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Brott, Boris

Boris Brott fonds – 1931-2007. – 15.18 m of textual records. – 6,973 photographs; 280 moving images; 43 sound recordings.

The fonds is arranged in the following series:
Series 1 Correspondence
Series 2 Photographs
Series 3 Programmes, posters other printed materials
Series 4 Scrapbooks
Series 5 Scripts, Writing, Reports, Awards and Personal items
Series 6 Audio visual materials

Series 1
Correspondence. – 1931-2007. – 3.48 m of textual records and graphic material. Correspondence has been arranged as follows: General, Orchestras, Family and Friends. Includes both incoming and outgoing letters. Many of Brott’s replies were done as faxes; thus his original letters remain in the files. See also correspondence in the scrapbook series. Some letters were grouped by Brott in files A-K and L-Z. Researchers should consult these files as they do contain letters from people and organizations listed separately.

Box 1
F.1       A-K, 1990-92
F.2       A-K, 1993
F.3       A-K, 1994-95
F.4       A-K, 1996-97; includes letters from Conrad Black (1996) and Anton Kuerti (1997)
F.5       ANT; Alberta Television Network Corp. (Wendell Wilks), 1989
F.6       Alaska cruise, 1998
F.7       “Amadeus, the Music, the Man”, a Mozart concert at Redeemer College, part of the Boris Brott Summer Music Festival. Includes letters from William Hurt, Donald Sutherland, and Richard Gale as well as the script “A Letter from Wolfgang”, 1988
F.8       Amadeus Global Travel, 1998
F.9       Art Gallery of Hamilton, 1999
F.10     Arts Bureau for the Continents, 1998
F.11     Arts Marketing Services Inc., 1989
F.12     Artpark, 1990-91
F.13-4  Association of Canada Orchestras (Betty Webster, Executive Director), 1990-91; includes minutes
F.15     Association of Canada Orchestras (Betty Webster, Executive Director), 1992-93

F.16     Banff Centre for Performing Arts, 1990
F.17     BaerTracs Music Production (Howard Baer), 1994
F.18     Band Festival, Ottawa, Ont., 1990; includes correspondence with the Carleton Board of Education
F.19     Beethoven Band, 1989
F.20     Berklee College of Music, 1993
F.21     Mark Bonello, 1989

F.22     Boris Brott Enterprises Ltd., 1989-92; includes contracts

Box 2
Boris Brott Summer Music Festival:
Note: See also titles of individual concerts throughout this series.
F.1-2    1988; includes the proposal for this festival using the name “Boris Brott International Summer Music Festival”
F.3       1995-96; Mentor & Apprentice Support Letters
F.4       1997
F.5       1998
F.6       1999
F.7       2001, n.d.

F.8       Bravo Television (Moses Znaimer, John Gunn), 1996-2000
F.9       Buskers International Inc., 1990

F.10     CHCH TV, 1988-89
F.11     Kevin Cahill, 2001
F.12     Canada, Office of the Prime Minster, Jean Chrétien, 2002. Letter is from Manon Tardif, Chrétien’s Director of Appointments to Hon. Lincoln M. Alexander. Re Brott’s appointment to the Senate.
F.13     Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble (Vitek Wincza), 1997-98; re “The Nutcracker”. Includes col photograph of Chalice Valeniano as “Sofia MacNab” at Dundurn Castle.
F.14     Canadian Brass Music Productions Inc., 1990
F.15     Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC), 1991, 1995
F.16     Canadian Embassy, Japan (David Aniedo), 1989
F.17     Canadian Investment in Quality Music (CIQM), 1994-2000; includes minutes
F.18     Canadian Music Competition, 1990-1997
F.19     Canadian Saxophone Quintet, 1987
F.20     Caribiner Intl. Ltd., 1998
F.21     Caricatures Unlimited (Diane Zaremba), 1989; encl. samples
F.22     Carl Fisher Inc., 1988
F.23     Jean A. Chalmers National Music Award, 1993-94
F.24     Chamber Players of Toronto, 1988, 1991
F.25     Chautauqua Institution, 1988

Box 3
F.1       Children’s Programming Ideas, 1986-88
F.2       Children’s (grade 2) thank you cards with drawings; one of the cards mentions Roy Thomson Hall
F.3       Choral Festival, Ottawa, Ont., 1990-92
F.4       Concept Fiatlux Inc., 1988
F.5       Conductor Exchanges, 1988, 1994
F.6       Co-ordination Plus Inc., 1987-1995
F.7-8    Corporate Magic Inc., 1990-1994; includes legal correspondence with Paul D. Derounion
F.9       Victor K. Copps, n.d.; card has a caricature of the mayor
F.10     Charles T. Cozens Music Ltd., 1990
F.11     Crossroads Television System, 1998
F.12     Crystal Cruises; includes 3 col. photographs of Boris and Ardyth Brott

F.13     John Dankworth, 1992
F.14     Victor Davies, 1994
F.15     DI Music, 1990

F.16     Einstein Brothers Inc., 1992-93
F.17     Enterprising Events Inc. (Carols by Candlelight), 1994
F.18     Fan Mail, 1988
F.19     Roni Feldman, 1997
F.20     Festival International de Musique de Montréal, 1990
F.21     Brian Foley, 1990

F.22     Attila Glatz, 1992
F.23     Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management, 1998
F.24     Paul Godfrey, 1998

Box 4
F.1       Glen Gould Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, 19-30 July 1988; part of the Boris Brott Summer Music Festival. Includes 6 photographs (5 b&w, 1 col) of young pianists performing as well as the exhibition catalogue from the Gould event at the National Library of Canada in Ottawa. See also Box 24, E.24 for additional photographs from this event in Hamilton.
F.2       H, 1998
F.3       Hamilton Magazine, 1989-90
F.4       Anetta Hoffnung, 1989; also includes musical caricatures, some signed and dated 1985 with personal messages
F.5       Hong Kong Sinfonietta Ltd., 1999
F.6       Industry Education Council of Hamilton, 2005
F.7       Intermusica (Stephen Lumsden), 1989
F.8       Israel, 1988-91
F.9       Israel, 1994, n.d.

F.10     Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, 1988
F.11     Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, 1989
F.12     Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, 1990-93
F.13     Job Opportunities (employment), 1990-92
F.14     Job Opportunities (employment), 1993-97

F.15     Kantor Concert Management Ltd., 1989
F.16     Kaylor Management Inc. (KMI), Hugh Kaylor, 1995-2007. See also Shaw Concerts, Inc.
F.17     Mark Kenney, 1996
F.18     Margaret Kuntzler, 1975
F.19     L-Z, 1986-1989

Box 5
F.1       L-Z, 1990-93; includes a letter from Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 1991, refusing a request to participate in the BBSMF and also a letter from Ron Smith, head coach of the New York Rangers, 1993
F.2       L-Z, 1994-96
F.3       L-Z, 1997-2001; includes a certificate of appreciation from Planned Parenthood Society of Hamilton
F.4       Lacewood Productions Inc. (Sheldon Wiseman, Kevin Gillis) re “The Nutcracker”, 1989-90, 1992; includes 1 col photograph of Brott with presumably either Wiseman or Gillis)
F.5       Les concerts Lachine, 1988-1993; 2 b&w photographs
F.6       Les concerts Lachine, 1995-98
F.7       David Loynd, 1979
F.8       Norman McCann, 1989
F.9       Valentina Mastrangelo, 1994; 1 b&w photograph; also a letter from Elisabetta Brusa and a poster re the Orchestra Sinfonica di Bari (Boris Brott, direttore)
F.10     Muskoka Lakes Music Festival, 1999-2000; includes minutes
F.11     Bernard Moscovitz, 1989
F.12     Shlomo Mintz, 1994
F.13     Music Toronto, 1993
F.14     Music to See, 1988
F.15     National Arts Centre, 1987-1991

Box 6
F.1       National Arts Centre, 1993-95
F.2       National Arts Centre, 1996
F.3       National Arts Centre, 1997-98
F.4       National Arts Centre, 1999-2000
F.5       National Arts Centre, Composers Alive, 1991-94
F.6       National Arts Centre, Young People’s Concerts, 1990-95
F.7       National Ballet School, 1988; includes a contract for Karen Kain to dance at Hamilton Place on 28 July
F.8       National Capital Commission, 1987-88
F.9       National Capital Commission, 1989-92

Box 7
F.1-2    National Capital Commission, 1990, re plans for 1992
F.3       National Telecom Corp., 1992
F.4       Alexis Nihon, 1990-91
F.5       Ontario Opera, 1990
F.6       Opera Hamilton, 1993, 2001
F.7       Opéra Montréal, 1992

Order of Canada:
F.8-9    Letters of congratulations and acknowledgments for appointment as an officer, 1987, 1989, 1992; includes lists of members
F.10     Letters for other nominees, 1987-1994
F.11     Re G.H.L. Fridman, 1993-94
F.12     Re Irving Zucker, 1992-94

F.13     Organization of Canadian Musicians (OSCM), 1990
F.14     Oxford University Press, 1994
F.15     Pavarotti concert, Hamilton, Ont., 1998-99
F.16     David Pell and others, thank you card
F.17     Polygram International Ltd., 1990; re recording Zamfir
F.18     Re Tara Louise Perrault, 1994-98
F.19     Places des Arts, 1992-94
F.20     Pro Arte Records, Intersound Productions, Fanfare Records, 1987-89

Box 8
F.1       Really Useful Group (Kathryn Enticott), 1990
F.2       Redeemer College, concerts at, 1987-88
F.3       Rodgers and Hammerstein Concert Library, 1990
F.4       Rotary Club of Hamilton, 1994
F.5       Roy Thompson Hall (David Taylor), 1991
F.6       Royal Visit of Princess Margaret to Hamilton, Ont., 1988; 11 col. photographs
F.7       Royal Visit of the Duke and Duchess of York to Ontario Place, Toronto, 1987

F.8       Sandor Enterprises Inc. (Miki Andrejevic), 1992; re Takao Ukigaya
F.9       Original file labeled “Sarasota Festival”, 1993; re Paul Wolfe
F.10     Visit of Governor-General Jeanne Sauvé to Hamilton, Ont., 1988
F.11     Selwyn House, 2003
F.12     Shalom Village, 2003
F.13     Ruth Shahar Concert Management, 1988-94
F.14     Shaw Concerts Inc. (Harold Shaw, Hugh Kaylor), 1984-86, 1988-89; includes lists of Brott’s activities for 1985, list of Canadian Symphony Orchestras, Shaw Concerts promotional leaflet for 1986-87
F.15-7  Shaw Concerts Inc. (Hugh Kaylor), 1989-95
F.18     SOCAN, 1993
F.19     Sound Venture, 1996
F.20     Sounds of Summer Joy concert, part of BBSMF, 1988; includes contracts

Box 9
F.1       Sovereign Military Order of Saint-John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, 1993-94; includes 2 programmes
F.2       Sponsorships – Northern Telecom, 1989
F.3       St. Joseph’s Hospital – Fund Raising, 1984-86
F.4       Stained Glass series at Redeemer College, 1987-88
F.5       Stained Glass series at Redeemer College, 1989-91
F.6       Caroline Stoessinger, 1992-94; includes a book of poetry by Anna Stoessinger
F.7       Stradivari and violin making exhibit, 1988, 1992; includes correspondence with Michael E. Remenyi, Herbert R. Axelrod, and others; 3 col. photographs sent by A. Weinstein, Israel
F.8       Marvin P. Stringer re registration of “Great Music”, 1987
F.9       Sundome Centre for Performing Arts, 1987
F.10     Ronal L. Taylor Music Arts Communications, 1985-87
F.11     Veronica Tennant, 1993; includes biographical material as well as 4 b&w photographs, 2 with Rudolf Nureyev
F.12     University of Texas, Dept. of Music, 1989-90
F.13     Theatre Aquarius, 1988
F.14     Themes &Variations (John W. Waxman); includes various ideas by Brott on pops concerts
F.15     “Those Magnificent Music Machines”, television series, 1981-2, 1988
F.16     Tornay Management 1974
F.17     Tribute to our Founding Fathers, Bands on the Run (part of the BBSMF), 1988
F.18     Senia Trubashinik, 1987-88
F.19-20            Valerie Tryon, 1986-90; most of the correspondence is with her management company, Standing Ovations, run by Ardyth Brott

Box 10
F.1       TV Ontario, 1986-1992
F.2       Vancouver Opera, 1979-88
F.3       Virtuosi Productions (Jo Ann Simpson), 1989; re Ioan Harea
F.4       William Wallace, 1989-94
F.5       Yale University, 1989
F.6       Yamaha (Music Centre, International Corp., Canada, France, Japan), 1977-83
F.7       Yamaha (cont.), 1983-89; includes 4 col photographs and business cards
F.8       Gheorghe Zamfir, 1985, 1989-91

Note: Files may contain promotional literature; see also series 3.
F.9       American Symphony Orchestra League, 1994-5
F.10     Buffalo Symphony Orchestra (Gary Good), 1986-90
F.11     Buffalo Symphony Orchestra (Gary Good), 1991-94
F.12     BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra, 1990; includes 5 b&w photographs of James Loughran, James Clark, Owain Arwel Hughes, Tadaaki Otaka, and Barry Haskey as well as one of the orchestra, also promotional materials

Dallas Symphony:
F.13     Leonard Stone and others, 1989-1990
F.14     Leonard Stone, 1992
F.15     1993
F.16     1994
F.17     1995; includes 2 col. photographs, one of the orchestra, the other of its building

F.18     Hamburg Symphony, 1994-96

Box 11
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra:
F.1       1983-84, 1986-99, 1990
F.2       Oakville Serenade series, 1986
F.3       Trumpet auditions, 1987

Israel Chamber Orchestra:
F.4       1988
F.5       1989
F.6       1990
F.7       1991
F.8       1992
F.9       1993
F.10     1994
F.11     1995
F.12     1996-97
F.13     1998-99

F.14     Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 1993-94
F.15     Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, 1988-89

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra:
F.16     1990-91
F.17     1992

Box 12
F.1       1993
F.2       1994
F.3       1995-96

F.4       Les Jeunes Virtuoses
F.5       Orchestra des Jeunes de Québec

Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony:
F.6       1989-91
F.7       1990-93
F.8       1994-99

F.9       Liverpool Philharmonic
F.10     London (England) Symphony Orchestra, 1989-90
F.11     London (England) Symphony Orchestra, 1990-92
F.12     Orchestra London (Ontario), 1992-98
F.13     Long Island Philharmonic, 1994
McGill Chamber Orchestra see Boxes 14-17
F.14     Orchestre Metropolitan, 1995
F.15     Mexico: various orchestras including Orquestra Sinfonica Carlos Chavex and Orquestas y Coros Juveniles de México, 1993, 1995
Ontario Place Pops see Box 20
F.16     Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, 1979-90
F.17     Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, 1999-2000
F.18     Nevada Symphony Orchestra, 1996-97
New West Symphony see Boxes 17-18
F.19     Symphony Nova Scotia, 1990-93
F.20     Pacific Symphony, 1994
F.21     Regina Symphony Orchestra, 1988

Box 13
F.1       Orquestra Filmonica do Rio de Janeiro, 1988-89
F.2       Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, 1987
F.3       Rotterdams Philharmonisch Okestra, 1992-95
F.4       Sacramento Symphony / Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra, 1988-94
F.5       Santa Barbara Symphony, 1993
F.6       Scottish Chamber Orchestra, 1989
F.7       Sydney Symphony Orchestra, 1986-87
F.8       Toronto Pops Orchestra, 1986
Toronto Symphony Orchestra see Box 21
F.9       Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, 1984-1987

Ventura County Symphony:
F.10     1990-91
F.11     1992
F.12     1994
F.13     1995

F.14     Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 1976-1986, 1998
F.15     Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 1980; re David Lasker, “The Boy Who Loved Music”

Box 14
McGill Chamber Orchestra:
General correspondence:
F.1       1989
F.2       1990
F.3       1991
F.4       1992
F.5       1993
F.6       1994
F.7       1998
F.8       1999
F.9       2000
F.10     2001
F.11     2002-03

F.12     Accounts, 1990-93
F.13     Administration, 1998
F.14     Administration and Finance, 2000-01
F.15     Advertising, 1998-2003
F.16     Artistic Plan, [1989]
F.17     Artists (performers), 1997-2002
F.18     Bach Children’s Concert, 2001; letters from children
F.19     Board of Directors, 2000-01

Box 15
F.1       Board of Directors, 2002-03
F.2       Board of Directors, 2003-04
F.3       Board of Directors (Leonard Schlemm), 2002-03
F.4       Budgets and Investments, 1997-98
F.5       Budgets and Investments, 1999-2000
F.6       Budgets and Investments, 2001
F.7       Bylaws and Letters Patent, 2002
F.8       Cancer Research – McGill, 2001
F.9       Canada Council, 1998, 2000
F.10     Canada Council, 2001
F.11     Canada Council, 2002-03
F.12     Canadian Broadcasting Corp. / Video Artists International, 2000, 2003
F.13     CanWest Global Foundation, 2002
F.14     Conseil des Arts, grant application, 1998
F.15     Conseil des Arts, 2000-01
F.16     Conseil des Arts, grant application, 2000-01
F.17     Conseil des Arts, 2002-03
F.18     Contracts and Appointment letters, 1990-93, 1995, 2000-01
F.19     Daffodil Ball, 2003
F.20     Jean-Claude Delorme, 1999
F.21     du Maurier Arts Council, 2002-03
F.22     Education concerts, 1996-2000
F.23     Expenses, 2002-03
F.24     Financial Statements, 1999-2000
F.25     Financial Statements, 2001-02
F.26     Financial Statements, 2002-03

Box 16
F.1       Fundraising – George Gershwin Alone, 2001
F.2       Fundraising – Diana Fowler LeBlanc, 2001-02
F.3       Fundraising, 2002-03
F.4       Gala Anniversary Committee, 1988
F.5       Gala, 2002
F.6       Gala, 2005
F.7       Sophie Galaise, n.d.
F.8       Gazette – Handel concerts, audience questionnaires, 1994
F.9       Gazette concerts, 1996, 1998-2001
F.10     Gazette concerts, 2002-03
F.11     Gazette school concerts, booking information, n.d.
F.12     General Manger Gilles Larouche, 1999-2001
F.13     General Manager search, 2001-02
F.14     General Manger Susan Bell, 2002
F.15     Nicholas Goldschmidt, 1998-99
F.16     Grants, 1988-2001
F.17     Guild of Canadian Film Composers, 2002-03
F.18     Alex Himelfarb, 2002
F.19     Hydro Quebec, 2002
F.20     Invoices, 2001
F.21     Invitation to honour Alain Lefèvre
F.22     Giuseppe Lalicate, 2002
F.23     Marsville Project, 2003
F.24     “Messiah”, 1991
F.25     “Messiah”, 1999-2003
F.26     “Mozart et les Enfants Prodiges”, 1991
F.27     Maurice de Muyuk, 2000
F.28     Music Director, 1998
F.29     Musicians, 2002-03
F.30     Musicians Union Debt Pension Fund, 2001
F.31     Organization Profile
F.32     Planning – Cloudraker, 2001; see also subscribers, Box 17, F.18
F.33     Programming, 1991-93
F.34     Programming, 1998
F.35     Programming, 1999-2000
F.36     Programming and repertoire, Sept. 2000-June 2002

