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Canadian Fiction Magazine

Series 1:
Magazine production and editing. -- 1971-1997. -- 2.56 m of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Contains submissions to the magazine and information relating to its production and editing. Material grouped together for each number. Files contain tss., galley proofs (or photocopies of proofs), as well as production notes for issues 1-91 of the CFM. No material is extant for numbers 5-17, 64, 66-68, 87. Most tss. have editorial markings. Also included in this series are tss. for the anthology, Fiction in Translation; each ts. is in a separate folder (see box 2, files 11-30).

Box 1
File 1 Number 1. Winter 1971. (later called the "Post-atomic short fiction" issue). Contains notes regarding layout and tss. by: Michael Bullock, (2 tss.), "The Green Girl", "Thoughts on Writing"; James Chatupa, "I Saw Them in Love, Peter and Sue"; Michael Finlay, "The Café" (only title page, rest of ts. missing); Paul Green, "A Day at the Amphitheatre"; George McWhirter, "Museum Piece" ; Michael Mirolla, "Kafka's Ghosts"; Hugh Morrice, "Manifesto"; Mike Pacznowsky, "14 October 1966"; George Payerle, "The Labyrinthine Investigations of Fane"; Gyorgy Porkolab, "Brief"; Reinhard Waltz, "Mary Magdalene"; Andreas Schroeder, (2 tss.), "The New Short Story", "The Train"; Bob Sherrin, "Expresso, Incidents"; R.W. Stedingh, "From an Abandoned Work"; Don Thomson, "A Memoir"; Lynn Thorne, "Hazlitt"; and J. Michael Yates, "De Fabrica".

Files 2-3 Number 2/3. Spring/Summer 1971. File 3 contains galleys; file 2 contains notes regarding layout and tss. by: Marke Andrews, "Home Life"; Michael Bullock, "The Girl at the Bus Stop"; Glenn Clever, "Callaghan's More Joy in Heaven as a Tragedy"; Michael Finlay, "Review of The Afternoon by Geoge Payerle"; Hugh Hood, "Jugs"; Charles Lillard, "Visions of a Coast"; Jean-Luc McGillicutty, "Virgin and Child"; Wayne Stedingh, (2 tss.), "Vita Somnium Breve", "Review of Floralie, Where Are You? by Roch Carrier"; Eugene McNamara, "Visitation"; Stephen Miller, "Bay Bridge"; Michael Patrick O'Conner, "Reveiw of A Ritual to be Enacted Along the High Road in Summer by Hugh Hood"; George Payerle, "Dialogues of Fane"; György Porkoláb, "Review of Hail Galarneau! by Jacques Godbout"; Rienhard, "Callekato's Routine of Waking Up"; Lawrence Russel, "Magic Juice"; Karl Sandor, "About the Brown Paper Bags"; Andreas Schroeder, "The Meeting"; M.A. Williams, (2 tss.), "Eleanora Duse at the Sauma", "What They Eat at Georgie's House"; J. Michael Yates, "And Two Percent Zero".

File 4 Number 4. Fall 1971. Contains notes regarding layout, books received list, contributor notes and tss. by: Elaine Bougie, (only first page, rest of ts. missing and no title); Simon Grabowski, "The Sargasso Diary"; Thomas C. Howe, "Night in Gethsemanie"; Linda Wikene Johnson, "The Illustrator"; Judy McGillivary, "The Picture"; Linda Pitt-Brooke, "White and Other Colors"; Leon Rooke, "Numbers One Through Thirty of One Thousand Notes While Passing Between the Silent Borders of Your Country and Mine"; Lazar Sarna, "Intersection"; Bob Sherrin, (Untitled); Bryan R. Small, "Harold Pagoda in Hollywood"; David Zaiss, "The Blind Muchies".

Files 5-6 Number 18. Summer 1975. File 5 contains 2 spiral notebooks with notes regarding layout and production of issue 18. File 6 contains production notes, contributor notes, books received list and tss. by: E.D Blodgett, "Essay"; Anne Copeland (aka Anne Bernard; aka Virginia "Ginny" Furtwangler), "The Siblings"; Hugh Garner, "See You in September"; Goeff Hancock, "Editorial"; Ronald Hatch, "Essay"; Christopher Hiede, "Letter from Matt Arthur's Fishpond"; Hugh Hood, "Thanksgiving: Between Junetown and Caintown"; Joe Hutchison, "Review of Bodyworks by George McWhirter"; Leon Rooke, "Manifesto an Interviewer's Notes Semi-Colon Dot Dot Dot"; Diane Schoemperlen, "Alone in the Empire"; Michael Tremblay, (3 tss., translated by Michael Bullock), "Gentle Warmth", "The Thimble", "The Devil and the Mushroom"; Marilyn Miller Trinkaus, "Loving Cousins"; Derk Wynand, excerpt from One Cook, Once Dreaming.

Files 7-8 Number 19. Autumn 1975. (Robert Harlow issue). File 7 contains production notes, 2 spiral notebooks, photo of foal for article, contributor notes, and books received list. File 8 contains photo of ms. for Harlow's Scann, and tss. by: Robert Diotte, "Notes on Harlow's Scann"; Geoff Hancock, "An Interview with Robert Harlow"; Robert Harlow, excerpt from Making Arrangements; LaBonte Ronald, "Review of The Wheelchair Sonata by Valerie Kent"; Eileen Sarkar, "Essay"; Linda Shohet, "Essay"; Paul Stuewe, "Review of Tribal Justice by Clark Blaise".

Files 9-10 Number 20. Winter 1976. File 10 contains galleys, which were submitted with grant application. File 9 contains production notes, list of graphics, and tss. by: E.D. Blodgett, "Review of Where Is the Voice Coming from by Rudy Wiebe"; Jean-Guy Carrier, "No One's Fault"; Frances Duncan, "Change of Life"; Geoff Hancock, "Editorial"; Robert Hatch, "Review of The Memoirs of a Survivor by Doris Lessing"; W.P. Kinsella, "Illianna Comes Home"; Francis Mansbridge, "Review of Wooden Hunters by Matt Cohen"; Joyce Marshall, "The Gradual Day"; Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), "Spanish Oranges"; Andreas Schroeder, "One Tide Over"; Diane Schoemperlen, "The Climb"; Paul Stuewe, "Review of Canadian Heating Oil by Juan Butler"; David Watmough, "Beyond the Mergansers, Above the Salal: A Monodrama"; Derk Wynand, "Ghost Story" from One Cook, Once Dreaming.

Files 11-13 Number 20A. (Special translation issue). Spring 1976. File 11 contains galleys, but they are of very poor quality and difficult to read. File 12 contains production notes, addresses, initial order of stories. File 13 contains tss. by: Emmanuel Aligizakis, (trans. by J. Michael Yates), "Sapathis/ 322 = OX" Ella Andersone, (2 tss.), "Noziedznieks", "Mg magi"; Kristiina Nummi Aykroyd, "The Very Own Life of Virtaska"; Walter Bauer, (newspaper clipping) "Apple Orchard"; Manuel Betanzos Santos, (2 tss. of same story) (trans. by Merrilee Robson), "The Soul Examiner"; Wen-Yi Chao, (trans. by author) "Coming Back Home"; David Cunningham, "Spring Thaw"; Youssef El-Malh, "Jumping in the Air"; Tulin Erbas, (2 tss.), (trans. by Tom Brosnahan ) "The Mayonnaise Advertisement", "The Computer"; László Kemenes Géfin, "The Importance of Becoming a Boy Scout"; Irma Grebzde, "I Won't Take the Horse"; Maria Green, "Of Birds and Jews"; Lini R. Grol, (4 tss.), "Bitter", "The Poet Laureate", "Heaven Only Knows", "Anita's Liberation"; copy of Jerusalem Times newspaper, sent to Saad El-Gabalway for opinion (note included); Basil H. Johnson, (4 tss.), "The Path of the Souls -- the Milky Way", "The Cradle-Board", "The Man, the Snake and the Fox", "Zhowmin and Mandamin"; Joseph J. Juhasz, "Three Fanatics"; Surjeet Kalsey, (trans. by author), "Confined by the Threads"; Yetvart Kedjian, "Hyetad: A Play in Progress"; Charles Lillard, "Editorial Afterward"; Joe Allen MacLean, "Tale of the Round Drover"; Gonzalo Millan, (trans. Merrille Robson), "The House at the Top of the Hill"; C.D. Minni, (trans. by author), "Gaps"; Imre Naphegyi, (4 tss.), "Húsz Cent Almáért", "Twenty Cents for Apples", "Trip to the Moon", "Utazás a Holdba"; Michele Pirone, (trans. by Anneliese Schultz), "Latchkey Children"; Ravinder Ravi, "Nails"; Kamal Rostom, (trans. by author), "The Dishes are Still in the Sink"; Éva Sárvári, (trans. by George Payerle and Karl Sanchor), "During Office Hours"; Gabriel Szohnar, "The First Woman"; V. Tamulaitis, "In His Own Land"; Arved Viirlaid, (trans. by Taimi Ere Moks and Helle K.Viirlaid), three fragments from Who Killed EErik [sic] Horm?; Robert Zend, (2 tss.), "The Parakeet Behind the Door", "On the Terrace".

File 14 notes for Numbers 20, 20A and 21. 1976. 2 spiral notebooks.
File 15 Number 21. Spring 1976. Contains contributor notes, books received list and tss. by: Douglas Bowie, "Hiding Place"; Peter Crowell, "When Your Mother Comes to Visit"; Eldon Grier, "Olivia on Ice"; Ronald Hatch, "Essay"; Lewis B. Horne, "The Dotings of an Ending Walk"; Ronald LaBonte, "Review of Joanne, by Marian Engel"; Félix Leclerc, (2 tss.) (trans. by Jacqueline Stratford), "Old Age", "November, the Most Joyful Month in the Year"; Richard Lemm, "Internal Combustion"; Eugene McNamara, "The Search for Sarah Grace"; Linda Shohet, "Essay"; Rosemary Sullivan, "Review of The Great Victorian Collection by Brian Moore"; Marilyn White, "The Constant Traveller"; Don Wilson, "Tale of the Upright Man".

Files 16-17 Number 22. Summer 1976. File 16 contains galley for story by Derk Wynand. File 17 contains books received list, contributor notes and tss. by: Bert Almon, "Review of A Private Place by Joyce Marshall"; Nancy Bauer, "Dance, Dance, Wherever You May Be"; Michael Belil, "L'Hospital De Chaussures"; Jean-Guy Carrier, "A Premonition"; Glenn Cleaver, "Review of The Swing in the Garden by Hugh Hood"; Anne Copeland (aka Virginia Furtwangler), "At Peace"; Jacques Ferron, (trans. by Ray Ellenwood), "Purple Loosestrife"; Leon Surette, "Review of Badlands by Robert Kroetsch"; Vera B. Williams, "A Matter of Style"; George Woodcock, "Don Quixote's Dilemma, or, the Future of Fiction"; Derk Wynand, title story from One Cook, Once Dreaming.

File 18 Number 23. Autumn 1976. (Jane Rule issue). Contains galley of back inside cover, editorial notes in relation to layout and production, list of questions to be asked during interview with Jane Rule. Also list of prints of ink studies by Judith Lodge and tss. by: Geoff Hancock, (2 tss.), "Foreword", "An Interview with Jane Rule"; Jane Rule, (2 tss.), "This Gathering", "The Young in One Another's Arms"; bibliography of works by Jane Rule; Helen Sonthoff, "Celebration: A Study of Jane Rule's Fiction"; author/title index for CFM numbers 19-22.

File 19 Number 24/25. Spring 1977. Contains editorial notes both loose and in a spiral notebook, biographical notes and tss. by: Doug Beardsley, "Review of Heart of a Stranger by Margaret Laurence"; Michael Bullock, (5 tss.), "The Head", "The Elderly Gentleman and the Young-Old Lady", "The Man with Burning Hair", "White Gloves", "Two Men with Knives"; Geoff Hancock, "Editorial"; Joe Hutchison, "Review of Queen of the Sea by George McWhirter"; Ronald LaBonte, "Essay on Marian Engel"; Douglas Mantz, "Essay"; Keith Maillard, (2 tss.), from Difficulty at the Beginning, Book II, "Friday Night"; John Metcalfe, (part of ts. is marked "Galley 3", but the type is not very clear) "Private Parts: A Memoir"; Allison Mitcham, "Northern Conflicts"; Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), (2 tss.), "Parasites (The Grocer's Wife)", "Natural History"; Leon Rooke, "Friendship and Rejuvenation"; Linda Shohet, "Review of The Juneberry Tree and The Saint Elias" by Jacques Ferron"; Robert Sherrin, "Review of Shaking it Rough by Andreas Schroeder"; Jean Simard, (trans. by M.G. Hesse), "A Professor"; David Sharpe, "Northern Light"; Leon Surette, "Review of Coming Through Slaughter by Michael Ondaatje"; Scott Symons, from Helmet of Flesh; Yves Thériault, (trans. by M.G. Hesse), "The Wheat Sower".

File 20 Number 26. Autumn 1977. Contains production notes, cover from issue, galleys of stamps used in inside cover, books received list; and tss. by: S. Finlay, (2 tss. of same story), "Life in the Atom League" ; Geoff Hancock, "The Quebec Lyrical Novel, or, The Future of Fiction"; Susanne Paradis, (trans. by Basil Kingstone), "When the Earth was Still Young: An Explanation"; A. Unknown, "One had been little just at the right time, it seemed", a novel in 4 parts; James Ross, "Mythical Beasts"; Kent Thompson, "Mall Shopping".

Box 2
File 1 Number 27. Winter 1977. Contains notes and spiral notebook (with notes for 27-28), contributor notes, books received list, contributor notes correction list, and tss. by: E.D. Blodgett, "Review of In My Time: A Memoir by Thomas H. Raddall"; Douglas Bowie, "Shopping Around"; Jacques Brossard, (trans. by R.W. Stedingh), excerpt from A Nail in the Head; George Bowering, "Review of Agent Provocateur, by David Young"; Glenn Clever, "Essay on Hugh Hood"; Peter Crowell, "Review of both Dance Me Outside by W.P. Kinsella, and Everybody Gets Something Here by Ken Mitchell"; Jean-Guy Carrier, "Thin Hands"; Estelle Dansereau, "Review of The Young in One Another's Arms"; Ferron Madeleine, (2 tss.), "The Jug", "Julie"; Geoff Hancock, "Here and Now: Innovation and Change in the Canadian Short Story" (editorial in response to letter from Dennis E. Bolen) (4 drafts); Margery Hinds, "Ningiu"; Ronald LaBonte, (additional photocopy of essay), "Social Realism, or, The Future of Fiction"; Lawrence Mathews, "Food"; Joyce Marshall, "Windows"; Eugene McNamara, "Pushing Fifty"; Mary Moroziuk, (2 tss., 2 drafts of same review, 1 marked "reject"), "Review of both Family by Jean-Guy Carrier and Middlewatch by Susan Kerslake"; Karl Sandor, "Message to the Architect of the Revolution"; Peter Stenberg, "Review of The Brass Saxophone: Two Novellas by Joseph Skvorecký"; R.W. Stedingh, "Review of God Is Not a Fish Inspector by W.D. Valgardson"; Sam Tata, "Players".

File 2 Number 28. Spring 1978. (Mavis Gallant issue). Contains notes, 2 spiral notebooks, books received list, and tss. by: Robertson Davies, "The Novellas of Mavis Gallant"; Mavis Gallant, "With a Capital T"; Ronald B. Hatch, "The Three Stages of Mavis Gallant's Short Fiction"; Geoff Hancock, "Mavis Gallant: Counterweight in Europe", (and questions to be asked during interview); Richard F. Kutner, (trans. by Donatien Moisdon), "Captain Leprince"; Peter Stevens, "The Flexible Form" (essay on Mavis Gallant); George Woodcock, "Memory, Imagination, Artifice: The Late Short Fiction of Mavis Gallant".

File 3 Number 29. 1978. Contains biographical information for a large number of contributors and tss. by: Geoff Hancock, "Phantoms in the Invisible Country"; Hugh Hood, "Sam Tata: Photographer"; Sam Tata, "The Plates".
File 4 Number 30/31. Summer 1978. Contains galleys in the form of small booklets as well as some loose sheets.

File 5 Number 30/31. Summer 1978. Contains layout notes and tss. by: E.D. Blodgett, "Review of Turvey by Earle Birney"; Don Dickinson, "Fighting the Upstream"; Sylvia Gunnery, "Fantasy and Circumstance"; Ronald Hatch, "Review of The Sweet Second Summer of Kitty Malone by Matt Cohen"; Robert Harlow, "A Letter: Some Notes on Time, Perspectives, and Genres"; Margery Hinds, "Ningiu"; Geoff Hancock, "CanLit -- Plugged In? Or Burned Out?"; Lesley Hogan, "Review of The Love Parlour and The Broad Back of the Angel by Leon Rooke"; Ronald Labonté, "Review of Protective Footwear and A Short Sad Book by George Bowering"; John Mills, "Review of 77: Best Canadian Short Stories, 78: Best Canadian Short Stories and Wild Rose Country: Stories from Alberta"; Allison Mitcham, "Review of Les Gordes-de-bois by Antonine Mallet"; Ken Mitchell, from The Con Man; Susan Musgrave, from The Charcoal Burners "Part One: Eat Oyster"; Alden Nowlan, "Will Ye Let the Mummers In?"; Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), (2 tss.), "Fydor's Bears", "Abracadabra"; Leon Rooke, "Biographical Notes"; David Sharpe, "Niagara Falls"; Fraser Sutherland, "Brassiéres"; Leon Surette, "Review of The Scorched-Wood People by Rudy Wiebe"; W.D. Valgardson, (2 tss.), "Review of Don Quixote in Nighttown", "Review of The Garden of Delights by Roch Carrier"; Derk Wynand, from One Cook, Once Dreaming.

File 6 Derk Wynand. ts. One Cook, Once Dreaming.

Files 7-8 Number 32/33 1979/1980. File 7 contains galleys, large folded sheets. File 8 contains layout notes, books received list, introduction to the interview with W.D. Valgardson and tss. by: Alexandre L. Amprimoz, "Review of Mes romans et moi, la commensale and les anthropoïdes by Gérard Bessette"; George Bowering, "Modernism Could Not Last Forever"; Michael Bullock, "Roditi"; Madeleine Ferron, (trans. by Basil Kingstone) (3 tss.), "The Peopling of the Earth", "The Gift of God", "The Tamed Coffin"; Geoff Hancock, (2 tss.), "Introduction to Interview with W.D. Valgardson", "The Hutterites: A Photographic Essay (photographer Kryn Taconis)"; Ernest Hekkanen, "The Rite"; Susan Kerslake, "Hebel"; W.P. Kinsella, "Born Indian"; John Metcalf, "The Video World from General Ludd"; Allison Mitcham, "Review of L'Elan d'Amérique and Une chaîne dans le parc by André Langevin"; George McWhirter, "Quarantine"; Barbara Novak, "Review of The Fugitive and Nights in the Underground by Marie-Claire Blais"; Kenneth Radu, "State Visit"; Leon Surette, "Review of What the Crow Said by Robert Kroetsch"; David Watmough, "Confessionalism & the First Person, or, the Future of Fiction"; Rudy Wiebe, (2 copies of 1 ts.), "An Indication of Burning".

Files 9-10 Number 34/35. 1980. File 9 contains books received list, biographical information on John Reeves, and layout notes. File 10 contains contributors notes, 2 transcripts of meeting between Hancock, Metcalf, Renaud, Schermbrucker, etc., meeting was titled "Whooping Cranes", held in Banff, Oct. 1978. (also see box 11). Tss. by: Geoff Hancock, "Review of The World of Canadian Writing: Critiques and Recollections by George Woodcock"; Ronald Hatch, "Review of From the Fifteenth District by Mavis Gallant"; Alistair MacLeod, "Second Spring"; Allison Mitcham, "Review of Pelagie-La-Charette by Antonine Maillet"; Gabrielle Roy, (trans. by M.G. Hesse), "Ely! Ely! Ely!"; Guy Vanderhaeghe, "The Watcher"; John Walker, "Review of The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne by Jack Hodgins and Magic Realism, ed. by Geoff Hancock".

