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Everson, R.G., 1903-

R.G. Everson fonds.

Correspondence series. -- 1926-1987; predominant 1958-1983. -- 23 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

This series consists mostly of incoming correspondence to Everson from family, friends, fellow poets and publishers with a few copies of outgoing correspondence to various individuals. Included with the incoming correspondence of Dorothy Roberts, Al Purdy, Earle Birney, Louis Dudek, George Galt, Eli Mandel, Ken Norris, Pádraig Ó Broin, Tram Coombs and Ray Souster are copies of poems and offprints, many of them signed. There are a number of Everson poems either as typescript or handwritten, on the back of other correspondence, scattered throughout this series. A few typescript manuscripts by other authors are also included; some have been annotated by Everson and some are about Everson.

Arranged alphabetically with the number of letters following the date. If a number does not follow the date then there is only 1 letter.

Box 1

F.1 A

Abrams, Alan. 1980.
Academic Press Canada Limited, 1980.
Adams, Phoebe, n.d.
Alberta Education, 1978.
Allen, Steve, 1958.
The Antigonish Review, 1974.
Armour, Stewart, 1959 (incl. encl.)
Athanor, 1981, 1 letter + brief carbon copy writeup from Everson to Athanor
The Atlantic Monthly, 1956- 1965, 7 letters + assignment of copyright for "Looking for Firewood".
Atwood, Margaret, n.d.
Avison, Margaret, 1959.

F.2 B

KVB, n.d.
Bailey, Alfred G.. 1961, 1968, 2 letters.
Baker, Mark. 1982.
Barbour, Douglas. 1981. 2 letters + Everson bio.
Bates, Ronald. 1972.
Betanzos-Santos, Manuel. 1971 poem.
Betanzos-Santos, Manuel. 1979. 2 letters.
Books in Canada. 1979, 1983. 2 letters.
Boreal. 1968.
Bray, Llewella. 1966-1967. 3 letters + ts. of Bradworthy: An Outline History of the Parish by Cecil T. Collacott and a handwritten and ts. of My Mother Told Me (story of T.H Everson and his wife's early years together)
Bress, Hyman. 1965-1966. 3 letters.
Brilliant, Alan and Teo. n.d.
Brilliant, Alan. 1956-1979. 10 letters.
Brown, J.J. 1965.
Bruce, Charles. 1955.
Bynner, Witter. 1930.


Birney, Earle and Wailan Low. 1956-1984. 72 letters, including 9 typed Birney poems in a folder and signed offprints of:
"Structural Irony within the Summoner's Tale"
"North American Drama Today: A Popular Art?" Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, June 1957.
Also includes an offprint of "Two Major Poems by Mao Tse-Tung - A Commentary with Translations" by Ping-ti Ho. Signed by Birney.

F.4. C

Cameron, Elspeth. 1982. Includes photocopy of letter by Irving Layton.
Canadian Author and Bookman. 1966.
Canada Council. 1971-1983. 5 letters.
Canadian Literature. 1977-1983. 6 letters.
Canadian Review. 1975.
Canadian Who's Who. 1981-1983. 3 letters + biographies.
Carruth, Hayden. 1970. 2 letters.
Catanoy, Nicholas. 1970, 1977. 2 letters. (See also Nowlan.)
Chevalier, Willie. n.d., 1975-1977. 6 letters + three translated Everson poems.
Chiraghdin, Shihabuddin. 1974. 3 letters + Everson carbon response (See also Feidel).
Ciardi, John. 1958-1965. 22 letters.
Classic Book Shop. 1957.
Cogswell, Fred. 1959-1983. 10 letters. (See also Fiddlehead).
Collier Macmillan Canada Ltd. 1981. Letter + encl.
Confederation Centre Library. 1965.
Colombo, John. 1964-1987. 26 letters + encl.
Combs, Tram. 1959-1971. 10 letters + two signed poetry leaflets.
Cormier, Louis. 1976.
Criticisms. 1968.
Crook, Arthur. 1973.
Currelly, C.T. 1926.
Currie, Bob. 1972-1974. 5 letters + Copy of Poetry Seen from Oshawa, Ont. Around the Time of the Kaiser's War. (By Everson)

F.5 D

Dales, Walter A. 1964.
Darling, Ritchie. 1959-1973. 15 letters.
Delta Canada. 1966-1973. 2 letters + 2 Everson carbon responses and memo on Delta Canada.
Dickey, James. 1964.
Dickey, William. 1971.
Doubleday Canada Ltd. 1975.
Diefenbaker, John. 1950-1967. 8 letters.
Diefenbaker, Olive. 1957.
Duff, Louis Blake. 1958.
Duncan, W.F. 1977.

