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W.J. Eccles fonds. Third accrual

Series 1
Correspondence. -- 1923 - 1998. -- 64 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- There are one or two letters, except where otherwise indicated.

Box 18
Incoming and Outgoing correspondence
Unidentified - M Correspondence
F. 1 Unidentified
Jessica (1944)
F. 2 Unidentified(2)
Arthur (McGill Club) 1968 - 1972, 10 items

F. 3 A Correspondence
Acme Environmentals
Ali, Natalie
Ambrose, Deborah
American Indian Culture and Research Journal
American National Biography (5)
Associates of the Institute of Early American History and Culture
Au, Dennis M. - Mackinac State Historic Parks
F. 4 Axtell, Jim 1994- 1998, 7 items

F. 5 B Correspondence
Bancroft, Isobel
Barker Fairley Distinguished Visitor Programme
Barton, Ania and Arnold
Bishop, Barbara
Buller Bennett, Marion
F. 6 Bo, Francesco ("Cecco"), 1981 - 1993, 7 items
F. 7 Bosher, John 1994, 7 items
F. 8 Brandao, Jose 1986 - 1998, 9 items (includes letter of reference written on J.B's behalf)
F. 9 British Association for Canadian Studies 1996 -1997, 9 items (Includes correspondence with Ged Martin , Centre of Canadian Studies)

F. 10 C Correspondence
Ciao-ling, Ms. - letter of reference
Civitello, O.
Consumers' Gas
Creach, Ronald
Cudney, O.A.
F. 11 Cadillac Motors, 1957
F. 12 Cancopy - Canadian Reprography Collective, 1989 - 1997
Circulars, brochures and statements, 28 items
F. 13 Canadian War Museum (Fred Gaffen) 1988 - 1996, 5 items
F. 14 Cassel, Jay 1984 - 1998, 55 (includes letters of reference written on J.C's behalf)
F. 15 Cassellman, Ian (later Jay Cassel), 1982, 9 items
F. 16 Clark, Bruce 1985 - 1987, 22 items
F. 17 Codignola, Luca and Gabriella 1986 - 1998, 57 items
F. 18 Conrad, Glen 1997-8, 2 items
F. 19 Cote, André 1997, 3 items

F. 20 D Correspondence
Dean, William

F. 21 E Correspondence
Eaton, Scott
Encyclopedia Britannica Inc.
F. 22 Eccles, Jean 1964 - 1966, 7 items
F. 23 Eccles, John 1923, 1 item
WJE's father's Masonic Lodge membership, with cover letter from Aunt Helen (Thorpe), 6 May 1969
F. 24 Eccles, Michael 1966, 5 items
F. 25 Eccles, Michael - Scholarship Fund 1976 - 1996, 88 items
F. 26 Eccles, Peter [1970s] - 1998, 60 items
F. 27 Eccles, Robin 1976 - ca. 1996 (most letters have incomplete date), 40 items
F. 28 Eccles [?], Shirley 1994, 2 items

F. 29 F Correspondence
Fitzhenry, Sharon
Five Colleges
Foret, Michael James
Fortnum and Mason
F. 30 Federation des Sociétés d'Histoire du Québec
F. 31 Fick, Carolyn 1998, 2 items
F. 32 Fitzhenry and Whiteside 1964 - 1998, 84 items, Includes contracts and royalty statements

F. 33 G Correspondence
Gaffen, Fred
Garland Publishing Inc.
Germain, Paul F.
Gottschalk, Nancy
Government of Quebec - see Writing, Box 20, Hurons of Lorette
Graham, W.
Greer, Allan
F. 34 Grabowski, Jan 1991 - 1996, 41 items, Includes copies of letters to others and undated Christmas cards

F. 35 H Correspondence
Hall, Barbara
Harrison, Jaeson
Harrison, Janet
Heidenreich, Conrad -- see North American Exploration in WJE's Writing below.
Heritage Hill (4)
Historical Atlas of Canada
Holla, Ronald J.
Huey, Paul R.
Hunter, Lloyd A.
F. 36 Harper and Row 1986 - 1998, 18 items
F. 37 Hebden, Phyllis 1965 - ca. 1997, 9 items
F. 38 Histoire Sociale, 1998, 3 items

F. 39 Institute of Early American History and Culture, 1995, 2 items. See also Tate, Thad

F. 40 J Correspondence
Jacobs, Will
Johnston, John
F. 41 Jaenen, Cornelius 1986 - 1996, 9 items
F. 42 Jennings, Fritz 1993 - 1997, 17 items

F. 43 Kohl, G. Gordon 1970 - 1997, 13 items
F. 44 L Correspondence
Lachance, André
Leonard, Frank
Lerda, Valeria
Levenston, Gerald F.
Linden, D.B.
Lubicon Legal Defence Fund
F. 45 Laird, M.R. 1994 - 1996, 16 items
F. 46 Le Goff, Tim and Judith 1996 - 1996, 3 items
F. 47 Luraghi, Raimondo 1983 - 1997, 32 items

Box 19 Correspondence, M - Z
F. 1 M Correspondence
Magnaghi, Russell
Malone, Joseph J.
Marcotte, Gilles
Martin, Andrew (Can Copy)
Maxwell, Michael (3)
McCord Museum
McGraw-Hill Ryerson
McNeill, John R.
Michigan State University Press
Microsoft - see Writing, Box 20, "Champlain" and Box 22, "New France"
Midland Bank
Miller, Pam
Ministry of Health
Monarchy Canada
Montpetit, Jacques
Mount Sinai Hospital
Musée Canadien des Civilisations
F. 2 MasterCard 1997, 3 items
F. 3 Mayo, Carlos A. 1995 - 1996, 3 items
F. 4 MacLeod, D. Peter 1985 - 1997, 92 items
Includes articles by MacLeod, letters of reference written by WJE and acknowledgements from potential employers
F. 5 Marshall, Peter 1992 - 1998, 21 items
F. 6 Martijn, Charles A. 1994, 5 items
File also includes WJE's notes and photocopies of articles by Martijn and others
F. 7 McGill University 1949, 3 items
F. 8 McMaster University 1986 - 1998, 63 items
F. 9 McNaught, Ken 1992 - 1996, 4 items
F. 10 Miquelon, Dale 1992 - 1994, 6 items
F. 11 Moogk, Peter 1986 - 1998, 17 items
F. 12 Morton, Nancy 1993 - 1996, 5 items
F. 13 Mussio, Laurence and Flavia 1997 - 1998, 5 items

