Fonds Description

Hamilton and District Labour Council

Hamilton and District Labour Council fonds. First accrual. 14.3 m.

Series 1: CCL Area Council, 1951-1956

Minutes and correspondence, 1951 to 1955
F.1 Minutes of CCL area council meetings, October 1951 to c.1954 (not a full set)
F.2 CCL area council - minutes of meeting, February 27 1952
F.3 CCL area council, correspondence, March 24 1951 to October 12 1954 (most by Oliver Hodges, District Organizer)
F.4 Miscellaneous receipts, statements and agenda for use at CCL area council meetings, August 1953 to July 1954
F.5 CCL Bylaws for Hamilton and District Chartered local unions - most as amended August 1952
F.6 Circulars advising of meeting to disband CCL area council, March 14, 1955
F.7 CCL Survey reports and grievance forms - blank

Financial, 1951-1955
F.1 CCL Area Council - Bank Statements, 1952 F.2 CCL Area Council - Bank Statements, 1953
F.3 CCL Area Council - Bank Statements, 1954-55
F.4 CCL Area Council - Bank Statements and receipts, re building renovation, October 1951 to March 1952
F.5 CCL Area Council - Miscellaneous receipts

Financial, 1951-1956
F.1 CCL Area Council - Financial Statements, October 1951 to April 1954
F.2 CCL Area Council - Cheque Stubs, October 1951 to April 1953
F.3 CCL Area Council - Deposit Book, 1952-1953
F.4 CCL Area Council - Cheque Book, 1953-1954
F.5 CCL Area Council - Cheque Book, 1954-1956
F.6 CCL Area Council - Deposit Books, 1953-1954
F.7 CCL Area Council - Receipt Book, November 1953 to December 1956 (with some miscellaneous other receipts and financial correspondence contained inside, loose).

Financial, 1950-1951
F.1 CCL Area Council, Account Book, 1950-1951
F.2 CCL accounts ledger -unused

Miscellaneous, 1951-1954
F.1 CCL Area Council - Book of Telephone numbers
F.2 CCL Area Council - Record of Daily Activities kept by C.G. Callway, Local 245 United Paper Box Workers, May 1951
F.3 CCL Area Council - Bookings and billings re. hall,1952-1953.
F.4 CCL Area Council - Bookings of CCL hall, 1954

SERIES 2: Hamilton Trades and Labour Council, A.F.L. : Correspondence and Financial Records, 1936-1956

Miscellaneous Correspondence to 1956
F.1 Hamilton and District Trades and Labour Council -A.F.L. Constitution, as revised September 2, 1949
F.2 Envelopes, unused, pre 1956
F.3 Norman Powell Testimonial, 1 June 1956
F.4 Tthe Labour Digest, (HDTLC. periodical - to be succeeded after the merger by Hamilton Labour Digest) Vol. 13, number 1, August 1956.
F.5 Per Capita Tax invoices, Per Capita Tax remittance forms, blank
F.6 Material received, I.U.O.E. Bylaws, and 14 Days as an Old Age Pensioner (article}.
F.7 Map of Central Europe, as of September 1, 1939
F.8 Electoral Maps, as of 1947, comprising Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, Wentworth and the City of Hamilton

Miscellaneous Financial to 1956
F.1 Savings Deposit Book, October 13 1954 to December 30 1955
Bank Deposit Slips, blank
Interest Statements, August 1955
F.2 A.F.L. Cheque Authorizations, August 1955 to June 1956
F.3 Cheque Stubs, February 1956 to June 1956; Cheque Stubs, June 1956
F.4 Financial correspondence, 1936-1957

SERIES 3: Minute Books and Cash Books
Note: Includes Hamilton Trades and Labour Council, 1888-1956; Hamilton Labour Council, C.C.L, 1941-1947; Hamilton and District Labour Council, Labour Day, 1957-1966; Hamilton and District Labour Council, 1956-1971. Additional minutes are found in Series 4 and 5. Note: Minute books are not boxed.

Hamilton Trades and Labour Council minute books:
Minute book:
Covers Period: November 12, 1888 (first meeting of this organization) to August 28, 1896.
Various newspaper clippings, etc. enclosed inside back cover.

Hamilton District Trades and Labour Council of the American Federation of Labour minute books:
Minute book:
Covers Period: October 1, 1937 to October 6, 1944

Note: One volume [1910-1914] of the Hamilton Trades and Labour Council minute books is in the possession of the Hamilton Public Library. This volume is available here on microfilm.

Minute book:
1942-1951 - deals with reports of offices & committees, special meetings, etc.

Minute book:
Covers Period: October 20, 1944 to November 5, 1948

Minute book:
Covers Period: November 19, 1948 to February 19, 1954

Minute book:
Covers Period: March 5, 1954 to June 1, 1956.
Note: This volume includes arrangements for the first meeting of the merged Hamilton and District Labour Council.

Minute book:
Minutes of Labour Day Committee, April 4, 1945 to November 15, 1956

Minute book:
Executive Board Minutes 1913-923

Cash Books, 1913-1923

Minute book:
Covers Period: December 31, 1936 to June 20, 1956

Minute book:
Expenses, Covers Period: January 7, 1944 to June 1956

Shows Per Capita contributions by affiliates of the Council, arranged alphabetically by union, covering period: 1936 to 1956

Expense book:
Details costs involved with Council publication The Labour Digest - includes inside front flyleaf the publisher's agreement regarding this periodical and account of dispute re. payment for 1944-5. Covers Period: 1942 to 1945. Note: This periodical apparently continued to be published as we have Vol.13 no.1 for August 1956. After the merger it appears to have had its name changed to The Hamilton Labour Digest and to have been published until December 1957.

Hamilton Labour Council minute books:
Minute book:
Covers Period: October 6, 1941 to May 31, 1945

Minute book:
Covers Period: June 15, 1945 to February 27, 1947 (Back flyleaf contains copy of CCL constitution).

Minute Books of Labour Day Committee:
Labour Day Committee Minutes
Covers Period: April 30, 1957 to December 30, 1960

Labour Day Committee Minutes
Covers Period: March 10, 1961 to August 23, 1966

Minute Books, 1956 to 1971

Minute Book:
Covers period June 7, 1956 to May 18,1957, in reverse chronological order. Includes, as well as minutes of the meetings of council, the reports of various committees as presented to council, drafts of resolutions and motions put to or passed by council and miscellaneous correspondence brought before council. Also includes two financial reports, one covering the period August 7 1956 to October 31 1956 and the other the financial year which terminated on April 30 1957.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 6, 1957 to May 15, 1958. Arrangement and contents as above, includes financial statements covering the period May 1 to October 31 and the fiscal year ending April 30 1958.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 5, 1958 to May 21, 1959. Arrangement and contents as above, includes financial statement covering the period May 1 to October 31 1958 and one for the financial year ending April 30, 1959. Miscellaneous pamphlets inside front cover.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 4, 1959 to May 19, 1960. Arrangement and contents as above; no financial reports.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 2, 1960 to May 18, 1961. Arrangement and contents as above.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 15, 1961 to May 17, 1962. Arrangement and contents as above.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 21, 1962 to May 21, 1964. Arrangement and contents as above.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 18, 1964 to May 20, 1965. Arrangement and contents as above.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 17, 1965 to May 19, 1966. Arrangement and contents as above.

Minute Book:
Covers Period June 2, 1966 to December 7, 1967. Minutes are now arranged in chronological order with the earliest ones placed first, and end at the end of the calendar year rather than with the annual meeting.

Minute Book:
Covers the Period January 4, 1968 to December 19, 1968. Arrangement and contents as 10.

Minute Book:
Covers the Period January 16 1969, to May 7, 1970. Arrangement and contents as above.

Minute Book:
Covers the period May 28, 1970 to December 2, 1971. Arrangement and content as above.

SERIES 4: Political Action Committee, 1943-1965
Note: Includes material on elections, including C.C.F., N.D.P. parties. This series also contains photographs.

Card Index Comprising H.L.C., The Hub and P.A.C. mailing list.
4 x 6 cards with names and addresses listed alphabetically by union local viz:
National P.A.C.
R.W.D.S., United Dairy and Bakery Workers
United Steelworkers of America Locals:
1004 Composite
1005 Missing
2853 Welland Vale
2940 Can. Iron Foundry
2950 Greening Wire
3250 Stelco Canada Works
3692 Stanley Works
3696 Nortons
3561 Frost Steel and Wire
3697 Harvester Twine Mill
3749 Stelco, Brantford
3812 Hamilton Foundry
4153 Barber Die
4213 Gartshore-Thompson
4444 Stanley Steel
4574 Canadian Meter
4592 I.H.C.O. Office
4752 Burlington Steel

Note: This list was probably in active use by the Hamilton Labour Council during the period in which The Hub was being published, i.e., 1953-1956.

Stereo Moulds, as used in Labour Digest (periodical of H.&D.T.& L.C. and later H.&D.L.C.)

78-84 Portraits of Labour Figures
78 Hon. T.C. Douglas 2 copies
79 N. Draker- 6 copies, 5 large, 1 small
80 David Lewis - 3 copies, 2 large, 1 small
81 Bill Neff - 2 copies
82 Robert Thornberry -Hamilton Centre Riding -2 copies
83 M.J. Coldwell, giving speech - 2 copies
84 ? M.J. Coldwell - 2 copies
84 a A.H. Balch, Canadian Representative of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, appointed to the Canadian Labour Relations Board c.1957.
85-90 Advertisements
85 Best Way Upholsterers
86 Cody's Stores
87 Hill T.V.
88 Myles' Coal
89 Ward and Patmore
90 Sewing Machine
91-95 Union Items
91 Cartoon, "Engineman adapts to the Diesal Issue."
92 Cartoon, "They want to join the Transport Workers Union!"
93 Labour Day Unity 1957
94 Kohler Strikers billboard
95 "The Union Label"- Amalgamated Clothing Workers
95 a Amalgamated Garment Workers of America
95 b "Union Store" - Retail Clerks International Association
95 c "Union Label" - Upholsterers International Union
95 d "Read Your Union Paper", "Attend Union Meetings Regularly" - Labour Day Resolutions.