F.6 Dudek, Louis. 1957-1982. 20 letters with some Dudek poetry included in the letters. Everson wrote a poem "Tuscany Burial" on the back of one letter. Dudek also wrote a poem called "The Overfed Pigeons (After R.G. Everson)" and Everson wrote a poem called "Rainbow Dog" on the back of it.

F.7 E

Eberhart, Richard. 1959-1963. 5 letters.
Elizabeth Press. (See also Weil.)
Everson, C.C. 1932.
Everson, Deborah. 4 June ?. Poem called "Dad"
Everson, Ida G. 1956.
Everson, Ronald Gilmore. 1972, n.d. 2 letters from Everson.
Everson, Jennifer L. 1983.
Everson, Robert M. 1986. (Handwritten poem "Plum Coulee" and the start of a poem "Not O'Canada" on the back).
Everson, S.F. 1954.
Everson, M.E. 1956-1964. 9 letters.

F.8 F

Feidel, Jan. 1974. 2 letters + Everson carbon responses. (See also Chiraghdin.)
Ferdynus, Barbara. 1974.
The Fiddlehead. 1957-1967. 3 letters. (See also Cogswell.)
Ford, Gena. 1964.
Ford, R.A.D. 1968.
Francis, Wynne. 1964-1967. 3 letters.
Frye, Northrop. 1959-1970. 7 letters.

F.9 G

Gage Educational Publishing Ltd. 1975-1979. 2 letters + permissions fee form.
Galbraith, J.K. 1959.
Galt, George. 1964, 1981-1983. 4 letters + 2 Galt poems + Everson carbon response supporting Galt for a Queen's University Fellowship in the Humanities (includes copy of Galt's essay "Canadian's Abroad".)
Gilbert, Emma. 1987.
Glassco, John. 1959-1968. 6 letters.
The Globe and Mail. c. 1977.
Gordon, G. Blair. 1957.
Grayson, J. Paul. 1977.
Great Canadian Poetry Weekend Festival. 1978.
Grier, Eldon. n.d.
Gnarowski, Mike. 1963. 2 letters.
Gnarowski, Cheng. 1964. 2 letters.
Gzowski Enterprises Limited. 1978.


Gustafson, Ralph and Betty. 1958-1983. 43 letters + 1 Everson carbon response. (See also Library of Congress.)

F.11 H

Haas, Heather. 1968.
[Hamshyn?], Grace. 1987.
Harbourfront. 1978. 2 letters.
Harris, Michael. 1978-1981. 2 letters.
Harvey, Rolf. 1983.
Harvison, Cliff. 1967.
Haworth, Colin. 1981. 4 letters includes clippings, material on Everson etc.
Hentoff, Nat. 1958. 2 letters.
Hogue, Leroy and Lois. 1987.
Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, Ltd. 1982.
House, V. 1963.
Howith, Harry. 1963.
Hudson Bay Company. 1968. 2 letters.
Hunt, Evelyn Tooley. 1982-1983. 3 letters + poetry and watercolour bookmark + clipping.

F.12 J

Jacaranda Press. 1974.
Jewish Dialogue. n.d.
Johnston, George. 1973
Johnston, J.K. 1959.
Jones, Doug. 1961-1964. 2 letters.
Joyce, Mary. 1979-1983. 3 letters.

F.13 K

King, John. 198?.
King, Mary. n.d.
King-Edwards, Lucie and Adrian. 1976.
Kinsey, C. Gwyn. 1955.
Klinck, Carl F. 1964-1965. 3 letters.
Knitzwiser, Kay. n.d.