Box 17
F.1       Programming, 2001-02; also includes leaflets on performers which may not belong to this season
F.2       Programming, 2002-03
F.3       Programming, 2003-04
F.4       Publicity, 1989-92, 2002
F.5       Lucy Ravinsky, 2002
F.6       Repertoire, 1993-98
F.7       Resumes, 2001-03
F.8       Saint Jean Brébeuf, LaSalle, 2003
F.9       Re Petros Shoujounian, 1993
F.10     Soireés d’Elegance, 1990
F.11     Sponsorship, 1989-92
F.12     Sponsorship, 1997-2001
F.13     Sponsorship, 2002-03
F.14     Sponsorship – Banque National, 1999, 2001-03
F.15     Sponsorship – Imperial Oil Foundation, 2001-03
F.16     St. Mary’s Hospital – Zamfir concert, 1991
F.17     Stained Glass concerts, 1989-90; 5 col photographs. See also Concerts Vitraux, F.22
F.18     Subscribers, 1999-2000; includes survey done by Cloudraker in 2002
F.19     Subscribers, 2002-03
F.20     Tour, 2001-02
F.21     Travel Expenses, 1990-93, 2000-01
F.22     Richard Turp, interim general manager, Feb.-May 1998
F.23     Concerts Vitraux, 1990-93
F.24     Venues/Halls, 2001-03
F.25     Vivaldi Student Concerts Evaluation, 1996
F.26     Julian Lloyd Webber, 1992
F.27     Welcome Back concerts, 1993, 2001

Box 18
New West Symphony:
F.1       Advertising and Renewals, 1998-99
F.2       Alliance for the Arts, 1995-97
F.3       Amadeus Society, 1997-98
F.4       Appointment schedules, calendars, 1996-2000
F.5       NWS Association, formation of, 1995
F.6       Auditions, 1995-96
F.7       Lawrence Blonquist, 1995-96
F.8       Board of Directors, 1994-99
F.9       Budgets, 1995-99
F.10     Committees, 1999
F.11     Contract negotiations with musicians’ Local 581, 1993-96
F.12     Discovery Artists program, 1994-99
F.13     Bob Ely, 1995-97
F.14     Financial accounts, 1995-2000
F.15     Fundraising, 1997-99
F.16     General correspondence, 1995
F.17     General correspondence, 1996; includes some internal correspondence
F.18     General correspondence, 1997; thank you card from Nicholas Bridgman with col. photograph pasted on the card of Bridgman at the piano with Brott standing beside

Box 19
F.1       General correspondence, 1998-2000
F.2       Inaugural season leaflet, design drafts, 1995
F.3       Poinsetta Ball invitation, 1998
F.4       Legal documents and contracts, 1995-1996
F.5       Memos and internal correspondence, 1994-1999
F.6       Memos, and internal correspondence, 1995-99; also schedules
F.7       Music Alive concert series, 1994-97
F.8       Music Director’s reports and contracts, 1995-99
F.9       Musicians
F.10-1  Program Planning, 1995-98
F.12     School concert proposals, children’s fan mail, 1995-96
F.13     Sponsorship, 1995
F.14     Sponsorship, 1996
F.15     Sponsorship, 1997-99
F.16     Subscription campaign, 1997-98
F.17     Tracy Susman, 1995-97

Box 20
Ontario Place Pops Orchestra:
F.1       1983-1991
F.2       1986
F.3-4    1987
F.5       1987; contracts
F.6       1988
F.7       1990-91

F.8       Concert #1; T. Bikel
F.9       Concert #2; André Gagnon
F.10     Concert #3; John Arpin, Michael Danso
F.11     Concert #4; Veronica Tennant
F.12     Concert #5; Zamfir
F.13     Concert #6; Fireworks
F.14     Concert #7; Mark Garneau. File also contains a letter from 1986 and a col image of Garneau
F.15     Concert #8; Karen Kain, Serge Lavoie

F.16     “Ontario Place Pops, a Brief History 1983-1990”

F.17     Concert #1; Zamfir
F.18     Concert #2; Amadeus
F.19     Concert #3; Gilbert & Sullivan
F.20     Concert #4; Fireworks
F.21     Concert #5; Andrew Lloyd Webber and the best of the British
F.22     Concert #6; American Salute

F.23     Cancellation of the 1992 season, 1991-92

Box 21
Toronto Symphony Orchestra
F.1       1976-86
F.2       1987-88
F.3       1989
F.4       1990
F.5       1991
F.6       1992
F.7       1993
F.8       1994
F.9       1995
F.10     1996
F.11     1997
F.12     1998
F.13     1999
F.14     2000-04

Box 22
Family and Friends Correspondence:
Note: All letters in this box were found loose; they have been grouped together by the archivist with the assistance of Boris Brott.
F.1 to F.16 contain letters to Lotte Goetzel (later Brott)
F.1       Letter and envelope, 28 June 1937 addressed to Lotte in Zurich. Signature is not legible, possibly “veille Flo-Flo”
F.2       Ten letters and cards from Gigi Castagnola, 1938-1939
F.3       Two notes from Gisèle, one dated 1938; one with envelope is badly stained
F.4       Four letters and cards, different hands, some dated 1939
French and German, to Lotte:
F.5       All of these letters are in the same hand. Eleven letters or fragments are in French, two are in German, 1938-39. Signature is not legible. Some are badly water damaged.
F.6       Envelopes (6)
F.7-10  Letters in these four files appear to be from the same person, Mugel-Peter (?)
F.7       Two letters, both in the same hand, 1931, n.d.. Signature is not legible.
F.8       Seven letters, 1936-37, n.d. All in the same hand, signature not legible. Some of the letters have postscripts in a different hand, signed “Pa”
F.9       Six letters, 1938-39, all in the same hand. One is written on the letterhead of the ship R.M.S. “Queen Mary”. One is written on the Scout train from Santa Fe. One is very fragile and has a part missing.
F.10     Letter in English, same hand as F.7-F.9, n.d. The writer hopes that Lotte will receive permission to study away from Germany
F.11     Five letters, all in the same hand, 1936-37, n.d.. Signature is possible “Ingo”.
F.12     Postcard, 24 May 1938, from Jacques A. Perret. Another card is possibly in the same hand although it is not signed.
F.13     Two letters and 2 postcards from Else Goetzel (Lotte’s sister), 1939. An envelope contains a metal voice record from the Empire State Observatories, New York.
F.14     Letter, 27 Aug. 1939, from Jacky Barth in New York. It is typed on the letterhead of the ship R.M.S. “Mauretania”.
F.15     Letter, 1947, from Ottavio Corti
F.16     Four letters, 1938, n.d., various hands, signatures not legible, water-damaged. One letter is written from Rotterdam. Another has a mimeograph attached titled “Aufgebot”, 1939 from Zurich. There is also one leaf of penciled notes.

F.17     Postcard to Lotte and Alex Brott from Peter in German, pmk. 1967
F.18     Letter in the form of a poem to “lieber [dear] Boris”, in German, 14 March 1946 from Emmy Goetzel
Note: Letters from this point forward are in English. Exception noted.
F.19     Two letters from Saul (later Steven) to Alex (Elec), 1935. Alex and Saul were brothers.
F.20     Letter from Alex’s mother (Chana Geller Brott) and Abe Lenson (her second husband) to Alex, written for them by Saul, 1935
F.21     Two letters from Josef Fuld (signed “Opa”) to Lotte, 1937, 1938. One is in German
F.22     Letter to Mr. Bachmann, Edelweiss Hotel, Montford, P.Q., 20 May 1945, re the hotel policy to accept only gentiles as guests. Signed by Charlie P. Rice (?) acting on a complaint by Lotte Brott. Typed carbon, copy to Mrs. Brott
F.23     Boris to his mother, 8 Feb. 1948. Since Brott was born in 1944, this must have been written for him.
F.24     Birthday greetings to Lotte from Alex in the form of a poem, 7 Feb. 1949
F.25     Birthday greetings to Lotte from Alex, Boris and Denis in the form of a poem, 8 Feb. 1956
F.26     Birthday greetings to Lotte from Harry and Rose Pollock, 7 Feb. 1956 and reply (poem), “To Harry Pollock in answer to his card”. Harry’s card (4 leaves) contains his own artwork and verse.
F.27     To Lotte and Alex from Boris, post card and letter (15 October 1962) from Bergen, Norway and Davos, Switzerland
F.28     Two postcards from Victor to Granny (Mrs. Abe Lenson; Boris’s grandmother), 1974 and 1975
F.29     Denis Brott: 2 postcards from Alex and Lotte to Denis; 2 postcards from Denis to friends (Blair and Janis); letter from Denis to Boris, 1987; telegram to Boris for Denis, 1973
F.30     Letter to Morris Shumiatcher from Boris re his wedding, 1976; also news clipping about the double wedding and the order of service
F.31     Julie Brott (Denis’s wife): correspondence with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, 1976
F.32     Steven Brott (uncle): correspondence, 1982-84; also news clippings
F.33     Peter Nash: letter to and from Boris re family history, 1983
F.34     Two postcards, n.d. from Alex to Boris when he was younger. Also poem “Chinese Jade Chess Set for Boris from Alex”
F.35     Two hand-created birthday cards. One is from the family dog Curly; the other is from Granny, Boris and Denis to Mom
F.36     Unsigned letter addressed to “My dear Mrs. Jacquegs (?)”, n.d.
F.37     Printed invitations to Alex and/or Lotte: City of Montreal to a ball in honour of Princess Margaret, 1958; Ambassador of Canada to Mexico for dinner, 1974; Instituo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1958
F.38     Mother’s Day card, signature not legible
F.39     Handwritten fragments; printed leaflet for Chateau Saint-Nicolas, Neuchâtel.

Series 2
Photographs. – 1932-2002. – 6,921 items (4,987 prints; 1,615 negatives; 319 slides). – Title based on content of series. -- Note that that correspondence series contains 45 photographs, and the scrapbooks contain 7, for a total of 6,973 items.

Box 23
Note: All photographs are of Brott family members and friends. These photographs were found loose and have been placed into envelopes by the archivist. Some may have been grouped together incorrectly. Some of the photographs were identified by Boris Brott. “E” is for envelope, followed by a description of the contents, with the number of photographs in round brackets.

B&w snapshots (unless indicated otherwise); mostly 1940s-1950s
Small size:
E.1       Boris as a child; from baby to young boy; one photograph is dated July 1949; (22)
E.2       Boris in an elementary school play; (2)
E.3       Boris with his mother Lotte; as a toddler and young boy; one photograph is dated Sept. 1946; (12). One photograph of Boris rowing is inscribed on the verso: “stronger the muscels [sic] stronger the chest!!”
E.4       Boris with his father Alex; as a baby and young boy; (6)
E.5       Boris with his parents; as a toddler and young boy; (4). One photograph is not a snapshot but a more formal picture taken in a restaurant and printed on a postcard. The Italian word “ferrania” is printed on the verso.
E.6       Boris with his grandmother Anna Brott; from baby to young boy; one photograph is dated “June 1945”; (4)
E.7       Boris and his brother Denis as children, some with the family dog “Curly”; one was taken in St. Sauver, P.Q.; (6)
E.8       Boris and Denis as children with their mother; (10)
E.9       Boris and Denis as children with their mother and the housekeeper; (1)
E.10     Boris and Denis as children with their father; (1)
E.11     Boris and Denis with Santa Claus; (3)
E.12     Denis as a child; (4)
E.13     Denis with his parents; (1)
E.14     Denis with others: with his mother and the family dog Curly, Nov. 1958; as a young man with his mother and Molly in Montreal, July 1976; (2)
E.15     Denis’s wife Julie with their daughters; (1)
E.16     Denis with his daughters; (2)
E.17     Trip to England in 1955 (Alex, Lotte, and Boris); Denis’s consolation trip on the St. Lawrence; (48). The England photographs include icebergs on the Atlantic, the Liverpool Docks and Milton Hall, Manchester; the house they stayed in with the owner and his housekeeper. One of the photographs of the house is larger and more formal.
E.18     Alex as a child (formal portrait taken at International Studio, Montreal and printed on a postcard); as a child with his brother and mother at the beach – both boys are buried in the sand; (1)
E.19     Alex at his graduation, 25 May 1932, with Sopi Mary Freidman [?]; (1)
E.20     Alex as a young and middle-aged man; one photograph is dated “May 30 -45”
E.21     “Empress of Australia, July 1954, Robert Acton, Professor Brott, R. Harris”; (1)
E.22     Lotte and Alex as young adults, one is dated “11/14/43”; (3)
E.23     Lotte as a young woman and middle-aged; (5)
E.24     Lotte with Boris as a young boy; Victor Fledbrill and Maury Kerneman are also depicted; (1)
E.25     Lotte with her mother-in-law, Anna Brott; (1)
E.26     Lotte alone and with her mother, Else Goetzel, in Fort Lauderdale; (2)
E.27     Lotte as a young woman with her brother-in-law, Steve (formerly Saul) Brott; (1)
E.28     Lotte’s sister, Lena, in Switzerland; (2)
E.29     Steve Brott, Alex’s brother; (2)
E.30     Abe Lenson (Boris’s step-grandfather); alone and with Boris as a child and Alex; (3)
E.31     Abe Lenson with the Brott family (Lotte, Alex, and children); (2)
E.32     Anna Brott (grandmother), as a young woman; (1)
E.33     One of Boris’s aunts; (1)
E.34     Brott family at the family cottage, Lac des Chats, St. Sauveur, in the Laurentians, Quebec; one photograph is dated July 1949; (52). There are inscriptions on the versos of two of the photographs
E.35     At or near the family cottage, although the cottage is not visible; some of these photographs are landscapes; (26)
E.36     Brott family at the beach; (6)
E.37     Brott family at the cottage and in Montreal. These photographs removed from covers of the Montreal Pharmacy where they were printed; (13)
E.38     Brott family at their Montreal house on Earnscliffe Ave. (17). One photograph has a note from Granny on it
E.39     Family dog, Curly; (5)
E.40     Places; Island Lake outside Montreal, Montreal skyline, Switzerland; (3)
E.41     Childhood friend, Mitchell Lazarus; (2)
E.42     Janis Orinstein (singer and Boris’s girlfriend); (1). Toronto Telegram photograph
E.43     Woman and young girl, signed Signe and Eunice; (1)
E.44     Wedding portrait of Tolosa Timmons and Alfred Dix; (1). Ken Davies, photographer, Verdun, P.Q.
E.45     Unidentified woman with German inscription on verso; (1)
E.46     Unidentified man with German inscription on verso; (1), 1947
E.47     Unidentified places; (7)
E.48     Unidentified people; (11). One photograph has been printed on a postcard.

Medium size:
E.49     Alex, Lotte and others at the Tzigane Room, Bucharest Restaurant, Montreal; (1). Federal Photos
E.50     Boris and son; (1). Paul Casselman Photography
E.51     Ardyth Brott; (1) formal portrait

Colour snapshots; 1950s-2000s
Small size:
E.52     Boris as a teen-ager with his mother and others; (1)
E.53     Boris a a young man in Venezuala with Ben Godwin; (2)
E.54     Boris and the Concorde jet on flight from London to Washington D.C., 1975; (11). See also news clippings in Box 37.
E.55     Boris and friends in Niagara Falls, 16 August 1992; (3). Two other photographs were found with the Niagara Falls photograph and are probably unrelated.
E.56     Boris and Ardyth before they were married; (2). One photograph is with Boris’s parents and grandmother, the other is with a mini-moke in Barbados.
E.57     Boris and Ardyth with others; (1)
E.58     Boris and Ardyth with their young son; (2)
E.59     Boris with a baby and toddler; (2)
E.60     Boris and Ardyth with their children and their children’s friends, 2002; (15) – undated (4)
E.61     Alex, honorary LLD (Queen’s) 1973; (1). With  Professor Walley (?)
E.62     Alex at unknown event; (4). Photo by Varkony Studio, Montreal with envelope
E.63     Number not used
E.64     Alex with Sam Bronfman in Israel; (1)
E.65     Alex; (1)
E.66     Alex, 80th birthday reception given by the Mayor of Montreal; (1). Alex is NOT in the photograph although Lotte is.
E.67     Alex alone and with Ardyth; (2)
E.68     Alex with unidentified others; (5). Four of the photographs are from the same gathering.
E.69     Alex and Lotte on Mont Royal in the winter; (2). In bathing suits; (1)
E.70     Alex and Lotte with Jean Vallerand, Nov. 1983; also P. Paré and A. Fleury; (2)
E.71     Alex, Lotte and others at their Kingston home; (2)
E.72     Alex and Lotte with others in her sister’s home; (1)
E.73     Alex and Lotte in formal dress; three different occasions, from middle aged to older; (3)
E.74     Alex and Lotte at formal dinner; (1).
E.75     Alex and Lotte with Edna, spring 1987; formal dress (1)
E.76     Alex and Lotte in formal dress, 24 Oct. 1991; (1)
E.77     Alex and Lotte on vacation in Barbados; (12)
E.78     Alex and Lotte with their son’s wives and grandchildren; (10). One is dated 1984 at Lac des Chats
E.79     Lotte; (2). One is dated 1972
E.80     Lotte with Boris and Denis as children; (1)
E.81     Lotte alone, with Kit Kinnaird from the CBC, with Ben Vines (?); (3)
E.82     Lotte with others, including Robert Plau and  Walter Saltyn and other members of the McGill Board; (5)
E.83     Lotte’s sister and her husband; (1)
E.84     Alex, 70th birthday, formal family celebration at the McGill Faculty Club; (58). There is also a cake for Boris. Denis is holding a vinyl record jacket, “Anthology of Canadian Music, Alexander Brott” in one photograph. In the background of several other photographs is a news clipping from 9 March 1985 re Alex Brott’s 70th birthday.
E.85     Alex, Lotte, Ardyth, Boris, Denis, with cake; (3)
E.86     Grandchildren of Alex and Lotte; (26)
E.87     Grandchildren of Alex and Lotte with their mothers; (7)
E.88     Abe Lenzon; (2)
E.89     Denis in Aspen, Colorado, as a boy to attend music camp; (48). The photographs are not of the school but of the scenery.
E.90     Denis with his wife and children; (6)
E.91     At the family cottage, Summer 1960; (3)
E.92     At or near the family cottage; (26). One photograph is dated Aug. 1959.
E.93     Near the family cottage in winter; (3)
E.94     At the Montreal house; (3)
E.95     Vacation to Boston, Maine, Bar Harbor, Summer 1959; (9)
E.96     Switzerland, 1973; (4). Found together with label. One photograph of Lotte at the beach is presumably not Switzerland
E.97     Mexico, 1974; (15). Some of these may not be Mexico although labeled as such. Some are possibly taken in Florida; the stained glass windows may be in Israel. Includes Boris, Ardyth, Lotte
E.98     Mexico; (22). Identified from the Hotel Real Minas which is in San Miguel de Allende. Includes Alex, Lotte, Denis
E.99     Israel; (5)
E.100   Family dog, Pablo; (2)
E.101   Dog breeder with dogs; (6)
E.102   Janis Orinstein (singer and Boris’s girlfriend); (1)
E.103   Wendy (pretending to be Boris), March 1991; (1)
E.104   Unidentified; (23). One photograph is dated 1972, another 1982

E.105   Boris, Ardyth, children in the water at the Kingston, Ont. house owned by Alex and Lotte; (3). Scenery and sunset at the Kingston house; (5)
E.106   Brott swimming pool, Bay Street, Hamilton; (2)
E.107   Lotte, various locations; (13)
E.108   Lotte and Alex on a cruise ship; (13)
E.109   Mexico; (8). Identified from the Hotel Real Minas which is in San Miguel de Allende.
E.110   Alex, Lotte, Ardyth, grandchildren on vacation in Bridgetown, Barbados; (39). Includes Brott room (Alex and Lotte) in hotel.
E.111   At or near the cottage; (23). Includes Lotte, Alex, Denis, Julie, and grandchildren
E.112   Alex and Lotte with their sons, wives and grandchildren; (55)
E.113   Alex and Lotte, portrait painting; (1)
E.114   Alex, portrait painting; (1)
E.115   Eugene Watts and Milan Vitek; (2)
E.116   Various: gardens, fish hatchery; (4)

Box 24
Music Related:
Note: Some of these photographs were found loose and have been placed into envelopes by the archivist. Others have been removed from photographic company envelopes. Some may have been grouped together incorrectly. “E” is for envelope, followed by a description of the contents, with the number of photographs in round brackets. Most of the photographs are col snapshots. B&w photographs are noted.

