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John Robert Colombo fonds. First Accrual

Note re Box numbering. When this finding aid was written in 1971 neither box numbers nor file folder numbers were assigned. Because of that fact, box numbering can only be approximate; some boxes appear to contain files not described – the files may have become out of order over the decades.

I Index of Correspondents
Box 1
Correspondence. Includes both incoming and outgoing. Numbers of letters given in parentheses. The boxes contain letters from only some of the correspondents listed here; this listing was originally thought of as an index rather than a finding aid to box contents. See for example the entries for the Tamarack Review and the League of Canadian Poets in Box 4.
Acorn, Milton, 1968 (1)
Adcock, Fleur, 1968 (1)
Aldwinkle, Eric, 1958 (1)
Amann, Eric W., 1968 (1)
Arts Canada, 1968 (3)
Association of Literary Magazines of America, 1965 (1)
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, 1967 (1)
Australian Consolidated Press, 1966-67 (2)
Ayre, Leslie, undated (1)

Bailey, A. G., 1968 (1)
Baird, N. B., 1968 (1)
Ballantine Books, 1966 (1)
Bartlett, Elizabeth, 1967 (3)
Bates, Ronald, 1967 (1)
Beattie, Eleanor, 1967 (1)
Beattie, Jean, 1967 (3)
Bell, John, 1968 (3)
Berne, Stanley, 1968 (2)
Berton, Pierre, undated (2)
Bertram Rota Ltd., 1967 (1)
Best, H.B.M., 1967 (2)
Bevington, Stan, 1967 (1)
Birney, Earle, 1958-67 (7)
Bissell, Claude T., 1958 (1)
Bly, Robert, 1963-68 (7)
Bourinot, Arthur S., 1960-66 (5)
Bowering, George, 1966 (1)
Brilliant, Allen, 1967 (3)
Brown, James, 1967? (1)
Bulletin, The, 1966-67 (2)
Burgess, Ivan, undated (1)
Burke, Herbert C., 1968 (8)
Burtt, E. A., 1968 (1)
Bust Press, 1968 (1)

Callaghan, Morley, 1966 (1)
Canada Council, 1964-68 (9, 4)
Canadian Broadcasting Corp., 1966-68 (11, 1); also 5 CBC contracts
Canadian Dimension, 1968 (2)
Canadian Forum, 1964-68 (1, 1)
Canadian Government Trade Commissioner (Australia), 1967 (1)
Canadian Literature, 1960-68 (16)
Canadian Literature Club, 1967 (1)
Canadian Mental Health Association, 1968 (8, 1)
Canadian Poetry, 1958-61 (2)
Canadian Preview Book Society, 1967 (1)
Candelaria, Fred, 1967 (1)
Carpenter, Edmund, 1958 (2)
Carruth, Hayden, 1964-68 (24)
Centennial Commission, 1965-67 (2, 1)
Centre de Psychologie et de Pedagogie, 1963 (1)
Chapman, G. Ken, Ltd., 1967 (1)
City Light Books, 1964-67 (3)
Clarke, Austin C., 1967 (4)
Clarke Irwin and Co., 1966 (2)
Clarkson, Adrienne, 1967 (2)
Cloutier, Cecile, 1967 (1)
Cogswell, Fred, 1958 (1)
Coleman, Victor, 1967 (1)
Contact Press, 1967 (1)
Cook, Michael, 1968 (2, 1)
Cook, Ramsey, 1966-68 (2)
Cooperman, Stanley, 1968 (1)
Corman, Cid, 1962 (1)
Corvina Press, 1967 (1)
Coulter, John, 1966-68 (11)
Cox, Leo, 1958 (1)
Crawley, Alan, 1964 (1)
Creeley, Robert, 1963 (1, 1)
Curtis Brown Ltd., 1965-67 (2)

Dalhousie Review, 1966 (2)
Dault, Garry, 1967 (1)
Davey, Frank, 1964-68 (2)
Dawson, David, 1967 (1)
Delta Canada, 1966-68 (11)
Denison, Merrill, 1966-68 (8)
Doubleday Canada Ltd., 1967-68 (2)
Doughtery, James 1967 (1)
Douglas, Harold, 1966 (1)
Dudek, Louis, 1960-67 (11)
Duffy, Dennis, 1966-68 (2)
Dwyer, Peter, 1966-67 (2)

Eaton, Mr.& Mrs. J. D., 1967 (2)
El Corno, 1967 (1)
Emid, Douglas, 1967 (1)
Evans, Allen,1958 (3)
Everson, R. G., 1960-68 (32, 1)
Ezekiel, Nissim, 1966-67 (5)

Faber and Faber Ltd., 1968 (3, 1)
Fairley, Barker 1966 (1)
Fang, Hsin, 1967 (1)
The Far Point, undated (1)
Fetherling, Doug, 1967-68 (2)
Ferguson, Max, 1958 (1)
Fiddlehead, 1968 (1)
Fielden, Charlotte, 1968 (1)
Finch, Robert, 1958-68 (13)
Finlay, Ian H., 1966-67 (2)
Fisher, Douglas M., 1966-67 (2)
Ford, R.A.D., 1967 (1)
Foster, Robert, 1967 (1)
Francis, Wynne, 1967 (2)
Francis Thompson Ltd., 1967 (1, 1)
Fraser, Raymond, 1968 (1)
Frye, Northrop, undated (1)

Box 2
Gentleman, Ross W., 1968 (1)
Gervais, C. H., 1968 (2)
Gill, John, 1966 (4)
Glassco, John, 1966-67 (12)
Glisinski, Michael J., 1968 (2)
Gnarowski, Michael, 1958-67 (2)
Godbout, Jacques, 1966-68 (17)
Godfrey, David, 1967 (1, 1)
Godin, Gerald, 1966 (1)
Goodman, Eileen, 1968 (1)
Gordon, Camille, undated (2)
Gotlieb, Phyllis, 1960-67 (3)
Grant, George, 1965-68 (7)
Graphis Press, 1961 (1)
Green, H. Gordon, 1967-68 (1, 1)
Greenland, Cyril, 1966-68 (7)
Griffin, John H., 1957 (1)
Gross, Ronald, 1967-68 (1, 1)
Guggenheim Foundation, 1966 (1)
Guillet, Edwin C., undated (1)
Gundy, H. Pearson, 1968 (1)
Gustafson, Ralph, 1966-68 (13)
Gwyn, Richard, 1968 (1)
Gwyn, Sandra, 1968 (3)

Haiuku, 1968 (1)
Harlow, Robert, 1968 (4, 1)
Harriman, L. C.,1968 (1)
Harris, David W., 1966-67 (2)
Harrison, Keith, 1966-68 (6)
Hart House Poetry Committee, 1966 (1)
Helwig, David, 1966-67 (7)
Hendry, T. B., 1966 (1)
Hine, Daryl,1963-66 (4)
Hood, Hugh, 1961-68 (13, 1)
Hornyansky, Michael, 1967 (1)
Horwood, Harold, 1968 (1)
House of Anansi, 1968 (5)
Howith, H., 1961-68 (8)
Hunter, Alistair M., 1967 (1, 2)
Hurtig, M. G., 1967-68 (14)
Hutchinson, Sybil, undated (1)

Imperial Oil Review, 1967 (1)
Institute for Entrepreneurial History, 1967-68 (3)
International P.E.N., 1962-66 (3)

Jeffers, Lance, 1967 (1)
Johnson, Eric, undated (1)
Johnston, George, 1962 (2)
Jonas, George, 1968 (2)
Jones, Douglas, 1959-67 (3)
Journal of Canadian Studies, 1967 (2)

Kattan, Naim, 1967-68 (1)
Keddell, G. M., 1962-63 (2)
Kierans, Eric, 1967 (1)
Kitchener Public Library, 1967 (4)
Kobler, Sandra, 1967 (8)
Kolber, Leo, 1967 (1)

Lacey, E. A., 1958-63 (4)
Laine, Michael, 1966 (1)
Lamming, George, 1965 (1)
Lampert, Gerald, 1968 (1)
Land, R.B., 1968 (1)
Lavoie, Edgar, 1968 (1)
Layton, Irving, 1958-68 (20)
Lee, Dennis, 1968 (1)
Legman, G., 1967 (1)
LePan, Douglas, 1967 (3)
Lindsey, Charles B., 1966 (1)
Livesay, Dorothy, 1966-68 (2)
Longmans Canada Ltd., 1966-(?) (9, 2)
Lord, Barry, 1967 (1)
Lowenfels, Walter and Lillian, 1968 (3)
Lucas, I. B., 1967 (1)
Lucie-Smith, Edward, 1966-68 (8)
Ludwig, Jack, 1966-67 (2)

MacDonald, Thoreau, undated (1)
MacDonald, Wilson, 1958 (2)
MacEwan, Gwendolyn, 1966 (1)
MacKay, David, 1966 (1)
MacKenzie, Joan, 1966- (?) (6)
MacKenzie, R. D., 1968 (1)
Macklem, Michael, 1967-68 (17)
MacLennan, Hugh, 1965 (1)
Macmillan of Canada Ltd.,1967 (4)
Macpherson, Jay, 1958-66 (3)
Maganda, 1968 (1)
Malahat Review, 1967-68 (2)
Malanga, Gerald, 1965-66 (2)
Mallory, Robert, 1967 (?) (1)
Mandel, Eli, 1960-61 (4)
Marshall, Tom, 1967-68 (5)

McAuley, James, 1966 (1)
McCauley, Gerard F., 1957-68 (8, 3)
McDonough, John T., 1968 (1)
McFadden, David, 1967-68 (4)
McFarlane, Leslie, 1966-68 (6)
McGrath, Tom, 1965 (1)
McGraw Hill Ltd., 1967 (3)
McKenty, Neil, 1967 (2)
McKervill, Hugh, 1967 (2)
McLuhan, Marshall, 1965 (1)
McRobbie, Kenneth, 1958- (?) (8)
McWhinney, William, 1967 (1)

Miller, Henry, 1958 (1)
Miller, Peter, 1958-67 (5)
Mitchell, W.O., 1958 (1)
Monica McCall Inc., 1968 (1)
Mott, Michael, 1967 (1)
Mowat, Farley, 1967 (2)
Murray and Robinson Ltd., 1968 (1)

Box 3
Naimy, Mikhail, 1958 (1)
Najovits, Simson R., 1958 (14)
National Library of Wales, 1957 (1)
Newlove, John, 1967-68 (13)
Newman, Jerry, 1967-68 (1)
Nichol, B. P., 1968 (?) V
Nowlan, Alden, 1959-67 (8)

Oberon Press, 1967-68 (17)
O’Broin, Padraig, undated (2)
Ontario Council for the Arts 1964-67 (5, 6)
Ontario Department of Education 1967 (1)
Orten, Maureen Jessop, 1968 (1)
Osterlund, Steven, 1967-68 (7)
Owen, I., 1967 (1)
Oxford University Press, 1967 (1)
Pacey, Desmond, 1958 (2)
Pahonia Publishers, 1967 (1, 1)
Parti Pris, 1964 (1)
Patchen, Mrs. Kenneth, 1961 (1)
Peace News, 1965 (1)
Penfield, Wilder, 1967 (2)
Peter Martin Associates, 1968 (1)
Pierre, Lorne, 1959-61 (7)
Poetry Singapore, 1968 (2)
Polyani, Ilona, 1968 (2)
Pound, Ezra, 1957 (1)
Pratt, E. J., 1967 (1)
Pratt, M. Claire, 1966 (1)
Priestley, Christopher, 1958 (2)
Prism International, 1967 (1)
Procope, Mervyn, undated (1)
Purdy, Al, 1966-68 (5)

Queens Quarterly, 1968 (1)
Quetico Centre, 1968 (2)

