To Fonds Description

Guernica Editions Inc. – Second Accrual. – 1974-2008. – 13.9 m of textual records and graphic materials. -- Title based on contents of the fonds.
This accrual reflects the editorial and publishing activities of Guernica Editions Inc., while under the ownership of Antonio D’Alfonso.

Series 1
Authors, Editors, Translators, Publishers. – 1975-2008. – 7.3 m of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series. – This series includes correspondence, partial manuscripts, royalty statements, reviews, clippings, contracts, graphic art, and photographs.
Note on arrangement: Where available, the files have been arranged by the alpha-numeric file number that was used by Guernica Editions; this arrangement corresponds for the most part to an alphabetical arrangement by the author’s last name. Where file numbers were not used, the files were inserted into the alphabetical sequence. For files beginning with ‘M’, the alpha-numeric sequence was not followed, as files were found to be labeled with more than one number. In this case, the archivist has filed them in alphabetical order, avoiding all given file numbers. Box numbers are sequential, following the first accrual.

Box 29
A.1 Emelise Aleandri
A.2 Emelise Aleandri
A.3 Acme
A.5 Salvatore Ala. Ten Poems , manuscript, Essential Poets 68, manuscript
A.6 Peter Jay, Anvil Press
A.7 Gavin Affleck
A.8 Rosetta Albanese; synopsis of Eye of the Maya, letters
A.9 Laura Albanese; Germinio Politi, letters, pictures
A.10 S. Ali Khan, letters
A.11 Italian/Americana; Carol Bonomo Albright, letters
A.12 Michelle Alfano, letters
A.13 Ferdinando Alfonsi, letters
A.14 Anne-Marie Alonzo; Lead Blues, letters, picture
A.15 Altre Italie, letters
A.16 Maria Altomare, Westmount travel Agency
A.17 Marisa Antonini Foundation, letters
A.18 Louis Anctil, sales rep., letters
A.19 Maria Ardizzi, letters, Made in Italy
A.20 Maria Ardizzi; Women as Lovers
A.21 Marguerite Andersen; Dreaming our Space, Manuscript; Essential Poets # 114, letters
Gulio Andreotti, Invitation to D’Alfonso from Brian Mulroney for dinner celebrating Andreotti
A.22 William Anselmi; Mediating Culture; Notae: A Magazine y Guernica (1989), letters,corrections, cover
A.23 William Anselmi; letters
A.24 Tony Ardizzone, letters
A.25 Carmelo Arnoldi, signed postcards
Arash, M. Maali

Box 30
A.26 Paris Arnopoulos; Cosmopolitics, manuscript; letters
A.27 Paris: Rights; Adamantine Press
A.28 Paris Arnopoulos; Sociopolitics ; letters, letters
A.29 Mary Andrasi; letters
A.30 Arshile, Magazine of the Arts
A.31 Bernard Assiniwi; La Saga des Béothuks, manuscript ; George Tombs(translator)
A.32 Azelie Artand; letters
ACP (Association of Canadian Publishers); bylaws, invoice
A.33 Alexander Amprimoz
A.34 Tommy Avicolli, Angie loves Mary ; Vinny loves Sal; Rights Sheet
A.35 Mario Aste, Professor
A.36 Margaret Atwood
A.37 Dodici Azpadu

Box 31
B.1 Ken Bagnell, letters
B.2 Angela Baldassare
B.3 Ivana Barbier
B.4 Tom Boginski
B.5 Frank Baliello, letter
B.6 W. Boelhower
B.7 Antonio Barolini: Croton Elegies, letters
B.8 Helen Barolini: Chiaroscuro, corrections; letters
B.9 Beatrice Bagola; Italian Canadian Centre, letters
B.11 Franco Battiato
B.12 Claude Beausoleil; The Grand Hotel of Foreigners, manuscript ; letters
Michel Beaudin; letters, invoices
B.13 Richard Beach; Plattsburg Uni.; letters
B.14 Lucie Bélanger;letters
B.15 Paul Bélanger; letters
Stephanie Bellini; letters
B.16 Paul Bergeron; letters (personal)
Mara Bertelsen; letters regarding Amour Sauce Tomate
B.17 Barbara Bertolini; letters
B.18 Under the Boardwalk; Parks Canada (Denis Vaugeois)
B.19 Tahar Bekri; letters
B.20 Carlo Bernari; letters
B.21 Stefano Benni; Blossom S.Kirschenbaum; letters
B.22 Gérard Bessette; La Garden Party, manuscript; letters
B.23 Angela Biancofiore
B.25 Andrew Binks; letters
B.26 Luigi Bonafini, letters
B.28 Franco Biondi, essays, letters
B.29 Bill Bissett, Essays on his work, Writers Series 10 (Linda Rogers)
B.30 Yves Boisvert, press release
Flora Balzano; letters, Soigné ta Chute, translated by Nora Alleyn
B.31 Mary Jo Bona, The Voices we carry, cover page, letters, reviews
B.33 Mary Jo Bona (1993), letters, reviews
Klavs Bondebjerg; letters
B.34 Jorge Luis Borges; Article from El Pais from Mario Vargas Llosa, translated in La Repubblica
B. 35 Franco Borselli, letters
B.36 Dan Bortolotti, letters

Box 32
B.37 Leonardo Buonomo; From Pioneer to Nomad, manuscript, letters
B.38 Andrew Bely; letters and manuscript
B.39 Luigi Bonaffini/ Ruffato; letters
B.40 Luigi Bonaffini/ Ciresi, letters
B.41 Luigi Bonaffini, Serrao-Via Terra
B.42 Books in Canada magazine, letters
B.43 Laura Boss; Selected Poems, manuscript, letters
Richard Bouchoux; letters, invoices
B.45 Boulevard Press, letters
B.46 Thomas Brasch, manuscript The Sons Die before the Fathers, letters
Thomas Brasch; letters, articles, review
Denise Brassard; letters
Jacques Brault; letters, invoices
B.49 Mary Bucci Bush, letters
B.50 Gerry Bussink, Bittersweet Pieces, royalties, letters
B.51 Gerry Bussink, Bittersweet Pieces II, letters
B.52 Anne-Marie Brumm, manuscript and letters
B.53 Gina Bucci, letters
B.54 Juan Butler, letters
B.55 Caterina Bueti Sotiriadis, letters