Electrotypes and Line Plates
95 Blocks in wood and metal of political figures, 1 house and 1 logo, as used in Labour Digest.
96 M.J. Coldwell, C.C.F. - 1 small portrait
97 M.J. Coldwell, C.C.F. - Giving Speech
98 George Castledon, ex. M.P. Sask. Prov.
99 Davidge
100 Wm. Doidge - 1 small portrait
101 Wm. Doidge - 1 larger portrait
102 Norman Draker - 1 small portrait
103 Norman Draker - 1 larger portrait
104 Gregory Friend
105 W.J. Grumonell
106 David Lewis - 1 medium size portrait
107 David Lewis -1 larger portrait
108-9 Larry Sefton
110 Mrs. Strum
111 J.S. Woodsworth - 1 small portrait
112 J.S. Woodsworth - 1 large portrait
113-5 George Wright - 1 small and 2 medium size portraits
116 Unidentified Man
117 Logo "C.C.F."
118 Logo "VOTE"
119 Woodsworth House

Photographs - (for use in Hamilton Labour Digest)

1 Labour Day Celebration - 1957?
Reg Gisborn, Stew Cooke, Tom Taylor, John Bruce, Jim Stowe and Sam Lawrence
2 Float of Bricklayers and Mason's Union, Hamilton
3 Close-up of Bricklayers and Masons' Float
4 Float of United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 18
5 Jim Stowe with two Drum Majorettes
6 Sam Lawrence presenting award for Labour Day Parade float to a group of 4 women and 1 man - Textile Workers. (2 copies)
7 Reg Gisborn presenting award for float to a member of the Bricklayer's union
8 Tom Taylor (extreme left) with a group of trophy winners - Bricklayers and Textile Workers
9 Textile Workers' Float - Best Employees float
10 1957 Labour Day gathering
11. Hamilton Majorettes, Canada, with drummers
12-8 Rally of Quebec Labour Outside Legislature in Quebec City, Sept. 7, 1957, detailed description from C.L.C. attached
12 Lunch stop
13 Crowd- part of assembly of 4,000
14 As above
15 Jean Marchand addresses the workers
16 Group of 5 men - R. Provost, D. Lussier, J. Duceppe, R. Mathieu, J. Marcharu
17 The two seated are J. Marchand and H. Plamondon
18 R. Provost, L. Laberge, R. Bedard and F. D'Aoust
19-35 Conventions and Meetings
19 Reg Gisborn, Jim Stowe, Stew Cooke
20-5 O.F.L. Convention, Toronto 1957
20 L-R
Renry Weisback, C.L.C. Ontario Director of Education
Stew Cooke, Council Secretary
David Doyle, President Local 3250 USWA
Reg Gisborn, Council Vice President
Gord Rolsey, Chairman grievance committee, Local 1005 USWA
Al Hogan Local 2901 USWA
21 Sale of Tickets to aid striking Consumers Glass Members -
L-R standing in front of prizes are: S.E. Fagan, Cap Makers Union
A.C. Purnell, H. Barker, R. Gillispie, D. McEntee (All Local167, Hamilton Municipal Employees)
Seated, John Perna (Local 237, U.G. and C.W.)
22 Delegates from Local 113 United Rubber Workers - Harry Yeomans (Pres.) Gerry Shea (Sec.) and Harold Keaton
23 Hamilton Delegates,
L-R standing
Tom Taylor (Local 67, Plumbers and Pipe Fitters)
J.A. White (Local 700, Operating Engineers)
Don Mowat (Local 18, Carpenters}
Seated, Hugh Usher, Local 303, Projectionists Union - cut out
A.S. Krotts (Local 67, Plumbers and Pipe Fitters) and James Stowe (Pattern-makers)
24 First delegate to register at merger convention, Hamilton President Jim Stowe followed by Hugh Usher and Bill Foley. Looking on is Ken Bryden, secretary of Ontario C.C.F.
25 Delegates Vern Mustard and Bill Foley of the United Textile Workers with Ron Taylor of the Sheet Metal Workers.
26 Bob Gilbert, Local 288 (2 copies)
27 Ralph Ellis, Local 354, Can Workers' Union addresses Religion - Labour Foundation Confederation, January 1957
28 Cliff Booth, Local 18, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners reporting to H. & D. L.C. on the Workers' Educational Association, 1957
29 Speaker (unidentified) addresses H. & D. L.C. meeting (2 copies)
30 Jim Stowe welcomes new delegates, March 1957 (2 copies)
31 Jack Luckman, Local 3696, United Steelworkers of America
32 Group of National delegates -some identification attached
33 Group including Jim Stowe, front, second from right, Reg Gisborn, back left
34 May 1957- Annual H.&D. L.C. meeting: Stew Cooke, Reg Gisborn, Claude Jodoin, Jim Stowe, Carl Anderson, Bill Foley
35 Reg Gisborn, Jim Stowe, Claude Jodoin and Bill Foley
36 Benevolent Draw for Harry Thornberry, March, 1957: Hugh Usher, Jim Stowe and Fred Baldassari
37-8 Trophies, with 4 negatives
39 Group of 4 unidentified men
40 Group of unidentified men with 3 negatives
41 Envelope containing 3 unidentified negatives
42 Tom Taylor and Jim Stowe
43 Labour Day Committee
44 Stew Cooke, Jim Stowe and others
45 Group of Steelworkers
46 Reg Gisborn operating a crane
47 2 unidentified men, seated
48 Group of unidentified women
49 Reg Gisborn and Bill Juhlke prepare to leave Hamilton to attend conference on Community Chests and Councils in Quebec City, Jan. 17 1957.
50 Jim Stowe, Reg Gisborne, 2 other men and woman admiring freezer (2 copies)
51 Woman and 2 men above with freezer
52 Man, woman, 2 children and freezer (4 copies}
53 Maynard Mpangala of Tanganika (addressed H.&D. L.C. Nov. 1956) one picture of him alone another with another unidentified man
54 Baby in woman's arms
55 Mother holding baby - baby's face cut out
56 Man on stretcher - fire fighter?
57 Woman picketing Harry Gold clothing store
58 Group of men outside Carling's Beer Store (2 copies)
59-61 Material for Movie Column in Hamilton Labour Digest
59 Newspaper clipping of Mitzi Gaynor
60 Still from film Hill 24 used in Hamilton Labour Digest, February 1957
61 Still from movie Boy on a Dolphin
62 Controller Sam Lawrence picketing Murphy's Restaurant, 1936
63 Guests at the Sam Lawrence Testimonial Dinner, 1957- speaker Tommy Douglas
64 Tommy Douglas
65-6 Jim Stowe
67-8 Stew Cooke
69 Frank Spence
70-1 (2 copies) Pictures of unidentified men
72 Douglas McEntee (2 copies}
73-6 Portraits of unidentified men
77 Sheet of 3 portraits of unidentified men

C.C.F. Federal Committee (a.k.a. C.C.F. Federal Election Committee) Financial
F.1 C.C.F. Federal Committee - Bank Statements, July 1953 to July 1958
F.2 Bank statements May 1958 to April 1959
F.3 5 receipt books -listing donations to C.C.F. election fund, 1956 & 1957
F.4 C.C.F. Federal Election Committee - financial correspondence, Jan. 1954-April 1959, comprising invoices and receipts for advertising, publicity etc. and financial statements from 1954 and 1957 elections, arranged chronologically.
F.5 C.C.F. Federal Election Committee - Deposit Book, 1953-1958
F.6 C.C.F. Federal Election Committee - Cheque Book, 1953-1959
F.7 United Steelworkers of America - Cash Book, showing finances for August 1953 election campaign.
F.8 1 envelope containing C.C.F. Federal Election Committee rubber stamp

Note: Before the merger in 1956 the P.A.C. was a highly active and visible committee of the Hamilton Labour Council. The merger of the Hamilton Labour Council and the Hamilton Trades and Labour Council in June 1956 does not seem to have had any appreciable effect upon the activities of the committee; it changed its name and continued undaunted. Indeed, the financial records of the committee show no interruption at all in 1956.

BOX 10
C.C.F. Provincial Election Committee Financial
F.1 Financial Correspondence, March 1954 to May 1961, including minutes of C.C.F. Provincial Election Committee meetings, May 1955 to September 1955, financial statements, invoices, etc.
F.2 1 envelope containing C.C.F. Provincial election committee Bank Statements March 1955 to October 1955
F.3 1 envelope containing C.C.F. Provincial Election Committee Rubber Stamp

BOX 11
C.C.F. Municipal Election Committee Financial
F.1 Cheque Book - covers the period Nov. 1952 to April 1959
F.2 Receipt book - contains list of donations to P.A.C., November 1952 to July 1954
F.3 Bank Deposit Book, November 1952 to April 1957
F.4 1 envelope containing Statements of account and lists of receipts and expenses, Nov. 1952 to April 1959
F.5 Receipts and Petty Cash, 1951-52 (58c. coin, 14c, 11c, stamps)
F.6 Financial Statement Jan. 1954, re. 1953 Municipal election campaign
F.7 Receipt book - showing donations to C.C.F. Municipal election, 1952
F.8 Receipt book - showing donations to C.C.F. Municipal election. 1956
F.9 1 envelope containing rubber stamp - Hamilton C.C.F. Municipal Election Committee
F.10 2 invoices re printing expenses during 1953 municipal election

BOX 12
Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council also known as Hamilton and District C.C.F.,
Hamilton and District C.C.F. Council, Hamilton and District C.C.F. Association, Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council
F.1 Bank Statements, Mar. 1950 to Oct. 1960
F.2 Financial Statements and Cash Book, 1950-1954
F.3 Financial Correspondence, November 1949 to August 1961, includes miscellaneous bills and invoices.