Files 11-13 Regarding the fiction in translation anthology edited by Geoff Hancock. File 11 contains galleys for the anthology as well as production notes. File 12 contains production notes and table of contents page. File 13 contains biographical notes for contributors and tss. by: Soloman Ary, (trans. by R. Malmquist and S. Bercovitch), "Yes, Sir, a Very Good Morning!"; Luciano Aconito, from Diversion Abroad: "The Immigrant's Tale"; Maria J. Ardizzi, "Made in Italy"; Gianni Bartocci, (2 tss.) (trans. by author), "Encounter With Belfagor", "Biography of Love"; Jaroslava Biazkova, (trans. by Káa Poláková), "Circe"; Cyril Dabydeen, "A Mighty Vision (A Short Story)"; Khatchar Der Mesrobian, (trans. by Kerop Bedoukian), "Some of Us Survived..."; Alex Domokos, (trans. by Jean and Maxim Tabory), "The Link in the Chain"; Jorge Etcheverry, (trans. by Diego Bastianutti), "Written on a Blank Page"; Juan Carlos García, (trans. by Christina Shantz), "The Earth Eater"; Kristjana Gunnars, (trans. by author), "Halfdan Sugmundsson, Guest"; Alootook Ipellie, (trans. by author), "Siqiniq: The Sun"; Waglaw Iwaniuk, (trans. by C.E. Thalenberg), "Aunt Gienia from Zamosc"; Surjeet Kalsey, (trans. by author), "Mirage in the Cave"; George Kenny, "Soft and Trembling Cry"; Chen Jo-hsi, (photocopy of newspaper clipping), (trans. by Chi Chen Wang), "The Tunnel"; Richard Liu, "From Return of the Wild Goose"; Nain Nomez, (trans. by Chrisina Shantz), "The Only Bird without Wings"; Tonfang Po, (trans. by Rosemary Haddon), "The Slave"; Chaya Rosenfarb, (trans. by C. Eileen Thalenberg), "The Newcomer"; Zdena Salivarova-Skuokecky, (trans. Jan Drabek), from Temporary Paradise; Ramón Sepúlueda San Martín, (trans. by Christina Shantz), "Julia in the Sky with Diamonds"; Ulrich Schaffer, (2 tss.), (trans. by author), "The Man Who Could Listen", "The Eyes of the Giant"; Josef Skvorecký, (trans. by Paul Wilson), "A Family Hotel"; Xavier Sutherland ,(Cree oral story, transcribed by Basil H. Johnson), "Don't Let Little Things...."; Pablo Urbanyi, (3 tss.), (trans. by Monique Bolvia and Chrisina Shantz), "Enforcing the Law", "Bad Alliances", "Descent to the Dawn of a New Day"; Arved Viirlaid, (trans. by Edda Koll-Dauenport), "from Fading Lights"; Magda Zalan, (Dr. John George Samjen), "The Salt-Cellar"; Robert Zend, (trans. by author), "The End of the World".

File 14 Luciano Aconito, ts., "Diversion Abroad: The Immigrant's Tale" (excerpt).
File 15 Yuri Borik, ts., "CËCTP. HOBea-".
File 16 Jaroslava Blakova, ts., "Sergeant Pinky's Tale".
File 17 Robin Gedalof, photocopy of story.
File 18 Balatoni István, ts., "A Halászó Kutya Esete".
File 19 Basil Johnston, ts., "To the Land of Peace".
File 20 Winona Kent, ts., "Tower of Power".
File 21 Adriana Keywon, photocopy of ts., "His Brother".
File 22 Joseph Pivato, ts., "Libro di memoria".
File 23 Jerónimo Pablo González Martín, ts., "El Suicida. (The Opening.)"
File 24 Yar Slavutych, ts., "The Willow of Shevchenko".
File 25 Francis Tamnaruluk. (trans. Francis Quassa), ts., "Legend of Four Girls who had Four Imaginary Husbands".
File 26 William David Thomas, ts., "Hacia una definición de Jerónimo en 1975".
File 27 Maxim Tobary, ts., "In the Smokies".
File 28 Pablo Urbanyi, ts., "El complimiento de las eyes".
File 29 Author Unknown, ts., "PACATA". ("Disintegration" or "Breakup")
File 30 Lia Wolters, ts., untitled
Files 31-2. Number 38. 1981. (Leon Rooke issue). File 31 contains production notes regarding layout. File 32 contains galleys.

Box 3
File 1 Number 38. 1981. (Leon Rooke issue). Contains bibliography of work by Rooke, tss. by: Geoff Hancock, (3 drafts of editorial), "The High-Tech World of Leon Rooke"; Leon Rooke, (2 drafts of "Sisyphus in Winter"), ( 9 tss.), "Hitting the Charts", "Winter Is Lovely, Isn't Summer Hell", from "The Magician in Love", "The Problem Shop", "Sisyphus in Winter", "Hanging Out with the Magi", "Shakespeare's Dog"; J.R. (Tim) Struthers, "A Preliminary Bibliography of the Works of Leon Rooke", "Murder Mystery", "Slocum in Slocum"; Leon Surette, "Review of Kowalski's Last Chance by Leo Simpson".

Files 2-4 Number 39. 1981. (10th Anniversary issue). File 2 contains galleys. File 3 contains production notes, prologue for interview with John Metcalf, books received list. File 4 contains contributor notes and tss. by: George Bowering, "Arbre de décision"; Michael Bullock, (8 tss.), "Surrealism and the Future of Fiction", "Sun", "Falling Tree", "Darkness", "Dreaming Water", "Watery Room", "The Manor House", "The Tigress"; Don Dickinson, "The Part He Sees is His Country"; Keath Fraser, "This Is What You Were Born for"; David Halliday, "The City of Gold"; Geoff Hancock, "Prologue to Interview with John Metcalf"; John Keyes, "Shooting It" (2 copies); Eugene McNamara, "Entropy"; Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), from The Stain: "Perfect"; David Sharpe, "The Bikers"; Robin Skelton, "The Man Who Sang in His Sleep"; Fraser Sutherland, "What Do We Dream: Gaston Bachelard and the Materials of the Imagination"; Gerald Taaffe, (2 tss.), (2 drafts of "Colors"); Jane Urquhart, (2 tss.), (2 drafts of "Five Wheelchairs").

Files 5-7 Number 40/41. [1982?] File 5 contains galleys, large folded sheets.
File 6 contains production notes, biographical notes for contibutors, and books received list.

File 7 contains tss. by: Virgil Burnett, "A Masked Ball"; Louis Dudek, (2 tss.), "Joyce in Canada", "Ulysses Comes Home: A New Interpertation, and, Joyce in Canada"; Keath Fraser, "This Is What You Were Born for" (revised); Geoff Hancock, "Snow Job"; Greg Hollingshead, "Famous Players"; Susan Kerslake, from The Book of Fears; W.P. Kinsella, "The Elevator"; Mike Mason, "All I Know about Incest"; Alistair MacLeod, "Winter Dog"; Janis Rapoport, "Honymoonland".

Files 8-10 Number 42. 1982.
File 8 contains galleys.
File 9 contains production notes.
File 10 contains first page of Terry Jordan's "The Wretch", (rest of ts. missing), prologue for interview with Martin Vaughn-James, and tss. by: Stephen Guppy, "A Rural Tale"; Geoff Hancock, (3 drafts of "Ten Year History of CFM"); George McWhirter, (3 tss.), "Coming to Grips with Lucy", "The Assassins of Don Chucho", "Nobody's Notebook"; J.R. (Tim) Struthers, "An Index to the Canadian Fiction Magazine".

Files 11-13 Number 43. 1982. File 11 contains galleys. File 12 contains production notes. File 13 contains text for John Reeves' Literary Portraits and tss. by: Matt Cohen, "The Sins of Tomas Benares"; Ronald Hatch, "Review of Home Truths: Selected Canadian Short Stories by Mavis Gallant"; Geoff Hancock, "A New Decade Begins"; Eugene McNamara, "Entropy"; H.R. Percy, "Tearin' Her Down"; David Sharpe, "Valley of the Shadow"; Gilles Vigneault, "Those Who Come Late"; Derk Wynand, "Ghost Story".

File 14 Contains newspaper articles regarding Magic Realism: An Anthology 1980, edited by Geoff Hancock.
File 15 Contains contributor list, including addresses of contributing authors.
File 16 Contains table of contents for (anthology?) titled "The Future of Fiction".

Files 17-19 Number 44. 1983. File 17 contains galleys. File 18 contains production notes. File 19 contains tss. by: Nancy Bauer, "Prologue"; Lynne Fernie, "untitled", explanation of her drawings; Wayne Grady, "Journeys to the Interior: The African Stories of Audrey Thomas"; Geoff Hancock, (4 drafts), "Postmodern Is Prehistory"; bp Nichol, three tales from The Toronto Cycle: "Theories of Toronto", "A Forgotten History", "The Realism Publishing Co. INC."; Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), (2 tss.), "insert one, insert two", from The Stain: "Sister Malicia"; Robyn Sarah, "Heading into Winter"; Jane Urquhart, (7 tss.), "Merry-Go-Round with Approaching Storm (Gluttony)", "Bossu (Lust)", "Her Golden Curls (Envy)", "The Boat (Pride)", "Artificial Ice (Anger)", "Venetian Glass (Covetousness)", "Hotel Verbano (Sloth)".

Files 20-22 Number 45. 1983. File 20 contains galleys of interview with Josef Skvorecký. File 21 contains production notes and books received list. File 22 contains list for "Portraits of Canadian Authors" and tss. by: Sandra Birdsell, "Transposition"; Michael Bullock, (16 tss.), "The Leaves", "The Man with Flowers through His Hands", "The Gyrating Man", "The Hat", "The Railway Line", "Incident", "The Lighthouse", "Snow", "Fog", "Grey Sky", "The Weir", "Dream Life of the Ant", "The Car", "Running Voices", "Bridge of Moths", "The Last Word"; Matt Cohen, "Golden Whore of the Heartland"; David Donnell, "The Hemingway Blue Ontario Boat Race"; Madeleine Ferron, (2 tss.), (trans. by Basil Kingstone), "The Weaker Sex", "The Strange Misunderstanding"; Stephen Guppy, "Another Sad Day at the Edge of the Empire"; Geoff Hancock, "Invent (s)tory"; Janette Turner Hospital, "The Owl-Bander"; David Sharpe, (2 tss.), "Valley of the Shadow", "The Semi-Omnipotent Engine"; Mildred Tremblay, "Mahogany Fever".

Files 23-25 Number 46. 1983. File 23 contains photocopies of galleys. File 24 contains production notes, books received list, cover for Number 4 of Waves. File 25 contains photocopies of ms., author and work unknown, and computer print-out of proofs. Also tss. by: Sheldon Currie, "The Accident"; Douglas Glover, "Dog Attempts to Drown Man in Saskatoon"; Stephen Guppy, "A Portrait of Helena Leafly, with Bees"; Geoff Hancock, "The Past, or, the Future of Fiction"; Gwendolyn MacEwen, "The Man in the Moore"; Leon Rooke, "The History of England, Part Four"; Jack Spicer, "The Pure Wound"; Gary Whitehead, "King Kong"; Derk Wynand, (8 tss.), "Blackout", "Imitations", "Within That Circle", "Narcissus in Love", "The Bowls, One on Top of the Other", "Echo", "The Grey Matter", "Failure of Language", "Volcano".

Files 26-27 Number 47. 1983. ("A Decade of Quebec Fiction"). File 26 contains biographical notes, text that is connected to a photo narrative by Carole Conde and Karl Beveridge, and tss. by: Jacques Brossard, "The Trial"; Jean Blouin and Jean-Pierre Myette, "In Search of Réjean Ducharme"; André Carpentier, (trans. by Frances Morgan), "Bygone Books"; Michel de Celles, "Recurrence"; Jacques Ferron, (trans. by Wayne Grady), "The Witch and the Barley Seed"; Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska, (2 tss.) (1 trans. by Luise von Flotow-Evans), "Henna for Luck", "My Sweet Lord"; Jean Ferguson, "Ker, the God-Killer"; Suzanne Jacob, "The Two Cents"; Robert Lalonde, (2 tss.), "Tales from the Lièvre River", "The Polar Bear"; André Langevin, "A Blue Rose Perfume"; Hélène Merlin, "Passing"; Adrien Thério, "Prison Notebook". File 27 contains tss. which were not used in number 47. (Note in file reads "Crap, or dated"). Tss. by: François Barcelo, (4 tss.), (trans. by Larry Shouldice), "Last Lines" (2 copies), Excerpt from La Tribu, "The Story of Louis-Napoléon Duquette" (2 copies); Marie-Claire Blais, (trans. by Margaret Rose), "Murmurs"; André Carpentier, (2 tss.), (trans. by Frances Morgan), "Udie's Twin", "Map of the World"; Alain Grandbois, (trans. by David Toby Homel), "Before Chaos"; Louis Fréchette, "Pete Vallerand"; Claude-Henri Grignon, "Tracks"; Naim Kattan, (2 tss.), (trans. by Basil Kingstone), "The Painting", "Forgetting"; Lise Lacasse, (2 tss.), (trans. by Frances Morgan), "Common Ground", "The Sunshine State"; Jean Simard, (photocopy of "An Arsonist" from the New Orleans Review); Marie Jose Thériault, (trans. by Sheila Fischman), "The Train"; Rachel Wyatt "Hello Twiggy"; Mimi Verdi, (trans. by Rachel Wyatt), "Bonjour Twiggy".

Box 4
Files 1-4 Number 47. 1983. File 1 contains tss. by: Gilles Archambault "The Game Show"; Gérard Bessetie, "Ballad"; André Carpentier (trans. by Frances Morgan) "Bygone Books"; Michel de Celles, "Recurrence"; Jacques Ferron, (2 tss.), "The Cup of Tea", "The Devil May Care"; Geoff Hancock, "A Decade of Quebec Fiction"; Louis-Philippe Hébert (trans. by Alexandre L. Amprimoz), "Robinson Brain"; François Hébert, (10 tss.), "Prowling Around Little Red Riding Hood", "Never Talk to a Talking Wolf", "The Cake", "The Story of the Little Pot of Butter", "Even a Dead Wolf Is to Be Feared", "The Logic of the Fairies", "Disappointment", "The Wolf's Remorse", "Old Crimson Riding Hood", "Epilogue"; Kèro, "Kèro photgraphe des écrivains québécois"; Pierre Lamarre, "Heroes Don't Die"; Jovette Marchessault, (2 tss.), "La nouvelle barre du jour", "The Angel Makers"; André Major, "The Thief of Monsecours Market"; Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska (3 tss. and 1 photocopy of story), (1 trans. by S.E. Stewart), "Heart/Land, Head/Land", excerts from L'Echappée des discours de l'Oeil: "Postface (Introduction)", "Chapter 1", "Why the Myth?", "The Bespeakers' Seminar", "Counter-Ritual Effects" "La réprise du pay / sage"; Paul Paré (5 tss.), "Man Has Descended from the Tree", "Cause and Effect", "Autopsy of an Incident", "Timbuctoo, Timbuctoo", "It Can't Be Any Different"; Yves Thériault, (trans. M.G. Hesse), "Okarnak's Christmas"; Adrien Thério, "The Two Hole-Lovers". File 2 contains tss. by: Gilles Archambault, (2 drafts) "A Body Has Been Found" (2 copies); André Berthiaume, (2 drafts), (4 tss.), "Fugitive", "Dusk", "The Clause", "Contretemps"; Emmanuel Cocke, "Sex Fiction"; Jean Ferguson, "Ker the God-Killer"; Jacques Ferron, (2 tss.), "Chronicle of L'Anse Saint-Roch"; Louis Fréchette, (2 tss.), "A Will-o'-the-Wisp", "Pete Vallerand"; Claude-Henri Grignon, "The Tracks"; François Hébert, "Prowling around Little Red Riding Hood"; Suzanne Jacob, "The Two Cents"; Naim Kattan, (5 tss.), (trans. by Judith Madley), "The Island Bookseller", "Dinner-Hour", "Le Voisin", "The Dress Collector", "The Painting"; Lise Lacasse, (trans. by Frances Morgan), "Maryse"; André Major, (3 tss.), "Last Week Not Far From The Bridge" (2 copies), "The Thief of Bonsecours Market"; Paul Paré, (4 tss.), "Man Has Decended from the Tree", "Cause and Effect", "Autopsy of an Incident", "Timbuctoo, Timbuctoo", "It Can't be Any Different"; Claude Robitaille, "The Phone Call"; Ester Rochon, (trans. by Alexandre L. Amprimoz), "The Starfish"; Adrien Thério, "The Two Hole-Lovers". File 3 contains galleys. File 4 contains production notes, copy of Incite, biographical notes.

Files 5-7 Number 48. (Long Fiction issue). 1984. File 5 contains photocopies of galleys and 2 large computer print-out proofs. File 6 contains production notes for numbers 48-49, books received list, photocopy of article by Geoff Hancock, "From a Certain Country" (appeared in Books in Canada, Feb. 1982). File 7 contains 2 large computer print-out proofs and tss. by: Michael Bullock, "The Double Ego: An Autocollage"; Mark Frutkin, (2 tss.), "Atmospheres Apollinaire"; Ernest Hekkanen, (2 tss.), "The Aurium, Fäntastikka" (aka "He who flew into their lives"), "Thoughts on the Novella"; George McWhirter, "Welcome to Paula Lake".

Files 8-10 Number 49. May 1984. (Kath Fraser issue). File 8 contains photocopies of galleys. File 9 contains production notes, draft of editorial by Geoff Hancock and books received list. File 10 contains correction list for the 2 tss. by Kath Fraser, as well as tss. by: Keath Fraser, (2 tss.), "The History of Cambodia", "Foreign Affairs"; Geoff Hancock, (3 tss.), (two of which are marked "#48", although text suggests that they are earlier drafts of editorial which appeared in number 49), "The Novella Is the Extraordinary Account of Some Unheard of Happening or Event"; Basil Kingstone, "La Nouvelle Canadienne-Française in 1984".

Files 11-12 Number unknown. File 11 contains galleys, while file 12 contains production notes.

Files 13-17 Number 50/51. 1986. (15th Anniversary issue). File 13 contains books received list, some production notes and tss. by: Bruce Bailey, "Review of Close to the Sun Again by Morley Callaghan"; Yves Beauchemin (trans. by Sheila Fishman) "Sweat"; Jacques Brossard, (trans. by Michael Bullock), "The Engulfment"; Michael Bullock, (5 tss.), "Some Thoughts on Writing", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "New Day", "Melmoth the Wanderer", "Couple", "The Wall"; Kim (last name unknown) "Nokomis"; Charles Foran, (2 copies), "Mary Hynes"; Stephen Guppy, "A Rural Tale"; William Goede, "The Pilgrim"; copy of June 1982 issue of Poetry Toronto, folded open to "The Poet as Transformer of Journal Jottings" by Ed Jewinski. File 14 contains tss. by: Geoff Hancock, (4 tss. drafts), "State of the Art: Contemporary Canadian Short Fiction"; Frances Itani "Clayton"; B.H. Johnson, "I'm Glad God Is Not Perfect"; Terry Jordan, (2 tss. copies), "The Wretch"; Janice Kulyk Keefer, "In a Dream". File 15 contains tss. by: Gerald Lynch, "Assault Nets Fine"; Patrick Lewis, "Reflected Sky"; Eugene McNamara, "Freeze Frames"; Eric Miller, "Bright Under Hair"; George McWhirter, "A Christmas Chorale"; bp Nichol, "The Chest"; Rohinton Mistry, "Condolence Visit"; Veronica Ross, "Nels"; Patrick Roscoe, "The Scent of Young Girls Dying"; Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), "Dreams"; Robyn Sarah, "The Pond, Phase One"; Ray Smith, (2 tss. copies), "In the Night, Heinrich Himmler...: A Short Story"; W.D. Valgardson, "The Cave"; Aritha van Herk, "Waiting for the Rodeo"; Gary Whitehead, "A Situation Comedy, Now"; Derk Wynand, (8 tss.), "Firestorm", "One Bee and Another", "Approaching the Centre of His World", "A Cow in the Mud Long Ago", "Trestle", "A Monster of His Senses", "Echo's Wall", "Swimmer". File 16 contains photocopies of galleys, and 2 large computer print outs that are marked as proofs. File 17 contains production notes, table of contents list, as well as some information on the Healing Tao Centre of Toronto, an organization with which Hancock was very active at the time.