F.14 L

La Brecque, Claude. n.d.
Layton, Irving. 1959, 1969. 2 letters.
League of Canadian Poets. 1974-1985. 5 letters + member list and Everson poem "The Confrontation"
Lehman, Heinz. 1957-1983. 4 letters.
Lemieux, Paul and Madeleine. 1970-1977. 12 letters.
Library of Congress. 1959-1965. 10 letters + certificates of copyright for Everson's poems "Late News Flashes" and "Outside Joe Beef's". (See also Gustafson.)
Livesay, Dorothy. 1959-1977. 8 letters + Livesay poems + 1 Everson carbon response
Long, Marcel. 1966.
Longmans Canada Limited. 1966-1967. 3 letters re: publishing "Night Exercise" in Roloff Beny's To Every Thing There is a Season. Includes copy of poem.

F.15 M

MacCallum, Hugh. 1966.
MacDonald, Goodridge. 1959, n.d. 2 letters.
MacEwan, George. n.d.
MacMillian Company of Canada Limited. 1965-1975. 3 letters.
Macpherson, Jay. 1958-1980. 4 letters.
Mandell, Eli. 1963. 1 letter + reprint of "Three Poems by E.W. Mandel" from Queen's Quarterly, 1962.
Maple Laugh Forever. (See Barbour.)
Marshall, Tom. 1974-1983. 8 letters.
Mayer, Paul. 1973.
McCutcheon, M. Wallace. 1964. 3 letters.
McDougall, John L. 1955. Includes clipping.
McKinnon, Barry. 1983.
McLaughlin, R.S. 1952.
McLauglin Public Library. 1970.
McRobbie, Kenneth. 1959.
Meyer, John. 1959
Middlebury College. 1959.
Modern Romanian Poets. (See also Catanoy and Nowlan.)
Montreal Poets' Information Exchange. 1976.

F.16 N

National Textbook Company. 1977.
Nelson Canada. 1982. (See also Thomas Nelson & Sons)
New York Times Book Review. 1958.
Newlove, John. 1971-1973. 2 letters.
Niagara Magazine. n.d. 2 letters.
Norris, Debbie. 1974.
Norris, Ken. 1977-1982. 5 letters + postcard with Ken Norris' "Houdini" poem signed on back
Nowlan, Alden A. 1959-1979. 5 letters. (See also Catanoy.)

F.17 O

Ó Broin, Pádraig. 1964-1966. 5 letters + signed reprint of "The Early Lyric in Gaelic". The American Scholar, 31, no. 1 (Winter 1961-62).
Oberon Press. 1975-1983. 25 letters + 3 Everson carbon responses and Memorandum of Agreement for Carnival and two Memorandums for Everson at Eighty.
Oester, Ruth. 1987.
Olannewajn, Louis. 1964-1967. 2 letters.
Olardi, John. 1972.
Olympic Games Organizing Committee (Montreal Games). 1976. 2 letters + invitation.
Osei-Blay, Frank. 1970.
Osgoode Hall, University of Toronto. 1 letter + class list and other encl. re: reunion.
The Ottawa Journal. n.d. 1 letter + copy of review of Wrestle with an Angel, 1965.
Oxford University Press.1967-1982. 8 letters + encl.

F.18 P

Pacey, Desmond. 1960-1968. 3 letters.
Page, P.K. 1973-1979. 3 letters.
Palmer, Glenn and Maryanne. 1985.
Penguin Books. 1983.
Percy, Bill and Vina. 1975-1983. 7 letters.
Pitt, David G. 1967. 2 letters + Everson carbon response.
Poetry. 1958-1982. 11 letters + Everson carbon poems.
Pratt, Claire. 1967-1983. 2 letters.
Pratt, E.J. (Ned). 1952-1963. 5 letters + tss. of two of the letters.
Pratt, Vi. n.d. 5 letters.
Price, Percival. No letters. ms. Bells In China with annotations by Everson. Also includes Japanese Bells ms. and reprint of "Bell Inscriptions of Western Europe" The Dalhousie Review. 45, no. 4. There is a photocopy article on Percival Price.
Public Archives of Canada. 1972-1974. 3 letters + Everson carbon response and annotated photocopy of one letter.

