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Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians fonds

Box 1:
F.1 Correspondence
Incoming 1945 ; Outgoing 1945-1950

F.2 Minutes 1943
F.3 Minutes 1944
F.4 Minutes 1945
F.5 Minutes 1946
F.6 Minutes 1947
F.7 Minutes 1948
F.8 Minutes 1949
F.9 Minutes 1950-51

F.10 News Bulletins, 10 December 1945 to 10 December 1948, numbers [1-2], 3 to 9, 11-12
F.11 Publications:
"From Citizens...to Refugees" November 23, 1945. Leaflet, 4 p.
"Our Japanese Canadians. Citizens not Exiles" April 1946. Leaflet, 4 p. 2 copies.
Edith Fowke, They Made Democracy Work: The Story of the Co-operative Committee on Japanese Canadians, pamphlet, 32 pp.

F.12 Membership Lists, Reports, and Other Documents:
Lists of various committees, organizations and members. 1943 to 1947.
"A Record of the Work of the Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians. June 1943 to September 1947", typescript, 20 p.
"Combined Report of the Men and Women's Sub-committees to Co-operative Committee for Japanese-Canadians. Toronto. November 1, 1943", mimeographed typescript, 5 p.
"Report of the Sub-committee on Restrictions and Property Losses. October 26, 1946", mimeographed typescript, 11 p.
Brief re repatriation of Japanese-Canadians. Submitted by the Co-operative Committee on Japanese-Canadians. Toronto, Ontario", submitted to Prime Minister Mackenzie King, July 25, 1945. Mimeographed typescript, 5 p.
Printed form, "Economic Loss survey of British Columbia Evacuees", Preamble and form to be filled out my applicants.
"Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians", ts. carbon outlining the history of organization, 2 pp.

F.13 Statements and Memoranda:
Mimeographed materials:
"Memorandum to claimants re: Offer of settlement, Japanese Claims Commission" n.d. 7 p.
"Memorandum for the Members of the House of Commons and Senate of Canada on Orders-in-Council P.C. 7355, 7356, 7357 for the deportation of Canadians of Japanese racial origin." April 1946. 6 p.
"Memorandum re Reiko Makioku--under order of deportation to Japan." October 22, 1946. 1 p.
"Memorandum for Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians on the judgement of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council" F.A. Brewin. December 22, 1946. 3 p. 2 copies
"Memo for the press re: Japanese Canadians" May 2, 1947. 1 p.
"Statement for the press issued by the Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians" July 24, 1947. 1 p.
"Memo for cooperating groups re: property commission" July 24, 1947. 1 p.
"What is the Cooperative Committee?" 2 p.
"Draft re terms of reference to Japanese Canadian Property Claims" 1 p.
"To ensure justice for a Canadian minority" 1 p.
"Statement to claimants re origin, nature and work of the Cooperative Committee on Japanese-Canadians" April 1950. 15 p.
Statement by the Co-operative Committee on Japanese-Canadians" (re Supreme Court decision) typescript carbon, 1 p.
"Statement issued by the Cooperative Committee on Japanese Canadians following the announcement of the Privy Council decision December 2, 1946." typescript carbon, 1 p.

F.14 Canada. Government. Press releases and statements (mimeographs; one typescript carbon). 1944-1947
F.15 Canadian Civil Liberties Union; mimeographed circular letters
F.16 Canadian Council of Churches press release, December 19, 1945
F.17 Publications of various organizations: Fellowship for a Christian Civil Order, Vancouver Unit, "Canada's Japanese"; Fellowship of Reconciliation, issue of Reconciliation, March 1944 and a newsletter (Jan. 1946); Vancouver Consultative Council for Co-operation in Wartime Problems of Canadian Citizenship, "What about the Japanese Canadians?"; Christian Social Council of Canada, "A Challenge to Patriotism and Statesmanship", pamphlet by Norman F. Black, July 1944; various other publications and mimeographed material. There is also an issue from the series "Behind the Headlines" published by the Canadian Institute of International Affairs ( "The Japanese Canadians by F.E. LaViolette").
F.18 National Interchurch Advisory Committee on Resettlement of Japanese Canadians, leaflets, 1944-1946
F.19 Vancouver Consultative Council; leaflets, mimeographed circular letter, petitition to Prime Minister Mackenzie King
F.20 Japanese Canadian Citizens Association. "Submission to the Royal Commission on Japanese Canadian Property", mimeograph, 12 Nov. 1948, 33 pp.; also a banquet programme, circular mimeographed letters and a printed image of the painting "Evacuation" presented by the Japanese Canadian Citizens Assocation to the Co-operation Committee on Japanese Canadians, 25 March 1951
F.21 Japanese American publications: Caleb Foote, Outcasts!: The Story of America's Treatment of her Japanese-American Minority; Department of the Interior War Relocation Authority, Nisei in Uniform (pamphlets).
F.22 News clippings; one issue of The New Canadian: An Independent Organ for Canadians of Japanese Origin, 28 March 1951.

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