File 18 Contains information on the Okanagan Award, including 1986 winners' list, and text, written by Hancock, about winners' work.

Box 5
Files 1-2 Number 52. 1985 or 1986. File 1 contains photocopies of galleys. File 2 contains tss. by: C.H. (Marty) Gervais, "A Series of Letters"; Bill Gaston, "The Forest Path to Malcolm's"; Graeme Gibson, (2 tss. copies), "Pancho Villa's Head"; Margaret Hollingsworth, "Cubbing"; Patrick Roscoe, "Heaven, Hell, and Some Points in Between"; Sam Tata, "Colleagues"; Yesim Ternar, (2 tss.), "The Clinical Case History of Doctor", "Wedding Ninotchka".

Files 3-6 Number 52 or possibly 59. File 3 contains photocopies of some of the galleys. File 4 contains tss. by: Barbara Goddard, ( 2 photocopies of essays, and 1 original ts.) "Becoming My Hero, Becoming Myself: Notes Towards a Feminist Theory of Reading"; Sheila Delaney, "The Reading (a Theory of Fiction); Erin Mouré, (photocopy of essay), "To Speak of These Things: A Letter"; Barbara Goddard, Daphne Marlatt, Kathy Mezei and Gail Scott, "Theorizing Fiction Theory" (photocopy of essay). File 5 contains biographical notes for Susan Rudy Dorscht; Louise Desjardins; Leila Sujir; Smaro Kamboureli; Marlène Wildeman and Erin Mouré. Also includes tss. by: Anne-Marie Alonzo, (trans. by Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood), (2 tss.; trans. and original) "Ritual"; Denise Desautels, (trans. by Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood), "L'Archéologue"; Louise Desjardins, (trans. by Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood), (2 tss.; trans. and original), "Sheltering Realities"; Lorraine Gauthier, "Desire for Origin / Original Desire"; Barbara Goddard, (& correction list) "Fiction/Theory: Editorial"; Suzanne Lamy, (trans. by Sherry Simon), "Capitalizing: theory/FICTION THEORY/novel"; Kathy Mezei, "The Question of Gender in Translation: Examples from Denise Boucher and Anne Hébert"; Line McMurry, (trans. by Richard Lebeau and Louise Ladouceur), (2 tss.; trans. and original), "Du désenchantement à la désinvolture", "Impunity: Distance as an Ethic"; Patrick Roscoe, (ts. of collection of short stories) "Beneath the Western Slopes"; Gail Scott, "Spaces like Stairs"; Janice Williamson, "Tell-Tale Signa #1-5". File 6 contains ts. by: Anne-Marie Alonzo, (trans. by Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood), "Ritual"; Margaret Atwood, "Murder in the Dark: Fiction/Theory"; Benise Desautels, (trans. by Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood), "The Archeologist"; Frances Duncan, (2 tss.), "Wither Story Wither Story With Her Story" (2 copies); Susan Rudy Dorscht, (2 tss.), "On Blowing Figures... and Bleeding: Poststructuralist Feminism and the Writing of Audrey Thomas" (2 copies); Lorraine Gauthier, "Desire for Origin / Original Desire: Luce Ingray on Maternity, Sexuality and Language"; Barbara Goddard, Daphne Marlatt, Kathy Mezei and Gail Scott, "Theorizing Fiction Theory" (2 copies); Linda Kenyon, "Notes for a Story"; Suzanne Lamy, (2 tss.), "Des minuscules aux majuscules: théorie/fiction théorique/roman"; Line McMurry, (2 tss.), (trans. Richard Lebeau and Louise Ladouceur), "Impunity: Distance as an Ethic", "Du désenchantement à la désinvolture"; Tünde Nemeth, "Present? Or Re-Present?"; Leila Sujir, (2 tss. copies), "The Movement of She and Sand"; Suzanne Lamy, (trans. by Sherry Simon), "Capitalizing: Theory/FICTION THEORY/novel"; Marlène Wildeman, "Sand Darling"; Betsy Warland, (2 tss. copies), "Far as the I Can See"; Janice Williamson, "Tell-Tale Signs".

Files 7-10 Number 53. Feb. 1986. File 7 contains galleys. File 8 contains production notes. File 9 contains transcript for Canadian Periodical Publishers Association Literary Seminar, May 14, 1985. (2 copies) Also tss. by: Brian Fawcett, "Helen of Ilium"; George Kenny, "Soft and Trembling Cry"; George McWhirter "Eclogue Eight"; David Sharpe, "Necronaughts: A Creation Myth"; Jane Urquhart chapter from The Whirlpool Dream House. File 10 contains tss. by Brian Fawcett, "The Castle", "Helen of Ilium", "Uniforms", "Icarus", "Greenie", "The Fate of White-tailed Deer", "The Endako Hotel Massacre".

Files 11-13 Number 54. 1986. File 11 contains galleys. File 12 contains books received list. File 13 contains tss. by: Barbara Gabriel, "Review of Dinner Along the Amazon by Timothy Findley"; Geoff Hancock, "Stories from Elsewhere"; Ernest Hekkanen, "Preface: The Influence of Alexander Mikkonen"; Rick Hillis, "Eagle Flies on Friday; Greyhound Runs at Dawn"; Greg Hollingshead, "The Angel"; Rohinton Mistry, "Exercisers"; Patrick Roscoe, "Beneath the Western Slopes"; Ray Smith, "The Garden of the Hesperides".

File 14 Contains photocopies of tss. by winners of the 1986 Okanagan Short Fiction Award. Tss. by: S. Birdsell, "The Children Are Dying"; Barbara Carey, "On Summer Lawns"; Matt Cohen, "Remember Me to London"; Sheldon Currie, "On parle par coeur"; Cyrill Dabydeen, "At Your Own Peril"; Marisa De Monte, "The Providers"; Ian Dempsey, "A Honeymoon"; Marisa De Franceschi, "Royal Blood"; Brian Fawcett, "The Fate of White-Tailed Deer"; Adam Foros, "The Only Place on Earth"; Gail Herbert, "Queen Substance"; Winona Kent, "Dietrich's Ash"; W.P. Kinsella, (2 tss.), "The Bottle Queen", "Butterfly Winter"; Dorothy M. Martinson, "The Fox"; Dan Rikely, "Fulton House"; Nora Robson, (2 tss.), "Searching for the Blue Heron", "Nada"; Veronica Ross, "The Last Day of the Circus"; Doug Fetherling, "Romeo Music"; David Sharpe, "The Reincarnation Pool"; Diane Schoemperlen, "The Gate"; Robin Skelton, "Penny Wise"; Gertrude Story, "Car of Marroon"; Anne Szumigalski, "Story"; J.J. Steinfeld, "Art Class".

File 15 Number 55. 1986. Contains notes and ts. of editorial, no other tss. extant for this issue.

Files 16-17 Number 56. 1986. (Physics and Fiction issue). File 16 contains galleys. File 17 contains tss. by: Geoff Hancock (2 tss. copies) "Physics and the Future of Short Fiction"; pp. 5-7 of story by "Keith" (possibly Julie Keith), rest of ts. missing; ts., trans. by Philip Lanthier and Sylvia Rossi, but author unknown and first pages missing.

Files 18-19 Number 57. 1986. File 18 contains photocopies of galleys and proofs of one essay. File 19 contains tss. by: Michael Bullock, "The Boy and The Canal"; David Copeland, "A Tall Tale"; François Hébert, (trans. by Basil Kingstone), "The Dragon and the Rocket"; Greg Hollingshead, "Into the Night" (aka "The Angel"); Julie Keith, (aka Julie Houghton Keith), "The Jaguar Temple"; Michael Mirolla, "The Photographer in Search of Death"; Jack Stewart, (2 drafts of tss. and 1 duplicate tss.), "The Surrealist Art of Michael Bullock".

Files 20-21 Number 58. 1987. (Julio Cortazar and Carol Dunlop issue). File 20 contains photocopies of galleys. File 21 contains tss. by Geoff Hancock, (2 tss.), "Canadian Writers at Work", "The Assyrians, or, the Future of Fiction"; Marilú Mallet, "Miami Trip".

Files 22-24 Various tss., although the issue numbers in which they might have appeared is unknown. File 22. Hancock, ts., "Pure Fiction: A Six Month Course in Fiction Writing". File 23 Bill Schermbrucker, ts., "North Burnaby, the Herdsman, and Freud" (see Box 8, file 6). File 24 Sam Tata, ts., "Aku Henri: A Memoir".

Files 25-26 Number 59. 1987. Both files contain photocopies of galleys.

Box 6
Files 1-3 Number 59. 1987. File 1 contains production notes and books received list. File 2 contains tss. by: Robert Billings, "The Prose Poems of Roo Borson and Robert Priest"; Andrew Brown, "View from the Point"; Michael Bullock, "Johannes Weltseele Enters the Garden"; James Leo Conway, "Charity"; Don Dickinson, "The Nobility of Trees"; Ernest Hekkanen, "The Violent Lavender Mist"; Greg Hollingshead, "The Dog in the Van"; Frances Itani, "After the Rain"; Gerald Lynch, "Helpmate"; Eugene McNamara, "The Surgical Procedure"; Holley Ballard Rubinsky, "Capricorn Women"; Brian Rusted, "My Sister's Porch"; Mildred Tremblay, (3 tss.), "The Woman and the Orange", "Dark Forms Gliding", "Divine Incubus". File 3 contains tss. by: Barbara Goddard, "Theorizing Fiction Theory"; Lesley Choyce, (2 tss.), "Muriel and the Baptist", "The Amulet"; Greg Hollingshead, "The Comfort of Things as They Are"; Margaret Hollingsworth, "Smiling Under Water"; H.R. Percy, "The Silk Moth"; Negovan Rajic, (trans. by David Lobdell), "An Ubiquitous Case"; Holley Ballard Rubinsky, "Leah, in Yport, on the Normandy Coast"; Donald Roscoe, "The Ninth Life"; Ramón Sepúlveda, "Community Rock"; M.L. Scott, "Travelling in Other Lands"; Erin Thomas, (photocopy), "Louis' Mother"; Pablo Urbanyi, (trans. by Nigel Dennis), "Hungarian-Argentinian Letters".

File 4 Contains photocopies of stories by: Gordon Montedor, "Introduction to 45 Below"; Mat Cohen, "The Zeidman Effect"; Janette Turner Hospital, from Borderline; Susan Kerslake, "Mirror Mirror"; Bharati Mukherjee, "Hindus", from Darkness; Paul Quarrington, from The Life of Hope; David Adams Richards from Road to the Stilt House; Sarah Sheard, from Almost Japanese; ArithaVan Herk, (first pages missing); Guy Vanderhaeghe, chapter one of My Present Age.

Files 5-9 Number 60. 1987. (Native issue). File 5 contains galley proofs for entire issue. File 6 contains biographical notes for contributors. File 7 contains more biographical notes, and tss. by: Jeannette C. Armstrong, "The Awakening"; Peter Blue Cloud, (aka Aroniawenrate), "Winter Crow"; Beth Brant, "Turtle Gal"; Ray Chenier, "The Legend of the Racoon"; Richard G. Green, "The Last Raven"; S. Bruised Head, "An Afternoon in Bright Sunlight"; Steven Heighton, "The Son is Always Like the Father"; Basil H. Johnston, (2 tss.), "The Truth, The Whole Truth", "Summer Holidays in Spanish"; Joyce Joe, (2 tss.), "Window", "The Loonie Bin"; Thomas King, (3 tss.), "Introduction to Anthology", "Bingo Bigbear and the Tie-And-Choker Bone Game", "Joe the Painter and the Deer Island Massacre"; Barry Milliken, "Run"; Daniel David Moses, (3 tss.), "King of the Raft", "Gramma's Doing", "The Trickster Theatre of Tomson Highway"; Gilbert Oskaboose, "The Serpent's Eggs"; Harry Robinson, (transcribed by Wendy Wickwire), "An Okanagan Indian Becomes a Captive Circus Showpiece in England"; Glen Sorestad, "The Mechanic"; Emma Lee Warrior, "Compatriots". File 8 contains tss. by: Jeannette C. Armstrong, "The Awakening"; Peter Blue Cloud, (aka Aroniawenrate), "Winter Crow"; Ray Chenier, "The Legend of the Racoon"; S. Bruised Head, "An Afternoon in Bright Sunlight"; Basil H. Johnston, (2 tss.), "Summer Holidays in Spanish", "The Truth, the Whole Truth"; Joyce Joe, (2 tss.), "Window"; Thomas King, (3 tss.), "Introduction to Anthology", "Joe the Painter and the Deer Island Massacre", "Bingo Bigbear and the Tie-and-Choker Bone Game"; Barry Milliken, "Run"; Daniel David Moses, "King of the Raft"; Harry Robinson and Wendy Wickwire, (3 tss.), "A Murderer From Near Spence's Bridge Goes to Hell and Returns", "An Okanagan Indian Becomes a Captive Circus Showpiece in England", "Story about Two Men Who Got Power from Two Cranes to Make Food"; Emma Lee Warrior, "Compatriots". File 9 contains newspaper clippings that were used for research for Number 60.

Files 10-21 Number 61/62. 1987. (Latin American issue). File 10 contains a "special sampler" of number 61/62, which is made up of photocopies of galleys. Limited ed. of 50 copies. File 11 contains galleys. File 12 contains notes and tss. by: Mercedes Blanco, (trans. by Luise von Flotow-Evans), "Topology of the Fantastic In the Work of Julio Cortazar"; Carol Dunlop (aka Carol Dunlop-Hebert), (2 tss., 1 trans. by Luise von Flotow-Evans), "Ghost Writer", "Unfinished Solitude"; Jorge Etcheverry, "Men & Spiders (United & Divided)"; Noldo Lombardi, (trans by Louisa Dupré), "And What About the Trains, Alicia?"; Javier Garci Mendoz, "Cortazar, or, Why a Dirge is Impossible"; Yvon Rivard, "On les autonautes de la cosmoroute"; François Hérbert, "On Julio Cortazar"; Pièce De Miguel Retamal, (trans. by Luise von Flotow-Evans), "Victor and Carmen"; Alfredo Saavedra, (trans. by Louisa Dupré), "The Coffin". File 13 contains production notes, biographical notes, list of potential contributors, and tss. by: Jorge Etcheverry, (6 tss.), "Playground", "Life in the Inner Provinces", "One P.M.", "A Chair and Some Conversation", "Men & Spiders (United & Divided)", "Fame"; Raul Galvez, "View from a Portrait"; Geoff Hancock, (2 tss.), "Latin American Writers in Canada", "Boom Boom! LatLit in Hockey Country!"; Connie Harvey, "Updated Bibliography for Hispanic Writers in Canada"; Luis Lama, (6 tss.), "Alien", "The Galaxy Man", "Wolf Boy", "Passengers", "Blue Butterfly", "A Song for Jasmine"; Alex Zisman, "Mario Vargas Llosa on Democracy and the Revolutionary Sprit"; Jose Leandro Urbina, (trans. by Christine Shantz), "The Homecoming"; Marilú Mallet, "Miami Trip"; Ramón Sepúlveda (3 tss.) "The Reception", "Community Rock", "What'd You Say?"; Renato Trujillo (5 tss.) "My Séjour at Jamie's", "The Most Sacred Zone", "The Hearth", "El Seguidor (The Follower)", "The Man that Ran"; Leandro Urbina (2 copies of same ts.) "The River"; Ludwig Zeller, (trans. by John Robert Colombo and Susana Wald), "A Dream Repeated: Merely a Dream?". File 14 contains table of contents and production notes. File 15 contains Andrew Machalski, ts., "Hispanic Writers in Canada: A Bio-bibliographical Survey and Report on the Activities of the Spanish and Latin American Writers in Canada". 1978-1979. File 16 contains Jorge Etcheverry, ts., "Here and There". File 17 contains Pièce De Miguel Retamal, ts., "Victor et Carmen" (ts. in original Spanish). File 18 contains Jorge Fajardo, ts., "Venta de boletos de rifa para Kermesse, por viaje de estudios". File 19 contains Marilú Mallet, (2 tss.), "Miami Trip"; "Voyage to the Land of the Other Extreme". File 20 contains Alfredo Saavedra, ts., "El Ataud". File 21 contains Ramón Sepúlveda, ts., "Julia in the Sky with Diamonds".

File 22 Contains various newspaper articles in French, 1981. Presumably used for research.

File 23 Number 63. [198?]. (The English Fiction Renaissance in Quebec issue). Contains 2 covers, as well as tss. by: Ludmilla Bereshko, "Ghosts"; Ann Diamond (aka Anne McLean), "Cairo"; Trevor Ferguson, "Thundering"; Stephen Henighan, "MacAnally's z"; Richard Lanoie, "Too Quiet the Révolution"; P. Scott Lawrence, "Missing Fred Astaire"; Geoff Hancock, "Conjugations: New English Writing from Quebec"; Michael Mirolla, "The Sleeping Sickness"; Kenneth Radu, "Real Men"; T.F. Rigelhof, "Hard Country Rock"; Robyn Sarah, "New Management"; George Szanto, "Salome"; Yesim Ternar, "Indigo"; Renato Trujillo, "The Winding Staircase".

File 24 Contains galleys of advertisement for 20th Anniversary issue (which appeared in May, 1991).
File 25 Contains table of contents for Canadian Fiction Magazine anthology, titled Shoes and Shit, 1984.
File 26 Contains general production notes in a spiral notebook as well as many loose sheets.
File 27 Number 65. [198?]. (Kingston conference issue). Notes on various contributors to the magazine.
Files 28-29 Number 69. 1989. (Fifteen Strange Fictions issue). File 28 contains production notes. File 29 contains ts. for editorial "from The Notebooks: Another Decade Begins: the 90's".

Box 7
Files 1-2 Number 69. 1989. (Fifteen Strange Fictions issue). File 1 contains galleys for the cover. File 2 contains biographical notes and tss. by: Michael Bullock, "A Month in the City"; Ann Diamond (aka Anne McLean), "Evil Eye"; Don Dickinson, "Hogarth's Arrangement"; William Goede, "Forbidden City"; Douglas Glover, "Nihilism and Hairspray"; Neal Davis Anderson, "Nuns"; Geoff Hancock, "How to Be Editor-in-chief of Canadian Fiction Magazine"; Steven Heighton, "Flightpaths of the Emperor"; Michael C. Kenyon, "Jane Hart's Airband"; Patrick Lewis, "If You Stop a Little Longer"; Michael Mirolla, "Families, Friendlies, Familiars"; Patrick Roscoe, (2 tss.), "Without the Desert No Oasis Would Emerge", "Lights! Camera! Action!"; Ron Smith, "Book Without End"; Martin B. Sherman, "Laughing Sickness"; John Webster, "Take Back the Night".

File 3 Contains information regarding the 1982 Harbourfront Reading series. Includes notes, schedule of events and newspaper about the event.
Files 4-5 Number 70. 1990. (West to East issue). File 4 contains cover photo, galley of the cover, as well as finished product. File 5 contains tss. for editorial "Damage Control".

File 6 Number 71. August 1990. (Newfoundland issue). Contains biographical notes and tss. by: Don Aldwin, (2 tss. copies), (aka Don Nichol), "Wesler's Return: A Taxing Tale"; Gail Anderson-Dargatz, "The Bone Salesman"; Paul Bowdring, "A Lover's Canary"; Bertrand Bergeron, (trans. by Judith Cowan), "Jessica"; Stephanie Darby, "Italian"; Adrian Fowler, "The Little Man on the Cross"; Rosalind Gill, "Fairy Led"; Douglas Glover, "Gertrude, or the Postmodern Novel"; Jacqueline Howse, "Say It Loud"; Wayne Johnston, "The Divine Ryans"; Karl Jirgens, (2 tss.), "Radishes and Gooseberries", "The Distant Sound of a Jet in the Sky Above"; Mary Lewis, "This Song Is Not Finished"; Marc Langdon, "After Supper"; Evelyn Lau, "Acts of Devotion"; Lawrence Mathews, "New Writing on the Rock"; Lisa Moore, (2 tss.), "Meet Me in Sidi Ifni", "Wisdom Teeth"; Philip Milner, "The Yankee Professor's Guide to Life in Nova Scotia"; John Moss, "Arctic Landscape and the Metaphysics of Geography"; Patrick O'Flaherty, (2 tss.), "The Inside Track", "A Gift"; Lawrence O'Toole, "Somewhere to Go"; Sheilagh O'Leary, text to accompany her photo series, "The Feminine Mystique"; Robert C. Pearce, "Caves"; Jim Quilty, "Wheedle Buck"; Medina Stacey, "Karass"; Virginia Ryan, "Mary Conway"; Hilda Kirkwood, "Review of A Good Baby by Leon Rooke"; Natasha Maude, (aka Stephine Squires), "The Secret Tax Reform"; Medina Stacey, "Walter Always Wins"; Diane Schoemperlen, "A Cool Wind in the Water: The Writing Life"; Yolande Villemaire, "The Hieroglyphic Side of What Is Called Reality".