Box 2 Correspondence (con't)

F.1 Purdy, Al and Eurithe. 1962-1983. 107 letters (12 from Eurithe).
Includes 1 Everson carbon response to Purdy's Memoirs Morning and It's Summer.
Includes ts. of Morning and It's Summer.
Includes ts. of poems:
"The Horseman of Agawa"
"False Alarm"
"Place of the Fire" (signed)
"Details at Lake Chapala" (signed)
"In the Garden" (annotated)
"Figures of Earth" (signed)
"On the Altiplano"
"A Handful of Earth" (signed)
"In the Garden"
"Figures of Earth" (annotated)
"At Paricutin Volcano"
"Near Patzcuaro" (annotated)
"Details at Lake Chapala" (annotated)
"South of Durango
"D.H. Lawrence in Chapala" (annotated)
"Small Wars" (signed)
"Meeting" (signed)
"Shot Glass Made of Bull's Horn" (signed)
"May 23, 1980" (signed)
"Found Among the Effects" (signed)
"No Second Spring"
"After Rain"
"Fathers" (signed)
"The Boy Accused of Stealing"
"To An Attempted Suicide"
"Old Story"
"Birds Here and Now"
"Vancouver" (signed)
"A Typical Day in Winnipeg"
"Changing" (signed)
"Ballad of the Arctic" (signed)
"The Dead Poet" (signed)
"Homage to Ree-Shard" (signed)

Al Purdy ts. biography of Everson Reviews by Purdy:
ts. The Letters of D.H. Lawrence.
ts. Songs from the Front & Rear, Canadian Serviceman's Songs of the Second World War.

F.2 Q

Quadrant Editions. 1982
Quarry. 1978.
Queen's Quarterly. 1967-1975. 7 letters.

F.3 R

Roberts, Dorothy. 1976-1983. 14 letters + 11 signed poems (5 journal offprints with one having a handwritten poem on the back by Everson and 6 tss.)
Ryerson Press. 1959-1964. 2 letters.

F.4 Roy, Gabrielle. 1955-1980. 53 letters.

F.5 S

S. Elizabeth. 1950.
Saturday Night. 1949-1975. 5 letters + Everson carbon response and poem.
Saturday Review. 1960.
Scobie, Steven. (See Barbour.)
Scott, Frank. 1958, 1972. 2 letters.
Shariff, (See Feidel.)
Shoemaker, Jack. 1967.
Siddnell, Michael. 1965-1966. 3 letters + Everson carbon response (also printed in The Canadian Forum, March 1966.)
Siebrasse, Glen. 1971-1974. 5 letters + copies of Everson poems, letters etc. and other correspondence re: National Book Award (U.S.); Salt issue on Everson and other bibliographical information.
Sinclair, Ian. 1964.
Smith, Art. 1964.
Souster, Ray. 1960-1985. 24 letters + signed copy of 12 New Poems, and signed poems "Thickson's" and "A Gift from Florida" + Everson carbon response.
Sutherland, Fraser. 1975.
Sutherland, Ron. 1979.
Srinivas, Krishna. 1972.

F.6 T

The Tamarack Review. n.d.
The Telegraph-Journal; The Evening Times-Globe.1958.
Thistledown Press. 1985. 2 letters.
Thomas Nelson & Sons (Canada) Limited. 1968-1972. (See also Nelson Canada)
Tisdall, Clark and Lesly Ltd. 1965.
Thompson, John. 1971-1972. 2 letters + poem "Moving Out, Moving In".
[Trapvelli?], Bert. 1955.
Trent University. 1979. 2 letters from Elwood Jones.

F.7 U-V

University of Calgary. 1972.
University of Toronto Library. 1959
Véhicule Press. 1982-1983. 4 letters.

F.8 W

Waddington, Miriam. 1965-1967. 2 letters.
Waddington, Pat. 1960.
Walton, George. 1959.
Weil, Jim. 1959-1979. 7 letters.
Whalley, George. 1958.
Whiteman, Bruce. 1985.
Williams, Dave. 1978.
Williams, Jonathon. 1964. 2 letters (one is on the back of a printed poem called "Davenport Gap")
Wilson, Milton. 1959-1967. 7 letters.
Woodcock, George. 1977.
Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre. 1982.

F.9 Y

York University. 1977.
[Young], Melba. 1987.

F.10 Unidentified and Group Correspondence. 1974-1978, n.d. 6 letters.

Reviews and public performances series. -- 1955-1986. -- 17 cm of textual records. -- 4 audio cassettes (ca. 30 min.) -- Title based on content of series.

This series consists primarily of original and copies of reviews (poetry, writing style and books) found in newspaper and journal clippings as well as various periodicals. Also included are three student papers on Everson and his poetry as well as posters for public performances and various biographies. There are two cassettes pertaining to Everson; one cassette pertaining to Purdy; and one to Gustafson.