Radisch, P. H., 1959 (1)
Randall, Margaret, 1967 (1)
Reaman, E. G., 1957-58 (2)
Reaney, James, 1958-66 (14)
Richler, Mordecai, 1964-66 (4)
Riddell, Alan, 1967 (1)
Robb, Wallace H., 1958-68 (3)
Robitaille, Gerald, 1966 (2)
Roman Books Ltd., 1966 (3)
Rosenblatt, Joseph, 1967 (1)
Rosey, Gui, 1964 (1)
Rossman, D. A., 1968 (1)
Roy, G. R., 1958, (1)
Ryerson Press, 1959-68 (6)
Ryga, George, 1966 (1)

Saturday Night, 1967-68 (2)
Scott, F. R., 1958-67 (3)
Scott, Peter Dale, 1967 (1)
Siebrasse, Glen, 1966-68 (9)
Selin, Jan, 1963 (2)
Sergeant, Howard, 1965 (1)
Shen, J. Chi, 1967 (1)
Sherbourne Press, 1967 (1)
Skelton, Robin, 1964-68 (10)
Smith, A. J. M., 1958-66 (5)
Smith, Dennis, 1967 (2)
Society of Translators and Interpreters of Canada, 1967 (1)
Something Else Press, undated (2)
Souster, Raymond, 1958-67 (5)
South Head Press, 1966 (2)
Sparshott, Frances, 1966 (1)
Stand, 1963 (2)
Stevens, Peter, 1966-68 (10)
Stewart, Jo, 1968 (1)
Stiling, F., 1958 (1)
Stratford, Philip, 1966-68 (5)
Sylvester, Guy, 1967 (5)
Symons, Scott, 1967 (6)
Swan Publishing Ltd., 1967 (1)

Tarn, Nathaniel, 1966-68 (7)
Tonks, Rosemary, 1965-66 (2)
Toronto Telegram, 1963-68 (4, 1)
Town, Harold, 1966 (1)
Trocchi, Alexander, 1965 (2)
Turnbull, Gael, 1966 (1)

Unicorn Press, 1967 (3)
University of Toronto School of Library Science, 1968 (1)
Very Stone House, 1967 (2)
Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1957 (1)
Villa-Lobos, H., 1958 (1)
Vizinczey, Stephen, 1967 (3)

Waddington, Miriam, 1967-68 (5)
Wallace, Joseph, undated (1)
Watson, Wilfred, 1958 (1)
Weaver, Robert, 1964-68 (8)
West, Paul, 1966 (1)
White, Eric W., 1966 (2)
Williams, Perry, 1967 (1)
William Heinemann Ltd., 1965 (1)
Wilson, Graeme, 1968 (1)
Wilson, Milton, 1966 (3)
Winter, Jack, 1967 (1)
Woodcock, George, 1960-68 (18)
Woods, Elizabeth R., 1968 (2)

Xisto, Pedro, 1968 (3; also some printed proofs of Xisto’s “concrete poetry”)
Yates, J. Michael, 1967-68 (25)
York University, 1967 (2)
York University Centre for Continuing Education, 1968 (1)
Zekowski, Arlene, 1967 (2)
Zilber, Jacob, 1967 (1)

Box 4
II Special Topics: Correspondence, Documents, News clippings and Ephemera
Some particularly important organizations, activities and events in Colombo’s life have been arranged under separate subject headings and filed in rough chronological order. Various types of material (excluding manuscripts and printed works) which pertain to the organization, activity or event, have been brought together in these files.

1956 Theosophical Society certificate of membership. October, 1956.

1957-59 Chiaroscuro
Letters from eminent Canadian literary figures commenting on the book: Leo Cox, Max Ferguson, F. Stiling, Desmond Pacey, F .R. Scott, W.O. Mitchell, Earle Birney, Wilfred Watson, A.J.M. Smith, and G.R. Roy. A notice of publication: Globe and Mail, 27 April 1958. 2 reviews: Globe and Mail, 4 May 1958; Waterloo Newsweekly, 19 Dec.1959.

1958 Rubato
A letter of congratulation from Claude T. Bissell, then President of Carleton University, Ottawa. 4 March 1958. 2 reviews: the Varsity, 13 Feb. 1958; the Globe and Mail, 15 Feb. 1958.

1959 Varsity Chapbook
A copy of the contract with Ryerson Press to publish the Chapbook. 5 letters to Colombo from Lorne Pierce, editor at Ryerson, covering the period April-Sept. 1959. A newspaper advertisement for the companion volume, the McGill Chapbook, also published by Ryerson. An article on the work in progress, from the Varsity , 9 Oct. 1959. 4 reviews: the Varsity, 23 Oct. 1959; Montreal Star, 2 Jan.,1960; McGill Daily, 14 Dec. 1959; Toronto Star,12 Dec. 1959.

1956-61 The Guild of Hand Printers
Combined correspondence of Colombo, Harold Kurschenska, and the Guild. 41 letters, most of them from owners of private “vanity” and experimental presses. Several notices from the Guild concerning Wrongfount 2, 1961. Several news paper clippings, including a review of Wrongfount 1, 1960, from Canadian Printer and Publisher, Aug., 1960; and an article on private printing in Toronto, from the Toronto Star, 18 June 1960.

1959-69 Clippings and Ephemera on Colombo and His Work
30 newspaper clippings: articles, notices and reviews of Colombo and his work, collected by Colombo from various sources.

1959-60 (Christmas Cards and Other Cards) received by the Colombos. 31 cards.
Includes 16 privately printed cards from Harold Kurschenska, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Havelock Robb, Mr. and Mrs. James Reaney, Jay Macpherson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dair, Jean Marie and Douglas Molson, John Webster Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Reuter, G.W. Davidse, Mr. and Mrs. Rosewarne, Peter Colgrove, R.R. Cusaden, and others. A thank you card, privately printed, from Jean and Doug Molson, 5 Oct.1957. 6 p.

1960 Vocal Magazine
27 leaflets and programs, many of them privately printed by Colombo. 16 articles and reviews. The transcript of the text of a radio notice.

1960-61 Bohemian Embassy Literary Evenings
13 mimeo advertising flyers, covering the period 20 Oct. 1960-12 Jan.1961. A newspaper clipping of Pierre Berton discussing “folk” culture in Toronto, Toronto Star, 23 Nov., 1960. A clipping from the Varsity, 9 Nov. 1960.

1961-62 Contact Poetry Readings
2 mimeo advertising flyers: One outlining the 1961-62 series and one announcing a reading by James Reaney.

1964 Poetry / Poesie 64
2 notices of publication and 24 photocopies of reviews, clipped from English and French-Canadian newspapers. A copy of The Canadian Reader 5 (12): Oct. 1964, with a review.

1965-68 Tamarack Review: Literary Correspondence
18 letters from Canadian and international writers (included in the index of Correspondents,
Sec. I). 4 form letters (1965) to booksellers from Tamarack, written by Colombo. “Library of Congress Symposium on American Literature”, 2-3 April 1965: Program, list of participants, brochures on the Library of Congress, and 6 press releases of the major addresses.
Association of Literary Magazines of America “Report to the Membership”. 12 June 1963. mimeo. 5 p.

1963-67 Tamarack Review: Financial Correspondence and Statements
Correspondence with corporations regarding financial assistance to Tamarack (1966): 12 carbon copies of letters sent by Colombo. 9 replies. 10 pages of rough notes used by Colombo in composing the appeals. Correspondence with the Province of Ontario Council for the Arts and the Canada Council (1964-67): 5 letters to the POCA. and 4 in return; 1 letter to the Canada Council and 1 in return; includes Robert Weaver’s request for $7,000 for 1965 to be used in hiring Colombo as Managing Editor, and the rough notes employed in composing the request. A letter from Colombo to J. C. Lockwood of the Toronto Arts Foundation: a diplomatic appeal for financial assistance. 1 May 1964. A letter from Colombo to the Congress for Cultural Freedom asking that they distribute Tamarack to European “editors, leading writers and cultural entrepreneurs”. 3 Nov. 1965.
A letter from Colombo to the Dept. of National Revenue. 9 June 1966. Tamarack “fact sheet” on circulation and advertising rates sent by Colombo to advertisers. Dec., 1966.
Financial Statement, 1963; prepared by Colombo. 2 carbon tss: 1 p. “The Tamarack Review: Statement of Receipts and Expenditures and Deficit for the year ending May 31, 1965”; prepared by Clarkson and Gordon, Chartered Accountants.

1965-66 Tamarack Review: Internal Correspondence and Minutes of Editorial Meetings.
Notes by Colombo on 3 editorial meetings, 19 Oct. 1965, 15 Dec. 1965, and 17 Jan. 1966. Carbon tss: 3 p., 3 p., and 2 p. Note by Colombo outlining his functions and goals for 1965-67 as Managing Editor. Ts. 1 p.
A carbon ts. of a letter from Colombo to Robert Weaver, 16 Nov. 1965. A reply from Weaver, 17 Nov. 1965.

1961-66 Tamarack Review: Newspaper Clippings
36 clippings and photocopies of clip pings from English and French-Canadian newspapers, on Tamarack and associated people and events.

Tamarack Review: Ephemera
“Recommendations of the Committee on the Literary Arts”. 21 Jan. 1965. A photostatic copy found in the Tamarack materials. 8 p.
Three typewritten extracts from Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrar; one typewritten extract from Mazo de la Roche of Jalna. 10 p.

1964 Atlantic Monthly Special Canadian Issue (Nov., 1964)
A form letter sent by Colombo to potential contributors to this special issue. A copy of the issue.

1966 The Mackenzie Poems
A letter from Ballantine Books rejecting the ms. 8 June 1967. Letters from recipients of complimentary copies: Edwin C. Guillet, David MacKay, Charles B. Lindsey and Michael Laine (1966).
A letter from Hamilton Teachers College requesting permission to reprint one of the poems in their yearbook. 7 Nov. 1966.
Newspaper clippings of 22 reviews and notices and 2 advertisements.

1966-68 League of Canadian Poets: Correspondence with Members
41 letters from Canadian poets (listed in index of correspondents). 3 informational form letters sent out by the League or its provisional organizers: 1 Jan. 1967, 7 May 1967, and one undated, sometime in the summer of 1967.
A letter from the League to Colombo requesting that he act as convener for the Toronto portion of a poetry-reading circuit. 2 July, 1968.

1966-68 League of Canadian Poets: Minutes, Documents, News clippings and Ephemera
Carbon ts. of agreement with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, opening a bank account; signed by Colombo and Souster, 20 Oct., 1966.
2 sets of minutes of a meeting of the Provisional Steering Committee, 18 Feb. 1967; taken by Colombo and Souster.
2 clippings of Robert Fulford’s Toronto Star column on the formation of the League; and a letter to Fulford from Colombo, 4 Jan. 1967. A prospective invitation to new members, composed by Colombo. Several partial lists of members, drawn up at various stages. Ephemera from and several news clippings on the Metro Poetry Festival, Toronto, 31 March, 1968.

Box 5
1966-67 Abracadabra
Publisher’s letter to the Library of Congress requesting a preassigned LC number; 26 Oct. 1966. A 1etter from George MacBeth, Talks Dept. of the BBC, commenting on the book; 8 Aug. 1967. Newspaper clippings of 9 reviews.

1966-67 The Great Wall of China
2 letters from the publisher regarding printing of the book; undated. 2 letters about the book from David Holheboer (?) and Jane Shen; Shen includes a short poem in reply. Newspaper clippings of 5 reviews. Ts. of a review by Jacques Godbout in Liberte; 1 p.

1967 W. W. E. Ross Anthology, Shapes & Sounds, selected by Raymond Souster and John Robert Colombo.
Carbon copies of 2 letters from Colombo to Longmans Canada Ltd., 21 May 1967 and 9 Sept. 1967. A carbon copy of a letter from Longmans to the Canada Council requesting a grant of $3,000 to aid in publishing the anthology; 29 May 1967. Three letters from Peter Stevens to Colombo: 7 Feb. 1966; 25 Jan. 1967; and 24 April 1967. 2 letters from Souster to Colombo: 14 July 1967 and one undated. Several pages of rough notes by Colombo sketching out production and budgeting of anthology.