Box 33
C.1 Fulvio Caccia; Governor General Award 1998, Aknos in English
C.2 Fulvio Caccia; Phénix in English, letters
C.3 Fulvio Caccia; Aknos, documents, articles, letters
Fulvio Caccia; Aknos II
C.4 Fulvio Caccia; Aknos, Governor General Award 1994, letters, articles
C.5 Fulvio Caccia, Aknos English, letters
Fulvio Caccia; letters
C.6 Jean Caccia
C.7 Antonio Calcagno, letters
C.8 Barry Callaghan, letters ( French)
C.9 Canadian Wilderness Society, letters
C.11 Canadian Authors Association, letters
C.13 Achille Campanile, letters
C.14 Cynthia Gallaher, letters
Canadian Consulate General; correspondence
C.15 Frank Canino, letters
C.16 Frank Canino, The Angelina Project, letters
Frank Canino; letters
C.17 Sonia Cancian, letters
C.18 Cancopy, letters
C.19 Licia Canton, Antonio D’Alfonso: Essays on his work, letters
Licia Canton; letters
C.21 Licia Canton, Authors Series, letters

Box 34
C.22 Capone, Neto, Avicolli, letters
C.23 Philip Cannistraro, letters
C.24 Giorgio Caproni, agreement: Wall of the Earth, letters
C.25 Phyllis Capello, letters, manuscript How Women go to Hell
C.26 Rosemary Capello, letters
C.27 Lisa Carducci, letters
C.28 Camillo Carli, letters, documents
C.29 Domenico Capilongo, letters
C.30 Alessandro Carrera, letters, manuscript The Perfect Bride
C.31 Tiziana Carafa, letters
C.32 Teresa Carilli, letters and manuscript
C.33 Teresa Carilli, Book II, letters
C.34 Teresa Carilli, letters
C.35 Frank Caucci, letters
C.36 Sandra Carletti, letters
C.37 Peter Carravetta, The Sun and Other Things, letters
C.38 Caticchio, Tonino
C.39 Catalano, Francis

Box 35
C.52 Peter Caranetta
C.53 Anthony Cristiano, letters
C.54 François Charron, letters
C.56 Lucia Birnbaum, letters
C.58 Gino Chiellino, Essays, letters
C.59 Gino Chiellino, Essays, Fremde, letters
C.61 Grace Cavalieri, letters, articles
C.62 Diana Cavallo, letters
C.63 Fabrizio Chiesura, letters, Short Story: Barbar and Savage, trans. by Justin Vitiello
C.64 Olindo Chiocca, letters
C.65 Raffaele Cochi, letters
C.66 Mark Ciabattari, letters

Box 36
C.67 Carmela Circelli, letters
C.68 Eugenio Cirese, letters
C.69 Michel Cayla, letters
C.70 George Elliott Clark, letters
Austin Clarke
C.71 Carrol Coates, letters
Carlo Coen
C.73 Isabella Colalillo, letters, manuscript Tasting Fire
C.74 Isabel Cole, letters, manuscript trans. of Lyric Novella
C.76 Ned Codini, letters
C.77 Richard Collins, letters, Agreement: On Fante
Robert Colombo
C.78 Columbus Centre Library, documents
C.79 The Commonwealth Award, letters
C.80 Sandro Clemente
C.81 Consortium (Randall Beek)
C.82 Francesco Conversano
Pietro Corsi
Pietro Corsi
Elio Costa
C.89 Judith Cowan
C.91 Gilles Cyr

Box 37
D.1 Brian Day, letters
D.2 Eugenio de Andrade. Dark Domain and other poems
D.3 Réjean Ducharme, letters
D.4 Marisa De Franceschi, letters
D.5 Elizagbeth Dehab, letters
D.5A Dempster, Barry , letters
D.6 Pier Giorgio De Cicco, letters
D.7 Jane Dick, letters
D.9 Antonio D’Alfonso, letter regarding The Streets of Paradise May 6/96
D.10 Patricia Di Pardo, letter of Sept 15, 1997
D.11 Helen De Michiel, letter
D.12 Anna di Giorgio, letters
D.13 Di Michele, letter re Poems 1993-1994
D.14 Denis Diniacopoulos, letters
D.15 Ray de Palma, letters
D.18 Double Hook, letters
D.19 Hélène Dorion, letters
D.20 Dudek, Louis, letter to, Dec 2, 1998
D.21 Rita Donovon, letters

Box 38
Da Costa, Paulo
D.34 James Deahl, letter
D.36 Sonia D’Agostino, letters
D.37 Guiseppe D’Agata, newspapers articles
D.38 Elizabeth Dahah, Voices in the Desert, Anthology of Arab-Canadian Writers’ Contract, letters
D.39 Elizabeth Dahab, letters
D.40 Peter Dale, letters
D.42 Carole David, letters, articles
D.43 Carole David, letters, contract for translation from French into English of Impala
D.44 Mark Dalessandro, letter, Italian America magazine
D.45 Agata de Santis, letters, Comunità magazine
D.46 Franco de Santis, letters
D.47 Rita degli Esposti, letters, Manuscript
D.48 Eduardo de Filippo, cover for The Nativity Scene
D.49 Frank J.Palescandolo, letters (De Filippo-Poetry), Manuscripts
D.50 Guilia Di Filippi, In Nome della Rosa`s articles and photos of paintings
D.51 Marisa de Franceschi, letters
D.52 Anthony Molino- De Filippo, letters
D.53 The Nativity Scene Performance Rights 2002