Colour snapshots
Ontario Place Pops
Note: Dates are generally taken from photographic company envelopes which have not been kept. B&w photographs as well as copyright photographs are noted. See also photograph albums 12-15.
Small size:
E.1       Ford card draw, July 1986 (3)
E.2       Amazing Live Animals, 12 June 1987; (29)
E.3       Ballet Spectacular with Veronica Tennant and Rex Harrington, 19 June 1987; (48)
E.4       Great Virtuoso Prodigy Fest, 26 June 1987; (68)
E.5       Theo. Bikel, 2 July 1987, includes guest conductor; envelopes a, b, c (100)
E.6       Andre Gagnon, 10 July 1987; (32)
E.7       Royal Gala, 17 July 1987. Includes the Duke and Duchess of York (Prince Andrew and Sarah), Premier David Peterson and his wife Shelley; (41)
E.8       Bravo Scotland!, 17 July 1987; (19)
E.9       George Gershwin, 24 July 1987; (27)
E.10     Fireworks Encore, 31 July 1987; (9)
E.11     Various loose photographs from 1987, could not be matched to specific concerts; (21)
E.12     Nostalgia Broadway with Michael Danso and John Arpin, 24 June 1988; (25)
E.13     Zamfir, 8 July 1988; envelopes a, b (53)
E.14     Marc Garneau, Journey into Space, 22 July 1988; (17)
E.15     Musical Fireworks! 15 July 1988; envelope a (7), envelope b (13) with a singer
E.16     Photographs found in an envelope labeled “O.P.P. ’88 xtra photos”; (13). The ballet dancers may be from the Bolero Ballet Spectacular on 30 June 1988; the singer has not been identified.
Larger size:
E.17     Amazing Live Animal concert; 2 b&w, one courtesy of Hamilton Spectator
E.18     Monica Gaylor, pianist; 1 b&w, copyright Franz Maier
E.19     Boris Brott conducting at Ontario Place; 3 b&w, copyright Franz Maier

Boris Brott Summer Music Festival (BBSMF). See also albums 1-11.
Note: Dates are generally taken from photographic company envelopes which have not been kept. B&w photographs as well as copyright photographs are noted.
Small size:
E.20     Kick off at City Hall, 19 July 1988; (18)
E.21     Bands on the Run, Battlefield, 19 July 1988; (16). These photographs are not of the concert but of the advertising banner pulled by an airplane.
E.22     Bands on the Run, Gage Park, 19 July 1988; (12)
E.23     Brass Quintet at Mt. Hope Airport, July 1988; (5)
E.24     Glen Gould Exhibit, Hamilton Art Gallery, 21-30 July 1988; (6)
E.25     Amadeus … at Redeemer College, 25 July 1988; (9)
E.26     Sounds of Joy, Cathedral of Christ the King, Hamilton, 24 July 1988; (13), includes Mayor Robert Morrow
E.27     Karen Kain and friends at Hamilton Place, 28 July 1988; (16)
E.28     Various events, 1991, (6)
E.29     Various events; (35), includes Paul Latreille in the role of Beethoven and David Brott doing a narration
E.29A  Three events: Children’s Concert with Glen Mallory conducting; Viennese evening at the Convention Centre; Marc Garneau at Hamilton Place; (13)
E.29B  Two events: Mother’s Day at the RBG; Glen Mallory at a Children’s Concert; (11)
E.29C  Anton Kuerti and Julian Kuerti, July 2001, “Two Fifths of Beethoven”; (12)
E.30     Windermere, Lake Rousseau, 1997 or later; (8)
E.31     Ardyth celebrating her birthday with Boris at an event; (1)
E.32     Publicity shot for a programme cover; (1)
E.32A  Various events; (1)

Larger size:
E.33     Various events, 1991; (5). In two of the photographs Brott is in eighteenth century dress. Three of the photographs are copyright Hamilton Spectator.
E.34     Contact sheets, 1991
E.35     Kick off at City Hall, 1994; (7), includes Mayor Robert Morrow

Boris Brott:
Small size:
E.36     As a child with violin and baton, b&w; (5). Two are copyright Forester.
E.37     First appearance on stage at age 5, b&w: (2)
E.38     With Oliver Messiaen and Maël Harris, first performance of “Oiseaux Exotiques” in Cardiff, Wales, b&w; (1). Note: This work was composted from Nov. 1955 to Jan. 1956.
E.39     Conducting the B.B.C. Welsh Orchestra in Llandaff; (2)
E.40     Alone and with the violinist of the Lakehead Symphony Orchestra, ca. 1967-72, b&w; (2), Nelson Merrifield photographer
E.41     With members of the Winnipeg Symphony, 20-21 Nov. 1971; (2)
E.42     In rehearsal with unidentified orchestra; (5)
E.43     On tour, Chicago Symphony Hall; (8), includes children
E.44     At Roy Thompson Hall; (2)
E.45     With Martin Foster (violinist) and Mark DuBois (tenor); (2)
E.46     At the Hamilton Art Gallery with a painting by Lawren Harris; (1)
F.47     In formal dress, backstage, 25-02-91; (1). Sticker on verso: Jean-Guy Cimon, Quebec.
E.48     In formal dress, backstage, b&w; (1)
E.49     Backstage with two others, b&w; (1)
E49A:  With Kariné Poghosyan, winner, New West Symphony Discovery Artists, 2002; (1). Message from Poghosyan on the verso.

Other events involving B. Brott:
E.50     World Youth Day, Toronto, Papal Visit (John Paul II), July 2002; (30), also 3 contact sheets. Includes Sister Mari Cordis with Betty Webster.
E.51     Music to See at Redeemer College; (10). Note:  this pre-dates the BBSMF.
E.52     Israel, 40th Anniversary Concert, 5 Nov. 1988 at Hamilton Place; (4)
E.53     Water Music, Stratford, Ont., 1981; (6)

Alexander Brott:
E.54     With others, including Igor Markevitch (composer) and Mildred Goodman (violinist), b&w; (6)
E.55     With Otto Klemperer (1885-1973), conductor, b&w; (1). Jac Guy portraitiste, Montreal
E.56     Conducting, standing beside an organ, in a television studio, b&w; (6)
E.57     Conducting and being interviewed on television, March 1956, b&w; (19). Note: These snaps were taken in a living room of the television screen.
E.58     Conducting the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, ca. 1957, b&w; (3). Hector Garcia, photographer
E.59     Conducting the McGill Chamber Orchestra, January and April 1968, Jean-Pierre Rampal (soloist); (19)
E.60     Conducting the Ron-Am Choir, Montreal; (10). Some of the photographs are taken in Redpath Hall.
E.61     With a cake for the 60th anniversary of the McGill Chamber Orchestra; (2)
E.61A  With Michelle Minard, Redpath Hall; (1) – Menard (2)
E.62     At unknown musical events; (2)
E.63     Inscribed photograph of Ste Kondachs, b&w; (1)

Lotte Brott:
E.64     In Karlsplatz, Vienna, with Maurice Charbonneau on a Montreal Symphony tour, b&w: (1)
E.65     With John Newmark (pianist), b&w; (1)
E.66     Places des Arts I.D., 2/22/1971; (1)

Denis Brott:
E.67     As a boy with cello and piano, b&w; (19)
E.68     With Alexander (Sasha) Schneider in Marlborough; he was studying with Casals; (1)

E.69     Orchestra in Chautauqua; (1)
E.70     Musicians in Cathédral Marie-Reine-du-Monde, Montreal; (1)
E.71     Unidentified orchestra, probably not associated with the Brotts, b&w; (4)
E.72     Megan Rolland with her grandmother Marion Longford at a Young People’s Concert, 1992; (1)

Other Musicians:
E.73     Arturo Toscanini conducting in the 1940s?; Sir Thomas Beacham; Pierre Mercier (?); James Van Demark (double bass), b&w; (6)
E.74     Geoffrey Waddington, CBC music director, b&w; (1) portrait by John Steele

Box 25
Note: These photographs are generally larger in size and many are taken by professional photographers. They are both b&w and col. They were found loose and have been placed into file folders by the archivist. All photographs are music related except for one of Bob Hope. There is a description of the contents, with the number of photographs in round brackets.

F.1       Portraits, b&w; (10). Some are from Studio Jac-Guy and stamped as proofs. Smaller-size snapshots; (4). With two other men reading a score; (2)
F.2       With the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, b&w; (1)
F.3       A musical event at the Maurice Richard Arena organized by Brott; col. (1)
F.4       With the McGill String Quartet including Lotte Brott (then Goetzel), b&w; (1). Stamped Annette & Basil Zarov, Montreal

F.5       Conducting, b&w; (55). Some photographs include orchestras, others are of Brott alone. Photographers include: Hamilton Spectator, V. Tony Hauser, Everett Roseborought Ltd., David Bier Studios, Leo Hausman (dated 4 June 1978), and Margaret F. Gurevich of Winnipeg. One photograph is stamped “Inch Park, Kelso, [Scotland]”.
F.6       Conducting, b&w with layover sheet; (1)
F.7       Conducting, col; (16). Some photographs include orchestras, others are of Brott alone. Photographers include Jack Markow and the Hamilton Spectator. Some are stamped “polacolour”.
F.8       New West Symphony, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, 22 Sept. 2001, Van Cliburn guest artist; (3 col, 5 b&w). The b&w photographs are stickered “David E. Wiess”.
F.9       Conducting various orchestras; (b&w, 6; col 1; polaroid 1). National Academy Orchestra; a children’s orchestra; at Dofasco; at the Symphony Centre in Mississauga, Ont.
F.10     BBMF: “Author, Author” Concert with Pierre Berton and the Academy Orchestra at the Hamilton Art Gallery, Oct. 1991; (1). Dated from the Pierre Berton fonds, Box 262
F.11     Portraits, b&w; (32). Photographers include: Nelson Merrifield, Cavouk Portraits, Shaw Concerts, Inc., M. Dismatsek, P. Sparrow (?), Charles E. Maurer, Godfrey Hall, Hamilton Spectator, Paul Casselman (Brott beside the swimming pool).
F.12     Portraits, col: (12). One was taken by the Hamilton Spectator. Also one additional photograph of a violin – the image of the person in the background is indistinct.
F.13     Award: Jaycees of Canada, Five Outstanding Canadians, 17 March 1973; b&w (4), col (8). Also invitation programme and photocopies of telexes from Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Robert L. Stanfield, David R. Gergen. The other four honorées that year were Harold Cardinal, David Crombie, Fraser Dougall, and Karen Magnussen. They appear in some of the photographs; Ardyth Brott is also in one. The photographs are all stamped “Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada Ltd.” See also scrapbook S.15 and Box 84 for an audio cassette.
F.14     Award: Order of Canada; b&w (1). Brott with Ardyth and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Brott is wearing the Order.
F.15     Social and promotional events and unidentified awards; (b&w 9, col 7). Photographers include Hamilton Spectator and Leo Hausman. There is one photograph with George Cohon, the chair of McDonald’s Canada who has autographed it, [1981; see scrapbook 20]. Others are with Ronald McDonald, Bob MacDonald (painter), Lily Oddie Munro (Ontario cabinet minister), Andres Candlelight and Wine, National Academy Orchestra Benefit at Morgan Firestone’s house in Ancaster, Ont., and Anglican ministers. Ardyth is in some of the photographs.
F.16     Promotional photo shoots; Dofasco Festival Series (1 b&w) with leaflet; Ibbs& Tillett, London (agents) (3 b&w) with leaflet; on a motorcycle (3 col.), Music Power in the Stoney Creek Quarry, b&w; (9). See also Box 26, Envelope E.

Boris and Denis:
F.17     Portraits as young men; b&w (4). Photographer, Godfred Hall.

F.18     With others; b&w (6). Photographer Jac-Guy Inc.

Other Musicians:
F.19     Elmer Eisler Singers; b&w (5)

F.20     Contact sheets
F.21     Bob Hope, autographed; (1)

Box 26
Oversize photographs
Envelope A: Probably Gage Park, Hamilton, Ont., Musical Fireworks, [1974] (7 b&w); see Scrapbook S.18
Envelope B: Conducting; (1 b&w)
Envelope C: 1 b&w
Envelope D: with title “Everyone has a part to play”; (1 b&w)
Envelope E: Music Power at the Stoney Creek Quarry; (3 b&w)
Envelope F: Paste-up board

Photograph albums:
Note: The original albums have been retained with dates provided by Brott. The photographs have been placed in archival sleeves and the albums numbered.
Boris Brott Summer Music Festival:
Album 1: 1988, 1980; includes Hoffnung art on display; also one sleeve of photographic slides
Album 2a-b: 1990, 1991; includes 1.5 sleeves of photographic slides
Album 3: 1992
Album 4: 1993
Album 5: 1995
Album 6: 1995
Album 7: 1996
Album 8: 1997
Album 9: Spring 1998; includes Alexander Brott
Album 10: Spring and Summer 1999; also Oliver Jones in November
Album 11: Summer and Fall 2000

Ontario Place Pops:
Note: Most of the photographs are colour although there are a few b&w
Album 12: 1986
Album 13 and 13a: 1987
Album 14: Although labeled 1987, some of the photographs in this album have 1988 banners
Album 15: 1988 and 1989

Album 16
Three of these events have been identified.
– Hamilton and Scourge (War of 1812 schooners) event at Battlefield House
– BBSMF, Roberta Bondar and the Inuit Spirit, ca. 2000* – World Youth Day, Toronto, July 2002 with Pope John Paul II (some b&w photographs)
The other events have not been identified.
– Premier David Peterson and others, including Maureen Forrester, outside Queen’s Park
– Scottish (partly) themed event
– Event with a red and white bandstand
Album 17
Photographic slides album
Slides were gathered together by the archivist and placed in sleeves; 16 in total although not all sleeves are full. Includes Lupiano show; at CHCH TV, in car, study and conducting; .Some are stamped Ed Krieger, Hollywood Calif.; Canadian Arctic, Nov. 2002; Marc Garneau; family and friends. Some of the sleeves are original and are stamped Orlando, Fla.
Box 27: Negatives

Series 3
Programmes, posters other printed materials. – 1934-2005; predominant 1972-2004. – 1.72 m of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – The series contains programmes, seasonal leaflets, promotional and sponsorship materials, and posters.

Many of these programmes were stapled into scrapbooks. They have been removed and placed in file folders. Order is by orchestra and within each orchestra files are chronological. The Hamilton Philharmonic is filed first, followed by all other orchestras. Brott is the conductor for almost all programmes listed. Exceptions (such as guest conductors) are noted. Other programmes with Brott as conductor are located in the Scrapbook series.

Box 28
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra:
F.1       Candlelight and Wine Concerts. 31 Jan., 21 Feb., 28 Nov. 1973
F.2       Maurice Ravel, St. Lawrence Centre. 1 Feb. 1973
F.3       Hamilton Place Festival Opening. 22, 23 Sept. 1973
F.4       Children’s Concert, “The Jungle Book”, 20 Oct. [1973]
F.5       Burlington Friends of the Philharmonic. 26 Oct. 1973
F.6       Pops Concert, Peter Appleyard Quartet. 31 Oct. 1973

F.7       Dofasco Festival Series. “Brahms’ Greatest Hits”. 25 Oct. 1974

F.8       Dofasco Festival Series. “Mozart’s Greatest Hits”, 24 Jan. 1975
F.9       Candlelight and Wine Series. 24 Sep. 1975
F.10     Concert Hall Series. 5, 6 Oct.; 23, 24 Nov. 1975
F.11     du Maurier Pops. “Octoberfest”, 10 Oct. 1975
F.12     Huronia Series. Barrie, Ont. 27 Oct. 1975
F.13     Cobourg Opera and Drama Guild. 29 Oct. 1975
F.14     McGill Chamber Orchestra Presents the HPO. Denis Brott, cellist. 3 Nov. 1975. Montreal
F.15     Matinee Series. 30 Nov. 1975
F.16     Dofasco Festival Series. 5 Dec. 1975
F.17     With Laurindo Almeida, Canadian Brass. St. Lawrence Centre, Dec. 1975. The exact date in December is not given in the programme.