F.11 General Reviews. 1955-1984. Contains clippings and reviews of various activities Everson participated in as well as his poetry style.

F.12 Three Dozen Poems. 1956-1960

F.13 A Lattice for Momos. 1959-1961.

F.14 Blind Man's Holiday. 1963-1965, 1977.

F.15 Wrestle With An Angel. 1965-1967.

F.16 New & Selected Verses. 1969.

F.17 The Dark Is Not So Dark. 1969-1975. See also Canadian Forum. (September 1970): 225) in the Manuscripts Series.

F. 18 Selected Poems, 1920-1970. 1971.

F.19 Indian Summer. 1977.

F.20 Carnival. 1978-1980.

F.21 Everson at Eighty. 1986

F.22 Colin Haworth. 1961-1963.

F.23 Studio Poets and New Smyrna, Florida. 1979-1980.

F.24 Student Papers.

F.25 Public Performances 1967-1985. This folder contains a number of textual records pertaining to public appearances by Everson.

F. 26 Public Performances and Reviews Cassettes.

  • Louis Dudek book review of Everson at Eighty CBM, Montreal, September 28, 1983

  • Modern Canadian Poets: A Recorded Archive. "Ron Everson". The League of Canadian Poets. n.d. (Includes a separate list of Everson Poetry on the cassette.)
  • Modern Canadian Poets: A Recorded Archive. "Al Purdy". The League of Canadian Poets. n.d.
  • Ralph Gustafson with Don McGowan. CFCF TV12. 8 Feb. 1981.

F.27 Various biographies and c.v., 1967-1983.
Canadian Forum, The. (April-May 1970): 51.
Fiddlehead. (Fall 1974): 97.
Inscape. 7, no. 4. (Spring 1970): 97.
Poetry. 94, no. 3. (June 1959): 184.
Skylark. 13, no. 4. (Summer 1977): 45.
University of Toronto Quarterly. (July 1974): 372

Manuscripts series. -- 1928-1987. -- 63 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

This series consists of a number of unpublished and published manuscripts either in folders or in publications with the bulk of the manuscripts being poetry. There are some short fiction works from 1929-1936 with a few which have been annotated by Everson.

Box 3

F.1 Published Poetry - This folder consists of poetry, mostly typescript and a few newspaper clippings, which has been published in various newspapers and magazines.

"Dickinson's Closed Valves". ts.
"The Chance-Taking Dead". Proof.
"The Confrontation".
"The Ghostly Presence". ts. [A.A.?] (22 June 1967).
"The Wristwatch". ts. Atlantic Accent.
"Poems by R.G. Everson". Photocopy. The Atlantic Advocate (March 1965): 32.
"After Evening Milking". ts. Atlantic Monthly. (February 1955).
"Looking for Firewood". ts. Atlantic Monthly. (July 1956).
"Outside Joe Beef's". Photocopy. Atlantic Monthly (April 1965): 127.
"Metamorphosis". ts with annotations. Canadian Forum.
"San Franciso Earthquake". ts. with annotations.
"The White Stain". ts. with annotations.
"Birds in Winter". ts. with annotations.
"The North Way". Photocopy. Canadian Forum (September 1976): 32-33.
"So Sustained a Remarkable Amount of Motion". ts. with annotations. Delta.
"Three Poems by R.G. Everson". Photocopy. Fiddlehead. (Winter 1965): 68-69.
Untitled. ts. Pictorial Canada Longmans. (July 1966).
"Lovers in a Short Northern Summer". ts. Matrix (July 1984) (2)
"Cote des Neiges Winter Funeral". ts. Matrix (July 1984). 2 copies.
"Rue St.-Catharine Luncheon". ts. Matrix (July 1984)
"Nantucket Headstones". Photocopy. New York Times Book Review (April 1960).
"Coffee Wish with the Poetry Society". Photocopy. New York Times Book Review (May 1960)
"The Great French Victory at Fontenoy". Nuevue 1, no. 1: 4.
Untitled. ts with annotations. Poetry.
"Robins in Late October". ts. with annotations.
"Mrs. Mallory's Back-Door Face". ts. with annotations.
"Perils of Teaching". Offprint. Queen's Quarterly 74, no. 3. (Autumn 1967).
"John Yeats". Photocopy. Saturday Review (May 1960).
"The Gamblers". Maclean's Magazine (15 February 1950): 41.
"Expanding Universe". Maclean's Magazine (6 June 1950): 6.
"Overlapping Realty". Maclean's Magazine (22 August 1950): 6.
"Moonlight Revisited-Alone". Maclean's Magazine (19 September 1950): 6.