BOX 13
Hamilton and District C.C.F. Council -Cheque Books
F.1 March 1950 to Apri11955
F.2 April 1955 to February 1961
F.3 May 1961 to January 1962
F.4 1 Receipt book - Donations to Hamilton West C.C.F. Campaign, 1950
F.5 2 Receipt books marked "C.C.F. National Expansion Drive", 1951
F.6 1 unused bank deposit book
F.7 1 unused cheque book
Hamilton and District C.C.F. Council -Bank Deposit Books
F.8 September 1953 to April 1955
F.9 May 1955 to January 1958
F.10 February 1958 to March 1961
F.11 May 1961 to November 1961
F.12 C.C.F. Council - Bank Statements - cover the period March 1961 to January 1962
F.13 10 books of ticket stubs with names and addresses of purchasers - no dates
F.14 1 Rubber stamp "Hamilton and District C.C.F. Council".

BOX 14
F.1 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council correspondence, February 1951 to December 1956 (with 2 letters for 1960) (also contains correspondence relating to specific area ridings)
F.2 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council national expansion drive, 1951
F.3 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Membership Drives, 1952 and 1953
F.4 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Rebates to Hamilton Area Ridings from Provincial H.Q., November 1950 to November 1959
F.5 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Municipal Elections Committee, 1953-1954
F.6 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Hamilton East Riding, 1952-3
F.7 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Hamilton Mountain C.C.F. Club, 1953
F.8 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Hamilton South Riding, 1953-1954
F.9 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Hamilton West Riding, 1952-1955
F.10 Hamilton-Wentworth C.C.F. Council, Wentworth Riding, 1953-1954, contains, in addition to usual meeting notices and correspondence, 2 campaign posters for Joe Easton.

C.C.F. - Federal And Provincial Material

BOX 15
F.1 C.C.F. Federal material, 1943 to 1959
Comprises speeches, publicity, articles and general correspondence
F.2 C.C.F. National Convention reports, 1952,1958, 1959
F.3 C.C.F. 1953 Federal Election campaign material
Transcripts of speeches, press releases etc.
F.4 C.C.F. 1958 Federal Election. Observations by a member of the British Labour Party on the conducting of the C.C.F. campaign in Ontario
F.5 C.C.F. - Endorsement by the C.L.C. -1956-7, newspaper articles
F.6 C.C.F. - Ontario Section - convention programmes, resolutions and reports, 1951, 1952, 1953 and 1959
F.7 C.C.F. Ontario, Trade Union Conference, 1952, 1953, 1955 and 1956
F.8 C.C.F. Ontario - financial records, publicity, speeches and general correspondence, 1951-1960
F.9 C.C.F. Ontario - Membership Education Committee
Comprises study outlines, Socialism, What is the C.C.F.?, Forest Resources, Saskatchewan
F.10 C.C.F. Ontario - Minutes of Provincial council and Provincial executive meetings, January 1951 to March 1952
F.11 C.C.F. Ontario - Reports from Queen's Park, February to April 1951
F.12 C.C.F. Saskatchewan - Newspaper clippings, publicity, radio scripts, May 1949 to November 1953

The "New Party" and New Democratic Party

BOX 16
F.1 The "New Party" (forerunner of N.D.P.) , October 1960 to October 1961, publicity, pamphlets, reference papers, general correspondence
F.2 The "New Party," November 1960 to June 1961 , Progress reports and lists of donations
F.3 The New Party News Letter, Issues of May 1960 to June 1961 (incomplete)
F.4 New Democratic Youth, 1961 to 1962, membership lists, constitution, material from the first annual convention, pamphlet on money raising
F.5 New Democratic Party, Canada, Ontario and Hamilton. Constitutions, Federal and Provincial, 1961, programme, publicity, correspondence, 1961-1963
F.6 New Democratic Newsletter, December 1963 to October 1964 (incomplete)
F.7 New Democratic Party of Ontario, Report of the Second Provincial Convention, 1964

Ontario Federation of Labour, 1953 to 1961

BOX 17
F.1 O.F.L.- P.A.C., correspondence and publicity from May 1953 to December 1961
F.2 O.F.L.- P.A.C. rebates to Hamilton Labour Council P.A.C., March 8 1954 to December 13 1956
F.3 O.F.L. - financial statement for the year ending December 31 1954
F.4 O.F.L. P.A.C. Rebates, 1957 to 1959
F.5 O.F.L. P.A.C. Rebates, 1960
F.6 O.F.L. and the "New Party", 1960; comprises publicity and pre conference agenda
F.7 Memo, O.F.L. - P.A.C. periodical, issues for September 1959 to January 1961. Most issues relate directly to the New Party
F.8 O.F.L., legislative proposals, 1962
Note: Additional OFL material found in Box 42 and following boxes.

Canadian Congress of Labour (Canadian Labour Congress) P.A.C.

BOX 18
F.1 Correspondence from C.C.L. to H.L.C. P.A.C., January 1951 to March 1956.
Note: In April 1956 C.C.L. became the Canadian Labour Congress.
F.2 C.C.L. P.A.C. Bulletin- periodical. Complete except for the first issue October 1952 to December 195F.3
F.3 C.C.L. P.A.C. Newsletter, January 1951 to March 1952 (incomplete)
F.4 C.C.L. P.A.C., publicity, pamphlets, etc., no dates, c. 1954
F.5 Reports of meetings, minutes, 1952-1955
F.6 C.C.L. P.A.C. - Hamilton Regional Office - Today's Worker, periodical, November 1950 to February 1951 (incomplete)
F.7 C.C.L. - World Federation of Trade Unions, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, 1949 to 1950
F.8 C.L.C. - correspondence with H. & D. L.C. P.A.C., August to October 1956
F.9 C.L.C. - correspondence, January 1958 to June 1964
F.10 C.L.C. - Political Education Information, 1962 to 1964, comprising publications of the Political Education Department.
Note: Further material on C.C.L. (its name was changed to C.L.C. at the merger convention in 1956) for 1956-60, 1961-64 and, 1965, and thereafter yearly files can be found later in this finding aid. See Box 40 and following boxes. Also press releases from the C.L.C. offices, issued as Co-operative Press Association releases, February 1959 to September 1960.

BOX 19
F.1 Hamilton Labour Council P.A.C. (also known as Legislative and Political Action Committee) Membership lists, 1950
F.2 P.A.C. financial statements, June 1953 to March 1956 with "6 week club" statements. (For later financial statements of P.A.C. see auditor's reports in the general financial section of this fonds, arranged by year).
F.3 Hamilton and District Trades and Labour Council - financial statement May 1956 (1 month prior to merger with Hamilton Labour Council)
F.4 P.A.C. - notices of meetings and minutes, November 1950 to March 1956 and membership lists 1956.
5. P.A.C. - minutes and agenda, 1958 and 1959.
6. The Hub - Hamilton Labour Council periodical, Volume I no. 2 April 1953 and volume I no.3 May 1953.
Note: The complete run of this periodical, March 1953 to June 1956 (with the exception of Vol. IV no.5, May 1956 which is missing), has been catalogued as a periodical for Research Collections Periodicals. F.7 P.A.C. correspondence, March 1951 to May 1956

BOX 20
F.1 Political Action Committee, Treasurer's Cash Books ( June 1950 to June 1954 July 1954 to October 1957
F.2 P.A.C., Cheque Book, June 1954 to January 1958
F.3 P.A.C., Bank Deposit Books, (3), April 26 1954 to September 13 1957, January 1958 to February 1961, May 1961 to March 1963

BOX 21
F.1 P.A.C. correspondence, May 1956 to December 1959, including minutes of meetings and reports to council.
F.2 P.A.C. correspondence, including minutes of meetings and reports to council, 1960 F.3 Municipal Election, December 1960, includes candidates' publicity, biographies and photographs
F.4 P.A.C., General Correspondence, including minutes of meetings and financial statements, February 1961 to February 1965
Note: For more on the P.A.C. see the "Council Business" boxes for the year concerned (Boxes 31, 49, 51, 54, 56, 62-3); each has a single "P.A.C." file, 1964 onwards.

BOX 22
Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, Speeches etc., 1944 to 1955, most is for c.1953 sorted alphabetically by topic, chronologically within each file.
A - K
F.1 British Columbia Elections - newspaper clipping, 1953
F.2 British Labour Party - 1953
F.3 C.C.F. Federal Programme 1953- Agriculture, the federal budget etc.
F.4 Calendar - A Hundred Year Calendar issued by the Industrial Accident Prevention Associations
F.5 Canadian Manufacturers' Association - newsclipping, 1953
F.6 Capitalism - 1944 (?Radio) speech by Jack O'Hanley
F.7 Cartels and Monopolies - Radio speech by Jack O'Hanley, 1944
F.8 Communism- Newspaper clippings and reports, June 1953 to September 1954
F.9 Constitution of the Hamilton and District Trades and Labour Council, as revised September 1949
F.10 Cost of Living - newspaper clippings, September and November 1953
F.11 Economic Conditions - Speech 1953, newspaper clipping on Sudbury, 1954
F.12 Federal Government Affairs 1952-953 - includes speech by St. Laurent, speeches on National Health Insurance and corporations (by Jack O'Hanley?), Hansard debate on Old Age Pensions, 1953, proposal for new global economic system, 1954 New Year's message from Minister of Labour.
F.13 Federal Government Affairs, continued.
Newspaper clippings, various topics, 1953-1954
F.14 Federal Government Data,
Guide to Canada's Parliament - no date but c.1950
F.15 Reg Gisborn, M.L.A. - newspaper clipping and press release, 1955-1957
F.16 Guaranteed Annual Wage - newspaper clippings, August-November 1953
F.17 Hamilton Municipal Material, 1952-1954,
comprises newspaper clippings, 1953 guide to Hamilton's social services, 1954 recommendations to City Council, 1953 statement on city's debenture debt, Parkview sewer report, 1954.
F.18 Hope Commission Report, recommendations re Ontario education, 1950.
F.19 Housing - issue of Canadian Welfare, 1952, issue of Labour Research, 1953 both on housing, 1953-1954 newspaper clippings concerning Hamilton housing problems and rent control.
F.20 Immigration - issue of Citizenship Items, published October 1953 re immigration
F.21 Income Tax -1952 Tax Return - blank, list of 1953 Tax Deductions, 1953 newspaper clippings
F.22 International Labour Organization - publications, 2 no date, 1 November 1953
F.23 Jamaican Politics, 1953-August and September issues of P.N.P. Newsletter (People's National Party)
Note: These subject headings are, for the most part, as the material was received. Obvious duplicate files have been condensed and some "miscellaneous" files divided up.