F.18     Concert Hall Series. 11, 12 Jan.; 21, 22 Mar., 11, 12 Apr. 1976
F.19     Dofasco Festival Series. 13 Feb.; 30 Apr. 1976
F.20     Hamilon Philharmonic Associates, University of Guelph Faculty Series, Igor Stravinsky, “L’Historie du Soldat”, 22 Feb. 1976. Note: Otto Armin, guest conductor; Brott, special guest narrator. There is another programme for this work performed at Hamilton Place; Brott is not mentioned on this programme and it may not belong in this file.
F.21     du Maurier Pops. 26 Mar. 1976
F.22     Candlelight Series. 21 Apr. 1976
F.23     Stelco Family Concert. Charlie Farquharson and Catherine McKinnon. 8-9 May 1976

ca. 1976:
F.24     Carrol Anne Curry, Oakville, Ont.

F.25     du Maurier Pops. 23, 24 Sept. (Miklos Roza, guest conductor); 18, 19 Nov. 1977 (Don Pippin, conductor)
F.26     Dofasco Festival Series. 19 Oct. 1977
F.27     Seagram Celebrity Concert. 23, 34 Oct. 1977.
F.28     Great Concert Series. 13, 14 Nov. 1977. Guest conductor, Luis Herrera de la Fuente.
F.29     Cathedral Restoration Festival Concert. 11 Dec. 1977.
F.30     Harry Belafonte. Gala Benefit Performance. 14 Dec. 1977

F.31     Great Concert Series. 15, 16 Jan.; 12, 13 Feb.; 12, 13 Mar. (guest conductor, Volker Wangenheim); 9, 10 Apr. 1978
F.32     du Maurier Pops. 20, 21 Jan.; 17, 18 Feb. (guest conductor, Harry Pinchin); 18, 19 Mar. (guest conductor, Erich Kunzel); 24, 25 Nov. (guest conductor, Eric Knight) 1978
F.33     Annual Student Concerts, 30, 31 Jan.; 1, 6 Feb. 1978
F.34     Spectator Young People’s Concert Series. 4 Feb; 4 Mar.; 14 Oct. (conductor, Anthony Royse) 1978
F.35     Dofasco Festival Series. 15 Feb., 15 Mar. (guest conductor, George Crum), 12 Apr. 1978
F.36     Shaw Festival. Aladdin and His Magic Lamp. 5 Mar. 1978
F.37     Collegiate Festival Series, Collingwood. 18 Apr. 1978
F.38     Civitan Club of Oakville: An Evening of Classical Lollipops. 3 May 1978
F.39     Stelco Family Concert. 7 May 1978
F.40     COHU Memorial Concert, Port Hope. 24 Sept. 1978.
F.41     Theatre Operating Committee, Deep River. 26 Sept. 1978
F.42     Petawawa Civic Centre. 27 Sept. 1978
F.43     Grenville Christian College. HPO Principal String Quartet. 30 Sept. 1978
F.44     Kingston Symphony Association Presents the HPO. 1 Oct. 1978
F.45     Cathedral Festival Concerts. 6 Oct. 1978
F.46     Seagram Celebrity Concert. 22, 23 Oct. 1978
F.47     Hamilton Wentworth Lung Association Campaign at Dofasco. 24 Oct. 1978; typed listing
F.48     Centre Mall. 26 Oct. 1978; typed listing
F.49     Tchaikovsky. 29 Oct. 1978

F.50     Cathedral Festival Concerts. Carrol Anne Curry. 5 Jan. 1979
F.51     World Concert Premiere. Edford Providence. Massey Hall, 8 Jan. 1979
F.52     Great Concert Series. 14, 15 Jan.; 28, 29 Jan.; 25, 26 Feb.; 18, 19 Mar.; 8, 9 Apr. (guest conductor, Iosif Conta); 22, 23 Apr.; 4, 5 Nov., 2, 3 Dec. 1979
F.53     du Maurier Pops. 19, 20 Jan.; 2, 3 Mar.; 23, 24 Mar. (guest conductor, Graham Young); 4, 5 May (conductor, Skitch Henderson) 1979
F.54     Spectator Young People’s Concerts: 3 Feb., 31 Mar., 20 Oct. (conductor, Alexander Brott) 1979
F.55     Shaw Festival. Entre-six Dance Company. 4 Feb. 1979
F.56     Moe Koffman Quintet. 9 Mar. 1979 at Christ’s Church Cathedral; 10 Mar. 1979 at the Oakville Centre
F.57     “The Little Sweep”, before 15 Apr. [1979] (part of the spring season), with the Hamilton Children’s Chorus, Oakville, Ont.
F.58     F.J. Haydn, “Die Schöpfung”, Guelph Choral Society, Hans Bauer, conductor; 29 Apr. 1979
F.59     Hoffnung Interplanetary Festival featuring the HPO, Ontario Place, 24 May 1979. There is no conductor listed.

Autumn Tour, 22-28 Sept. 1979
F.60     Tour schedule with evening and student programmes
F.61     Bishop’s University presents Les Grand Concerts. 25 Sept. 1979
F.62     Le centre cultural de Shawinigan. 27 Sep. 1979

F.63     Dofasco Family Pops. 13 Oct., 24 Nov. 1979
F.64     Seagram Celebrity Concert. 14, 15 Oct. 1979
F.65     OHA Pops Concert. Royal York Hotel, 30 Oct. 1979
F.66     du Maurier Pops, Gilbert and Sullivan, [197-]; Godfrey Ridout, conductor

F.67     Great Concert Series. 6, 7 Jan.; 27, 28 Jan. (guest conductor, György Lehel); 17, 18 Feb.; 16, 17 Mar., 13, 14 Apr.; 19, 20 Oct.; 16, 17 Nov. 1980
F.68     Candlelight Concerts, 16 Jan., 20 Mar., 23 Apr., 30 Sept., 1-2 Oct., 16-18 Dec. 1980
F.69     Dofasco Family Pops. 12 Jan. (Erich Kunzel, guest conductor), 9 Feb., 25 Oct., 15 Nov., 6 Dec. 1980
F.70     Spectator Young People’s Concerts. 2 Feb., 22 Mar., 8 Nov. 1980
F.71     Annual Student concerts, 4, 5, 6 Feb. 1980
F.72     OHA Gershwin Concert, 28 Oct. 1980
F.73     “Messiah” with the Bach-Elgar Choir, 12, 13 Dec. 1980

Box 29
F.1       Great Concert Series. 11, 12 Jan.; 1, 2 Feb.; 1, 2 Mar.; 22, 23 Mar.; 12, 13 Apr. (guest conductor, Franz-Paul Decker); 3, 4 May 1981
F.2       Dofasco Family Pops, 17 Jan., 31 Oct., 5 Dec. 1981
F.3       Orkidstra, Oakville, [7-8 Feb. 1981]
F.4       Annual Students Concerts, 9, 10, 11 Feb. 1981
F.5       Spectator Young People’s Concert Series. 14 Feb., 7 Mar. (guest conductor, Anthony Royse), 14 Nov. 1981
F.6       Saturday Night at the Pops. 21 Feb. (guest conductor, Mitch Miller), 14 Mar., 25 Apr. (guest conductor, Howard Cable), 23 May 1981
F.7       The “Twentieth Century Series”. 26 Feb., 2 Apr. (Alexander Brott, guest conductor), 14 May, 22 Oct. 1981
F.8       Tour: Ottawa, Toronto, London, 27 Sept., 1 Oct. 2 Oct. 1981. Children’s Concerts were performed in the afternoon; Great Concerts in the evenings. Also in the programme are performances at Hamilton Place on 4, 5 Oct. 198.1
F.9       Great Concert Series. 4, 5 Oct., 25, 26 Oct., 22, 23 Nov. 1981
F.10     Yamaha Children’s Concert, 4 Oct. 1981
F.11     Spectator Candlelight Concert, 5 Nov. 1981
F.12     Great Choral Works with Orchestra Series, Music at St. George’s United Church, Toronto, 7 Nov. 1981; T. Woolard Harris, conductor
F.13     “Messiah”, 11, 12 Dec. 1981
F.14     A Festival of Christmas Music with the Bach Elgar Choir, 17 Dec. 1981

F.15     Great Concert Series.10, 11 Jan.; 31 Jan., 1 Feb.; 21, 22 Feb. (guest conductor, Sergio Cardenas); 14, 15 Mar., 18, 19 Apr., 9, 10 May 1982
F.16     Great Choral Works with Orchestra Series, Music at St. George’s United Church, Toronto, 23 Jan.1982; T. Woolard Harris, conductor
F.17     Annual Students Concerts, 9, 10, 11 Feb. 1982. Not a formal programme, rather a listing.
F.18     Dofasco Family Pops, 16 Jan., 6 Feb. (guest conductor, Erick Kunzel), 27 Feb., 3 Apr., 24 Apr. 1982
F.19     Candlelight Concerts, 21 Jan., 29 Apr. 1982
F.20     Twentieth Century series. 25 Mar., 6 May 1982
F.21     Young People’s concerts, 20 Mar., 1 May, 13 Nov. 1982
F.22     Pops Double, 26, 27 May 1982. A CBC/HPO production.
F.23     Tribute to Mantovani at Ontario Place, 11 Aug. 1982
F.24     Dofasco Family Pops, 9, 30 Oct. (conductor, Mitch Miller), 20 Nov. (conductor and pianist, Tommy Banks), 4 Dec. 1982
F.25     Twentieth Century series. 14 Oct., 18 Nov., 23 Dec. 1982
F.26     Great Concert Series. 17, 18 Oct., 7, 8 Nov., 28, 29 Nov., 19, 20 Dec. 1982
F.27     Stravinsky Celebration concert, McMaster University, 22 Oct. 1982
F.28     Messiah, 10, 11 Dec. 1982; in Mississauga on 12 Dec. 1982
F.29     The Magic Christmas concert, 22 Dec. 1982

F.30     Great Concert Series. 9, 10 Jan., 20, 21 Feb., 13, 14 Mar., 10, 11 Apr. (conductor, Akira Endo), 1, 2 May 1983
F.31     Dofasco Family Pops, 14 Jan., 12 Feb., 12 Mar., 7 May (guest conductor, Eric Knight) 1983
F.32     Young People’s concerts, 15 Jan., 19 Mar. (conductor, Anthony Royce), 5 Nov. 1983
F.33     HPO programme, although HPO are not involved. National Theatre of the Deaf, 8 Feb. 1983
F.34     HPO at Ontario Place, 2 June 1983. This is not a printed programme, rather a typed list.
F.35     Great Concert Series. 2, 3 Oct.; 30, 31 Oct. (BBC Welsh Symphony, James Lockhart, conductor); 13, 14 Nov.; 4, 5 Dec. 1983
F.36     Dofasco Family Pops, 22 Oct., 19 Nov. (conductor, Skitch Henderson), 17 Dec. 1983
F.37     Stelco Musicalive!, 29 Oct., 10 Nov. 1983
F.38     Harry Belafonte with Ann Mortifee, Neil Chotem, conductor, 23 Nov. [1983?]
F.39     “Messiah”, 9, 10 Dec. 1983
F.40     The Magic Christmas concert, 15 Dec. 1983

F.41     Stelco Music Alive! 5 Jan. 1984
F.42     Great Concert Series. 8, 9 Jan., 29, 30 Jan., 26, 27 Feb., 25, 26 Mar., 15, 16 Apr., 13, 14 May 1984
F.43     Dofasco Family Pops. 14 Jan. (“An Evening with Hagood Hardy”, Hardy conducting), 25 Feb., 17 Mar., 7 Apr. (conductor, Mitch Miller), 5 May 1984
F.44     Spectator Candlelight series. 20, 21 Jan., 3, 4 Feb., 9, 10 Mar., 30, 31 Mar.( David Miller, conductor) 1984
F.45     Young People’s concerts: 28 Jan., 3 Mar., 1984
F.46     Dofasco Family Pops, Encore Pops series. 16 Mar., 6 Apr. (conductor, Mitch Miller), 4 May 1984
F.47     Ontario Place. Explanatory typed note: The All-Tchaikovsky concert was not played on 31 May 1984 because of weather conditions. The same typed note has a Beethoven listing for 8 June 1984.
F.48     Music of the Americas, Joint National Conference of the Association of Canadian Orchestras and the American Symphony Orchestra League, 6 June 1984
F.49     Music Alive. 26 Sept., 7 Nov. 1984

North Central Communities Tour:
F.50     Timmins, 3 Oct. 1984
F.51     Sault Ste. Marie, 4 Oct. 1984. Algoma Fall Festival leaflet also in file.
F.52     Sudbury, 5 Oct. 1984
F.53     North Bay, 6 Oct. 1984. Arts & Sciences Festival leaflet also in file.
F.54     Parry Sound, 7 Oct. 1984

Box 30
F.1       Seagram Celebrity series. 14, 15 Oct., 25, 26 Nov. 1984
F.2       Dofasco Family Pops. 20, 21 Oct., 17, 18 Nov., 1, 2 Dec. 1984 (Richard Hayman, guest conductor for December)
F.3       Brunch with Bach, 28 Oct. 1984; no conductor listed
F.4       Standard Life Celebrity series. 4, 5 Nov., 16, 17 Dec. 1984 (Urs Schneider, guest conductor for December)
F.5       “Messiah”, 8, 9 Dec. 1984
F.6       The Magic Christmas Concert, 14 Dec. 1984. No conductor for the HPO listed, only for the choirs.

F.7       Dofasco Family Pops. 5, 6 Jan., 26, 27 Jan. 1985
F.8       Music Alive. 9 Jan. 1985. John Barnum, guest conductor
F.9       Seagram Celebrity series. 13, 14 Jan., 3, 4 Mar., 12, 13 May 1985
F.10     Life Savers Sundae Symphonies. 20 Jan. (Glen Fast, guest conductor), 24 Feb., 28Apr. 1985
F.11     Hamilton Spectator Candlelight concerts. 22, 23 Jan., 26, 27 Feb., 9, 10 Apr. (Paul Robinson, guest conductor), 28, 29 May 1985. Also in file programme notes by Richard Gale for the January, April and May performances.
F.12     Bach and Handel Celebration, McMaster University, 1 Feb. 1985. Also in file Celebrity Concerts leaflet
F.13     Standard Life Celebrity series. 3, 4 Feb., 31 Mar., 1 Apr. (Alexander Brott, guest conductor), 21, 22 Apr. 1985
F.14     Bach and all that Jazz, Student Concert programme, 6-8 Feb. 1985
F.15     Brunch with Bach. 10 Feb. (no conductor listed), 24 Mar. (no conductor listed), 20 Oct., 17 Nov. 1985 (Douglas M. Sanford, guest conductor)
F.16     Music at St. Paul’s, 6 Mar. 1985, Norman Illis Reintamm, conductor
F.17     Dofasco Family Pops. 9, 10 Mar. (Eric Knight, guest conductor), 13, 14 Apr. (Erich Kunzel, guest conductor), 1, 2 June 1985
F.18     Stelco Coffee concerts. 27 Mar., 17 Apr., 8 May 1985
F.19     Wiser’s Deluxe series of the Performing Arts. Bellville, Ont., [15 May 1985]
F.20     Canadian Concert series, Pembroke, Ont., 16 May 1985
F.21     By Design – House – Fund-Raiser, 23 May 1985. Typed listing
F.22     27th Annual Congress of Association Cambiste Internationale, 31 May 1985, Roy Thomson Hall
F.23     Centre Mall Concert, 25 Oct. 1985. Typed listing
F.24     Music Alive! 25 Sept., 30 Oct., 27 Nov. 1985
F.25     Seagram Celebrity series. 29, 30 Sept., 3, 4 Nov. 1985, 1, 2 Dec. (Paul Greeman, guest conductor) 1985
F.26     Dofasco Family Pops. 5, 6 Oct. (Erich Kunzel, guest conductor), 9, 10 Nov., 7, 8 Dec. (Eric Knight, guest conductor) 1985
F.27     “Messiah”, 14 Dec. 1985
F.28     Stelco Family Christmas concert, 15 Dec. 1985

F.29     Brunch with Bach, 5 Jan. 1986
F.30     Serenade series, Oakville, Ont., 7 Jan. (John Barnum, guest conductor), 18 Mar. (Sydney Read, guest conductor; Brott’s name is also on the programme) 1986
F.31     Standard Life Celebrity series. 12, 13 Jan., 23, 24 Feb., 6, 7 Apr., 25, 26 May 1986
F.32     Air Canada presents Passport to the World. 15 Jan., 19 Feb. (Glenn Mallory, guest conductor), 9 Apr. 1986
F.33     Hamilton Spectator Sundae Symphonies. 19 Jan., 16 Feb. (Douglas M. Sanford, guest conductor), 23 Mar. (Glenn Mallory, guest conductor) 1986. Note: Brott’s name also appears on both the Feb. and Mar. programmes.
F.34     Dofasco Family Pops. 25, 26 Jan., 1, 2 Mar. 1986
F.35     Coffee concerts. 29 Jan. (John Barnum, guest conductor), 26 Feb., 2 Apr. (Paul Robinson), guest conductor
F.36     Seagram Celebrity concerts. 2, 3 Feb., 16, 17 Mar. (Raffi Armenian, guest conductor), 4, 5 May 1986
F.37     Dundas Public Library, Chamber concert series. 9 Feb., 16 Mar., 20 Apr., 8 June 1986. No conductor is listed for these concerts.
F.38     du Maurier Candlelight concerts. 11, 12 Feb., 4, 5 Mar. (Dwight Bennett, guest conductor), 25, 26 Mar. (Roberto de Clara, guest conductor), 15, 16 Apr. (Brian Jackson, guest conductor) 1986
F.39     Dofasco Family Pops.12, 13 Apr. (guest conductor, Richard Hayman), 10, 12 May; 31 May, 1 June (guest conductor, Everett Gordon) 1986
F.40     Opera Hamilton, Carmen, 1, 3 May 1986
F.41     Orangeville & District Concert Association, 6 May 1986
F.42     International Reprographic Association, Roy Thomson Hall, 8 May 1986; photocopy of p. 11
F.43     Ontario Place Forum, 28 May and 4 June 1986; typed listing
F.44     Federation of Canadian Municipalities, 1 June 1986; Everett Gordon, guest conductor
F.45     Tribute to Alex Radin, Roy Thomson Hall, 17 June 1986
F.46     Music Alive. 24 Sept., 5 Nov., 17 Dec. 1986
F.47     K-4 Student Concerts, 6, 7 8, Oct. 1986; typed list
F.48     Seagram Celebrity series, 26, 27 Oct.; 7, 8 Dec. 1986
F.49     Dofasco Family Pops, 1, 2 Nov.; 29, 30 Nov.; 13, 14 Dec. 1986

F.50     Brockville Ont., 19 Nov. 1986
F.51     Nepean, Ont., 20 Nov. 1986
F.52     Gravenhurst, 23 Nov. 1986