File 7 Number 73. February 1991. Contains biographical notes, addresses of contributing authors, early drafts of table of contents and production notes. Also contains tss. by: Louis K. MacKendrick "The Stories of Edna Alford: From Realism to Romance"; Geoff Hancock, "A New Generation".
File 8 Number 74/75. May 1991. (20th Anniversary issue). Table of contents list, Geoff Hancock ts. of editorial "Damage Control", addresses and phone numbers of contributors.

Files 9-10 Number 76. 1991. (End of an Age). File 9 contains galleys of entire issue. File 10 contains photocopies of art work for issue and tss. by: Beverley Daurio, "Twelve Scenes and an Antimacassar"; Geoff Hancock, (3 tss. of editorial), "Editing at the End of an Age"; Robert Hilles, "Finding Evidence"; Maggie Helwig, "Nuclear Winter"; Steven Heighton, "The Son Is Always like the Father"; Karl Jirgens, "Surfaces (from a work in progress)"; Eugene McNamara, "Scenes from the Circumnavigation of the Great White Fleet (1907-1909)"; Barbara Parkin, "Miss Sixteenth"; Glen Sorestad, "The Proprietor"; Sam Tata, "Aku Henri: A Memoir".

File 11 Number 76 & 77. 1991-2. (Number 77: Why Men Have Balls). File contains 3 newspaper articles on the men's movement (in which Hancock was very active), as well as tss. which may have appeared in either number 76 or 77 (unclear). Tss. by: Gaétan Brulotte, (2 tss., one a photocopy in French), (1 trans. by Judith Cowan), "A Dream of Tomatoes", "Ce qui nous tient"; Michael Bullock, "Randolph Cranstone in the Hands of Lilith"; Charles Foran, "The Reunion Sonata"; Geoff Hancock, (2 tss. copies), "Why Men Have Balls: Poets, Men, Mythology, and Magical Visions"; Ernest Hekkanen, "Miasma: An Imaginative Memoir"; ts. by author unknown, (first page missing); Maggie Helwig, "Nuclear Winter"; Robert Hilles, "Finding Evidence"; Richard Lanoie, (2 tss.), "Straight Off Centre: The Henri-Richard Stories", "Still Voices"; Eugene McNamara, "Scenes from the Circumnavigation of the Great White Fleet (1907-1909)"; Armand Garnet Ruffo, "The Trap"; Patrick Roscoe, "The Beauty Secrets of a Belly Dancer"; T.F. Rigelhof, "A Little Conversation, A Little Red Wine"; Glen Sorestad, "The Proprietor"; Yeshim Ternar, "You Will Forget All This".

Files 12-14 Number 77. 1992. (Why Men Have Balls issue). File 12 contains table of contents, addresses for contributors and biographical notes. File 13 contains galleys for entire issue, while file 14 contains the computer print-out proofs for the issue.

Files 15-17 Number 78. 1992. (Name the Shame issue). File 15 contains galleys of the entire issue. File 16 contains tss. by: Catherine Bush, "Voices Over Water"; Michael Bullock, "Nothing Is as Precious as the Useless Rose"; Anne Copeland (aka Anne Bernard; aka Virginia "Ginny" Furtwangler), "Strange Bodies on a Stranger Shore"; Susan Crawford, "The Perfection of Language"; Lewis Horne, "Sheryl's Tears"; Bill Gaston, "The Work-In-Progress"; Geoff Hancock, "The End of History"; Bruce Hunter, "Arthur". File 17 contains proofs.

Files 18-23 Number 79. November 1992. (Surfing the Narrative issue). File 18 contains galleys. File 19 contains tss. by: Michael Bullock, "The Rose Bush"; Lee Gowan, "The Town"; Geoff Hancock, "The Use of Cartoons"; Janina C. Hornosty, "Murder"; Yolande Villemaire, (trans. by Basil Villemaire), "The Green Snake". File 20 contains galleys. File 21 contains computer printout proofs. File 22 contains notes, table of contents, and addresses for contributing authors.
File 23 Number 80. February, 1993. Contains table of contents, and tss. by: Anne Copeland, (aka Anne Bernard; aka Virginia "Ginny" Furtwangler), (2 photocopies and 1 ts.), "Mother Love", "Gift"; Meira Cook, "Instructions for Navigating the Labyrinth"; Rita C. Davies, "Goddesses of the Late 20th Century"; Bill Gaston, "The Work-In-Progress"; Lee Gowan, "The Town"; Diana Hartog, (2 tss.), "The World Serpent", "Scottie Dogs"; Geoff Hancock, "Surfacing: the Trans-Canada Highway as Unused Metaphor"; Janian C. Hornosty, "Murder"; Lewis Horne, "Sheryl's Tears"; Carl Leggo, "Growing Up Perpendicular on the Side of a Hill"; Robert Hugh, "Postcards to Eight Women"; T.F. Rigelhof, "A Little Conversation, A Little Red Wine"; Robyn Sarah, "Micro-Eternities of the Children's Hospital"; Yeshim Ternar, "You Will Forget All This"; Yolande Villemaire, "Greensnake".

Box 8
Files 1-3 Number 80. February 1993. (Trans-Canada Highway issue). Files 1-2 contain galleys and proofs. File 3 contains production notes, and tss. by: Sharon Butala "Saskatchewan"; Anne Diamond (aka Anne McLean), "Silent Callers"; Geoff Hancock (2 drafts of editorial) "Surfacing: the Trans-Canada Highway as Unused Metaphor"; Frances Itani, "Earthman Pointing"; Martin (Marty) Sherman, "Wire Act"; Anne Pacholka, "The Kiss"; Fred Stenson, "Burns Burns Burns and Burns: a short story"; George Szanto, "A Temporary Death".

File 4-5 Number 81. May 1993. (Alchemical Fiction: Alchemy and Opening the Mail). File 4 contains table of contents, and tss. by: Geoff Hancock, "Alchemy and Opening the Mail"; Frances Itani, "The Granary"; Lesley Krueger, "Duckering"; Robert Mullen, "Maize Child"; Kevin Patterson, "Gabriella - Parts One and Two"; Chetan Rajani, "The Guy de Maupassant Plot"; Greg Stephenson, (2 tss.), "Tough Love", "Periodic Table of Escape Velocities"; Michael Winter, "Enlarged to Show Texture"; Zoe Landale, "After Murray Died". File 5 contains addresses of contributing authors and galleys.

File 6 Number 82. August 1993. (Lords of Misrule: Small Presses in Canada issue). File contains table of contents and galleys. No tss. extant for this issue. Galleys contain articles by: Geoff Hancock, "Lords of Misrule: Small Press in Canada"; Bill Schermbrucker, (see box 5, file 23), "North Burnaby, the Herdsman and Freud"; Kristjana Gunnars, "Postcards"; Eliza Clark, "Queen of the Flying Trapeze"; Davy James-French, "Options"; Robert Hilles, "Survivors Not the Right Name (Chris)"; Dennis Bock, "The Wedding"; Yeshim Ternar, (2 tss.), "Abraham Galanti", "True Romance with a Sailor".

File 7 Number 83. November 1993. (Special Yukon issue). Contains ts. for editorial, "Ward, Don't be So Hard on the Beaver! The 1950's Recalled". Also table of contents, and biographical notes.

File 8 CFM writer's kit and guidelines, ts. of introduction. No year specified, although likely 1990-3.
File 9 Number 84/85. 1994. Contains a draft ts. copy of editorial.
File 10 Number 86. June 1994. Contains photocopy of editorial galley, and 2 tss. of an essay by Geoff Hancock entitled "Canadian Culture".
File 11 Contains table of contents for numbers 87-93.
File 12 Number 88. October 1994. Contains ts. of editorial and form letter to be sent out regarding the CFM 25th Anniversary Anthology.
File 13 Contains ts. of introduction, list of contributing authors, biographical and production notes for 1977 anthology.
File 14 Number 90/91. 1996. (25th Anniversary issue). File contains ts. of editorial, "Twenty-Five Years".
File 15 Newspaper clippings, brochures, and various other articles relating to Hancock's 1981 trip to China.

Files 16-39 Contain various tss., not known whether they appeared in CFM or in an anthology.
File 16 George Bowering, ts., "Page from a Notebook". File includes 3 pages of drawings, pen on paper, artist unknown.
File 17 Claudette Charbonneau-Tissot, ts., "Compulsion". Trans. by Michael Bullock.
File 18 Matt Cohen, ts., "Café Le Dog".
File 19 Sue Ericsson, 4 tss., "Mr. Einstein and the Subway"; "The Balderman Accounts"; "The Murder That Saved a Marriage"; and "You're New Here, eh?"
File 20 Jorge Etcheverry, ts., "Short Dark Men".
File 21 John Glassco, ts., "The Art of Pornography".
File 22 Madeleine Ferren, 3 tss., "The Illness"; "The Gift of God"; "The Peopling of the Earth".
File 23 Gary Geddes, ts., "The Tan".
File 24 Louis-Philippe Hébert, ts., "Robinson Brain", trans. by Alexandre L. Amprimoz.
File 25 W.W. Jacobs, photocopy, "The Monkey's Paw". Sent to Hancock by Alberto Manguel, as indicated by note on the first page.
File 26 Naim Kattan, ts., "The Neighbour", trans. by Judi Madley.
File 27 Stephen Mallory, ts., "The Shipwreck".
File 28 George McWhirter, ts., "The Boy Who Wished Away Numbers (A Children's Story)".
File 29 Négovan Rajic, ts., "A Dog Story", trans. by David Lobdell.
File 30 Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), ts., "The Stain".
File 31 Patrick Roscoe, ts., "When the World Was White: Part I".
File 32 Diane Schoemperlen, ts., review of A Casual Affair: A Modern Fairytale by Sylvia Fraser. Marked "no" by Hancock, which suggests that it was never used.
File 33 Leon Rooke, 2 tss., "Fromm [sic] Investigations"; "Fat Women".
File 34 Jose Leandro Urbina, ts., "Homo Eroticus (Work in Progress)".
File 35 Author unknown, ts., "Road to Golgotha" (in Russian).
File 36 Author unknown, ts,. "The Mouth: from Organ Music".
File 37 Jane Urquhart, ts., "The Whirlpool Dream House" (photocopy).
File 38 Guy Vanderhaeghe, 4 tss., "How the Story Ends"; "Going to Russia"; "The Expatriates' Party, or Je Me Souviens" (photocopy); "What I Learned from Caesar" (photocopy).
File 39 David Watmough, ts., extract from "No More into the Garden".

Series 2:
Interviews. -- 1975-1987. -- 48 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Files contain transcripts of interviews that were conducted for the Canadian Fiction Magazine. Box 10, file 11 is an edited ts. of W.O. Mitchell's Since Daisy Creek, sent to CFM prior to the novel's publication. See also boxes 11-12, both of which contain audio cassettes of many interviews.

Box 9
File 1 Margaret Atwood. November-December, 1986. File contains photocopies of articles about Atwood's work, as well as transcripts of interview. Interview was highly edited by both Hancock and Atwood, and there are 3 different versions of the interview.
File 2 Clark Blaise. June 13, 1980. File contains 3 different transcripts of the interview, and was highly edited by Hancock.
File 3 Nicole Brossard. June 13, 1982. File contains one transcript of interview, most likely the final edited version.
File 4 Michael Bullock. March, 1984. File contains notes for questions, as well as reviews of several of Bullock's books, including: Randolph Cranstone and the Pursuing River; Green Beginning, Black Ending; Sixteen Stories as They Happened. File also includes ts. by Jack Stewart, "Three Surrealist Books by Michael Bullock". Also 2 transcripts of interview with Bullock, conducted by Andrew Parkin.
File 5 Matt Cohen. June 25, 1984. File contains 2 transcripts of interview, as well as a separate list of questions, and galleys of final version.

File 6 Julio Cortazar. 1982. Cortazar and Carol Dunlop meeting. Written as a log book, and appears to be a ts. written by Cortazar. File also contains several interviews, 2 of which were done for other magazines. January 1980, from Libertie, 2 tss. trans. by Louise von Flowtow-Evans. Ts. from Nuit Blanche, n.d., also trans. by Louise von Flowtow-Evans.
File 7 Brian Fawcett. 1989. File contains transcript of interview between Fawcett and Bruce Serafin.
File 8 Mavis Gallant. October, 1977. File also contains ts. by Hugh Hood, "A Few Kind Words from Mavis", Sept. 9-10, 1978. Also copy of Branching Out: Canadian Magazine for Women, Feb/March 1976 issue which contains interview with Gallant held in Paris. File contains spiral notebook, ts. of introduction to interview, 3 tss. of interview itself, and ts. of answers to numbered questions. (Only the numbers are listed, along with answers.)
File 9 Jack Hodgins. 1979. File also contains 2 photocopies of reviews by J.R. (Tim) Struthers of Hodgins' books. Both from Essays on Canadian writing, issues 5 (Fall 1976) and 9 (Winter 1977/78). Also photocopy of "Jack Hodgins and the Island Mind" by David L. Jeffery from Book Forum, n.d. 3 transcripts of full interview, as well as 1 brief ts. of interview, typed questions and handwritten answers in margins. Transcripts have been edited by both Hodgins and Hancock.
File 10 Geoff Hancock. Summer, 1978. Hancock interviews himself for CFM issue 31. File contains 2 transcripts of interview.

File 11 Robert Harlow. May 22, 26, 1975. File contains 3 transcripts of interview, as well as a list of questions on separate sheet.
File 12 Martin Vaughn James. 1976. File contains 1 transcript of interview.
File 13 Robert Kroetsch. February, 1976. Includes 2 transcripts of interview, one highly edited.
File 14 Douglas LePan. March 5, 1981. File includes ts. of questions with notes in margins.
File 15 Alberto Manguel. October 6, 1986. File includes 3 transcripts of interview (and 1 photocopy of interview). Also ts. list of questions and clipping of interview with Manguel from Quill & Quire, February, 1986.

File 16 Eugene McNamara. April 26, 1983. Includes 2 transcripts of interview, one highly edited, as well as proofs of the interview.
File 17 John Metcalf. February 16, 1981. Contains 1 transcript of interview with editorial markings.
File 18 W.O. Mitchell. Fall, 1978. Conducted by Marsha Barber. 1 transcript. (see also box 10, file 11.)
File 19 Bharati Mukherjee. February 13-14, 1987. File contains 2 transcripts of interview, one marked as a draft by Mukherjee. Interview has been edited by both Mukherjee and Hancock. Also ts. of questions.
File 20 Alice Munro. September 15, 1982. Contains 1 transcript of interview and 1 photocopy of transcript. Photocopy has editorial markings.

File 21 Susan Musgrave. July 18, 1978. Interview conducted by Dorothy Stott. One transcript of interview.
File 22 Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet). 1985. File includes 2 transcripts of interview as well as ts. of introduction to interview.

Box 10
File 1 Jane Rule. Fall 1976. File contains 2 spiral notebooks containing transcripts of interview and 2 typed transcripts. Also newspaper clipping of review of Rule's "The Young in One Another's Arms" by Merrilee Robson, November 18.
File 2 Andreas Schroeder. February, 1977. Contains 2 transcripts of interview.
File 3 Ian Slater. Summer, 1977. File contains transcript of interview, curriculum vitae of Slater, and additional transcript that has been edited by being cut and stapled back together.
File 4 Josef Skvorecký. February 24, 1983. File contains 3 transcripts of interview. Also there is a number of articles relating to Skvorecký: "Toronto Haven for Five Authors in Exile" by Karen Englander for the Sunday Star, September 27, 1981. In addition, reviews of The Brass Saxophone from the Toronto Star (July 26); Maclean's Magazine (July 25); U.S. Reviews (January 20, 1979); Quill & Quire (August, 1977); Books in Canada (Dec., 1977); The Globe and Mail (Aug. 25, 1977); Canadian Forum (Nov., 1977); Journal of Canadian Fiction (issue 21); The New York Times (Jan. 14, 1979); Rolling Stone (May 3, 1979); The Village Voice (Aug. 27, 1979); and one other, written by Whitney Balliett. Other articles include "Portrait of a Political Exile" from Toronto Life Magazine (August 1977); "Re-discovering the Sweet, Sweet Music of Freedom" from Sunday Star (May 4, 1980). Also list of questions with notes in margins. Also contains galleys of the interview.

File 5 Yves Thériault. July 8, 1983. Conducted by M.G. Hesse. 2 transcripts of interview, as well as ts. of introduction to interview.
File 6 Jane Urquhart. December 19, 1985. Contains 2 transcripts of interview, as well as a cardboard cover which once contained a photo of Urquhart.
File 7 W.D. Valgardson. September 6, 1977. File contains 2 transcripts of interview.
File 8 Miriam Waddington. February 26, 1981. File contains list of questions to be asked, with notes written in margins.
File 9 David Watmough. December 10, 1975. File contains spiral notebook, transcript of interview, ts. of questions to be asked, several pages of notes, and a ts. of Watmough's responses.
File 10 George Woodcock. Spring & Fall, 1977. Interview was conducted by mail. File contains 1 transcript of interview.
File 11 is a photocopy of edited ts. of W.O. Mitchell's Since Daisy Creek (1984) that was sent to CFM prior to the novel's publication.

Series 3:
Sound recordings. -- 1974-1990. -- 137 audio cassettes. -- Title based on the content of series.
Cassettes of interviews undertaken by Geoff Hancock for CFM along with recordings of some of his speeches. Cassettes are listed alphabetically by person being interviewed. Box 12 also contains two film strips.

Box 11
Helen and Phil Akrigg. 1 cassette.
Edna Alford. Sept. 25, 1986. 2 cassettes.
Alexandre Amprimoz. February 28, 1982. 1 cassette.
Ann Wall (House of Anansi Press). June 26, 1986. 1 cassette.
David Arnason. October 29, 1981. 1 cassette.
Margaret Atwood. March, 1980. Also 2 tapes made Dec. 9, 1986. Total of 3 cassettes.
Sharon Bakula. December, 1983. 1 cassette.
Yves Beauchemin. November 15, 1983. 1 cassette.
Clark Blaise. January 9, 1977. 1 cassette. Also June 3, 1980. 3 cassettes. Total of 4.
Nicole Brossard. March, 1986. 1 cassette.
Raymond Carver. See box 12.
Denys Chabot. n.d. 1 cassette.
Judy Chicago. Marked "Take 30". September 17, 1982. 1 cassette.
Veronica Rise Cogswell. June 27, 1980. 1 cassette.
Matt Cohen. June 25, 1984. 2 ½ cassettes. Side B of tape 3 has Matt Cohen interview, side A is David Donnell. 1 cassette.
David Donnell. November 9, 1984. 2 ½ cassettes. See note for Matt Cohen above.
Nick Drumbolis. October 12, 15 & 19, 1984. 4 tapes, one for each date and 2 for October 19.
L. Fraser. February 26, 1987. Side A only, side B is Gay Hancock on radio, Oct. 1987.
Cathy Ford on Catlin. n.d. 1 cassette.
Marian Engel. See box 12.
Mavis Gallant. October 23, 1977. 2 cassettes.
Barbara Goddard. May 8, 1987. 1 cassette.
Graeme Gibson. September 13, 1982. 1 cassette.
John Glassco 1960's. Reading "Catbird" poem. Note on box indicates that this recording was re-recorded at CJRT from the master held by A. Gildiner. Date of re-recording: May 2, 1981. 1 tape on reel. There is also a ts. detailing Glassco's explanation of the "Catbird" poem. Title of ts. reads: "REF.: "Catbird" -- from Delta #27, May 1963, p. 15."
Douglas Glover. October 2, 1986. 1 cassette.

