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Peter Calamai fonds. – 1963-2015. – 4.36 m of textual records, graphic material, and 38 items, mostly awards and pins, 14 audio recordings, and 2 video recordings.

Series 1. -- Major Projects. – 1983-2001– 2.10 m of textual records.
Series consists of materials relating to significant news stories that Peter Calamai devised, researched, and wrote. Also includes some research and working files as well as final published versions of stories and reports.

Literacy Matters
This subseries consists of working files for Calamai’s 1999 publication, Literacy Matters, regarding literacy in Canada. [Note: See also Box 35.]

Box 1
F.1          Literacy Matters, final publication. Insert in Saturday Night, pp. 15, Sept., 1999. Published version.
F.2          Lessons Learned booklet and final report, pp. 30, Mar., 2000. Published version.
F.3          Lessons Learned draft final report. Typescript, pp. 20, lightly annotated. Jan., 1999.
F.4          Literacy in the workplace. Research material with some annotations. 1991-1998.
F.5          Aboriginal literacy. Computer print draft with edits; includes handwritten notes, news clipping, and press release. 1999.
F.6          Interview notes. Computer prints and handwritten notes. 1999.
F.7          Clear language coverage. “Clarity” draft with edits; includes printed material and a letter. 1999.
F.8          Federal government – reports and printed material. ca. 1999.
F.9          Research material for main piece. ca. 1998-1999.
F.10        Stats Canada research material. Computer prints. 1999.
F.11        Family literacy. Printed materials. ca. 1994-1998.
F.12        Research – articles by Sticht. 1990-1999.
F.13        Research – articles by Willms. 1996-1999.
F.14-15 Notebooks – 2 subject notebooks. 1999.
Box 2
F.1          Pocket notebook. 1999.
F.2          Transcript of June 16th “Collegium” meeting. Booklet, pp. 103, and 1 copy of pp. 23-98, 1999. [Note: Quotations used in “Literacy Matters”.]
F.3          Patterns of Participation in Canadian Literacy and Upgrading Programs: Results of a National Follow-up Study – ABC Canada and Literary BC publication, pp. 120, 2001. Published version. [Note: Calamai was an ABC Canada board member.]
F.4          Patterns of Participation: Summary of Results from the National Study, pp. 15, 2001. Published version.

1987 Southam Literacy Survey
Calamai devised the study and researched and wrote the Literacy series which appeared in numerous national newspapers. It became a seminal study, which resulted in the Canadian government launching a national commitment to adult literacy. It was also named in Calamai’s Order of Canada citation. These files were originally arranged in reverse chronological order and have been rearranged to fit a chronological arrangement. The subseries begins with planning and working files. Reports generated for the study are at the end of the subseries.

Planning and reception
Box 2 cont’d
F.5          Literacy survey memos – general planning, ts. Oct. 1986-Feb. 1987.
F.6          Literacy survey memos and notes – Creative Research Group Ltd, ts. Dec. 1986-Jul. 1987.
F.7          Southam News literacy study – promotion, sales, and planning correspondence. 1986-1987.
F.8          Literacy survey memos, notes, and correspondence – Creative Research Group Ltd, ts. 1987.
F.9          “Confidential Literacy Briefing”. Transcript from “reaction meeting”, pp. 41, Sept. 9, 1987. [Note: Calamai is one of the speakers.]
F.10        The Ottawa Citizen – 13-part series, “Illiteracy in Canada” by Peter Calamai. News clippings. Sept. 12-25, 1987. [See Series 2 for other news writing by Calamai.]
F.11        Teleprints of Southam News’ literacy stories. Includes several photocopies of clippings from other newspapers and a few press releases. 1987-1988.
F.12        Content: The literacy issue. Ed. by Dick MacDonald, Sept./Oct. 1987, pp. 41. Published version.
F.13        LeaderPost: Special Report. Report on illiteracy across Canada and Calamai’s news stories. Oct., 1987. Published version.
Box 3
F.1          Post-publication correspondence – reception. Also includes House of Commons Debates transcripts. 1987-1988.
F.2          Reaction to Literary series. Teleprints and photocopies of news stories. 1987-1995.
F.3          Michener Award Submission – rough draft of booklet. Feb. 1988.
F.4          The Southam Literacy Report – submission to Michener Awards Foundation and accompanying letter. 1988.

Project and data files
F.5          Final questionnaire – English. Includes handwritten notes, p. 1, 1987.
F.6          Final questionnaire – French. 1987.
F.7          Literacy newspapers – printed specially for test subjects. French and English copies. 1987.
F.8          Illiteracy notes. Typescript and handwritten. 1987.
F.9          Literacy interviews – A-Z. Typescript. 1987. [Note: removed from red three ring binder.]
F.10        Index of interview topics, pp. 32, [1987]. [Note: removed from red three ring binder.]  
F.11        Literacy interviews – handwritten. 1987. [Note: removed from red three ring binder.]
F.12        Literacy interviews – notes for meeting with Paul Nesbitt. Handwritten. 1987.
Box 4
F.1-12    Literacy study notebooks. 10 steno notebooks; 3 pocket notebooks. 1987.
Box 5
F.1          Literacy contacts. Includes project notes, invoices, and contacts for 1988 follow-up. 1987-1988. [Note: removed from red three ring binder.]
F.2          Computer Tabulations Banner “A”: Region, Sex, Urbanization, Canadian/Foreign-Born, pp. 290. May, 1987.
F.3          Computer Tabulations Banner “B”: Full Age Distribution within Sex, pp. 286. May, 1987.
F.4          Computer Tabulations Banner “C”: Education, Language, Age within Sex, pp. 292. May, 1987.
F.5          Computer Tabulations Banner “D”: Literacy Performance on Key Item Scale, Illterate Sub-groups, pp. 298. May, 1987.
F.6          Computer Tabulations Banner Volume “E”: Naep Scores, pp. 192. May, 1987.
F.7          Computer Tabulations Volume “I 1”: Total Ontario and Toronto, Ottawa, London and Owen Sound Region, pp. 293. May, 1987.
Box 6
F.1          Computer Tabulations Volume “I 2”: Total British Columbia and Vancouver: False Literates, pp. 292. May, 1987.
F.2          Computer Tabulations Volume “I 3”: Total Alberta and Edmonton, pp. 292. May, 1987.
F.3          Computer Tabulations Volume “I 4”: Total Atlantic Provinces & Newfoundland, New Brunswick & Saint John, pp. 300. May, 1987.
F.4          Computer Tabulations Volume “I 5”: Total Quebec and Montreal, pp. 292. May, 1987.
F.5          Special cross-tabs – booklet, pp. 36, lightly annotated. 1987.
F.6          Data print outs. Also includes form for data tapes. [See also Box 35.]
F.7          Data Tape Code Book, ca. pp. 120, Sept., 1987. [See also Box 35.]

