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Anton Felton fonds. First and Second Accruals. -- 1945-1995; 1965-1975 predominant. -- 1.2 m of textual records and graphic material.

First accrual

Note: Most files contain correspondence. Only Russell letters and a few others are noted individually. Bertrand Russell is abbreviated as BR; Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation is abbreviated BRPF.

Box 1 (5.59)
Series 1

Organization of Russell Archives, Preparation of the Catalogue and Its Sales . -- 1966-1968. -- 10 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F.1 Transfer of archives from Wales to London, September 1966. File includes photocopy of letters from BR to BRPF, 15 Nov. 1966, and to Continuum Ltd., 15 Nov. 1966; a letter from Farley, 8 Oct. 1966, enclosing a Russell letter (not extant); agreement between Russell and Continuum Ltd.
F.2 Archives organization and Catalogue preparation, 1966. File includes 4 letters from BR to Anton Felton, dated 32 March 1066 [sic], 13 Oct., 1 Dec., 28 Dec, 1966; 6 letters to BR from Felton; one letter from Jack Black of Heald, Johnson & Co., Solicitors, enclosing a letter from BR dated 15 Nov. 1966 (not extant here but see F.1). Also photocopy of letter to BR from Brig. W.F.K. Thompson, 16 July 1966.
F.3 Archives organization and Catalogue preparation, 1967-1969. File includes 13 letters from BR to Anton Felton and Barry Feinberg, dated 6 Feb., 16 March, 2 April, 15 Sept., 16 Dec. 1967 (2 letters); 21 March (2 letters, one a photocopy to the BRPF), 22 March, 30 March (photocopy), 31 March with encl. questions for Felton and a statement by Russell concerning The Observer story, 10 April, 20 June 1968; 4 Jan. 1969; 14 letters to BR from Felton and Feinberg. Also 2 letters written on BR's behalf by Chris Farley, 1967; photocopy of ts. of BR's introduction to the catalogue (two versions, one official, the other short and humorous.)
F.4 Russell's library. File includes one letter from BR to Felton, 3 April 1967 and 4 letters to BR. See also Box 2, F.9, and Box 3, F.5.
F.5 Archives organization, 1966-1967. Salary schedules, progress reports, and memos.
F.6 Insurance contracts, schedules of materials to be insured, safety deposit box, 1961-1968.
F.7 Felton, Feinberg, and Farley correspondence concerning the archives, 1967-1968. Includes ts. of remark by BR on Ramsay MacDonald and Harold Wilson.
F.8 Archival inquiries, correspondence, 1967-1968.
F.9 Archives contents lists.
F.10 Archives I catalogue, writing and production of.
F.11 Archives I catalogue, publicity for in Sunday Times.
F.12 Archives I catalogue printers, Goodwin Press, correspondence and invoices, 1967-1968.
F.13 Archives I catalogue sales, listings of numbers sold and to whom.
F.14 Archives I catalogue sales, correspondence, 1967.
F.15 Archives I catalogue sales, correspondence, 1968.
F.16 Archives I catalogue sales, correspondence, 1969-1973.
F.17 Archives I catalogue correspondence, 1967-1970, includes letter from N. Griffin to K. Blackwell.

Series 2
Sale of the Archives. -- 1966-1968. -- 2.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F.18 Prospective purchasers of archives, correspondence, 1966-1967. File includes several letters to and from Ralph Schoenman.
F.19 Prospective purchasers of archives, Ontario universities, notes, photocopies of correspondence, 1967-1968.
F.20 Newsweek controversy, 1967.

Box 2 (5.60)
Series 3

Sale and Continuing Relationship with McMaster University. -- 1968-1983. -- 12.5 cm of textual records and photographs. -- Title based on content of series. -- See also Box 3, F.5; Box 8, F.7.