1968 Mostly Monsters
A letter from Peter Martin Associates rejecting the ms; 22 Nov. 1968.

1967 World Poetry Conference (Expo)
A brochure on the conference, 6-10 Sept. 1967. 5 letters to Colombo from Guy Sylvestre, chairman of the committee: 14 Feb., 7 June, undated, 26 June and 16 Nov. 1967. Photocopy of a letter from Sylvestre to the Canadian Forum, passed on to Colombo; 31 Oct. 1967. A press release, 6 July 1967. A note from Colombo to R.G. Everson and a reply, 11 Oct. 1967. Photocopy of a press release “Short Notes on Participating Poets”. 35 p.

1967 Centennial Medal
A document announcing the conferring of the medal on Colombo. 1 July 1967.

1967-68 A Century of Canadian Literature
Colombo had 3 poems published in this centennial anthology, sponsored by the Centennial Commission of the federal govt. 4 letters from H. Gordon Green, English Language Editor of the anthology: 6 Aug. 1966; 10 Feb. 1967; 19 Feb. 1967; and 24 May 1968. Carbon copy of a letter from Colombo to Green seeking payment, 25 April 1968.

1968 The New Writer’s Workshop
An account of the history and future requirements of the workshop written by Sean O’Huigin. Ms. 7 p. Flyers announcing various readings by members of the workshop, including Colombo.

1968 Ryerson Creative Writers Workshop
Several pieces of promotional ephemera about the workshop. 2 newspaper clippings announcing the workshop. RYE Workshop, a mimeo collection of poetry from the participants. 17 p.

III Manuscripts and Printed Works: Prose
Box 6
1955-57 (University of Waterloo Newsweekly ).
Clippings of 60 news articles and columns by Colombo. Several articles on Colombo and his work. 2 letters to the Newsweekly’s editor, written by Colombo: 9 Dec. 1955 and 28 Jan. 1958.

1955-56 From Poetry to Religion
Published in the Cord in 1955 or 1956. Clipping. 4 p.

1955-56 Rachmaninoff
A brief essay on his life and work. Published in the Cord in 1955 or 1956. Clipping 3 p.

1956 From the Editor
An editorial in the Cord, Dec. 1956. 6 p.

1956 Recent and Readable
A review of Susanne K. Langer’s Philosophy in a New Key. In the Cord, Dec. 1956. p. 12-14.

1957 (A Debate) upholding the affirmative of the proposition “resolved that fraternity houses have detrimental effects on students”. Ms. 5 p.

1957 Royalist Revalued
A review of G.E. Reaman’s The Trail of the Black Walnut. Published in the Varsity, 7 Nov. 1957. 5 p. Carbon ts. 2 p.

1957-60 (University of Toronto Varsity)
Clippings (and copies of the newspaper) and 26 articles and notices about Colombo and his work. 6 of Colombo’s poems: Lines from an Anti-Christmas Carol, Last Month, Final Impression, By the Shore, Regressive Tendencies, Prayer for Adam, Two Haikus: “Night is a nun. ..” and “You: who know nor care. ..”

1957-59 (University College Gargoyle)
Clippings from and copies of this undergraduate newspaper, edited by Colombo, 1958-59. 14 articles and reviews by Colombo. 1 article about his work. 2 ads for This Citadel in Time. 2 poems: George Rouault; and Part of Whose Past....

Box 7
1958 (Book Review) of Mikhail Naimy’s “Till We Meet. ..” and Twelve Other Stories.
Published in Canadian Theosophist, XXXVIII (6): Jan.-Feb., 1958. p. 134-137. A partial worksheet for the review. Carbon ts. 5 p.

1958 The Wound-dresser. Rough outline of a play in one act. Ms.5 p.

1958? Mr. Vagardy
A short story: A Hungarian refugee, forced to leave his family behind, begins to find a new life in Canada. Epstein Literary Prize story. Carbon ts. 9 p.

1958 Notes Towards a Study of Symbolism
A college paper; discusses Cassirer, Langer, Collingwood, and Northrop Frye. Ms. 12 p.

1961-62? Little Lambs Among the Lions
An article “on the unfortunate state of the criticism and reviewing of poetry in Canada.” Possibly for Exchange but never published. Ms. 11 p.

1958 The Man Who Is Himself: Anthony Frisch.
For the Varsity but never published. 3 incomplete mss: 5 p., 13 p., and 12 p. Rough notes. 3 p.

1958 (Book Review) of Blessed Be He: A Tribute to Alexander Watt printed by
Hawkshead Press. Published in Canadian Theosophist Nov.-Dec. 1958. Written under the pseudonym “Ruta”.

1958-59 (Book Review) of Irving Layton’s A Red Carpet for the Sun. Written for the
Gargoyle but never published. Ms. 1 p.

1959 The Private Press: a Word of Explanation.
Printed at the Purple Partridge Press for Wrongfount, the publication of the Guild of Hand Printers. On the history and significance of private vanity and experimental presses. Ms. 4 p. Galley proofs from the University of Toronto Press. Rough notes on private presses entitled “Notes for Mr. Colgate”, dated 26 Nov. 1959. Ms. 6 p.

1959 Three Poets
A review of Miriam Waddington’s The Season’s Lovers, Irving Layton’s A Laughter in the Mind and John Glassco’s The Deficit Made Flesh. Published in Tamarack Review (11): Spring 1959. p. 91-97. Photocopy.

1959 (Book Review) of Gay Wilson Allen’s The Solitary Singer: A Critical Biography of
Walt Whitman
. Published in Canadian Theosophist XL (3): July-Aug. 1959. p. 65-66.

1960 Canada’s Banned Poet
Published in the Varsity, 10 Feb. 1960. Revised version published in Canadian Forum, XL (474): July 1960. On Joe Wallace, Canadian communist poet. Ms. 8 p.

1960 (Book Review) of Klanak Islands: A Collection of Short Stories edited by William McConnell. Published in Canadian Forum XXXIX (470): March 1960. p. 285-86.

1960 Package Marked “Genius”. Published in the Toronto Telegram, 26 March 1960. On Irving Layton. A clipping.

1960 (Book Review) of The Powers of Poetry by Gilbert Highet. Published in the Toronto Telegram, 28 May, 1960. A clipping.

1960 (Book Review) of The New American Poetry: 1945-60 edited by Donald M. Allen. Published in Tamarack Review (16): Summer 1960. p. 85-6. Photocopy.

1960 (Film Review) of He Who Must Die and Love is My Profession. Published in Canadian Forum XL (475): Aug. 1960. p. 117-18.

1960 (Film Review: On German Films, 1920-35). Published in Canadian Forum XL (476): Sept., 1960. p. 137-38.

1960 The Fool. Ikon and text of Aleph, the Fool of the Tarot. Published in Alphabet (1): Sept., 1960. p. 82. Photocopy.

1960 Sax Rohmer and His Yellow Shadows. Published in Tamarack Review (17): Autumn 1960. p. 43-57. Photocopy.

1960 (Film Review: a Preview of the Fifth International Stratford Film Festival). Published in Canadian Forum XL ( 477): Oct. 1960. p. 159-60.

1960 (Film Review: on Bennet Fode and Toronto’s Odeon Christie Theatre). Published in Canadian Forum XL (478): Nov., 1960. p. 190-91.

1960 The Making of the Golem. Notes for an address delivered to the Toronto Theosophical Society, 18 Dec., 1960. On the Golem myth and its variations– robots, androids, etc. Ms. 21 p.

1960 Backbones of Whales: from Aleph the Fool to Tau the World. On the tarot, its history and significance. Ms. 6 p. Schematic of the various significance of tarot symbols. Ms. 1 p.

1960 The Beatnik Muse. 2 versions of an essay on beat poetry, its publishing organs, its major figures, its style and concerns; some discussion of the tradition in Canada (Layton, Souster, Dudek and McRobbie). 2 mss: 8 p. and 9 p. For the Waterloo Review but never published.

1960 (Editorial) on America’s fascination with the Civil War. Written for Tamarack Review but never published. Ms. 2 p.

1960? The Making of Paper: Part One. For a commercial made by MacLaren’s Advertising Agency. Ms. 2 p.

1960-63 Art. A catalogue of books on this subject written and prepared by Colombo for Ryerson Press. 20 p.

1961 (Film Review: a Look at Magazines about “Art” Films). Published in Canadian Forum XL (480): Jan. 1961. p. 230-31.

1961 A Doctor of Mysticism : Richard Maurice Bucke. Published in Canadian Theosophist 41 (6): Jan.-Feb. 1961. p.133-139.

1961 (Film Review: Fantasy Films) Published in Canadian Forum XL (481): Feb. 1961, p. 254-55.

1961 (Book Review) of Rivers Among Rocks and Rocky Mountain Poems by Ralph Gustafson. Published in Canadian Reader 2 (5): March 1961. p. 4-6. Ms. 6 p.

1961 (Film Review: Promoting Feature Films). Published in Canadian Forum XLI (l): April 1961. p. 19-20.

1961 (Book Review) of The Complete Short Stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Collected Writings of Ambrose Bierce with an Introduction by Clifton Fadiman. Published in Tamarack Review (19): Spring, 1961. p. 102-103. Photocopy.

1961 (Book Review) of An Anthology of English Poetry: 1954-60 edited by Thomas Blackburn. Published in Tamarack Review (20): Summer, 1961. p. 98-99. Photocopy.

1961 (Film Review: on Francois Truffaut). Published in Canadian Forum XLI (485): June 1961. p. 66-68.

1961 (Film Review) of Godard’s Breathless. Published in Canadian Forum XLI (486): July 1961. p. 89-90.

1961 The Little World of David Mackay. Published in Canadian Forum XLI (487): Aug. 1961. p. 107-109. On MacKay and three of his films: The Pounding Heart, Typography Film and No Evil.

1961 Summer Cinema in New York. Published in Canadian Forum XLI (489): Oct. 1961. p. 157-58. A review of The Truth, Rocco and His Brothers, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and L’Avenntura.

1961 A Long-range View of Bergman. Published in Canadian Forum XLI (491): Dec. 1961. p. 198-99. On Ingmar Bergman and his films.

1961 Louis De Niverville. Published in English, German and French in Graphis 17 (98): Dec. 1961. p. 500-507.

1961 Modern British and American Poetry. An essay written for the Canadian Booksellers Association Training Course for Bookstore Employees. A guide to the fields of British, Canadian and American poetry, to critical studies, anthologies, and poetry awards. Duplicated copy. 10 p.

1961? (A Bibliography of Today’s Poets) prepared by John Robert Colombo for Poetry Centre, a series of readings sponsored by the Contact Poetry Readings and the YMCA and YWCA Arts Council. A duplicated newsletter. 3 p.

1962 A Theory of Film? Published in Canadian Forum XLI (492): Jan. 1962. p. 233-34. A review of Theory of Film: The Redemption of Physical Reality by Siegfried Kracauer .

1962 Louis De Niverville. Published in Canadian Art XIX (2): March/April 1962.

1962 A Conference on Creative Writing. Published in Canadian Forum VLII (495): April 1962. p. 13-15. A report on the National Federation of Canadian Universities.

1962 American Protest, African Presence. An incomplete ms. of a review of the anthology, Poets of Today, edited by Walter Lowenfels. For Tamarack Review published in revised form. 2 Mss: 10 p. and 5 p.

1963 (Book Review) of Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. Published in Tamarack Review (26): Winter 1963. p. 96. Photocopy.

1963 (Book Review) of New Poets of England and America: Second Series edited by Donald Hall and Robert Pack. Published in Tamarack Review (26): Winter 1963. p. 97, Photocopy.

1963 (Book Review) of Cornelius Krieghoff by Marius Barbeau, Tom Thomson by R. H. Hubbard, David Milne by Alan Jarvis, and Alfred Pellan by Donald W. Buchanan. Numbers 1 to 4 in the Gallery of Canadian Art series from McClelland and Stewart. Published in Tamarack Review (26): Winter 1963. p. 96. Photocopy.

