) Various, identified:  8 photographs, 1 inkjet print
Airplane: Sir James Dunn’s DC 3; Logging: At Coling Inlet, Harry Taylor; Oliver, Doug and Gordon? [and unidentified woman in front of stone house]; family in front of house: Nancy Richards, Victoria or Gracie Johnston, Mrs. Mike Johnston. Mildred Taylor, Herman, Josephine, Mrs. McGregor – wife of Chief; group with Johnny Angus, Mary Keeshig, Akiwnzie, Max McLeod.

8”x 10” Father Cadot, early 1900s; wedding picture: Peggy Chiblow, Rita Chiblow, Harold Belleau, Alf Cooper, 1948; small printed photo of Father Oscar Henry Labelle .c 1970s.Inkjet copy: Wawa Legion baseball team: Max Simon, Gord Rutland, Chas. Rutland, Dunc Wheatley, Basil Johnston, John McKenzie. 1952

(18) Portrait and formal: 5 photographs
Most are mounted but unidentified except for one of group of men at table c. 1900, with man on right identified as Fred Lamourandiere.

(19) Various unindified people and children: 12 photographs

(20) Landscapes: 2 photo post cards
Helen Iron Mine, Wawa, Ontario; View of shore and trees with scenic point.  [1950s].

Series 12
Sound recordings and transcriptions
. – 1974-1986. – 32 cm of textual records and 26 sound
recordings. -- Title based on contents of series.

Box 28
Contents: Basil Johnston narrating legends, 1974-1986.  Made for Royal Ontario Museum Ethnology.
Format: 6 – 5 inch audio reels (Pan Canada)

Contents: Sam Ozawamik [1970s].
Format: 4 - 5 inch audio reels (Pan Canada)

Contents: Ojibway legends.
Format: 10 – 5 inch audio reels (Ampex)

Contents: Ojibway legends as labelled in interior.
Format: 1 – 5 inch audio reel, dubbed Jan. 1978 (Scotch)

Contents: Ojibway legends by various authors dubbed c. 1970s and transcribed in 1985. Includes 4 reels transcribed in Box 30.
Format: 5 – 7 inch audio reels (Scotch)

Box 29           
F.1 “Anthology of Short Stories” by Johnston and Sam Ozawamik. Transcript of stories on tapes.  Ms. and photocopy, with Table of Contents.  In Ojibway and English.[1977-1985]
F.2 “Anthology of Short Stories” by Johnston and Sam Ozawamik. Transcript in Ojibway and English. [1977-1985]

Box 30
F.1 Transcription and transliteration into Ojibway by Johnston of “Accounts of Life on Parry Island” by Philomene Chechauk et al. January 7, 1977.  Ms. And Ts. Tape numbers 77-4557. Tape recording by Beryl Cardy.
F.2 Transcription and transliteration into Ojibway by Johnston of “Accounts of Life on Parry Island” by Sam Kowakaudo et al.  January 25, 1977. Ms. and Ts. Tape number 77-4559
F.3 Transcription and transliteration into Ojibway by Johnston of “Accounts of Life on Parry Island” by Ted Wheatley and Rose Chechauk, February 20 and 21, 1977. Tape number 77-4558, sides 1 and 2.Tape recording by Beryl Cardy.
F.4 Transcription and transliteration into Ojibway by Johnston of “Accounts of Life on Parry Island” by Charlie King and Ted Wheatley, March 1 and 2, 1977. Tape number 77-4460. Tape recording by Beryl Cardy.
F.5-6 Ojibway Legends – transcripts of tapes.  Ms. and Ts. In Ojibway and English by Johnstonand Sam Ozawamik. [1970s-1986]

Series 13
Research materials and other
. – 1977-1995. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 31
F.1 Artists – general file on native artists, biographies, correspondence, resources and examples
of graphic art, 1978-1995.
F.2 Band Chiefs and Leaders’ list.  Photocopy dated 1992.
F.3 [Cape Croker and area history from c. 1801].  Photocopy of document.
F.4 Dictionary of Literary Biography citation on Canadian Writers Since 1960, section on Basil Johnston. Photocopy from volume 60.
F.5 [History of the Nawash Band of Cape  Croker].  Photocopy
F.6 “How to Learn to Read Syllabics” by Stella Dysart.  Photocopy of paper and ms. notes in Cree. n.d.
F.7 “Meet Cree: A practical sketch of the Cree Language” by H. Christoph Wolfart and Janet F. Carroll. 1971. Photocopy.
F.8 “Ojibwa Feather Symbolism” by W.J. McGee. Photocopy of article from American Anthropologist, 1898.
F.9 “A proposed standard Roman Orthography for Cree”. Photocopy, n.d.
F.10 Reports on native housing and Wigamen Incorporated documents, 1974-1981
F.11 Newsclippings, photocopies of articles on Johnston, 1975-2001.
F.12 Issues of Many Smokes Native American Magazine, 1975-1977 (5 issues)

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