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Combined Universities Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament : Student Union for Peace Action : New Left Committee. 1st Accrual. – 1960-1968. – 2.4 m of textual records and graphic material.

Box 1:


CUCND Executive Meeting Minutes, Jan. 27, [19-]
Ad Hoc Committee for Remembrance Day Vigil minutes [n.d.]
SUPA Federal Council Minutes, Sept. 9-12, 1965
Secretariat Meetings Minutes Dec. 1962-Feb. 1964
Toronto CUCND Executive, minutes, Jan.-Feb. 1964
Toronto Branch Meetings minutes 1964
“The Artisans”, minutes Sept. 27, Sept. 30, 1965


CUCND Secretariat, Montreal, Correspondence and Memos, 1961
National Office CUCND-SUPA:
These files consist largely of correspondence written by or to the following individuals in their capacity as staff of the National Office: Peter Boothroyd, Nancy Hannum, Tom Hathaway, Dennis McDermott, Arthur Pape, Liora Proctor, Terry Shaw.
CUCND Toronto correspondence 1960-1961
CUCND Toronto Office 1960-1961 correspondence and miscellaneous material
Toronto CUCND 1961 correspondence
Toronto CUCND 1962 correspondence (Liora Proctor, Publicity Director)
Correspondence, Executive Secretary, Toronto Office, 1962-1963
Toronto Office correspondence 1962-1963
Toronto Office correspondence with Carleton CUCND 1962-1963
Toronto Office correspondence with D. Roussopoulos Nov. 1962- Jan. 1964
Toronto Office correspondence (internal) May -Aug. 1963
Toronto CUCND Miscellaneous correspondence, newsletters, etc. August 1963- September 1964

Box 2 :

Toronto Office correspondence Oct.-Dec. 1964
Correspondence re Toronto SUPA House 1964
Toronto Office correspondence Summer 1964
Toronto Office correspondence 1964-1965 (1)
Toronto Office correspondence 1964-1965 (2)
Correspondence, Toronto Office, External 1964-1965
Miscellaneous Toronto Office 1964-1965
National Office correspondence Spring 1965
National Office correspondence Summer 1965
Correspondence Toronto Office July 1965-Feb. 1966
Toronto Office miscellaneous 1966-1967

Box 3:

Interbranch Memos Dec. 1962- Oct. 1963
Correspondence, Western Field Secretary 1964
Correspondence, Jim Harding 1965-1966
CUCND Correspondence, Arthur Pape, Federal Chairman, 1963
Correspondence, Arthur Pape 1964
Correspondence, Mike Rowan 1963-1966
Correspondence, Mike Rowan, programs, early 1965
Correspondence re Information Requests 1966
Literature Correspondence May-July 1963
Press Correspondence 1965
Publicity Correspondence 1962
“Sanity” Business Correspondence Feb. 1963-June 1964
Correspondence with sponsors of CUCND July-Sept. 1963 and June 1964
Miscellaneous Correspondence Dec. 1962- Jan. 1964
Miscellaneous Correspondence 1963-1965
Miscellaneous Memos, Clippings, etc.

Box 4:

Correspondence and Publications–CUCND-SUPA Branches

Calgary, Alberta 1963-1964
Edmonton, Alberta 1963-1964
University of Alberta, Edmonton Campus 1965-1966
Bishop’s University 1963
University of British Columbia 1962-1964
University of British Columbia 1966
Carleton University 1962-1964
Dalhousie University 1963-1964
Halifax and Maritime Region SUPA 1966
Lakehead College 1964
Laval 1963
Manitoba 1963-1965
Memorial University 1963
McGill University 1962-1964
McMaster University 1963-1964
Mount Allison University 1964
University of New Brunswick 1963
Quebec Region SUPA 1966
Queen’s University 1962-1964
Queen’s University 1966
Regina, Saskatchewan 1963-1964
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1963-1964
Saskatoon Business 1965
Sir George Williams 1963-1964
University of Toronto 1966
Victoria 1963-1964
University of Waterloo 1963-64
University of Western Ontario 1963
University of Windsor 1963-64

Box 5:

Correspondence and Publications–Other Peace Organizations

Algiers World Youth
Canadian Committee of 100
Canadian Committee for the Control of Radiation Hazards
Centennial Commission 1963
Committee for Seminars on Canada
Congress of Scientists on Survival June 1963- May 1964
International Cooperation Year 1965
Mouvement pour le Désarmament Nucléaire et la Paix
Songs, poems, etc.--Early Peace Movement
Peace Information Bulletin April 1963- October 1964
Peace, Research and Education Project 1963-1964
PREP Projects
Project Cuba 1964-1965
Quebec-Washington-Guantanamo Walk
Quebec CND
Religious Society of Friends
S.D.S. (U.S.A.)
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 1965
Adlai Stevenson visit May 1965
Summer of Service and Christian Youth Assembly 1967
Toronto Committee for Disarmament
Toronto Peace Movement 1960-1962
War Registers League

Box 6:

F.1      SUPA Donors (card index) A-L, M-Z
F.2      SUPA Donors
F.3      Fund-raising, lists of prospective donors

F.4      Fund-raising July 1963-Dec. 1964
F.5      CUCND Bills and Correspondence Sept. 1963- an. 1964
F.6      CUCND 1963-1964 Fund-raising: non-members’ correspondence
F.7      CUCND 1964 Fund-raising: correspondence, members
F.8      CUCND 1964 Fund-raising: Benefit Dinner
F.9      Correspondence re Donations 1964-1965
F.10    Fund-raising, Toronto office 1964-1965
F.11    Julian Griggs Foundation 1965
F.12    Correspondence re Wakayama Loan 1965
F.13    SUPA Fund-raising 1966
F.14    Finance, Goderich Conference 1967

F.15    Bookstore Sales and Miscellaneous Correspondence 1961-1965

Financial Statements:
F.16    CUCND Financial Statements 1963-1964
F.17    Budgets, memos, reports Nov. 1963-Dec. 1964
F.18    Financial Statements-Toronto Branch 1964
F.19    Financial Reports 1965-1967

Box 7:


Policy Committee:
F.1      CUCND Declaration Feb. 1963
F.2      Early CUCND--Policy Statements, etc.
F.3      CUCND Membership Form
F.4      Early CUCND Material--Charter, Brochures, etc. [Howard Adelman’s File]
F.5      Summer 1963- Summer Lists, Supporters’ Lists
F.6      CUCND Contact Lists, Summer 1963
F.7      Toronto Office 1965, “Business schemes that never came off”
F.8      Project Prospectuses and Miscellaneous Notes 1964-1965
F.9       Research Proposals
F.10    CUCND Documents 1965
F.11    Worklist 1965
F.12    Worklist Mailings with Record 1965-1966
F.13    SUPA Worklist 1965-1967
F.14    SUPA Worklist 1966
F.15    Toronto Office Documents and Clippings 1964-1965
F.16    SUPA Manifesto Papers Spring 1967
F.17    SUPA Manifesto 1967-Individual comments
F.18    Policy Memos and Newsletters Aug.-Nov. 1963
F.19    Regina Statement on Liberal Arts -Dec. 1963
F.20    Policy and Council Documents 1963-1965

New Left Committee:

F.21    Minutes, etc.

Box 8:

Community Projects:
F.1      Projects-Summer 1965
F.2      Summer Projects 1965- Central office Materials
F.3      Summer 1967
F.4      Other Project Ideas, Spring-Summer 1967
F.5      Summer Projects .
F.6      Community Development -Toronto office 1965-1966
F.7      Comox project 1965
F.7a     Hamilton?, David Morrow file, n.d.
F.8      Kingston Community Project 1965
F.9      Kootenay Project 1965
F.10    La Macaza 1965
F.11    Student Neeston Partnership Project 1965-1966
F.12    North Bay Project, Correspondence, general
F.13    North Bay Project, Correspondence, participants

Box 9 :

F.1      North Bay Project, Correspondence 1964-1965 (Arthur Pape, Project Coordinator)
F.2      North Bay Project, Correspondence 1964 (Liora Proctor, Director)
F.3      North Bay Project, Prospectus, Memo, Newsletter, etc.
F.4      North Bay Project, Preliminary Reports
F.5      North Bay Project, Politics, reports, interviews, etc.
F.6      North Bay Project, Contact and Interview Lists
F.7      North Bay Project, Questionnaire, and Survey Results
F.8      North Bay Project, Depth interview, odds and ends
F.9      North Bay Project, Reference materials
F.10    North Bay Project, Economics Committee
F.11    Nova Scotia Project 1965-1966