1963 Poetry Chronicle. A review of Selected Poems by Yevtushenko, In the Clearing by Robert Frost, Poet’s Choice edited by Paul Engle and Joseph Langland, The Outcasts by Edith Sitwell, The Re-Ordering of the Stones by Jon Silkin, In Fact by John Ciardi, and Silence in the Snowy Fields by Robert Bly. Published in Tamarack Review (26): Winter 1963. p. 86-95. Photocopy.

1963 (Book Review) of The Kama Sutra of Vatsayana translated from the Sanskrit by Sir Richard F. Burton. Published in Tamarack Review (27): Spring, 1963. p. 102-3. Photocopy.

1963 (Book Review) of Screen Masterpieces of Gothic Horror edited by Robert Donald Spector. Published in Tamarack Review (27): Spring, 1963. p. 103. Photocopy.

1963 (Review) of Harry Ludlam’s A Biography of Dracula: The Life Story of Bram Stoker. Published in the Montrealer 37 (3): March 1963. p. 40. A clipping.

1963 Case of the Bohemian Embassy. Published in the Montrealer 37 (3): March, 1963. p. 26-33. A partial transcript of the trial of the owners of this Toronto private club on a charge of operating a public hall without a proper license. Introduction and editing by Colombo.

1963 Richard Maurice Bucke: Friend of Whitman and Mystic. Published in the Catalogue to the Exhibition on the life and work of Bucke, held at the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Psychiatric Association Annual Meetings, 10-14 June 1963, Toronto. Organized by Cyril Greenland. p. 18-19.

1963 Toronto’s Art Galleries. Published in the Montrealer 37 (7): July, 1963. p.19-22. Text for a series of photographs of paintings and sculpture in Toronto galleries. Illustrated with sketches by Leslie Gal.

Box 8
1963 J.R..Colombo of the Ryerson Press Comments on the First International Unesco Seminar and Festival, Films on Art. Published in Canadian Art XX (4): July/Aug. 1963. p. 242-3.

1963 A Showpiece Showcase. Published in the Telegram, 26 Oct.,1963. p. 22. A look at Toronto’s Bloor Street Colonnade prior to its opening. Ms. 3 p.

1963 (On Jack Pollock and the Pollock Gallery). Written for the Telegram but never published, Ms.3 p.
1963 (A Review of Three Toronto Exhibitions). Written for the Telegram but never published. A review of the paintings of Paul Jenkins, the drawings of Aba Bayefsky and the enamels of Bronca Michalowska, on exhibit at three Yorkville galleries. Ms. 3 p.

1963 Typography and Poetry. On their relationship as one of form and content; discusses calligraphs, Blake’s “design poems”, combining text and illustration, “typographical eccentricity” (e.g. cummings), Jose Garcia Villa, Joyce’s “encyclopaedic form”, Lopa de Vega and the Bauhaus movement. Ms. 10 p. Notes for the essay. Ms. 5 p.

1963-64 Arnold Rockman at the Pollock Gallery. A review, never published. 2 mss: 2 p. Dec. 1963. 2 mss: 2 p. Jan., 1964.

1964 Letter from Toronto. Published in Canadian Literature 23: Winter 1965. p. 53-62. On theatres and literature in Toronto, and the problems involved in its subsidization. Ms. 18 p.

1964 (Book Review) of The Scotch by John Kenneth Galbraith and The Fields of Noon by Sheila Burnford. Ms. 6 p. Broadcast by CBC on “Trans-Canada Matinee”.

1964 (On “Art Novels”). An article for Maclean’s Magazine. Unpublished. Particularly discusses William Burrough’s Naked Lunch and Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers; partly in the form of a fictitious interview with Leonard Cohen. Ms. 5 p.

1964 (On Italo-Canadians). An article for Maclean’s Magazine. Unpublished. On Italian-Canadians, their attitudes and achievements. Ms. 5 p.

1965 A Ministry of Culture: How Should the State Assist the Arts? A pamphlet written for the Canadian Association for Adult Education and the CBC. January 1965. 16 p.

1965 Of Poets and Presidents. A review of Of Poetry and Power by Erwin A. Glikes and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Published in Tamarack Review (34): Winter 1965. p. 100-106. Photocopy.

1965 (Book Review) of Earle Birney’s Near False Creek Mouth. Published in Canadian Literature 24: Spring 1965. p. 55-59.

1965 Remarkable Reading. Schedule of a course given by Colombo at the YMCA informal adult education classes, Toronto, Spring 1965. Ts. 2 p. 3 YMCA brochures advertising the course.

1965 The Social Imagination. Schedule of a course given by Colombo at the YMCA informal adult classes, spring, 1965. Ts. 1 p.

1965 (Review) of Norman Newton’s Thirty-One Poems. Editorial report of the submitted ms. March 1965. Ms. 2 p.

1965 (Review) of Rick Campbell’s Gnomes at the Wine Keg. Editorial report submitted Ms. May 1, 1965. Ms. 2 p.

1965 (Review) of Norman Newton’s Towns and Peoples of Medieval British Columbia. Editorial report of the submitted ms. May 1, 1965. Ms. 2 p.

1965 (Book Review) of Alfred Purdy’s The Cariboo Horses. Published in Canadian Literature 25: Summer 1965. p. 62-64.

1965 (Book Review) of A Controversy of Poets edited by Paris Leary and Robert Kelly. Published in Tamarack Review (36): Summer 1965. p. 90-91. Photo (1) copy.

1965 (Review) of Wilfred Watson’s Poems [?] of Jenny Blake. Editorial report of the submitted ms. (Although the report is dated 3 Aug., 1963 it is more probable that he meant 1965.) Ms. 2 p.

1965 Poetry for an Evening. A radio script. Broadcast by the CBC (CBL) 19 Sept. 1965. Poems by Robert Finch, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Jay Macpherson, Raymond Souster, Alfred Purdy, Raymond Knister, F.R. Scott, Earle Birney and Irving Layton; read by Beth Lockerbie and sung by Jan Rubes to music by Tibor Polgar; commentary by John Robert Colombo. Carbon ts. 10 p.

1965 (Book Review) of Ronald Everson’s Wrestle with an Angel. Published in the Globe Magazine, 25 Sept. 1965. Clipping.

1965 (Book Review) of Fred Bodsworth’s The Atonement of Ashley Morden. Published in Canadian Literature 26: Autumn 1965. p. 76-78.

1965 The Little Magazine as a Member of Society. Delivered as a lecture at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, 14 Oct. 1965. On the history and significance of “Little” magazines. Contrasts them with the mass media and “serious specialist” publications of scholarly criticism. Ms. 18 p. Rough notes. 10 p. Re- printed in Continuous Learning 5 (1): Jan.-Feb. 1966. p. 13-22.

1965 (Book Review) of Irving Layton’s Collected Poems. Published in the Montreal Star, 13 Nov. 1965. Clipping. A letter from Sheila Stone concerning the review, 13 Dec. 1965. A letter from Stanley Handman to the editor of the Star concerning the review. Colombo’s letter to the editor, in reply.

1965 (Book Review) of Raymond Souster’s Ten Elephants on Yonge Street. Published in the Globe Magazine, 27 Nov. 1965. Clipping.

1965/66 On Editors and Books. Published in the McClelland and Stewart Newsletter, Number 1. On trends, important books and important figures in contemporary publishing, particularly in Canada. Photocopy of a ms. 7 p.

1965/66 On Historians and Books. Published in the McClelland and Stewart Newsletter, Number 2.

1966 (Book Review) of Rhymes of Rebellion edited by John S. Moir. Published in Tamarack Review Winter 1966. p. 108. Photocopy.

1966 The Muse of Eloquence. Published in The Canadian Author and Bookman. 42 (2): Winter, 1966. p. 12. An interview with Merrill Denison, conducted by Colombo.

1966 Subsidy in Sixty-six. (Subtitled “Why, Whenever He Hears the Word ‘Culture,’ the Treasury Board Official Reaches for his Purse”). Published in Canadian Forum XLV (541): Feb. 1966. p. 254-59. On patronage of the arts in Canada by the state and the private corporations, and the consequences of this. Ms. 21 p.

1966 (Book Review) of Smoking the City by Bryan McCarthy, A Divided Voice by Francis Sparshott, Naked Poems by Phyllis Webb, and Halibut, York and More by Peter Desbarats. Published in the Globe Magazine, 12 Feb. 1966. Ms. 3 p. Clipping.

1966 (Book Review) of Selected Letters of Malcolm Lowry, edited by Harvey Breit and Marjorie Bonner Lowry. Published in Canadian Magazine, 26 Feb. 1966. p. 29-30. Ms. 4 p. Clipping. Rough notes used in composing the review. 8 p.

1966 (Book Review) of Gwendolyn MacEwen’s A Breakfast of Barbarians. Published in the Globe Magazine, 19 March, 1966. Clipping.

1966 (Book Review) of George Ryga’s Ballad of a Stone-Picker. Published in Canadian Magazine, 9 April 1966. p. 29-30. Ms. 3 p.

1966 (Book Review) of Willard Motley’s Let Noon Be Fair. Published in the Globe Magazine, 28 May 1966. Ms. 2 p. Some pencilled notes. Clipping.

1966 What’s a Writer-in-residence? A One-man Department. Published in the Toronto Star, 4 June 1966. p. 17. On the appointment by Canadian universities of Irving Layton, Earle Birney, and Norman Levine as writers- in-residence. Ms. 3 p.

1966 (Book Review) of Strange Empire: The Story of Louis Riel by Joseph Kinsey Howard. Published in Tamarack Review. Summer 1966. p. 95. Photocopy.

1966 Some Problems of Artistic Subsidy. Published in Canadian Forum XLVI (646): July, 1966. p. 81-84. Discusses the problems with particular reference to five regional ‘art councils’ across Canada.

1966 A Graveyard of Good Intentions. Published in French in Le Devoir, 15 Aug., 1966. p. 8. Published in French and English in The Stage in Canada, 2 (6): Aug., 1966. p. 5-11. A criticism of the state of patronage of Canadian theatre, particularly with the example of John Coulter’s play Riel, and its fate. Ms. 5 p.

1966 Poems at an Exhibition. Script of a radio broadcast, 23 Aug., 1966. From the series CBC Tuesday Night. Narrated by Colombo. Ms. 14 p. Reprinted in the Dalhousie Review 46 (4): Winter, 1966-67. p. 433-442.

1966 (Book Review) of New Wave Canada edited by Raymond Souster. Published in the
Globe Magazine, 10 Sept., 1966. Clipping.

Box 9
1966 (Book Review) of The Painted Bird by Jerry Kosinski, and The Gates of the Forest by Elie Wiesel. Published in the Toronto Telegram, 26 Nov., 1966. Ms. 7 p. Clipping.

1966 (Book Review) of Leonard Cohen’s The Parasites of Heaven. Published in the Globe Magazine, 10 Dec., 1966. Ms. 2 p. Clipping.

1966 The Books We Liked Most in 1966. A contribution to a symposium. Published in Commentator 10 (12): Dec., 1966. p. 23-24.

1966 (Review) of Canadian Poets, a recording produced by the CBC. Published in Canadian
7 (12). p. 4-5.

1966 The New Canadian Poetry. Script of a radio broadcast: commentary on and readings from Frank Davey, John Newlove, George Bowering, Gwendolyn MacEwen, Margaret Atwood, David Wevill, and Victor Coleman. Ms. 62 p.

1966-67 An Opening for the West. A review of New Wave Canada; the current generation of Canadian poets has realized that it is Metro-American without really worrying about it”. Very similar to “Canadian Writing in the Sixties” and “News from the Conservative North”. Ms. 6 p.

1966-67 News from the Conservative North. Written for New: American-Canadian Poetry but never published. On the lack of national consciousness in Canadian writers, with particular reference to New Wave Canada. Ms. 5 p.