F.2 The Dark Is Not So Dark. ms. with annotations.

F.3 Unpublished manuscript. with 65 handwritten or ts. poems with annotations and numerous copies. Some of the poetry has been published in Poetry About Me and two poems were previously published in The Dark is Not So Dark. There are 6 pages of indices which were updated as poems were added to this collection. Unless otherwise noted, in brackets after the poem, the poems in this folder consist of 1 copy each, some with numerous pages.

"Moody Farewell" handwritten and ts. drafts with annotations. Includes some correspondence.
"Unhandy Death" (6)
"Rue Ste. Catharine" (7) published in Poems About Me.
"John Keats at 26"
"To a Sweet Voice" (3)
"Gulled" (2 + 1 letter re: Gulls) published in Poems About Me
"Ailee" (2)
"The Night We Lost with Sir Wilfred Laurier" (4) published in The Dark is Not So Dark
"Batterson" (3)
"Laurentian Summer Afternoon" (3)
"A Couple of Ethnics" (4)
"Red Viking" (2)
"Montreal Street Crowd" (6)
"Uncle Tom's Cabin Cruiser" (2)
"Night Gliders" (2)
"One-Elevator Prairie Village" (2)
"I Knowingly Winked"
"Our Head Canadian Hero"
"Salt was Bad for Buffalo"
"That One Crack in the Ice"
"An Appreciation" (2)
"The Last Pigeon"
"At the Cottage" (3) published in The Dark is Not So Dark
"Goings on in Heads" (3)
"Harvest Moon"
"Quebec Prairie Lane"
"Migration of Ants"
"The Fugleman" (2)
"Where My Voice Came From"
"Loading Cabbages" (4) published in Poems About Me
"Sleeping Child" published in Poems About Me
"The Happy Mites" (3)
"My Girl and the Weeping Willow"
"Annie and Her Heirs"
"Merlin and the Ancient Hollow Oak"
"Alexander Hamilton" (also known as "Three Honest Politicians") (4)
"April Weekend from School" (3)
"My Posthumous Future" (3)
"Outwitting Boredom" (3)
"My Handbill Career" (3)
"By the Sea of Araby" (3) published in Poems About Me
"Winter" (3)
"Grey Rattlesnake"
"Testing Auto Gasoline Tanks" (2)
"Mrs. Hardcastle's Service Entrance Face" (2)
"Suburb of Hell" (2)
"Comical Lamb" (5) published in Poems About Me
"Coffee Cake" published in Poems About Me
"Chestful of Kittens" published in Poems About Me
"The Get Together" (3)
"My One Sure Faith" (2)
"TV at the Nursing Home" (2) published in Poems About Me
"Old Lady Describing a Parabola" (2)
"My Scalped Forebear" (2)
"Mysterious Visit "(3)
"Tin Flute Street" (3) published in Poems About Me
"Great Day"
"Kitchen Drinker at Our Garden Party" published in Poems About Me
"Trying to Remember" (2)
"The Puritans" (2)
"Roomful of Bears" (2)
"Gar Swimming By" (4)
"Unsilent Night" (2) published in Poems About Me
"Signs I Have Seen" (4)

F.4 Three Dozen Poems. Book with annotations and two handwritten poems inside.

F.5 Poetry - This file contains a number of tss. and annotated and handwritten poems. It is unknown if they were intended to be published together.