F.8          Canadian Literacy Poll: a research proposal – by Canadian Research Group, pp. 44. 1986.
F.9          Addendum to: Canadian Literacy Poll: a research proposal – by Canadian Research Group, pp. 8. 1987.
F.10        Illiteracy in Canada: a research report, earlier version of report, ca. pp. 250. Includes handwritten edits. May/June, 1987. [cont’d in Box 7]
Box 7
F.1          Illiteracy in Canada: a research report, earlier version of report, ca. pp. 250. Includes handwritten edits. May/June, 1987. [cont’d from Box 6]
F.2          Literacy in Canada: a research report, final version, earlier title: Illiteracy in Canada. pp. 223. 1987.
F.3          Highlights from The Southam Literacy Report, pp. 19. 1987.
F.4          Literacy in Edmonton: a research report, pp. 48. 1987.
F.5          Literacy in London, Owen Sound and Ottawa: a research report, pp. 51. 1987.
F.6          Literacy in Montreal: a research report, pp. 53. 1987.
F.7          Literacy in Saint John, New Brunswick and the Atlantic Region: a research report, pp. 51. 1987.
F.8          Literacy in Toronto: a research report, pp. 51. 1987.
F.9          Literacy in Vancouver: a final report, pp. 48. 1987.

The following files consists mostly of working files and research for the Southam News Literacy Study, which were filed separately from the other Literacy materials. The original file names have been kept. Many are small files which contain news clippings, research material, and some correspondence. These files were originally arranged in rough alphabetical order; only several files were moved by the archivist.

F.10        Adult learners. News clipping. n.d.
F.11        Bilingualism. News clipping and working paper. 1986-1987.
F.12        Business Task Force on Literacy. Correspondence and printed materials. 1987.
F.13        CDNPA/ANPA programs. Printed material and circulars. 1984-1987.
F.14        CDNPA – Reading the Future & Us by Dick MacDonald, highlighted, and a letter from CDNPA. 1987. [Note: removed from Literacy Matters based on date and content.]
F.15        Clippings – Hamilton. Photocopies; some highlighting. 1985-1987.
F.16        Clippings – Manitoba. Photocopies with highlighting. 1986.
F.17        Clippings – Ottawa. Photocopies with highlighting. 1978-1985.
F.18        Clippings – Saskatchewan. Star-Phoenix news clipping. 1986.
F.19        Commentaries/editorials. News clippings. 1987.
Box 8
F.1          Community Colleges – Mohawk College. “A Report on the Skills of First-Year Students, 1985-1986”. Typescript, pp. 11, 1985.
F.2          Computer literacy. Magazine tear-out and photocopy of article. 1986-1987.
F.3          Conference material from Communications in Workplace. 1987.
F.4          Economic costs of illiteracy. Various research materials. 1985-1987.
F.5          Education – Ontario. News clippings and other printed material. 1986-1987.
F.6          Education – Quebec. News clippings and photocopies of articles/printed material. 1983-1987.
F.7          Employment. News clippings. 1987.
F.8          Famous illiterates. Handwritten notes and a news clipping. 1987.             
F.9          Frontier College – general. Printed materials and news clippings. 1987.
F.10        Frontier College – “Beat the Street”. Pamphlet and photocopy of news clipping. 1987.
F.11        Frontier College – Laborers/Teachers. Handwritten notes, printed material, and photocopies of labourer reports and correspondence. 1987.
F.12        Gift of Literacy Foundation. Photocopies of news clippings and press releases. 1986.
F.13        Immigration. Research notes, handwritten, and materials. [ca. 1987].
F.14        Job training. Magazine articles and news clippings. 1984-1987.
F.15        Laubach Literacy of Canada. Reports, proposals, draft of speech, a newsletter, and one letter. 1987.
F.16        Learning disabilities – Dyslexia. Research materials. 1987.
F.17        Learning disabilities – Foothills Academy. Correspondence, typescript interview notes, and printed material. 1987.
F.18        Legal. Research material. 1985-1987.
F.19        Libraries. Research material. ca. 1987.
F.20        Literacy research materials – general. 1985-1987. [moved from main literacy section (was with illiteracy research/interview notes; better here.)]
F.21        Lobbying – Cedar Glenn Declaration. Reports and circulars. 1986-1987.
F.22        London – Crouch Community Centre, G.A. Wheable adult ed. Notes and printed material. 1987.
F.23        National programs. Circular and a letter. 1986.
F.24        New Brunswick – Saint John Learning Exchange. Newsletters and photocopies of news clippings. 1986.
F.25        Personal literacy campaign. Printed material. n.d.
F.26        Political. News clipping. 1987.
F.27        Popular culture. News clipping. 1987.
F.28        Prison literacy. Press releases, correspondence, research notes, and other research material. 1987. [cont’d in Box 9]
Box 9
F.1          Prison literacy. Press releases, correspondence, research notes, and other research material. 1987. [cont’d from Box 8]
F.2          Programs – “Yes Canada”. Letter, pamphlets, circulars, research notes, and other printed material. 1986-1987.
F.3          Projects. Circulars and other printed material. 1986.
F.4          Provinces – Alberta. News clippings. 1985-1986.
F.5          Provinces – BC. Adult Basic Education (ABE) report and questionnaire. 1987.
F.6          Provinces – New Brunswick. News clippings, circulars, and other research material. 1983-1987.
F.7          Provinces – Nova Scotia. News clippings. 1987.
F.8          Provinces – Ontario. News clippings. 1986-1987.
F.9          Public concern. News clipping and reports. 1984-1987.
F.10        Publicity. Correspondence, fact sheets, and other printed materials. ca. 1987.
F.11        Quotable material. “Marks on Paper: a play” by John Lazarus, typescript, pp. 29. 1987.
F.12        Reading. Photocopy of article. 1982.
F.13        Research conducted about adult literacy. Various printed materials. ca. 1987.
F.14        Schools. Clippings. 1986-1987.
F.15        Senate publication. Photocopy of chapter. n.d.
F.16        Television. Brochures and clippings relating to “Hooked on Reading” program. 1986.
F.17        Universities – entrance tests. Clippings and photocopy of reading tests. ca. 1987.
F.18        Universities. Research materials. 1986-1987.
F.19        Workplace literacy. Circular letter, fact sheets, and printed material. 1984-1987.
F.20        Workplace literacy – Ontario Ministry of Skill Dev. Letter and printed material. 1987.
F.21        World Literacy of Canada. Circular and newsletter. 1987.