1967 Canadian Writing in the Sixties. Published in the Bulletin, 6 May 1967, as “The Canadian Experience”. A survey of contemporary Canadian writing, commenting on McLuhan, George Grant, Walter Gordon, Earle Birney, Raymond Souster, Margaret Laurence, and on Parti Pris and the new French-Canadian writers. Ms. 6 p.

1967 (Book Review) of Any God Will Do by Richard Condon and The Son by Gina Berriault. Published in the Toronto Telegram, 7 Jan. 1967. Ms. 6 p. Clipping.

1967 (Book Review) of The Scorpions by R. Kelly and Take Hands at Winter by J. Peter. Published in the Toronto Telegram, 21 Jan. 1967. Clipping.

1967 (Book Review) of Poets of Today: A New American Anthology edited by Walter Lowenfels. Published in Tamarack Review Spring 1967, p. 96. Photocopy.

1967 The Epic Impulse. A radio script, broadcast by the CBC in conjunction with the Ontario Department of Education, 11 April 1967. On epic poetry; uses “The Song of Hiawatha”, “The Kalevala”, and “The Aeneid” as examples. Duplicated copy. 18 p.

1967 The Publishers in My Life. Published in Canadian Literature 33: Summer 1967, as “Inside the Trade: An Editor’s Notes”. Ms. 17 p. A preliminary draft of this article, entitled “The Revelations of a Publisher’s Reader”. Ms. 7 p.

1967 New Wave Nichol. A review of “bp” a package containing a recording, a sheaf of concrete poems, and a booklet of poetry. Published in Tamarack Review, Summer 1967. p. 100- 04. Photocopy.

1967 (Book Review) of The Dumbfounding by Margaret Avison and A Christ of the Ice
by David Wevill. Published in Canadian Literature 34: Autumn 1967. p. 72-76.

1967 Poetry at Expo: Moments to Remember. Published in Canadian Forum XLVII (561): Oct. 1967. p. 145-147.

1967 (A Proposal for a Canadian Epic Poem) Written in the form of an application for a grant. Ms. 6 p.

1967 (Foreword) to The Peoples of Canada by Stephen Mezei. Ms. 3 p. Ts. of the book.
27 p. Attached note addressed to J. W. Smallwood of Aurora, Ontario.

1967 (Dust-jacket notes) for Around the Mountain by Hugh Hood. Ms. 1 p. A curriculum vitae on Hood, written by Colombo. Reviewers’ comments on Hood’s previous work. Peter Martin Associates list of “projected publications 1967-68”.

1967 (Book Review) of Hugh Hood’s Around the Mountain. Published in Canadian Reader
8 (5). p. 2-3. Ms. 4 p.

1967 The Wedding. Published in Expo 67 a special publication of the Department of
Economics and Development, Province of Ontario, for Expo 67. p. 76-78.

1967 (Dust-jacket notes for Shapes & Sounds). Ms. 4 p.

1967 (Book Review) of William Goldman’s The Temple of God. Ms. 3 p. Unpublished.

1967 All Things New: Some Thoughts on Found Poetry. For Canadian Literature but never published. Comments by Colombo on the publication of the Mackenzie Poems and its reception by the public and critics, and on “found” poetry in general; alternate with biblical verse, newspaper reports and court-room testimony arranged in the form of poetry, and with quotations from Morton Shulman, Marianne Moore, Igor Stravinsky,
T. S. Eliot, Arthur Miller and R. G. Collingwood. Ms. 14 p.

1967 (Movie Review) of The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao. For Tamarack Review but never
published. Ms. 3 p.

1967 (Book Review) of Allen Drury’s Capable of Honour. For the Toronto Telegram but
never published. Ms. 2 p.
1967 The Mystery of the Marie Celeste. A Radio script for the CBC. A dramatic
poem, with original and “found” poetry. Production copy: Photocopy of a ms. 20 p. Author’s “original version”: 2 Mss: 19 p. First draft: Ms. 24 p. Second draft: Ms.
16 p. Notes on “references and sources”: Handwritten ms. 7 p. Part of a ms: 5 p.

1967 (Book Review) of Poorboy at the Party by Robert Gover, and The Son by Gina
Berriault. Published in the Toronto Telegram. Ms. 6 p.

1967/68 (Book Review) of F. R. Scott’s Selected Poems. Published in the Canadian Magazine. Ms. 3 p.

1967/68 Proposal for a Quickie, Theatrical Entertainment for Workshop Productions. Outline for a poetry reading with mime and music. To be produced by Toronto Workshop Productions. Ms. 2 p.

1968 (Letter to the Editor) of the Globe and Mail. In reply to a letter to the Globe from William Prouty, 12 March 1968, concerning the Canadian poet Tom MacInnes. 16 March 1968. Clipping.

1968 On Meeting Jorge Luis Borges. Published in Canadian Forum XLVIII (567): April 1968. p. 6-9. An account of a brief meeting and a review of Borges’ address, entitled “Tales of the Fantastic”, at the University of Toronto, March 1, 1968. Ms. 10 p.

1968 T.O. Now? A review of T.O. Now:

1968 T.O. Now? A review of T.O. Now: The Young Toronto Poets edited by Dennis Lee. Published in Tamarack Review, Summer 1968. p. 71-73. Photocopy.

1968 (Introduction to Walter Lowenfels). A statement introducing Lowenfels at a reading, Toronto Public Library, 9 Nov., 1968. Ms. 2 p.

1968 (A Note) on J. Michael Yates’ Man in the Glass Octopus. 2 paragraphs for the publisher’s promotional brochure.

1968 (Dust-jacket Notes) for Jacques Godbout’s Knife on the Table. Ms. 1 p.

1968/69 Mackenzie’s Canada (And Strachan’s). Introduction to a play making use of Mackenzie and Strachan poems. Photocopy of a ms. 2 p.

1968/69 Sources (of some of the author’s, “found poems”). An introduction prepared for a projected book. Unpublished. Ms. 8 p.

1969 The Great Cities of Antiquity: Notes for the premier, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, February, 20, 1969. 2 Mss: 2 p. and 4 p.

1969 New Books for ‘69. McClelland and Stewart Catalogue. About 85% written and
edited by Colombo. 64 p.

Undated Freedom and the Private Press. A lecture on some legal aspects of private printing; outlines and interprets the laws concerning libel, copyright, obscenity, taxation, and incorporation. Duplicated copy. 11 p.

Undated Book Promotion and Editorial Club. Rough notes on printing, publishing and book promotion in Canada. Ts. 2 p.

Undated Poetry Today. A pilot radio script. Written and narrated by John Robert Colombo. Readings from and commentary on the poetry of Douglas Livingstone. Carbon ts. 4 p.

Undated Canadian Literature: a Proper Definition. Canadian literature and its relation to other, particularly American, literature, and to liberalism as a philosophy. Rough notes, ts. and ms. 8 p.

Box 10
Undated (Introduction) to The Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper. A brief introduction to Cooper and his art. Published in the Airmont Classics Series. Ms. 3 p.

Undated (Introduction) to Bret Harte’s The Outcasts of Poker Flat, The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Stories. A brief introduction to Harte and his art. Published in the Airmont Classics Series. Ms. 3 p.

    Undated (Book Review) of It Must Be the Climate by Leo Vaughan, and The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin by Idries Shah. Written for the Toronto Telegram but never published. 2 reviews. 2 mss: 9 and 7 p.

Undated (Statement for the Toronto Telegram). Unpublished. Statement by Colombo of his intentions concerning The Great Wall of China. Ms. 1 p.

IV Manuscripts and Printed Works: Poetry
Box 11

1954-55 Shards of Song. 53 poems from the period April 1954-Dec. 1955. Mss. Clippings of two poems published in student literary magazines.

1955-68 (The Black Notebook). A large spring binder of mss. and rough notes. Includes: Mss. of 143 poems; often several drafts of a poem.

1957 A Siren in the Night and Mirroring. Published in Chiaroscuro, April 1957.

1957 Shalom. Published in the University of Toronto Undergrad, Spring 1958. Reprinted in Five Year Plan, Hawkshead Press, Toronto, 1961. Ms. 1 p., dated 7 Oct. 1957.

1957 Fragments. 125 copies privately printed by Colombo and H. Kurschenska. 11 poems, vi, 16 p.

(pre-1958) Broken Sonnet Number One. Ms. 1 p.

(pre-1958) The Subject Sees Himself in a Forgotten Photograph. Ms. 1 p.

(pre-1958) Homer to Himself. Ms. 1 p.

(pre-1958) She as If in Safety. Ms. 1 p.

(pre-1958) Poem. “Late, and in the woods. ..” Ms. 1 p.

(pre-1958) Two Poems on the Form and Function of the Church by “Anthony Ludovici”
(J. R. Colombo). A carbon ts. of 2 poems: This Citadel in Time; Holy Mother the Church. 5 p.

1958 This Studied Self. 197 copies privately printed at the Hawkshead Press. 15 poems. May 1958. 20 p.

1958 Sonnet. Published in Rubato, Purple Partridge Press, Toronto,1958. Ms. 1 p.

1958 Passion. Published in Rubato, Purple Partridge Press, Toronto,1958. Reprinted in Abracadabra, 1967. Ms. 1 p.
1958 Variations. 100 copies privately printed by Colombo Kurschenska at the Hawkshead Press, Toronto, 17 poems. iv, 20 p.

1958 New Canadian. Ms. 1 p., dated 25 April 1958.

1058 St. George and Harbord. Published in Canadian Forum XXXVIII (458): March 1959. p. 270. Ms. 1 p.

1958 Beth Tzedec. Ms. 1 p., dated 1 Aug. 1958.

1958 Query and Completion. Published in Canadian Poetry Magazine 22 (3): Spring 1959. p.19 Ms. 1 p., dated 10 Aug., 1958.

1958 The Poem Is the Poet Turned Inside Out. Ms. 1 p., dated 10 Aug. 1958.

1958 The Return. Ms. 1 p., dated 16 Aug. 1958.

1958 The Buddha in His Glory. Ms. 1 p., dated 21 Aug. 1958.

1958 Voyage. Published in Canadian Poetry Magazine 22 (4): Summer 1959. p. 14. Ms. 1 p:, dated 16 Sept. 1958.

1958 A Poem Is What it Describes. Ms. 1 p., dated 18 Sept. 1958.

1958 Change. Ms. 1 p., dated 26 Sept. 1958.

1958 The Persistence of Sound. Ms. 1 p., dated 13 Oct. 1958.

1958 The Ballade to All Christmas Travellers. Ms. 1 p., dated 29 Dec. 1958.

1958 Elegy. Published in Fiddlehead (38): Fall 1958. p. 11. Photocopy.

1958 Lines for an Anti-Christmas Carol. Published in the Varsity, 16 Dec. 1958.

    1958/59 Ten Poems. 100 copies printed by the Undergrad of poems not included in their regular issues. Includes two poems by Colombo; On Rouault’s “Christ Crucified” and Annuntio Gaudium Magnum.

    1958/59 Two Sequences of Poems. 16 poems. Includes some listed elsewhere, also: A January Summer; Time; Riverdale Lion (published in Five Year Plan and reprinted in The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse and Abracadabra), Harbord Street Saturday Night (published in the Undergrad, Spring, 1959). Jarvis and Dundas; The Difference in Classes; Huron Street (published in Combustion, Nov., 1958 and reprinted in Abracadabra); and You. Ms. 7 p.

    1959 Last Month. Published in the Varsity, 30 Jan. 1959. p. 2. Privately reprinted by Colombo and Kurschenska, under the title “An Epiphany”, as a Christmas greeting (undated).

1959 (Two Haikus) “Night is a nun...” and “You: who know nor care...” The two poems received a prize and an honourable mention in the Varsity Haiku Contest and were printed in the Varsity 27 Feb. 1959.

1959 Final Impression by “Ruta Ginsberg” (Colombo). Published in the Varsity, 6 March 1959.

Box 12
1959 Part of Whose Past. .. Published in the Gargoyle, 10 March, 1959. p. 3.

