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Canadian politics

Canadian politics collection. First to Fourth Accruals.

First Accrual – 1885-1962. – 1 folder of textual records and graphic material. – 6 oversize items.

F.1       Correspondence
Wm. M. Findlay (candidate for Hamilton mayor’s office), letter to a constituent, asking for her vote in 1907

Printed materials. Includes leaflets, pamphlets, cards and campaign literature
“Liberal Policy on Important Issues”, Liberal Party of Ontario, 1929
“Canadian Independence and People’s Democracy”, National Committee of the Labor-Progressive Party, Feb. 1952
I.V. Macklin, “A Booklet Discussing the Aims and Objects of the C.C.F., n.d.
R.P. MacLean, “Reflections of a Wicked Capitalist”, Kelowna Courier, n.d.
“To the Electors of North York”. From W.P. Mulock, North York Liberal Association, M.P. since 1934. 1940. William Pate Mulock was first elected in a 1934-by-election. He was re-elected in 1935 and 1940. This leaflet was mailed to Hartford Riddell, Baldwin, Ont.
Liberal-Conservative Association of Toronto. Invitation to a Reception in Honour of the Hon. Earl Rowe M.P. at the Royal York Hotel Toronto, Ontario, 1936

“Souvenir of the New Mace for the House of Commons”, June 1916 (oversize)

-Sir John A. MacDonald, stamped on back “Westlake, London, Ont.” Portrait, sitting in a chair. B&w photograph, [1870s?]
-Marquis of Lorne, photographed by William Notman, Halifax, in the office of the Minister of Agriculture, 1878. Autographed cabinet card.
-“Delegation of Canadian Tobacco Growers Association, Ottawa Feb. 17-18, 1918” in front of the Parliament Buildings.

Photographs (oversize)
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, photographed in Winnipeg with a group of other people. “Steele & Co. photo”, n.d. Presumably 1887 or later – Laurier became the leader of the Liberal Party that year.

Posters and display cards (oversize)
-“Re-Elect Progressive Conservative Lawrence St. George”. [1962] Lawrence St. George was a federal riding in Quebec, 1917-1968. The photograph on the poster must be of Egan Chambers, the incumbent, who was defeated in 1962 by John Turner. Poster.
-“Humanity First. People Before Profits. Vote CCF. Issued by the authority of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (Sask. Section)”. Illustrated with a National Film Board photograph of children running. The CCF was founded in 1932. “Humanity First was the slogan of the 1944 campaign. The CCF, under Douglas, won the Saskatchewan provincial election to become the first socialist government in North America that year.

Newspapers (Oversize)
-The Daily Manitoban. Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 16, 1885. Re Louis Riel and his execution.

Second Accrual. – 1882-1989. – 1 cm of textual records. -- 4 oversize items.

F.2 "To the Free and Independent Electors of Queen's County", Prince Edward Island, from David Laird and Louis A. Davies, 1882 federal election.
F.3 Sir Wilfird Laurier visiting the Lille Exposition in France, 27 August 1902; col. post card
F.4 Newfoundland, anti confederation printed material, 1949
F.5 Alan Cockeram, M.P., 1949 election candidate, campaign card
F.6 Robert Bickerdike (1843-1928), anti capital punishment card
F.7 Allan A. Lamport, mimeo campaign letter for mayor of Toronto, 1960
F.8 Letters from David Peterson, 1984; Bob Kaplan, 1989; and Ian Sinclair, Confederation dinner, 1984 to Morris Norman

Poster (oversize) "Public Meeting" in Oshawa on behalf of Liberal candidate Gordon D. Conant, 1937; speech by Premier Mitchell F. Hepburn. Illustrated with photograph of Hepburn. Also ticket to the event.
Display card (oversize) "We're for Birchard, Alderman Ward 2"
Two drawings on board by Duncan Macpherson, presumably for the Toronto Star. One, "I Don't Care How You Do It, Get Him Offa There", features two images of John Diefenbaker. He is depicted as both a statue with Maurice Duplessis clinging to his neck and as himself instructing some Conservative Party members. The other drawing is titled "Haircut?".

Third Accrual. 1874-1983. – 3 cm of textual records. – 1 photograph. – 10 oversize items.

Prime Ministers
F.9       John G. Diefenbaker: 1957 Christmas card from Diefenbaker and his wife Olive, illustrated by a b&w image of the couple with the Queen and Prince Philip; printed b&w image of Diefenbaker and his wife
F.10     Lester B. Person: two Christmas cards from Pearson and his wife. One is illustrated by a col. image of the couple; the other by an image of the couple with their children and grandchildren. Neither card has a date, but someone has written 1966 on the former.
F.11     Pierre E. Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau: Three letters from P.E.T. and one from Margaret, 1969-1974, all addressed to Mrs. C.R. Fitzpatrick; with envelopes. Also two identical Christmas cards, both addressed to Fitzpatrick, the signature on these varies. One printed sympathy acknowledgement on the death of Mrs. Grace Elliott Trudeau, January 1973, addressed to Fitzpatrick.