Box 39
D.54 Emilio De Grazia, letters
D.55 Robin Susanto, letters Manuscript Salah Asuhan
D.58 Marisa de Franceschi, reviews on Family Matters, Pillars of Lace, letters
D.59 Marisa de Franceschi, letters, Surface Tensi
D.60 Marisa de Franceschi
D.61 Marisa de Franceschi, letters, Manuscript, Short Stories Tomato Season
D.62 Marisa de Franceschi, letters, Sex Therapy
D.63 Marisa de Franceschi, letters
D.64 Marisa de Franceschi, letters
D.66 Marisa de Franceschi, letters, Contract Anthology of Italian-Canadian Women Writers,
Pillars of Lace
D.68 Marc Delouze, letters (French)
D.69 Anna Pia DeLuca, letters

Box 40
D.70 Fiorella Deluca Calce. Manuscript Toni in French
D.72 Fiorella Deluca Calce, Toni The Film
Fiorella Deluca Calce. Toni
Fiorella Deluca Calce
Fiorella Deluca Calce. Vimmie and Me
D.77 Rachel Guido de Vries. Manuscript How to Sing a Dago
D.78 Bernadette Dyer, letters, Roberta on the Beach
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Anthony DiFranco
D.79 Salvatore di Giacomo- Frank Palescandolo, Manuscript, letters
Anna di Giorgio
D.81 Giovanna Del Negro, letters, Life Stories
Angela della Porta
D.82 Louise De Salvio. Casting Off
D.84 Pierre DesRuisseaux
D.86 Rachel Guido de Vries, letters, Manuscript How to Sing a Dago

Box 41
D.87 Rachel Guido de Vries, Mysteries at Sound Creek Poems, letters
D.88 Rachel Guido de Vries, Stories, letters
D.89 Rachel Guido de Vries, The buffalo bar and grill Stories, letters
D.90 Ann Diamond, letters
D.94 Anthony DiFranco, letters
D.95 Tom Di Pietro, letters
D.96 William Donoghue, letters
Helen Dorion
D.98 Réjean Ducharme, letters, Contract Les Filles de Colomb, Translation, Manuscript
Excerpt Daughters of Christopher Colombus
D.99 Louis Dudek Hildebrand, Corrections and miscellaneous
Louis Dupré

Box 42
E.1 Umberto Eco, letters
E.2 Educational Book Review, India. Letters
E.3 Caterina Edwards, Island of the Nightingales, letters
E.4 Caterina Edwards, Homeground, letters
E.5 Caterina Edwards, Multiculturalism, letters
E.6 Caterina Edwards, The Lion’s Mouth in French by Christine DiMatteo, letters
E.7 Caterina Edwards, edited by Joe Pivato, letter
E.8 Caterina Edwards, The Lion’s Mouth, letter, articles
E.9 Caterina Edwards, manuscript
E.10 Caterina Edwards, ed. Joe Pivato
E.11 Shane Ellis, letters, writing sample
E.12 Maria Emanuele, letters
E.13 Luciano Erba, trans. by Ann Snodgrass, letters
E.14 Carla Eusebi, letters
E.15 Eyetalian magazine, letters
E.16 Exile 2002

Box 43
F.1 Louise Fabiani, letters, Short Stories
Louise Fabiani, poems
F.2 John Falk, letters
F.3 John Falk, letters
F.4 John Falk, letters
F.5 Maria Fama, letters
F.6 John Fante/Edition Nathan, letter
F.7 John Fainella, letters
F.8 Endre Farkas, letters
F.9 Fazi Editore, Roma, letters
F.10 Federation of English-language Writers, newsletter
Antonietta Fernandes
F.11 Mona Fertig, letters
F.12 Raffaella Ferrantino, letters
F.13 Douglas Fetherling, letters
F.14 Ray Filip, Selected Poems, letters
Ray Filip
F.15 Ray Filip, Magnetic Fields Poems, letters
F.16 Ray Filip, letters
F.17 Ray Filip, Selected Poems, letters
F.19 Ray Filip, letters
F.20 Teresa Fiore, thesis On Nomads and olives, letters
F.21 Simon Finn, letters
F.23 Bob Flanagan, The Great Light cage, letters
Louise von Flotow
F.24 Louise von Flotow, Three by Three, documents, letters
F.25 Louise van Flotow, documents
F.26 Luigi Fontanella, letters
Patricia Fogliaro, letters
F.27 Patricia Fogliaro, letters
F.28 Forkroads, letters
F.29 Elena Fortuna, letters
F.30 Anna Foschi, letters

Box 44
F.34 Anthony Fragola, letters
Lucien Francoeur
F.35 Mario Fratti, manuscript for Plays, letters
F.36 Mario Fratti, Nina da Vinci Nichols, letters
F.37 Marco Fraticelli, letters
Marco Fraticelli, Contract
Marco Fraticelli, Instants
Marco Fraticelli, letters
Marco Fraticelli, Night Coach
F.38 Marco Fraticelli, Voyeur, letters
F.40 André Fredette, letters
F.42 Mel Freilicher, letters
F.43 Ludovic Frémaux, letters
F.44 Mary Freisen, letters
F.45 D.W. Friesen Printers, letters
F.46 Dino Fruchi, letters

Box 46
Daniel Gagnon-Barbeau
G.1 Gale Research Publications, letters
G.2 Richard Gambino, letters
G.4 Richard Gambino, Blood of my Blood, letters, cover
Juan Garcia
G.5 Sam Garret, letter
G.7 Fred Gardaphé, Dagoes Read Essays, letters
Garzanti Editore
G.11 Simone Garzella
Greg Gatenby
G.13 Teresta Gualtiere
G.14 Rosemary George

Box 47
Maria Maziotti Gillan
Maria Maziotti Gillan, letters
Maria Maziotti Gillan, Things my mother told me
Maria Maziotti Gillan, Poems selected and new, 1993
G.15 Nicole Gingras
Dana Gioia
G.16 John Giorno
G.17 Daniela Gioseffi
G.18 Daniela Gioseffi
G.19 Robert Girardin
Edvidge Giunta
Armand Gniser
Jean Luc Godard
G.20 Gerald Godin
Vera Golini
G.21 Edgar Gousse and St. John Kauss