Box 10
McCarran Act: Blacklisted Canadians in the U.S.

These files cover the many FOI requests that Calamai made to the U.S. Department of Justice and the Immigration and Naturalization Service relating to the U.S. blacklisting Canadians, including Farley Mowat. The files also include materials relating to the legal actions that ensued, which resulted in a U.S. District Court ruling. Original file titles and original order have been kept.

F.1          Mowat exclusion – Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) documents and news clippings. Includes court documents relating to INS Buffalo district director John J. Ingham’s affidavit. 1985-1989.
F.2          Mowat – Court submissions and orders. 1985-1989.
F.3-6      Mowat – Court affidavits. 1986-1989.
F.7          Mowat – Access to Information request in Canada. Correspondence and forms/applications; includes some correspondence with Farley Mowat. 1985-1988.
Box 11
F.1          ‘Subversives’ story—planning, background, and aftermath. Includes news clippings and notes relating to Southam News articles. 1989.
F.2          McCarran story notes. Photocopies and typescript notes. Includes general notes on McCarran Act and on Mowat.
F.3          McCarran – news coverage. News clippings and photocopies; most clippings are authored by Calamai. 1989.
F.4          Worthington documents. Correspondence and photocopies of news clippings. 1986, 1989.
F.5          Administrative McCarran – FBI coding. Photocopies and a booklet. 1988-1989.
F.6          RCMP – photocopies of research relating to INS and purging. 1985.
F.7          McCarran – history. Research materials. 1987-1988.
F.8          McCarran press coverage. News clippings, typescript news articles, and some handwritten notes. 1984-1989.
F.9          Forms I-160s. U.S. Immigration and Naturalization. 1986-1988.
F.10        Individuals excluded under U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Act (I-160), 1958-1966. Photocopies of Department of Justice papers. ca. 1988.
F.11        Justice Department releases. Photocopies of correspondence and civil action between Southam News and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. 1986-1988.
F.12        State Department releases. Photocopies of correspondence and civil action. 1988.
F.13        FBI releases – missing cases. Photocopies, typescript. ca. 1989.
F.14        Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) releases. Correspondence with Southam News’ attorney, James H. Lesar; some photocopies. 1987-1988.
Box 12
F.1          McCarran Act applied. Includes various U.S. Department of State and INS photocopied and “post-it” notes with annotations by Mary Calamai. 1986-1988.
F.2          Canadian individuals barred. Photocopied U.S. immigration documents, news clippings, and some handwritten notes. 1987-1988.
F.3-5      McCarran - documents released by U.S. Dept. of Justice under FOI request from Southam News. Includes photocopies of I-194s, correspondence, and May/86 Powell affidavit.

Colin Thatcher 1984 Murder Trial and Trials and Tribulations publication

This subseries consists of material relating to the research, writing, and public reception of Calamai’s 1986 publication, “Discrepancies in news quotes from the Colin Thatcher trial”, which was a study on the misquotations that Calamai found in Canadian newspapers during the Colin Thatcher murder trial. He investigated the use of tape recorders in court rooms across Canada and the U.S.

Trials and Tribulations study

F.6          “Discrepancies in news quotes from the Colin Thatcher trial,” by Peter Calamai in Trials and Tribulations publication sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communications, University of Regina.
F.7          Law Reform Commission of Canada. Public and Media Access to the Criminal Process, Working Paper 56. 1987. [Note: mentions Thatcher Trial.]
F.8          Correspondence re: Trials and Tribulations. 1986.
Box 13
F.1          Star-Phoenix transcripts. Photocopies.
F.2          Presentations – Trials and Tribulations. Includes notes, clippings, drafts of speeches; also includes draft of “Discrepancies and differences in news reporting of the Colin Thatcher trial”. 1986-1987.
F.3          Working file – Trials and Tribulations. Includes pictures, clippings, correspondence, and printed materials used for “Discrepancies and differences in news reporting of the Colin Thatcher trial”. 1986-1987.
F.4          Research materials – Trials and Tribulations. Includes Star-Phoenix readership survey report. 1985.
F.5          Research materials – A Comparative Evaluation of Stenographic and Audiotape Methods for United States District Court Reporting, Federal Judicial Center, July 1983.
F.6          Other accuracy materials – Trials and Tribulations. Research materials: articles, papers, includes photocopies. 1970-1986.
F.7          News Coverage of Trials and Tribulations. News clippings; includes photocopies. 1986.
F.8          Interviews – Trials and Tribulations. Handwritten notes. 1986.
F.9          Results – Trials and Tribulations – Tabulation. Includes table notes and drafts. 1985-1986.
F.10        Coded sheets – Trials and Tribulations. Handwritten notes and excerpts of news quotations.