F.53     “Messiah”, 2 Dec. 1986

F.54     Passport to the World. 7 Jan., F.25 Feb., 15 Apr. 1987
F.55     Seagram Celebrity Concerts. 11, 12 Jan.; 1, 2 Feb. (guest conductor and soloist, Barry Tuckwell); 8, 9 Mar. 1987
F.56     Serenade series, Oakville, Ont. 13 Jan., 24 Nov. 1987
F.57     Hamilton Spectator Sundae Symphonies. 18 Jan., 15 Feb., 29 Mar. (conductor, John Barnum) 1987
F.58     du Maurier Candlelight concerts. 20, 21 Jan., 3, 4 Mar. 1987
F.59     Dofasco Family Pops. 24, 25 Jan.; 28 Feb., 1 Mar. (guest conductor and soloist, Walter Noona) 1987
F.60     Candlelight Concerts. 31 Mar., 1 Apr. (guest conductor, Alexander Brott), 28, 29 Apr. (conductor for 29 Apr.) 1987
F.61     Family Pops. 4, 5 Apr. (guest conductor, Brian Jackson), 25, 26 Apr. (guest conductor/pianist, Neil Richardson), 23, 24 May 1987
F.62     Seagram Celebrity Concerts. 12, 13 Apr. (guest conductor, Uri Mayer), 10, 11 May 1987
F.63     Music Alive. 22 Sept., 28 Oct., 16 Dec. 1987
F.64     Una Bella Notte, 27 Sept. 1987
F.65     Brunch with Bach. 4 Oct., 1 Nov. 1987. No conductor listed.
F.66     Seagram Celebrity Concerts. 18, 19 Oct.; 8, 9 Nov.; 13, 14 Dec. (guest conductor and soloist, Joseph Silverstein)
F.67     Dofasco Family Pops. 24, 25 Oct.; 14, 15 Nov.; 5, 6 Dec. 1987
F.68     “Messiah”, 19 Dec. 1987

Box 31
F.1       Alexanian Oakville Serenades: 12 Jan. 1988
F.2       Dofasco Family Pops: 16, 17 Jan. (guest conductor, Newton Wayland); 13, 14 Feb.; 12, 13 Mar. 1988
F.3       Brunch with Bach. 7 Feb. 1988. Note: condition issues with programme
F.4       du Maurier Candlelight Concerts. 9, 10 Feb. (guest conductor, Dwight Bennett); 8, 9 Mar.; 5, 6 Apr. 1988
F.5       Dofasco Family Pops. 9, 10 Apr.; 7, 8 May (guest conductor, Richard Hayman)
F.6       Seagram Celebrity Concerts. 10, 11 Jan.; 31 Jan., 1 Feb. (guest conductor, Carter Nice); 21, 22 Feb. 1988
F.7       Hamilton Spectator Sundae Symphonies. 24 Jan., 24 Apr. 1988
F.8       Seagram Celebrity Concerts. 27, 28 Mar. (guest conductor, Simon Streatfeild); 17, 18 Apr.; 15, 16 May 1988
F.9       Alexanian Oakville Serenades. 25, 26 Oct. 1988
F.10     “Bikel and Brott in Celebration of Israel”, 5 Nov. 1988

Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra:
F.11     1 Apr. (conductor, Nicholas Braithwaite); 6 Apr. (conductor, Glenn Maollory), 1980

Other Orchestras:
Note: Boris Brott is usually the conductor or guest conductor, exceptions are noted.
F.12     Algoma Music Camp Youth Orchestra, 3 Feb. 1976

BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra
F.13     Cardiff Festival of 20th Century Music, 14 Mar. 1972 (programme at p. 58); Andrew Davis, conductor
F.14     Cardiff Festival of 20th Century Music, 13 Mar. 1973 (programme at p. 51)
F.15     Proms, Royal Albert Hall, 20 Aug. 1974
F.16     St. Luke’s church, Newport, 12 Sept. 1974
F.17     Tour: Gwyn Hall, Neath, 17 Sept.; Leisure Centre, Ebbw Vale, 19 Sept.; St. David’s church, Merthyr Tydfil, 20 Sept. 1974
F.18     St. Asaph Cathedral, 12 Mar.; Llandudno Arcadia Theatre, 13 Mar. 1975
F.19     Proms, Royal Albert Hall, 13 Aug. 1975
F.20     Cardiff Festival of 20th Century Music, 9 Mar. 1976 (programme at p. 32)
F.21     Royal Gala Performance for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, opening of Theatr Clwyd Mold, 21 May 1976
F.22     Theatr Hafren, Newton, 23 Mar. 1985
F.23     Theatr Clwyd, 24 Mar. 1985

F.24     Bari: Orchestra Sinfonica della Provincia di Bari, 21 June 2001

F.25     CBC Festival Orchestra, 8 July 1975
F.26     CBC Winnipeg Festival. CBC Winnipeg Orchestra, 13 May, 1, 10, 15 June 1975
F.27     CJRT Festival Series, Massey Hall, 11 Nov. 1984
F.28     Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Banff Festival of the Arts, 26-28 July 1984
F.29     Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Petro-Canada Light Classics, 1 Oct. 1994 (programme at p. 23)
F.30     Calgary Youth Orchestra, n.d.
F.31     Channel Islands Symphony Orchestra, Americana, Ojai, Ca., Nan Washburn, conductor, 4 July 1997
F.32     Classical Orchestra Academy, 5 Sept. 1990
F.33     (Technics) Classical Academy orchestra, 31 July 1993

F.34     Dallas Symphony, “Pomp and Pipes”, 8, 9 Oct. (programme at p. 62); “Messiah”, 18, 19 Dec. 1993 (programme at p. 65)
F.35     Delaware Symphony Orchestra, 6, 7, 8, Mar. 1986

F.36     Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, 25, 26 Oct. 1975
F.37     Engelsburg, Germany. Concert with Hans von Waldkirch, 27 June 1939. Note: Brott’s mother, Lotte Goetzel, was the cellist. Programme is a mimeograph with water damage.
F.38     Haifa Symphony Orchestra, 7, 8, 9 Apr. 1984
F.39     Hamilton, Ont.; Opera Hamilton, 22, 24 March 1984. The programme does not list the orchestra or the conductor.

Israel Chamber Orchestra:
F.40     “Tones and Voices”, Concert No. 1, 9-13 Oct. 1988
F.41     “Tones”, Concert No. 2, 8-13 Dec. 1990
F.42     “Tones and Voices”, No. 7 and “Tones” No. 4, 26-28 Feb., 1 Mar. 1994

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra:
F.43     Popular & Classic Series, 7, 8 May 1991. “Tonight is his [Brott’s] first performance with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra,”
F.44     Popular Programme, Concert No. 2; 14, 15, 16 Jan. 1992
F.45     Popular, Concert No. 2, Classic Concert No. 2; 6, 7, 8 Dec. 1994

F.46     Julliard Graduate School, Six Orchestral Concerts Illustrating the Literature of the Concerto, Sixth and Last Concert, 17 April 1934, New York City. Note: Alexander Brott was a student at Julliard. The programme is water damaged.

Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra:
F.47     Masterpiece Series A, 9 Nov. 1984
F.48     Esso Pops, 26, 27 Sept. 1986

London, Ont.: Orchestra London:
F.49     Musically Speaking, 3 May 1987. Note: David and Alexandra Brott, narrators
F.50     Pops!, 3, 4 Oct. 1998

McGill Symphony Orchestra:
Note: Alexander Brott was the conductor, joined by Boris Brott in later years
F.51     16 May 1974, in Mexico
F.52     18 Nov. 1985; Denis Brott, cello
F.53     4 Mar. 1991
F.54     11, 12, 13 May 1993
F.55     7 Feb. 1994
F.56     11, 12, 13 May 1994

Box 32
F.1       16, 17, 18 April 1996; 13 May 1996
F.2       5, 7, 12, 13 May 1997
F.3       27 Oct. 1997
F.4       23 Mar. 1998
F.5       12 Oct. 1998
F.6       Lotte Brott Memorial Fund Gala, 10 May 1999
F.7       Connoisseur Concerts, 13 Sept. 1999
F.8       15 May 2000
F.9       Benefit Concert for the Centre for Literacy of Quebec, 2 Oct. 2000
F.10     6 Nov. 2000
F.11     3-5 Apr. 2001
F.12     Gala Concert Benefit, 7 May 2001
F.13     8 Oct. 2001
F.14     5 Nov. 2001
F.15     18 Mar. 2002
F.16     23 Sept. 2002
F.17     28 Oct. 2002
F.18     23 April 2003 (last programme with both Brotts as conductors)
F.19     26 Sept. 2005

F.20     State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra / Orquestra Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico, 1975 United States tour. File also includes a photograph and news clippings. There is no mention of Brott in any of this material.
F.21     Orquestra Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico, 11-13 April 1975

National Arts Centre Orchestra, Ottawa:
F.22     15-16 Feb. 1985
F.23     Canadian Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Children, “From Darkness to Life”, with member of the National Arts Centre String Orchestra, Ottawa Congress Centre, 29 Apr. 1985
F.24     Student Matinée Concerts. 4-6 June 1985
F.25     Seagram Pops. 10-11 Oct. 1986
F.26     Seagram Pops. 13-14 Feb. 1987
F.27     Seagram Pops. 3-4 April 1987
F.28     Young People’s Concert. “Let the Orchestra Tell the Tale.” 26 Mar. 1994.
F.29     Young People’s Concerts. “Fire”. 28 Jan. 1995
F.30     Young People’s Concerts. “What a Musical World! European Treasures”. 4 Apr. 1998.
F.31     Young People’s Concerts. “Say it with Music! Festival of Lights”. 12 Dec. 1998.
F.32     Young People’s Concerts. “Say it with Music! Animal Crackers”. 23 Jan. 1999
F.33     Young People’s Concerts. 29 Jan 2000. Rehearsal and performance schedule

F.34     New Hamilton Orchestra, Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble, Kiev Classical Ballet Theatre. The Nutcracker. [Dec.] 1997. Michael Reason, conductor for the Saturday afternoon performance.

New West Symphony:
Season 1995-96:
F.35     Mexico Alive! 25 Feb. 1996
F.36     Polynesia Alive! 31 Mar. 1996
F.37     Discovery Artists. 16-17 Jan. 1998
F.38     Art Work for “The Grand Canyon Suite” Performance. 16-17 Oct. 1998
F.39     “Messiah”. 13 Dec. 1998
F.40     The Nutcracker, Channel Islands Ballet Company, [Dec.] 1998
F.41     Discovery Artists. 15-16 Jan. 1999.
F.42     Tango Party!, 26 Feb.; Argentina Alive!, 27 Feb.; Indonesia Alive!. 28 Feb. 1999
F.43     “Messiah”. 10 Dec. 1999
F.44     Discovery Artists and Symphonic Adventures. 18-22 Jan. 2000
F.45     A Night to Remember. Van Cliburn. 22 Feb. 2002

F.46     Night of a Lifetime Symphony Orchestra. “A Grand Night of Song. Beth Tzedec Celebrates ‘Israel at 50’”. 15 Nov. 1998

Nova Scotia; Symphony Nova Scotia:
F.47     Our Second Season: 5 Dec., 1984, 14 Dec. 1984, 18 Jan. 1985, 30 Jan. 1985, 13 Feb. 1985, 15 Feb. 1985, 26 Apr. 1985, 2 May 1985, 22 May 1985
F.48     “Let’s Carpet the Cohn Concerts”, 18 Apr. 1985. The symphony was of one of several ensembles and musicians in this series.
F.49     Main Series. 27 Apr. 1984
F.50     Esso Pops Concert. 23 May 1984
F.51     “A Grand Opening”. 12 Oct. 1985
F.52     Celebrity Concerts. 23 Oct. and 11 Dec. 1985
F.53     “Viennese Evening”. 23, 24 Nov. 1985
F.54     Pops Concerts. 18 Jan., 12 Apr. 1986
F.55     Celebrity Concerts. 29 Jan., 12 Mar., 16 Apr. 1986
F.56     Amadeus Concert. 16, 17 Mar. 1986
F.57     Pops and Diet Pops series. 6, 7 Feb. 1987.
F.58     Mostly Mozart series. 12, 13 Apr. 1987.

Box 33
F.1       Ohio Chamber Orchestra, 31 July 1985
F.2       Oratorio Society of New York Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, 31 March 1987

F.3       Orchestre Symphonique de Québec. 14 Oct. 1986
F.4       Association des Orchestres de Jeunes du Québec. Shawinigan, 18, 19 Apr. 1987. Brott conducted several orchestras over the two days.
F.5       Orchestre Symphonique de Québec. Soirée Populaire Hydro-Quebec. 22 Mar. 1994.

F.6       Rome: Orchestra Filarmonica di Roma, “Le Nozze de Figaro”, 18 and 20 Dec. 2001
F.7       Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest. Lunchconcert. 20 Dec. 1995.
F.8       Royal Conservatory Orchestra, 28 Feb. 1986
F.9       Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, “Main Series No. 3”, 9 Jan. 1986

Toronto Symphony Orchestra:
F.10     28-29 Jan.1975
F.11     At Ontario Place, 7 July 1976
F.12     Seagram Pops. 30, 31 Oct. 1982
F.13     Aetna Canada Young People’s Concerts. “Boris and Those Magnificent Music Machines”, 12 Dec. 1987
F.14     Seagram Pops. 7, 8 Apr. 1990
F.15     Pops concerts, 9-11 Feb. 1991, conducted by Victor Feldbrill. There is a photograph of Boris Brott on p. 18
F.16     Aetna Canada Young People’s Concert.  “Playful Mozart”, 11 May 1991. File also contains a mimeo of “Telephone Interview Questions” posed by Brott to a magically still alive Mozart.
F.17     Placer Dome Light Classics, 8, 9 Feb. 1992; Consumer Gas Monday Matinee, 10 Feb. 1992
F.18     Aetna Canada Young People’s Concert. “Merry Music Making”, 4 Dec. 1993
F.19     Pops series, “Pomp and Pipes in All the Keys”. 27-29 Sept.; Consumers Gas Magnificent Mondays series, 3 Oct. 1994
F.20     Seagram Casual Concerts. 26 Apr. 1997
F.21     Children’s Christmas Concert. 13 Dec. 1997.
F.22     Aetna Canada Young People’s Concerts. “Jumping Jupiter”. 6 Mar. 1999.
F.23     High School Student Concerts. Oct. 1999-May 2000. Faxed pages of programmes.
F.24     Summer Concerts on Centre Island. 1, 4-5 July 2000
F.25     Community Concert series. 20-21 Mar. 2001
F.26     Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Celebration series #3. 29, 31 Mar. 1986
F.27     Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Pops Series. 2, 3 Apr. 1993

Ventura County Symphony Orchestra:
F.28     Musics Alive! series. “Indonesia Alive!, 15 Feb. 1994; China Alive!, 15 Mar. 1994; also India Alive! which is not dated but is in the same style as the other two programmes.
F.29     Stars of Tomorrow. 21 May 1994.
F.30     Musics Alive! series. Clarinets Alive: Musics in the Hebraic Tradition 12 Apr. 1995; Strings Alive: The Musics of Korea, 10 May 1995.

F.31     Victoria Symphony, Masterworks II. 6, 7 Oct. 1985

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra:
F.32     20 and 21 Nov. 1971
F.33     10 and 11 Jan. 1975
F.34     George Gershwin Gala. 19, 20 Sep. 1992. Bramwell Tovery, conductor
F.35     Victor Davis, Revelation. 18 Feb. 1996. No conductor listed

Programmes with no obvious direct Brott connection:
F.36     Alberta Trio, Gala Debut Concert, 27 March 1971, Edmonton Art Gallery
F.37     Ballets Jazz de Montrél, 1989 and 1990 galas
F.38     Barrie Concert Association, Lorcini-Elliott Duo, 9 Nov. 1977
F.39     Dundas Library concert, 28 Dec. 1977
F.40     Halifax Symphony Orchestra, Subscription Concert 2, 6 Dec. 1960
F.41     Manitoba, University of, School of Music Recital, 23 Mar. [1975?]
F.42     Miami City Ballet, 26, 17 Jan. 1996
F.43     Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Gala Concerts, 1, 2 Dec. 2005, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, conductor

Pratt &Whitney Canada, sponsors of concerts for cystic fibrosis, “un soufflé d’espoir”:
F.44     3 Apr. 1993
F.45     19 Mar. 1994
F.46     23 Mar. 1996

F.47     Royal Winnipeg Ballet, “Nutcracker”, 26-31 Dec. 1974
F.48     St. Andrew’s United Church, Philharmonica Ensemblica, series of concerts to commemorate the installation of the new pipe organ. Only one of the three programmes is dated; the last one, 2 Apr.1978
F.49     Sun Flower Music Festival, Topeka, Kansas, 4-12 June 1997

Toronto Symphony Orchestra
F.50     At Hamilton Place, Andrew Davis, conductor, 23 Oct. 1975
F.51     30 Oct., 4. 5 Nov. 1991; John Dankworth conducted the latter two concerts
F.52     20, 23 Oct. 1993; Gunther Herbig, conductor
F.53     Valley Symphony Orchestra. Programme. 27 Feb. 1999. Robert Chauls, Musical Director
F.54     Unknown ensemble, “City Hall Concert, conducted by Roberto de Clara”, 18 Dec. 1981; typed list

Box 34
Seasonal / Festival Leaflets and Order Forms:
F.1       Banff Festival of the Arts, 1984

F.2       Boris Brott Summer Music Festival, 8 June-25 Aug. 1991
F.3       Boris Brott Summer Music Festival, 17 July-21 Aug. 1992
F.4       Boris Brott Summer Music Festival, 26 June-7 Aug. 1993
F.5       Boris Brott Summer Music Festival, 21 Jul-18 Aug. 1996
F.6       Boris Brott Summer Music Festival, 6 July-17 August 1997
F.7       Brott Spring Festival, 20 Apr.-24 May 1998
F.8       Boris Brott Summer Music Festival, 19 Jul.-16 Aug. 1998
F.9       Brott Autumn Festival, 2 Nov.-17 Dec. 1999
F.10     Brott Summer Music Festival, 1 Jul-19 Aug. 2000
F.11     Brott Autumn Music Festival, 22 Sept.-18 Dec. 2000
F.12     Brott Autumn Music Festival, 26 Sept.-21 Dec. 2001
F.13     Brott Summer Music Festival, 10 Jun-15 Aug. 2002
F.14     Brott Autumn Music Festival, 26 Sep.-20 Dec. 2002

F.15     Brott Music Education Concerts. National Academy Orchestra. Oct-Nov. 2000
F.16     Brott Music Education Concerts. National Academy Orchestra. Autumn 2001