Robert Harlow. December 13, 1981. 3 cassettes.
François Hébert. November 14, 1983. 1 cassette.
Jack Hodgins. February 11, 1978. 3 cassettes.
Hugh Hood. August 24, 1980. 2 cassettes.
Robert Kroetsch. June 27, 1983. 3 cassettes.
Alberto Manguel. October 8, 1986. 1 cassette.
Seymour Mayne. August 4, 1986. 1 cassette.
Michael Macklem. September 17, 1980. 1 cassette.
Antonine Maillet. May 8, 1986. 1 cassette.
Eugene McNamara. August 25, 1983. 2 cassettes.
John Metcalf. February 16, 1981. 2 cassettes.
Rohinton Mistry. January 30, 1989. 1 cassette.
Ken Mitchell. January 9, 1985. 1 cassette.
John Moss. February (?) 23, 1981.
Alice Munro. September 15, 1982. 3 cassettes.
Bharati Mukherjee. February 13/14, 1987. 2 cassettes.
bp Nichol. July 1, 1986. 2 cassettes.
Ken Norris. October 22, 1982. 2 cassettes. Second tape has interview with Peter van Toorn on side B.
Jacques Renaud. February, 1983. 1 cassette.
Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet). July 31, 1980. 2 cassettes.
Leon Rooke. December 15, 1981. 1 cassette. Another 2 tapes made August 1, 1980. Total of 3 cassettes.
Jane Rule. Fall 1976. 3 cassettes.
Alan Sacarick-Blackfish. October 24, 1984. 1 cassette.
Ben Z. Shek (Eldorado on Ice) n.d. 1 cassette.
Andreas Schroeder. February, 1977. 2 cassettes.
Robin Skelton. August 2, 1980. 1 cassette.
Josef Skvorecký (& T. Fulton) September 14, 1980. Radio broadcast from CJRT-FM. 1 cassette. Also February 24, 1983. 4 tapes, total of 5 cassettes.
Ian Slater. Summer, 1977. 2 cassettes.
Jean Yves Soucy. October 30, 1983. 1 cassette.
Michel Tremblay. October 15, 1983. 3 cassettes.
Gerard Tougas. November 24, 1982. 1 cassette.
Leandro Urbina / Ramon Sepulueda. October 9, 1982. 1 cassette.

Box 12
Jane Urquhart. December 19-20, 1985. 2 cassettes.
W.D. Valgardson. September 6, 1977. 1 cassette.
Randall Ware. n.d. 1 cassette.
David Watmough. December 19, 1975. 2 cassettes.
Howard White (at Harbourfront). November 16, 1984. 2 cassettes.
Ann Wallace. July 3, 1984.
"Whooping Cranes." Banff, Oct. 1978. 1 cassette.
Paul Yee. February 16, 1990. 1 cassette.
Xlan. Summer, 1981. 1 cassette.
Raymond Carver interview. n.d. Audio tape on large spool. Interview conducted by P. Hyman.
Marian Engel interview. 1974. Audio tape on medium sized spool, in grey plastic case.
Anthology, Dub from 2500'. n.d. 1 tape that comes from the CBC.
Anthology - Features Pre-Historic Art of Canadian Writing. n.d. 1 tape, comes from the CBC.
Anthology. Jan 28, 1984. Geoff Hancock speaking.
Canadian Authors Association meeting. June 29, 1985.
Future of Literature. January 2, 1981. Recorded from CBC, Steven Maning speaking. 1 cassette.
Lecture by Geoff Hancock. June 6, 1985. 2 cassettes.
Lecture by Geoff Hancock on fiction. June 13, 1985. 1 cassette.
Magic Realism, Hancock lecture. May 13, 1985. Given at the University of Waterloo. 1 cassette.

Hancock talk - Stratford. n.d. 1 tape, copy of original.
Princess Boats, Hacking & Lamb. July 23, 1976. 1 cassette.
Ideas: Eldorado on Ice. n.d. 3 cassettes.
Literary Seminar, Canadian Periodical Publishers Association on Little Magazines. May 13, 1985. 1 cassette.
Past, Present, Future: Literary Magazines. May 13, 1985. Louis Dudek, Geoff Hancock and Eleanor Wachtel present.
The Longest Journey. n.d. Tape marked as "Open Circuit: The Longest Journey."
Judy Peking. n.d. 2 cassettes.
Adrian (?) Sanders. CBC., March 16, 1980. 1 cassette.
Samba. n.d. 1 cassette.
University of British Columbia Press. n.d. 1 cassette.
Writing Saskatchewan: Essays on Saskatchewan Writing. June 1987. Geoff Hancock and Fred Wah speeches. 1 cassette.
Writing Saskatchewan: How other see us #1. June 1987. Speech by Professor Simone Vauthier. 1 cassette.
Writing Saskatchewan: How other see us #2. June 1987. Speech by Professor Russell McDougall. 1 cassette.
Writing Saskatchewan: conference summation. June 1987. speeches by L. Crozier and B. Sproxtion. 1 cassette.
"Bear-Naked". October, 1971. Animated short, 2 min. in length. In same box is another short, titled "Bottle Profundo" and "The Island Race". (Both titles written on the same cassette.) n.d.

Series 4:
Correspondence. -- 1972-1997. -- 2.24 m of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Includes correspondence both to and from CFM. Arranged by author. Some of the larger files are: Aya Press, Black Moss Press, Michael Bullock, Thea Hancock, Geoff Hancock, Cyril Dabydeem, Anne Copeland (aka Anne Bernard; aka Virginia "Ginny" Furtwangler), Mavis Gallant, Basil Kingstone, Eugene McNamara, Quarry Press, Rikki (aka Erica Ducornet), Leon Rooke, Wayne Stedingh, Josef Skvorecký, Sam Tata, and Derk Wynand.

Box 13
File 1 Notes for correspondence. (written when Hancock sold his papers to McMaster).
File 2 Anansi, House of. 1976-1995.
File 3 Abbott, William H. 1975.
File 4 Abley, Mark. 1980.
File 5 Absinthe. 1991.
File 6 Aconito, Luciano. 1980.
File 7 ACT. 1991.
File 8 Adams, Doreen. 1989.
File 9 Adams, Michelle. 1989-1990.
File 10 Adderson, Caroline. 1987-1990.
File 11 Alberta. 1974-1996.
File 12 Alberta, University of. 1980.
Alberta, University of, Press. see box 20 file: 48.
File 13 Alekseychuk, Leonid. 1980.
File 14 Aligizakis, Emmanuel. 1975.
File 15 Allison, Gay. 1982-1990.
File 16 Ally Press. 1990.
File 17 Algoma University College. 1987.
File 18 Allam Arabic Publishing Co. 1980.
File 19 Allin, Heather. 1985.
File 20 Amabile, George. 1988.
File 21 Amprimoz, Alexandre. 1979-1983.
File 22 Anderson-Dargatz, Gail. 1993-1994.
File 23 Anderson, Neal Davis. 1989-1995.
File 24 Andrews, Jan. 1980.
File 25 Andrus, David. 1987-1988.
File 26 Antaeus. 1977-1980.
File 27 Anthea. (no date)
File 28 Antigonish Review. 1983-1984.
File 29 Antonson, Rick. 1977.
File 30 Ardizzi, Maria J. 1980.
File 31 Arsenal Collaborative Library. 1983-1984.
File 32 Artistampex. 1984.
File 33 Art of the Sword. 1989.
File 34 Arts Council - Hamilton. 1984 - 1985.
File 35 Ary, Soloman. 1980.
File 36 Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts. 1980.
File 37 Atkinson, Ruth. 1979-1980.
File 38 Atlas, Carson. 1981-1982.
Attorney General, Ministry of. see box: 17 file: 153.
File 39 Atwood, Margaret. 1977-1987.
File 40 Authors' Awards. 1983-1988.
File 41 Aya Press. 1979-1986.
File 42 A- Misc. 1975-1994.

File 43 Bailey, Linda. 1990.
File 44 Balatoni, Steve. 1980.
File 45 Baldwin, Laura. 1980.
File 46 Baliozian, Ara. 1980.
File 47 Banff Centre School of Fine Arts. 1985-1987.
File 48 Banks, John. 1997.
File 49 Bates, Ronald. 1975.
File 50 Bantom Books. 1978-1984.
File 51 Baoci, Fan. 1981.
File 52 Barber, Bruce. 1990-1991.
File 53 Barber, Marsha. 1979-1980.
File 54 Barcelo, François. 1983.
File 55 Baron, Emilio. 1980.
File 56 Bartocci, Dr. Gianni. 1980-1981.
File 57 Bastiunutti, Dr. Diego. 1980-1985.
File 58 Bauer, Nancy. 1976-1977.
File 59 Bay Area Library and Information System. 1989.
File 60 B.C. Publishers Group. 1974-1976.
File 61 Beardsley, Doug. 1980.
File 62 Beattie, Jeann. 1985.
File 63 Beauchemin, Yves. 1983-1985.
File 64 Beaverbooks. 1981-1984.
File 65 Bedoukian, Kerop. 1979-1980.
File 66 Bednarski, Betty. 1981-1983.
File 67 Begamundre, Ven. 1988-1990.
File 68 Behmoiram, Dora. 1977.
File 69 Beland, Claude. 1976-1977.
File 70 Belenson, Mel. 1980.
File 71 Belil, Michel. 1976.
File 72 Belserene, Paul. 1979.
File 73 Bender, Carol. 1990.
File 74 Bercontil, Sharon. 1980.
File 75 Berkley, Miriam. 1989.
File 76 Bermuda Department of Tourism. 1978.
File 77 Bessette, Gerard. 1984.
File 78 Betanzos-Santos, Manuel. 1980-1982.
File 79 Betcherman, Gary. 1994.
File 80 Bethune, Robert W. 1993.
File 81 Beveridge, Jane Marsh. 1994-1995.
File 82 Beveridge, Karl. 1983-1984.
Bickerstaff, Isaac. see box 15, file 26-Evans, Don.
File 83 Billings, Robert. 1984-1985.
File 84 Birdsell, Sandra. 1983.
File 85 Birth Announcements.1985.
File 86 Black Moss Press. 1980-1993.
File 87 Blair, Ron. 1976.
File 88 Blaise, Clark. 1977-1981.
File 89 Blodgett, Ted (E.D.). 1979-1986.
File 90 Bobrow, Ella. 1980-1981.
File 91 Bock, Dennis. 1992-1995.
File 92 Bednarchuk, Ivan. 1980.
File 93 Body Politic. 1977-1978.
File 94 Boivin, Monique. 1980.
File 95 Bolechala, Josephine. 1983-1984.
File 96 Books in Canada. 1977-1990.
File 97 Borik, Yuri. 1980.
File 98 Borson, Roo. 1980-1985.
File 99 Bosshard, Beth. 1990.
File 100 Boudreau, Nicole. 1980.
File 101 Bouraoui, Hedi. 1980.
File 102 Bowdring, Paul. 1991.
File 103 Bowen, James K. 1977.
File 104 Bowering, George. 1974-1989.
File 105 Bowering, Marilyn. 1979-1980.
File 106 Bowie, Douglas. 1976-1978.
File 107 Bowie, Virginia C. 1978.
File 108 Branching Out. 1980-1981.
File 109 Brand, Dionne. 1985.
File 110 Brassington, Adrian. 1993-1994.
File 111 Breakwater. 1990.
File 112 Brewitt, Elizabeth. 1979-1989.
File 113 Brick Books. 1982.
File 114 Brierley, Jane. 1983-1984.
File 115 Bringhurst, Robert. 1980.
File 116 Bronstein, Elliot. 1978.
File 117 Brossard, Jacques. 1984.
File 118 British Columbia, University of, Alumni Association. 1978-1981.
File 119 Brown, Alan. 1980.
File 120 Brown, Andrew. 1986-1987.
File 121 Brown, Russell. 1980-1982.
File 122 Bruccoli Clark Inc. 1986-1987.
File 123 Bruchac, Joseph. 1988.
File 124 Brunelle, Yves. 1980-1982.
File 125 Buck, Anne. 1985-1994.
File 126 Buckaway, Mrs. C.M. 1975.
File 127 Buckie, Bob. 1984.
File 128 Buday, Grant. 1994.
File 129 Buitenhuis, Peter. 1975-1990.
File 130 Bukowski Agency. 1993-1997.
File 131 Bullock, Michael. 1975-1995.
File 132 Bunnars, Kiristjana. 1980.
File 133 Burnaby Writers' Society. 1975-1990.
File 134 Burnett, Virgil. 1981-1995.
File 135 Burns, Cliff. 1992-1993.
File 136 Bush, Catherine. 1990-1991.
File 137 Butala, Sharon. 1983-1995.
File 138 Butovsky, Mervin. 1984.
File 139 B-Misc. 1975-1998.

Box 14
File 1 Calgary Public Library. 1983.
File 2 Calman, Albi. 1976-1980.
File 3 Cameron, Barry A. 1975.
File 4 Cameron, Silver Donald. 1977-1980.
File 5 Canada Post. 1983-1989.
File 6 Canadian Authors Association. 1980-1990.
File 7 Canadian Author & Bookman. 1979-1990.
File 8 Canadian Book Information Centre. 1979-1987.
File 9 Canadian Centre for Arms Control & Disarmament. 1985.
File 10 Canadian Conference of the Arts. 1977.
File 11 Canadian Council on National Issues. 1995.
File 12 Canadian Ethnic Studies. 1982.
File 13 Canadian Forum, The. 1980-1987.
File 14 Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. 1980.
File 15 Canadian Literature. 1978-1984.
File 16 Canadian Magazine Publishers Association. 1989-1995.
File 17 Canadian Magazine, The.1978-1979.
File 18 Canadian Native Arts Foundation. 1986-1988.
File 19 Canadian Serials Directory. 1975.
File 20 Canadian Short Story Magazine. 1976.
File 21 Canadian Plains Research Center. 1989.
File 22 Canadian Periodical Publishers' Association. 1975-1987.
File 23 Canebsco Subscription Service. 1979-1982.
File 24 Cape Breton's Magazine. 1975-1980.
File 25 Capilano Review, The. 1976-1980.
File 26 Caron, Louis. 1984.
File 27 Carrier, Jean-Guy. 1975-1978.
File 28 Carpentier, André. 1984.
File 29 Carver, Geoff. n.d..
File 30 Carynnyk, Marco. 1980.
File 31 Casper, Claudia. 1986-1995.
File 32 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 1976-1990.
File 33 CEGEP de L'Outaouais. 1980.
File 34 Center for American Studies. 1985.
File 35 Center for Inter-American Relations. 1981-1983.
File 36 Cermak, J.R.C.1988-1989.
File 37 CFRC 1490 AM & CFRC-FM 91.9. 1989.
File 38 CFMU-FM. 1984.
File 39 Chamberlain, Irene. 1984-1990.
File 40 Chamberlain, Ray. 1983.
File 41 Chao, Wen-Y. 1975.
File 42 Charon, Milly. 1985.
File 43 Chatelaine. 1975-1990.
File 44 Ching Lee, Paul. 1980.
File 45 Christensen, Ione J. 1992.
File 46 Christensen, Peter. 1980-1991.
File 47 Chochinov, Harvey. 1990.
File 48 Choyce, Lesley. 1985-1987.
File 49 Cicvak, Dr. Elias. 1983.
File 50 Ciprisova, Hana. 1980.
File 51 Citizenship and Culture, Ministry of. 1983.
File 52 Clarendon Hotel. 1987-1988.
File 53 Clark, Eliza. 1992.
File 54 Clark, Ron. 1987.
File 55 Clark, Susan. 1989.
File 56 Clarke, Ruth E. 1979-1988.
File 57 Clarke, Irwin &Co. Ltd. 1978-1982.
File 58 Clesse, Virgina. 1990.
File 59 Clift, G.W. 1988-1989.
File 60 Clifton, Merritt. 1978.
File 61 Coach House Press. 1980-1989.
File 62 Cocking, Clive. 1978-1980.
File 63 Cogswell, Fred. 1978.
File 64 Cohen, Matt. 1979-1986.
File 65 Collins, Ian. 1978.
File 66 Colombo, John Robert. 1974-1991.
File 67 Consumer & Corporate Affairs. 1975-1976.
File 68 Contemporary Authors. 1981.
File 69 Contemporary Literary Criticism. 1981-1985.
File 70 Content. 1975-1976.
File 71 Connolly, Kevin. 1990-1992.
File 72 Conway, James. 1986-1991.
File 73 Cook, Meira. 1992-1994.
File 74 Co-operators, The. 1989.
File 75 Cooper, Patricia. 1984-1985.
File 76 Coteau Books. n.d.
File 77 Copeland, Anne. (aka Anne Bernard; aka Virginia "Ginny" Furtwangler) 1974-1995.
File 78 Copeland, David. 1985-1988.
File 79 Cormorant Books. 1993-1995.
File 80 Cosmep (Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers). 1975-1977.
File 81 Coughlin, Barry. 1983.
File 82 Cowan, Judith. 1990-1991.
File 83 Coyle, Frank. 1988-1991.
File 84 Creal, Margaret. 1991.
File 85 Crawford, Susan. 1987-1994.
File 86 Crowell, Peter. 1976-1980.
File 87 Cruikshank Mailing House. 1988.
File 88 Cuddy, Ronald. 1986.
File 89 Culp, Ted W. 1984.
File 90 Cultural Services Branch - B.C. 1980.
File 91 Culture and Recreation, Ministry of. 1980.
File 92 Currie, Sheldon. 1976-1988.
File 93 Curry, J.W. 1989.
File 94 Curtin, Walter. 1980.
File 95 CV II. 1980-1982.
File 96 C-Misc. 1971-1995.

File 97 D'Aeth, Eve. 1992.
File 98 Dabydeem, Cyril. 1980-1994.
File 99 Dandurand, Anne. 1986.
File 100 Danny, Linda & Sean.1974.
File 101 Darling, Sylvia. 1990.
File 102 Daurio, Beverley. 1989-1991.
File 103 Davey, Frank. 1982-1985.
File 104 Davies, Robertson. 1977-1995.
File 105 Davis Agency. 1977-1982.
File 106 Davis, Elizabeth. 1985.
File 107 Davis, Neal Anderson. 1989.
File 108 Davis, Rita. 1991-1992.
File 109 Dawson College. 1981.
File 110 Dawson, Kim. 1986.
File 111 Day, David. 1984-1985.
File 112 Daymond, Douglas. 1980-1986.
File 113 De Celles, Michel. 1984.
File 114 De Roo, Harvey. 1987-1989.
File 115 De Franceschi, Marisa. 1984-1988.
File 116 De Grier, Jeanette. 1977.
File 117 Delany, Paul. 1978-1979.
File 118 Delany, Sheila. 1985-1987.
File 119 Delbaere, Jeanne. 1982-1986.
File 120 Dempster, Barry. 1985-1987.
File 121 Dennys, Louise. 1984-1985.
Department of External Affairs. see box: 15 file: 30.
File 122 Descant. 1987-1993.
File 123 Desrochers, J.J. 1977.
File 124 Devos, Dorothy. 1972.
File 125 Devos, Ina & Dirk. 1972.
File 126 Dewdney, Christopher. 1988.
File 127 Dey, Olga. 1980.
Diamond, Anne. see box: 17 file: 124.
File 128 Di Cicco, Pier Giorgio. 1980-1985.
File 129 Dickinson, Don. 1979-1992.
File 130 Dickinson, Gary. 1975.
File 131 Dickinson, Mary Lou. 1980-1994.
File 132 Didier, Mary Jane. 1978.
File 133 Di Iorio, Alido. 1993.
File 134 Di Michelle, Mary. 1988.
File 135 Dinosaur Review. 1985-1986.
File 136 Diotte, Robert. 1975-1985.
File 137 Disabled Writers' Quarterly. 1981.
File 138 Domokos, Alex. 1980.
File 139 Donnell, David. 1982-1991.
File 140 Dorsinville, Max. 1980.
File 141 Doubleday Canada Ltd. 1976-1983.
File 142 Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. 1980-1982.
File 143 Downe, Lise. 1990.
File 144 Doyle-Marshall, William. 1980.
File 145 Drabek, Jan. 1980-1984.
File 146 Drache, Sharon L. 1980-1984.
File 147 Drumbolis, Nicky. 1988-1990.
File 148 Duncan, Frances. 1975-1977.
File 149 Dudek, Louis. 1978-1985.
File 150 Duthie Books Ltd. 1986.
File 151 Dutton, Paul. 1988-1991.
File 152 Dyment, Margaret. 1989-1992.
File 153 D-Misc. 1975-1997.