Box 47
Sir Robert Gray
Roger Greenwald
Laura Grimaldi
G.22 Tonino Guerra, Poems
G.23 Tonino Guerra, The Hut and The Journey
G.24 Tonino Guerra, Adria Bernardi
G.25 George Guida
George Guida, 2004
Rachel Guido DeVries
Irene Guilford, Stories 2003
G.26 Irene Guilford
G.27 Irene Guilford
G.28 Guilford and Associates
G.29 Genni Gunn
Ralph Gustafson

Box 48
H.2 Hignell Printing, letters
H.3 David Homel, letters
H.4 Elizabeth Hayes, letters
H.5 Hono Lulu, letters
H.7 Harbourfront Readings, Publicity, letters
Lise Harou
Stephen Heighton
H.8 Rolande Herman, letters
H.9 Tina Horne, letters
H.10 Hubert Juin, Joséphine or the Wild Boars, manuscript and letters
H.11 Jane House, letters
H.14 Lawrence Hutchman, letters

I.1 Industrie Canada, information
I.2 Pasquale Iacobacci,
I.3 Gabriella Iacobucci, Italian translator
I.4 Italian-American Institute, letters
I.5 Italian American Supermercato/ Fragola
I.6 Italian-American Writers Association
I.7 Italian Issues, letters
I.8 Italian Poets, letters
I.9 Rivista di Studi Italiani, letters
I.10 Italian Newspapers, reviews copies
I.11 Wendy Idele, letters
I.12 International Society of Poetics
I.13 Irene Marchegiani, letters
I. 15 Italian Anthology

Box 49
J.1 Pierre Joris, letters
J.2 Dong Jiping, letters
Dong Jiping, Chinese Poets of Today
J.3 D.G. Jones, letters
J.4 Suzanne Jacob, Maine, letters
J.5 Suzanne Jacob, Maude, letters
J.6 Suzanne Jacob, Flore Cocon, letters
K.1 Leslie Kaplan, letters
K.2 Samro Kamboureli, letters
K.3 Rhoda Kaufman, By Women, About Women, letters
K.4 Rhoda Kaufman, Dacia Maraini, letters
K.5 Rhoda Kaufman , Translation M.L.Pothou, letters
K.6 Jane Koustas, letters
K.7 Karl Heinz Knauff, letters
K.8 Katalin Kurtosi, letters
K.10 Marta King/Lagorio, letters
K.11 Kirkus Reviews, letters

Box 50
L.1 Marisa Labozzetta, letters
Danny Lafèrriere
L.2 Salvatore J.Lagumina; letters
L.3 Lannan Foundation, letters
L.4 Henry Lemmetti, letter
L.5 Werner Lambersy, royalties, letters, translations
Werner Lambersy
L.6 Richard Lamer; Baptiste, le clochard, manuscript, translated
L.7 Travis Lane; letters
L.8 Travis Lane, Essentials Poets 106, manuscript
La Riccia, Ermano
Irving Layton
L.9 Marc Lemyre; letters
L.10 Alexis Levitin; letters
L.11 Leftwords Festival 2001, letters
L.12 Leftwords Festival 1999, letters
L.13 League of Canadian Poets, list 1993; letter from 1995
Gerald LeBlanc

Box 51
L.14 J.M.G. Le Clézio,; Pawana, manuscript, letters
L.15 J.M.G. Le Clézio; synopsis of Voyage to Rodriguez Island, letter
L.16 J.M.G. Le Clézio,; The Escape, Villa Aurora, Wandering Star, manuscripts, trans., letters
L.17 Denyse Leduc, letter
Renee Ledoux
L.18 Michel Larouche;
L.19 Michel Larouche; letters, reviews
Michel Larouche, Films dÀfrique
L.20 Gilbert Langevin; Royalties: Body of Night
L.21 Marie-André Lamontagne, Leméac, letters
L.22 Carmela Delia Lanza; letters
L.23 René Lapierre, letter
L.24 Larissa Tsapousto, poem, letters
L.25 Laurent Lavaill, letters
L.26 Mary Laurella; letters
L.27 Julia Lisella; letters
L.28 Giacomo Leopardi/Eric Hamel, translations of poems, letters
Joan Lingren
L.29 Malca Litovitz; letters
L.30 Gabriella Lodi; letters
L.31 Dorothy Livesay, The Woman I am (1999) negatives.
L.32 Johnny Lombardi; CHIN, letters
L.33 Lisa Levi; outline of Only a Little Girl, translated (G.Brooke, J. Falanga), letters
Adam Levine
L.34 Francesca L’Orfano; letters
L.35 Federico Garcia Lorca; royalties Songs and ballads, letters
Frederico Garcia Lorca
L.36 Alan Lord, letters
L.37 Francesco Loriggio; letters, Social Pluralism, cover
L.38 Francesco Loriggio; L’Altra Storia, letters
L.39 Francesco Loriggio, Anthology, letters
L.40 Yann Lovelock, letters
L.41 Nadine Ltaif; Entre les Fleuves, letters
L.42 Nadine Ltaif, Ishtar, royalties
Nadine Ltaif, Ishtar
Nadine Ltaif, Ishtar
L.43 Nadine Ltaif, letters
Nadine Ltaif, Entre Les Fleuves, 1991
Karen Luscombe
L.44 Luigi Luzio; letters
Luigi Luzio
L.45 Dona Luongo Stein, letters