Thatcher Trial coverage

Box 14
F.1          Divorce judgement of Thatchers.
F.2          Two handwritten letters to Mary Calamai during Colin Thatcher trial, Oct. 1984.
F.3          Trial working documents. Handwritten and typescript notes. 1984.
F.4-11    Steno notebooks for trial. 7 medium notebooks; 2 small notebooks. 1984.
F.12        Copy transmissions of Southam news articles – teleprints. 1983-1984.
F.13        News coverage by others. News clippings. 1984.
F.14        Libel case. Includes news clippings and correspondence relating to Thatcher’s libel case against Southam News. 1985.
F.15        Appeal documents. 1986.

Series 2. – Writing – 1962-2015. – 1.15 m of textual records.

Series includes clippings of Calamai’s newspaper and magazine articles, transmitted teleprint copies of Calamai’s news articles while at Southam News and The Toronto Star, and printed material edited or authored by Calamai.

Box 15
F.1          Finding Aids – Southam News. 1973-1986.
F.2          Finding Aids – Toronto Star. 2002-2006.
F.3          Freelance – Hamilton Spectator photos. 1962-1963.
Box 18
E.1          The Silhouette photos – 1964. [Note: These clippings were part of Calamai’s application to Dominion Wide for a summer job.]
Box 15
F.4          Dominion Wide photos – 1964.
F.5          Hamilton Spectator summer job – 1965.
F.6          Hamilton Spectator – 1966.
F.7          Hamilton Spectator – 1967.
F.8          Hamilton Spectator – 1968.
F.9          Hamilton Spectator – Labour Beat column, photocopies – 1969.
F.10        Hamilton Spectator – 1969.
F.11        Southam News – 1970.
F.12        Southam News – 1971.
F.13        Southam News, UN Environment Conference – 1972.
F.14        Southam News – 1973.
F.15        Southam News – 1974 (some 1975).
F.16        Southam News – 1975.
F.17        Southam News – 1976.
Box 16
F.1          Southam News – 1977.
F.2          Southam News – 1978.
F.3          Southam News – 1979.
F.4          Southam News – 1983.
F.5          Southam News, Papal tour and Hague case – 1984.
F.6          Southam News, Thatcher Trial – 1984.
F.7          Canadian Bar Association, The National, Freelancing columns – 1984-1986.
F.8          Southam News – 1985.
F.9          Southam News (Ottawa), Supreme Court Access to Information – 1986.
F.10        Southam News (Ottawa) – 1987.
F.11        Southam News (Washington) – 1988.
F.12        “Net Loss,” The Third Degree, pp. 24-25, Spring 1989.
F.13        Southam News, Southam Environment Project – 1989.
F.14        Southam News, Worthington Affair and McCarran Act – 1989.
F.15        Southam News, Farley Mowat and McCarran Act – 1989.
F.16        Southam News (Washington) – 1989-Mar. 1990.
F.17        Southam News (Weekly Columns, Washington) – 1989-1990.
F.18        The Ottawa Citizen – Editorial page columns – 1991.
F.19        The Ottawa Citizen – Editorial page columns – 1992.
F.20        The Ottawa Citizen – Editorial page columns – 1993.
F.21        The Ottawa Citizen – Editorial page columns – Dec. 27, 1993.
F.22        “Absence of Accountability,” McMaster Times, p. 32, Spring 1993.            
Box 17
F.1          The Ottawa Citizen – Editorial page columns – 1994.
F.2          The Ottawa Citizen – Editorial page columns – 1995.
F.3          The Ottawa Citizen – Editorial page columns and gardening – 1996.           
F.4          “Trust and Paranoia,” Directions: Council for Canadian Unity, pp. 3., Vol. 2, No. 19, May 22, 1997. Two photocopies.
F.5          Misc. writings. Includes Cosmos magazine cover proof, tear-sheets, and photocopies. 1997-2006.
F.6          Toronto Star – 1998.
F.7          Toronto Star – 1999.
F.8          Toronto Star – 2000.
F.9          Toronto Star – 2001.
F.10        Toronto Star – 2002.
F.11        Toronto Star – 2003.
F.12        Toronto Star, Amundsen – 2004.
F.13        Toronto Star – 2004.
F.14        Freelance articles – misc. Computer prints. 2004-2005. [Note: These articles are final drafts and not clippings, but were originally located with clippings.]
F.15        Toronto Star, Einstein – 2005.
F.16        Toronto Star – 2005.
F.17        Toronto Star – 2006.
F.18        Toronto Star, Microscope column – 2006.
F.19        Toronto Star – 2007.
F.20        Toronto Star, Microscope column – 2007.
F.21        Research Money article, “A science job for the options czar”, p. 8. Photocopy. Nov. 28, 2007.
F.22        Toronto Star, Nuclear Power Struggle – 2008.
F.23        Toronto Star, Microscope column – 2008.
F.24        Freelance, Toronto Star, Joe Fafard Saga – 2008.
F.25        Freelance – 2008.
F.26        Freelance – 2009.
F.27        Toronto Star, Telescope column – Freelance – 2009.
F.28        Literary Review of Canada, “Realistic Fortune Telling: A Canadian looks ahead and sees… uncertainty”, pp. 14-16. May, 2009. Tear-sheets.
F.29        Freelance – 2010.
F.30        Freelance articles – 2010.
F.31        Toronto Star – Freelance – 2011.
F.32        Toronto Star, Science column – Freelance. Feb. 20, 2011.
F.33        Spurgeon obituary – 2015. Includes reporting materials.

