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Combined Universities Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CUCND). Third and fourth accruals.

Combined Universities Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament : Student Union for Peace Action : New Left Committee. 3rd Accrual. – 1963-1966. – 6.5 cm of textual records.

Box 22:

F.1      Correspondence [ALs, TLs, TLs(car)] and mimeograph addressed primarily to John Conway from SUPA staff members. 1965. 21 pieces

F.2      SUPA Statement of purpose [n.d.].
            SUPA Regional Office Budget [n.d.].
            SUPA National Council Meeting. March 20-21, 1965.
            SUPA National Council. List of members.
            CUCND Conference November 1963. Resolutions.
            CUCND Conference Dec. 28-Jan1st 1965, Regina, Sask “The Student and Social Issues in the Nuclear Age”.
            Regional Office Budget [n.d.].
            SUPA Literature List form, March, 1966
            SUPA Minutes of the National Council Meeting: Jan. 2, 1965
            Prairie Regional Council Meeting, Feb.13 & 14, 1965, Regina, Sask.
            SUPA Bulletin SB1 May 20, 1965
            CCND Petition to the Government of Canada (blank form).
            Worklist Mailing No. 8, April 12, 1966
            Worklist Mailing No. 9, May 14, 1966
            Worklist Mailing No. 10 June 1, 1966
            Worklist #11, June 30, 1966
            Members of the Worklist , [n.d.].
            Peace Press Vol. 1, no.3, February 9, 1965
            School for Social Theory Prospectus
            Campus Preview. February 21, 1966
            SUPA- Fall Training Institute Participants.

F.3 Publications:

  • Roussopoulos, Dimitrios. The Student Syndrome. 1964.
  • Muste, A.J. Primacy of Peace 1964.
  • Davis, Bob. Schools and the Peace Movement 1964.
  • Harding, Jim. Where we are [n.d.].
  • Shaw, Terry. Peace Research and Education Project. 1964.
  • U.S. Materials Policy Studies. 1950-1960.
  • Peace and the Professions: Eros and civilization [n.d.] .
  • Feit, Harvey A. Non-violence: An Enquiry.[n.d.].
  • Protest of American Policies in Vietnam [n.d.].
  • Proposal for a summer research-action project ... on the occasion of International Co-operation Year, 1965.
  • Our Generation Against Nuclear War [n.d.].
  • While SUPA slept. [n.d.].
  • Hathaway, Thomas. Summer projects: a report. [n.d].

  • Fourth Accrual: (Map Cabinet 28) Two photographs in a single mount taken by Tom Wakayama, ca. 1965. The photographs depict an old woman's face and an old person's hands, sewing. The photogrpahs were taken as part of a fund-raising effort for the SUPA Green Lake Project in Northern Saskatchewan.

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