Box 52
R. Maccagniani, letters
Alistair Macleod
Darlene Madott, letters
Darlene Madott
Maria Maggi
Valerio Magrelli
Alfonso Maiorana
Antoine Maillet, letters, Bearsaga, manuscript, trans.by David L.Koral
Malahat Review
Dominic Mancuso
Nick Mancuso
Nick Mancuso, letters
Vince Mancuso
Vince Mancuso, letters
Jerry Mangione, letters
Orit Manitt, Royalties
Manitoba Arts Council
Rocco Maragna
Dacia Maraini, Devour Me Too
Dacia Maraini, Devour Me Too
Dacia Maraini, Devour Me Too, letters
Dacia Maraini, Letters and documents
Dacia Maraini, letters 2003
Dacia Mariani, plays
Vito Marantonio
Leo Marcello
Laura Marello
Alain Bernard Marchand
Clement Marchand. Courriers des Villages
Clement Marchand, letters
Clement Marchand
Irene Marchegiani

Box 53
Degna Marconi
Laura Marella
Mariano Elia Foundation
Daphne Marlatt
Daphne Marlatt, Two Women in a Birth
Kenny Marotta
Paul Martin
Sheila Martindale
K. Massari
Roland Morriseau
Kristne Massari
Ibrido Mastrapasqua
Ibrido Mastrapasqua
Kenny Matteo
Joseph Mauro
Joseph Maviglia
Joseph Maviglia
Joseph Maviglia, letters
Aldo Mazza
Antonino Mazza
Antonino Mazza
Antonino Mazza, letters
McCartney, Paul

Box 54
Mary Melfi (17 files – some were water damaged)

Box 55
Menghile, Gerald
Amy Menon
Alda Merini
Alda Merini
Mario Merola
Mario Merola, letters
Mario Merola, production
Bruce Meyer
Leanne Meyse

Box 56
Audrie A. Michaud
Dorina Michelutti
Dorina Michelutti
Dorina Michelutti (letters)
Enza Michelutti, letters
Marco Micone, Addolorata
Marco Micone, French paperback, reviews
Marco Micone, Two plays
Marco Micone, letters, water damaged
Marco Micone, Voiceless People, reviews
Mario Mignone, letters
Joe Mihevic
Colagero Milazzo, letters, water damaged
C. Dino Minni, Writers in Transition
C. Dino Minni, Proceedings of Vancouver conference 1987
C. Dino Minni, Le Ricordi
C. Dino Minni, Other Selves
C. Dino Minni, letters, 1993

Box 57
Gene Mirabelli, letters
G. Miron, letters
G. Miron and Dennis Egan
John Miska, letters
John Miska, Anthology of  Hungarian Writers

Box 58
Anthony Mollica
Anthony Molino
Anthony Molino and Marie Coleman Nelson
Judit Molnar
Mondolibro Editore
Lorraine Monk
Marianne Moore
Tony Moore
Andrea Moorhead
William Morasutti
Pierre Morency, letters
Ben Morreale
Ben Morreale
Roland Morriseau
Roland Morriseau
Margherita Morsella
Bernard Motulsky
Arjun Mukerjee
Multicultural Society of Ontario

Box 59
N.1 Tony Nardi, letters (took water)
N.2 Martin Nakell, letters (took water)
N.3 Julia Nakamura, letters
N.4 National Endowment for the Arts, letters
N.5 Vittorio Nanni, letters
N.6 Emile Nellingan, Selected Poems, articles
N.8 F. Pierre Nepveu, letters
N.10 Ellen Nerenberg, letters
N.11 Nievo, letters
N.12 Ken Norris, letters
Norris report, contains photo
Ken Norris, reviews

Box 60
O.1 Ray O’Connor, letters
O.3 Cesare Oliva, letters, pictures, cover page
O.4 Peter Oliva, letter
Marcel Olscamp
O.5 Ontario Library Association, newletters
O.6 John O’Meara, Defending her Son, letters
O.7 John O’Meara, letters, cover
O.8 John O’Meara, Otherwordly Hamlet
John O’Meara, Hamlet
John O’Meara, Marina, includes graphic art 1975
O.10 John O’Meara 2001, letters, Short Stories: Shakespeare’s Muse, Letters from North Bay
John O’Meara, review of D’Alfonso’s book
O.11 Ontario Ministry of Culture, letters
O.12 Marvin Orbach, letters
O.13 Brian Ostander, documents
Fernand Ouellette
Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska 1990
Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska
Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska

Box 61
P.1 Miriam Packer, letters
P.2 Ruth Panofsky, poems, letters
P.3 André Paul, letters
P.4 Roy Pearson, letters
Claude Peloquin, A Dive Into My Essence, 1990
P.5 Pierre Yves Pépin, letters
P.6 Roberto Perin, letters
Roberto Perin, Arrangiarsi
Roberto Perrin, Arrangiarsi
P.7 Mario Perniola, letters, book Del Sentire
P.8 Florence Perrella, letters
Florence Perrella
P.9 Romano Perticarini, letters
P.10 Penny Petrone, documents, letters
P.11 Penny Petrone, Embracing Serafina, letters
P.12 Claude Picard, letters
Claude Picard, documents
P.13 Vincenzo Pietropaolo, letters, articles
P.14 Nicole Pitesa, letters
P.15 Joe Pivato, royalties,letters,newsletter, documents
P.16 Joe Pivato/F.G. Paci Essays
P.17 Joe Pivato, letters, Authors’ Series

Box 62
P.18 Joe Pivato, letters
P.19 Joe Pivato, Echo, letters, documents
P.20 Joe Pivato, Anthology
Joe Pivato and D’Alfonso, Italian Canadian Anthology
Joe Pivato, Contrasts
P.21 Juliana Pivato, letters
P.22 Poets’s House, letters
P.23 Sharon Pollock, Essays ed. Anne Nothof, letters, corrections, picture
Francis Ponge
P.24 Antonio Porta, letters, documents, Anthony Molino
Antonio Porta
P.25 Paola Poletta, letters
P.27 Yves Préfontaine, documents, letters
P.28 Concetta Principe, letters, Stained Glass
P.29 Concetta Principe, Sunflower Cantos, letters
P.30 Concetta Principe, Interferences, letters
P.31 Paola Puccini, letters