The dates written beside most clips in the scrapbooks represent the date the articles were transmitted. The dates on the clippings represent when the article was published by that particular newspaper. Other newspapers in the Southam group may have also published the same article later or earlier.
Box 18
                Hamilton Spectator – 1963.
Africa clippings – May-Dec. 1979.
Africa clippings – Jan.-Aug. 1980.
Africa clippings – Aug.-Dec. 1980.
Africa clippings – Jan.-June 1981.
Africa clippings – June-Dec. 1981.
Africa clippings – Jan.-May/June 1982.
Africa clippings – July-Aug. 1982.

Bylined articles
Subseries consists of original teleprint copies of Calamai’s reporting with Southam News. Most of the files are from pre-1986 and do not exist electronically since the Southam online database (Infomart) began in 1986. Some articles have two dates. The date written on the articles are when they were transmitted; the stamped dates are when they were published. Also included are some articles written by other correspondents. Articles from the years 1969 to 1979 include numerous manuscript annotations including subject categories to which the news stories belong.

Box 19
F.1          Sept.-Dec. 1969.
F.2          Jan.-May 1970.
F.3          Jun.-Oct. 1970.
F.4          Nov.-Dec. 1970.
F.5          Jan.-Jun. 1971.
F.6          Jul.-Oct. 1971.
F.7          Nov.-Dec. 1971.
F.8          Jan.-Feb. 1972.
F.9          Mar.-May. 1972.
Box 20
F.1          Jun.-Dec. 1972.
F.2          Jan.-Dec. 1973.
F.3          Jan.-Nov. 1974.
F.4          Jan.-Dec. 1975.
F.5          Jan.-Dec. 1976.
F.6          Mar.-Dec. 1977.
F.7          Jan.-Dec. 1978.
F.8          Jan.-Dec. 1979.
F.9          Feb.-Nov. 1980.
F.10        n.d.
Box 21
F.1          Jan.-Dec. 1981.
F.2          Jan.-Apr. 1982.
F.3          May-Aug. 1982.
F.4          May-Sept. 1983.
F.5          Oct.-Dec. 1983.
F.6          Jan.-Apr. 1984.
F.7          May.-Aug. 1984.
F.8          Sept.-Dec. 1984.
F.9          Jan.-Jun. 1986.
Box 22
F.1          Sept.-Dec. 1985.
F.2          Jan.-Jun. 1986.
F.3          Jul.-Dec. 1986.
F.4          Jan.-May 1987.
F.5          Sept. 1987.
F.6          Jan.-Jun. 1988.
F.7          Jul.-Dec. 1988.
F.8          Jan.-Jun. 1989.
F.9          Jan.-Feb. 1990.

Printed material and publications
These files consist of published versions of Calamai’s writing.

Box 23
F.1          Broken Words: Why Five Million Canadians Are Illiterate, pp. 82, Southam Press, 1988. [See also Series 1.]
F.2          Subsidizing Unsustainable Development: Undermining the Earth with Public Funds, Earth Council, Toronto and Costa Rica, (with André de Moor), pp. 66, February, 1997.
F.3          What Works: Corporate success in tackling the youth jobs crisis, commissioned by CIBC, pp. 42, 1997.
F.4          “The Media and the Court’s Public Accountability,” in Brian Dickson at the Supreme Court of Canada 1973-1990, Supreme Court of Canada Historical Society, Vol. II, pp. 289-298, 1998. Off-print.
F.5          Literacy Matters, supplement to and published in Saturday Night magazine, pp. 16, September 1999. Includes Literacy Matters booklet.
F.6          Science journalism 2002: Who’s buying it? pp. 66. April, 2002. Booklet.
F.7          Research Money columns. 2002-2006.
F.8          “Hunt for the God Particle” cover story, Cosmos, Issue 9, pp. 56-64, 2006, Sydney, Australia.
F.9          “David Crampton: An Instrumental Leader,” Gemini Focus magazine, pp. 16-19, June 2009.
F.10        “High performance health,” Schulich Engineer, pp. 29-35, Fall 2009.
F.11        “Engineering the world’s largest radio telescope,” Schulich Engineer, pp. 9-16, Spring 2011.
F.12        “Ardent Administrator”, profile of NSERC President Suzanne Fortier, Canadian Chemical News, pp. 12-18, May 2011.
F.13        “Dig Deep Underground to Decipher How the Universe Holds Together,” SNOLAB feature article, Carleton University Magazine, p. 36, Summer 2012.
F.14        “Science for Dummies,” cover feature on science literacy, Carleton University Magazine, pp. 28-31, Winter 2012.
F.15        “World’s Largest Radio Telescope,” SkyNews, pp. 12-15, November-December 2012.
F.16        “Chemistry with a cherry on top,” Canadian Chemical News, pp. 24-29, July/Aug. 2014.
F.17        Canadian Chemical News, contributing editor, Sept./Oct. 2014.
F.18        “Policy Pundit” column about physicist Neil Turok, Canadian Chemical News, pp. 10-12, Jan./Feb. 2015. [See also Box 24.]
F.19        “Policy Pundit” column about federal unions and gov’t science policy, Canadian Chemical News, pp. 10-12, Mar./Apr. 2015. [See also Box 24.]
F.20        “Policy Pundit” column about Alan Bernstein and science culture, Canadian Chemical News, pp. 10-12, May/June 2015. [See also Box 24.]
F.21        “Policy Pundit” column about Todd Hirsch of ATB Financial, Canadian Chemical News, pp. 10-14, Jul./Aug. 2015. [See also Box 24.]
F.22        “Policy Pundit” column about R&D privatization, Canadian Chemical News, pp. 10-11, Nov./Dec. 2015. [See also Box 24.]