F. 14 Newbigging, Bill 1994 - 1998, 23 items
Includes letters of reference written by WJE and acknowledgements from potential employers
F. 15 Noel, Jan 1995, 2 items

F. 16 O Correspondence
Ouellett, Réal
F. 17 Oxford University Press 1978 - 1998, 66 items

F. 18 P Correspondence
Pacific Historical Review
Patterson, Graeme
Phillips, James
Pratt, Claire
Pritchard, James (4)
F. 19 Powell, George 1973, 1 item
F. 20 Public Lending Right 1986 - 1998, 37 items
F. 21 Quinn, David 1994, 2 items

F. 22 R Correspondence
Randall, Steve
Raponi, Joseph
Robson, Anne
Roqueplo, Gabriel
Russel-Wood, John (4)
F. 23 Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française 1994 - 1996, 8 items
F. 24 Royal Society of Canada 1986, 5 items

F. 25 S Correspondence
Salisbury, Neal (3)
Senior, Wake
Sheehan, Ann
Silver, Arthur
Smith, Denyse (4)
Sulzner, George
F. 26 Santucci, Isabella 1985 - 1994, 11 items
F. 27 Sixth North American Fur Trade Conference, 1985 - 1994, 16 items.
Includes correspondence from Charles Hoover and Dennis Au
F. 28 [Smith?], Gillian (WJE's niece) 1991 - 1997 and undated, 27 items
Smithsonian Institution -- see Box 20, Handbook of North American Indians
F. 29 Steele, Ian 1992 - 1997, 19 items, including letters of recommendation
F. 30 Sudak, Alexander 1994, 5 items
F. 31 Sydney Morning Herald 1954, 3 items

F. 32 T Correspondence
Takenaka, Yutaka (4)
Tate, Thad W.
Taylor, J.D.
Taylor, Velma (3)
Teyson, Ken
Toronto Lawn Tennis Club (5)
Trent University (3)
F. 33 Thorpe, Fred 1987 - 1997, 25 items
F. 34 Thorpe, Helen and Frank (WJE's aunt) 1964 - 1978, 15 items
F. 35 Trilium Award 1987 - 1988, 15 items, includes lists and rankings

F. 36 U Correspondence
Université de Montréal (4)
Université Laval
Université Paul Valery
University of Delaware Press (6)
University of Manitoba (1953)
University of Michigan Press
University of Oklahoma (re. Maya Schatzmiller)
University of Western Ontario
University Press of America (4)
F. 37 Universita degli Studi di Genova 1993
F. 38 Universita degli Studi Milano 1986 - 1988
F. 39 Universita degli Studi Venezia 1989 - 1990, 8 items
F. 40 Universita di Catania 1985 - 1986, 7 items
F. 41 University of New Mexico Press 1983 - 1997, 15 items. Includes royalty statements and illustrative material
F. 42 University of Toronto 1994 - 1997, 8 items
F. 43 University of Toronto Press 1988, 3 items

F. 44 V Correspondence
Veillette, Paul T.
F. 45 Vachon, André 1973
F. 46 von Richthofen, E. 1988 - 1992, 5 items

F. 47 W Correspondence
Waite, Kenneth
Warkentin, Germaine (4)
Wells, Tanny
White, Mark
Widder, Keith R.
Wright, D.A.
Wright, J.V.
Writers' Development Trust
F. 48 Watson, Marshall and Co.1977, 3 items
F. 49 Wickwire, Franklin B. 1986, 7 items
F. 50 William and Mary Quarterly 1986 - 1997, 19 items

F. 51 Y Correspondence
York University 1994 - 1997, 8 items
F. 52 Z Correspondence
Zoltvany, Yves

Series 2
WJE's writing: manuscripts, drafts, offprints and reviews. -- 1955-1996. -- 49 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 20
Since many of the following manuscript and typescript items are fragmentary and most are undated, this material has been arranged in alphabetical order by title or assigned title. Copies Eccles's published writings follow in a second alphabetical sequence.
F. 1 Unidentified.[A book on Europeans and Native Peoples].
Chapters 7 ("Were Indian Conversions Bona Fide?") and 8 ("Through Another Glass Darkly: Early Indian Views of Europeans") and Afterword (all apparently from the same typescript), typescript, 25p, 23p, 12p.
F. 2 American National Biography Essays on Champlain and Frontenac with related correspondence and notes, 1993, 74p.
F. 3 [American and French Revolutions - Historiography] Notes, ms., - for an article?, 3p.
F. 4 Canada/ "Once Upon a Time There Was a Country Called Canada", Notes, ms.,1p. and typed copy, 17p.
F. 5 "Cartier's Voyages -- Champlain's Journals; Fact or Fiction", Notes and typescript and ms. versions of the essay, 106p. Also photocopied research material with cover letter, 8p.
F. 6 "Champlain", Essay for Microsoft's Encarta, 1996 - 1997, 3 versions of the essay, contract material and related correspondence, 51p. Research notes, for above article[?], ms., 64p.
F. 7 Champlain, Evaluation of a biography by unnamed author, Carbon typescript, 3p.
F. 8 "A Changing Climate", Evaluation of an article by an anonymous author for William and Mary Quartely, 1992, Manuscript notes, 5p., typescript report, 6p. and annotated version of the article, 32p.
F. 9 "Contact Between New Netherland and New France", Article considered by de Halve Maen, 1991, (a paper first given at the Albany conference in 1990),
typescript version of the article, 22p., typeset version of the article, 8p., and related correspondence, 5p.
F. 10 "Decline of Gentility", Research notes and outlines [ for article?], ms.,16p.
F. 11 Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Contract for entry on Francis Parkman, 1 January 1986, 1p.
F. 12 "The First Consumer Revolution", [Essay?], typescript, 1992, 28p.
F. 13 "Forty Years Backward", Article for William and Mary Quarterly, July 1984, Ms. draft, 29p., typescript version, 26 p. See published articles below.
F. 14 France in America, Sections for revised edition, 1988-1990, Manuscript, typescript and photocopied pages, 103 p.
F. 15 France in America, Sections for revised edition, 1988-1990, Retyped revisions, chapters I, IV, VI, VI, VIII, Bibliography and some mss. pages, 59p.
F. 16 France in America, Sections for revised edition, 1988-1990, Ms. revisions, for chapter V, 6p.
F. 17 France in America, Sections for revised edition, 1988-1990, Ms. revisions, for chapter VI, 2p.
F. 18 France in America, Sections for revised edition, 1988-1990, Ms. revisions, for chapter VII, and bibliography, 36p.
F. 19 France in America, Sections for revised edition, 1988-1990, Manuscript pages, mostly for chapter VIII, 5p.
F. 20 "French Aims and Means in Colonial North America", annotated typescript, marked up for the printer, abstracted from a longer work, pages numbered 57 - 70, 13p.