F.1 Sale to McMaster University, Felton-William Ready correspondence, 1968. Includes photocopy of letter from Ready to BR, 9 Jan. 1968 and letter from BR to Ready, 4 April 1968. Also a news clipping concerning the sale to McMaster University.
F.2 Statement of Anton Felton concerning the sale of the archives and related correspondence, 1968-1969.
F.3 Anton Felton and J. V. Robinson of Arthur Hunt and Hunt, correspondence concerning the contract with McMaster, 1968.
F.4 Legal, agreement of sale for Archives I, and payments records. Includes letter from BR to J. Black of Heald, Johnson & Co., 23 March 1968. See also Box 3, F.3.
F.5 Legal, agreement of sale for Archives II.
F.6 Legal, agreement with McMaster University, 28 August 1974.
F.7 Copyright, Archives I and II.
F.8 Archives II, contents list (schedule).
F.9 Russell's library additions, 1971.
F.10 Shipping lists.
F.11 Shipping of archives, Bertram Rota Ltd., correspondence, 1968-1973.
F.12 McMaster University, 2 b&w photographs, 1 b&w photograph of H. G. Thode, president of the university.
F.13 William Ready, published materials about.
F.14 Memorandum, "Possible Areas of Discussion with McMaster".
F.15 Memorandum on McMaster's blunders.
F.16 H. G. Thode to BR, letter, 29 Oct. 1969.
F.17 Anton Felton correspondence with McMaster University (William Ready), 1969-1975.
F.18 Anton Felton correspondence with McMaster University (Kenneth Blackwell), 1968-1975. Some correspondence predates Blackwell's appointment at McMaster. Includes one letter from Blackwell to BR, 25 July 1968, which BR forwarded to Felton. Felton's reply to BR is dated 5 Aug. 1968.
F.19 McMaster Centenary Conference, 1972. See also Box 3, F.8; Box 7, F.15.
F.20 First listing of recent acquisitions acquired by McMaster.
F.21 Felton and others's correspondence with McMaster, 1979-1981. Partly concerns BR's Collected Papers.
F.22 Felton and others's correspondence with McMaster, 1981-1983. Mainly concerns BR's Collected Papers.

Box 3 (Box 5.61)
Series 4

Anton Felton correspondence. -- 1965-1975. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F.1 BR, 8 letters to Felton, 6 April, 25 April, 2 Aug., 29 Aug., 7 Sept., 5 Nov., 20 Nov. 1968, 29 Jan. 1969 ; 1 letter to Feinberg, 11 Dec. 1968. 11 letters to BR from Felton and Feinberg; 1 letter from Farley to Felton, 8 Feb. 1968 anticipating a letter from BR. File also contains forwarded correspondence from others and replies. For Lee Eisler see also Box 5, F.12; Box 7, F.5.
F.2 Felton-Feinberg correspondence, 1969-1975.
F.3 Felton (and Feinberg's) correspondence with Jack Black, Heald, Johnson & Co., 1967-1972, 1974. Includes photocopy of letter from Irina Stickland, 25 Oct. 1970, stating that BR gave her a manuscript.
F.4 Felton (and Feinberg)'s correspondence with the BRPF (Ralph Schoenman), 1966-1969.
F.5 Felton's correspondence with Farley as BR's secretary and then as a director of the BRPF, 1966-1974. Also Felton's correspondence with Ken Coates of the BRPF. Most of the letters concern McMaster University. Also letters re BR's Collected Papers, and book projects; some royalty statements. File includes a photocopy of a letter from BR to Lionel Bart, 9 Nov. 1967, letter concerning Thode's letter (Box 2, F.16), and a letter from Farley 29 Sept. 1970 concerning additions to BR's library.
F.6 Felton's correspondence with publishing companies, 1965-1972. File contains 3 letters to BR from Allen and Unwin Ltd., one from Doreen Soames, 1966, and 2 from Joy Hill, and 1967. One letter (photocopy) of letter from BR to Joy Hill, 30 July 1965.
F.7 BR's correspondence with Ottoline Morrell. File concerns copyright and embargo issues, 1972-1973. File contains letters from Edith Russell to Robert Gathorne-Hardy and Felton, 1972. In addition to these two, there is correspondence to and from University of Texas at Austin, Ronald W. Clark, AD Peters & Co. Writers' Agents, and Chatto and Windus Ltd. See also Box 8, F.12.
F.8 Felton's correspondence with Edith Russell, 1970-1974. One letter from her, 21 Oct. 1972, concerns the McMaster Centenary Conference.
F.9 Edith Russell's correspondence with Janice Ogg of Felton's office, 1970.
F.10 Permission/Photocopy requests addressed to and answered by Felton, 1966-1971. Note: Feinberg handled the bulk of these requests.
F.11 Felton's correspondence with others: Tony Edwards, Raymond Hawkey, Sotheby & Co., 1968-1971.
F.12 Notes for Felton from his secretary.
F.13 List of photocopying charges to BR.
F.14 Invoices, 1968-1969.
F.15 Receipts for a trip to Venice, 1968.
F.16 Len Deighton documents, 1967-1974: Receipt, letter concerning Italian rights of Billion Dollar Brain, notes re foreign rights of Only When I Larf, letter concerning the Action Cook Book.