BOX 23 L -Z
F.1 Labour issues -newspaper clippings, speeches and publicity covering the period August to November 1953; most material is connected in some way with the Gold Miners' Strike. F.2 Letters to the Editor, May to August 1953, by Jack O'Hanley (2), Reg Gardiner and Murla Davison
F.3 Municipal Directory, 1951
F.4 Old Age Pensioners, 1953 and 1955.
1953 survey of the needs of pensioners in Hamilton, 1953 newspaper clippings, 1955 edition of Weekend Magazine containing article on O.A.Ps.
F.5 Ontario Government Affairs, 1949 to 1952,
Copy of the Fumes Control Act, 1949
The Housing Development Amendment Act, 1950,
Tory views on social welfare, 1950,
Text of radio provincial affairs speech by E.B. Jolliffe,
Reports of the Parliamentary sessions 1950 and 1951,
1951-2 Speeches and newspaper clippings
F.6 Ontario and the C.C.F. 1953-1954 - newspaper clipping
F.7 Operating Engineers, Local 700 - newspaper clipping November ‘56 outlining their dispute with H. & D.L.C.
F.8 Progressive Conservatives, June 1949- newspaper clipping regarding the election
F.9 Radio Committee, Hamilton Labour Council, 1952-1953, Plans for radio broadcasts and transcripts of speeches
F.10 Social Credit - election speech, no date, (?1953), Article on Social Credit contained in copy of New Liberty Magazine, August 1953
F.11 Unemployment - Hamilton -article and newspaper clippings, 1954
F.12 U.S. Labour - reprint of article in Wall Street Journal, February 1958, "This is Why Labor is in Politics"
F.13 U.S. Politics -1953, newspaper clipping on C.I.O. president's speech

BOX 24
Periodicals Received by P.A.C. 1947 to 1959
A - N C.C.F. News (Ontario and Maritimes), April 1953 to August 1955 (incomplete)
Canadian Labour, October 1952 to August 1954 (incomplete)
The Canadian Unionist (C.C.L. Official publication), February 1953, May 1953 and July-August 1954
The Citizen (Hamilton newspaper), edition of July 5, 1947
Comment (National C.C.F. Publication), Apri11951 to April 1954 (incomplete}
Cope, Committee on Political Education, A.F.L. - C.I.O. publication, U.S., March ‘58 to February 1959
Free Labour World, Issues of September 1953, May 1954 and July 1954
Industry (Publication of Canadian Manufacturers' Association), April 1951, August and November 1953
Information (United Steelworkers of America Publication), September 1953, November 1953, October 1960
Labour Facts, January 1953 to July/August 1954 (incomplete)
Labour Research, February 1953 and March 1955
Newsletter from Behind the Iron Curtain, February and September 1959

BOX 25
O - Z
Plebs (British Labour Periodical)) February 1952 to March 1953
Saskatchewan News, February 1951, January to September 1954, March to July 1954 (incomplete)
Socialist Labour Party of Canada - Publications, with various titles, all c. 1951
Steel Shots (Local 1005 Periodical), January and November 1953
Talking Points (U.A.W. P.A.C. Publication), October 1952 and January 1953
U.A.W. - C.I.O. Publications (U.S.) c. 1950
United Steelworkers of America Publications - Steel Labour 1953, Steelworkers' News 1953, (see Also Steel Shots and Information)
Miscellaneous Socialist and Labour Publications received by Hamilton Labour Council and Hamilton and District Labour Council P.A.C. including ones by Canadian Brotherhood of Railway, Transport and General workers) Building and Construction Trades, C.I.O., C.B.U. etc.
1 Flag with central torch emblem and initials, in each of the four corners, C.I.O.S.L., I.C.F.T.U. (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions), I.B.F.G. ,C.I.S.L.

BOX 26
Co-operative Press Association (C.P.A.)
Releases, February to December 1959 (from C.L.C. offices)
F.1 C.P.A. releases, February 1959 to June 1959
F.2 C.P.A. releases, July 1959 to September 1959
F.3 C.P.A. releases, October 1959 to December 1959

BOX 27
Co-operative Press Association (C.P.A.)
Releases, January to September 1960
F.1 C.P.A. releases, January 1960 to April 1960
F.2 C.P.A. releases, May 1960 to September 1960

SERIES 5: Hamilton and District Labour Council, 1947-1970
Correspondence, Minutes, etc. are listed first, Boxes 28-70, followed by financial material, Boxes 71-120. There is, however, some financial material in Boxes 28-70. BOX 28: Pre-Merger and Merger Material
F.1 Hamilton Labour Council - Minutes of meetings, March 1947 to December 1950
F.2 Hamilton Labour Council - Minutes of meetings, January 1951 to November 1953
Note: F.1- 2 continue from the minute books of the H.L.C., see Series 3.
F.3 Hamilton Labour Council Recommendations, Delegates' Credentials and attendance records, c. 1951
F.4 Report and recommendation of the T.L.C. - C.C.L. merger committee, 1955
F.5 Hamilton and District Trades and Labour Council, List of Delegates, revised 1956
F.6 Hamilton Labour Council - Hamilton and District Labour Council merger, 1956 - list of members.

BOX 29
Minutes of Meetings of the Executive, 1956 to 1960
Executive committee meeting minutes:
F.1 June 1956 to December 1956
F.2 January 1957 to December 1957
F.3 January 1958 to December 1958
F.4 January 1959 to December 1959
F.5 January 1960 to June 1960
Note: These minutes were originally arranged commencing in June and terminating in May of each year

BOX 30
Draft Minutes of Meetings of Council, 1956 to 1960
Council meeting minutes:
F.1 September 1956 to December 1956
F.2 January 1957 to December 1957
F.3 January 1958 to December 1958
F.4 January 1959 to December 1959
F.5 January 1960 to May 1960
Note: These minutes were originally arranged in June-October and November-May sets. For the finalized versions of these minutes see binders in Series 3.

BOX 31
Council Business, 1956 to 1960
F.1 Annual Reports of the Executive, 1957 to 1960
F.2 Financial Statement of the merged assets of the Hamilton and District Labour Council, June 1956
F.3 List of Hamilton and District Labour Council Affiliates, 1956. (Compiled with regard to the establishment of a newspaper, soon to be published as The Hamilton Labour Digest)
F.4 List of Locals not affiliated with O.F.L - C.L.C. as of 1958
F.5 Constitution of the Hamilton and District Labour Council, as amended 1960 (envelope)
F.6 Non-Union Correspondence, September 1958 to December 1959
F.7 Non-Union Correspondence, 1960
F.8 Union Correspondence - filed alphabetically by union, 1956 to 1960.

BOX 32
Hamilton Labour Directory - Financial
F.1 Hamilton Labour Directory, account book listing advertisers and payments, 1957 to 1958
F.2 Hamilton Labour Directory, bank statements, records (financial), bank deposit books
F.3 Hamilton Labour Directory, cheque book, November 1956 to October 1958 Note: This directory appears to have been published once only, in 1957 despite requests for its reappearance.

BOX 33
Hamilton Labour Directory - Advertising
F.1 Hamilton Labour Directory, Advertising and Printing, 1957 to 1958
F.2 Hamilton Labour Directory, 2 order books for advertising, 1956
F.3 Hamilton Labour Directory, Paid Advertisements, 1957 to 1958
F.4 Hamilton Labour Directory, Paid Advertisements, 1958

BOX 34
Hamilton Labour Digest. The old Hamilton and District Trades and Labour Council published a periodical called Labour Digest which originated c. 1942. (There is one copy of this periodical from 1956 in with the H.&D.T.L.C. material, box 6. With the merger of the two councils the periodical changed its name to the Hamilton Labour Digest. It appears to have only lasted one year, from January to December 1957 as no further trace of it has been found after that time. The complete run of this periodical is now catalogued for with Research Collections - Periodicals
F.1 Hamilton Labour Digest, volume 1 number 1, January 1957 to volume 1 number 10, December 1957. There are duplicates of nos. 1, 2, 3, and 5. Numbers 7 and 8 are missing but may be obtained from Research Collections - Periodicals.
F.2 Hamilton Labour Digest, Advertising, 1957
F.3 Hamilton Labour Digest, Advertising, 1957-1958
F.4 Hamilton Labour Digest, Correspondence and articles, 1957-1958

F.5 Hamilton Annual Labour Review and Union Buyers' Guide: 3 issues, 1950-52

BOX 35
Circulars, Delegates' Credentials and Attendance Records, 1956 to 1960
F.1 Circulars - publicity and notices of meetings, May 1958 to May 1959
F.2 Circulars, May 1959 to May 1960
F.3 Delegates' Credentials, 1956-1960, A-N These credentials had to be presented before a union's delegates could be seated at a Labour Council meeting. New credentials were needed whenever a delegate was replaced. They have been sorted alphabetically by the name of the union, then numerically by the locals within a union and have finally been arranged chronologically. Where the name of a union changes the material has been filed together under the most recent name. The full names of the unions as per the union seal have been used where this name and the one recorded on the credential are at variance.
F.4 Delegates' Credentials, O-Z (except Steelworkers)
F.5 United Steelworkers of America - Delegates' Credentials
F.6 Delegates' regrets and attendance records, June 1954 to May 1960

BOX 36
Education Committee, 1957 to 1960
F.1 Education Committee, minutes of meetings and reports, 1957 to 1959
F.2 Education Committee, Ontario Hospital Plan Workshop, December 1958
F.3 Education Committee, miscellaneous correspondence, 1958 to 1959
F.4 Education Committee, New Party Conference, 1959
F.5 Education Committee, Miscellaneous correspondence, 1960
F.6 Education Committee, attendance records and comments re workshop, March 1960