"The Last Pigeons"
"Late News Flashes"
"Tribute to Montreal"
"In Praise of the Saint John River Valley"
"The Battle of Ridgeway"
"Stories on the Outer Side of Digby's Main Street"
"Across the Breakfast Table"
"Birds in Winter"
"With Birney and Dudek on Mount Royal"
"In a Sustained Remarkable Amount of Motion"
"Out of Step"
"Old Mother Nature"
"A Polite Miracle"
"I Also Love St. Henri in Montreal" (2)
"Kingston Road" (2)
"I've Known her from an Ample Nation"
"Walking North Up Vendome Avenue" (6)
"Pointe Cavagnol"
"Boska" (2)
"Wolfe at Culloden"
"My Bobsled"
"Plum Coulee"
"The Circus"
"Illusion from my Speedy Car"
"The Turn Against Time"
These three poems have a note attached indicating that they were omitted from Everson at 80
"A Coral Island in the Indian Ocean"
"Alexander the Robin"
"A Polite Miracle"
"Sunrise at Camp" (4)
"News from the War Zone" (3)
"Our Entrancing Lives" (2)
"Campeche Bay"
"Night Storm"
"North Hatley Bat" (2)
"Thomas Nashe"
"The Fairy Diddle" (2)
"Night Storm"
"Reading Room"
"Flatland Fields"
"Nailing El Greco and Birney"
"It's Also Hideous Art"
"McIntosh Red"
"A Real Toad in Our Real Garden"
"Hysterical Hostess" (2)
"Cry Wolf" (2)
"Northern Quebec"
"Bridge of Sighs"
"Old Mother Nature"
"Andy Bodgett"
"Meditations During a Seafood Dinner"
"Orwell Winter"
"The Action"
"The Mouth of Farewell Creek"
"Retired Chieftan"
"Covey Hill"
"Place du Canada Pigeons"
"Out to the Barn and Back"
"Nova Scotia Dawn"
"The Sky Will Last Forever"
Untitled ("Loaves")
"The Chimney Swift"
"Ploughill Revels"
"Vancluse Fountain"
"Guardian of our Lettuce"
"Easy Solution"
"A Momentary Glance"
"Ned Pratt"
"The Garden Party"
"I Have Travelled Widely in Concord"
"My Last Getaway"
"Smoothland Lane"
"Pastoral Call"
"Side Rising"
"Kenya Comes of Age"
"The Rear-End Brakeman's Supper"
"Little Stanley the Explorer"
"Damon & Pythias"
"I'm Possibly a Bastard"
"Halley's Comet, 1910"
"The Circus"
"Moonlight on a Log Cabin"

F.6 This folder contains a number of handwritten poems. Some have different versions. There are numerous untitled poems.

Poems written in 1986. "Part of an untyped manuscript".
Some letters to Ruth regarding the typing of the poems.
"Masquerade Party"
"Edmund's Girl"
"An Awkward Youngster"
"Notes by Ed Brown"
"Yeats &"
"7 Into 5"
"Sleeping Bag"
"Ask Cornelius"
"The Edwardian Decade"

F.7 Three tss. Everson poems translated by Richard Daignault.
"Dans un parc"
"Pour faire du feu"

Published poetry in journals. Pagination of the publication of individual poems is provided in the last number that follows the publication information.

Adam 10, no. 6: 41.
Antigonish Review 20. 74
Canadian Literature No. 72. (Spring 1977): 67
Canadian Literature No. 73. (Summer 1977): 87.
Canadian Poetry 17, no. 4. (Summer 1954): 26.
Canadian Poetry 28, no. 2. (February 1965): 23.
Canadian Poetry 29, no. 1 and 2. (February 1966): 8.
Canadian Poetry 29, no. 3. (May 1966): 25.
Canadian Poetry 29, no. 4. (August 1966): 44.
Canadian Poetry 30, no. 4. (August 1967): 71.
Delta 3: 14-15.
Delta 5: 22
Delta 9: 14.
Delta 11: 22.
Delta 20: 6.
Delta 23: 15.
Elizabeth XIII (July 1969): 52.
Fiddlehead (Winter 1958): 22.
Fiddlehead (Spring 1958). 28.
Fiddlehead (Fall 1961): 16.
Fiddlehead (Winter 1968): 23.
Inscape 8, no. 2. (Fall 1970).

Box 4

(Small size publications)
Mirrors: Recent Canadian Verse selected by Jon Pearce. (Canada: Gage Educational Publishing, 1975), p. 2, 3, 108.
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(Large size publications)

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Box 5

Short Stories

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"The Shining Watch". The Story-Teller. (January 1931): 585-589. (Notations)

Box 6

Everson family series. -- 1936-1992. -- 16 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

This series consists of a number of records pertaining to Everson's family. There are obituary clippings and other clippings of family members activities; poetry by other family members; a scrapbook created by Everson's mother; Everson's address books as well as his last will and testament; Lorna's birth certificate and Everson's birth registration; an Ex-Libris book stamp; and, genealogical information about the Courtice, Everson and Farewell families.