Box 4 (5.62)
Series 5

Barry Feinberg correspondence. --1966-1975. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F.1 Feinberg's correspondence with BR, 5 letters to BR, 1967-1969.
F.2 Feinberg's correspondence with Edith Russell, 1970-1975.
F.3 Feinberg's correspondence with Edith Russell, 1972, re the Italian recording of BR's poem, "To Edith".
F.4 Feinberg's permission and other requests correspondence, A-L, 1969-1974. File contains letters addressed to BR from Aristotelian Society, 7 Jan. 1970; Peter A. French, 21 Sept. 1969; T. De Vere White of Irish Times, 19 Oct. 1969 re Joan Follwell, Robert Karplus, 17 Dec. 1969, 24 Jan. 1970; Keith Lehrer, 17 Jan. 1969. Also letter from Australian Left Review enclosing a photocopy of BR article, "To The Memory of Lenin". (C24.04).
F.5 Feinberg's permission and other requests correspondence, M-Z, 1968-1974. File contains letters addressed to BR from Nicolas A. Salerno, 21 July 1969; Simon Schama, 29 Oct. 1969; Marvin Swartz, 6 Oct. 1969; Trefor Thomas, n.d. but April 1968; Town and Country Planning (Hazel Evans), 27 Aug. 1969; and Emanuel Wax, 16 Aug. 1968. Also a photocopy of a vendor's description of Wittgenstein's copy of Principia Mathematica.
F.6 Feinberg's correspondence with Allen and Unwin, 1968-1975. Includes ts. of "Biographical Blurb for German Edition of ABC of Relativity". This file and files 1-5 contain much reprint information.