Box 10:

Fl.1     Peace Education Project “PEP”
F.2      Peace Interne Program Summer 1964
F.3      Remembrance Week 1964
F.4      Operation St. Jean Baptiste, Correspondence, background information, etc.
F.5      Operation St. Jean Baptiste, Reference Materials
F.6      Reports-SUPA Projects

Conferences and Seminars:
F.7      CUCND Conference Papers Feb. 1963 and undated
F.8      CUCND Conference, Feb. 1963-Conference Documents
F.9      CUCND Conference, Nov. 1963-Correspondence, plans, etc.
F.10    CUCND Conference, Nov. 1963-Montreal and Ottawa Lobby

Box 11:

F.1      CUCND Federal Conference Report-Nov. 1963
F.2      CUCND Leadership Consultations 1963-1964
F.3      CUCND Seminar, Kingston, Feb. 1964
F.4      Calls for Conference Papers, 1964
F.5      SUPA Founding Conference, Regins, Dec. 1964
F.6      Regina Conference 1964-Application and program outline
F.7      Regina Conference 1964- Invitation Lists-Special People
F.8      Regina Conference 1964-Correspondence re conference attendance
F.9      Regina Conference 1964-Correspondence re transportation
F.10    Regina Conference 1964-Correspondence (general)
F.11    Regina Conference 1964-Correspondence re Speakers
F.12    Regina Conference 1964-Finance
F.13    Regina Conference 1964-Business and Press Releases
F.14    Regina Conference 1964-Business

Box 12:

Conference papers:

F.1      Regina Conference 1964
F.2      Non-Violence Institute 1964
F.3      W.A.Y. Conference 1964
F.4      Seminars, Grindstone Island, Summer 1964
F.5      Florence Conference 1964, Students for Disarmament, Peace and National Independence
F.6      Ecole de non-violence 1965
F.7-8   The Student and Social Issues in the Nuclear Age, Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask., Dec. 1964- Jan. 1965
F.9      SUPA National Council and Saskatchewan Conference 1965 and other material
F.10    Fall Training Institute, Sept. 1965--Financial Records
F.11    Fall Institute Papers Sept. 1965
F.12    Christmas Conference 1965
F.13    Kingston Conference, May 12-17, 1966
F.14    SUPA Conference Material 1966-1967 and other material
F.15    Christmas 1966, Waterloo Conference, attendance

Petitions, Marches, Lobbies, etc.:
F.16    Hiroshima-Nagasaki World Peace Study Mission, Spring 1964
F.17    Light-Suzuki Tour Spring 1964
F.18    Peace Caravans May 1963-Feb. 1964
F.19    Vancouver-Berlin Peace March Sept. 1962-April 1963

Box 13:

F.1      Vietnam 1964-1965
F.2      Vietnam March on Washington 1965
F.3      Vietnam Petition 1965
F.4      Vietnam Open Letter, Signatures 1966
F.5      Ottawa Vietnam Action 1966
F.6      Vietnam Mailing Lists
F.7      Vietnam Research Project
F.8      Worklist Response to Vietnam Letter 1966
F.9      Vietnam Action Suggestions, Mailing List 1966

F.10    SUPA papers (card index)
F.11    SUPA History, chronology and miscellaneous (Hyde’s File)
F.12    Feb. 21, 1966 Newsletter

Box 14:

F.1      Dialogue Correspondence and Publication Dec. 1963- March 1964
F.2      CUCND Information Bulletin
F.3      CUCND Publications and Library 1964-1965
F.4      CUCND Clippings, Publications, Documents 1963-1964
F.5      Discussion and Working Papers
F.6      Report on Community Organizing Projects, prepared for Company of Young Canadians, Summer 1965

Research, Information, Publications Project (RIPP): (See also Boxes 16a, 21)

F.7      Office Staff Meetings, Minutes 1967
F.8      Proposals, Newsletter
F.9      Replies to RIPP Memo #1
F.10    RIPP Memo #2, #3

