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C. H. (Marty) Gervais fonds. Fifth accrual. – 1994-2011. – 62 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 75 photographs.

Series 1
Correspondence. – 2005-2011. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic material (5 photographs). – Title based on content of series. Series consists of incoming letters and emails, which often contain replies from Gervais. The arrangement is alphabetical, except where emails are sent to a group of individuals. For those items please see Gervais, Marty.

Box 62
F.1 A
Abbey of Gethsemani (Paul Quenon)
Association of Municipalities of Ontario
Assumption University

F.2 B
Baker, Nick
Bala, Ray
Bell, Roger
Bell, Spike
Bellemore, Keesha
Bernardi, Alphonse
Border City Boxing Club
Boyd, Jane
Branch, Douglas
Brode, Pat
Brogan, Mary
Brown, Ronnie
Burnoksy, John

F.3 C
Carpenter, J. David
Carter, Terry Ann
Catholic Central High School
Charron, Anne-Marie
Chartwell Classic Oak Park LaSalle
Cherry, Don
Clark, George
Coop, Emily
Comartin, Lois
Cornwall, Dayna
Cox, Marie

F.4 D
Daly, Peter
Davies, Gwen
Deahl, James
Dennison, Howard
DiStefano Ruiz Studio
Doucet, Clive
Doucette, Tory and Alma
Douey, David W.
Drummond, Hilary
Duncan, Dwight
Duggan, Kathleen

F.5 E
Empty Hand Zen Center
Enwin Utilities
Essex High School
Eugeni, Lucia

F.6 F
Firefly Books Ltd.
Fisher, Linda Renaud
Fitzgerald, Judith
Flynn, Rita
Fortin, Jessica
Fox, Kate and Brian

F.7 G
Garside, Jeannie
Gasparini, Len
Givens, Imogen Knister
Golden, Raya
Goodshild, Christine
Gray, Herb
Grimes, Andrea

F.8 Gervais
Gervais, Marty - includes correspondence to a group of individuals
Gervais, Donna
Gervais, Elise
Gervais, Paul and Maureen
Other family members

F.9 H
Hansford, Don
Harper, Lea
Hill, Bob and Camille
Hilles, Robert
Hooglan, Cornelia
Horel-O’Brien, Julia
Hrastovec, Peter
Hull, William
Hupalo, Ruby
Hutchman, Laurence

F.10 I-K
Illingworth, Jack
Immanuel, Kevin
Jaggs, Leda Rodé
Jeannette, Marie
Jewinski, Hans
Jirgens, Karl
Kornacker, William

F.11 L
L3 Writers’ Conference
Lam, Fiona
Langbridge, Marilyn
Langs, Lenore
Lanoue & Meloche
Larkin, Deborah
Leamington Yacht Club
Lee, John
Leslie, Brian A.
Lever, Bernice
Literary Press Group
Loupas, Gina

F.12 M-N
MacDonald, Hugh
Macdonald, Pam
MacLeod, Alistair
Mahoney, Dorothy
[McCall, Lindsey?]
McClelland & Stewart (Michael Januska)
McMaster, Susan
McNamara, Eugene
McWilliams, Melanie J.
Meyer, Bruce
Milman, Isa
Momotiuk, Justice Harry
Morin, Petra
Morton, Wendy
Mulhallen, Karen
Mulhern, Mary Ann
Nadone, Jaclyn
Nichol, Eleanor and Sarah

F.13 O
Barack Obama Mailing List
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Genealogical Society

F.14 P-R
Palazzi, Elio
Pancioli, Diana
Peacock, Marilyn
Pelee Island Writing Retreat
Pilling, Marilyn Gear
Popkey, Carl
Price, Trevor
Prit, Christie
Quinsey, Katherine M.
Reaney, James
Reaney, Colleen Thibaudeau
Reaume, M.
Renkwitz-Lefaive, Claudia
Rennick, Paul
Ricci, Nino
Rivard, Ken
Rogers, Kate
Rotary Club of Windsor

F.15 S
St. Alexander Catholic School
Sampirisi, Jenny
Scorgie, Jane
Schiller, Bill
Schiller, Serge
Schmidt, Doug
Schoemperlen, Diane
Seiller, Susan
Shields, Vanessa
Shikatoni, Gerry
Shorten, Janet
Simpson, Susan
Simpson, Tommie
Smith, Margaret
Snyder, Tanya
Solly, Brenda
Struthers, Betsy
Sturn, Pat
Sullivan, Rosemary
Sward, Robert

F.16 T
Taylor-Gates, Melissa
Tessier, Mary B.
Thibert, Roger & Audrey
Travel & Tourism House
Trott, John

F.17 University of Windsor
Editing & Publishing Class 08/09
Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Office of the Head, Department of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing
Office of the Vice-President, Research

F.18 U-Z
Ullyett, Vicky
University of Missouri (Craig T. Palmer)
Uttley, Barbara
Venus, Ken
Walton, Tara-Lyn
Weir, Marguerite
Weller, Rosemary
Western Digital Online Services
Whipple, George
Windsor’s Community Museum
Windsor Regional Hospital
Windsor Review
Wintermute, Gary
Woelk, John and Frieda
Writer’s Process Gang
Writers’ Union of Canada
Zavitz, Beth

F.19 First Names and Unidentified
Brad and Caitlin
Darryl S.
Erin and others
Gord and Helen
Katherine and Joe
Mary and Heather
Ryn and Val (includes three photographs)
Susan and Douglas
Suzanne and others (includes two photographs)

Series 2

Writing and lecture materials. – 2003-2011. – 32 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. Series consists of Marty Gervais’ personal writing and speeches, lectures notes and materials; and the writings of others for the purpose of publication or comment.