Box 5 (5.63)
F.1 Feinberg's correspondence with other publishers, A-Z, 1966-1974. File includes photocopies of proof of letter from BR to Ralph Barton Perry (with Garland Publishing), photocopies of BR letters to and from Paul Edwards (with Clarendon Press); letters addressed to BR from Johns Hopkins Press, 26 Aug. 1969, Macmillan & Co. Ltd., Nov. 1966 and 1 Feb. 1967, Oriole Editions, 2 Aug. 1969 (photocopy) (with Oxford University Press), Penguin Books (Bruce Hutchison), 17 July 1969. Also a photocopy of McMaster's ts. of "German Social Democracy as a Lesson in Political Tactics" (with Nymphenburger Verlagshandlung); a letter from G. B. Paravia, 1973, to Edith Russell; royalty and sales figures of BR's books with Allen and Unwin for 1973 (attached to Penguin Books).
F.2 Feinberg's correspondence with Jenkins Publishing Co., the proposed publishers for a book of BR essays, 1970-1971. File also contains correspondence with Jack Black, Heald, Johnson & Co.
F.3 Feinberg's correspondence with Pemberton Publishing, Rationalist Press Association, 1970-1973. Partly concerns a list of contributors for a proposed "Bertrand Russell Memorial Volume".
F.4 Feinberg's (and Farley's) correspondence with British Broadcasting Corp., 1967-1972. Includes letter to BR, 12 Dec. 1969.
F.5 Feinberg's correspondence with Caedman Records Inc., 1969-1970.
F.6 Feinberg's correspondence with Features International, 1970.
F.7 Letter from Thames Television, 3 Feb. 1970, to Feinberg enclosing typed transcript of the interview between Michael Nelson and Father Martin D'Arcy. The transcript contains D'Arcy's recollections of his encounters with BR.
F.8 American and Canadian Rights correspondence, Jan. 1968-Dec. 1970. Includes correspondence concerning the BRPF and Ralph Schoenman's receipt of royalties for the Autobiography. Note: This is an original file with its contents still in original order.
F.9 American and Canadian Rights correspondence, Oct. 1968-Dec. 1969. File mainly concerns the BRPF and BR's Autobiography. Includes letter from Peter Davison, Atlantic Monthly Press to BR and photocopy of signed reply, 7 Jan. 1969, and correspondence with Louis Spivak, Schoenman's lawyer. Note: This is an original file with its contents still in orginal order.
F.10 Feinberg's correspondence with Farley, 1967-1973. File includes a ts. introduction to an Indian edition of BR's Unarmed Victory, 23 March 1969 and a photocopy of a letter from BR to Stanley Unwin, 9 May 1956, concerning his "Private Memoir". Correspondence concerns the reasons for embargoing some Heads of State correspondence, Nora Purcell (1968), copying of BR's letters to Edith Russell (1970), drafting of BR's post-1960 material by any of five or six other hands (1973).
F.11 Correspondence concerning BR's centenary celebrations, 1971-1972.
F.12 Correspondence with the Bertrand Russell Society (Lee Eisler), 1974-1975.
F.12 Vietnam petition, 1967, supported by Feinberg.
F.13 Feinberg letter, 1968, concerning a mortgage.

Series 6
Box 6 (5.64)

Russell's Books and Articles. -- 1966-1973. -- 12.5 cm of textual records and photographs. -- Title based on content of series. -- Dates refer to dates of correspondence, not dates of publications.