Box 15
File 1 Eason, Bruce. 1990-1992.
File 2 Eaton's -Toronto Eaton Centre. 1984.
File 3 EBSCO Subscription Services. 1975-1985.
File 4 Echlin, Kim. 1977-1995.
File 5 Economy Mailers and Printers. 1979-1983.
File 6 E.C.W. Press. 1977-1995.
File 7 Eden Mills Writers' Festival. 1991.
File 8 Éditions du Jour. 1974-1979.
File 9 Éditions du Vent Qui Vire. 1982.
File 10 Éditions Hurtubise. 1977-1980. See also, box , file 57.
File 11 Edmundson, Bruce. 1988-1989.
File 12 Education, Ministry of. 1981.
File 13 Egyedi, Bela. 1975.
File 14 Eikenberry, Gary. 1985.
File 15 Ekstasis Editions.1992.
File 16 Elder, A. Jean. 1977.
File 17 El-Hassan, Dr. Karla. 1978-1986.
File 18 Ellenwood, Ray. 1974-1983.
File 19 Elliot, William. 1981.
File 20 Ellipse. 1975-1990.
File 21 Ellwood, Sheila. 1979.
File 22 Epp, Reuben. 1980.
File 23 Esquire. 1976.
File 24 Etcheverry, Jorge. 1985-1990.
File 25 Ethos. 1983-1984.
File 26 Evans, Don (aka: Bickerstaff, Isaac). 1981.
File 27 Evans, Hubert. 1977.
File 28 Everyman: A Men's Journal. 1994-1997.
File 29 Event. 1976-1978.
File 30 External Affairs, Department of. 1982-1987.
File 31 E-Misc. 1974-1994.

File 32 Fagan, Cary. 1986.
File 33 Fawcett, Brian. 1985-1990.
File 34 F.W. Faxon Company. 1979.
File 35 Feliciano, Margarita. 1990.
File 36 Field, L.L. 1980-1983.
File 37 Felix, Henry. 1980.
File 38 Fergusson, Anne. 1980-1981.
File 39 Fertig, Mona. 1977-1982.
File 40 Fernstrom, Ken. 1975-1976.
File 41 Fiction. 1980.
File 42 Fiction Collective. 1976-1980.
File 43 Fiction International. 1980-1981.
File 44 Fiddlehead, The. 1977-1980.
File 45 Fifth House Publishing. 1990.
File 46 Filip, Ray. 1985-1990.
File 47 Finckle, Derek C. 1992-1994.
File 48 Findlay, S. 1977.
File 49 Findlay, Tim. 1977-1988.
File 50 Fischman, Sheila. 1975-1985.
File 51 Fischer Guy, Christine. 1993.
File 52 Fitzgerald, Judith. 1984-1991.
File 53 Fitzhenry and Whiteside. 1979-1984.
File 54 Fiona Mee Foundation, The. 1979-1984.
File 55 Flare. 1981-1982
File 56 Flather, Patti. 1991-1992.
File 57 Fleming, Martha. 1985.
File 58 Flood, John. 1987-1990.
File 59 deleted- Flotow-Evans, Louise Von. see box: 20 File: 77
File 60 Foran, Charles. 1984-1990.
File 61 Forceville, Charles. 1987.
File 62 Ford, Cathy. 1977-1993.
File 63 Foster, Jocelyn. 1977-1978.
File 64 Fragoulis, Tess. 1994-1995.
File 65 Francière, Arlette. 1980-1987.
File 66 Francis, Wynne. 1980-1981.
File 67 Frankson, Connie. 1975.
File 68 Fraser, Keath. 1981-1985.
File 69 Fraser, Lorraine. 1985.
File 70 Freedman, Victoria. 1984-1990.
File 71 Friesen Printers. 1976-1985.
File 72 Frey, Cecelia. 1989-1990.
File 73 Frutkin, Mark. 1974-1991.
File 74 F-Misc. 1976-1990.

File 75 Gabriel, Barbara. 1986.
File 76 Gage Publications. 1979-1980.
File 77 Gale Research Inc. 1980-1993.
File 78 Gallant, Mavis. 1977-1980.
File 80 Galvez, Raul.1984-1985.
File 81 Garrett, Alexandra. 1977-1978.
File 82 Gamm, Niki. 1976-1978.
File 83 Ganaraska Writers' Colony. 1986.
File 84 Garner, Hugh. 1975.
File 85 Gartner, Zsuzsi. 1993-1994.
File 86 Garton, Harold. 1986.
File 87 Gasco, Elyse. 1994.
File 88 Gaskin, Geraldine. 1977.
File 89 Gaston, Bill. 1985-1994.
File 90 Gault, Connie. 1993-1994.
File 91 Gedalof, Robin. 1980.
File 92 Geddes, Gary. 1980-1991.
File 93 Gehrer, Karin. 1994-1995.
File 94 Galgoot, Arthur and Associates. 1984-1989.
File 95 Germination. 1980.
File 96 Gerry, Thomas. 1984.
File 97 Gertler, Maynard. 1975-1980.
File 98 Gerson, Carole. 1984.
File 99 General Publishing Co. 1981-1985.
File 100 Ghatage, Shree. 1994.
File 101 Gibson, Graeme. 1985-1987.
File 102 Giles, W. Mark. 1990-1994.
File 103 Gilmour Advisors. 1984-1986.
File 104 Gillett, Leslie J. 1974.
File 105 Glassbourg, Michael. 1989.
File 106 Gassco, Marion McCormick. 1982-1983.
File 107 Glazova, Marina. 1980.
File 108 Gleason, Rosanne. 1980.
File 109 Glennon, Paul. 1994-1995.
File 110 Globe & Mail, The. 1982-1988.
File 111 Glover, Douglas. 1983-1994.
File 112 Goddard, Barbara. 1978-1986.
File 113 Goede, William & Sarah. 1984-1990.
File 114 Goetz-Stankiewicz, Marketa. 1980.
File 115 Goho, James. 1993-1995.
File 116 Goldchain, Rafael. 1980-1991.
File 117 Gooding, Anne. 1989.
File 118 Goodman, Eileen. 1975.
File 119 Gowan, Nelson Lee. 1991-1992.
File 120 Gowdy, Barbara. 1990-1993.
File 121 Grady, Wayne. 1980-1983.
File 122 Graham, Kathleen. 1979.
File 123 Grain. 1975-1986.
File 124 Granirer, Prina. 1975-1979.
File 125 Grant, Craig. 1987-1989.
File 126 Green, Jim. 1991.
File 127 Green, Maria. 1980.
File 128 Greene, Wendy. 1980.
File 129 Greenwald, Roger. 1989-1990.
File 130 Blanche C. Gregory, Inc. 1976-1978.
File 131 Grey-Bruce Writers. 1987.
File 132 Grier, Eldon. 1976-1984.
File 133 Grol, Lini R. 1980.
File 134 Gross, Mario. 1980.
File 135 Gnarowski, Michael. 1978-1983.
File 136 Gunnarsson, Caroline. 1980.
File 137 Gunnery, Sylvia S. 1978-1980.
File 138 Gunnars, Kristjanaa. 1980-1992.
File 139 Guppy, Steven. 1983-1993.
File 140 Gyimesi, Julius. 1980.
File 141 G--? , Richard. 1981.
File 142 G-Misc. 1978-1994.

File 143 Haddon, Rosemary. 1980-1982.
File 144 Hais, Tatiana. 1980.
File 145 Halliday, David. 1981-1992.
Hamilton Arts Council. see box: 13 file: 34.
File 146 Hamilton, J.A. 1990.
File 147 Hamilton, Jena. 1982.
File 148 Hamlet Portia School. 1997.
File 149 Hammond, J.E. 1977.
File 150 Hancock, Gay. 1986-1991.
File 151 Hancock, Geoff. 1976-1991.
File 152 Hancock, George. 1992.
File 153 Hancock, Lorne. 1975-1991.
File 154 Hancock, Thea. 1968-1982.
File 155 Hancock, Warren. 1993.
File 156 Harbourfront Reading Series. 1980-1995.

Box 16
File 1 Harchun, Yaroslav. 1980.
File 2 Hardy, Melissa. 1990.
File 3 Harlow, Robert. 1979-1991.
File 4 Hartog, Diana. 1992.
File 5 Harvey, Kenneth J. 1989-1991.
File 6 Harvest House Ltd. 1975-1976.
File 7 Haslam, Karen (MPP). 1991.
File 8 Hasan, Dr. A. 1980.
File 9 Hayward, Steve. 1994.
File 10 Hatch, Ronald. 1977-1982.
File 11 Hawkes, Sandra. 1990.
File 12 Hébert, François. 1985.
File 13 Hegmann, George. 1988.
File 14 Heide, Christopher. 1975-1976.
File 15 Hekkanen, Earnest. 1978-1993.
File 16 Henighan, Stephen. 1987-1991.
File 17 Henishan, Tom. 1986-1991.
File 18 Henley, Kaca Polackova. 1980.
File 19 Hertz, Ken. 1990-1991.
File 20 Hesbois, Dr. 1974.
File 21 Hessel, Peter. 1980.
File 22 Hesse, Dr. M.G. 1977-1987.
File 23 Heighton, Steve. 1990-1994.
File 24 Hiebert, Susan. 1980.
File 25 Hicks, John. 1994.
Highway Bookshop. see box: 17 file:113.
File 26 Hillis, Doris. 1986-1987.
File 27 Hillis, Rick. 1985-1990.
File 28 Hilles, Robert. 1984-1994.
File 29 Hinchcliffe, Peter. 1984.
File 30 Hinds, Margery. 1977-1980.
File 31 Hines, Eleanor. 1993.
File 32 Hodgins, Jack. 1977-1992.
File 33 Hoffer, William, Bookseller. 1979.
File 34 Hofsess, John. 1976-1980.
File 35 Hogan, Lesley. 1978-1980.
File 36 Holden, Hélène. 1986-1990.
File 37 Hole Magazine. 1989.
File 38 Hollingshead, Greg. 1981-1993.
File 39 Hollingsworth, Margaret. 1983-1986.
File 40 Holmebakk, Gordon. 1984.
File 41 Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, Ltd. 1986-1987.
File 42 Homel, David. 1980-1984.
File 43 Hood, Hugh. 1975-1983.
File 44 Hoogland, Cornelia. 1989-1995.
File 45 Hopkinson, Abdur-Rahman Slade. 1980-1981.
File 46 Horne, Lewis. 1976-1994.
File 47 Hornosty, Janina Camille. 1989-1991.
File 48 Horsfall, Arthur. 1976-1977.
File 49 Horwood, Harold. 1980-1995.
File 50 Hosein, Clyde. 1984-1985.
File 51 Hospital, Janette Turner. 1983-1987.
File 52 Hough, Robert. 1989-1992.
File 53 Houghton Mifflin Company. 1977-1990.
House of Aanasi. see box: 13 file: 2.
File 54 Howard, James. 1991-1993.
File 55 Hrybinsky, Svitlana. 1980.
File 56 Hudson, Noel. 1988-1990.
File 57 Hurtubise, Claude. 1974. See also box 15, file 10.
File 58 Hunt, Nigel. 1987-1995.
File 59 Hunter, Bruce. 1991-1994.
File 60 Hunter, Lynette. 1978.
File 61 Hurtig Publishers. 1979-1980.
File 62 Hutcheon, Linda. 1986-1990.
File 63 Hutchison, Joe. 1977-1991.
File 64 Hutchison, Sandra. 1984-1990.
File 65 Hyde, Peter. 1980.
File 66 Hyperion Software. 1990.
File 67 H-Misc. 1977-1992.

File 68 Incite. 1984.
File 69 Ingersoll, Earl. 1988-1990.
File 70 Ingibergsson, Asgeir. 1980.
File 71 Insight Guides. 1994-1995.
File 72 Intermedia (Los Angeles, Ca.). 1975.
File 73 Intermedia Press (Vancouver, B.C.). 1979.
File 74 Inuit Today. 1980.
File 75 Ioannou, Susan. 1989.
File 76 Iowa, University of, Press. 1976-1977.
File 77 Ipellie, Alootook. 1980-1991.
File 78 Irvina, Janet Turnbull. 1990.
File 79 Island Magazine. 1987-1988.
File 80 Itani, Frances. 1984-1997.
File 81 Iwaniuk, W. 1980-1981.
File 82 I-Misc. 1975-1991.

File 83 Jackson, Lorna. 1990-1993.
File 84 Jacobs, Maria. 1984.
File 85 Jaczina, Stephen J. 1980.
File 86 Jake. 1994.
File 87 Jakobson, Mrs. Borga. 1980.
File 88 Jalowica, Daniel. 1991-1992.
File 89 James-French, Davy. 1989-1992.
File 90 Janelle, Claude. 1984.
File 91 Jang, Charles. 1981.
File 92 Jansen, Catholyn. 1988.
File 93a Jenkins, D.D. 1986-1989.
File 93b Jewinski, Ed. 1985.
File 94 Jirgens, Karl. 1990-1994.
File 95 Jofre, Manuel. 1980-1982.
File 96 Johns, Judith and Brad. 1997.
File 97 Johnson, Nancy. 1984.
File 98 Johnstone, Basil. 1980-1985.
File 99 Jo-Hsi, Chen. 1980. aka: Lucy H.C. Tuann.
File 100 Jones, Joe. 1977.
File 101 Jones, Joe and Jill. 1976-1986.
File 102 Jordon, Terry. 1983-1984.
File 103 Jörundsdottir, Gordon. 1980.
File 104 Journal of Wild Culture. 1990-1991.
File 105 Juhasz, Joseph J. 1980.
File 106 J-Misc. 1975-1992.

File 107 Kainer, Tara. 1992.
File 108 Kairos. 1994.
File 109 Kalman, Judy. 1978.
File 110 Kalsey, Surjeet. 1975-1981.
File 111 Kamboureli, Smaro. 1982.
File 112 Kansas State University Literary Society. 1990.
File 113 Kassis, Dr. Hanna. 1975-1980.
File 114 Kavanagh, Patrick. 1981-1982.
File 115 Keefer, Janice Kulyk. 1985-1987.
File 116 Keith, Julie H. 1985-1987.
File 117 Kelly, M.T. 1991.
File 118 Kelly & Tracy. n.d.
File 119 Kennedy, Prof. Lorne. 1980.
File 120 Kenny, George. 1981-1983.
File 121 Kent, Jerre. 1979-1983.
File 122 Kenyon, Michael. 1983-1990.
File 123 Kero. 1983-1984.
File 124 Kerr, Luella Seymour. 1987.
File 125 Kerslake, Susan. 1977-1986.
File 126 Keyes, John. 1980-1986.
File 127 Keywan, Maria Adriana. n.d.
File 128 Keywan, Zonia. 1980.
File 129 Khan, Dr. Nuzrat. 1980.
File 130 Killam, G.D. 1982.
File 131 Kilodney, Crad. 1976-1991.

Box 17
File 1 King, Tom. 1985-1988.
File 2 Kingstone, Basil. 1976-1987.
File 3 Kinsella, W.P. 1975-1997.
File 4 Kirkwood, Hilda. 1983-1990.
File 5 Klebeck, William J. 1983-1989.
File 6 Klobouk, Jiri. 1980-1981.
File 7 Kloeseman, Ekki. 1970-1980.
File 8 Klunder, Barbara. 1994.
File 9 Knight, Helen. 1978.
File 10 Knopf, Alfred A., nc. 1982-1983.
File 11 Kobald Family. 1973.
File 12 Koerner, Anna. 1981.
File 13 Koss Electronics. 1983-1984.
File 14 Kostash, Myrna. 1980.
File 15 Kostelanetz, Richard. 1975-1984.
File 16 Krane Publishing Company. 1975-1976.
File 17 Kreiner, Philip. 1980-1989.
File 18 Kroetsch, Robert. 1976-1988.
File 19 Krueger, Lesley. 1992-1993.
File 20 Kruk, Laurie. 1995-1996.
File 21 Kutner, Richard F. 1977.
File 22 K-Misc. 1978-1995.

File 23 Labonte, Ronald. 1979-1982.
File 24 Lainsbury, G.P. 1995.
File 25 Lake, Robert. 1993-1994.
File 26 Lama, Luis. 1986-1990.
File 27 Lamarre Pierre. 1984.
File 28 Lambert, Barbara. 1995.
File 29 Landale, Zoë. 1992-1993.
File 30 Landfall. 1984.
File 31 Lane, Patrick. 1985-1991.
File 32 deleted
File 33 Langford, Roger. 1981-1983.
File 34 Lanoie, Richard. 1987-1994.
File 35 Lanthier, Philip. 1984.
File 36 Lau, Evelyn. 1990-1994.
File 37 Laurence, Margaret. 1975-1981.
File 38 Leaf, Caroline. 1983.
File 39 League of Canadian Poets, The. 1984.
File 40 Lecker, Robert. 1978-1982.
File 41 Lee, Dennis. 1977.
File 42 Leggo, Carl. 1991-1992.
File 43 Leith, Linda. 1979-1993. See also, box 17, file 107.
File 44 Le Marché de l'Ecriture. 1980.
File 45 Lemm, Richard. 1976.
File 46 Lester & Orpen Dennys Publishers. 1980-1989.
File 47 Lever, Bernice. 1983-1986.
File 48 Levine, Elise. 1994.
File 49 Levitan, Seymour. 1980.
File 50 Lewis, Bruce. 1982.
File 51 Lewis, Patrick. 1984-1989.
File 52 Liberté. 1980-1988.
File 53 Liddell, Peter. 1980.
File 54 Liitoja, Mrs. Mary. 1980.
File 55 Lillard, Charles "Red". 1974-1984.
File 56 Limbus. 1989-1990.
File 57 Lin, Wender. 1980.
Linda, Danny & Sean. see box: 14 file:100.
File 58 Lindsy, Pat. 1980.
File 59 Lindzey, Jo-Anne. 1986.
File 60 Literary Press Group. 1977-1978.
File 61 Liu, Richard. 1980.
File 62 Livesey, Margot. 1982-1986.
File 63 Lobdell, David. 1981-1990.
File 64 Lodge, Judith. 1976.
File 65 Loeffler, Peter. 1992.
File 66 Lombardi, Naldo. 1980.
File 67 London Free Press. 1990.
File 68 Longman Inc. 1980-1981.
File 69 Lynch, Gerald. 1984-1994.
File 70 Lynn. 1968.
File 71 L-Misc. 1975-1995.

File 72 MacDonald, Donna. n.d.
File 73 MacDonald, Norman. 1980.
File 74 MacDonell, Sister Margret. 1980.
File 75 MacEwen, Gwendolyn. 1983-1984.
File 76 Machalski, Andrew. 1980-1981.
File 77 Mackendrick, Kim. 1980-1986.
File 78 Mackan, Paul. 1989.
File 79 Macleod, Calum Iona. 1980.
File 80 Maclennan, Hugh. 1977.
File 81 MacMillan of Canada. 1976-1995.
File 82 MacMillan, Nicole. 1984.