Box 63
Marty Gervais’ writing
F.1       Is That My Heart? From Seven North. [Final draft?]
F.2       Is That My Heart? From Seven North. [Drafts]. Ts. with holograph notes.
F.3       Bonjour Burgundy. Ts. with holograph notes. 15 February 2008.
F.4       Writing. [Poetry collection?]. Ts. with holograph notes from [editors?]. 2006.
F.5       Various Writing. Ms. and Ts. [n.d.]
F.6       The Rumrunners: 30th Anniversary Edition. [Proof?]. ca. 2009.
F.7       Speeches. Ts. some with holograph notes.

Course materials
F.8       Lecture notes. ca. 2009.
F.9       Lectures notes.
F.10     Lecture/Class materials. ca. 2009
F.11     Practicum syllabus.
F.12     Course evaluations. 2003-2011.
F.13     [Writing assignment/activity?]. [n.d.]

Box 64
Writings by Others
F.1       Others. David H. Clark/Lynne S. Crozier. 38 pp. Ts. 2008
F.2       Others. Poems by George Elliot Clarke. 8 Ts pp.
F.3       Others. Poems by Jeff Fearneside. 21 Ts. pp. 2008.
F.4       Others. Raymond Knister letters. Jessie.
F.5       Others. Marty Gervais and the Writing Salon. Joan M. R. Jolin. 1 Ts. p. 2003.
F.6       Others. Old Colony Visit. Kathleen. 7 pp. Ts. with holograph notes.
F.7       Others. “Pissing poems”. John B. Lee. 25 Ts. pp.
F.8       Others. Editing Proposal for Dimensions of an Orchard by Dave Margoshes.
F.9       Others. Mary Ann Mulhern. Poems for the Windsor Review. 9 pp. Ts.
F.10     Others. “Rosemary Sullivan articles sent to me for book Black Moss published: Memory Making”. 1977-2000. Comprised of six folders titled:
a. Travelogues
b. Interviews
c. Prefaces & Afterwords
d. Biography and Memoir
e. Literary Journalism and Belles Lettres
f. Academie Essays
g. Curriculum Vitae
F.11     Others. Windsor Review Vol. 36 No. 2 (Fall 2003). Submissions, permissions, and working notes for this issue. Typescript and holograph. March/April 2003.
F.12     Others. Windsor Review. Vol. 36 No. 2 (Fall 2003). 129 pp printed from file with corrections. May 2003.
F.13     Others. Windsor Review. Vol. 36 No. 2 (Fall 2003). 136 pp printed from file with corrections. October 2003.
F.14     Others. Windsor Review. Vol. 39 No. 1 (Spring 2006).
F.15     Chapbooks. Four volumes. 2008-2010.
F.16     Verse Afire. Anthology. 2010.

Series 3
Clippings, financial materials, photographs, and other materials. – 1994-2010. – 14 cm of textual records and graphic material (70 photographs). – Title based on contents of the series. This series contains press clippings; some business and financial material; photographs; and, miscellaneous items.

Box 65
F.1       Press for Rumrunners 30th Anniversary Edition. 2009.
F.2       Clippings. 2000-2010.
F.3       Contract for My Town with Biblioasis. 2006.
F.4       Financial records and receipts. 2005-2011.
F.5       Travel itineraries and documents from trip to Iraq. 2002.
F.6       Meeting itineraries and minutes. 2010.
F.7       File on Raymond Knister. Reproductions of newspaper articles, photographs, etc. [n.d.]
F.8       Programs. 1994-2010.
F.9       Promotional Material and Memorabilia. 2005-2008.
F.10     Certificates. 2009-2010.
F.11     Various. Notes, business cards, drawings, etc.
F.12     Photographs. By M. Gervais.
- Garside fight, Bosnia. 9 8x10s. 2008.
- Various. 5 8x10s.
F.13     Photographs. Snapshots.
            - Photos from Roger. 17 photos and note.
            - John H Bondy Photography. 2 photos and note.
            - Black Moss Poets at Essex District High. 5 photos.
            - Arcite Poetry Reading. 2 photos and note.
            - Various images. 7 photos.
F.14     Photographs. Historical Images:
            - [For Rumrunners?]. 4 8x10s from forgottenimages.com
            - WWI era photographs. 8 8x10s.
            - Postcard from Rotterdam, 1913/5.
F.15     Photographs. Alehandro Arauz. 11 slides.

2006 Day Planner
2007 Day Planner

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