Series 4.—Reporting materials.—1967-2015.—47.5 cm of textual records, 114 business cards, 121 press passes, 25 pins and buttons, and 2 cloth wall hangings.

Research and working files
F.23        Access to Information Requests – National Immunization Committee. 1985-1989. [cont’d in Box 24]
Box 24
F.1          Access to Information Requests – National Immunization Committee. 1985-1989. [cont’d from Box 23]
F.2          Parks Canada reports on Maplelawn Garden in Ottawa as national historic site – photocopies of agenda papers, ts., n.d.
F.3          Content magazine article on Canadian coverage of U.S. politics. Typescript draft and reporting notes. 1989.
F.4          Canadian Policy Research Network – printed material and Judith Maxwell interview notes, ms. 1995. [Note: Calamai wrote, edited, and produced a newsletter for CPRN.]
F.5          Access to Information documents on customs seizure of pornographic material. Letter and report, ca. pp. 60, 1996.
F.6          Cosmos magazine—Neptune project. Draft of article, research materials, email correspondence, reporting notes; includes steno note book. 2011. [See also Box 17.]
F.7          Doug Goff interview and ice cream – “Policy Pundit” column for Canadian Chemical News. 2014. [See also Box 23.]
F.8          Turok interview—“Policy Pundit” column for Canadian Chemical News. Computer print drafts of interview with Neil Turok research material, and reporting. 2014. [See also Box 23.]
F.9          Daviau interview—“Policy Pundit” column for Canadian Chemical News. Computer print drafts of interview with Debi Daviau, research material, and reporting notes. 2015. [See also Box 23.]
F.10        “Policy Pundit” ts. drafts and interview transcripts. Ts. interview notes and research material. 2015. [See also Box 23.]


Box 25
F.1-4      Africa contacts – 24 notebooks, handwritten, and accompanying contact cards arranged by place. [1979-1982]. [Note: contact cards have been removed from corresponding notebook, and contact cards and notebooks are filed together.]
In alphabetical order, notebooks and cards include the following places:
Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho
                N. Africa
North America
Sierre Leone
S. Africa
West Africa—Liberia, Gambia, Guinea
F.5          European contacts, indexed notebook, handwritten – 1975-1977.
F.6          Contacts for Saturday Night Literacy Supplement – business cards, lightly annotated. 1999.
                General reporting contacts – business cards, lightly annotated. n.d. [Note: removed from file booklet.]

Press credentials
Box 26
The press passes and pins were originally attached to two fabric wall hangings. The passes, pins, and hangings were photographed before the items were removed from the hangings, and the fabric hangings have been kept with the passes and pins also. The press passes date from 1967-2015 with most dated from 1970-1990 and are arranged in rough chronological order.

Series 4. –Workshops, speeches, and conferences.—1988-2015. –46 cm of textual records.
These files include drafts of speeches, workshop notes, conference papers and materials, and research material. Most of Calamai’s drafts are typed computer prints. Additionally, earlier speeches may appear in files containing later speeches; he referred to previous speeches especially when he wrote speeches for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The dates on files refer to when the materials were used even if earlier speeches are also present in files. Computer print drafts of articles written by Peter Calamai are also often included in working files for talks and workshops. Original file titles have been kept.

Special talks and workshops
Note: These files were arranged separately from the ‘General speeches and workshop’ section below although both sections have files covering similar topics and talks.

Box 27
“Science journalism and communication”
F.1          Science camp resource material—articles and speaking notes.
F.2          Science communication—research and printed material. 1990-2004.
F.3          Science communication speech material—computer print notes, research material, and correspondence. 2004-2009.
F.4          Science communication miscellaneous material—research material and notes for presentations.
F.5          Winnipeg speeches on media and science – notes. Computer prints with handwritten edits. Mar., 2007.
F.6          Science policy talks. Research materials, notes, programs. 2008-2010.
F.7          Writing about science—CCA and Western workshops. Computer print notes and exercises. 2010.
F.8          Science journalism—article by Peter Calamai, “Covering Science, Medicine and the Environment”, 2011.

F.9          Science literacy. Computer print article by Calamai and research notes. ca. 2011.               
F.10        Introduction to Media. McMaster and Waterloo workshops. 2011.
F.11        Buenos Aires—IANAS—workshop. Itineraries, schedules, and notes relating to “Challenges and Opportunities in Communicating Science to the Public” conference. 2011-2012.
F.12        Introduction to Media boot camps, Science Media Centre of Canada. 2012.
F.13        Science Media Centre of Canada. Bootcamps material. 2012-2014.
F.14        IOG workshop. Speaking notes, some correspondence, and research material. 2013.
Box 28
F.1          Science culture talks—research material, drafts, and speaking notes. 2014-2015.
F.2          CSWA conference material, 2015.
F.3          Communicating Science speech notes. Computer print and handwritten notes, clippings, off-prints, and email correspondence. [2016].

“Numeracy and polling”
F.4          Numbers presentations—materials. Relating to number accuracy. 2010.
F.5          Numbers. Materials include news clippings and photocopies; used for presentations. 2003-ca. 2010.
F.6          Articles and news clippings for Carleton numbers workshop. Oct. 2010.
F.7          News clippings/articles for Toronto Star numbers workshop. 2004.
F.8          Speaking notes and resources for Toronto Star numbers workshop. 2006.
F.9          News clippings for Toronto Star numbers workshop. 2006.
F.10        Toronto Star polling workshop—handouts and articles used for overheads. 2001.

