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Marvyne Jenoff fonds

Second accrual.-- [196-]-2008; predominant 1997-2008 . – 25 cm of textual records. 1 computer disk.

Box 10
F.1 Several drafts of Hercules by My Side (title varies). 2002-3. Final draft sent to Prism International contest.
F.2 Several drafts of Truth, Earring, Microwave (also entitled “Poetry in the Age of the Microwave: A Thriller”). 15 August 2004-26 February 2005.
F.3 Drafts 2-4 of Happily Ever After. 7-12 July 2001.
F.4 Drafts and proof of “Alive, Unique” with correspondence and e-mails with Carol Malyon and including editorial input from Anne Denoon and Mary Frances Coady, 2006-07. Published in Carol Malyon, ed., Imagination in Action (Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2007), pp. 118-24.
F.5 8 drafts of “Soon”, 7 April-7 May 2004. With issue of Tongue 5, (December 2006) where the poem was published.
F.6-7 Poetry drafts, Folders A-B. Drafts of poems for Marja Moens (Maria Jacobs)’s annual poetry party. Participants are given 12 words (taken from a poem unknown to the participants) to use in writing a poem Drafts of unfinished and unpublished work. 2004-07.

Box 11
F.1 Fiction. Drafts of incomplete and unpublished work: “Glue in the Hands of the Enemy”, “Author’s Photos”, and “Vision”. 2003-05.
F.2 League of Canadian Poets. Copies of 4 issues of the newsletter with Jenoff’s editorials and accompanying correspondence in editing the newsletter, 1999.
F.3 The Writers’ Union of Canada. Copies of the Union’s newsletter with Jenoff’s contributions (she is also on the editorial team): announcement of art show in Members’ Activities, March 2002; obituary of Joan Bodger, December 2002; letter, Fall 2005; and photograph, Winter 2008.
F.4 Mensa Canada. Issues of newsletters with various contributions.
Montage, the Mensa Toronto newsletter, containing “On Aging”, September 2005.
MC2, the Mensa Canada Newsletter, containing the following contributions: “Dark Light”, reproductions of watermedia paintings, February/March 2002; “Painless, Bloodless”, June/July 2004; “Who Are You?” (typescript “On the Obvious”), January 2006; :Who Are You?” (dream job), March 2006; “Intellectual without Content” and “The Fox, the Grapes, and the Author”, January 2007; “Reflections on a Gifted Childhood”, March 2007; and “Something of Nothing” (photography), September 2007.
F.5 Stanley Knowles Housing Co-operative Newsletter. Containing essays, January 2003, Spring 2003, Autumn 2003, Fall 2005, Spring 20007, and undated sheet.
F.6 Arts and Letters Club of Toronto. Containing newsletters mentioning Jenoff’s speaking engagements at the Club, skits for their Spring Revue, plus program, April 2007; and outline of talk about publishing, March 2005.
F.7 Correspondence and mentions, including:
Seymour Mayne, 7 January 1997
Quill & Quire, September 1999, Jenoff referred to in article by Mary Soderstrom
Hamilton Poetry Award (juror), correspondence with organizers, 1999
The University of Toronto Canadian Poets’ website, drafts of her application to be listed, 14 February 2007
Toronto Public Libraries, correspondence re: donating books, 1997
McMaster University, correspondence re donating archives, 2 May 200
Essay on designs for embroidered handbags, early 1960s, and other shorter pieces.
F.8 Contest submissions (unsuccessful).

Note: This accrual also includes the following books that have been catalogued separately for Res. Coll.: four chapbooks produced by Twoffish Press (Jenoff’s publishing imprint), 2006-7 (Anniversary Portrait 1959; Happily Ever After; Hercules by My Side; and Truth, Earring, Microwave); and Carol Malyon, ed., Imagination in Action: Thoughts on Creativity by Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Poets, Novelists, Teachers, Actors (Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2007).

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