F.17     CBC Toronto Summer Festival, 1975
F.18     CBC Winnipeg Festival, 1976
F.19     CJRT Festival Series at Massey Hall, 1985-85
F.20     Chatauqua Centennial Season, 1974
F.21     Guelph Spring Festival, 23 Apr.-9 May 1976
F.22     Haifa Symphony Orchestra, 1983-84

Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra:
F.23     Burlington Friends of the Philharmonic, Candelight and Wine Concerts, n.d. Note: Programmes could not be found for these concerts which would provide dates.
F.24     Dofasco Festival Series. N.d. See also promotional material
F.25     Candlelight and Wine concerts, 1973-74
F.26     Children’s Concerts, [1973-74]
F.27     1974-75 Season
F.28     du Maurier Super Pops 1974
F.29     1975-76 season
F.30     Philharmonic Matinees for Children and Their Parents, 1976-76
F.31     Candlelight and Wine, 1975-76
F.32     1978-79 season
F.33     Great Concert series, 1979-80
F.34     1982-83 season
F.35     1983-84 season
F.36     Serenade series, 1985-86
F.37     1986-87 season
F.38     1987-88 season
F.39     1988-89 season

Israel Chamber Orchestra:
F.40     1988-89 season
F.41     1990-91 season
F.42     1992-93 season
F.43     1995-96 season

F.44     Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, 1994-95 season
F.45     Kingston Symphony Orchestra, 1970-71 season; Alex Brott, conductor, Denis Brott, cellist
F.46     Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra, 1986-87 season
F.47     Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra, 1994-95 season
F.48     Orchestra London (London, Ont.), 1988-89 season
F.49     Orchestra London (London, Ont.), 1998-99 season

F.50     McGill Chamber Music Society, McGill String Quartet (Alexander Brott, Lionel Renuard, Lucient Robert, Lotta [sic] Brott), 1947-48 season

McGill Chamber Orchestra:
F.51     Connoisseur concerts, 1985-86 season
F.52     Connoisseur concerts, 1988-89 season
F.53     50th Anniversary Gala, 1989
F.54     Connoisseur concerts, 1989-90 season
F.55     Concerts Vitraux, 1989-90 season
F.56     Concerts Vitraux, 1990-91 season
F.57     Connoisseur concerts, 1990-91 season
F.58     Concerts Vitraux, 1991-92 season
F.59     Concerts Vitraux, 1992-93 season
F.60     Connoisseur concerts, 1992-93 season
F.61     Concerts Vitraux, 1993-94 season
F.62     Connoisseur concerts, 1993-94 season
F.63     Student Concerts series, May 1994
F.64     Connoisseur concerts, 1994-95 season
F.65     Concerts Vitraux, 1994-95 season
F.66     Connoisseur concerts, 1995-96 season
F.67     Connoisseur concerts, 1996-97 season
F.68     Connoisseur concerts, 1997-98 season
F.69     1998-99 season
F.70     1999-2000 season
F.71     2000-01 season
F.72     2001-02 season
F.73     2002-03 season
F.74     2003-04 season
F.75     2005-06 season

Box 35
F.1       Montreal. Place des Arts, November 1975
F.2       Montreal. Olympic Games, Arts and Culture, July 1976
F.3       Montreal Symphony Orchestra, 1999-2000 season
F.4       Les concerts populaires de Montréal, June-Aug. 2000
F.5       Montreal Symphony Orchestra, 2004-05 season

National Arts Centre:
F.6       Spring 1998; includes Young People’s Concerts.
F.7       Orchestra 1998-99 season. Includes Young People’s Concerts
F.8       Orchestra  2001-02 season. Includes Young People’s Concerts

New West Symphony Orchestra:
F.9       1995-96 season
F.10     1996-97 season
F.11     1997-98 season
F.12     Musics Alive, Jan.-Apr. 1998
F.13     Magical Moments in the Mediterranean, Sept.-Oct. 1998
F.14     1998-99 season
F.15     Musics Alive, Feb. 1999
F.16     1999-2000 season
F.17     2000-2001 season
F.18     Musics Alive, Mar. 2000
F.19     2001-2002 season
F.20     Musics Alive, Mar.-Apr. 2001

F.21     Symphony Nova Scotia, 1985-86 season
F.22     Orchestre symphonique de Québec, 1987-88 season

F.23     Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest. Filmmuzickprogramma, 1993-94 season
F.24     Scarborough, Ont., Fanfare, 1984
F.25     Stratford Summer Music, 1984

Toronto Symphony Orchestra:
F.26     At Ontario Place, 1976
F.27     1991-92 season
F.28     1992-93 season
F.29     Holiday Festival, [1993?]
F.30     1994-95 season
F.31     1997-98 season
F.32     1999-2000 season
F.33     2001-02 season

F.34     Ontario Place, 1976
F.35     Ontario Place, 1986
F.36     St. Lawrence Centre, 1975-76 season
F.37     St. Lawrence Centre, Canadian Sound, May 1976

F.38     Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, 1987-88 season

Ventura County Symphony Orchestra:
F.39     1992-93 season
F.40     1993-94 season
F.41     1994-95 season

Brott not listed in these seasonal leaflets:
F.42     Canadian Festival of Youth Orchestras, 1980
F.43     Orchestra Regionale del Lazio. 1998 season
F.44     London Symphony Orchestra, Barbican, April-July 1998
F.45     Montreal Chamber Orchestra, 2001-02
F.46     Music for All Tastes, Ford Centre, 1996-97 season
F.47     National Arts Centre, Music Education, 1994-95
F.48     National Arts Centre, Music Education, 1996-97
F.49     National Ballet of Canada, 1986
F.50     Roy Thomson Hall and Massey Hall, 1997-98
F.51     Santa Barbara Symphony, 1996-97 season
F.52     Toronto Symphony Orchestra, 2000-01 season
F.53     Venture Chamber Music Festival, May 1995
F.54     Windsor Symphony, 1990
F.55     Western Slope Summer Music Festival, June 1997
F.56     Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, 1997-98 season

Box 36
Promotional, sponsorship, educational and other printed materials
Boris Brott Summer Music Festival
F.1       1989
F.2       Sponsorship 1990
F.3       Sponsorship 1992
F.4       Sponsorship 1993
F.5       Sponsorship 1994
F.6       Sponsorship 1995
F.7       Apprentice Training Program 1995
F.8       Programmes, Reviews and Press Clippings, 1998
F.9       Press Information, 1991
F.10     Press Information, 1993
F.11     Press Information, 1994
F.12     Press Information, 1997
F.13     Press Information, 1998
F.14     Press Reviews, 1998
F.15     Press Reviews, 1999
F.16     Press Information, Summer 2000
F.17     Press Information, Autumn 2000
F.18     Repertoire and Press 2002
F.19     News clipping of advertisements for the Spring Festival, 1998

Note: Some of these promotional materials are not directly related to Brott.
F.20     Alcan String Quartet, 1999
F.21     Avalon Entertainment Group
F.22     BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra, U.S. Tour, 1975-76
F.23     Beckett Gallery, “An Affair with Bateman”; Robert Bateman and Boris Brott, 1985
F.24     Bronte Creek Park Amphitheatre, 1998-99
F.25     Calgary Youth Orchestra, benefit concert, 5 June [1976]
F.26     Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Boris Brott conductor of Leonard Bernstein’s Mass, 1 June 2000 – printed after the event
F.27     Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, issues of Encore, 1970, 1973
F.28     General Arts Mangement Inc., 1986-87
F.29     Lukas Foss birthday celebration, 1997
F.30     Hamilton Philharmonic, “Concert Preview Talk”, Sept.-Oct. [1975]
F.31     Hamilton Philharmonic Institute, informational pamphlet, 1975-76
F.32     Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Chamber Ensemble, 1983-86
F.33     Ernest Krenek, 1998

Box 37
F.1       Benjamin Lees, Boosey & Hawkes pamphlet, 1996
F.2       Manitoba Opera leaflet, ca. a969
F.3       McGill Chamber Orchestra, information leaflet, [ca. 1979]
F.4       National Arts Centre Orchestra, 13 and 14 January 1997; two publications, one in English, the other in French
F.5       New Heritage Music, 1998
F.6       New West Symphony, Grand Canyon, 1998; also a Larry Hagman appeal for organ donors in the form of a United States of Texas bill
F.7       New West Symphony, “A Symphony of Wine”, 24 June 2001
F.8       Ontario Arts Council, “The Arts Touch Us All”, [ca. 1981], information leaflet; Brott’s photograph is on the front page
F.9       “Pecktackular Music”, the orchestral music of Russell Peck, June 1997
F.10     Svenska Rikskonserter, 1990
F.11     Michal Schmidt (Artists International Inc.), 2001
F.12     Toronto Symphony Orchestra, performance of a lifetime lottery
F.13     VKD International Artists, 1997
F.14     Julian Wachner, [ca. 2002]
F.15     Fondazione William Walton. La Mortella, n.d. but 1985 or later

Educational materials:
Toronto Symphony Teachers’ Study Guides:
F.16     1990-91
F.17     1991-92
F.18     1996-97
F.19     1997-98
F.20     1998-99
F.21     2000-01

Other Printed materials:
F.22     ACTRA Awards, Apr. 1976
F.23     Alberta Trio invitation, 1972
F.24     Printed score for “An American Symphony” from the movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus”, autographed by Richard Dreyfuss
F.25     Hamilton Musician’s Guild, “Tariff of Fees effective January 1, 1986”; also recording rates, effective 1 Feb. 1991
F.26     Music Test, Theory 12, 21 Feb. 1938 (mimeograph)
F.27     Orchestra Canada, 20: no. 7 (Nov./Dec. 1993)
F.28     G. Ricordi & C., supplementary catalogue of symphonic music, 31 Mar. 1963
F.29     First International Sibelius Conductors’ Competition, 1995
F.30     Konservatorium Zürich prospectus, 1939-40
F.31     Other: New Year’s card printed in Israel; Italian post card; two taxi receipts

“Duo-Art 47003 Rhapsody in Blue Extended Play Complete (Parts I & II) played by the composer George Gershwin. Keystone Music Roll Company Inc.” In its original box. Location: Box 26.

Promotional materials about the Brotts:
F.32     Boris Brott, personal promotional materials: as a speaker and a conductor; includes biographical sketch, 1994. Note: A full biographical sketch has been printed on 21 September 2011 and placed in this file for reference purposes. A condensed version appears in the fonds description.
F.33     Boris Brott, “Children’s Programmes”, 1985
F.34     Denis Brott, personal promotional materials

News clippings mainly about Boris Brott. See also Box 39 which contains news clippings pasted on board.
F.35     1950-51, 1959, [196-]. Some of these clippings have been pasted on black pages. One of the pages has a programme pasted on the verso: “Concerts pour la jeunesse”, Les concerts symphoniques de Montréal, 17 March 1951

Note: The following news clippings were found in dated envelopes.
F.36     1974
F.37-8  1975
F.39     1976
F.40     1976: Double wedding: Boris and Ardyth; Denis and Julie Brott
F.41     1977

Box 38
F.1       1981
F.2       1983
F.3       1986
F.4       1987
F.5       Carnegie Hall, 1987
F.6       1988
F.7       1998
F.8       2001
F.9       n.d.

F.10     About Denis Brott, 1971
F.11     About Alex and Lotte Brott, 1955-1988 (also includes periodical tear-sheets)
F.12     About McGill Chamber Orchestra, 1970, n.d. (includes advertisements)
F.13     About the Montreal Chamber Orchestra, 1961, 1966, 2001-03
F.14     About the Hamilton Philharmonic at 100, 1984
F.15     About other musicians, 1975, 1985, n.d.

Periodical articles about Brott:
F.16     Maclean’s, 82: no. 3 (Mar. 1969)
F.17     Dofasco Illustrated News, 37, no. 5 (1973)
F.18     Musical America, “Here & There”, Sept. 1975 (tear-sheet); Denis in also mentioned in the same column
F.19     Performing Arts, 23, no. 2 (Sept. 1986)
F.20     Performing Arts, 23, no. 3 (Nov. 1986); also re the HPO
F.21     Performing Arts, 24, no. 1 (June 1987); also re Ontario Place Pops
F.22     Hamilton Magazine, 15, no. 2 (Spring 1998)

Periodical articles about the Brotts:
F.23     Reader’s Digest, 112, no. 669 (Jan. 1978)
F.24     Performing Arts, 26, no. 4 (Summer 1991)

F.25     Claudette Sorel, “Boris Brott, Conductor”, The Triangle of Mu Phi Epsilon, Winter 1975 (photocopy)
F.26     Quotations from Brott in “You Can Remember Things in Your Mother’s Womb”, National Enquirer, 28 May 1996 (photocopy)
Note: Not in this archive, but available in Research Collections is an illustrated interview he gave to the arts supplement (Ti Estin) of the Silhouette, “A Soft Word form Boris Brott”, 40 (1969).

F.27     Small posters: Amgen Youth Festival 2000 (3 posters); BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra, Israel Day at Ontario place featuring Boris Brott and the HPO; The Vienna Choir Boys, 1988-89

Oversize Posters: (not boxed)
– “Friends House, Euston Road, N.W. 1, Tuesday 26 January … Northern Sinfonia Orchestra … conductor Boris Brott”, [196-]
– “Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Boris Brott conductor. Children’s Concert.” These concerts, sponsored by Yamaha Music Ltd., were given in Ottawa, Toronto, London and Hamilton, 27Sept.-4 Oct. [1981]
– “Join the audience / CBC Radio’s mods make classical music! A series of concerts by young Canadians Friday … May 19 to June 16, CBC Carlton Studio.” N.d.
– Fondazione Lirico Sinfonica Petrusselli e Teatri di Bari. Four posters for different programmes in Oct. and Nov. 2010. One poster contains the same text but has been printed in different sizes.
– “Arcidiocesi de Bari-Bitonto … Notti Sacre … Boris Brott”, 3 Oct. 2010, S. Savino cathedral, Bari.
– Fondazione Area diVerona. Teatro Filarmonica di Verona … Direttore Boris Brott.” 22-23 December 2007.
– “Teatro Verdi Trieste … Maestro Concertatore e Direttore Boris Brott”, 2010-11 season.

Extreme Oversized Poster (not boxed):
– “Teatre di Roma, Festival Euro Mediterraneo, Mozart, Le Nozze di Figaro … directorre d’orchestra Boris Brott”, 18 and 20 Dec. 2001

Card stock (not boxed):
– “BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra, conductor Boris Brott, Denis Brott (cello) … Parc and Dare Hall, Treorchy, Saturday 4 November” [1972]
– “1978 Summer Showcase … The Canadian Chamber Orchestra, Boris Brott, conductor … Friday 14 July … the Banff Centre”
– Haifa Symphony Orchestra … Subscription Concerts, conductor Boris Brott”, n.d.

Box 39
News clippings featuring Boris Brott pasted on board:
The Hamilton Spectator, 5 July 1984 (removed from board)
The Hamilton Spectator, 18 July 1985, front page
The Hamilton Spectator, 29 October 1986, front page
The Hamilton Spectator, 31 March 1987, front page

Series 4
Scrapbooks. – 1959-2005. – 9.7 m of textual records and graphic material (36 scrapbooks). – Title based on content of series. – Some of the scrapbooks were numbered before acquisition. The numbers were written on the spines of the books; date labels were pasted on covers.

Box 40
S.1          1959-1962. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, correspondence, leaflet, news letter, photograph, programmes (Philharmonic Youth Orchestra of Montreal, Dominion Concert Under the Stars, Orquesta Sinfonica del Estado de Mexico. Photocopies of letters from Pierre Monteux and Wilfrid Pelletier.
Box 41
S.1B       1962-72. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, leaflets, newsletters, pamphlet (Dimtri Mitropoulos International Music Competition), programmes (Hamilton Philharmonic, London Symphony, Toronto Symphony, Regina Symphony, l’Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, Atlantic Symphony Orchestra)
Box 42
S.2          1962-64. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, telegram from Bette Milton, leaflets, letter from Sir Ernest MacMillan, programmes (Dominion Concert Under the Stars, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia Orchestra)
Box 43
S.3          1964. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, CBC Times, correspondence, leaflets, syllabus, programmes (Toronto Symphony, Young Canadians in Concert, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica de Roma della Radiotevisione Italiana, Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, Pops Concerts at the Maurice Richard Arena, CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, Dominion Concert Under the Stars)
Box 44
S.4          1964-65. Items pasted on paper. Leaflet, news clippings, programmes (Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Windsor Symphony)
Box 45
S.5          1964-65. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, leaflets, programmes (Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, NSO with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Northeast Trade Unions Exhibition and Arts Festival, Dominion Concerts under the Stars, Popular Concerts at Aréna Maurice-Richard)

Box 46
S.6          1965-66. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, programmes (Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, Royal Ballet)
Box 47
S.7          1966. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, leaflets, programmes (Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, NSO with the John Alldis Choir, Chicago Chamber Orchestra, Dominion Concerts Under the Stars, Orchestra Symphonique de Montréal, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Band of the Grenadier Guards), letter from the Lord Mayor of Newcastle dated 1965,  photocopy of letter from Pierre Monteaux, n.d.
Box 48
S.8          1963-67. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, leaflets, programmes (Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, Dominion Concert Under the Stars, Popular Concerts at Aréna Maurice-Richard,  l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal), photograph (contact sheet)
Box 49
S.9          1967. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, periodicals, press releases, leaflets, photograph, programmes (Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, McGill Chamber Orchestra). Note: The Northern Sinfonia was on a tour to Canada and the United States
Box 50
S.10        1968. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, leaflet (Dimitri Mitropoulos International Music Competition), programmes (Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, CBC Toronto Festival Music of Quebec, Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Lakehead Symphony Orchestra, Royal Albert Hall concerts)

Box 51
S.11        1969. Items pasted on paper or left loose. Photograph with Leonard Bernstein, news clippings, letter from “me”, leaflets, news letter , “Proposal for In-School Music – Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, programmes (music from Bach to Rock on CBC TV, CBC Concert of Contemporary Canadian Music, l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Stars of Tomorrow, Hamilton Philharmonic, CBC Collegiate Concert)
Box 52
S.12        1970. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, press release, leaflets, programmes (l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Lakehead Symphony Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Hamilton Philharmonic, Opening of Mohawk College Fennel campus, National Arts Centre Orchestra, CBC Festival Orchestra, Bach-Elgar Choir, Hamilton Association, Theatre-Auditorium Ground-Breaking, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony)
Box 53
S.13        1971. Items pasted on paper. Leaflet, news clippings, periodical, programmes (Hamilton Philharmonic, Winnipeg Symphony, Regina Symphony, Toronto Symphony, BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra)
Box 54
S.14        1972. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, newsletters, press releases, leaflets, Time magazine (20 Nov.), programmes (Hamilton Philharmonic, Ontario Place Forum, CBC Festival Orchestra, Regina Symphony)
Box 55
S.15        1972-73. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, periodical, leaflets, press release, pamphlet on Chautauqua, programmes (Hamilton Philharmonic, BBC Welsh Orchestra, First Arts Festival, Llandaff Festival, Eastern Music Festival, Chautauqua), telegram from Canadian Jaycees, invitation to and programme from Royal dinner with Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

S.16        Did not arrive with this accrual. Possibly left out of the numbering sequence.