BOX 37
Files on specific issues - sorted alphabetically by topic, covering the period 1955 to 1960 - A-H
F.1 Blue Cross Committee, 1960
F.2 Canada 1960 - Supplement to Encyclopaedia Britannica
F.3 Canadian Red Cross - financial statement 1959
F.3b The Catholic Register, newspaper - 2 editions from December 1960
F.4 Children's Hospital, April 1957 to March 1958
This file comprises the correspondence detailing the Hamilton and District Labour Council's opposition to the closing of the Children's Wing of the Hamilton General Hospital and the opening of a new mountain Children's Hospital.
F.5 Citizenship 1960 - Government Publicity
F.6 Civil Servants - January/February 1960
F.7 Department of Labour Publications, 1956-7
F.8 Employee Welfare Plans, 1956
F.9 Farmer-Labour Programme, 1956-7
F.10 Farmer-Labour Conference, 1960
F.11 Hamilton Street Railway - Report and Correspondence, July 1957 - February 1960
F.12 Hamilton United Services, February 1957 - February 1960

BOX 38
Files on specific issues, sorted alphabetically by topic, covering the period 1955-1960 - I-P
F.1 I.C.F.T.U. Students, 1957. List of those who entertained them during their visit to Hamilton
F.2 International Labour Organization Publications, 1959 to 1960
F.3 Jail Employees, salary, etc. 1957
F.4 Labour Day - correspondence and programmes, September 1957 to September 1960
F.5 Labour Day Correspondence, 1960
F.6 Labour Relations Act, Ontario, 1956 to 1960
F.7 Labour Force and Employment, 1956 to 1959, D.B.S. and Department of Labour Statistics and publications (see also next box under Unemployment)
F.8 Labour Temple Association, 1957-1958
F.9 New City Hall, 1958
F.10 Newfoundland Loggers' Strike, January 1959 to January 1960 (See also the circulars in the previous box on this.)
F.11 Picketing - submissions by H.&D.L.C. to the government

BOX 39 Q - Z
F.1 Quigley Construction - re complaint of Local 879, Teamsters, September 1958 to September 1959
F.2 Radiation in Hamilton, 1960
F.3 Religion - Labour Foundation - convention minutes, 1956
F.4 Safety and Accident prevention - brief to O.F.L. 1958
F.5 Sam Lawrence Tribute, November 1959
F.6 Steelworkers' Material - Job classifications and list of delegates to Steelworkers' Area Council, c. 1956-8
F.7 Student Nurses - conditions of work, February - March 1959
F.8 Tolls - roads and seaway - Report and correspondence, 1956-1958
F.9 Traffic in Hamilton, 1959 and 1960
F.10a Unemployment, 1957-1958 including results of surveys in Hamilton area re current unemployment situation
F.10b Unemployment, 1961
F.11 Welfare legislation in Ontario, summary, no date 1950s?
F.12 Workmen's Compensation - forms and regulations, 1957

BOX 40
Canadian Labour Congress, 1956-1960
F.1 Correspondence and publicity from C.L.C. to H.&D.L.C., August 1956 to May 1959
F.2 Correspondence and publicity from C.L.C. to H.&D.L.C., c. May 1959 to April 1960
F.3 C.L.C. Convention reports: 1956 - 1st C.L.C. Convention 1958 - 2nd C.L.C. Convention 1960 - 3rd C.L.C. Convention F.4 C.L.C. Constitution, 1956
F.5 FC.L.C. - 1st meeting of the General Board, 1957
F.6 C.L.C. - Financial Statements, 1956 and 1958
F.7. C.L.C. - Submissions to government and publications, 1958 and 1959 For earlier material on C.L.C. (C.C.L.) see P.A.C. series.

BOX 41
Ontario Federation of Labour, 1956-1960
F.1 O.F.L. Correspondence with H.&D.L.C., August 1956 to December 1958
F.2 O.F.L. Submissions to Government and Conventions reports, October 1957 to November 1958
F.3 O.F.L. Press releases and correspondence, June 1959 to Apri1 1960
F.4 O.F.L. Submissions to Government and Convention reports, 1959 to 1960
F.5 Ontario Labour Review, (O.F.L. Publication), vol. 3, nos. 3-7, January to July 1960 For earlier O.F.L. material see P.A.C. series. Both C.L.C. and O.F.L. material for the 1961-64 period are continued in Box 42 and thenceforth there are yearly files.

BOX 42
Canadian Labour Congress and Ontario Federation of Labour, 1961-1964
F.1 C.L.C., Memoranda to Government, 1962 to 1964
F.2 C.L.C. Convention reports, 1962 to 1964
F.3 O.F.L. Convention Reports and Resolutions; Delegates' Reports, 1963-1964
F.4 O.F.L. submissions, reports and publications, 1964, comprising: Medical Services Enquiry -Submission by O.F.L. January 1964 Legislative Proposals - Submission by O.F.L. April 1964 Report on Legislation Affecting Labour by O.F.L. June 1964 Submission by O.F.L. to Labour Safety Council of Ontario, September 1964 Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining in Canada, O.F.L. Publication, September 1964
F.5 O.F.L. Pamphlet summarizing O.F.L. Policies, 1957-1964
F.6 O.F.L. Correspondence, 1964

BOX 43
Correspondence 1961-1964 (primarily 1964)
F.1 H.& D.L.C. Annual Reports, 1963-1964
F.2 Executive Meetings, 1964- Agenda
F.3 Minutes of Executive Meetings, January to December 1964
F.4 UNION Correspondence, 1964
F.5 Political Action Committee, 1964 (see Municipal Election, Box 45) and P.A.C. series
F.6 Delegates' Credentials, 1961-1964- sorted alphabetically by union, then numerically by local and then chronologically.
F.7 Delegates' Attendance Records, 1962-1964
F.8 Reports received 1961-64, comprising:
1) The Medical Act - Ontario 1961
2) The Role of Labour in International Co-operation - C.L.C. 1962
3) Report of The Royal Commission on Labour-Management Relations in the Construction Industry 1962
4) You and the Vote - C.L.C. publication
5) Brief by International Union of Operating Engineers
Note: Henceforward the P.A.C., rather than maintaining its own separate series of records has a file or files among the general business of council. These were received filed alphabetically with other topics, as were the records of other committees, e.g. the Labour Day and Organizing Committees. To establish some degree of continuity and because of the obvious interest and importance of the P.A.C. material, it has been removed from its alphabetical position and has been included it in the "Council Business" box, at the beginning of the correspondence for each year.

BOX 44
1964 - Files on specific topics for 1964, sorted alphabetically - A-L
F.1 Burlington Labour Affiliation, 1964 (dispute with Oakville)
F.2 Canada Pension Plan, 1964
F.3 Donations by H. & D. L.C. in 1964
F.4 Economic Council of Canada, 1964
F.5 Education Committee -Weekend Institute, 1964
F.6 Human Rights Committee, 1964
F.7 Labour Day 1964 - General
F.8 Labour Day 1964 - Dance
F.9 Labour Day 1964 - Draw

BOX 45
Files on specific topics for 1961-1964, sorted alphabetically - M-Z
F.1 McMaster Growth Fund, 1964
F.2 Municipal Election, 1964
F.3 Ontario Welfare Council -correspondence and reports, 1964
F.4 Organizing Committee, 1964
F.5 Reform Institutions, 1962
F.6 Religion - Labour Council, convention, 1964
F.7 Social Planning Council, 1964
F.8 Unemployment, 1964
F.9 United States - Correspondence with, 1964
F.10 Welfare legislation changes - Ontario, 1963
F.11 Welfare Services Committee, 1962-1964
F.12 Workmen's Compensation, forms, 1964

BOX 46
Correspondence 1965
F.1 Annual Meeting, 1965 and list of officers elected
F.2 Annual Report 1965
F.3 Executive Meetings, 1965 - Agenda
F.4 Correspondence - Union
F.5 Correspondence - Non-Union
F.6 Political Action Committee, 1965
F.7 Delegates' Credentials and Attendance Records, 1965
F.8 Addresses made at conferences - miscellaneous

BOX 47
Canadian Labour Congress and Ontario Federation of Labour, 1965
F.1 C.L.C. Submissions and memoranda, 1965
F.2 C.L.C. Correspondence with Hamilton and District Labour Council, 1965
F.3 O.F.L. Conferences and conventions, 1965
F.4 O.F.L. Submissions, reports and publications, 1965 comprising: Legislative Proposals, 1965 Industrial Health and Safety Inquiry into civil rights Address by David Archer Brief to the Royal Commission of Health Services Report on Centennial Project Progress report - Poverty in Ontario (2 copies) Report on Legislation Affecting Labour Submission of the O.F.L. to Ontario Law Reform Commission Historical Sketch of Trade Unions - O.F.L. Publication Submission to Provincial Committee on aims and objectives of education.

BOX 48
Files on specific topics for 1965, sorted alphabetically - A - Z
F.1 Aging - Brief to Ontario Legislature
F.2 Burlington Labour Affiliation
F.3 Canada Pens Ion Plan
F.4 City of Hamilton
F.5 Education Committee
F.6 Industrial Standards Act - Report of Committee of Enquiry
F.7 Labour Day, 1965 - General
F.8 Labour Day, 1965 - Dance and Draw
F.9 Labour Day, 1965 - Parade
F.10 Labour Day, 1965 - Park and Beauty Contest
F.11. Legislative Committee
F.12 Medicare
F.13 Newspaper Clippings - Jim Stowe, Licensing, Unions
F.14 Organizing Committee F.15 Welfare Services Committee
F.16 Workers' Educational Association
F.17 Y.M.C.A. - New Building Fund Campaign

BOX 49
Council Business, O.F.L. & C.L.C. - 1966
F.1 Annual Meeting and Report of the Executive
F.2 Constitution of the Hamilton and District Labour Council, as amended 1966
F.3 Executive meeting agenda, 1966
F.4 P.A.C. - 1966
F.5 P.A.C. - Municipal election 1966
F.6 Credentials - issued in 1966
F.7 C.L.C. - 1966 - correspondence, memorandum, report of 6th constitutional convention
F.8 O.F.L. - 1965-1966 - submissions to government, legislative proposals, report of the l0th annual convention

BOX 50
1966 (Files on specific topics, sorted alphabetically)
F.1 Automobile compensation
F.2 Board of Education
F.3 Burlington Labour affiliation
F.4 Centennial Committee
F.5 City of Hamilton - briefs and reports
F.6 Education committee
F.7 Farmer - Labour - Teacher conference, 1966
F.8 Labour Day 1966 - General Business
F.9 Labour Day 1966 - Baby show, parade and draw
F.10 Labour Day 1966 - Dance and Beauty contest
F.11 Law and Industrial Relations Conference
F.12 Legislative Committee Report
F.13 Minimum Standards By-Law Committee
F.14 Radio Broadcasts, by H. & D. L.C., 1966-67, C.K.O.C.
F.15 U.N.I.C.E.F.
F.16 Union Label Convention, 1966.