1959 Annuntio Gaudium Magnum. Published in Fiddlehead (41): Summer 1959. p. 33. Photocopy. Also published in Ten Poems.

1959 By the Shore. Published in the Varsity, 23 Oct. 1959. p. 5 and in The Varsity Chapbook, 1959. Reprinted in Canadian Poetry Magazine 23 (3): Spring 1959-60. p.15.

1959 Flower Garden. Published in Canadian Forum XXXIX (459): April 1959. p. 10.

    1959 An Illustrated Man Regards Himself. Published in Canadian Forum XXXIX (466): Nov. 1959. p. 181.

1959 Poems to Be Sold for Bread. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, Toronto, 1959. 4 poems. 4 p.

    1959 This Is the Poem Entitled Canada. A privately printed double sheet. Purple Partridge Press, 1959.

1959 Nada. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, Toronto, 1959. A “design poem” on a small card. Published in Combustion, Sept. 1959, and in the Varsity Chapbook, 1959.

1959 A Prayer for Adam. Published in the Varsity, 24 Sept. 1959 and in Poems to be Sold for Bread, Hawkshead, 1959. Reprinted in English XV (90): Autumn, 1965, p. 218-19, as “The Naming Angel”.

1959 (Poetic Text) to photographs by Ted Schafer. Published in Otherside, Autumn 1959, a magazine supplement to the Varsity. 7 poems. p. 9-11.

1959 In the Streets. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, Toronto, 1959. Under the pseudonym, “Ruta Ginsberg”. 5 poems. 4 p.

1959 Two Poems. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, 1959. 4 p. Includes: Alphos Weary; The Prostitute.

1959 Fire Escapes. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, 1959. 4 p.

1959 Three Poems in Two Colours. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, 1959. 8 p. Includes: Clochard; Forgotten Poems; Street Walker.

1959 Lines for the Last Day. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, 1959.

1959 Business Transaction. Ms. 1 p., dated 7 April, 1959.

1959 Poem and Other Poems. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, 1959.
9 poems. 8 p. Colombo’s first use of the “found” technique with a quotation.

1959 Incident for a Winter’s Evening. Privately printed on a small folded card at the Hawkshead Press, 1959.

1959 The Impression of Beauty. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, 1959. On toilet paper.

1960 Death Speaks and Lustless Gunman. Published in Fiddlehead (43): Winter 1960. p. 26. Photocopy.

1960 The Appearance of Angels. Published in Canadian Theosophist XL (6): Jan.-Feb., 1960. p. 142.

1960 Millennium. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, Toronto, 1960. 1 poem. 4 p. Reprinted in Canadian Poetry Magazine 24 (2): March 1961. p 18.

1960 Regressive Tendencies. Published in the Varsity, 2 March 1960. p 5. Reprinted in Canadian Forum, XL (478): Nov. 1960. p 171.

1960 (Seven Poems) published in Fiddlehead (44): Spring, 1960. p 24-28. Photocopy. Includes: Garden Poem; Only They Praise; Adam and the Unicorn; Lover to Lover; Horror; The Last Day; December 31, 1999; and Autumn.

1960 The Recording Angel. Published in Canadian Theosophist 41 (4): Sept.-Oct., 1960.
p 85. Reprinted in Five Year Plan, Hawkshead, 1961.

1960 (Four Poems) published in Canadian Forum XL (478): Nov. 1960. p 171 and 177. Regressive Tendencies; Lyric; Our Return; and Junkman’s Serenade.

1961 Five Year Plan: Poems and Fantasies. Privately printed at the Hawkshead Press, Toronto, 1961. 8 Poems. 12 p.

1962 To the Actors. Published in the Toronto Star, 16 June, 1962. p 21. Ms. 4 p. A letter to the editor of the Star, concerning this poem, signed “S. K.”, 20 June 1962.

    1963 How They Made the Golem. Published in Tamarack Review (29): Autumn 1963. p 36-7. Photocopy.

1963 The Seat of the Miraculous. Published in Tamarack Review (29): Autumn 1963. p 38. Photocopy.

1963 Ideal Angels. Published in Tamarack Review (29): Autumn 1963. p 39-40. Photocopy.

1964 Recipe for a Canadian Novel. Published in Atlantic Monthly 214 (5): Nov. 1964, in its special Canadian issue. p 118.

1965 The Last Words of Louis Riel. Published in The Marxist Quarterly (15): Autumn 1965. p 48-53. Reprinted in Le Devoir, circa 1965.

1965 Two Poems (from the prose of William Lyon Mackenzie). Published in Pinch, Oct. 1965. p 16. One (“I have constantly identified myself with the common people . ..”) was reprinted in the Mackenzie Poems.

1966 Miraculous Montages. 9 poems by Colombo with drawings by Don Jean-Louis. 150 copies printed at the Heinrich Heine Press, 1966. 40 p. unbound in a folder. Ms.
20 p. Publicity brochure. 1 p.

1966 The Mackenzie Poems. Poetic rearrangements of the prose of William Lyon MacKenzie; Published by Swan, Toronto, 1966. 94 p.

1966 To Recreate the Impossible Landscapes of Mantegna’s “Virgin and Standing Child” and Others. Published in Poetry India 1 (3): July-Sept. 1966. p 38-9. Reprinted in Abracadabra, 1967.

1966 What the Camera Makes Us See. Published in Abracadabra, 1967. 11 worksheets, dated, 11 Nov. 1966.

1966/67 The Last Words of Louis Riel, Cantata for Contralto and Bass solo, mixed chorus and orchestra. Music by Tibor Polgar. Text by John Robert Colombo. Ms. of score with text. Ring-bound folio. 41 p.

1966/67 Mixed Messages. 12 concrete poems. Unpublished. 2 mss: 11 p. and 12 p. 6 loose p.

1967 The Constitution of Canada. Published in Abracadabra, 1967. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Abracadabra. Published by McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1967. 2 Mss: 112 p. and 136 p. One ms. lacks 7 poems which appear in the final publication, the other ms. includes 6 additional poems which did not appear in the final publication.

1967 The Poet Throws Confetti and Hopes There Will Be a Wedding. 2 Mss: 13 p. each. Notes: the quotations from other authors used in the poem. 4 p.

1967 Printed Pages. 3 mss: 4 p. each.

1967 One Dozen Canadian Contexts. Published in the Journal of Canadian Studies 2 (3): Aug. 1967. p 24-25.

1967 British Columbia. A concrete poem. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Labyrinth. A concrete poem. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Entropy. A concrete poem. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Permutational Poem. A concrete poem. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Social Philosophies. A concrete poem on a line from Rousseau. 3 mss: 1 p. each.

1967 What Power Leads To. A concrete poem on lines from Lord Acton and Albert Einstein. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Why Canada Has No Draft . A concrete rearrangement of a line from William Lyon MacKenzie. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Voltaire on Canada. A concrete rearrangement of a line from Candide. Ms. 1 p.

1967 Poem Against John Bassett. 2 mss: 4 p. and 11 p.

1967 William Lyon Mackenzie Rides Again. 125 copies printed as Wrongfount 5, 1967, as a centennial project by the Guild of Hand Printers, Toronto. 18 poetic rearrangements of MacKenzie’s prose. Originally written for The MacKenzie Poems but not published therein. 18 separately designed and printed double sheets and single sheets in a folder. Ms. of 12 of the poems. 23 p.

Box 13
1967/68 Hitler over Germany. A poetic rearrangement of lines from Allan Bullock’s Hitler, a Study in Tyranny. 3 mss: 6 p., 6 p., and 5 p.

1967/68 Wounds. A poetic rearrangement of the prose of Norman Bethune, taken from The Scalpel, the Sword by Ted Allan and Sydney Gordon. Ms. 6 p.

1967/68 Flaherty Country: 5 mss: 4 of 7 p., 1 of 5 p. Rough notes in pencil. 3 p.

1967/68 The Concise Tarzan. A poetic rearrangement of excerpts from Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan of the Apes, a poetic condensation of the novel. 4 mss. of draft versions: 21 p., 26 p., 6 p., and 7 p.

1967/68 The Shorter President Fu Manchu. A poetic rearrangement of excerpts from Sax Rohmer’s President Fu Manchu,. a poetic condensation of the novel. Ms. 10 p.

1967/68 Doc Kelly’s (The) Big Free Fun Show. Worksheet for a found poem. A poetic rearrangement of excerpts from the book Doc Kelly. Ms. 23 p.

1968 (Three Poems) published in Poetry Singapore 1, Aug. 1968. p 1-2. Inventory; Seven Ways of Being Herostratus; The Central Intelligence Agency Awards Richard Melvin Bissell Jr. a Secret Intelligence Medal...

1968 Mostly Monsters. 28 found poems. Excerpts from modern classics of horror and fantasy arranged in the form of poetry. Unpublished. Ms. 30 p.

1968 The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. A collection of found poems. Poetic rearrangements of excerpts from James Russell Wilson’s San Francisco Horror of Earthquake and Fire. Unpublished. Ms. xi, 60 p. Draft of a preface rejected by the author. Ms. 4 p.

1968 This Is My Son, His Name Is Jonathan, He Is Four Years Old. 2 mss: 4 p. and 3 p.

1968 Notes on a Northern Lake in August in Rainy River Country. 5 worksheets: 1 p. each.

1968 Canadian Images. Published in Canadian Forum, Jan., 1968. p 232. Ms. 2 p.

1968 The Jingle of the Open Road. Published. in Thumbprints, 1968, edited by Doug Fetherling.

1969 John Toronto. Poetic Rearrangements of the prose of the Bishop John Strachan. Published by Oberon Press, 1969. 96 p.

1967/68 (Neo-Poems). Published by Sono Nis Press, Vancouver, 1970. Mss. of: Last Poem; A Carthaginian Peace; Walking on Water; Off-Limits; Levitations; Modernism is Dead; Words-of-Mouth; Addenda to “Words-of-Mouth”; Materializations; Gravitations; A Conspiracy of Silence; Hands Down; Selected Worlds; Improvisations; The Way Things Are; The-Thing-in-Itself- Is; Trances; Inventions; Short Poem; One-Sided Conversation. 47 mss. and 75 p. in all.

V Manuscripts and Printed Works: Translations
Box 14

undated Verte Ma Parole. Andre Major’s poem, taken from Le Pays (1963), a collection of poems by Chamberland, Cote, Drassel, Garneau, and Major. 11 mss: 2 p each.

undated The Rain and Fine Weather. Translations of 10 poems from Jacques Prevert’s La Pluie et le Beau Temps 1965. Ms. 11 p.

undated The Emblem and the Earth. An essay on Jordi Bonet, translated from the French of F. Dufau-Labeyrie. Ms. 14 p. A biographical note on Bonet. Ms. 3 p. An alternate translation of this article was published in Quebec.

1968 Translations of Poems by Jacques Godbout. 21 poems translated from Les Paves Sec and C’est la Chaude Loin de Hommes. 62 mss: 75 p. in total. Four of these appeared in Fiddlehead (76): Summer, 1968, p 58-59: “Je me rappelle. ..”; “Essaie de Comprendre...”; Un Vieux Sorcier; and Comme un Orange. Others appeared in Prism and in Poetry of French Canada, edited by John Glassco.

1968 Sonnets of George Faludi, translated from the Hungarian. “Third Sonnet” translated by Colombo. 4 other translations by Michael Yates, Raymond Souster, Gwendolyn MacEwen, and Ron Everson. Letter from Eric Johnson with four of the sonnets in Hungarian and in a literal English translation. 9 p. 5 mss of the translations: 1 p. each. To be published in future.

VI Manuscripts and Printed Works: Editions
1957 Waterloo College Open House Souvenir Program. 7-8 Feb., 1957. 12 p.

1957 Chiaroscuro. 444 copies printed by the Board of Publications of Waterloo College. An undergraduate literary journal. 20 p.

1959 Students Handbook to the University of Toronto. 94 p.

1963 Richard Maurice Bucke: Catalogue to the Exhibition. For an exhibition held at the Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Psychiatric Association annual meeting in Toronto, 10-14 June, 1963. 20 p.