F. 21 Genoa - Honorary Degree Draft of acceptance speech, 9p.
F. 22 Handbook of North American Indians, "Fur Trade in the Colonial Northeast", WJE was asked to contribute an essay in 1972 and then did revisions to it for a new edition in 1978 and 1985; he was also asked to comment on a contribution by another writer, 2 typescript drafts: 27p and revised copy, 27p., Bibliography, notes and illustrative material, manuscript and typescript, 19p., Extensive correspondence with the Smithsonian Institution, 1972 - 1987, 72p.
F. 23 Hijiya, James A., "Why the West is Lost", WJE was invited to contribute a response to this article which appeared in the April 1994 issue of the William and Mary Quarterly. The response was not published. Notes, 10p., typescript and carbon typescript of the response, 8p., and related correspondence, 7p.
"The Historical Context Surrounding the Alleged Document of September 5th 1760 Concerning the Hurons of Lorette" - see below, Research Material, Box 25.
F. 24 "Un Homme de son temps", Article for Études françaises, 1994, Manuscript notes and draft, in English, 40p., 3 copies of typed version, in English, 12p.,
1 copy of French version, 5p., and related correspondence, 6p.
F. 25 Hubris, Notes for a planned book, ms., 14p.
F. 26 Hudson Bay, Research notes, ms. and photocopies, 9p.
F. 27 Hurons of Lorette, Research report dated February 1989, ts., 17p. Also related correspondence, expenses and research material, 55p. -- see also Research Material, Box 25 below.
F. 28 "The Imperial Relations of France and New France, 1500-1783", Paper given [?], typescript, 19p.
F. 29 Imperialism in North America, Notes, outline and manuscript drafts for planned book, 38p and 87p. Also typescript versions of Chapters II, III, and IV, 29p., 12p. and 18p.
F. 30 Imp[erialism] in Col[onial] America/War and Trade in New France, Sections of a planned book, with both of the above titles used for various parts,
manuscript and typescript, 115p.
F. 31 Imperialism in Colonial North America, Sections of a planned book in various typescript drafts, one copy of an early draft introduction, two copies of a later draft chapter and three copies of an opening chapter, typescript, 127p.
F. 32 Imperialism in Colonial North America,- title now changed to War and Trade in New France, Sections of a planned book, two manuscript sections, 41p. and various typescript drafts, with ms. footnotes, 108p., all heavily revised.
F. 33 Imperialism in Colonial North America,- title now changed to War and Trade in New France, Manuscript draft of Chapter Two. 35p.
F. 34 [Indian Land Claims], Drafts of WJE's research findings and court testimony, includes "Nature and Character of the Montreal Treaty, 1701" and "Critique of Victor P. Lytwyn's Historical Research Report", both in various drafts, manuscript and typescript, as well as some research material. Also WJE's c.v., ca. 1995,
151p. total. See also Research Material -- Land Claims, Box 24 below.
F. 35 "Iroquois, French, British: Imperial Rivalry in the Ohio Valley", Paper originally prepared for conference "Pathways to the Old Northwest", Franklin, Indiana, 1987. The proceedings were subsequently published. Manuscript draft of the paper, 17p., 4 copies of typescript version, annotated. Also extensive related correspondence, 1987 - 1988, 36p.
F. 36 Jacobs, V.R. - Francis Parkman Historian, Notes for review by WJE, 1992, manuscript, 26p.
F. 37 "Jean Nicolet au Lac Michigan: Histoire d'Une Erreur Historique", Evaluation of an article by an anonymous author for Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française, May 1996, annotated text of the article, typescript, 9p., manuscript notes, 1p. and related correspondence, 2p.
F. 38 Landry, Yves - Filles du Roi, Notes for a review by WJE, 1992, manuscript, 18p.
F. 39 Luraghi Festschrift, Outline of essay: "Stupidity as a Major Factor in the Anglo-French Struggle for Dominance in North America", outline, notes and end notes, typescript and manuscript, 8p.
F. 40 Mathieu, Jacques, La Nouvelle France, WJE's review of Mathieu's book for Revue d'histoire de l'Amerique française, ca. April 1992, Notes, 18p., manuscript draft, 5p., 3 versions of typescript, 9p., and related correspondence, 3p.