Box 63
P.32 Angelo Principe, letters
P.33 Olga Pugliese, newsletters
P.34 Al Purdy, Essays on his work, letters
P.35 Foreign Publishers, letters
P.36 Corrado Paina, letters, Short Story
P.37 Parlez Seul, Michael Tweed, Translations
P.38 Anna Panuto, letters
P.39 Frank Paci, letters
Frank Paci
Frank Paci, La Famille Gaetano
P.40 Camille Paglia, letters
P.41 Miriam Packer, letters
P.42 Miriam Packer, Us Fools Believing, letters
P.43 Miriam Packer, Agreement: Piece Work, letters
Miriam Packer
P.44 Anne Paolucci, letters
P.45 Joy Passanante, letters, Short Stories
P.46 Laura Palomba, letters
P.47 Nick Palazzo, cover painting possibilities
P.48 Joseph Palazzo, letters
P.49 Maria Pallotta, letters
P.50 Frank Palescandolo, letters
Frank Palescandolo, letters

Box 64
Les Parvis Poetiques
Pier Paulo Pasolini
P.51 Frank Palescandolo, Di Giacomo
P.52 Gianna Patriarca, articles, letters, Italian Women and Other Tragedies
P.54 Gianna Patriarca, Ciao, Ciao Baby, letters
P.55 Gianna Patriarca, Manuscript: Daughters for Sale, letters
P.56 Gianna Patriarca, Manuscript: Italian Women, letters
Maryse Pelletier, letters, 1990
P.57 Maryse Pelletier, letters, Duo for Obstinate Voices, royalties
Claude Peloquin
P.58 Claude Péloquin, Selected poems, letters
P.59 Claude Péloquin, Les Mers Détroublées, articles, letters
P.60 Claude Péloquin, Poèmes (deuxième édition), Selected Poems, letters
P.61 Claude Péloquin, royalties A Dive into my Essence
P.63 Claude Péloquin, Dans les Griffes du Messie, letters
P.64 Claude Péloquin, letters
P.65 Luigi Pirandello, Naked
Prefontaine, [         ]
Elvis Presley, proposal
Jacques Prevert, Selected Poems
Stefan Psenak

Box 65
Roma Quapp, letters
R.10 Review Copies sent, Media, letters
R.11 Bruno Ramirez, letters, Manuscript Ascoltiamo Neruda
R.12 Bruno Ramirez, 1996 Version, manuscript Ascoltiamo Neruda
Bruno Ramirez, Estate Indiana
Bruno Ramirez, Il Duce Canadese v 5 May 2003
R.13 Gaetano Rando, letters, Australia
R.14 Gaetano Rando/Nievo, letters
Janis Rapaport
R.16 Diane Raptosh, The Best Lighted Bodies, letters
R.17 Diane Raptosh, Manuscript Labor Songs, letters

Box 66
R.19 Matthew Remski, letters
Jacques Rénaud
Jacques Rénaud, Broke City
R.21 Karen Ricard, letters
R.22 David Adams Richards, letters, Writers Series, Manuscript David Adams Richards, Tony
Tremblay Corrections and miscellaneous
R.23 Renzo Ricchi, letters
N. Ricci
R.24 Luciana Ricciutelli, letters
R.25 Marguerita Ricchiardi, letters
R.26 Gayle Ridinger, Italian Anthology, letters
R.27 Janos Riesz Essays
R.28 Giose Rimanelli, Manuscript Gli Occhi, letters, Manuscript Looking for Bella Miaow
Giose Rimanelli, Three Legged One
Giose Rimanelli, The Old Couple
R.29 Gérald Robitaille, The Book of Knowledge
R.30 Alex Rotella
R.35 Joseph Ricapito, letters
R.36 Hélène Rioux, letters, Manuscripts
Helene Rioux, Selected Stories
Alfredo Rizzardi

Box 67
Linda Rogers, letters
Linda Rogers, Selected Poems
R.38 Linda Rodgers/Page, Corrections
R.39 Linda Rogers, Essential Poets, letters
R.40 Linda Rogers/Bissett, letters, photographs
Jean Paul Rogues
R.41 Joseph Jean Rolland, letters
R.42 Scott Rollins, letters
R.43 John Romano, letters
R.44 Rose Romano, letter
Rose Romano, letters
Rose Romano, Coming Out Olive , Essays
Rose Romano, Coming Out Olive, letters
Stefan Romer, letters
R.45 Julie Roorda, Essential Poets, contract The Eleventh Toe, letters
R.46 Elizabeth G. Ross, letters
Dimitri Roussoupolous, letters
R.47 André Roy, letters
Andre Roy
R.48 Ruffiato/Luigi Bonaffini, letters, manuscripts Selected Poems
R.49 Jackie Ryan, letter
R.50 Vittorio Rossi, Love and Other Games, letters, articles, reviews
Roy and Weston
R.52 Jean Royer, Interviews 1991, letters
Rubbetinio Editore
R.53 Mary Russo Demetrich, letters
R.54 Mary Russo Demetrich, Manuscripts.
John Paul Russo
Grace Rustig

Box 68
James Sacre
Pierre Samson
Gertrude Sanderson, letters
S.3 Tony Santelli
S.4 Tony Santelli
G. Santocono
S.5 Astrid Sandoval
S.7 Ken Scambray
S.8 Ken Scambray; letters
Bert Schierbach
Laura Scanga, Trafica Prague
S.10 Jeanne Schinto, letters
S.11 Gail Scott; L. Moyes, letters
Maria Sereni
Maria Sereni, Marcus Perryman, Le Opère
Serpent’s Tail
S.12 Rina Ferrarelli, Leonardo Sinisgalli, letters
S.14 The Scholar’s Choice, Jody Lohr, letters
Frances Simard
S.15 Simeen Ali Khan; letters
S.16 Sarah Sheard, letters
S.17 Vittorio Sereni, Agreement: Stella Variabile, letters
S.18 Editons du Seuil; letters, catalogues
S.19 Daniel Sloate, A Taste of Flame
S.20 Daniel Sloate/ Stendhal- The Life of Mozart, letters
S.21 Daniel Sloate/ Stefan Psenak, letters
S.22 Daniel Sloate, Words in Miniature
S.23 Daniel Sloate, Plays
S.24 Daniel Sloate, Les Tranquenards de la Grammaire Anglaise
Daniel Sloate, Les Tranquenards de la Grammaire Anglaise, 4th ed.
Daniel Sloate, Lyliade
Daniel Sloate, Dead Shadows
Daniel Sloate, letters
S.27 Daniel Sloate; Le Cycle des Contesses, letters
Daniel Sloate, Rimbaud