F.1 Lists of BR's books prepared by Feinberg.
F.2 ABC of Relativity, 1968. File concerns revisions by Professor F.A.E. Pirani. It includes one letter from Feinberg to BR, 9 Dec. 1968.
F.3 Autobiography, Vol. 1. Letter from Farley to Feinberg, 6 Oct. 1966.
F.4 Autobiography, Vol 1. Serialization in the Observer, 1967; Donald Trelford's article on the archives in the Observer. Includes draft of letter to BR and tss. of text and photocopies of 5 letters between BR and Stanley Unwin, 1966.
F.5 Autobiography, Vol. 1. Serialization in the Observer, 1967. Tss. of quotations.
F.6 Autobiography, Vol. 1. Serialization in the Observer, 1967. Galley proofs.
F.7 Autobiography, Vols. 1 and 2. Translation and serialization chart.
F.8 Autobiography, Vol. 2, lists of copyright permissions and reasons for delays. In Blackwell's hand.
F.9 Autobiography, Vol. 3, 1968-1969, permissions. File includes correspondence from the several letter-writers whose letters are to be published. There is also a photocopy of a letter from Feinberg to BR, 13 Aug. 1968.
F.10 Autobiography, Vol. 3, 1967-1970. File includes letter from Feinberg to BR, 23 Oct. 1969.
F.11 Autobiography, foreign editions, 1966-1971, including contracts.
F.12 Autobiography, including corrections and paperback editions, 1968-1960. Includes photocopy of letter to BR, 21 Aug. 1969 from G. C. M. W. Robben, and one from Feinberg, 30 Dec. 1968.
F.13 Autobiography, 1971 edition. Re missing corrections to Vol. 1.
F.14 Autobiography, extract from the reviews and U.K. sales up to 1973.
F.15 Bertrand Russell's America, edited by Feinberg, ms./ts., 4 p.
F.16 Bertrand Russell's America, edited by Feinberg. Letter from R. Armstrong, 1972. 3 b&w photographs and 1 negative of BR as the Statue of Liberty.
F.17 Collected Stories, 1972.
F.18 Dear Bertrand Russell, 1968. Photocopies and tss. of some of the letters to be included in the book. Also a photocopy of a letter from Jack Black concerning libel and copyright problems.
F.19 Icarus or the Future of Science, reprint by BRPF, 1970-1973.
F.20 Mr. Wilson Speaks, mimeo press release, 30 Sept. 1968.
F.21 Understanding History, 1972-1973. Concerns Farley's project to expand it.
F.22 War Crimes in Vietnam, 1966. Includes 3 letters from BR to Felton, 22 Nov., 24 Nov., 11 Dec. 1966. Also 4 letters to BR, 3 from Felton, and one from Stanley Unwin. File also contains the book contract, correspondence with Schoenman, signed French contract, Black's libel report, copy of the Foundation Bulletin.
F.23 War Crimes in Vietnam, 1966-1968. Correspondence. Includes telegram, 1967, re Newsweek's "offending words"; letter from BR to Stanley Unwin, 23 Feb. 1967 and reply, 24 Feb. 1967; royalty statements; Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and IWCT.
F.24 Vietnam. Photocopies of tss. of statements by BR.
F.25 "World Government or Annihilation", (C57.35) undated ts., possibly from India.
F.26 "Let's Stay Off the Moon", (C58.45). Correspondence, 1969-70 includes letter from BR to Felton, 29 July 1969, and editing of original text.
F.27 "[Message ... to the ... Conference of Parliamentarians in Cairo ...]" (C70.01). Ts. and ts. carbon, 31 Jan. 1970.
F.28 Photocopies of various BR articles in Reader's Digest sent by Kevin Holland.
F.29 Photocopy of transcript of Dom Moraes interview of BR in Nov. 1961, "The Bomb", encl. with letter from Allen and Unwin to Feinberg, 23 Jan. 1969. See also Rec. Acq. 1,319.

Box 7 (5.65)
Series 7

Publishing Projects Involving Other Authors. -- 1966-1974. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F.1 Brian Carr, Bertrand Russell: an Introduction (L25). Correspondence, 1972-1973, including notes by Edith Russell on the book.
F.2 Ronald Clark, The Life of Bertrand Russell. Correspondence, 1974. 3 letters.
F.3 Rupert Crawshay-Williams, Russell Remembered. Correspondence 1970-1971. File also contains typed transcripts of letters from BR, 1950-1954. These letters were acquired from Crawshay-Williams; see Rec. Acq. 501.
F.4 Lester Denonn, Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell and Wit and Wisdom of Bertrand Russell. Includes correspondence between Edith Russell and Feinberg re expanding Basic, her typed comments on Basic, photocopy of ts. by BR, "The Use of Books".
F.5 Lee Eisler, Morals without Mystery. Correspondence, 1969-1970. Includes photocopy of letter to BR from Eisler, 19 Aug. 1969 and BR's reply, 3 Sept. 1969.
F.6 Ronald Jager, book proposal on "Early Essays of Bertrand Russell". All photocopies. Includes letter to BR, 22 June 1966 and reply from BR, 7 July 1966.
F.7 Marvin Kaye, Guided Tour of Intellectual Rubbish, 1971. Correspondence.
F.8 Marvin Kaye, Guided Tour of Intellectual Rubbish, 1972-1976. Correspondence. File includes several letters to and from Edith Russell with Felton and Feinberg.
F.9 Marvin Kaye, Guided Tour of Intellectual Rubbish, ts.
F.10 Thomas C. Kennedy, book proposal to reprint Tribunal articles. Correspondence, 1969-1970.
F.11 Douglas Lackey, Essays in Analysis, and proposal for another book. Correspondence, 1971-1974, and contract.
F.12 Jack Pitt, proposal to do an appendix for BR's Human Knowledge. Correspondence, 1969-1970. Includes letter from Feinberg to BR, 23 Jan. 1970. File concerns his references.
F.13 William Ready, Necessary Russell. Correspondence. Includes letter from BR, 26 June 1969 to Feinberg, and reply.
F.14 Joseph Rotblat, updating BR's ABC of Atoms. Correspondence, 1971-1973. File includes letter from Edith Russell to Feinberg.
F.15 Harry Ruja, Mortals and Others. Correspondence, 1969-1975. File includes letter to BR from Feinberg, 12 March 1969.
F.16 Harry Ruja, notes on the Denonn bibliography in the Schilpp volume, presented to the Russell Centenary Conference, McMaster University, 1972.
F.17 John Slater, "The Political Philosophy of Bertrand Russell", mimeo ts., 1972.
F.18 Manuel Zack, "A Chair of Indecency". Correspondence and ts., 1972.

