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Canadian Union of Public Employees. Local 5167 (Hamilton, Ont.)

Canadian Union of Public Employees. Local 5167 (Hamilton, Ont.) fonds. – First accrual. – 1973-2004; predominant 1990-2004. – 1.12 m of textual records, sound recordings and moving images.

Series 1:
Committees, issues and topics. – 1973-2004; predominant 1992-2004. – 60 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 1
Note: Files contain agendas, minutes, correspondence.

Health and Safety Committee:
F.1-7 1996-2002
F.8 Various health and safety topics, 1997-1999

Education Committee:
F.9 1996-1998

F.10 Representation Vote Committee, 2002:
Note: In 2002, there was a vote regarding which union should represent Local 5167. The Amalgamated Transit Union received the most votes, but not a majority. In the end, the Canadian Union of Public Employees retained the right to represent Local 5167.

F.11 Grievance reports, 1997-98
F.12 CUPE Council, 1995-1998
F.13 CBA, 1991-1994

Box 2
Issues and Topics:
Files contain informative printed materials, reports, correspondence, notes, news clippings.
F.1-6 Fight Against Bill 136 on Collective Bargaining, 1997-2000; 2004; there is also some information on the merger of Locals 5 and 167.
F.7 Regional Government, 1973-1974 (Local 167)
F.8 Flamborough, Job evaluation, 1989-1993
F.9 Dundurn Castle Aviary, 1992-1993

Box 3
Issues and Topics (continued):
F.1-3 Contracting Out, 1983-1995
F.4-8 Landfills (Upper Ottawa, Brampton and Rennie Streets), Sewage, 1983-2003
F.9 Social Contract, 1994-1996
F.10 Social Justice, 1996

Box 4:
Issues and Topics (continued):
F.1 Labourhood (homes), 1996-1998
F.2 Literacy, 1998-2000
F.3-5 Workfare, 1996-1999
F.6 News clippings on various topics, 1997-2000
F.7 Newsletters
F.8 Employee list, District 3, 1999

Series 2:
Correspondence. – 1979-2004; predominant 1996-2004. – 4 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

F.9 Correspondence and other materials, 1979
F.10 Ed Thomas, general correspondence, 1996-2003; also one letter from 1991
F.11 Ed Thomas, general correspondence, 2000-2004

Series 3:
Books by and information about Ed Thomas. – 1996-2004. – 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 5
Dead But Not Forgotten: Monuments to Workers (2001)
Note: Files contain research notes and materials, correspondence, and a copy of the book.
F.1-11 1998-2001

Box 6
Books (continued):
F.1 A Workers’s Guide to Doing a Local Union’s History (1999), 1999-2004; includes a copy of the book
F.2 “A Guide to the Duties of a Recording Secretary” (not published); research notes

F.3-10 Information about Ed Thomas, 1996-2004. The content of the original files has been not been re-arranged; dates are mixed.
F.11 Greeting cards

Series 4
Appointment diaries, audio cassettes, video cassette. – 1992-2004. – 16 cm of textual records, sound recordings and moving images. – Title based on content of series.

Box 7
Note: all items have been placed in envelopes.
Appointment diaries (6), 1998-2003

Mini audio-cassettes (18). Cassettes were labelled by Ed Thomas.
CUPE president, Sid Ryan, 12 May
Ham[ilton] Supper City, CUPE mtg.

Human Resources, Merger
Interview of Ed Thomas on CBC, 10 December
Merger meetings, Locals 5 and 167; 2 February, 3 February, 9 February, 2 March (5 cassettes)
Privatization of Sewage Plant, 29 January

Radio interview with Ed Thomas, 20 March
Trip to Belgium, October (2 cassettes)

Steel workers

Proposed blood-donor clinic, 10 March

Mayor speech, L-1005
Retirement of Judy Darcy, National President of CUPE

Regular size audio-cassette (1)
Ed Thomas’s interview, 6 September 2001, C.B.C. Rodger show

Video cassette, VHS, Health and Safety Award, 2001 Convention

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