Box 21
N - Z
F. 1 "New France", Essay for Microsoft Encarta, 1996, Manuscript draft, 16p., 3 typescript versions, 43p and related correspondence, 13p.
F. 2 "New France and French Canada", Paper read at Archbold, Ohio conference, May 1976, annotated typescript with manuscript additions, 24p.
F. 3 Newman, Peter C. - Company of Adventurers, Review by WJE for Canadian Historical Review, February 1986, Notes, manuscript, 18p., typescript of the review, 3p.
F. 4 "North America circa 1500", Notes for preliminary draft entitled "Venice Paper", (1990), Manuscript draft, 22p. Also 2 typescript versions entitled "North America in the Age of Giovanni Caboto", 30p.
F. 5 North American Exploration. "North American Exploration by the French, 1700 - 1800, Manuscript draft, heavily revised, 119p., with rejected variant pages, 7p. and end notes, 15p.
F. 6 North American Exploration. "North American Exploration by the French, 1700 - 1800, 3 typescript drafts of the above, the first in duplicate, 63p., 63p., 80p. and 75p., also letter of 6 September 1990 accompanying the final draft and lists of typographical errors, 4p.
F. 7 North American Exploration. "North American Exploration by the French, 1700 - 1800, Manuscript notes and typed versions of end notes for the above, 22p.
Also related correspondence with John L. Allen and Conrad Heidenreich, 1986 - 1990, 21 items.
F. 8 "On Becoming Canadian", Lecture to University of Calgary undergraduates, 21 September 1992, Manuscript draft, 11p.
F. 9 "Origins: A History of Canada", WJE was script consultant on this T.V. series, 1986-1987, Copies of scripts of three programmes and related correspondence, 122p.
F. 10 "Les Relations entre la Nouvelle-France et les Colonies anglaises, temps de guerre, temps de paix", "Paper for Montpellier Colloque, January 1989",
2 copies of annotated typescript, 19p. + 19p.
F. 11 "Les Relations entre la Nouvelle-France et les Colonies anglaises, temps de guerre, temps de paix", Paper as above, retyped Enlish version, 14p. + iii,
Also French version, typescript, 9p.
F. 12 "The Relevance of the History of New France", Carbon typescript (of article?), 12p.
F. 13 "Trade in America as an Instrument of Imperial Policy", "Paper read at French Hist. Stud. Conference, Vancouver", Annotated typescript, 21p. -- See also Box 27, F. 20 below
F. 14 Trigger, Bruce G., Natives and Newcomers: Canada's "Heroic Age" Reconsidered, WJE's review of Trigger's book for William and Mary Quarterly, July 1986, Manuscript notes, 48p., Draft of the review, manuscript, 13p. 2 heavily annotated typescript drafts of the review, 5p. +5p. with 3 variant pages, 2 annotated "clean" copies of the review, typescript, 6p. + 6p., Clipping of review by M.T. Kelly, One sentence review by WJE, typescript, 1p. + carbon, Related correspondence, 1985 - 1986, 15p.
F. 15 "Why Choose History?", Lecture given at University of Calgary, September 29 1992, Manuscript draft of lecture, 6p. Also poster annoucing the lecture.

Offprints of published articles, arranged by title:
F. 16 "The Background of Loius Baude, Comte de Frontenac", From Canadian Historical Association Report, 1954-1955, 20-27. 4 copies.
F. 17 "The Battle of Quebec: A Reappraisal", No source indicated, no date, 70-81, 3 copies.
F. 18 "A Belated Review of Harold Adams Innis", From Canadian Historical Review, vol. LX, no. 4, December 1979, 419-441.
F. 19 "Cartier, Jacques", From Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th. edition, 1974, 969-972.
F. 20 "European Exploration and Settlement", From Encyclopedia Americana, n.d., 692-695.
F. 21 "Forty Years Back", From The William and Mary Quarterly, 3d. series, vol. XLI, July 1984, 410-421.
F. 22 "Frontenac and the Iroquois, 1672-1682", From Canadian Historical Review, vol. XXXVI, no. 1, March, 1955, 201-224, 3 copies.
F. 23 "The Fur Trade and Eighteenth-Century Imperialism", From The William and Mary Quarterly, 3d. series, vol. XL, July 1983, 342-362., 2 copies.
F. 24 The Government of New France, The Canadian Historical Association Booklets, no.18, Ottawa, 1965, 18p.
F. 25 "The History of New France According to Francis Parkman", From The William and Mary Quarterly, 3d. series, vol. XVIII, no. 2, April 1961, 164-175, 2 copies.
F. 26 "New France and the Western Frontier", contained in Alberta Historical Review, Spring 1969, 23-31.
F. 27 "A Response to Hugh M. Grant on Innis", From Canadian Historical Review, vol LXII, 3, 1981, 323-329.
F. 28 "The Role of the American Colonies in Eighteenth Century French Foreign Policy", from Atti del I Congresso Internazionale di Storia Americana (Genova, 26-29 Maggio 1976), 163-173.
F. 29 "The Social, Economic, and Political Significance of the Military Establishment in New France", from The Canadian Historical Review, vol. LII, no.1, March 1971, 1-22.
F. 30 "Social Welfare Measures and Policies in New France", from XXXVI Congreso Internacional de Americanistas, separata del vol. 4, Sevilla 1966, 9-20, 2 copies.
F. 31 "Sovereignty-Association, 1500-1783", from Canadian Historical Review, vol. LXV, no.4, 1984, 475-510.
F. 32 Marked up copy of Canada Under Louis XIV, 1663-1701. McClelland and Stewart, 1964. Corrections for a future edition.

Reviews of Eccles's writing:
F. 33 Clippings from 1960s: reviews of Canadian Society During the French Regime, 3 items, and 2 other clippings.
F. 34 Clippings from the 1970s: reviews of France in America, 2 items.

Series 3
Early Writing and Diaries. -- 1946-1993. -- 16 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series. -- Items are arranged in chronological order.

Box 22
F. 1 1946. Eccles's undergraduate history notes, some typescript, other manuscript, 98p.
F. 2 1947. Eccles's undergraduate history notes, brown notebook, manuscript, 100p.
F. 3 [1946-47?]. Eccles's undergraduate history notes, manuscript, 30p. Also McGill examination book, used for history notes, manuscript, 10p.
F. 4 1949. Eccles's undergraduate essays, typescript, with comments by instructor and Eccles's own comments on an accompanying envelope, 45p.
F. 5 1951. Bound copy of Jean Bochart, Intendant of New France, 1686-1702. M.A. Thesis, McGill University. Carbon typescript, 396p.
F. 6 1955. Bound copy of Frontenac and New France, 1672-1698. Ph.D. Thesis, McGill University. Carbon typescript, 536p. With some inserted notes concerning corrections.
F. 7 1968. Diary. Small appointment diary with occasional brief entries.
F. 8 1985, Spring. Notebook/Travel diary, describing visits to England, France and Turkey. 37p. used.
F. 9 1988. Diary. Larger format. Occasional brief entries.
F. 10 1989. Diary. Large format . Mix of short and longer entries.
F. 11 1990. Diary. Occasional full entries.
F. 12 1992. Journal pages. Account of illness in July 1992, typescript, 3p.
F. 13 1993. Pages from a loose leaf diary. Full and fairly regular entries.
F. 14 [Undated - 1980s?]Memories of the University of Toronto. Manuscript notes, 2p and typescript, 3p.
F. 15 [Undated. 1980s?] Memories. Manuscript notes, 2p.