Box 8 (5.66)
Series 8

Film Projects. -- 1962-1973; predominant 1971-1973. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F.1 Correspondence is predominantly with Vaughan Films Ltd. concerning a film biography of BR. The file also contains a photocopy of a signed contract, 1962-1964, between BR and Corine Lamno Crawford for a biographical film; a memo by Farley about Granada Television; correspondence with Gemico A.G. , Joseph Losey, and Michael Burn.
F.2 Script outlines and research notes, some by Feinberg.

Series 9
Legal and Financial. -- 1945-1986. -- 10.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- See also next series, Estate Accounting.

F.3 BRPF. Articles of Association, 1966. Before 10 Nov. 1966 the BRPF was an unincorporated association.
F.4 BRPF. Agreement with BR, Nov. 1966, assigning his Autobiography to the BRPF.
F.5 BRPF. Agreements.
F.6 BRPF, Allen and Unwin, and Simon and Schuster. Instructions of Counsel to Advise and Settle Letter. 1971. Contains list of related documents (not extant).
F.7 BRPF. Photocopies of agreements with Edith Russell, Felton, Farley, Furtina Ltd., and McMaster University for Archives II, 1972 and "Additions to the Library". See also series 3.
F.8 Family legal documents. Wills. File includes letters from BR to Blanche Lucas of Theodore Goddard & Co., 23 Nov. 1966 re his son's (John Russell) income; to Stanley Unwin, 22 Nov. 1966 (as well as a different, undated version of this letter); BR's payments to family members and plans for an annuity for John Russell; BR's will in Edith Russell's hand, signed by BR, dated 11 June 1966; photocopy of a later and different will, dated 24 Nov. 1966. Also Edith (Finch) Russell's will of 4 May 1949; photocopy of third codicil of her will dated 11 Jan. 1961; photocopy of will dated 18 Nov. 1966.
F.9 Family. Letter to Felton from Katharine Tait, 1986, re Dora Russell's estate, and financial note on John Russell's (4th Earl) estate.
F.10 Family. Correspondence between Felton and Theodore Goddard & Co., 1967, encl. copies of covenants and other legal documents concerning Dora Russell and Patricia Russell.
F.11 Family. Divorce document, John and Susan Russell, 1962.
F.12 Suit against Felton and Partners by Julian Vinogradoff re the publication of Ottoline Morrell letters in the Observer, 1967. File includes letter from BR to Felton, 31 Jan. 1967, and 2 letters from Felton re Trelford article for the Observer.
F.13 "Private Memorandum Concerning Ralph Schoenman," 1968-1970. File includes photocopies of letters from BR to Jack Black and to Ralph Schoenman, 23 Nov. 1969; also Schoenman's letter of 29 June 1968 to Farley and Coates which is the subject of the postscript to BR's "Private Memorandum". See also Box 10, F.6.
F.14 Photocopy of Simon and Schuster contract with Ralph Schoenman, Jan. 1969.
F.15 Lease for 27 Dorset House, between Metropolitan Housing Corp. and Sidney Cowen, 29 Sept. 1945.
F.16 Financial. Photocopy of account of BR with Continuum I Ltd., July 1968- Jan. 1970.
F.17 Royalty statement correction, Cambridge University Press, 20 Aug. 1971.