Box 56
S.17        1973. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, leaflets, press release, programmes (Hamilton Philharmonic)
Box 57
S.18        1974. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, leaflet, programmes (Hamilton Philharmonic, Cardiff Festival of 20th Century Music, Civic Orchestra of Chicago)

Note: From this point forward, scrapbooks have been numbered by the archivist.
Box 58
S.19        1973-1975. Items pasted on paper or left loose. Newsletter, news clippings, press releases, leaflets, col. photograph (on a Cunard ship), letter from Senator Edward M. Kennedy (23 Jan. 1976), artwork (caricature of Brott), programmes (Muskoka Concert Association, BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra, Schoenberg Centennial Concert, Hamilton Philharmonic)

Box 59
S.20        1978-Dec. 1982. Items taped and pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, newsletter. Because of the tape, this scrapbook has been dismantled.
Box 60
S.21        Oct. 1981-March 1984. Items taped on paper or left loose. Programmes (Famous People Players, Hamilton Philharmonic, Alberta Ballet Company, Banff Festival of the Arts, Orquesta Filarmonica de la Ciudad de Mexico, C.M.C. London Orchestra, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Royal Conservatory Orchestra, Symphony Musicians, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Symphony Nova Scotia). Because of the tape, this scrapbook has been dismantled and placed in file folders, A to I.

Box 61
S.22        Dec. 1982-Feb. 1984. Items taped on or left loose. News clippings, one leaflet (calendar fragment). Because of the tape, this scrapbook has been dismantled.
S.23        March 1984-June 1985. Items taped on paper or left loose. News clippings. Because of the tape, this scrapbook has been dismantled.
S.24        July 1985-July 1986. Items taped on paper. News clippings. Because of the tape, this scrapbook has been dismantled.
S.25        July 1986-July 1987. Items taped on paper or left loose. News clippings, Drew Marketing Ltd. script, newsletters. Also a program from July 1985, North East Trade Unions Exhibition and Arts Festival. Because of the tape, this scrapbook has been dismantled.

Box 62
S.26        Jan. 1987-Aug. 1988. Items pasted on paper. Photograph (col.) of Brott with two Asian girls, news clippings, leaflet, programme (Quilcoplus Concert-Gala, Hamilton Gallery of Distinction, Hamilton Philharmonic, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, Royal Conservatory Orchestra, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Toronto Symphony, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Festival Pops at Rideau Hall, Kiwanis Music Festival, Governor General’s Concert at Rideau Hall, Orchestre symphonique de Montréal). Also Royal Bank advertisements found loose.
S.27        Oct. 1988-June 1990. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, newsletters, programmes (Hamilton Philharmonic, Buffalo Philharmonic, Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Governor General’s Concert are Rideau Hall, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Toronto Symphony, Orchestre symphonique de Quebéc, San Diego Pops Orchestra), Israel Symphony Orchestra press release, col. photograph of Brott with a chorus line of ladies, autographed col. photograph (“For Boris: What a joy it was to work with you … Warmest thanks, Priscilla), another col. photograph of Priscilla with others, periodical (magazine of the Places des Arts), Alexander Brott’s 75th birthday invitation, letter from Regional-Municipality of Hamilton, Artpark ’90 pamphlet

Box 63
S.28        July 1990-Sept. 1992. Items pasted on paper. News clippings, programmes (Buffalo Philharmonic, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Festival de Musique de Lachine, Orchestre symphonique de Quebec, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Kingston Pops, National Arts Centre Orchestra) periodical (magazine of the Places des Arts), fax from Lotte Brott.
S.29        Sept. 1992-Oct. 1993. Items pasted on paper or left loose. News clippings, programmes (Ventura County Symphony, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Toronto Symphony, Sacramento Philharmonic, Orchestra London [Ontario], Canion Yerushalayim [Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra], Young People’s Concerts, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Dallas Symphony), programme in Hebrew, newsletter, poem (“Christmas Ode to Sylvia!”), periodical (Alegro, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra)
Note: Scrapbooks for the remainder of the 1990s contained almost nothing but programmes. These were removed from the scrapbooks and placed in Series 4.

Box 64
S.30        1990s. News clippings removed from scrapbooks
S.31        2001. News clippings, internet prints, email, Beth Sholom Bulletin, removed from scrapbook. Programmes were placed with Series 4.

Note: The following scrapbooks (32-36) were dismantled, although all material has been left together. These books had acidic plastic sleeves into which some of the material had been placed. The sleeves have not been retained.
Box 65
S.32        1999-2001. Items pasted on paper, left loose, inserted in sleeves. News clippings, leaflets (New West Symphony, Brott Spring and Summer Festivals, Orchestra London [Ontario], Musicalia: Leonard Bernstein Mass, McGill Chamber Orchestra);  programmes (Toronto Symphony Orchestra, New West Symphony, correspondence (Lara St. John, Esther Dezery), press release, magazines, invitation and menu for dinner with the Canadian Ambassador to Italy.  Note: The date range is from the scrapbook label; the first item in the scrapbook is from the New West Symphony, 1996-1997 season.
Box 66
S.33        2002. Items pasted on paper, left loose, inserted in sleeves. Correspondence (letter from Van Cliburn, 21 Feb [photocopy]; card from Bryan Wylie, Aug. 2002), emails, news clippings, magazines, leaflets, programmes (McGill Chamber Orchestra, Adath Israel Congregation 100th Anniversary Concert, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, New West Symphony, National Academy Orchestra), Brott Summer and Autumn Music Festival leaflets; OSM Saison 2002-2003 leaflet, Young People’s Concerts leaflet, New West Symphony leaflets
Box 67
S.34        2003. Items pasted on paper, left loose, inserted in sleeves. Leaflets and pamphlets (New West Symphony, Shaare Zion Congregation, Young People’s Concerts, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Boris Brott Festival), newsclippings, emails, 7 col. photographs (Michael Burgess, concerts at Hamilton Place and Muskoka) 1 b&w photograph of Brott with a young female violinist, programmes (McGill Chamber Orchestra), posters, magazines. Also State of Israel certificate of Goodwill Ambassador
Box 68
S.35        2004. Items pasted on paper, left loose, inserted in sleeves. News clippings, Poems by Wilhem Müller, press release from the National Arts Centre, leaflets (National Arts Centre, Young People’s Concerts, New West Symphony, Brott Music Festivals), programme (Jersusalem Baroque Orchestra) magazines.
Box 69
S.36        2005.  Items pasted on paper. News clippings (including Alex Brott obituaries), newsletters, emails, correspondence (Lloyd Blackman. J.L.H. Thomas, John Girhiny, photocopy of a letter from the Coalition for Music Education in Canada, 25 May 2005), programme (Arts in Education Breakfast, New West Symphony Benefit, Excellence in the Arts Awards), leaflets and pamphlets (Israel Cancer Research Fund Gala, New West Symphony, National Arts Centre, Young People’s Concerts, Brott Music Festivals)

Series 5
Scripts, Writing, Reports, Awards and Personal items. – [194-]-2006. – 28 cm of textual records, graphic material and realia. – Title based on content of series.

Box 70
F.1          CBC Radio Series, “Brott to You”, list of scripts
Note: These typed scripts have two dates: the recording date and the broadcast date
F.2          Script #1, “Brott to You”, 6 April and 2 May 1971
F.3          Script #2, “Beethoven: A Hit or a Myth”, 30April and 9 May 1971
F.4          Script #3, “Sexus Musicus”, 27 April and 23 May 1971
F.5          Script #4, “Opera: Last of the Big-Time Splendours”, 12 May and 23 May 1971
F.6          Script #5, “Style and the Whole World Styles with You”, 19 and 30 May 1971
F.7          Script #6, “A Scan for All Seasons”, 30 May and 6 June 1971
F.8          Script #7, “The Barbaric Yawp”, 3 and 13 June 1971
F.9          Script #8, “Spaced Out”, 7 and 20 June 1971
F.10        Script #9, “Men, Gods and Devils”, 9 and 27 June 1971
F.11        Script #10, “Elements of Elegance”, 14 June and 4 July 1971
F.12        Script #11, “Political Games People Play”, 30 June and 11 July 1971
F.13        Script #12, “Back to Bach”, 3 and 18 July 1971
F.14        Script #13, “The Peripheral Visionary”, 7 and 25 July 1917
F.15        Script #21, “We Get a Kickback Out of You”, 1 and 19 Sept. 1971
F.16        Script #22, “A Mess of Wattage, A Pot of Message”, 8 and 26 Sept. 1971

F.17        Series: Brott and Friends, CKDS Radio, Hamilton: Script #6, “Successful Flops”, typescript
F.18        “Telescope Script”; video script, interview, n.d., typescript
F.19        “Eli Lilly Script”, Jacksonville Florida, March 1998, computer print copy
F.20        “Bell Atlantic Script”, February 11/23 1998; computer print copy
F.21        “Viva Vivaldi, Vivaldi Vivant”, computer print

F.22        Hamilton Philharmonic: Music Director’s reports, 1986-1989; “Philosophy for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra 1987-1992”; and other documents
F.23        “Towards 92, Music, A Report of the National Capital Commission and the National Arts Centre”, 30 June 1990
F.24        “Towards 1991, Sing Canada! A Choral Manifestation in the Nation’s Capital”, 30 June 1990
F.25        “Towards 1992, Bands Across the Land! A High School Concert Band Manifestation and Learning Experience in the Nation’s Capital”, 30 June 1990
F.26        “Orchestral Music for School Programming Written and Conceived by Boris Brott”, 1995

Poetry and Eulogy:
F.27        Poems: “An Order Ode” typescript, n.d.; “A Lotta(e) Life”, typescript about his mother, n.d.; “My Photographs”, typescript, n.d.
F.28        Eulogy for his grandmother “Channa” Brott, typescript, n.d.

F.29        Letter to the editor, 8 May 1976 re Margaret Trudeau. News clippiing.

F.30        1994
F.31        May 2000
F.32        begins 27 Nov. 2000
F.33        July 2001-

Box 71
F.1          Dec. 2005-Nov. 2006
F.2          Mar. 2007-Mar. 2008
F.3          N.d.

Personal items:
F.4          Passport issued 10 June 1963
F.5          Pierpont Racquet Club, membership booklet, 1995
F.6          Hair: Boris, 2 years old; Denis, 1 year old, [194-]

Boris Brott
F.7          Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977, certificate signed by Jules Léger, Governor General, to accompany a medal (not extant here)
F.8          Manhattan Arts awards programme, 1 Nov. 1985
Alexander Brott
F.9          L’Académie des Grand Montréalais Gala evening programmes, 14 Oct. 1993
F.10        Artwork: Embossed image of Alexander Brott on paper titled “Concordia” and signed Harry Pollack

F.11        Guest Book with comments, 21-31 July 1998
F.12        Boris Brott, repertoire list entered into the computer, n.d. but late 1980s
F.13        Schedule of appearances, 2004-2006
F.14        Minutes, Canadian Friends of the Hamilton Yeshiva, 14 June 1994
F.15        Writing by others: Hanna Yeddor-Avni, Tzvi Avni, “The three-Legged Monster”, 1993, 1994

Series 6
Audio-Visual materials. –1967-2005. – 280 moving images; and 43 sound recordings. – Title based on content of series. – The items are in many different formats.

Items V1-V203 were numbered by Brott before accession. There is a printed listing “Video Library Listing” provided by Brott in Box 72.

Box 72
V1       Banff Centre Encore! The Canadian Chamber Orchestra. Marek Jablonski, featured guest. Edmonton : Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 7 Aug. 1983; telecast 21 Aug. 1983. Sony KCA60 BR format.
V1a     Banff Centre Encore! Dog-Ear Film & Video. VHS format.
V2       Banff Centre Celebrates. The Canadian Chamber Orchestra. The Colorado Quartet, featured guest. Edmonton : Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 7 Aug. 1983; telecast 14 Aug. 1983. Sony KCA60 BR format.
V3       Catskill Thaw by J. Morris. Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copeland. Sony KCS10 format.
V4       Joy of Performance. Canadian Brass. Brott Backstage. Sony V-31 format.
V5       Midsummer Night Themes. Chautaugua Symphony. Steven Stantic; Louis Cuilico. Brott Backstage. Sony V-31 format.
V6       Show #3 [Colour Me Coloratura?]. Brott Backstage. Sony V-31 format.
V7       Mystery Tape. Sony V-31 format. Sony V-31 format.
V8       Gone With the Wind. 1693. Brott Backstage.  Sony V-31 format.
V8a     Gone With the Wind. Brott Backstage.  Sony V-31 format.
V9       A Little Night Music. 1802. Brott Backstage. Sony V-31 format.
V10     Colour Me Coloratura. Jenny Lind at Dundurn Castle; Riki Turofsky; Stuart Hamilton. Brott Backstage. Sony V-31 format.
V11     Black Magic. Monica Gaylord; Amalia Joanou; Debbie Jeans. Brott Back Stage. Sony V-31 format.
V12     A Little Knight Musicke. Ancient Instruments. Franz Brueggen; Toronto Consort; Rittenhouse Quartet. Brott Back Stage. Sony V-31 format.

V13     A Search For Sounds #8. The Orchestra. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 3 Dec. 1968. Audio reel.
V14     Mods Make Music #5. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1 Aug. 1967. Audio reel.
V15     Dofasco Pops 4. 1 of 2. Guest: Mark Dubois, tenor. Audio reel.
V16     Dofasco Pops 4. 2 of 2. Guest: Mark Dubois, tenor. Audio reel.

Box 73
V17     OSB Hear Out... #8. From Beginning to End? Digby Peers, producer. Audio reel.
V18     OSB Hear Out... #6. A Ribbon of Sound. Digby Peers, producer. Audio reel.
V19     OSB Hear Out... #5. Men & Their Magnificent Music Machines. Digby Peers, producer. Audio reel.
V20     OSB Hear Out... #4. Use Your Voice. Audio reel.
V21     OSB Hear Out... #3. Watch Your Language. Digby Peers, producer. Audio reel.
V22     OSB Hear Out... #2. Sound Sense. Digby Peers, producer. Audio reel.

V23     From Sea to Sea. Student Concert for N. Olchowy. Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. 1984. Beta format.
V24     From Sea to Sea. Student Concert. Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. 1984. Beta format.
V25     Barber of Seville. Acts I and II. Beta format.
V26     Barber of Seville. Act III. Beta format.
V27     Mozart et Les Enfants Prodiges. 20 Jul. 1992. VHS format.
V28     Les Concours de Musique du Canada 1992. 23 Jul. 1992. VHS format.
V29     Boris Brott Art Shoppe: 30 Eng. VHS format.
V30     Boris Brott Art Shoppe: 30 Eng. VHS format.
V31     Classical Union Gas. 28 Feb. 1985. Beta format.
V32     Classical Union Gas. 21 Feb. 1985. 3M MBU 5s format.
V33     Presenting Boris Brott. Viva Vivaldi. Amazing Amadeus. VHS format.
V34     Presenting Boris Brott. Version 1. Sept. 1992. Sony BCT-30ML format.
V35     Presenting Boris Brott. VHS format.
V36     Classical Union Gas. VHS format.
V37     Classical Union Gas. VHS format.
V38     The Art Shoppe. Kert Advertising. 13 Feb. 1980. Video cassette, Motion Picture Video Corp., Toronto

Box 74
V39     Conversation. Music, Why Bother? Students 1970. Sony V-31 format.
V40     Young Artists Competition. Part 1 of 2. CHCH TV. 1972. Sony V-32 format.
V41     Young Artists Competition. Part 2 of 2. CHCH TV. 1972. Sony V-32 format.
V42     Student Concert. CHCH TV. 1973. Sony V-32 format.
V43     Student Concert. Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. 1974. Sony V-32 format.
V44     Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Student’s Concert. Canadian Music Council Television Awards. CHCH-TV, Sony, n.d.
V45     BBC W.S.O. at the Proms. Part 1. Sony KCA 60 format.
V46     Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Student Concert. Nick Olchowy. Sony KCA 60K format.
V47     Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Student Concert. Boris Brott. Sony KCA 60 format.
V48     Aaron Copland Special. CHCH TV. Sony V-32 format.
V49     A Copland Portrait. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-32 format.
V50     A Hard Hatted Look at Hamilton Place. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-32 format.
V51     Bass—ically Speaking. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-32 format.

Box 75
V52     Child’s Play. How the Loon Got Its Necklace. Keith MacMillan; Keith Bissell; Madge Allchood. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V53     Czechs and Balances. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V54     Key Relationship. Lili Kraus; Kathy Sanetz. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V55     Please, Sir, How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V56     Rhythm and Muse. Peter Appleyard Quartet. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V57     Shaw and Tell. Sid Emberley; William Kittlei; Sentre Wind Quartet. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V58     Sound and Fury. Tranquility Base. Kelly Jay; Warren Wilson; Max Ferguson. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V59     Plectrum Spectrum. Christopher Parkening; Lenny Breau Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V60     Two’s Company. Married Couples in Orchestra. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony V-31 format.
V61     Who’s Afraid of Hugo Wolf. Canadian Brass. Show #1. Brott Backstage. CHCH TV. Sony RH-7V format.
V62     The Brott Baton. CBC Telescope. Sony V-31 format.
V63     Cue the Critic. McMaster. Sony V-32 format.

V64     Vivaldi. Boris Brott Enterprises.
V65     Vivaldi. Kiniesound From 1” HD Out.
V66     Football Film. OISE. Bellevue Pathé Ltd., Toronto, 30 Sept. 1979. 16 mm col workprint film reel.
V67     Métrage Bach and Brott. May 1993. VHS format.
V68     Interpretent Six Chansons de P.I. Tchaikovsky. Orchestrées par Alexander Brott. L’Orchestre de Chambre McGill dirige par Boris Brott. Sharon Azrieli, soprano. 15 Feb. 1993. VHS format.