Series 4
Teaching. -- 1942-1983. -- 8 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F. 16 McGill University - Senior and Junior School Certificate (Matriculation) Examinations, 1942 - 1960, typescript, some in multiple copies, 75p.
F. 17 Scottish Leaving Certificate Examination, 1961: History, Higher Grade - I; History, Higher Grade - II; History, Lower Grade, 3 papers.
F. 18 University of Toronto - Marks record books for history classes:
1963 - 1964, 8 pages used
1964 - 1965, 7 pages used
1965 - 1966, 6 pages used
1967 - 1968, 8 pages used
1968 - 1969, 15 pages used
1969 - 1970, not used, 2 slips inserted.
F. 19 University of Toronto - Marks record books for history classes:
1971 - 1972, 1 page used
1972 - 1973, 5 pages used
1973 - 1974, 4 pages used with 6 pages inserted
1974 - 1975, 9 pages used with 1 page inserted.
F. 20 University of Toronto - Marks record books for history classes:
1975 - 1976, 6 pages used and 1 page inserted
1976 - 1977, 8 pages used and 7 pages inserted
1978 - 1979, 7 pages used and 6 pages inserted
1979 - 1980, 16 pages used and 1 page inserted
F. 21 University of Toronto - Marks record books for history classes:
1981 - 1982, 8 pages used
1982 - 1983, 8 pages used and 1 page inserted.

Series 5
Personal: Family, Financial and Awards. -- 1974-1993. -- 8 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

F. 22 Michael Eccles's Essays [ for Julian Dent?], 1975, 2 annotated typescripts , 18p. and 21p. Also envelope.
F. 23 Financial - WJE's 1993 tax return and royalty statements, 1965-1997.
F. 24 Copies of airline tickets and passport, 1988 - 1990, 6p.
F. 25 Financial correspondence, 6 items.
F. 26 Page headed "Will Amendments", manuscript, 1p. Awards
F. 27 Certificate of Attendance: Advanced Seminar on North American History, Genoa, 1988. WJE is listed as one of the instructors.
F. 28 Wall plaque, from "Bayou Land" to Bill Eccles, March 6 1974.
F. 29 Various drafts of WJE's c.v., 35p.

Series 6
Research Materials. -- 1957 - 1997. -- 2.88 m of textual records. -- 2 microfilms. -- Title based on content of series.
Note: Although the research material appears to have been compiled from the 1960s to the 1990s, it consists of photocopies of original materials most of which are from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Box 23
Subseries i) Indian Land Claims
F. 1 Correspondence relating to WJE's work on Land Claims issues with the Minstry of the Attorney General, 1976 - 1979, 16 items. Also newspaper clippings.
F. 2 Temagami Land Claims -- correspondence with James Morrison and Bruce Clarke, 1978 - 1982, 24 items. Also copies of research material, 8 items.
F. 3 Teme-Augama, Bear Island. Research Notes, manuscript, 19p. and photocopies of legal material, 40p.
F. 4 Temagami Case, WJE's manuscript notes, 22p., and photocopies, 13p.
F. 5 Bear Island, Photocopies of legal records, 25p., letter to Editor (Oct. 1985) and clippings, 25p.
F. 6 Temagami, Newspaper clippings, 1983-4 and band pamphlet, 31 items.
F. 7 Land Claims, Manuscript notes, 6p., photocopies of early records, 4p.
F. 8 Essays by Brian Slattery and other research materials, typescript and photocopies, ca. 250p.
F. 9 Essay and index material by Brian Slattery and other research materials, typescript and photocopies, ca. 150p.
F. 10 Six Nations of the Grand River: Claim to Hunt and Fish, Research report, [no author], bound, approx. 150 pages, October 24 1994.
F. 11 Decaire Case, Memorandum of agreement between WJE and Ministry of Natural Resources, June 5 1995, with terms of reference, WJE's c.v., notes, list of hours spent and research material, 97p.
F. 12 Decaire Case, Correspondence, notes, legal material and list of expenses, 1995-6, 145p.
F. 13 Decaire Case, Chronology, manuscript, 1p., legal evidence and various versions of WJE's written research contributions, typescript, 130p., with letter from Ministry of Natural resources, Sept. 21 1995.

F. 14 Decaire Case, Further portions, in various drafts, of WJE's report, 140p.
F. 15 Decaire Case, Original [?] ms. draft of WJE's report, with some typescript pages, 27p.
F. 16 Decaire Case, Court transcript of WJE's evidence, January 15 1996, typescript, 104p., with accompanying letter, March 27 1996.
F. 17 Decaire Case, Court transcript of further evidence by WJE., January 16 1996, typescript, 79p.
F. 18 Decaire Case, Court transcript of further evidence by WJE., January 17 1996, extensively annotated typescript, 99p.
F. 19 Decaire Case, Another court transcript of evidence by WJE., January 15 1996, typescript, with WJE's annotations, 103p.
F. 20 Decaire Case, Another court transcript of further evidence by WJE., January 16 1996, typescript, 79p., with annotations and additions.
F. 21 Decaire Case, Another court transcript of further evidence by WJE., January 17 1996, annotated typescript, 99p.
F. 22 Decaire Case, WJE's summary of his evidence for the court, 2p., Original ms., 25p. and 2 typsecript versions of "Comments on the Starna Report", 18p. + 18p. with accompanying letter dated July 24 1995.
F. 23 Decaire Case, Earlier court testimony (not by WJE) of Jan. 9 and 10, Court transcripts, 70p. + 14p.
F. 24 Decaire Case, Judgement of J.P. Logan, February 1997, 18p., and two accompanying letters.
F. 25 Sioui Case, Photocopies and notes, with WJE's draft and typescript version of "Nature and Character of the Montreal Treaty, 1701", 98p.
F. 26 Sioui Case, Published booklet.
F. 27 Iroquois, Research report by Jose Brandao, 1986, Bound, 99p. + appendices and note to WJE.
F. 28 Fur Trade, Published booklet.
F. 29 Aboriginal Rights, Draft of report by Bruce A. Clark, Indian territory: Crown Rights Inchoate, Bound typescript, 164p.
F. 30 Aboriginal Rights, Photocopied research notes, 52p. and 2 bound booklets of legal material.