File 83 Madott, Darlene. 1978.
File 84 Madley, Judith. 1978-1979.
File 85 Maggs, Arnaud. 1983.
File 86 Magnusson, Kristiana. 1980.
File 87 Mailer, Norman. 1976.
File 88 Maillard, Keith. 1976.
File 89 Malahat Review. 1976-1980.
File 90 Malcolm, Douglas. 1977-1978.
File 91 Mallet, Marilú.1980-1986.
File 92 Malus, Avrum. 1984.
File 93 Malzieu, Sylvie. 1990.
File 94 Mandrake, Jill. 1990-1992.
File 95 Manguel, Alberto. 1980-1985.
File 96 Manitoba Writers' Guild. 1982.
File 97 Mannock, Juliet. 1975.
Le Marché de l'Ecriture. See box 17, file 44.
File 98 Marchessault, Jovette. 1984.
File 99 Marriott, Anne. 1980.
File 100 Marshall, Joyce. 1975-1980.
File 101 Marshall, Sybil. 1980.
File 102 Marshall, Tom. 1980-1989.
File 103 Martin, Peter Associates Ltd. 1975-1976.
File 104 Mason, Mike. 1981-1984.
File 105 Mathews, Larry. 1977-1993.
File 106 Matthews, J.H. 1975.
File 107 Matrix. 1985-1990. See also box 17, file 43.
File 108 Mayne, Seymour. 1988-1989.

File 109 McClelland & Stewart. 1975-1995.
File 110 McClosky, Larry. 1979-1980.
File 111 McConnell, William. 1985.
File 112 McDougall, Marina. 1980.
File 113 McDowell, Paul. 1980. (of Highway Book Shop journal).
File 114 McGillivary, Judy. 1983.
File 115 McEnteer, Jim. n.d.
File 116 McGraw-Hill Ryerson. 1987-1997.
File 117 McGill-Queen's University Press. 1995-1998.
File 118 McGoogan, Ken. 1975.
File 119 McInnis, Nadine. 1995.
File 120 McKay-Clements, John. 1997.
File 121 McKee, John. 1980.
File 122 McKettner Publishing. 1983.
File 123 McKnight, David. 1990-1992.
File 124 McLean, Anne. (aka Diamond, Anne). 1987-1991.
File 125 McLeod, Alistair. 1978-1982.
File 126 McManus, Michael Mark. 1990.
File 127 McLeod, M. 1978.
File 128 McNamara, Eugene. 1988-1996.
File 129 McNeill, Don. 1994.
File 130 McPherson, Christopher. 1994.
File 131 McRitchie, Drew. 1976.
File 132 McWhirter, George. 1980-1992.

File 133 Melyczuk, Askold. 1975.
File 134 Medwidsky, B. 1983.
File 135 Mercury Press. 1991.
File 136 Merlin, Helene. 1984.
File 137 Metatawabin, Edmund. 1980.
File 138 Metcalf, John. 1977-1995.
File 139 Methuen Publications. 1981.
File 140 Metropolitan Toronto Library. 1980.
File 141 Meyer, Linda. 1991.
File 142 Mezei, Kathy. 1976-1984.
File 143 Mibashan, David. 1987-1988.
File 144 Michaels, Anne. 1986.
File 145 Micromedia Limited. 1975-1976.
File 146 Mierau, Maurice. 1986-1987.
File 147 Millan, Gonzallo. 1982.
File 148 Miller, Eric. 1984-1985.
File 149 Miller, Sandie. 1987.
File 150 Mills, John. 1980.
File 151 Milner, Phil. 1980-1993.
File 152 Milroy, Peter. 1984.
File 153 Ministry of the Attorney General. 1985.
Ministry of Citizenship and Culture. See box 14, file 51.
Ministry of Culture and Recreation. See box 14, file 91.
Ministry of Education. See box 15 file, 12.
Ministry of Multiculturalism. See box 17, file 23.
File 154 Minni, C.D. 1976-1980.
File 155 Mintz, Susannah. 1984.
File 156 Mirolla, Michael. 1985-1992.
File 157 Miska, John. 1976-1985.
File 158 Mistry, Rohinton. 1984-1993.
File 159 Mitcham, Allison. 1978-1980.
File 160 Mitchell, Elizabeth. 1990.

Box 18
File 1 Mitchell, Ken. 1980.
File 2 Mitton, Jennifer. 1987-1988.
File 3 Modern Language Association of America. n.d.
File 4 Mobley, Carla. 1984-1985.
File 5 Mogridge, Basil. 1980.
File 6 Moks, Taimi E. 1980.
File 7 Monkman, Susan. 1980.
File 8 Montador, Mer. 1989.
File 9 Montagnes, Anne. 1985.
File 10 Moore, Ray. 1986.
File 11 Moore, Marilyn. 1993.
File 12 Moore, Wendy. 1990-1991.
File 13 Morgan, Frances. 1979-1984.
File 14 Moroziuk, Mary. 1979-1980.
File 15 Morris Printing Company Ltd. 1973-1981.
File 16 Morton Direct Mail. n.d.
File 17 Moses, Daniel David. 1985-1991.
File 18 Mosiac Press. 1980-1990.
File 19 Moss, John.1980-1992.
File 20 Mothersill, Sue. 1983.
File 21 Mulhallen, Karen. 1980.
File 22 Mullen, Robert. 1990-1994.
File 23 Multiculturalism, Ministry of. 1975-1990. See also Secretary of State.
File 24 Makherjee, Bharati. 1987.
File 25 Mundhenk, Michael. 1980.
File 26 Munro, Alice. 1982-1985.
File 27 Mundus Artium. 1977. (University of Texas).
File 28 Murry, Donald. 1988.
File 29 Murry, Greg. 1993.
File 30 Musgrave, Susan. 1977-1983.
File 31 Myette, Louise. 1987.
File 32 M---, Vasudeva. 1993.
File 33 M-Misc. 1979-1984.

File 34 Naphegi, Imre. 1980.
File 35 Napora, Joseph. 1989-1990.
File 36 National Library of Canada. 1974-1995.
File 37 Neale, Nicole. 1992.
File 38 Neilson, Janet. 1990.
File 39 Neilson, Robert. 1988-1989.
File 40 Neuman, Shirley. 1982.
File 41 New, Bill. 1977.
File 42 New Canadian Encyclopedia Publishing Ltd. 1986.
File 43 NeWest Press. 1980.
File 44 New Quarterly. 1985-1987.
File 45 Nichol, bp. 1983-1985.
File 46 Nolan, Patricia. 1985-1995.
File 47 Nomez, Nain. 1980-1986.
File 48 Norris, Ken. 1982-1988.
File 49 Northward Journal. 1980-1991.
File 50 Nowlan, Alden. 1978-1980.
File 51 N-Misc. 1975-1995.

File 52 Oates, Joyce Carol. 1976-1993.
File 53 Oberon Press. 1976-1979.
File 54 O'Conner, Michael. 1990.
File 55 Oelmann, Julie. 1990.
File 56 Official from Governmnt, (Christmas cards). 1970-1979.
File 57 Ogilvy, Cope, Porteous, Montgomery, Renault, Clarke & Kirkpatrick. 1974-1975.
File 58 Okike. (Achebe, Chinua.) 1976.
File 59 Olafson, Richard. 1990.
File 60 Oliver, Donna. 1997.
File 61 Ondaatje, Michael. 1977.
File 62 Ontario Bicentennial Advisory Commission. 1983.
File 63 Ontario Review. 1980.
File 64 Oolichan Books. 1986-1992.
File 65 Open Learning Institute. 1979.
File 66 Osgood, Lawrence. 1987-1992.
File 67 Oskaboose, Gilbert. 1987.
File 68 Ostrem, David. 1990-1991.
File 69 O'Toole, Lawrence. 1986-1991.
File 70 Ottawa Citizen. 1989.
File 71 Ouelette-Michalska, Madeleine. 1984.
File 72 Oughton, John. 1991.
File 73 Outram, Richard. 1990-1991.
File 74 Overseas Chinese Voice. 1975.
File 75 Oxford University Press. 1978-1993.
File 76 O-Misc. 1984-1991.

File 77 Pache, Walter. 1983.
File 78 Pacholka, Anne. 1992.
File 79 Pacific Northwest Writers Conference. 1977-1978.
File 80 Page, P.K. 1977-1981.
File 81 Page Communications. 1983.
File 82 Page Publcations Ltd. 1980-1981.
File 83 Pair of Trindles Bookshop A. 1977-1980.
File 84 Paley, Steven. 1980.
File 85 Palij, Lydia. 1980.
File 86 Palmer, Tamara. 1986.
File 87 Parameswaram, Uma. 1980.
File 88 Paradis, Suzanne. 1980-1984.
File 89 Paris Review. 1977-1980.
File 90 Parkin, Andrew. 1985-1995.
File 91 Parkin, Barbara. 1991-1995.
File 92 Parks, Joy. 1984.
File 93 Pary (?) from Concordia University. 1981.
File 94 Pascoe Publishing Pty Ltd. 1987.
File 95 Patrick. n.d.
File 96 Patterson, Kevin. 1992-1996.
File 97 Paul, Marianne. 1989.
File 98 Pauwels, Germaine. 1990-1991.
File 99 Paxton, Maureen. 1983-1985.
File 100 Payerle, George. 1980-1989.
File 101 Pearce, John. 1976-1988.
File 102 Peck, Edward W.D. 1978.
File 103 Pelchat, Jean. 1983.
File 104 Pelletier, Joan. 1980-1981.
File 105 Penguin Books. 1973-1986.
File 106 Penumbra Press. 1990.
File 107 Percy, H.R. (Bill). 1982-1993.
File 108 Periodical Writers Association of Canada. 1979-1980.
File 109 Perryman, Dolores. 1985.
Peter Martin and Associates Ltd. See box 17, file: 103.
File 110 Peterson, Michael. 1987-1991.
File 111 Petrie, Graham. 1988-1990.
File 112 Pettigrew, C.J. 1991-1992.
File 113 Pilling, Marilyn Gear. 1992-1995.
File 114 Pisetska, Oksana. 1980.
File 115 Pivato, Joseph. 1982.
File 116 Plaskett, Joe. 1978-1979.
File 117 Podgorecki, Adam. 1991.
File 118 Poetry Canada Review Inc. 1980.
File 119 Polking, Kirk. 1975.
File 120 Pollard, Douglas. 1978.
File 121 Pollock, Harry. 1980.
File 122 Pomeroy, James Ramsey. 1976.
File 123 Poole, William. 1991-1992.
File 124 Pope, Dan. 1984-1985.
File 125 Porcupine's Quill, The. 1985-1991.
File 126 Pouw, John. 1988.
File 127 Powning, Beth. 1975-1980.
File 128 Prairie Fire. 1986-1994.
File 129 Prendergast, Erin. 1990.
File 130 Prentice Hall. 1991.
File 131 Preston, Barbara. 1984-1987.
File 132 Price, Mary. 1980.
File 133 Priest, Robert. 1983-1985.
File 134 Prism International. 1978-1990.
File 135 Provencher, Richard. 1992-1993.
File 136 Public Lending Right Commission. 1986-1987.
File 137 Pulp Press. 1983.
File 138 Purdy, Debra. 1985-1986.
File 139 Pushcart Press. 1975-1982.
File 140 P- Misc. 1976-1993.

File 141 QDC Photographics. 1985.
File 142 Quadrant. 1983-1984.
File 143 Quarry Press. 1972-1996.
File 144 Quill and Quire. 1976-1980.
File 145 Q- Misc. 1974.

File 146 Rabson, Merrille. 1976-1978.
File 147 Raddle Moon. 1990.
File 148 Radu, Kenneth. 1980.
File 149 Rajani, Chetan. 1989-1995.
File 150 Rajic, Négovan. 1986.
File 151 Rammell and Associates. 1985.
File 152 Random House, Inc. 1985-1995.
File 153 Rankin, Effie. 1980.
File 154 Rapoport, Janice. 1980-1986.
File 155 Rappaport, Shledon. 1978.
File 156 Rea Award For the Short Story. 1984-1985.
File 157 Reader's Club of Canada Ltd. 1974-1975.
File 158 Red Deer College. 1992.
File 159 Regina Public Library. 1995.
File 160 Reimer, Al (E.E.). 1980.
File 161 Renaissance Universal Journal. 1985.
File 162 Renaud, André. 1981.
File 163 Request for Donations to CFM. 1991.
File 164 Retamal, Miguel. 1986.
File 165 Revue. 1975.
File 166 Ricard, François. 1983-1985.
File 167 Richler, Mordecai. 1977.
File 168 Ricker-Wilson, Carol. 1990-1991.
File 169 Rifka, Ruth. 1986.
File 170 Rigelhof, T.F. 1988-1998.
File 171 Rikki (aka Ducornet, Erica). 1976-1990.
File 172 Rikkinen, David. 1989-1991.
File 173 Riley, Wilma. 1987-1991.

Box 19
File 1 Rippel, Craig. 1984.
File 2 Risler, Keith. 1990.
File 3 Ritter, Erika. 1975-1976.
File 4 Roadhouse, Carmen. 1986.
File 5 Robbins, Amy. 1985.
File 6 Robert & Raymond. 1974.
File 7 Roberts, Carol. 1986-1995.
File 8 Roberts, Jean. 1988.
File 9 Roberts, Kevin. 1977-1982.
File 10 Roberts, Roda. 1980.
File 11 Robertson, H. Anne. 1990.
File 12 Robertson, Patricia. 1991.
File 13 Robertson-Bates, Beverley. 1980.
File 14 Robinson, David. 1976. see also box: 19 file: 166.
File 15 Robinson, Jill J. 1993-1994.
File 16 Robinson, Judy. 1985-1995.
File 17 Robson, Nora. 1984-1997.
File 18 Rodman, Selden. 1977.
File 19 Ron. 1990.
File 20 Rong-huq, Wang. n.d.
File 21 Rooke, Leon. 1975-1989.
File 22 Room of One's Own. 1976-1985.
File 23 Root, Bob. 1988.
File 24 Rose, Margret. 1978.
File 25 Rose, Mildred. 1979-1980.
File 26 Roscoe, Patrick. 1985-1993.
File 27 Rosen, Norm. 1976.
File 28 Rosenberg, Hadassa. 1980.
File 29 Rosenblat, Joe. 1986-1991.
File 30 Rosenblum, Gail. 1975.
File 31 Rotenberry, Disa P. 1980.
File 32 Ross, Alexander. 1988.
File 33 Ross, Beth. 1988-1989.
File 34 Ross, James. 1977-1978.
File 35 Ross, Sinclair. 1977-1981.
File 36 Ross, Stuart 1993.
File 37 Ross, Veronica. 1984-1991.
File 38 Ross, Waldo. 1980.
File 39 Rostig, Grace. 1984.
File 40 Rostom, Kamal. 1976.
File 41 Rowe, J.G. (Paul). 1977-1980.
File 42 Roy, Gabrielle. 1980.
File 43 Rubicon. 1983-1989.
File 44 Rubinsky, Holley. 1986-1987.
File 45 Ruffo, Armand Garnet. 1990.
File 46 Rule, Jane. 1976-1986.
File 47 Russel, Lawrence. 1971.
File 48 Rusted, Brian. 1986-1988.
File 49 Ryerson. 1987.
File 50 Ryga, George. 1977.
File 51 R-Misc. 1975-1995.

File 52 Saavedra, Alfredo. 1985.
File 53 Sagaris, Lake. 1989-1991.
File 54 Salata, Estelle. 1982.
File 55 Samchuk, Ulas. 1980.
File 56 Sandhage, Doug. 1976.
File 57 Sandor, Karl. 1980.
File 58 Sarah, Robyn. 1975-1992.
File 59 Sarvari, Eva. 1976-1980.
File 60 Saskatchewan Arts Board. 1988-1989.
File 61 Saskatchewan Writers Guild. 1980-1992.
File 62 Saturday Night. 1976-1980.
File 63 Saunders, Betty. 1975.
File 64 Scalise, Gregorio. 1975.
File 65 Schafer, Paul D. 1995.
File 66 Schaffer, Ulrich. 1980.
File 67 Schaub, Danielle. 1985.
File 68 Schermbrucker, Bill. 1992.
File 69 Schneider, Jake. 1993.
File 70 Schoemperlen, Diane. 1975-1992.
File 71 Schroeder, Andreas. 1976-1991.
File 72 Schulman, Samuel. 1984-1985.
File 73 Schwarz, Herbert. 1978-1981.
File 74 Scott, Gail. 1977-1978.
File 75 Scott, M.L. 1986.
File 76 Scrivener. 1983.
File 77 Seaman, Patricia. 1991-1992.
Sean, Danny & Linda. See box 14, file 100.
File 78 Sebert, Tina. 1993.
File 79 Secretary of State. 1977-1987. See also box 18, file 23.
File 80 Secrets from the Orange Couch. 1990-1991.
File 81 Seepaul, Lionel. 1986-1987.
File 82 Sellwood, Libby. 1989-1990.
File 83 Senkpiel, Aron E. 1992.
File 84 Sepúlveda, Ramón. 1980-1986.
File 85 Serafin, Bruce. 1989-1990.
File 86 Serials Management Systems. 1982-1986.
File 87 Seventeen Magazine. 1989.
File 88 Shantz, Christina. 1980-1986.
File 89 Sharpe, David. 1976-1984.
File 90 Shaw, John. 1980.
File 91 Shawn. 1979.
File 92 Shein, Brian. 1975.
File 93 Sherman, Geraldine. 1990.
File 94 Sherman, Jason. 1989-1990.
File 95 Sherman, Marty. 1989-1993.
File 96 Sherrin, Robert. 1975-1977.
File 97 Sheryl. 1979.
File 98 Shewchuk, Michael. 1980.
File 99 Shields, Carol. 1982.
File 100 Shiomi, Rick. 1980.
File 101 Shirinian, Lorne. 1971-1974.
File 102 Shore, William. 1988.
File 103 Shouldice, Larry, 1977.
File 104 Simas, Richard. 1984-1985.
File 105 Sinclair, (Rev.) D.M. 1980.
File 106 Sinclair, Gerri. 1980-1981.
File 107 Skelton, Robin. 1980-1986.
File 108 Skvorecký, Josef. 1980-1988.
File 109 Slater, Ian. 1981-1984.
File 110 Smith, Frank. 1984.
File 111 Smith, Gillian. 1989.
File 112 Smith, Ray. 1981-1990.
File 113 Smithers, Papa and Mama. 1973.
File 114 Snepp, Ludek. 1980.
File 115 Solecki, Sam. 1982-1988.
File 116 Solymosi, Zoltan. 1980.
File 117 Sorestad, Glen. 1978-1990.
File 118 Sorfleet, John Robert. 1977.
File 119 Soucy, Jean-Yves. 1984.
File 120 Spanyol, L. 1980.
File 121 Spencer, Elizabeth. 1977-1981.
File 122 Spencer, L.M. Guylaine. 1984.
File 123 Spiller, Dorthy. 1989-1992.
File 124 Stagecoach Publishing Company. 1975-1976.
File 125 Staines, David. 1994.
File 126 Stange, Ken. 1976-1979.
File 127 Stedingh, Wayne. 1975-1990.
File 128 Steeves, Edna. 1985.
File 129 Stefanyk, Yuri. 1980-1982.
File 130 Steinfeld, J.J. 1984-1992.
File 131 Steinman, Bonnie. 1991-1992.
File 132 Stenson, Fred. 1988-1994.
File 133 Stephenson, Greg. 1990-1991.
File 134 Sterchi, B.P. 1980.
File 135 Stevens, Peter. 1977-1989.
File 136 Stewart, Christine. 1989.
File 137 Stewart, Jack. 1986-1989.
File 138 Stewart, Sue. 1983-1984.
File 139 St. James Press. 1992.
File 140 St-Laurent, James. 1985.
File 141 Story, Gertrude. 1991-1992.
File 142 Stott, Dorothy. 1979-1982.
File 143 Stratford Festival. 1992-1995.
File 144 Stratford, Philip. 1975-1983.
File 145 Strelow, Michael. 1977.
File 146 Struk, Professor D. 1980.
File 147 Struthers, Tim. 1979-1988.
File 148 Studies in Canadian Literature. 1990-1991.
File 149 Stupp, John. 1973-1974.
File 150 Such, Peter. 1980-1990.
File 151 Sugunasiri, Suwanda H.J. 1980.
File 152 Sukhinder. 1987.
File 153 Surette, Leon. 1978-1991.
File 154 Sutherland, Cheryl. 1992.
File 155 Sutherland, Fraser. 1978-1992.
File 156 Sutherland, Mary. 1986.
File 157 Svendsen, Linda. 1987-1989.
File 158 Sward, Robert. 1983-1990.
File 159 Symons, Scott. 1976-1982.
File 160 Szanto, George. 1988-1992.
File 161 S-Misc. 1978-1994.