1965 Pinch, Nov., 1965. A popular magazine published in Toronto of which Colombo was an Associate Editor.

1967 Shapes & Sounds. Selected poems of W.W.E. Ross. Edited by John R. Colombo and Raymond Souster. Published by Longmans of Canada, 1967. Ms. 167 p.

1968 Memoirs of a Bird in a Gilded Cage by Judy LaMarsh. Published by McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1968. Ms. 494 p. Photocopy of publisher’s schedule. 2 p.

1968 Probings. A collection of essays contributed to the Canadian Mental Health Association for its golden jubilee, 1918-1968. 96 p.

VII Manuscripts and Printed Works: Other Authors
Box 15

Anonymous. For A.M. Klein. A poem. Ms. 3 p. Handwritten notes to the poem. 1 p.

Godfrey, David. Starved in the Hour of Our Hoarding: the Conglomberate as Fiction. A review of Jack Ludwig’s Above Ground. Published in Tamarack Review, Summer 1968. p 73-79. Ms. 7 p.

Hawkins, William. The Gift of Space. 30 poems. Photocopy of a ms. 33 p.

Hood, Hugh. It’s a Small World: 1) Circuses and Bread. An article for Tamarack Review on how Expo 67 exploited the poor. Ms. 15 p. 1967.

Kattan, Naim. Une Litterature D’interrogation. Ms. 9 p.

Lacey, E.A. Poems of E.A. Lacey collected and transcribed from various sources by Colombo. 43 poems. Tss. and clippings. 48 p. 3 epigrams. Tss. 3 p. 10 translations. Tss. and clippings. 12 p. Tss. of articles by Colombo and David Lewis Stein written for the Varsity. A clipping of Robert Fulford’s review of The Forms of Loss, from the Toronto Star, 28 April 1965. A fictitious report on Lacey’s death written by Colombo. Ms. 2 p.

MacEwen, Gwendolyn. Six Poems: First Song From the Fifth Earth; Poem; Letter to a Future Generation; Song for a Stranger; The Thin Garden; The Shadow Maker. One poem is dated 1966. Ms. 6 p.

MacEwen, Gwendolyn, Terror and Erebus. “A half-hour verse play”. mimeo. 17 p.

Macpherson, Jay. Five Poems: The Wound; More Beyond; The Solstice; Tom Walker; The Buried Lovers. Ms. 2 p.

Marshall, Tom. Macdonald Park. A poem. Photocopy of a ms. 13 p.

Nowlan, Alden A. Five Poems: The Night of the Fire; Picking Blackberries; Two Funerals; At Noon I Saw the Bat; Sweet Christ. Ms. 5 p.

Reaney, James. The Thunderstorm. A poem. Ms. 1 p.

Ross, W.W.E. Fresh Woods. Poems circa 1924-40. An original ts. of Ross given to Colombo by Mrs. Ross for his work on Shapes and Sounds. 96 p.

Ross, W.W.E. 32 Poems by Ross Not Included in Shapes and Sounds: Collected and copied by Colombo from various sources, including copy books numbers 1 and 2, the 1925 copy book, the 1926 copy Book, The Daily Journal 1957, The Dial, and Sonnets. Ts. 36 p.

Ross, W.W.E. 4 Poems transcribed by Colombo from the Folkways recording, Six Toronto Poets. Not included in other mss. Undated. 5 p.

Ross, W.W.E. 4 Poems. Photocopies of the mss. of The Animals All; The Tower; On Dreams; The Spring; The Boat-Ride. Received by Colombo from Peter Stevens, and transcribed by him. 5 photocopies and 5 tss.

Stevens, Peter. A Consistency among Incommensurables: the Poetry of W.W.E. Ross. Ms.
21 p. undated.

Tarnow, David. A Collection of Solitudes. A typewritten and stapled book of short prose poems. 66 p. Published by Verge Communications Unlimited, Toronto, 1968.

Box 16

VIII Private Press Materials

A) Colombo and Kurschenska
Printer, Kitchener, Ontario (1956-57)
Work Is Worship, Dedicate it to God. A small book of devotional quotations. 4 Jan. 1956. 16 p.
Poetic Flight by Goethe. A small folded card with a few lines from Goethe’s Faust. 9 Jan. 1957.
Good-Bye by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 15 Jan. 1957. A small booklet. 12 p.
Angelus Silesius. A devotional booklet. Author unknown. 15 March 1957. 28 p.
Holiness as Observed by the Pen of Martin Buber. A booklet of quotations. 19 March 1957. 12 p.
Songs Of Siva. Quotations from Sri Swami Sivananda. 18 April 1957. Signed by Kurschenska as a Gift to Colombo. 28 p.
Fragments. Poems by J. R. Colombo. 125 copies printed. 24 Aug. 1957. 28 p.

The Hawkshead Press, Kitchener and Toronto, Ontario (1958-60) (Certificate of Registry) for the Hawkshead Press, in the name of Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Colombo, from the International Register of Private Press Names. Registry no.34. May 1958.
Blessed Be He: A Tribute to Alexander Watt. J. R. Colombo (ed.) Selections from his writings. No.11 of 126 copies. Autographed by Watt. May 1958. 11 p.
This Studied Self. 15 poems by Colombo. 197 copies printed. May 1958. 20 p.
Variations. 17 Poems by Colombo. 100 copies printed. June 1958. 20 p.
In the Streets by “Ruta Ginsberg” (J. R. Colombo). 5 Poems. Folded sheet. 7 copies.
The Impression of Beauty. A poem by Colombo. Galley proof on toilet paper. 1959.
Poems to Be Sold for Bread. 3 poems by Colombo, folded sheet.
A Dry Light and the Dark Air. Two poems by Jay Macpherson. 50 copies printed. Folded sheet. 16 copies.
Millennium by J. R. Colombo. Folded sheet. 1960.
Incident for a Winter’s Evening by J.R. Colombo. Folded sheet. 1960.
Poem and Other Poems. 9 Poems. 18 p. by J. R. Colombo.
Richard Maurice Bucke / Alexandra David-Neal. Two quotations. Folded sheet. 1960.
Hot Alphabet by Mike Strong. Folded double sheet. 4 poems. One in a series of 15 from Hawkshead.
Heart Honey Churning by Mike Strong. 11 poems. Folded broad sheet. March, 1960.
Five-year Plan: Poems and Fantasies by J. R. Colombo. 1961. 12 p.

Purple Partridge Press, Toronto, Ontario. (1958-60).
Rubato. J. R. Colombo (ed.) 196 copies printed. March, 1958. 16 p.
This Is the Work Entitled “Canada” by J. R. Colombo. A poem on a double sheet written and Printed to celebrate the International Exhibition of Book Designs, Leipzig, Germany, 1959. May, 1959.
Osprey on Lake Skootamatta by Wallace Havelock Robb. Printed for Wrongfount 1960. Folded double sheet.
The Canticle of the Sun. Saint Francis d’Assisi. 52 copies printed 32 p.
The Private Press: a Word of Explanation by John Robert Colombo. Folded sheet. 1959.
Japanese Haiku. Designed and printed by Jean and Doug Molson at the Purple Partridge Press for Wrongfount 1960. 8 1/4” x 21 1/2” Parchkin Art Parchment.

Under no particular imprint
(Christmas Cards) by Colombo and Kurschenska. 4 cards dated 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959, and one undated.
A Christmas Bagettele by John and Ruth Colombo. 1959. An original poem on a post-card.
An Epiphany. A short poem for Christmas by John R. Colombo. Printed on a small card.
(Invitation) to an At Home at the Colombo’s, 78a Dale Avenue, Toronto. 30 Jan. Printed on a post-card.
Desideratum by Sax Rohmer. Printed by Colombo on single folded sheet. 1959.
Jesous Ahatonhia by Father Jean de Brefeuf. A Christmas gift booklet designed for the Gurney family by Harold Kurschenska. 1958.
(A Business Card) for Trenchard Flowle, Photographer.
(An Invitation) to a reception for Yousuf and Madame Karsh, given by the University of Toronto Press.
(An Election Notice). “Re-elect Mary Reid deputy reeve”.

B) Other Private Presses
Adagio Press, The private press of Leonard F. Bahr, Michigan, USA.
Printing in Privacy, a review of activity among American private presses. Leonard F. Bahr (ed.). 550 copies printed. Summer, 1960. 24 p.
Collecting Press Books by Will Ransom. Reprinted from Sooner Magazine, April, 1955. 1,000 copies printed. Undated. 8 p.
(Promotional Ephemera). 2 pieces.

Blew Ointment Press, Vancouver. (Promotional Ephemera). 2 pieces. Includes a note from Bill Bissett to J. R. Colombo. undated.

The Coach House Press, Toronto. Das Barren Schyff (The Ship of Fools). 100 copies printed for Wrong-fount 3, 1962. Medieval woodcuts (reproduced) and verse. 12 p. (13 postcards).
(Announcement) of a course in printing given at the Coach House Press. Undated.
(Promotional Ephemera). 9 pieces.

Falling Sauk Press (I Love You Canada) by Kenneth McInnis and Morris Manley. Printed by
A. Suddon. Single Sheet. undated.

Gallery Editions, Isaacs Gallery, (Promotional Ephemera). l piece.

Ganglia Press, Toronto. Scraptures by B. P. Nichol. A concrete poem with graphics. 20 p. undated
Cluster by Hart Broudy, Gronk Series 4: No.2. 4 p. 8 1/2 x 11” in an envelope.

Herity Press, Ben Lieberman, White Plains, New York, USA.
Checklog of Private Press Names. Elizabeth K. Lieberman (ed.) Aug., 1960. 20 p. 1961. 20 p.
An Invitation to Private Presses to register in the Checklog.

The Private Press of the Indiana Kid. James Lamar Weygan, Nappanee, Indiana. (A Note on Private Press Names). Printed for Small World. A small card. Undated.

Janlyn Press, John Hurdis, prop., Toronto.
Snowshoes. A private journal printed for members of the AAPA. No. 2: Dec., 16: undated.
4 p.
Hurdy-gurdy. A journal printed for members AAPA. Undated. 2 p.

Klanak Press, Vancouver. (Promotional Ephemera); a piece on Ralph Gustafson’s Rocky Mountain Poems.

Press of the North Toronto Herald, Toronto.
Horace Walpole on Milton by William Colgate. 1963. 26 p.

Paroquet Press, H. Detlev Voss, Erindale Woodlands, Ontario.
New Year Card to Colombo from prop., 1967.
A Business Card for the Paroquet Press.
Should I? a fictitious letter to Ann Landers. Postcard size.

Peterkin Press, Toronto, Ontario,
A Business Card for the Peterkin Press.

The Press at the Sign of the Scarlet Cockerel, Gillette, N.J., USA.
Weaker Moments. No.109: 3 April, 1959. A small private journal for members of the NAPA. 4 p.

The Slap-Happy Hobby Press, (Peter) D. W. Huhn, prop., Toronto, Ontario.
Entrance Fee by Alexander Woolcott. 175 copies printed. A booklet for use as a Christmas card. In English and German. Undated. 20 p.
The Friday-niters’ Sobriety Roster. A small booklet produced for his bowling companions. 1963. 16 p.

Trovillion Private Press, Violet and Hal Trovillion, props., Herrin, Illinois, USA.
Two from the Book by Violet and Hal Trovillion. A booklet sent to friends at Christmas, 1956. 16 p.
I Salute the Silver Horse by Paul Jordan-Smith. A booklet sent by the Trovillions to friends at Christmas, 1958.
The Private Press at Home and Abroad. A booklet sent by the Trovillions to friends at Christmas, 1959. 12 p.

Turret Books, London, England. Catalogue of the Exhibition of Private Press Books Published by Turret Books and Other Private Presses, Brighton College of Art, 14-30 April, 1967. With an introduction by Edward Lucie- Smith. 20 p. Promotional Ephemera, 6 pieces.