Subseries ii) General Historical Research, mostly on aspects of life in New France.
For the most part, the documents are in French. Most of the file headings are taken from WJE's own original files.

Box 24
F. 1 Notes on care of poor and helpless, with photocopies of original documents, 23p.
F. 2 Justice in New France, Photocopies and notes, 148p.
F. 3 Military supplies, Photocopies and notes, includes note to WJE by Ian Casselman, 17 January 1984, 19p.
F. 4 Doctor's Bill, 1785, Photocopy, 5p.
F. 5 Indentures, 17th century, Photocopies and translations, 16p.
F. 6 Property Sales and Leases, Photocopies, notes and translations, 55p.
F. 7 Bureaux des Pauvres, Photocopies, notes and translations, 114p.
F. 8 Restigouche, Pamphlet and photocopy.
F. 9 Society of Jesus and French phrases, Photocopies and notes, 12p.
F. 10 Ouellet on French Nationalism, and other brief notes, typescript and manuscript, 4p.
F. 11 Frontenac - early career, Typescript and manuscript notes, 24p.
F. 12 Apprentices and indentures, Photocopies of documents and translations, 12p.
F. 13 Ventadour, Document transcription, 2p.
F. 14 Onondaga Campaign, 1696, Manuscript notes, 17p.
F. 15 Frontenac - genealogy Family tree, 1p.
F. 16 Recollets in Huronia, Photocopy of article, 5p.
F. 17 Mrs. Clarke's Louisiana/West Indies Bibliography, Typescript, 77p. and another version with cover letter (1972), 95p. +1p.
F. 18 Justice, Crime and Punishment, Typescript and manuscript notes, translations and photocopies, 148p.
F. 19 War of Austrian Succession, Photocopies of original documents, with some typescript translations, 50p.
F. 20 Deserters and Desertion on New France, File cards, manuscript and typescript notes and draft of what appears to be a conference paper, 85p.
F. 21 1759 Grant in Ohio Valley, Document, photocopy, 2p.
F. 22 D'Ailleboust/Mollerie duel, Manuscript notes, 2p., photocopied documents, 68p.
F. 23 New France/New England Relations, Notes and photocopies, 16p.

F. 24 Sovereign Council of Canada, Handwritten and typescript notes, 35p.
F. 25 Anglo-French/Abernaquis Relations, Photocopies, 10p.
F. 26 Logistics, Photocopies, 8p.
F. 27 Anglo/French Rivalry and Fur Trade, Photocopied document, 8p.
F. 28 Albany Iroqoius/French Relations, Manuscript and typescript notes and photocopies, 36p.
F. 29 Albany-Masssachussetts Relations, Manuscript notes and photocopies, 6p.
F. 30 West Indies Economy, Manuscript notes, 15p.
F. 31 Le Gardeur de Saint-Pierre, Photocopies and typescript transcriptions, 157p.
F. 32 Des 100 Associés, Photocopied document, 4p. Article by Luca Codignola, "Samuel de Champlain et les mysteres de son voyages ...", 19p.
F. 33 English who opt for French/Canadian nationality, Photocopied document, 14p.
F. 34 Indian census, Photocopied documents, 48p.
F. 35 Iroquoisia, Photocopied document, 11p. Copy of published memoir, 32p.
F. 36 War of Spanish Succession, 1701 - 1713, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions and photocopies, 34p.
F. 37 Detroit-Cadillac vs. Vaudreuil, 1707, Photocopied document, 16p.
F. 38 "The Holy See and the Conversion of the North American Indians", "The French in Early America", Papers by Luca Codignola, typescript, 1991, 65p. and 30p.
F. 39 Courcelles Mohawk Campaign, Manuscript notes, 1p., Photocopied documents, 12p.
F. 40 Cadillac, Manuscript transcriptions of documents, 55p., and one typescript page, 1p.
F. 41 Indians become French subjects, Photocopied document, 2p., and manuscript translation, 2p.
F. 42 Cie des Indes, Manuscript translations and transcriptions, 16p.
F. 43 "The Historical Context Surrounding the Alleged Document of September 5th 1760 Concerning the Hurons of Lorette", Typescript of article or paper by WJE, 13p. + 4p., with accompanying research material: photocopies and manuscript notes and drafts, 52p.
F. 44 Public Archives of Canada, Manuscript inventories, 1952 - 1955, 4 items.
F. 45 Maps, Photocopies of old maps of New France, 3 items.