Box 15:

F.1      SUPA and RIPP National Office
F.1a     Administrative files
F.2      RIPP Finances, Minutes, Literature Lists 1966-1967
F.3      RIPP Publications -Canada
F.4      China
F.5      Community Organizing
F.6      Education

Box 15a:

F.1      International
F2       Political and Economic Theory
F.3      Quebec
F.4      Strategy
F.5      University

Box 16:

F.1      U.S.A.
F.2      Vietnam
F.3      SUPA Branches

Our Generation Against Nuclear War:

F.4      Minutes, Editorial Board Meetings May-Nov. 1964
F.5      Minutes, Editorial Board Meetings, 1966-1967
F.6      Minutes, Monthly Meetings Nov. 1963 - April 1965
F.7      Memos 1963-1965.
F.8      Correspondence, M. Rowan and D. Roussopoulos 1961-1962
F.9      Business and Editorial Correspondence (Sue McPherson) 1961-1964
F.10    Correspondence re OGANW and Memos 1963-1964
F.11    Correspondence 1966-1967

Box 16a:

F.1      Our Generation Against Nuclear War Correspondence with bookstores, 1966
F.2      Community Organizing Kit, 1966
F.3      RIPP (Research, Information and Publications Project) Financial Statement, 24 June 1966
F.4      List of university administrative officers, 3 May 1965; press release on student aid, n.d.
F.5      Our Generation Against Nuclear War, correspondence, 1966
F.6      Miscellaneous correspondence, 1966
F.7      Mimeographs and typescripts, 1967-1968
F.8      New Left Committee Bulletin, Vol. 1, no. 1, 1967 to no. 3, 1968
F.9      Correspondence, 1966-1967
F.10    Mimeographs re New Left, n.d.
F.11    New Left Committee, financial report, n.d.; Research, Information and Publications Project financial reports, n.d.; proposal for alleviating debt; minutes, 1967
F.12    New Left, minutes and mimeographs, 1967
F.13    New Left, publication and mimeograph, 1966-1967
F.14    New Left, mimeographs
F.15    SUPA chronology, 1959-1966

Box 17:

F.1      Organizational File-Fall 1963
F.2      Ottawa Files (Mike Rowan) 1962-1963
F.3      Sales Reports 1961-1962
F.4      Accounts 1961-1964
F.5      Business 1962
F.6      OGANW Business (miscellaneous)
F.7      Business File (notebook)
F.8      Sales to Bookstores

Reports, Briefs:
F.9      SUPA Branches-Reports, Analyses, Organizing Manual
F.10    SUPA reorganization papers 1966-1967
F.11    Policy Discussion Papers, Statements, etc.
F.12    NATO Study Paper 1963
F.13    CUCND Proposals to Government of Canada Dec. 1960
F.14    CCND Brief to Parliament Nov. 1962 C
F.15    Brief to Parliament -Ottawa, Oct.-Nov. 1963

Box 18:

F.1      Brief to Parliament Nov. 1963
F.2      Feb. 15, 1966 Open Letter to Parliament and Government of Canada

Research Files:
F.3      Draft of Article [1964-1965?]
F.4      Speeches (Texts) 1964-1965
F.5      Essay, R.M. Laxes
F.6      Housing-Clippings 1965
F.7      Demonstrations, Marches, etc., Photographs 1960-1964
F.8      Bibliography and Notes, Miscellaneous Material
F.9      Peace Literature, Bibliographies and Order Lists
F.10    Non-Violence Publications Fll Poverty
F.12    Doukhobor Publications
F.13    Company of Young Canadians 1967

Box 19:

F.1      “The righteous crusaders of the New Left” by Peter Gzowski. Maclean’s, Nov. 15, 1965
F.2      U.S. Peace Movement Pamphlets
F.3      United Nations Publications
F.4      Voice of Women
F.5      S.D.S. Publications
F.6      U. S .Peace Movement Documents
F.7      Pacifists, Grindstone Island Brochures
F.8      Canadian Peace Movement Pamphlets
F.9      British Peace Movement Pamphlets
F.10    Humour, Songs and Clippings 1963-1964
F.11    Miscellaneous Publications

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