Box 69
Soestmeyer, Axel, Rush of Wings
S.28 Raymond Souster, letters
S.29 Caterina Sotiriadis, letters
S.30 Jean Gaetan Séquin, Mourir en Vie, Patrick Straram, letter
S.31 Michael Springate; Dog and crow, royalties, letters
Springate, Michael, Dog and Crow, 1990
Springate, Michael, Dog and Crow, 1990
S.32 South End Press, letters
S.33 Imprimerie S.A
S.34 Sons of Italy Foundation, letters, grants
S.35 Mari a Luisa Spaziani; letters, manuscript All America, La Vedova Goldoni
S.36 Maria Luisa Spaziani, letters
Nichita Stanusce
S.38 Laura Stortoni, letters, manuscript The Moon and The Island
S.40 Ubaldo Stecconi; letters
Stendahl, La Vie de Mozart
S.41 Ghila Sroka; letters
Stephens, Nathalie
S.43 Monica Stellin; letters
S.44 Marlene Stotland- John Lennon, letters
Patrick Strarami
Patrick Strarami, Auto-Arrange, 1990
S.45 Claude Stren
Rosemary Sullivan., Elizabeth Smart
Edina Sztanev
Desiree Szucsany

Box 70
S.50 Janou St. Denis
S.53 Denielle Shelton
S.60 Pentti Saarikoski: Trilogy, letters
S.61 John Paul Russo, letters
S.62 Omero Sabatini, letters
S.63 Robert Edison Sandiford, letters
S.64 Chantal Saint-Jarre, letters
S.65 Filippo Salvatore, Le Fascisme et les Italiens à Montréal, English version, Contracts
S.66 Filippo Salvatore, Le Fascisme et les Italiens du Québec 1994, letters, articles
S.68 Filippo Salvatore, Fascism, letters
Filippo Salvatore, La Fresque de Mussolini
Filippo Salvatore, La Fresque de Mussolini, 1992
Filippo Salvatore, Suns of Darkness
Edward Small, Film Essays
Societe littéraire de Laval
Aaron Socken, letters, 2003
Axel Soestmeyer
S.70 David Solway, letters, manuscripts
Per Helg Sorensen
Jean Yves Sovay
Miss Spears of Anville

Box 71
Antonio Tabucchi
T.1 Gay Talese, letters
T.2 Thom Tamaro, letters
T.3 Anthony Tamburri, letters
Anthony Tamburri, To Hyphenate or Not to Hypenate, 1991
Anthony Tamburri, To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate, reviews
T. 6 Paul Tana, letters
T.7 Paul Tana, La Sarrasne
Lamberto Tassinari
T.10 Tea Leaves
T.11 Maria Terrone, Poems
T.13 Jacques Tati
T.14 Shelly Tepperman
Vito Teti
Philippe Tetrault
Francois Tetreau
France Théoret, The Fragile Word
France Théoret, Mentions of Barbara Godard
Marie-Jose Théreault
T.15 Thomson Share Printers
T.17 Théoret/LeClair, Between Reason and Folly
Tihanyi, Eva

Box 72
Kathy and Michele Tommasi
T.18 George Tombs, letters
T.19 Bill Tonelli, letters, manuscript The Next Italian Empire by John Aiello
Lola Lemins Tostevin
T.20 Bill Toye/Classco, letters
T.21 Toronto Arts Council, letters
T.22 Tracce Editore, letters
T.23 Translation Centre, University of Texas, letter
T.24 Vince Torrieri, Letter, original screenplays: A Deeper Shade of Soul, and The Contract
T.25 Carlo Tresca, Commemoration
T.26 Rhea Tregebov, letter
Rhea Tregebov, letters
T.27 Elvira Truglia, letter
T.28 François Truffaut (personal)
Carol Turgeon
T.29 Marino Tuzi, The Guernica Review: Senso agreement, letters
T.30 Marino Tuzi, Essays Book, agreement, letters
T.32 Marino Tuzi, Short Stories, agreement
Marino Tuzi
U.1 Jane Urquhart book, Laura Ferri
U.2 Pablo Urbanji
U.3 UFO Literature
Marie Uguay
Marie Uguay, Selected Poems
Pierre Vadeboncoeur
V.1 Aritha Van Herk
Allan van Meen
Peter Van Toon
V.2 Gina Valle, letters
V.3 Francesca Valente, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, letters, documents
V.4 Serge Vanvolsem, Belgique, letters
V.5 Anthony Valero, letters
V.6 Valerio, letters
V.7 Valerio, Great Letters
V.8 Francesca Valente, letters
Francesca Valente, Branko Group
V.9 Anthony Valerio, The Mediterranean Runs through Brooklyn, letters

Box 73
V.10 Anthony Varesi, Dylan, letters
V.11 Joseph Varesi, letters
V.12 Rudolf Vecoli, letters, American Italian Historical Association
V.13 Pasquale Verdicchio, Nomadic Trajectories, letters, royalties, pictures
V.14 Pasquale Verdicchio, manuscript Poetic of the Garment, letters
V.15 Pasquale Verdicchio, Essential Poets Series, letters
V.16 Pasquale Verdicchio/ D’Alfonso Film Anthology
V.17 Pasquale Verdicchio, letters
V.18 Pasquale Verdicchio, Poets 1
V.19 Pasquale Verdicchio, Approaches, letters, articles, pictures
V.22 Pasquale Verdicchio, Selected Poems 2000, letters
V.23 Pasquale Verdicchio, Picas Series, letter
V.25 Pasquale Verdicchio, Italy 1998-99
V.26 Pasquale Verdicchio, Devils in Paradise, letters
V.28 Pasquale Verdicchio, Devils in Paradise, letters, agreement, manuscript