Box 25
F. 1 Taxation - artists and scholars, clippings, 6 items.
F. 2 American Invasion, Transcription of the Journal of Captian William Humphrey, Typescript, 92p.
F. 3 Fur Trade from Montreal, post conquest, Photocopies of documents, 24p.
F. 4 Royal Proclamation, 1763, Manuscript notes (some relating to Temagami Case), 6p.
F. 5 Quebec, 1763 - 1791, Manuscript notes, 5p.
F. 6 New England, Photocopies and transcriptions, 6p.
F. 7 Acadia, Pre 1713, Photocopies of documents, 92p.
F. 8 Ohio Conflict, 1752, Photocopies of documents, 18p.
F. 9 American Revolution, Manuscript document trancriptions, 4p.
F. 10 Cadet's Contract with Crown, Photocopy of document, 3p.
F. 11 Canadian War Party Instructions, 1745, Photocopy of document, 11p.
F. 12 Hertel fils, death of, Photocopy of document, 2p., and typed transcription, 1p.
F. 13 Seven Years War, Photocopied document, 3p., and manuscript transcriptions, 23p.
F. 14 Seven Years War, 1757, Photocopied documents, 27p. and one manuscript transcription, 1p.
F. 15 Coureurs de Bois, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions of documents, 52p.
F. 16 Petite Guerre, N.Y. (Seven Years War), Photocopied documents, 5p.
F. 17 Ohio Campaigns, 1753 - 1759, Photocopied documents, 4p.
F. 18 Seven Years War and Lake Champlain, Photocopied document, 1p. and exchange of letters with "Peter" [MacLeod?] (University of Ottawa) on the War, November 1985, 7p.
F. 19 Troupes de la Marine, Photocopied documents, 50p.
F. 20 Washington and de Jumonville, Photocopied documents and manuscript and typescript transcriptions, 44p., and two published pamphlets.
F. 21 Franco-Indian Relations, Photocopied documents and manucsript transcriptions and translations, 11p.
F. 22 Census Lists: Population Figures for Early Canada, Photocopied documents and copies of figures from the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 56p.
F. 23 Mercantilism, Translation of a document, typescript, 1p.
F. 24 Iroquois War, 1609 - 1665, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions and translations, 47p.
F. 25 Iroquois War, 1674 - 1701, Manuscript and typescirpt transcriptions and translations, 22p.
F. 26 Teganissoren's speech and Vaudreuil's reply, Manuscript transcription, 4p.
F. 27 Morin Case, 1688 (incest, desertion, seduction), Iroquois War, 1609 - 1665, Photocopies with manuscript transcriptions, 9p.
F. 28 Monseignat's Account, 1690, Manuscript transcription, 39p.
F. 29 Schulyer's Raid on Chambly, 1691, Manuscript transcription, 4p.
F. 30 Western Expansion in 17th. Century, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions, 26p.
F. 31 Iroquois Treaty, Montreal 1701, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions, 5p., photocopied documents, 67p.
F. 32 Frontenac, Notes from sources, transcriptions and translations of documents, 212p.
F. 33 Champigny, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions, 28p.
F. 34 Colbert's Policy, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions, 3p.
F. 35 Albany at War, Photocopies of documents, 27p.
F. 36 Early Canadian Bureaucracy, Photocopies of documents, 22p.
F. 37 Militia, Manuscript transcriptions and translations, also photocopies of documents, 17p.
F. 38 Anglo-Iroquois War, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions, 118p.
F. 39 Military Establishment, 1668, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions, 17p.
F. 40 Acadia, after 1713, Photocopied document, 6p.
F. 41 Abernaquis vs. New England, Photocopied document, 10p.
F. 42 Acadians: Treatment by France Post Expulsion, Photocopied documents, 31p.
F. 43 Indian Sovereignty, Manuscript notes and transcriptions, also photocopied (published) documents, 52p.
F. 44 Iroquois Lifestyle, Typescript transcriptions and photocopies of (published) documents, 20p.
F. 45 La Salle, Typescript transcription of document, 3p.

Box 26
F. 1 Shirley Letters, Photocopied documents, 11p.
F. 2 Capitulation of Montreal, 1760, Photocopied documents, 8p.
F. 3 Democratic Assembly, 1675, Photocopied documents and manuscript transcription, 7p.
F. 4 Denonville and Iroquois, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions of documents, 120p.
F. 5 War, 1689 - 1697, Typescript and manuscript translations and transcriptions, 59p.
F. 6 Wolfe Letters, Photocopied documents, 11p., with 2 cover letters.
F. 7 Seven Years War: Troupes de Terre, Manuscript document transcriptions, 5p.
F. 8 Seven Years War: Montreal 1760, Photocopied document with manuscript transsciption of another document, 9p.
F. 9 Seven Years War: Compagnie de la perriere, Photocopied documents, 7p.
F. 10 Seven Years War: Seige of Quebec, Photocopied documents with manuscript transcriptions, 93p.
F. 11 Seven Years War: Quebec, 1759, Photocopied documents with manuscript transcriptions, 63p.
F. 12 Seven Years War, 1755, Photocopied documents, 18p.
F. 13 Seven Years War, 1756, Photocopied documents with manuscript transcriptions, 8p.
F. 14 Mallet Case, Photocopied documents with typescript transcriptions, 16p.
F. 15 Smuggling, Photocopied documents with manuscript transcriptions, 42p.
F. 16 Western Posts, General, Photocopied documents with typescript transcriptions, 14p.
F. 17 Mechanics of the Fur Trade (1), Manuscript notes, maps, tables and photocopied documents, 103p.
F. 18 Mechanics of the Fur Trade (1), Manuscript notes, maps, tables, essays by others, phootgraphs and photocopied documents, 149p.
F. 19 Albany Fur Trade, Manuscript notes and photocopy, 5p.
F. 20 Fur Trade - Imperialism, Draft of paper:"Trade in America as an Instrument of Imperial Policy", (see Writings above), and photocopied document, 10p.