Box 76
V69     HPO Concert Beethoven: His Life and Times. Nick Olchowy. 25 Feb. 1991 VHS format. 1 original. 4 copies. (69, 69a-d)
V70     Beethoven Lives Upstairs. The Children’s Group.1992. VHS format.
V71     Presenting Boris Brott. VHS format.
V72     Boris Brott Presents. CHCH-TV. Sony BCT-20G format.
V73     IBM Miami. 1991 Boris Brott Presentation. VHS format.
V74     The Barber of Seville. New York City Opera. Lincoln Centre Video. Paramount Pictures 1990. VHS format.
V75     Handel. McGill Chamber Orchestra. Montreal. 16 Apr. 1992. VHS format.
V76     Mozart/Gazette. Vivaldi/Gazette. 1990 Spring Concert. Eng. & Fr. 1990. VHS format.
V77     Mozart. McGill Chamber/Gazette. 17 Mar. 1992. VHS format.
V78     Presenting Boris Brott. Vivaldi & Mozart. VHS format.
V79     Vivaldi. McGill Chamber Orchestra. Promo. 1990 Spring. VHS format.
V79a   Vivaldi McGill Chamber Orchestra. Long Version. 1990 Spring. VHS format. 5 copies. Not labelled by Brott.

Box 77
V80     Charlie Chaplin: City Light Kid. Festival Music. 26 Jul. 1990. Spot F lm & Video Inc., 35 mm cassette.
V81     Charlie Chaplin: City Light Kid. Festival Music. 26 Jul. 1990. Spot F lm & Video Inc., 35 mm cassette.
V82     Bach and All That Jazz. HPO Student Concert. 1985. CHCH TV. Beta format.
V83     The Family Strauss. HPO 1988 Dynasty. VHS format.
V84     Bach and All That Jazz. HPO Student Concert. 1985. CHCH TV. VHS format.
V85     Young Musicians of Quebec. VHS format.
V86     Vivaldi. McGill Chamber Orchestra/Gazette. Promo. 1990. VHS format.
V87     Vivaldi. McGill Chamber Orchestra/Gazette. Promo. 21 Nov. 1990. VHS format.
V88     Mozart. Gazette. Side shots and Interviews. 21 Jan. 1992. VHS format.
V89     Mozart. Gazette. Front and rear shots. 21 Jan. 1992. VHS format.
V90     Welcome Bach. Master Tape. VHS format
V91     Peter and the Wolf. HPO. IBM Canada Ltd. Jan. 1988. VHS format.
V92     Peter and the Wolf. Music, Why Bother. Canadian Broadcast Corporation. HPO. Sony, V-31, video reel for Helical Scan Video Recorders.
V93     Robert Savoie. Tournage. Summer 1992. VHS format.
V94     Barmitzvah David Brott. 22 May 1991. Sony Hi8 Metal-E.
V95     Mozart Prodigies/Zamfir – Christmas Tape. McGill Chamber Orchestra. VHS format.

The following two items were not included in this accrual. The description of them comes from the printed list.
V96     McGill Chamber Orchestra, Mozart. (Gazette), English and French version, January 1992
V97     Gazette, McGill Chamber, Mozart. French version, 17 March 1992.

V98     Mozart’s Women. Irene Breitbeck, Soprano. 1987. VHS format.

Box 78
V99     Amadeus. Saul Zaentz Company. 1984. VHS format.
V100   My Friend Ludwig. VHS format.
V101   Walton’s Facade; Poulenc’s Aubade; Webern’s Concerto for Nine Instruments; Stravinski’s L’Histoire du Soldat. CBC. 1988. Sony 3M Broadcast video cassette.
V102   La Boheme. Act II & Act III (Part 1). CHCH TV. 3M UCA 60 format.
V103   La Boheme. Act III (Part 2) & Act 4 (Part 1). CHCH TV. 3M UCA 60 format.
V104   La Boheme. Act I. CHCH TV. 3M UCA 60 format.
V105   Boris Brott. Show #13. The Piano. 3M UCA 60 format. 3M UCA 60 format.
V106   La Boheme. Act 4 (Part 2) & Open – Between Acts - Close. CHCH TV. 3M UCA 60 format.
V107   Christmas Seals in Concert. Stelco. Feb. 1979. Scotch video cassette.
V108   Little Sweep. CHCH TV. 3M UCA 60 format.

Box 79
V109   McGill Chamber Orchestra. 30 Nov. 1989. VHS format.
V110   AIAC. Roy Thompson Hall, PYRO. 17 Sept. 1989. VHS format.
V111   AIAC. Roy Thompson Hall. Full Concert. 17 Sept. 1989. VHS format.
V112   Symphony of a Thousand. Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. VHS format.
V113   Music is My Life. The Garfield Family Concert. VHS format.

The following item was not included in this accrual. The description comes from the printed list.
V114   Boris Brott Ent. Vivaldi, Reel 1, 19 March 1990
V115   Great Waltz. 2 of 2. Sony Video8 P6-120 format.
V116   Diversions 1975. Joy and Sorrow. Scotch VC-45 compact (CVC) format.
V117   Diversions 1975. Night and Day. Scotch VC-45 compact (CVC) format.
V118   Diversions 1975. War and Peace. Scotch VC-45 compact (CVC) format.
V119   Diversions 1975. Sacred and Profane. Scotch VC-45 f compact (CVC) format.
V120   Diversions 1975. Land and Sea. Scotch VC-45 compact (CVC) format.

The following item was not included in this accrual. The description comes from the printed list.
V121   Diversions. Love and Hate. Video cassette.

V122   Boris Brott Summer Music Festival. CHCH. VHS format.
V123   Boris Interview. VHS format.
V124   Buskers International ’90 Promotional Video. August 1990. East Coast Post & Duplication, 6:05. VHS format. Note: there is also a second video cassette (VHS) not numbered titled “Buskes (25 min), Nov. 1988 by Citadel Communications Ltd.
V125   Edmonton Symphony & Ice Capades. Eyewitness News. 10 Jan. 1990. VHS format.
V126   BBSMF. Opening. 10 July 1992. VHS format.
V127   CHCH Newsclips. Order of Canada. Grey Cup Kickoff. Croatian Spectacular. Redeemer College. VHS format.
V128   CHCH TV Presentation to regional Council. Narrated by Boris Brott. Jan. 1987. VHS format.

Box 80
V129   Boris Brott at Rideau Hall. CJOH TV Ottawa. Newsclips. 2 Aug. 1987. VHS format.
V130   Raad Instrument Inc. Demonstration Copy. VHS format.
V131   A New Approach to Music Education in Schools. Beta format.
V132   BBSMF. CHCH News clips. 1989. VHS format.
V133   Silent. 41-G (for Mr. Garneau). Beta format.
V134   Whalesong. Rhombus Media Inc. Barbara Sweet(e). VHS format
V135   Challenger. Short Version. 1984. Ardyth Brott. 16 mm film reel. Zonal Ltd. DFA Motion Picture & Video Labs, Toronto.
V136   Playing Together. Handmade Productions. IBM/Decomas Inc. 18 Mar. 1992. Beta format.
V137   Gleneagles at Stonebridge. Feb. 1990. VHS format.
V138   From Jazz to Gypsy. Edward Minevich. VHS format.
V139   Rachmaninov. Concerto No. 3. Beethovenhalle Orchestra. 1. Audio reel.
V140   Rachmaninov. Concerto No. 3. Beethovenhalle Orchestra. 2. Audio reel.
V141   BBSMF. Valerie Tryon. 1992. VHS format.
V142   Dollie De Luxe. VHS format.
V143   Portrait de la Famille Brott. 3 Aug. 1982. VHS format.
V144   The Four Preps. Cahill Artists, Inc. VHS format.
V145   Playing Together. Handmade Productions. IBM/Decomas Inc. VHS format.
V146   L. Bernstein TV Essay on Gustav Mahler. Beta format.
V147   BBSMF 5th Anniversary. 1992. VHS format.
V148   Frederic. Piece de Theatre. Beta Format.
V149   War Music. Platoon. Full Metal Jacket. Appocalypse Now. Glory. Green Beret. TVO. VHS format.
V150   CBC Carnegie Hall. 4 May 1987. VHS format.
V151   CBC Theme & Variations. Rena Elmer. Student Concert. 1970. Sony V-31 format.
V152   Solid State Art. Dance Centre at the Emanu-El YHMA. June 1984. Sony KCA60 format.

Box 81
V153   Hamilton Pops. Veronica Tennant. VHS format.
V154   Harlequinade. National Ballet School. 28 May 1988. VHS format.
V155   Dance Related Film TV Projects. Sun-Owl Productions Ltd. 1978-1988. VHS format.
V156   Royal Bank. Champions on Ice. Promotional Video. VHS format.
V157   The Nutcracker Prince. Lily Pad Productions. VHS format.
V158   The Nutcracker Prince. Brott. 3 Aug. 1990. VHS format.
V159   CITV Edmonton. Beta format.
V160   Evolution: A Theme with Variation. Elizabeth Raum. Regina Symphony Chamber Players. VHS format.
V161   Gleneagles at Stonebridge. Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 25 Sept. 1989. VHS format.
V162   ASAE Boris Brott. Atlanta, GA. 30 Sept. 1992. VHS format.
V163   J.O.C. Tour. Czechoslovakia. 1979. Beta format.
V164   Israel Sinfonietta. Beer Sheva. Mozart Symphonia Concertante for Violin and Viola. VHS format.
V165   Stratford Delights. Laurence Siegel. Feb 1984.
V166   ASAW Boris Brott “Tone Bars”. Atlanta, GA. 31 Sept. 1992. Sony KCA60-BRS format.
V167   Amazing Live Animal Concert. Ontario Place Pops. 12 Jun. 1987. Beta format.
V168   Amazing Live Animal Concert. 12 Jun. 1987. VHS format.
V169   Duet. African Lion Safari Tape. VHS format.
V170   Andre Gagnon. React on Canadian Journalist. Ontario Place Pops. NBC News. 16 Jul. 1987. VHS format.
V171   Fireworks. Benson & Hedges. 1987. VHS format.

Box 82
V172   Handel’s Fireworks. Ontario Place Pops. 1987. VHS format.
V173   Music Machines. 13 Dec. 1988. VHS format.
V174   Those Magnificent Music Machines. 6 Dec. 1988. VHS format.
V175   Music Machiens. 13 Dec. 1988. VHS format.
V176   Music Machines. 4 Dec. 1988. VHS format.
V177 CDTS Festival Ballet. Nutcracker. Dec. 1994. VHS format.
V178   The Man & The Artist. Arnaldo Cohen. VHS format.
V179   Celebrating Hayden with Sir Peter Ustinov. VHS format.
V180   Swan Lake. Pas de Deux. The Kirov. 1991. VHS format.
V181   The Tricks of Max and Moritz. B. Simednov. Excerpts. VHS format.
V182   Barber of Seville. Ventura County Symphony. VHS format.
V183   Mozart/Zamfir. Xmas Tape. McGill Chamber Orchestra. VHS format.

The following item was not included in this accrual. The description comes from the printed list.
V184   Boris Brott Show Tape – Beta

V185   1994 National Conference. Boris Brott Speech. 1994 VHS format.
V186   Boris Brott Summer Festival. CHCH 11. 1996. VHS format.
V187   High Flying Fun. New West Symphony. 1 Sept. 1996. VHS format.
V188   Boris Brott Summer Festival. CHCH 11. 4 Jul. 1994. VHS format.
V189   Musical Families. Ben Brott at NACO. Peewee the Piccolo. 27 Jan. 1996. VHS format.

The following item was not included in this accrual. The description comes from the printed list.
V190   The Snowman (music by Howard Blake)

V191   Oliver. Hillfield. Alexandra and Benjamin Brott. 4 copies. VHS & Video 8 format.
V192   New West Symphony Commercial. Discovery 96. Russian Romantic. Opera. Operation. Twins. Generic. American Gala. VHS format.
V193   Boris Brott Summer Music Festival. 2004 Season. CH TV. 20 Jun. 2005. VHS format.
V194   Noon News. Boris Brott. ON TV. VHS format

Note: The number V195 assigned to two separate items
V195   Brott Music Festival. CHTV. VHS format.
V195   Gala Concert. Congregation Shaar Hashomayin. 19 Nov. 1996. VHS format.

V196   Boris Brott. Music ’98. ON TV. 15 Jul. 1998. VHS format. 2 copies.
V197   Boris Brott. Spring Fest. PSA. 17 Apr. 1998. VHS format.
V198   Underground Red. CH News. VHS format.
V199   Handel’s Messiah. Boris Brott. CH TV. 2003. VHS format.
V200   Brott Summer Music Festival. August Concerts. Summer Symphonies. CH TV. 12 Jun. 2003. VHS format.
V201   National Academy Orchestra. 2002. VHS format.
V202   Marc Garneau. Association Quebecoise du Transport. 8 Apr. 2002. VHS format.
V203   Marc Garneau’s missions. Canadian Space Agency. 5 Dec. 2004. VHS format.
V206   Reminiscences of Mozart by his Sister. Jane Marla Robbins. VHS format.
V210   MBC Ballet. Marla Bingham. VHS format.
V212   IBM Miami Presentation. 1991. VHS format.
V213   This Is My Home. Hamilton Place. VHS format.
V214   Crystal Symphony Video. Sony 8mm Video Cassette

Note: Numbering by Brott staff ends. Numbering by archival staff begins.
1          Playing Together. Fabio Mastrangelo. 6 Jan. 1999. 2 copies. VHS and Beta format.
2          Playing Together. Arlette Chené. 6 Jan. 1999. 2 copies. VHS and Beta format.
3          Playing Together. VHS.

Box 83
4          Nozze de Figaro. VHS format.
5          Lexus Commercial. New West Symphony. VHS format.
6          Igorsaika-Voivod. NAO Conducting Debut. Dvorak’s Serenade 2nd Movement. Dec. 2002. VHS format.
7          Crystal Symphony. VHS
8          By George, that’s Gershwin. 12 Jul. 1997. VHS format. 2 copies; clean VHS dub and a Time Code Burnt-in
9          A Mid Summer Love. 1 Aug. 1997. VHS format. 2 copies; clean VHS dub and a Time Code Burnt-in

Boris Brott Interviews / Corporate Fund
10        Interview #1. 2 video cassettes, VHS & Beta format
11        Interview #2. VHS format
12        Interview #5. 2 cassettes, VHS & Beta format
13        Interview #6. Beta format
14        Corporate Fund master, Beta format
15        Corporate Fund, VHS format`

16        Orchestra Landscapes #3 – CIQM, 6 Feb. 1993. Three video cassettes. Beta format. There are twelve selections of music
17        World Youth Day. Toronto. July 2002. VHS format.
18        Show Elements. Lupiano, 26 April 2000. VHS format.
19        Dale Carnegie. 50th International Convention, San Diego. 1994. VS2 Boris Brott. VHS format.
20        Promo: Windermere. 1999. VHS format

Video Resumes:
21        Presenting Boris Brott Version 2. Vivaldi. Mozart. VHS format.
22        Boris Brott. June 1993. [Video Resume]. VHS format

23        South 905 video clip. 2001. VHS format
24        “Porticipacion Evento Compo” Oribetal. Mexico. VHS format
25        MCO Promo Mozart Concert, May 1997.VHS format.

26        Tall Ships. DVD format.
27        Share the Warmth Concert. McGill Chamber Orchestra. Dec. 2005. DVD format.
28        Canadian Cabaret. DVD format.
29        Dr. Brott Anniversary. Disc 1. DVD format.
30        Dr. Brott Anniversary. Disc 2. DVD format.

Commercial releases (not numbered):
Footnotes: The Classics of Ballet. Series I. Nov. 1995. VHS format.
Footnotes: The Classics of Ballet. Series II. Nov. 1995. VHS format.
Footnotes: The Classics of Ballet. Swan Lake. Nov. 1995. VHS format. Note this cassette was sent to Brott by Bravo TV. See correspondence series.
Bach to the Future. Platypus Theatre.Mar. 2004. VHS format.
Piano Extravaganza. Verbier Festival & Academy 10th Anniversary. 2003. DVD format.
La Nozze di Figaro. DVD format.
Les Variations Goldberg par Daniel Propper. 2005. DVD format.

Box 84
31        CIQM Premixes. Film reel
32        Premix Reel 1. Film reel
33        Talks and speech. Sony video tape RH-7V format.
34        Suszuki #1-070. Sony video tape V-31 format.
35        Unknown. Sony V-31 video tape format; possibly not used
36        Unknown. Sony V-31 video tape format; possibly not used

37        Jaycee Award. Five Outstanding Young Canadians. 17 Mar. 1953. Audio cassette. See correspondence series.
38        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 3 Jan. 1992. Dat Mix Master 1of 1. Master Mixes. Maxwell Digital Audio Tape
39        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 3 Jan. 1992. Dat Mix Clone 1of 1. Clone of Mixes. Maxwell Digital Audio Tape
40        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 3 Jan. 1992. Audio File Back Up. Maxwell Digital Audio Tape; also a computer disk
41        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 3 Jan. 1992. Safety Dat Album Seq. Maxwell Digital Audio Tape
42        CIQM Premixes. Reel 3. Audio reel
43        Boris Brott Ent. CIQM. 23 Jul. 1992. Audio reel
44        Brott Festival 2009. Audio cassette.

Commercial realeases (not numbered):
Concert de Noel. L’Orchestre symphonique des jeunes de Montreal. 1 Dec. 1996. Audio cassette Concert Pratt & Whitney Canada au profit de la fibrose kystique. Audio cassette
Les Matinees jeunesse de l’Orchestre symphonieque de Montreal. 2004. CD.
Musically Speaking. Toronto Symphony Orchestra. 1997/98 season. CD.
Song of Flanders. Blessing of Remembrance. 6 Nov. 2005. CD.

Not Boxed:
Digital Audio Recording Tapes, 3M275
45        Telemedia. CIQM. 17 Feb. 1991. 2 of 2.
46        Telemedia. CIQM. 17 Feb. 1991. Final sequence.
47        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 20 Nov. 1991. Midi Prelay Reel One.
48        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 20 Nov. 1991. Midi Prelay Reel Two.
49        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 20 Nov. 1991. Midi Prelay Reel Three.
50        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 20 Nov. 1991. Slave One.
51        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 20 Nov. 1991. Slave Two.
52        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 20 Nov. 1991. Slave Three.
53        Orchestral Landscapes. CIQM. 20 Nov. 1991. Safety Reel One.
54        Orchestral Landscapes #3. 6 Feb. 1993. 1of 2.
55        Orchestral Landscapes #3. 6 Feb. 1993. 2of 2.
56        Telemedia. CIQM. Orchestra 4. 23 Jan. 1991.
57        Telemedia. CIQM. Orchestra 5. 23 Jan. 1991.
58        Telemedia. CIQM. 25 Jan. 1991. 1 of 2.
59        Telemedia. CIQM. 25 Jan. 1991. 2 of 2.
60        Telemedia. CIQM. 17 Feb. 1991. 1 of 2.

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