BOX 51
1967 - Council Business, O.F.L. and C.L.C.
F.1 Annual Meeting, Annual Report and Financial Statement
F.2 Executive committee agenda
F.3 Council correspondence, 1967
F.4 P.A.C. reports to council, 1967-1968
F.5 P.A.C. - Provincial election, 1967
F.6 Credentials - issued in 1967
F.7 C.L.C. - correspondence
F.8 O.F.L. - correspondence, submissions, memoranda

BOX 52
1967 (Files on specific topics, sorted alphabetically) - A-H
F.1 Autonomy - statement by the President of H. & D. L.C.
F.2 Centennial Committee, 1967
F.3 Co-operatives
F.4 Education Committee
F.5 Hamilton Theatre Auditorium Fund
F.6 Housing

BOX 53
1967 (Files on specific topics, sorted alphabetically) - I-Z
F.1 Injunctions
F.2 Labour College of Canada
F.3 Labour Councils - other
F.4 Labour Day 1967 - General
F.5 Labour Day 1967 - Beauty Contest, Dance and Parade
F.6 Labour Day 1967 - Draw Committee
F.7 Labour News Broadcasts, 1967 (C.K.O.C.)
F.8 Legislative Committee
F.9 Municipal Government - brief from the Hamilton Citizens' Committee
F.10 Religion-Labour Council, 1967 Convention Report
F.11 Workmen's Compensation
F.12 Y.M.C.A. - New Building Fund

BOX 54
Council Business, 1968, C.L.C. & O.F.L.
F.1 Annual Meeting, Annual Report and Financial Statement
F.2 Executive Meeting - Agenda
F.3 Political Action Committee - General Correspondence
F.4 Political Action Committee - Federal Election
F.5 Political Action Committee - Municipal Election
F.6 Credentials -Replaced in 1968 - sorted alphabetically by union. Note: Up to this point credentials have been sorted and filed into the appropriate box for the year in which they were issued and within that file arranged alphabetically by the name of the union concerned. However, henceforward they are filed as received, and are contained in the box for the year in which they were replaced. Thus, file 6 in the box contains credentials issued in 1964-7, all of which were replaced in 1968.
F.7 Canadian Labour Congress - General Correspondence
F.8 Ontario Federation of Labour - General Correspondence

BOX 55
1968 (Specific files sorted alphabetically by topic) - A-Z
F.1 The Carter Report - "What's it all about?"
F.2 Education Committee
F.3 Housing - Co-op
F.4 Labour Councils - other
F.5 Labour Day - General
F.6 Labour Day - Dance and Draw
F.7 Labour Day - Donations
F.8 Labour Day - Parade
F.9 Labour Day - Park and Beauty Contest
F.10 Labour News Broadcasts, on Radio Stations C.H.A.M. and C.K.O.C.
F.11 Legislative Committee - including briefs on filling vacancies in municipal government and in regional government
F.12 Medical Care, "For People or for Private Insurance?"
F.13 Municipal Government Committee, 1967-68
F.14 New Democratic Party
F.15 Ontario Municipal Board - Brief re Stuart Street rezoning. Note: from original file "Meeting not held, matter settled at City Council."
F.16 Religion-Labour Council - Annual Report
F.17 Social Planning and Research Council

BOX 56
Council Business, 1969
F.1 Annual Meeting
F.2 Annual Report
F.3 Executive committee meetings - Agenda
F.4 Executive committee meetings - Minutes
F.5 Executive committee - Reports to Council
F.6 Council meetings - Minutes
F.7 Council correspondence re meetings
F.8 Political Action Committee - correspondence etc. (includes some photographs of area candidates)
F.9 Credential correspondence
F.10 Credentials - replaced in 1969
F.11 Attendance - records and correspondence

BOX 57
F.1 Circular correspondence to affiliates
F.2 Per capita tax correspondence
F.3 Canadian Labour Congress - correspondence, memoranda, publications
F.4 Canadian Labour Congress - press releases (for publication)

BOX 58
Education Committee, 1969
F.1 Education Committee - General Correspondence
F.2 Education Committee - Weekend Institute
F.3 Education Committee - Weekend Institute, evaluation and attendance sheets

BOX 59
Labour Day, 1969
F.1 Labour Day - General Correspondence
F.2 Labour Day - Baby Show
F.3 Labour Day - Beauty Contest
F.4 Labour Day - Dance
F.5 Labour Day - Donations
F.6 Labour Day - Draw
F.7 Labour Day - Meeting Notices
F.8 Labour Day - Parade
F.9 Labour Day - Park

BOX 60
1969 (Specific Files in alphabetical order by topic) - A- H
F.1 Addiction Research Foundation
F.2 Addresses - changed, changes of officers etc.
F.3 Affiliation correspondence
F.4 Board of Education
F.5 Briefs and Policy Statements, comprising:
a) Urban Renewal
b) Medicare
c) Local Government
d) Taxation (see also Taxation in Box 61)
F.6 California Grapes Boycott Committee, 1968-9
F.7 City of Hamilton
F.8 Civic Square Project - Special Committee
F.9 Conservation and Pollution Committee
F.10 Co-operatives
F.11 Housing Plan, 1967-69
F.12 Human Rights Committee

BOX 61
1969 (specific files in alphabetical order by topic) - I-Z
F.1 Legislative Committee
F.2 Medicare
F.3 Medicare Rally - December 6, 1969
F.4 Rand Report -discussions of (there is a copy of this report under the same heading in the 1970 file)
F.5 Religion-Labour Council
F.6 Social Planning and Research Council
F.7 Stationery and Supplies
F.8 Taxation
F.9 Telegrams - on subjects of:
a) N.D.P. in British Columbia
b) elections to fill municipal vacancies
F.10 Travel
F.11 Unemployment Insurance
F.12 U.N. I .C .E .F. F.13 United Nations Association
F14. W.F.S. "The Hamilton Experiment"
F15. Workers' Educational Association
F16. Workmen's Compensation

BOX 62
Council Business, 1970
F.1 Annual Meeting
F.2 Annual report and financial report
F.3 Executive Committee Meetings - Agenda
F.4 Executive Committee - Reports to Council
F.5 Minutes of Council Meetings
F.6 Council Correspondence re. meetings

BOX 63
Council Business, 1970
F.1 Affiliation correspondence
F.2 Correspondence - Union
F.3 Correspondence - Non Union
F.4 Circular Correspondence
F.5 Political Action Committee - membership lists, reports to council, general correspondence
F.6 Political Action Committee - Municipal Election, 1970
F.7 Credentials - outdated during 1970
F.8 Credentials Correspondence
F.9 Attendance Correspondence

BOX 64
O.F.L. & C.L.C. 1970
F.1 O.F.L. correspondence, publicity and reports
F.2 O.F.L. Executive - minutes of meetings
F.3 C.L.C. - correspondence and reports
F.4 C.L.C. - press releases
F.5 C.L.C. - Publications - Notes on Unions

BOX 65
Miscellaneous files - 1970 (Sorted alphabetically) - A-D
F.1 Accident prevention
F.2 Acts, copies of, 1961-1970 File includes: Municipal Act - Ontario, 1965 Health Services Act - Ontario 1969 Women and Labour Legislation - Ontario, 1969 Employment Standards - Ontario, 1968 Canadian Citizenship Act, 1961
F.3 Addiction Research Foundation
F.4 Addresses, new, changed, etc.
F.5 Advertising re. Housing Project comprising material from would-be suppliers
F.6 Canadian Welfare Council
F.7 Citizenship Month - 1970
F.8 City of Hamilton, 1970
F.9 Community Conference
F.10 Co-operatives
F.11 Department of Labour
F.12 Dominion Bureau of Statistics
F.13 Donations - made by the Hamilton and District Labour Council in 1970

BOX 66
Miscellaneous Files - 1970 (sorted alphabetically) - E-L
F.1 Education
F.2 Education Committee
F.3 Government Correspondence, comprising letters to and from members of the Federal and Provincial Legislatures and the Prime Ministers of Canada and Ontario
F.4 Great Lakes Waterways Development Association, 1969-70
F.5 Hamilton Hydro
F.6 Histadrut F.7 Horizon ‘70 - Community Forum for Citizens of Hamilton
F.8 Housing Project - applications for accommodation
F.9 International Labour Office News -periodical, bi-monthly, January - August, 4 issues
F.10 Labour College of Canada
F.11 Labour Councils - other

BOX 67
Miscellaneous Files - 1970 (sorted alphabetically) - M-O
F.1 Medicare
F.2 Ministry in Industry
F.3 Miscellaneous Literature received by H. & D. L.C. during 1970
F.4 National Labour Committee Co-operative re Housing Project
F.5 New Democratic Party - Federal
F.6 N.D.P. - Hamilton and Ontario
F.7 N.D.P. - Manitoba
F.8 Newspaper clippings, comprising: Bill Foley's retirement from Civic Politics British Budget News Grants from City Council Advertisements by H. & D. L.C. British Labour News
F.9 Ontario Welfare Council

BOX 68
Miscellaneous Files - 1970 (sorted alphabetically) - P-R
F.1 Per Capita Correspondence
F.2 Pollution Conference, October 1970
F.3 Poverty - Brief by Social Planning and Research Council
F.4 Rand Report -findings of the Royal Commission inquiry into Labour Disputes, 1968
F.5 Religion - Labour Council, 1970 Convention Report

BOX 69
Miscellaneous Files - 1970 (sorted alphabetically) - S-Z
F.1 Social Planning and Research Council, 1970
F.2 Social Welfare, 1970
F.3 Stationery and Supplies, 1970
F.4 Telegrams, re death of Walter Reuther, Steele Commission and Postal Workers
F.5 Travel
F.6 Unemployment Insurance Commission
F.7 United Appeal - Hamilton
F.8 United Farm Workers - California Grapes Boycott
F.9 United Nations Association
F.10 Visiting Homemakers Association
F.11 Woods Report, 1970- Report of the task force on Labour Relations
F.12 Workers' Educational Association
F.13 Workmen's Compensation

BOX 70
F.1 List of delegates eligible to stand for executive committee as of 1 February 1971.
F.2 Great Lakes Waterways Development Association, 1971.