F. 21 Fur Trade - Merchant Ledgers, Photocopied documents, 10p.
F. 22 Fur Trade Societies, Manuscript and typescript translations and transcriptions, photcopied documents, 81p.
F. 23 Conges and Fur Trade, Typed translation and photocopied document, 23p.
F. 24 Fur Trade - beaver glut, 1690s, Manuscript and typescript transcriptions and translations, 64p.
F. 25 Canadian Fur Trade, Photocopied documents, 15p.
F. 26 Canada Trade, Manuscript transcription and photocopies, 5p.
F. 27 Western Posts, Typescript translation and photocopied documents, 33p.
F. 28 Leasing of Western Trading Posts, 1743, Photocopied documents, 10p.
F. 29 Marketing Furs - Europe, Photocopy of article by Thomas Wien, 13p.
F. 30 Voyageurs - Engagements, Manuscript notes, typed transcriptions and photocopies, 9p.
F. 31 Clandestine Trade, Photocopied document, 17p.
F. 32 Agremont's Report, Photocopied document, 76p.
F. 33 Albany-Montreal Free Trade, Transcription, manuscript and typed, also photocopied document (Dutch), 8p.
F. 34 Machault's Canadian Policy, Photocopy of printed material, 16p.
F. 35 Sioux Post, 1729, Manuscript notes and photocopied doucument, 10p.
F. 36 Acadians' Post, 1755, Manuscript notes, typed transcriptions, photocopied document and copy of an article by Conrad Heidenreich, 34p.
F. 37 Acadia, 1654 and English Encroachment, Manuscript and typescript notes, typed transcriptions, photocopied documents and copy of an article by Bruce McCully, 76p.
F. 38 Sale of Eau de Vie to Indians at Montreal, Manuscript and typescript translations and transcriptions and photocopied documents, 26p.
F. 39 Hudson's Bay Company, Manuscript notes and typed tables, 20p.
F. 40 New France: Royal Take Over, 1663-4, Manuscript and typescript translations and transcriptions and photocopied documents, 41p.
F. 41 Tadoussac, Photocopied document, 4p.
F. 42 Temiskaming, Photocopied document, 3p.
F. 43 Acadia- Isle Royale, Manuscript transcriptions and photocopied documents, 58p. Also a letter from "Peter" [MacLeod?] in Nova Scotia, 1976.
F. 44 "Memoire sur le Commerce du Canada", Photocopied document, 56p.
F. 45 Montreal-Albany Trade, Manuscript notes and transcriptions and photocopied documents, 20p
F. 46 Massachusetts: Assaults on Port Royal, 1707, Photocopied document, 1p.
F. 47 Montcalm, Manuscript notes and transcriptions, 50p.
F. 48 Gaston-Martin, L'esclavage, WJE's notes, manuscript, 7p. Also essay by Gerard Laurent on French Revolution and Santo Domingo, typescript, 6p.

Research Materials.
The following 5 boxes consist of index boxes, of various types and sizes, containing handwritten cards or slips, filed alphabetically. The boxes are not identified externally, except as indicated and neither the boxes nor the contents are dated. Most of the boxes are completely full of index cards or slips.

Box 27
Box A Small grey plastic file box marked "Imperialism in Colonial America, Bibliography". Slips contain information regarding published works.
Box B Larger grey plastic file box. Notations on card dividers include: "Acadia", "Crime and Punishment", "Feast Days", "Cartier".
Box C Long cardboard file box with "marble" grain. Notations on card dividers include: "France, 1815 -", "Seven Years War", "Spain", "New France".
Box D Brown plastic box labelled "Sorting Box".
Box E Black plastic file box with transparent lid. Notations on card dividers include: "Canada costing the Crown, 1752", "Iroquois lack canoes", "Fur trade and Imperialism", "7 Years War".
Box F Black plastic file box with transparent lid. Notations on card dividers include: "Peace Negotiations, 1761", "American Revolution", "Washington", "Yorktown", "Fur Trade", "Pontiac".

Box 28
Box A Black metal file box. Notations on card dividers include "Guyenne", "Brandy Dispute", "13 Cols. Land Tenure".
Box B Long cardboard file box with "marble" grain. Label on front of box reads "Industry, Commerce".
Box C Long cardboard file box with "marble" grain. Label on front of box reads "Society".

Box 29
Box A Small grey metal file box. Label on front of box reads "Iroquois".
Box B Large grey metal file box. Label on front of box reads "Fur Trade".
Box C Small plastic file box containing slips - no card dividers.
Envelope 1, 2 microfilms from Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris: 77.181 and 47.224. Mailing package addressed to University of Manitoba and dated 1957.

Box 30
Box A Small grey metal file box. Notations on card dividers include "Petite Guerre, 1690-98", "English Colonies at War, 1688-98", "Newfoundland".
Box B Large grey metal file box. Label on front of box reads "Fur Trade".
Box C Long grey cardboard file box. Notations on card dividers include: "Talon", "Patoulet", "Tracy", "Perrot".
Box D Long grey plastic coated file box. Notations on card dividers include: "Troupes de la Marine", "Militia", "Fortifications".

Box 31
Box A Long brown cardboard file box. Label on front of box reads: "7 Years War".
Box B Long brown cardboard file box. Label on front of box reads: "French-Indian relations in the West".
Box C Long cardboard file box with "marble" grain. Label on front of box reads "Institutions".

Series 7
Material by Others. -- 1969-1994. -- 32 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 32
F. 1 Axtell, James; Typescripts (photocopied) of 3 essays, 1991, with annotations by WJE, 93p.
F. 2 Axtell, James; Review of Donald Meinig, The Shaping of America, no date, Typescript (photocopied), 5p.
F.3 - F.5 Brandao, Jose A. Ph.D. thesis: "Your fyre shall burn no more": Iroquois Policy Towards New France and Her Native Allies to 1701", October 1994. 548p.
F. 6 Coté, M. André; WJE's report on his thesis; typescript and manuscript notes, 36p.
F.7 -F.9 Coté, M. André; Ph.D. thesis: Joseph-Michel Cadet (1719-1781), no date, 662p.
F. 10 Coté, M. André; Tables and maps, 32p.
F. 11 Kennett, Lee; Research proposal: "The Rise of the Military Profession", 9p.
F. 12 Lurie, Nancy; 2 Essays on Indian tribes, Offprints.
F. 13 MacLeod, D.P.; M.A. thesis: The French Campaign of 1756 in the Lake Ontario Theatre, 1985, 147p. Also inscribed offprints of two articles by MacLeod.
F. 14 "P.N.M."; Typescript biography and bibliography of Edouard-Zotique Massicotte (1867-1947), 26p.
F. 15 Mississipi Provincial Archives, Publication proposal, March 12 1980, and supporting documentation, 124p.
F.16 - F.17 Newbigging, William J.; Ph.D. Thesis: The History of the French-Ottawa Alliance, 1613-1763, 1995, 444p.
F. 18 Rotstein, Abraham; Article: Innis: The Alchemy of Fur and Wheat, Typescript, photocopied, 1977, 61p.
F. 19 Rousseau, Jacques; Curriculum Vitae et Bibliographie, duplicated typescript, 75p.
F. 20 Papers by various contributors to a colloquium, Ottawa, 1969. Duplicated typescript, 5 papers.

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