Box 74
Pasqualie Verdicchio, Nomadic Trajectory, letters
Pasquale Verdicchio, Moving Landscape
Pasquale Verdicchio, Trip to San Diego
Pasquale Verdicchio, letter, 1986
Pasquale Verdicchio, letters, 2001
V.29 Crystl Verduyn, letters
V.30 Lorraine Vernon, letters, Short Stories ‘94
V.33 Guy Verville, letters
V.34 Ernesto Virgulti, letters
V.37 Robert Viscusi, Astoria, articles, picture
V.38 Robert Viscusi, Astoria, The American Book Award 1996
V.39 Robert Viscusi, Picas 34, letters
V.40 Antonio Vitti, letters
Yolande Villemarie
V.41 Yolande Villemaire, Indian Moon, letters
V.42 Yolande Villemaire/Leblanc Amazon Angel, documents, agreement, letters
V.45 Francesca Vivenza, letters
V.46 Nichola Vulpe
V.47 Justin Vitiello
Juia Volpelletto, Kakamura
Von Flotow, Luise

Box 75
Mirriam Waddington, Poesies
Mirriam Waddington, letters
Nalini Warriar
Maud Webster
Liliane Welsh
Ray West
Brendan Weston and Jean Hughes Roy
Christopher Whelen, letter
W.2 Paul Widdows
W.3 Claire Wiseman-Wilkes, letters
W.4 Elena Wolff, Mask manuscript 2003
W.5 Elena Wolff, Essential Poets 108, letters and manuscript
W.8 The Women’s Press
W.11 Tecla Werbowski
Tecla Werbowski, letters
Word on the Street, 1998
Word on the Street, 1999
Word on the Street, 2000
Word on the Street 2001
Word on the Street, 2002

Box 76
Y.1 Yankee Book Peddler, Helmut Schwarzer, letters, newsletter
Z.1 Bianca Zagolin, La Femme à la fenêtre, manuscript, letters
S. Zamaro
Z.4 Andrea Zanzotto, letters
Z.5 Breatriz Zeller, letters
Z.6 Ermenegildo Zegna, Rachel Girouz, letters
Z.7 Jana Zocco, letters
Z.8 Judy Young, letters
Zymergy (Sonia Skarstedt)

Series 2
Author proofs. – 1975-2008. – 4.35 m of textual records. – Title based on contents of the series. – Series consists of manuscripts, page proofs, and corrected galleys of authors and translators. It may also include correspondence and clippings.
Note on arrangement: This series is listed at the box level. Files within boxes are alphabetical by last name. Many files did not come with an author and/or title label. In those instances, names have been derived by looking in Guernica catalogues, in box 109. The archivist has thus filed them based on contents. If the files of one author are contained in more than one box, the number of files is indicated in brackets.
Box 77 Abate-Angelini
Box 78 Anselmi-Belanger
Box 79 Bell-Bondebjerg
Box 80 Bouchard-Brossard (1)
Box 81 Brossard (3)-Colallio-Katz
Box 82 D’Ambrosio-DiGiacomo (1)
Box 83 DiGiacomo(1)-Flanagan
Box 84 Forand-Gasparini (1)
Box 85 Gasparini(4)-Geddes (1)
Box 86 Gervais-Gillan
Box 87 Golini-Hutchman
Box 88 Iacobelli-Labozetta
Box 89 Lane, T-Luzio
Box 90 Malenfant-Mazza
Box 91 McGillis-Melfi, Mary (6)
Box 92 Melfi, Mary (7)
Box 93 Melançon-Ouellette-Michalska (1)
Box 94 Ouellette-Michalska (1)-Pasolini (1)
Box 95 Pasolini (2)-Powe (1)
Box 96 Powe (2)-Raptosh (1)
Box 97 Raptosh (1)-Romana
Box 98 Romano-Rummel
Box 99 Saankoski-Sassano
Box 100 Schierbeek-Sindolic
Box 101 Sloate-Sobelman
Box 102 Spaziani-Théoret
Box 103 Thibodeau, S.-Verdicchio (1)
Box 104 Verrdicchio (6)-Verville
Box 105 Webster-Ziolkowski

Series 3
Administration and operations. – 1974-2003. – 1.55 m of textual records. – Title based on contents of series.

Box 106 AECB (Association for the Export of Canadian Books), invoices, correspondence, grant contracts, 2000-2005
Box 107 BPIP (Book Publishing Industry Development Program) audit; Book Master Maintenance forms from University of Toronto Press
Box 108 Canada Council – correspondence re publication grants, 1978-1989
Box 109 Catalogues of Guernica Editions and Literary Press Group. Also contains corrected proofs of catalogues, 1978-2003
Box 110 Conferences, proposals, reports 1985-1994
Boxes 111-112 Correspondence and other:1978-2003. Includes general correspondence, rejections, mentor student correspondence, theses.
Box 113 Inventory, expenses, paid invoices, orders, 1988-2002
Box 114 Projects, events, awards, 1982-2002
Box 115 Promotion, production, publicity and reviews, 1974-2002
Box 116 Publishers, subsidiaries and agencies, 1988-1992

Series 4
Graphic and printed material. – 1985-1991. – 75 cm of graphic material and textual records. – Title based on contents of series.
Box 117 (Oversize ) Contains Cover art, layouts and paste-ups, contact sheets for various ads, book cover and proofs of covers; 2 posters for D’Alfonso’s film Pour t’aimer, 1987, filed in separate folder

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