F.1 Clippings: Everson, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. T.H. Everson). 1948-1971.

F.2 Clippings: Everson, Thomas H. 1952-1953.

F.3 Clippings: Other family members. 1959-1982.

F.4 Scrapbook of Mary Elizabeth Everson. 1876-1951; predominant 1924-1951.

Clippings and tss. poetry of a wide variety of subjects such as the history of Oshawa; family clippings; anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and deaths; Monarchy news and speeches including Edward's abdication, George's coronation and Elizabeth's wedding; news and speeches of Churchill; church news and sermons; poetry by family and others such as Pauline Johnson etc.; McLaughlin family of Oshawa; Red Cross activities and a few other miscellaneous topics.

F.5 Birthday congratulations for Mary Elizabeth Everson. 1970

F.6 Honours given to Stanley F. Everson by the Oshawa General Hospital. 1969.

F.7 Writing and poetry by family members in particular Mary Elizabeth Everson. 1959-1961.

F.8 Everson, Courtice and Farewell genealogies and family history: includes various handwritten and ts. notes such as:
-text for Aunt Mary's speech made on the occasion of her 90th birthday, 1957 (handwritten)
-text for Aunt Mary's speech made on the occasion of her 100th birthday, 1967 (handwritten and ts.)
-ts. "From Short Notes as to the Early Settlement and Progress of Ontario County", by J.E. Farewell
-Memoir of the Late A.M. Farewell: An Historical Sketch (ts.)
-"Some Reminiscences" by T.H. Everson. 1952. ts.
-genealogical lists
-The Courtice - Everson History and Genealogies. Bowmanville, Ontario, 1968.

F.9 Address books and directories. 2 address books and one directory from St. Andrew's - Dominion - Douglas United Church (Montreal, Quebec), 1986.

F.10 Month by Month with the Printed Word. Distributed by Johnston, Everson and Charlesworth, Christmas 1950 and New Year 1951.

F.11 Ronald G. Everson's official papers. 1941, 1983-1992: includes last will and testament + codicils (Lorna and Ron's). Some correspondence relating to his death and estate.

Photocopy of Lorna's birth certificates. Letter from the Ontario Department of the Provincial Secretary indicating the registration of Everson's birth.

Ex Libris bookplate stamp with initials RGE. (Located in Box 7.)

Photographs series. -- 1902-1983. -- 1 drawing. - 822 photographs : b&w and col. ; 20 x 25 cm or smaller. -- Title based on content of series.

This series consists of photographs with both Everson's professional and private life depicted.

The bulk of the series consists slides which are mostly of landscapes. There are 809 slides showing various scenes from around Montreal and trips to Europe and the United States. There are a large number of images of Oshawa and his family. Other images include Colin Haworth painting and Cogswell, Scott, Gustafson, Grier, Birney, and Purdy at Stanley House in 1964.

F.12 Professional

4x6 promotional photograph of Irving Layton, signed, 1959.
8x10 colour of Everson
8x10 montage of Writer's Club members (most identified) includes list of members 1960.
top row (l-r): Warner A. Higgins; Frank Farewell; Les MacFarlane; R.G. Everson
middle row (l-r): Clarence V. Charters; Frank Pendergast; Art Wells; Don Lebourdais; George Johnston; John Noel
bottom row (l-r) C.J. Eustace; J.L Charlesworth; Wellington Jeffers; Ned Pratt; Glen Bannerman; Jack A. McNeil; J.G. Johnston; Dan McArthur; Herb McManus.
Pen and ink drawing of Everson by Rosengattan

F.13 Family photographs of weddings and other unidentified relatives. There is one photograph of Stewart and Ewart Everson as young boys from 1902 and one photograph of Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Everson.

Box 7 Oversize

Stanley Everson [ca. 196?]. Photographer: Campbell's Studio, Oshawa [Ontario].
R.G. Everson, 21 June 1942. Photographer: Dupras & Colas, Montreal [Quebec].
Everson family montage with R.G. Everson centre far right.
3 binders of slides.

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