Box 9 (5.67)
Series 10

Estate Accounting. -- 1985-1995. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- All files in this series are original files, with their contents in original order, except F.1.

F.1 Bank statements, Child & Co., 1985-1989.
Note: Files include Felton and Partners' correspondence with Barclays Bank, Heald Nickinson Solicitors, Farley as literary agent for the Russell estate, and others.
F.2 Jan.-Nov. 1988.
F.3 Nov. 1988-Dec. 1989. Note: Farley's letter of 31 January 1989 on BR's copyrights and the estate.
F.4 Jan. 1990-Dec. 1991. Concerns the winding up of Felton's role in the estate.
F.5 Dec. 1991-June 1992. Note: Felton's letter to Ken Fleet, 20 Jan. 1992 and Farley's letter to Felton, 2 Jan. 1992 re contracts, assignments, and relationships.
F.6 June 1992-Feb. 1995. Last letter is from Fleet, BRPF, to Felton, thanking him for the final accounting of the estate. See also W. W. Norton's letter, 7 Oct. 1992, re royalties. Assignment of 31 Jan. 1995 clarifies copyrights.

Box 10 (5.68)
Series 11

Russell Correspondence. --1952-1969. --2 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- This correspondence is similar to correspondence contained in Archives II.

F.1 Letters to BR from: Sarah Rollitts, n.d.; University of Texas Humanities Research Centre (F. W. Roberts), 1 May 1963, re Feliks Topolski with an accompanying note by Farley; S. S. Hodgson, 22 Nov. 1966; V. Vidya Shankar, 21 Nov. 1969; Thomas C. Horne, 6 Aug. 1969; David Markham, 28 April 1969 (photocopy); also a printed card from Harper's Magazine, 26 Jan. 1968. Three letters from BR: to Mary Ansell, 19 May 1966; to Elisabetta Valori, 6 Sept. 1966; to Fraser Cowley, 1 May 1968.
F.2 Photocopies of 2 pages of BR's dictation to Edith Russell, 4 Nov. 1952.
F.3 Letters written on BR's behalf by Farley to Ernest Anderson, British Museum, 25 Oct. 1966, and to Bryan Magee, Rediffusion Television, n.d. Also two notes by Farley.

Series 12
Edith Russell Correspondence and Memorandum. -- 1962-1971. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- The correspondence is similar to correspondence contained in Rec. Acq. 967.

F.4 3 letters to Edith Russell from Alan Denson, 1971; also one circular letter from Denson, 25 Oct. 1962.
F.5 Letter to Edith Russell from Heald, Johnson & Co., 1970 with photocopies of other correspondence to and from Michael Scott and Ralph Schoenman re the New York edition of IWCT proceedings.
F.6 Memorandum by Edith Russell, "Charges We Understood Pat Pottle to Bring vs. Ralph [Schoenman]," 21 January 1964, ms., 4 p. File also contains a photocopy of a ts. of the statement, and photocopies of relevant correspondence used or referred to in BR's "Private Memorandum" not in Russell Archives I or II, including BR, Farley, Pottle, Alasdair Yule, Jon Tinker, Michael Scott, Ralph Schoenman, Tom Kinsey. See also "Private Memorandum", Box 8, F.13.

Series 13
Russell Biographical Information, Photograph, Meetings. -- 1957-1971. -- 4 cm of textual records and 1 photograph. -- Title based on content of series.

