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Curvd H&z Press
January 1999 accrual
All imprints published in 1998.

Box 4
Curvd H&z
439 Industrial Sabotage #56: building professionalism in project management
440 Industrial Sabotage #57: précis
441 Arthur Cravan, Laissez Litterature Langage
442 Mark Laba, A Fat Man (2nd ed.)

1 cent
323 Ellen Field, H
324 Jane Williams, Between Pillows
325 Daniel F. Bradley, “Sounded Like Nice Gesture”
326 (Bradley, Evason, Truhlar, Venright)
327 Lance LaRocque, Candled Caboose
328 J.W. Curry, Comma Dogma
329 Roger Whittaker, Taxi Driver Poem
330 Synapsis: a Selection
331 Some Recent Communiqués (some not so)

Also loose items, possibly some of them duplicates.

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