“Clear Writing”
F.11        Irony—research materials. 1994-1996.
F.12        Editing exercise—typescript. [ca. 1996].
F.13        Writing style rules. Articles and photocopies. [ca. 1996].

General speeches and workshops
F.14        Miscellaneous speeches and notes. 1970-1992.
F.15        Miscellaneous speeches. Computer print and ts. notes. 1987, 2003-2011.
F.16        Literacy speeches. Typescript notes. 1988-1989.
F.17        Speeches. Typescript notes. 1990-1995, 2000.
F.18        Science talks. Includes computer print drafts and notes for talks at McMaster and various science and health conferences. 1996-2006.
F.19        Notes for an address on literacy. Ts. draft. 1998.
F.20        National Speakers Bureau – Calamai’s biography and speech topics. Computer print. 1999.
Box 29
F.1          New Journalism 1880-1890 – talk and research notes. Includes cue-cards, computer print notes, and research materials. 2000.
F.2          “Literacy—The Next Big Challenge”, Annual Meeting of Literacy B.C., computer print draft. 2000.
F.3          Speeches – computer print notes. 2002.
F.4          Herstmonceux, 2006. “Science in the news: the good, the bad and supposedly funny”, ts. speaking notes.
F.5          Canadian Astronomical Society address, “Bringing the heavens down to Earth”. Computer print notes and handwritten edits. May 21, 2008.
F.6          NSERC projects. Correspondence and drafts; also includes Research Communicators workshop material. 2008-2009.
F.7          NSERC, Mar. 19, 2009 training. Computer print notes, exercises, news articles.
F.8          Australia speech—ANSTO and Visit by DFAT and North American journalists. 2010.
F.9          Herstmonceux, 2010. Includes conference material, speaking notes, printed materials, and off-print article.
F.10        Bamfield documents. Handwritten notes and course documents about science journalism. 2010.
F.11        Institutions of Science—Carleton 2nd year talk. Notes and computer prints of articles. 2011.
F.12        Herstmonceux, 2011-2013. Includes conference material, speaking notes, printed materials, and off-print article.
F.13        Critical Thinking class—Carleton. Notes and newspaper clippings. 2012.
F.14        NSERC workshop. Notes, exercises; also includes notes for Canadian Science Policy Conference workshop. 2013.
F.15        Walrus debate. Draft of script and research. 2013.
F.16        Queen’s Speech to Retirees’ Association of Queen’s. 2014.
F.17        Hydronet, 2014. Computer print draft and research materials.
F.18        Herstmonceux, 2014. Includes conference material, off-print article, correspondence, speaking notes, and research material.
F.19        Herstmonceux, 2015. Includes conference material, off-prints and drafts of articles, speaking notes, correspondence, programs, and some photographs.
F.20        Presentation at Alumni Reunion Day, “Check That for Print”, pp. 112. Print-out of slides, originally received as digital .ppt file. [June 6, 2015].

Speeches and Reports written for Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)

F.21        Privacy speeches. Drafts and notes, computer prints. 2010-2012.
F.22        Privacy – Online Behavioural Advertising. 2011.
F.23        OPC – FAQs. Computer print drafts and research. 2012.
F.24        Privacy REBs (Research Ethics Boards). Computer print draft and research. 2012
F.25        Privacy Act annual reports logistics. Computer print notes. 2012.
Box 30
F.1          OPC – privacy speech. Research and notes. 2012.
F.2          Genetics speech – computer print draft and research. 2012.
F.3          Speeches for OPC – McGill Law. 2013.
F.4          “4 Priorities” speech for OPC – general material. Computer print drafts and research. 2013.
F.5          “4 Priorities” – public safety research material. 2013.
F.6          OPC – Paris speech. Research and computer print speech. 2013.
F.7          OPC privacy speech. Research and drafts. 2013.
F.8          OPC cyber security speech. Research and drafts. 2013.
F.9          OPC – Library of Parliament speech. Research and draft. 2013.
F.10        Privacy Act Report writing. Computer print drafts and correspondence. 2013-2014.
F.11        Privacy – business. Research and handwritten notes. 2013-2014.
F.12        OPC speech – Oct. 22. Computer print drafts, correspondence, and clippings. 2014.
F.13        OPC speeches. Two computer prints. 2015.

Series 5. Personal and Professional Files.—1963-2009.—15 cm of textual records and graphic material, and 9 items, mostly awards.

These files contain reportorial material, teaching material, research material, juvenilia, awards, certificates, correspondence, ephemera, memorabilia, photographs, and printed material. The files have been arranged alphabetically by file name. At the end of the series, certificates, awards, and memorabilia have been listed. Original folder titles have been kept.