F.7 Photocopy of ts. of biographical information prepared for Kalinga Prize, 1957.
F.8 Photocopy of ts. of BR's addresses, 1971, titled "Bertrand Russell Photographic Sites."
F.9 B&W photograph of BR at a demonstration in Trafalgar Square, 3 April 1961.
F.10 A Meeting in Honour of Bertrand Russell, 8 June 1970. File includes correspondence with C J G Macy, Rationalist Press Association, Kevin Holland, lists of people to invite in Edith Russell's hand, photocopy of letter from Edith Russell to Macy, published program. See also Rec. Acq. 501 (Rupert Crawshay-Williams).
F.11 BBC radio script. "The Passionate Involvement Bertrand Russell and the Twentieth Century. Narrated by Sir Edward Boyle". 17 April 1970.

Series 14
Printed Materials. -- 1960-1984. -- 4.5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F.12 News clippings, 1972.
F.13 News clippings, 1963-1974, including one from Toronto Star concerning Edith Russell's attendance at McMaster University's Centenary Conference.
F.14 "Introductory Report of the Second Session [of the IWCT]," by L. Matarasso. Mimeo.
F.15 "An Appeal to the Labour Movement". Mimeo, c. 1973.
F.16 National Sunday League, 1855-1967. 3 copies of Farewell Dinner program. Program contains a reproduction of a Viscount Amberley poster in Russell Archives.
F.17 Encounter magazine, March 1984, containing Sidney Hook article on BR.
F.18 Humanist magazine, June 1970, with advertisement concerning a meeting in BR's honour.
F.19 Town and Country Planning magazine, 3 issues from 1969.
F.20 Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), 23 Nov. 1967, re export of Russell Archives.
F.21 Eleanor Roosevelt International Auction Catalogue. 1960. Russell contributed signed books and a letter to the auction.

Second Accrual
F.22 Legal Documents:
General Power of Attorney, 22 November 1969. Russell appoints Anton Peter Felton to be his attorney, signed by Russell with two witnesses. There is also a photocopy of this document.
Second Cocidil to Will of 18 November 1966; cocidil is dated 9 July 1969 and is signed by Russell with two witnesses.
First Cocidil to Will of 18 November 1966 of Edith Russell; cocidil is dated 9 July 1969 and is signed by Edith Russell and is signed by two witnesses. Both cocidils revoke the appointment of Ralph Schoenman as executor and trustee and replace him with Anton Felton.

F.23 Letter from Heald, Johnson & Co., to Anton Felton, 17 November 1970, concerning the "late Lord Russell"; attached to the list is a schedule of "deeds and documents concerning" Russell with dates ranging from 1945 to 1969.

F.24 Deed of Covenant (photocopies): (a) re Patricia Helen Russell, 1 May 1951; (b) re Dora Winnifred Grace, May 1961; (c) draft, for the benefit of Sarah Elizabeth russell, 24 Nov. 1958; (d) re Felicity Anne Russell, Lucy Catherine Russell and Sarah Elizabeth Russell, 26 Sept. 1963; (e) re Lucy Catherine russell, 5 April 1965; (f) re Felcity Anne Russell, 5 April 1965.

F.25 Theodore Goddard &Co., Solicitors, Statement of Accounts, 15 April and 5 September 1970, re the leases at 43 Hasker Street and Plas Penrhyn and other estate business.

F.26 Photocopy of Probate document, 23 October 1970 ( 3 copies).

F.27 Estate Duty -- Inland Revenue document including "Inventory & Valuation of the Effects" at 43 Hasker Street and Plas Penrhyn. Letter from Felton to Inland Revenue, 10 September 1981 re Russell copyright with a photocopy of the Court Order of 5 July 1979.

F.28 Accounts: Tom Parry & Co., Chartered Auctioneers, 18 March 1970; Hughesdon & Hinds, Charter Surveyors, Auctioneers, 8 May 1970.

F.29 Other: 12 b&2 photographs printed for use in Autobiography, Vol. 2.; photocopies of T.E. Eliot correspondence (originals are in RAI); photocopies of Russell biographical data; photocopies of information on the Kaligna Prize.

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