File 162 Taaffe, Gerald. 1980-1982.
File 163 Tabory, Maxim. 1980-1981.
File 164 Tait, Sylvia. 1974.
File 165 Take One. 1976.
File 166 Talon Books. 1984-1985. see also box: 19 file: 14
File 167 Tamaqua. 1990.
File 168 Tarver, Ben. 1975.
File 169 Tata, Sam. 1977-1990.
File 170 Tausch, Harold. 1993.
File 171 Taylor-Munro, Sheryl. 1976-1980.
File 172 Taylor, Timothy. 1994.
File 173 Ternar, Yeshim. 1986-1997.

Box 20
File 1 Tembeck, Robert. 1975.
File 2 Tessera Collective. 1987-1988.
File 3 Thalenburg, Eileen. 1980.
File 4 Theatre of Latin America. 1980-1981.
File 5 Thériault, Marie José. 1977-1987.
File 6 Thériault, Dr. Michel. 1984.
File 7 Thério, Adrien. 1984.
File 8 Thistledown Press. 1985-1992.
File 9 Thomas, Audrey. 1977.
File 10 Thomas, Erin. 1986.
File 11 Thomas, Joan. 1994.
File 12 Thomson, Eleanor. 1987.
File 13 Thompson, J. Walter Company Ltd. 1974.
File 14 Thompson, Kent. 1977-1979.
File 15 Thompson, Thordis. 1980.
File 16 Thomas, Trevor. 1978-1979.
File 17 Thorsen, Dorthay. 1992-1993.
File 18 Tihanyi, Eva. 1977.
File 19 TKSW. 1997.
File 20 Today Magazine. 1982.
File 21 Tomasini, Chris. 1989.
File 22 Tomlinson, Hazel-Jean. 1978.
File 23 Tostevin, Lola. 1988-1991.
File 24 Toronto Arts Council. 1987-1989.
File 25 Toronto, University, of Press. 1976-1987.
File 26 Toronto Press Club. 1979.
File 27 Toronto Star. 1984.
File 28 Tremblay, Mildred. 1986-1993.
File 29 Trevor. 1978.
File 30 TriQuarterly. 1978.
File 31 Trinkaus, Marilyn Miller. 1975.
File 32 Trujilla, Renato. 1984-1986.
Tuann, Lucy H.C. see Jo-hsi, Chen box: 16 file: 99.
File 33 Tuayne Publishers. 1984.
File 34 T-Misc. 1972-1990.

File 35 Ukrainian Canadian Writers' Association (Slovo). 1980.
File 36 Union of B. C. Indian Chiefs. 1979.
File 37 Union of Ontario Indians. 1980.
File 38 United News Wholesalers. 1977-1979.
File 39 University Microfilms International. 1981-1991.
File 40 Unsigned in Germany. 1974.
File 41 Unknown Authors, Misc. 1978-1994. See also file 160 of this box.
File 42 Upper Canada Writers' Workshop. 1986.
File 43 Urbanyi, Pablo. 1980-1989.
File 44 Urbina, José Leonardo. 1980-1983.
File 45 Ursell, Geoffrey. 1987-1989.
File 46 Urquhart, Jane. 1980-1986.
File 47 USC Canada. 1987.
University of Alberta. See box 13, file 12.
File 48 University of Alberta Press. 1976.
University of British Columbia Alumni Assoc. See box 13, file 118.
University of Iowa Press. See box 16, file 76.
University of Toronto Press. See box 20, file 25.
University of Windsor Press. See box 20, file 120.
File 49 U-Misc. 1975.

File 50 Valgardson, W.D. 1977-1984.
File 51 Vancouver Magazine Service. 1977-1982.
File 52 Vanderpant, John. 1990.
File 53 Vanden Noven, Adrian. 1983.
File 54 Vanerhaeghe, Guy. 1981-1991.
File 55 Van Herk, Aritha. 1984-1989.
File 56 Van Heck, Robin. 1989.
File 57 Van Nostrand, Reinhold Ltd. 1976-1980.
File 58 Van Wart, Alice. 1989.
File 59 Vardey, Lucinda, Agency. 1981-1985.
File 60 Vasey, Paul. 1983.
File 61 Vaughn-James, Martin. 1982.
File 62 Vaught Brogan, Jacque. 1990.
File 63 Vauthier, Simone. 1988.
File 64 Veecock, June. 1980-1983.
File 65 Véhicule Press. 1982-1983.
File 66 Velvart, R. H. 1987.
File 67 Vermond, Kira. 1989.
File 68 Vernier, Richard. 1990.
File 69 Vicary, Gil. 1975-1976.
File 70 Villhauer, Gary. 1980.
File 71 Vincent, Dorothea. 1980.
File 72 Virgo, Sean. 1982-1989.
File 73 Virrlaid, Arved. 1980.
File 74 V.L.B. Éditeur Inc. 1984.
File 75 Volk und Welt. 1984-1989.
File 76 Vonarburg, Elizabeth. 1985.
File 77 Von Flotow-Evans, Luise. 1983-1987.
File 78 V-Misc. 1975-1996.

File 79 Waddington, Miriam. 1977-1980.
File 80 Walker, Delany. 1975.
File 81 Walker, John. 1978-1981.
File 82 Wallace, Ann P. 1989.
File 83 Wallace, Bronwen. 1989.
File 84 Walls, Jan. 1980.
File 85 Walsh, Meeka. 1990-1991.
File 86 Walz, Reinhart. 1980.
File 87 Warren, Dianne. 1990-1995.
File 88 Warren, Jane Baird. 1990-1995.
File 89 Warren, Jane Thorbjørnsen. 1991-1995.
File 90 Watmough, David. 1975-1989.
File 91 Waves. 1979-1987.
File 92 Wayman, Tom. 1994-1995.
File 93 Weaver, Robert. 1977-1978.
File 94 Webster, John. 1986-1994.
File 95 Weber, Lori. 1995.
File 96 Weidmark, Mark. 1978.
File 97 Weinzweig, Helen. n.d..
File 98 Weiss, Allan. 1983-1992.
File 99 Welch, Chuck. 1984.
File 100 Wells, Dr. Lynn. 1987-1988.
File 101 West Coast Poetry Review Press. 1975.
File 102 West End Writers' Club. 1990.
File 103 Westcott, Frank. 1983-1985.
File 104 Wharton, Thomas. 1993.
File 105 Whig Magazine. 1984.
File 106 White, Marilyn. 1976-1978.
File 107 Whitehead, Gary. 1983-1992.
File 108 Whitehead, Valerie. 1990.
File 109 Who's Who in Canadian Literature. 1983-1997.
File 110 Wilbee, Paul. 1980.
File 111 Williams and Mackie Ltd. 1978.
File 112 Williams, David. 1981-1982.
File 113 Williams, Vera B. 1976.
File 114 Wilson, Barbara. 1979.
File 115 Wilson, Don. 1976.
File 116 Wilson, Helena. 1985-1986.
File 117 Wilson, Lorene. 1975.
File 118 Wilson, Tim. 1993-1997.
File 119 Windsor Public Library. 1988-1989.
File 120 Windsor, University of, Press. 1983.
File 121 Winter, Michael. 1992-1994.
File 122 Wolfe, Morris. 1976-1980.
File 123 Wolters, Lia. 1980.
File 124 Women's Press, The. 1980-1984.
File 125 Women and Words. 1982-1987.
File 126 Wong, Susan. 1979.
File 127 Wood, Susan. 1978-1980.
File 128 Woodcock, George. 1977-1995.
File 129 Woods, Gordon. 1983-1984.
File 130 Woodward, Caroline. 1989-1991.
File 131 Working Skills Centre. 1989-1991.
File 132 Writer, The. 1975.
File 133 Writer's Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador. 1991.
File 134 Writer's Digest. 1976-1989.
File 135 Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia. 1977-1984.
File 136 Writer's Quarterly. 1982-1986.
File 137 Writers' Union of Canada. 1977-1991.
File 138 Wyatt, Rachel. 1976-1995.
File 139 Wynand, Derk. 1974-1996.
File 140 Wynne-Jones, Tim. 1982-1996.
File 141 W-Misc. 1977-1993.

File 142 Xerox. 1973-1993.
File 143 Yates, J. Michael. 1978-1993.
File 144 Yee, Paul. 1980-1990.
File 145 Yellow Moon Press. 1990.
File 146 Yerou, Aristides. 1980.
File 147 Ying, Peter. 1988-1989.
File 148 Young, George. 1980.
File 149 Young, Judy. 1977-1988.
File 150 Young, Louise. 1989.
File 151 Young, Suzanne. 1980.
File 152 Y-Misc. 1972-1991.
File 153 Zalan, Magda. 1980-1982.
File 154 Zapparoli, David. 1986.
File 155 Zend, Robert. 1975-1980.
File 156 Zippy Print. 1989-1990.
File 157 Zimmerman, C. D. 1986.
File 158 Zizis, Michael. 1987-1992.
File 159 Z-Misc. 1980-1997.
File 160 Authors unknown. 1978-1995. See also file 41 of this box.

Series 4:
Photographs. -- 1975-1993. -- 310 photographs. -- Title based on content of series.
Photographs of various writers and personalities, as well as art images that were used in the CFM. Almost all are black and white, although there are some in colour. Arranged loosely according to issue number in which the photos appeared.

Box 21
File 1 Contains photos of artwork for issue (before # 20?). Appear to be ink on paper. File includes negatives, as well as 2 contact sheets.
File 2 Contains b&w photos of writers. Includes contact sheet, and photos of Norman Levine, St. Ives, 1978. Also 2 photos of Sam Tata, Paris, 1976.
File 3 Number 18. Summer 1975. Photos of artwork by Pnina Granirer.
File 4 Number 20A. Spring, 1976. Contains photos of artwork for translation issue.
File 5 Number 20. Winter 1976. Photos of artwork, including works by Sylvia Tait and Pnina Granirer.
File 6 Contains photos of woodcuts, that may be by Leon Rooke.
File 7 Number 21. Spring 1976. Photos of artwork by Drew McRichie. Works include: "The Opponents"; "Partners"; "Padding One"; "Bird of Paradise"; "Distant Fields"; "An Ear for the Blues"; cover photo (untitled); "Two Bowls"; and "Light Brown Leghorn".
File 8 Number 22. Summer 1976. 5 photos of work by James Felter. None titled.
File 9 Number 23. Autumn 1976. (Jane Rule issue). Photos of artwork by Judith Lodge. 11 photos. Also one photo of either Jane Rule or Judith Lodge.
File 10 Number 23/24. Spring/Summer 1977. Photos of artwork by Arthur Horsfall, sent to Hancock along with a c.v.
File 11 Number 28. 1978. (Mavis Gallant issue). 5 photos of Gallant and Hancock taken in Paris, 1978. Also contained 2 notes from Gallant, now in correspondence. See box 15, file 78.
File 12 Number 38. 1981. (Leon Rooke issue). Contains 3 photos of Leon Rooke, as well as some production notes about the photos.
File 13 Number 39. 1981. (10th Anniversary issue). File contains 5 proofs of ink drawings of chairs. Also galleys of photos of Madame Ding Ling, Robert Weaver and William Toye. Also a photo of Rikki, a clipping from the magazine.
File 14 Contains photos for John Reeves Literary Portraits issues. Photos include: Mavis Gallant; David Watmough; Louis Dudek; Graeme Gibson (2 photos); John Reeves; Jack McClelland; F.R. Scott; Aviva Layton; Naim Kattan; George Elliot; Gabrielle Roy; Michelle Lalonde; Josef Skvorecký; Hugh MacLennan; Roch Carrier; and W.O. Mitchell.
File 15 Contains copies of Literary Portraits special issues. Issues 1-2 of John Reeves' Literary Portraits; Arnaud Magg's Literary Portraits; and Kèro's "A Decade of Quebec Fiction" issue.
File 16 Number 44. 1983. Cntains galley of cover photos.
File 17 Contains photo of artwork by George Unger, as well as galley of advertising for back cover.
File 18 Nmber 47. 1983. Contain photos, including a slide of Michael Frutkin. File also contains what appear to be galleys for Liberté.
File 19 Number 48. (Long Fiction issue). 1984. Contains photos of : Ernest Hekkanen; Mark Frutkin; Douglas Glover; and Michael Bullock. File also contains galleys for the photo layout.

File 20 Number 49. May 1984. File contains photo of Keath Fraser used on cover.
File 21 Contains galley and photo of artwork for rejection slips.
File 22 Contains 34 b&w photos taken by Geoff Hancock in France.
File 23 Number 50/51. 1986. (15th Anniversary issue). Photos of: Josef Koudelka (Paris, 1978. 2 photos); Dimitrije Martinovi (1981); and David Iilynaky (1981). Also photos of artworks by Michael Bullock. Works include: "Flowers"; "They Live Wreathed in Red"; "Bird with Three Beaks"; "Faces, Faces"; "Three Sisters - Homage to Chekhov"; "Halloween"; and "Portrait of a Hooker".
File 24 Contains 30 photocopies of photos. Resemble John Reeves' portraits. Also contains some production notes regarding the photos.
File 25 Number 54. 1986. Includes photos of Rohinton Mistry, including a contact sheet. Also 3 photos of an unknown young man with dark hair.
File 26 Number 58. 1987. Includes photos of artwork, and galley of the cover (featuring Margaret Atwood).
File 27 Number 76. 1991. (End of an Age issue). Contains photocopies of 9 photos taken during Hancock's trip to China.
File 28 Contains 2 photos of Graeme Gibson, 1 of Keath Fraser and 1 of Ernest Hekkanen.
File 29 Contains 4 photos of Geoff Hancock.
File 30 Number 80. February, 1993. Contains 2 full colour photocopies of artwork.
File 31 Contains extra covers for several issues, including numbers 50/51; 74/75 (Twentieth Anniversary issue); 76; 77; 78 (and a newspaper clipping about Barbara Klunder, whose artwork is featured on the cover); 81; and 82.
File 32 Contains an original pencil sketch, perhaps done by Geoff Hancock.
File 33 Contains 12 photos, similar to John Reeves' portraits. Photos include: Sterne; Slade; André; Barbara Amiel; Herbert Whittaker; William French; Havsor; Rosen; Edna O'Brien; Athay De ?; Peter Ustinov; Ray Bradbury; and Robertson Davies.
File 34 Contains galleys and photographs relating to the Artists' Stamps. Also one photo of unknown woman with long hair.

Series 5:
Financial. -- 1971-1997. -- 48 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Series includes copies of grant applications to both the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council, as well as financial records, legal documents, bank statements, printers' receipts, etc.

Files 35-36 Canada Arts Council correspondence. 1971-1997. Relates to grant applications and funds received.
Files 37-38 Ontario Arts Council correspondence. 1971-1997. Relates to grant applications and funds received.
File 39 Financial log book, 1971-75.
File 40 Geoff Hancock, curriculum vitae. January 24, 1980. Submitted with grant application.
File 41 Grant application information for Canada Council, 1971-76.
File 42 Statement of receipts and disbursements, 1973.
File 43 Contains grant application from the Secretary of State, 1974.
File 44 Contains statement of cash receipts and disbursements, sent to Canada Council. 1973- 75.
File 45 Contains receipts for printing, 1974.

Box 22
File 1 is a blue notebook, containing all of CFM's finances from 1975-77.
File 2 Contains receipts for printing expenses, 1975-76.
File 3 Contains statements of royalties from Xerox, 1977.
File 4 Contains travel grant application made to the Canada Council, 1977.
File 5 Contains statement of royalties from Micro Media Limited, 1977.
File 6 Contains grant application to the Canada Council, 1977.
File 7 Contains numbers related to circulation and subscription rates, submitted to the Canada Council with grant application, 1978.
File 8 Contains bank statement, 1978.
File 9 Contains distribution records, 1978.
File 10 is a blue notebook, containing financial records for 1977-1981.
File 11 Contains information regarding CFM's participation in the Ontario Halfback Program.
File 12 Contains notes regarding promotion for the CFM.
File 13 Contains financial notes, 1980.
File 14 Contains "Log Book" for 1981.
File 15 Contains financial notes for 1981-1982.
File 16 Contains distribution records for 1982.
File 17 Contains grant application made to the Canada Council, 1982.
File 18 Contains financial notes, 1983-1984.
File 19 Contains grant application made to the Canada Council, 1983.
File 20 Contains statements from Ontario Arts Council, 1983-6.
File 21 Contains grant application to the Ontario Arts Council, 1984.
File 22 Contains grant application to the Canada Council, 1984.
File 23 Contains forms sent out for subscription renewal, to 1984.
File 24 is a blue notebook, containing financial records, 1981-1985.
File 25 Contains cost information submitted to Canada Council, 1983-1984.
File 26 Contains CFM's mailing list, 1985.
File 27 Contains financial notes, 1985.
File 28 Contains receipts for printing expenses, 1986-1987.
File 29 Contains statements of payments made by Canada Council, 1986.
File 30 Contains financial notes, 1986.
File 31 Contains Ontario Arts Council applications, direct order numbers and financial records, 1987.
File 32 Contains financial statement, 1987.
File 33 Contains grant application to the Secretary of State, 1987.
File 34 is a blue notebook, containing financial records, 1989-1990.
File 35 Contains receipts for printing expenses, 1988-1989.
File 36 Contains Canadian Periodical Publishers Association questionnaire, 1990.
File 37 Contains Secretary of State grant application, 1990.
File 38 Contains statement of accounts, 1990.
File 39 Contains circulation, and financial information, 1990-1992.
File 40 Contains application to New Quarterly for grant, 1991.
File 41 Contains information sent to the Canada Council regarding payments made to Porcupine's Quill, 1991.
File 42 Contains sales report, 1991.
File 43 Contains Ontario Arts Council grant applications, 1991.
File 44 Contains balance sheet, 1991.
File 45 Contains financial calendar, 1991.
File 46 Contains G.S.T. notices, 1991.
File 47 Contains Canada Council grant awards, 1990-1991.
File 48 Contains statements from the Royal Bank, 1992.
File 49 Contains Ontario Arts Council grant application, 1992.
File 50 Contains bank statements, and cancelled checks, 1992.
File 51 Contains shipping receipts.
File 52 Contains publishing agreement with Quarry Press, 1992.
File 53 Contains additions to mailing list.
File 54 Contains grant applications to the Ministry of Multiculturalism, n.d.
File 55 Contains promotional mailings for CFM.
File 56 Contains copies of advertisements and payments for ads placed in CFM.
File 57 Contains balance sheets and financial records, 1994-1997.

Series 6:
Microfilm/microfiche. -- 1971-1985. -- 10 rolls of microfilm and assorted fiche of issues of Canadian Fiction Magazine. -- Title based on the content of series.

File 58 Microfiche for the Canadian Fiction Magazine. Produced by Micro Media Limited. No. 1 winter 1971; nos. 2-3, winter, spring-summer 1971; nos. 2/3-4 spring/summer-fall 1971; nos. 5-6 winter-spring 1972; nos. 6-7 spring-summer 1972; nos. 7-8 summer-autumn 1972; no. 8 autumn 1972; no. 9 winter 1973; nos. 9-10 winter-spring 1973; nos. 10-11 spring-autumn 1973; no. 11 autumn 1973; no. 12 winter 1974; nos. 12-13 winter-spring; nos. 13-14 spring-summer 1974; nos. 14-15 summer-autumn 1974; no. 15 autumn 1974; no. 16 winter 1975; nos. 16-17 winter-spring 1975; nos. 17-18 spring-summer 1975; nos. 18-19 summer-autumn 1975; no. 19 autumn 1975 (2 sheets); no. 28, 1978 (2 sheets); no. 29, 1979 (4 sheets).

Not placed in a file folder: 10 rolls of microfilm of issues of Canadian Fiction Magazine.
Winter 1971 - Autumn 1972., nos. 1-8.
Winter - Autumn 1973. nos. 9-11.
Winter - Autumn 1975. nos. 16-19. Index.
Winter - Autumn 1976. nos. 20-23. Index.
Spring 1977. nos. 24-27. Index.
1980. nos. 34-37.
1981. nos. 38-41.
1982-1983. nos. 42-46.
1983-1984. nos. 46-49.
1984-1985. nos. 50-54.

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