BOX 71
Financial Audit Reports and Financial Statements, 1956-1961
F.1 Hamilton Labour Council, Financial Statements for the months of January to April, 1956, immediately prior to the merger and creation of Hamilton and District Labour Council
F.2 Financial Statements, August 1956 to January 1957
F.3 Financial Statement, May 1, 1958 to October 31, 1958
F.4 Financial Statement, November 1, 1958 to April 30, 1959 (2 copies)
F.5 Financial Statement, May 1, 1959 to October 31, 1959 (4 copies)
F.6 Financial Statement, November 1, 1959 to April 30, 1960 (5 copies)
F.7 Financial Statement, May 1, 1960 to October 31, 1960 (5 copies) and Annual Report of Council, submitted May 1960
F.8. Financial Surveys for 1960
F.9. Financial Statement, November 1, 1960 to April 30, 1961

BOX 72
Financial - Audit Reports and Financial Statements, 1961-1963
F.1 Financial Statement - May 1, 1961 to October 31, 1961 (3 copies}
F.2 Financial Statement - May 1, 1961 to April 30, 1962 (2 copies)
F.3 Financial Statement - May 1, 1962 to October 31, 1962
F.4 Financial Statement, Hamilton and District Labour Council Political Action Committee - May 1, 1961 to April 30, 1962
F.5 Financial Statement - Hamilton and District Labour Council Labour Day Committee, for operations during 1961. This file also includes miscellaneous receipts connected with the Labour Day celebrations and a photograph of the 1961 Beauty Contest winners
F.6 Financial Statement - Labour Day Committee, for 1962 (5 copies)
F.7 Financial Statement - May 1, 1962 to April 30, 1963
F.8 Financial Statement - May 1, 1963 to October 31, 1963
F.9 Financial Statements:
Political Action Committee, May 1, 1962 to April 30, 1963 (6 copies)
Organizing Committee, October 30, 1962 to April 30, 1963 (6 copies)
F.10 Financial Statement - Labour Day Committee 1963

BOX 73
Miscellaneous Financial, 1956-1959
F.1 Hamilton Labour Council - affiliates not paid up for June 1956
F.2 Hamilton and District Labour Council - Lists of receipts and expenses, 1956-1957
F.3 Record of payments made for time lost on union business, 1957
F.4 Record of payments made for time lost on union business, 1958-1959

BOX 74
Bank Deposit Books, 1956-1962
F.1 Bank Deposit Books:
August 1956 to October 1957
October 1957 to February 1958
February 1958 to October 1958
F.2 Bank Deposit Books:
November 1958 to October 1959
November 1959 to October 1960
November 1960 to April 1961
April 1961
May 1961 to January 1962
February 1962 to August 1962

BOX 75
Bank Statements, 1956 to 1958
F.1 Bank Statements, August 1956 to April 1957
F.2 Bank Statements, May to October 1957
F.3 Bank Statements, November 1957 to April 1958
F.4 Bank Statements, May 1958 to October 1958

BOX 76
Bank Statements, 1958 to 1961
F.1 Bank Statements, November 1958 to April 1959
F.2 Bank Statements, May 1959 to October 1959
F.3 Bank Statements, November 1959 to Apri1 1960
F.4 Bank Statements, April 1960 to December 1961

BOX 77
Cheque Book Stubs, 1956 to 1962
F.1 Cheque Book Stubs:
August 1956 to April 1957
April 1957 to November 1957
F.2 Cheque Book Stubs:
July 1958 to March 1959
March 1959 to January 1960
January 1960 to October 1960
October 1960 to Apri1 1961
May 1961 to March 1962

BOX 78
Employees' Benefit Fund, 1957 to 1961
F.1 Employees' Benefit Fund, Bank Statements, 1957 to 1959
F.2 Employees' Benefit Fund, Bank Statement, 1960
F.3 Employees' Benefit Fund:
Cheque Book, November 1959 to November 1960
Deposit Book, November 1957 to January 1961

BOX 79
Payment Authorization Books, 1956 to 1962
F.1 Payment Authorization Books, August 1956 to May 1958
F.2 Payment Authorization Books, May 1958 to January 1960
F.3 Payment Authorization Books, January 1960 to December 1962

BOX 80
Payment Authorizations, with receipts and statements of expenses
(Most payments were made as reimbursement for time lost on Council business)
F.1 Payment Authorizations, August to October 1956
F.2 Payment Authorizations, November 1956 to April 1957
F.3 Payment Authorizations, May to October 1957

BOX 81
Payment Authorizations, 1957-1959
F.1 Payment Authorizations, November 1957 to April 1958
F.2 Payment Authorizations, May 1958 to October 1958
F.3 Payment Authorizations, November 1958 to April 1959
F.4 Payment Authorizations, May 1959 to October 1959

BOX 82
Payment Authorizations, 1959 to 1961
F.1 Payment Authorizations, November 1959 to April 1960
F.2 Payment Authorizations, May 1960 to October 1960
F.3 Payment Authorizations, November 1960 to April 1961

BOX 83
Per Capita and Other Receipt Books, 1956 to 1958
F.1 Per Capita Receipt Books:
November 1956 to March 1957
March 1957 to July 1957
F.2 Per Capita Receipt Book, July 1956 to November 1956
F.3 Per Capita Receipt Books:
July 1957 to October 1957
October 1957 to February 1958
F.4 Per Capita Receipt Books:
February 1958 to June 1958
June 1958 to September 1958
F.5 Special Events Receipt Book:
1957, Union Institute and Sam Lawrence Testimonial

BOX 84
Per Capita And Other Receipt Books, 1958-1963
F.1 Per Capita Receipt Books:
September 1958 to July 1959
July 1959 to April 1960
F.2 Per Capita Receipt Books:
April 1960 to January 1961
January 1961 to September 1961
F.3 Per Capita Receipt Book:
September 1961 to November 1962
F.4 Miscellaneous Receipt Books:
May 1958 to April 1961
April 1961 to February 1963

BOX 85
Per Capita Tax Remittance Forms and Records, 1956-1957
F.1 Per Capita records, 1956 to 1959
F.2 Per Capita Remittance forms, July to October 1956
F.3 Per Capita Remittance forms, November 1956 to April 1957
F.4 Per Capita Remittance forms, May to October 1957

BOX 86
Per Capita Tax Remittance Forms, 1957 to 1959
F.1 Per Capita remittance forms, November 1957 to April 1958
F.2 Per Capita remittance forms, May to October 1958
F.3 Per Capita Remittance forms, November 1958 to April 1959
F.4 Per Capita Remittance forms, May 1959 to October 1959

BOX 87
Per Capita Tax Remittance Forms, 1959-1962
F.1 Per Capita Remittance forms, November 1959 to April 1960
F.2 Per Capita Remittance forms, May 1960 to October 1960
F.3 Per Capita Remittance forms, November 1960 to April 1961
F.4 Per Capita Remittance forms, April 1962 to October 1962

BOX 88
Tax Returns, 1956 to 1963
F.1 Tax returns, 1956-1963, with 1960 and 1961 records of payments made for lost time.

BOX 89
Financial 1964
F.1 Audit Reports - for all accounts, covering the period May 1963 to September 1964. This file also includes 4 copies of H. & D. L. C. annual report for 1964.
F.2 Financial statement, June 1963 to December 1964 - General Account
F.3 Bank Statements, January - December 1964, General Account
F.4 Cheque Authorizations, General Account, December 1963 to November 1964

BOX 90
Financial 1964
F.1 Deposit Books, April 1963 to November 1964
F.2 Paid Invoices, General Account, January 1964 to December 1964
F.3 Lost Time Paid, January to December 1964

BOX 91
Financial 1964
F.1 Per Capita Tax Receipts, January 1964 to April 1965
F.2 Per Capita Remittance Forms, 1964

BOX 92
Financial 1964
F.1 Labour Day Committee
A. Bank Deposit Book, covering period June 1962-Sept. 1964
B. Cheque Authorizations, July 1964 to January 1965
C. Bank Statements, January to December 1964
F.2 Labour Day Committee
Paid Invoices, June 1964 to January 1965
F.3 Organizing Committee
A. Cheque Authorizations
B. Paid Invoices and Receipts
C. Bank Statements, January to October 1964
F.4 Political Action Committee
A. Paid Invoices
B. Bank Statements, January-December 1964
F.5 C.N.I.B. Fund
A. Bank Deposit Book covering the period May 1959 to July 1960
B. Cheque Book - only I used to make payments to C.N.I.B., Mch. 1965 of amount raised from the fund set up in 1959
C. Receipt Book, January 1960 to February 1961
D. Bank Statements, 1960 to 1965
F.6 Ontario Federation of Labour
A. List of all affiliated Per Capita Tax Payments, 1964
B. Statement for the fiscal year 1964
F.7 Supplies - Price lists, invoices etc., 1963 to 1967
F.8 Tax Returns, 1964
F.9 Miscellaneous - Assessment notices, vacations etc.

BOX 93
Financial 1965
F.1 Audit Reports covering the period May 1964 to September 1965, all accounts
F.2 Bank Statements - General Account, January to December 1965
F.3 Financial Statements, General Account, January to December 1965
F.4 Cheque Authorization, General Account, 1965
F.5 Cheque Stubs, General Account, November 1964 to April 1965
F.6 Lost Time Paid, 1965

BOX 94
Financial 1965
F.1 Deposit Book, General Account, November 1964 to November 1965
F.2 Paid Invoices, General Account, 1965
F.3 Receipt Book, General Account, January 1965 to January 1966
F.4 Miscellaneous Receipts, 1965
F.5 Salary Authorization, D. Prince, 1965
F.6 1965 Tax Returns, etc.

