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International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 1795. (Hamilton, Ont.). Third to Seventh accruals

Third accrual (13-1996).
Box 4 Photocopies of historical material, most regarding glaziers.
F. 1 Materials relating to American Flint Glass Workers Union of North America, Local 13, mostly newspaper items, 1878-1897. Photocopies, spiral bound.
F. 2 Research correspondence (from/to George McMenemy) regarding Painters and Glaziers unions, 1995-1996. Photocopies (from) and originals (to), spiral bound.
F.3 Newspaper clippings, articles and book excerpts regarding the glass industry in Hamilton and elsewhere. Photocopies, spiral bound.
F.4 Rough research notes (by George McMenemy) on Painters, Glaziers, Flint Glass workers and other unions. Photocopies, spiral bound. This accrual (5-1997) is the fourth for this local. The files are numbered consecutively with previous accruals.

Fourth accrual (5-1997)
F. 5 Photocopies of correspondence between Samuel Crist, Recording Secretary of Local Assembly 6981 and John w. Hayes of the Knights of Labour, 1891. Spiral bound, with a note regarding the history of Local Assembly 6981 and Local 13.
F. 6 Photocopies of jurisdictional trade agreements between I.B.P .A. T .and Carpenters, Ironworkers, and Sheetmetal unions, 1920s -1990s.

Fifth accrual (29-1997)
Box 5
F. 1 Correspondence and minutes regarding Local Apprenticeship Committees, 1969-1983. Photocopied material, spiral bound.
F.2 Research correspondence from George McMenemy to National Archives of Canada and Catholic University of America, 1996-97.
F.3 I.B.P.A.T. -l00th Anniversary Calendar (1987).
The calendar is focussed on important events in the history of the U.S. union, but the month of November contains Canadian material.
F.4 I.B.P.A.T. -100th Anniversary Dinner Programme and poster
F.5 I.B.P.A.T. Published materials - Benefits card, investment fund brochure and folder containing information about the union, [1990 -] 1995.
Note: The following files in this box are EMBARGOED and are available only by permission of George McManemy.
F.6 I.B.P.A.T. Financial and Pension material, 1984- 1991.
F.7 I.B.P.A.T. Pension Plan material, 1991 & 1995.
F.8 I.B.P.A.T. -Glaziers, Financial Statements, 1989- 1997.
F.9 I.B.P.A.T. -By Laws, 1990- 1997.
F.10 I.B.P.A.T. -Non ICI Agreement, 1995.

Sixth accrual (02-1998)
F. 11 Bureau of Labour (Ontario) Reports: International Association of Amalgamated Glassworkers of America, Local 33. 1913-1915. Photocopies, spiral bound.
F. 12 Newspaper articles relating to United Flint Glass workers of America and the Hamilton Glass Houses, 1864-1894. Photocopies, spiral bound.
F. 13 Finding aids from National Archives and Cornell University of materials relating to glass industry and glass unions. Photocopies, spiral bound.

Seventh accrual (09-1999). -- [ ca. 1950]-1998. -- 38 cm of textual records.
Box 6
Correspondence, mostly Local 1795.
F. 1 Correspondence, 1992-1994.
F. 2 Correspondence, 1995-1996.
F. 3 Correspondence, 1996-1997.
F. 4 Correspondence, 1997-1998.

Box 7 Research notes, historical material, agreements and convention material.
F. 1 Research notes on locals 13 and 24.
F.2 Letterhead: locals 205 and 1795.
F. 3 Local 205 - historical material: photocopies and copies of photographs.
F. 4 Local 1795 - historical material: photographs of offices, decals, copies of charter of incorporation.
F. 5 Glazier/Iron Worker jurisdictional history -notes and copies of agreements, 1950s-990s.
F.6 Local 1834 - certification, correspondence and membership cards, 1970s and 1980s.
F.7 IBPAT -Non ICI Agreement, 1998.
F.8 IBPAT -Provincial Commercial and Industrial Agreement, 1998.
F.9 IBPAT -Provincial Collective Agreement, 1998.
F.10 Convention material- 25th and 26th IBPAT Conventions.
F.11 Convention material- delegates' badges.
F.12 Certificates and Invitations IBPAT and others (George McMenemy).

Box 8 Financial Material, local 1795, locals 1891 and 1824 and district council.

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