Printed materials:
F.12     Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), “Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Founding of the Internationalists”, 1963, 1983; public rallies 24 April 1983 in Toronto and other Ontario cities; leaflet that folds out.
F.13     Liberal Party (federal)
“High Taxes, Much Unemployment and Dull Times in the United States Under Present High Tariff Law”, National Liberal Committee, pamphlet issued September 1925.
National Federal of Liberal Women of Canada Banquet at the Chateau Laurier, 20 May 1938, programme illustrated with an image of Sir Wilfred Laurier.
“Vote Liberal and Get Action”. Election card issued by the National Liberal Federation in support of W.L. Mackenzie King; illustrated with an image of King.
“Resolutions, National Liberal Convention, 1948”, pamphlet
“It’s Time for Action. Vote Liberal’, pamphlet with messaged of Lester B. Pearson, March 1963; stamped on the verso, “John N. Turner”, Liberal candidate for St. Lawrence-St. George.
“The Election Colouring Book, Vote Liberal, It’s Time for Action”, pamphlet with drawings by Vittorio, 1963, issued by the National Liberal Federation
F.14     “Conservative Action: An Up-to-Date Summary of the Achievements of the Progressive Conservative Government of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, June 1957 to Date”, n.d. but stamped 30 June 1962, Hamilton Public Library
F.15     Election leaflet for Egan Chambers, P.C. candidate in St. Lawrence-St. George, [ca. 1962]
F.16     “Dominion Official Election Returns, Local Parliament Vote … General Information Up to Date, May 1st, 1896”; pamphlet issued by T.F. Courtney, Importer of Wines & Liquors, Halifax. The pamphlet contains advertisements by other companies in addition to the election results.
F.17     Tuxis Boys’Parliament of Ontario, Toronto, December 26-31, 1929. Election leaflet and voter’s list form

Oversize Materials:
Col, signed photograph of John Diefenbaker, 1977, pasted on Board. The signature “Ken Lee” and the date 1977 has also been written on the photograph.
Printed col. image of Prime Minister Louis St.-Laurent and his wife
“Political Meeting in the Interest of L.G. Campbell, Liberal-Conservative Candidate in South-East Grey”, [1874]. Although the name of this party changed to the Conservative Party in 1873, some candidates still ran in 1874 using the old name. Poster
“Abandoned Farms – the result of Unrestricted Reciprocity”. “Support Sir John A. Macdonald and the Old Flag! Vote for the Conservative Candidate!!”’ Poster from the 1891 federal election. Wilfred Laurier was the Liberal Leader. The poster is illustrated by a map of Vermont showing townships with abandoned farms. There is considerable text on this poster about reciprocity, including a letter of 10 September 1890 from A.B. Valentine, Commissioner of Agricultural and Manufacturing Interests”.
“Proclamation … Electoral District of the West Riding of Lambton”, 22 June 1914, issued by J. Flintoft, Returning Officer, Sarnia.
“Entertainment for All. An Oxford County’s 20th Century Liberal Clubs Rally and Party … Nov. 4, 1938”, Woodstock, Ont. There were three speakers: M.F. (Mitch) Hepburn, the Premier of Ontario; P.M. Dewan, Minister of Agriculture, and A.S. Rennie, the local M.P. Admission was 35 cents. Poster

“For Greater Prosperity, Vote McEachran, Liberal Candidate for West Lambton, June 10th”, [1957]. Poster, card stock
“Show you care. Vote. Published by the First-Time Voter Committee of the Liberal Party”. N.d. but 1965 or later in that decade. Illustrated with the new Canadian flag and a psychedelic image. Poster
“We stand on the threshold of greatness, Throne Speech, 1970; No job is done until the paperwork is complete”, printed in 1972, Alpha Poster Gallery, Vancouver. Illustrated by an image of Pierre Trudeau, wearing underwear labeled “Stanfield”, and holding a long roll of toilet paper with Canadian flags. Stanfield was the name of his opponent; he also owned an underwear company.
“C.C.F. Public Meeting”, card stock left blank so details could be filled in by hand; also small tag with cord, “I’m Voting CCF” printed by the Toronto Labour Council. N.d.

Fourth Accrual
F.18     "Canada's New Conservative Government", 1957. Leaflet featuring an image of John Diefenbaker and the Peace Tower.

Fifth Accrual
"Samuel Barker and F.C. Bruce. Conservative MP for Hamilton, ON", 1900. Large poster featuring an image of the two men.

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