BOX 95
Financial 1965
F.1 Per Capita Tax Receipts, April 1965 to June 1966
F.2 Per Capita Tax Remittance Forms, 1965

BOX 96
Financial 1965
F.1 Labour Day Account - Bank Statements 1965
F.2 Labour Day Account - Deposits, September 1964 to December 1965
F.3 Labour Day Account - Paid Invoices and Receipts
F.4 Labour Day Account - Receipt Book, May 1965 to October 1965
F.5 Labour Day Account - Cheque Authorizations, 1965
F.6 Organizing Committee Account - Bank Statements and Financial Record, 1965
F.7 Organizing Committee Account - Paid Invoices, 1965
F.8 Organizing Committee Account, Deposits and Cheque Authorizations, 1965
F.9 Organizing Committee Receipt Book, 1965
F.10 Political Action Committee Account - Bank Statements, January to December 1965
F.11 Political Action Committee Account - Bank Deposit Book, March 1963 to December 1965

BOX 97
Financial 1966
F.1 Audit Records, Apri1 1965 to September 1966, all accounts
F.2 Financial Statements, General Account, 1966
F.3 Bank Statements, General Account, 1966
F.4 Cheque Authorization, General Account, 1966
F.5 Cheque Stubs, General Account, November 1965 to November 1966 (2 books)
F.6 Lost Time Paid, General Account, 1966

BOX 98
Financial 1966
F.1 Paid Invoices, General Account, 1966
F.2 Miscellaneous Receipts, 1966
F.3 Salary Payments, 1966
F.4 Income Tax, etc., 1966
F.5 Unemployment Insurance, 1966

BOX 99
Financial 1966
F.1 Labour Day Committee Account - Bank Statements, January- September 1966
F.2 Labour Day Account - Cheque Authorizations, 1966
F.3 Labour Day Account - eposits, 1966
F.4 Labour Day Account - Paid Invoices, 1966
F.5 Organizing Committee Account - Bank Statements, Paid Invoices, Cheque Authorizations, 1966
F.6 Political Action Committee Account - Bank Statements, Paid Invoices, Cheque Authorizations, 1966

BOX 100
Financial 1966
F.1 Per Capita Tax Receipts, June 1966 to June 1967
F.2 Per Capita Remittances, 1966

BOX 101 Financial 1967
F.1 Audit Reports, all accounts, March 1966 to September 1967
F.2 Bank Statements, General Account, 1967
F.3 Financial Statement, General Account, 1967
F.4 Cheque Stubs, General Account, November 1966 to November 1967
F.5 Cheque Authorizations, General Account, 1967

BOX 102
Financial 1967
F.1 Deposit Book and Deposit Slips, January 1966- Feb. 1967, December 1965- Feb. 1967
F.2 Lost Time, General Account, 1967
F.3 Paid Invoices, General Account, 1967

BOX 103
Financial 1967
F.1 Miscellaneous Receipts, General Account, 1967
F.2 Receipt Book, General Account, February 1967 to January 1968
F.3 Receipt Book, Miscellaneous, General Account, January 1966 to February 1967
F.4 Salary, General Account, 1967
F.5 Tax Returns, etc. 1967
F.6 Unemployment Insurance, 1967

BOX 104
Financial 1967
F.1 Labour Day Account, Bank Statements, 1967
F.2 Labour Day Account,
A. Deposit Book, January 1966 to March 1968
B. Miscellaneous Receipts and Deposit Slips, May to October 1967
C. Cheque Stubs, May 1965 to September 1967
F.3 Labour Day Account, Paid Invoices, 1967
F.4 Labour Day Account, Receipt Books (2)
September 1966 to January 1967
May 1967 to November 1967

BOX 105
Financial 1967
F.1 Organizing Committee Account:
A. Bank Statements, February to April 1967
B. Cheque Stubs, November 1967 to May 1968
F.2 Organizing Committee Account, Paid Invoices, 1967
F.3 Political Action Committee Account:
A. Bank Statements, January to December 1967
B. Deposit Slips, December 1965 to July 1967
C. Deposit Book, June 1966 to December 1967
F.4 Political Action Committee Account, Paid Invoices, 1967
F.5 Centennial Project Account:
Special Account, opened and closed in 1967

BOX 106
Financial 1967
F.1 Per Capita Remittance Forms, 1967

BOX 107
Financial 1968
F.1 Audit Reports, all accounts, April 1967 to September 1968
F.2 Bank Statements, General Account, January to December 1968
F.3 Financial Statement, General Account, 1968
F.4 Cheque Authorizations, General Account, 1968
F.5 Cheque Stubs, General Account, May 1968 to January 1969
F.6 Miscellaneous Receipts, General Account, 1968
F7. Receipt Book, Miscellaneous, January 1968 to January 1969

BOX 108
Financial 1968
F.1 Deposit Book, General Account, February 1967 to May 1968
F.2 Lost Time Paid, General Account, 1968
F.3 Paid Invoices, General Account, 1968
F.4 Salary, General Account, 1968
F.5 Tax Returns, 1968

BOX 109 Financial 1968
F.1 Labour Day Account, Receipt Book, May to October 1968
F.2 Labour Day Account, Paid Invoices, 1968
F.3 Labour Day Account, Bank Statements, January to December 1968
F.4 Labour Day Account, Miscellaneous Receipts, 1968
F.5 Organizing Committee, Bank Statements and Paid Invoices, 1968
F.6 Political Action Committee, Bank Statements, January to September 1968
F.7 Political Action Committee, Paid Invoices, 1968

BOX 110
Financial 1968
F.1 Per Capita Receipts, November 1967 to May 1968
F.2 Per Capita Remittance Forms, 1968

BOX 111
Financial 1969
F.1 Audit Reports, all accounts, 1968-l969
F.2 Financial Statements, 1969
F.3 Bank Statements, General Account, 1969
F.4 Miscellaneous Receipts, 1969
F.5 Miscellaneous Receipts, 1 book, January 1969 to September 1969
F.6 Deposit Book, June 1968 to September 1968
Cheque Stubs, January 1969 to July 1969
Cheque Stubs, July 1969 to February 1970

BOX 112
Financial 1969 General Account
F.1 Lost Time Paid, 1969
F.2 Paid Invoices, 1969
F.3 Salary, 1969
F.4 Canada Pension Plan, 1969
F.5 Tax Returns, 1969

BOX 113
Financial 1969 - Organizing and Political Action Committees
F.1 Organizing Committee, Bank Statements, 1969
F.2 Organizing Committee, Receipts Disbursements Ledger, 1962-1969
F.3 Organizing Committee:
a) Cheque Book, 1965-l969
b) Deposit Supplement Book - Unused
c) Deposit Slips - Unused
d) Cheque Authorizations - Unused
F.4 Political Action Committee, Bank Statements, 1969
F.5 Political Action Committee Account, Paid Invoices, 1969
F.6 Political Action Committee, Cheque Stubs, December 1964 to January 1969

BOX 114
Financial 1969 - Labour Day Committee Account
F.1 Labour Day Committee Account Ledger, June 1962 to March 1970
F.2 Labour Day Committee Account, Bank Statements, 1969
F.3 Labour Day Committee Account, 2 receipt books,
a) October 18, 1968 to September 30, 1969
b) September 30, 1969 to January 1970
F.4 Labour Day Committee Account
a) Book of Deposit Slips, May 1968 to February 1970
b) Receipt Book -no record of receipts used from this book
c) Miscellaneous loose receipts including some from b)
F.5 Labour Day Committee Account, 1969, Paid Invoices

BOX 115
Financial 1969 - General Account
F.1 Per Capita Remittance Forms, January to June 1969
F.2 Per Capita Remittance forms, June to December 1969
F.3 Per Capita Receipts, May 1968 to July 1969

BOX 116
Financial 1970 - General Account
F.1 Audit Reports, all accounts, 1970
F.2 Financial Statements, 1970
F.3 Bank Statements, General Account, 1970
F.4 Cheque Stubs, 2 books:
February 1970 to August 1970
August 1970 to April 1971
F.5 Deposit Book, General Account, September 1969 to September 1970
F.6 Receipt Books, Miscellaneous (2)
a) Covers period September 1969 to February 1970
b} Covers period February 1970 to February 1971
F.7 Miscellaneous Receipts, 1970

BOX 117
Financial 1970 - General Account
F.1 Lost Time Paid, 1970
F.2 Paid Invoices, General Account, 1970
F.3 Salary, 1970
F.4 Tax Returns, 1968-1970

BOX 118
Financial 1970 - Labour Day Committee Account
F.1 Labour Day Committee Account, Bank Statements, 1970
F.2 Labour Day Committee Account, Cheque Stubs, September 1967 to September 1970
F.3 Labour Day Committee Account, Deposit Slips, June to November 1970
F.4 Labour Day Committee Account, Paid Invoices, 1970
F.5 Labour Day Committee Account,-Receipt Books (3)
a) Receipts at Park, September 1970
b) Receipts, June 1970 to October 1970
c) Receipts, October 1970 to February 1971

BOX 119
Financial 1970 - Political Action Committee Account
F.1 Political Action Committee Account, Bank Statements, 1970
F.2 Political Action Committee Account, Paid Invoices, 1970
F.3 Political Action Committee Account, Receipt Book, October 1965 to November 1970

BOX 120
Financial 1970
F.1 Per Capita Receipts, July 1969 to.August 1970
F.2 Per Capita Remittance Forms, 1970

BOX 121

Oversize items: in Map Cabinet 20
Trades and Labour Congress of Canada. Charter to Trade and Labour Council of Hamilton. 1 December 1902.
Canadian Congress of Labour. Charter to Hamilton Labour Council. 20 November 1941
Canadian Labour Congress. Charter to Hamilton and District Labour Council. 7 June 1956
Canadian Labour Congress. Charter to Hamilton and District Labour Council. 7 June 1956.
Photograph: Trades and Labour Council of Hamilton. Photograph of members, 1902.

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