F.14        3-D Periodic Table – story ideas. 3-d model of periodic table. [Note: for profile of Fernando Dufour.] n.d.
F.15        Apollo 16 – coverage for Southam News. Sheet of stickers, b&w and col. photographs, a sheet of stickers, and printed material. [1972].
F.16        Atkinson Foundation Fellowship application. Ts. ca. 2009.
F.17        Award entries.
F.18        Canadian journalism – History – story ideas. Research; includes news clippings and magazine articles. 1964-1982.
Box 31
F.1          Cartoon – Mogul Press. n.d. [Note: Refers to the Kent Commission.]
F.2          Congratulating letters – relating to a variety of achievements and awards. 1968-1995, pred. 1984-1988.
F.3          Consultation – STIC. Correspondence. 2009.
F.4          Job application – Hamilton Spectator. Correspondence. 1963.
F.5          “Labor’s Love Lost” booklet. 1969.
F.6          Massey College – The Owl: written by, for and about Southam Fellows newsletter. Published versions and draft. 1983, 1987. [Note: Calamai revived annual newsletter.]
F.7          Michener Award. Judges’ report. 1988.
F.8          National Newspaper Awards. Programs, news clippings, and magazines. 1985-1986, 2014.
F.9          National Strategy for Early Literacy. “Report and Recommendations” and “Summary Report 2009”, prepared by The Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network. [Note: Calamai was a board member.]
F.10        Notable correspondence, typescript:
Labarge, Margaret Wade. Oct. 6, 1998.
Watson, Patrick. Sept. 12, 1997.
Cruise O’Brien, Conor. Dec. 3, 1995.
Atwood, Margaret. Jan. 15, 1988.
Sweeney, Shelley. Jul. 31, 1986.
Lee, Alvin A., Dr., President and Vice-Chancellor, McMaster University. Nov. 3, 1980-Jul. 17, 1982.
Morrice, Polly. Feb. 3, 1983.
F.11        Ottawa Citizen editorial board. Mission statement, photographs, news clippings, correspondence. 1990-1993.
F.12        Ottawa Citizen firing. Correspondence and news clippings relating to Calamai’s departure from Ottawa Citizen. 1996.
F.13        Ottawa Life Magazine, “Literacy in Canada” feature. June/July 2002. [Note: not authored by Calamai].
F.14        Personal coverage. News clipping and printed materials. 1985-2016.
F.15        Presentations – research. Photocopy. 2003.
F.16        Program – American Meteorological Society Awards. 2008.
F.17        Propaganda. Includes photocopies and originals of Canadian and British propaganda material collected by Calamai. 1984-1990.
F.18        Publicity for speeches. 1970, 1990.
F.19        Radio Canada International – “African Topical”. Two vinyl discs. n.d. [Note: Likely sent to Peter in Nairobi, Kenya.]
F.20        Remembrance Day – article. Includes correspondence. 1995.
F.21        Reporting steno notebook, handwritten notes. 2011.
F.22        Reporting steno notebook, “Science literacy”, handwritten notes. 2012.
F.23        Research material—Governing in an Information Society. 1992.
F.24        Science Media Centre of Canada – booklet. 2009. [Note: Calamai was a founding director.]
F.25        Science Media Centre of Canada – booklet, fact sheets, and annual report, ca. 2011-2012. [Note: “Tips for clear communications by scientists” booklet and fact sheets were prepared by Calamai.]
Box 32
F.1          Short stories from grade 8. Handwritten with illustrations. n.d.
F.2          Silhouette 20th reunion – invitation, correspondence, photographs, McMaster Times clippings. 1985, 1993.
F.3          Silhouette 75th anniversary – lists of editors and program. 2005.
F.4          Toronto Star galley proof – spoof, “Polar Attraction”, June 30, 2008. [Note: prepared for Calamai’s departure from the Star.]
F.5          U Regina, Journalism School: Glen Babb incident. News clippings, correspondence, course syllabus, and reports. 1986.
F.6          U Regina, Journalism School: Year-end. News clippings, articles, and writings by Calamai. 1985-1988.
F.7          Washington bureau. Program for White House Correspondents’ Dinner and comic strips. 1988.

Certificates, awards, and photographs

Box 33
E.1          American Management Associations, “Improving Managerial Skills of the New or Prospective Manager”, 1979
E.2          American Meteorological Society Award 2008
                Arctic Circle crossing and landing n.d.; includes photograph
E.3          Autographed photograph of Robert Stanfield
                British Aircraft Corporation for flying in a Concorde 1975
E.4          Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs, Science Promotion Prize 2006
Canadian International Grains Institute, Second Journalists’ Course 1978; includes photograph
Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society 2001
Canadian Science Writers’ Association 1981
Coalition for Canadian Astronomy 2005
Frontier College 1997
Geological Association of Canada 2005
Knight Center for Specialized Journalism 1994
E.5          MSU Alumni Association, Lifetime Achievement Award 2000
E.6          National Newspaper Awards 1981, 1984, 1985, 2000
                Ontario Scholar award 1961
The O.A.C.E. Writing Award 1987
Southam Inc. President’s Award 1988
Southam Newspapers Fellowships for Journalists certificate 1983
E.7          Science in Society 2004
Science in Society 2005
Science in Society 2013
                University of Western Ontario, “Short Course in Law for Journalists”, 1984
IABC Capitale AIPC President’s Award 1988
Peter Gzowski Award 1994
Peter Gzowski Literacy Award of Merit 1996
Youth Science Canada, Board of Directors Member 2010-2013
Box 34 [Awards cont’d]
CIJ Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting in Canada 1989
Frontier College, “In recognition of outstanding services furthering the mission of literacy for all”, 1997
Spotlight on Literacy 1990

Memorabilia (Printed material)

Box 18
Sports Illustrated magazine, first issue, Aug. 16, 1954. Includes envelope.
Chicago Sun-Times: Type and Makeup Manual, by Quentin P. Gore, pp. 75. 1964. [Note: Used to layout McMaster Silhouette, 1964-1966.]
The Toronto Telegram, Oct. 30, 1971. Final issue. Includes a ms. happy birthday note to Calamai.
The Star Weekly, Jan. 18, 1941.
The Ottawa Journal, final edition, Aug. 27, 1980.

Series 6. – Audiovisual. – 1987-ca. 2000. – 12 audio recordings and 2 video recordings.

Box 35
Literacy Matters – recorded interviews. 10 cassettes. [1999]. [Note: Separated from Box 1.]
Much Music’s “Rock ‘N Roll ‘N Reading” special – 2 Betamax tapes. [ca. 2000]. [Note: Separated from Box 1.]
“20387 Literacy”. Two 1/2” 9-track tape reels. [Note: Separated from Box 6 (Files 6-7) in Series 1.]

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