Unicorn Press, Santa Barbara California.
Poetry 1967/68 Unicorn Catalogue. Catalogue of Unicorn and Delta (Canada) publications.
16 p.

Upbank Press, Morin Heights, P.Q. Promotional Ephemera 1 piece.

Very Stone House, Vancouver. 2 Lists of New Books 1968 and undated. Printed double sheets.

Village Press, Thornhill, Ontario. Our Private Press. A poem written and printed by Gus Rueter. April 1961. 28 p.

Willow Green Press, Mono Road Station, Ontario.
The Tragedy of King Lear. An extract from King Lear, Act III Scene II, designed and printed by Judith Fralick and Gerry Moses for Wrongfount 3. A double sheet.

Winesap Press, Toronto. Change of Address Card for Stanley and Patricia Fillmore.
Change of Address Card for John Richmond.
Christmas Card, 1958 from Stanley and Patricia Fillmore.
Christmas Card, 1959 from Stanley and Patricia Fillmore, Stephen and Kathleen.

B) Privately Printed Individual Items

Aurora. Number 1: Spring, 1958. A small private journal written, printed and distributed by John Hurdis and Bas Headford of Toronto. 8 p.

Cartier. First proof of a new typeface designed by Carl Dair to mark the Centenary of Canadian Confederation. A limited edition by Cape and Company, Ltd. 1966. 8 p.

Estro 1. A broadsheet. Published by Prensa De Lagar, Tuscon, Arizona, USA. 9 poems by George Bowering. March 1965.

A Gaelic Alphabet. Designed and cut by Michael Biggs with a note on Irish lettering by Liam Miller. Dolmen Press, Dublin. 300 copies printed as the 11th part of the Dolmen Chapbook. 1960. 8 p.

Box 17
Oz. Extracts from the satyrical magazine. 15 p.

Private Press Books, Roderick Cave and Thomas Rae (eds). 2 pieces of promotional ephemera and an application form for inclusion in the annual bibliography .

Quotes. A typesetting exercise for members of the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada at the Ontario College of Art. Feb.-Mar., 1962. 10 p. unbound in folder.

An Exhibit of Selected Papers of Dorothy Roberts. 20 March-1 June 1967, Pennsylvania State University Printed unknown. 8 p.

Wrongfount 1 :1960. A large envelope of hand-printings by members of the Build of Hand Printers. 10 pieces and an invitation to participate in Wrongfount 2: 1961. 3 copies, extra copies of some pieces.

Wrongfount 2: 1961. An invitation to participate. A poster announcing a meeting of the Guild of Hand Printers to discuss “Where is Wrongfount 2?” 18 May 1961

Wrongfount 3: 1962. 12 pieces of hand-printing from members of the Guild of Hand Printers.

17 unidentified pieces of private printing

IX The Whitman–Bucke Material
Box 18
A) Correspondence and Materials of Whitman–Bucke researchers.

John Robert Colombo, 8 letters received by Colombo (1960-63) from Charles E. Feinberg, Blowden Davies, Northrup Frye, and others.

Blowden Davies, 1 letter from the Theosophical Society of Canada (1938), 1 letter from the Public Archives of Canada

Cyril Greenland, 5 letters received by Greenland (1963-64) from Northrup Frye, the Rev. James Horne, and others. A curriculum vitae on Greenland, and a cumulative bibliography. Carbon ts. 10 p.

The Life and Death of Louis Riel, 1844-1855: a Study in Forensic Psychiatry. Part : Surrender, Trial, Appeal, and Execution. An essay by Cyril Greenland. Dated June, 1964. Published in Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal 10 (4): July-Aug., 1965. p. 253-59.

Riel--patriot , Zealot, or Rebel? A flyer announcing “an exhibit” by Alex Richman, M.D., Dept. of Psychiatry and Victor Doray, B.A., Dept. of Medical Illustration, University of British Columbia. 1 p.

B) Writings on Walt Whitman:
Allen, Gay Wilson, Editing the Writings of Walt Whitman: a Million Dollar Project Without a Million Dollars. Reprinted from Arts and Sciences 1 (2): Winter, 1962-63. 6 p. 2 copies.

Anonymous. Whitman and Brooklyn. Program to an exhibition commemorating the centennial of Leaves of Grass, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, New York, 31 May-4 July, 1955. 16 p.

Blodgett, H. W. and Whitman, Walt. Last Words. An undated, unpublished Whitman poem from a ms. in the collection of Charles E. Feinberg. Printed by Kindle Press, New York, 1959. With commentary by H. W. Blodgett. 4 p. With a small note-card from Kindle Press.

Bradley, Dr. E. S. (ed.) The Long Islander. Special anniversary issue 28 May, 1964. 2 p.
2 copies.

Colombo, John Robert. (Book Review), of Gay Wilson Allen’s The Solitary Singer: A Critical Biography of Walt Whitman. Published in Canadian Theosophist XL (3): July-Aug., 1959.
p. 65- 66.

Feinberg, Charles E. A Whitman Collector Destroys a Whitman Myth. Reprinted from the Bibliographical Society of America Papers 52 (2): 1958. 20 p. 2 copies.

Traubel, Horace L. (ed.) Good-bye and Hail Walt Whitman: at the Graveside of Walt Whitman, and Sprigs of Lilac. Billstein and Son, Philadelphia, 1892. Whitman eulogies. 43 p.

White, William. Walt Whitman and Lafayette. Reprinted from Tradition IV (11): Nov. 1961.
p. 32-35. 2 copies.

White, William. Walt Whitman to U. S. Grant. Reprinted from Prairie Schooner 34 (2): Summer, 1960. 4 p. 2 copies.

White, William. Whitman on American Poets; an Uncollected Piece. Reprinted from English Language Notes, Sept. 1963. 1 p. 2 copies.

White, William. Whitman’s Poem on the Johnstown Flood. Reprinted from The Emerson Society Quarterly 33 (4): 1963. p. 79- 4. 2 copies.

White, William. Some Uncollected Whitman Journalism. Reprinted from The Emerson Society Quarterly 33 (4): 1963. p. 84-90. 2 copies.

White, William (ed.). Walt Whitman Review, X (1): March 1964 and X (2): June 1964. A quarterly journal from Wayne State University Press.

C) Writings on R. M. Bucke
(Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D. (1837-1902) was a pioneer in Canadian psychiatry and a renowned mystic. He was a friend, biographer, and one of the three literary executors of Whitman’s estate, and edited Calamus (1897), The Wound Dresser (1898), and Notes and Fragments (1899) after Whitman’s death.)

(A Bibliography) of Works on R. M. Bucke, prepared by K. Walter, H . Shapiro and H. Miller.
A partial list of publications and references not included in Coyne’s Richard Maurice Bucke:
A Sketch
, which lists works published between 1862 and 1902. Carbon ts. 3 p.

Anonymous. (A Satire) of Bucke’s literary theories. A transcript made by Colombo of an item from the London News, 29 Dec. 1897. Ts. 2 p.

Anonymous. Canada’s Psychiatrists and Their History. An editorial from the Canadian Medical Association Journal, 7 Sept. 1963. p. 520-21. Photocopy of reprint. 2 p.

Barshaw, Harold D. Walt Whitman’s Physicians in Camden. A photocopy, (source unknown) sent to Colombo by Cyril Greenland. 3 p.

Colombo, John Robert Bucke and the Beat Generation. Notes for a talk at the Toronto and Hamilton Theosophical Societies. Ts. 6 p. (See Mss. and Printed Works: Prose, Section III)

Colombo, John Robert. A Doctor of Mysticism: Richard Maurice Bucke. Published in Canadian Theosophist 41(6): Jan. - Feb., 1961. p. 133-39. (See Mss. and Printed Works: Prose, Section III)

Colombo, John Robert (ed.). Richard Maurice Bucke: Catalogue to the Exhibition. A catalogue to an exhibition at the Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Psychiatric Association annual meetings, 10-14 June 1963, Toronto. Includes 2 brief essays on Bucke: “Richard Maurice Bucke, Psychiatrist and Philosopher” by Cyril Greenland, and “Richard Maurice Bucke, Friend of Whitman and Mystic” by J. R. Colombo. 20 p. 2 invitations to the exhibition.

Davies, Blowden. (A Reply) to Colombo’s “A Doctor of Mysticism” in Canadian Theosophist XLI (96): Jan.-Feb. 1961. p. 133-39. Photocopy of a ms. 6 p. Dated 7 Jan., 1963.

Feinberg, Charles E. Walt Whitman and His Doctors. Published in a special anniversary issue of the Long Islander, 28 May, 1964.

Greenland, Cyril. Richard Maurice Bucke, MD. Published in Canada’s Mental Health XI (5): May,1963. p. 1-5.

Greenland, Cyril. Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D., A Pioneer in Scientific Psychiatry. Published. in Canadian Mental Health Association Journal 91: 22 Aug. 1964. p. 385-91. Carbon ts. 16 p. Dated May, 1963. A reprint of the published article.

Greenland, Cyril. Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D.: Psychiatrist, Author, Mystic. An address to the R.M. Bucke Memorial Society Conference, Montreal, 1965. Published in the Proceedings of the Society. Carbon ts. 20 p.

Greenland, Cyril. Three Pioneers of Canadian Psychiatry. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 200 (10): 5 June 1967. p. 833-842. A reprint.

Hall, Dr. E. (Statement) read on behalf of Dr. Hall at the opening of the Richard Maurice Bucke Exhibition at the University of Western Ontario, 3 July, 1963. Photocopy. 1 p.

Roland, Charles G., M.D. Straddling a Hobby: Avocational Books by Canadian Physicians. A reprint from the Journal of the American Medical Association 192 (2): 12 April, 1965. p. 122-26. Contains a section on Bucke, p. 123-24.

(3 Pictures of R.M. Bucke and 2 of the Bucke Coat of Arms). (Notes and Material Used by Colombo in Researches on Bucke). Includes a photocopy of a reprint of “The Sources of Man’s Intimations of immortality” by Joan Fitzherbert, from the British Journal of Psychiatry 110 (169): Nov. 1964. p. 859-862.

Transcript of a letter of introduction for Bucke written by Walt Whitman to Tennyson. Other notes.

D) The R.M. Bucke Memorial Society for the Study of Religious Experience
(Materials from 1st Annual Conference), Montreal, 15-16 Jan. 1965. Personality Change and Religious Experience.
(Program) 2 p. 3 copies.
(News Release). On the R.M. Bucke Memorial Society. 2 p. 2 copies.
(Schedule of Travel Arrangements) for J.R. Colombo, Cyril Greenland, and Anne Sexton. Photocopy. 1 p.
(Letter) from the Berkeley Hotel to Cyril Greenland confirming reservations for him, Colombo, and Sexton. Photocopy. 1 p.

Proceedings of 1st Annual Conference. 86 p.
The R.M. Bucke Memorial Society Newsletter. 1 (1): Jan. 1966. 16 p.
(Program of the 2nd Annual Conference), Montreal, 4-6 March, 3 p.

E) The Artsman
The Artsman. Monthly journal of the Rose Valley community and craft movement. 4 issues: Oct., 1903, Feb., 1904, Sept., 1904 and Oct., 1905. About 30 to 40 p. each issue. 2 small “bulletins”. 8 p. each. On “furniture printing” and on “artsmanship”. Dated 1903.

Audio Reels (located before Box 1)
Each reel is contained in a blue, CBC Radio-Canada box
1 This Citadel in Time, 1 September 1967
2-5 Abracadabra, 1 September 1967
6 Miraculous Montages, 15 September 1967
7-9a The Great Wall of China, 20 September 1967
9b-11 The Mackenzie Poems, 20 September 1967
11 Mostly Monsters
12 Mostly Monsters; The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
13 Mss poems: The Colombo Papers; Now is the Time for All, 9 October 1967
14 Mss poems: Now is the Time for All; The Mystery of the Marie Celeste; Commentaries on Canvases
15 Mss poems: Black Gold; Poem against John Bassett
Also one reel that is not numbered; Colombo's name is on it but the rest of the writing is not legible.

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