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Series P: News clippings and printed materials. 1922-1969.

The files have been arranged as follows: reviews of Brittain’s writing, letters to the editor by Brittain, articles containing quotations by Brittain, interviews, clippings organized by subject and then chronologically, and pamphlets and periodicals. The clippings arranged by subject and then chronologically reflect how Vera Brittain’s arrangement.

Reviews of Works by VB
Box 259 (formerly Box P1)
F.1-11              “Born 1925”. 1949.
F.12-14            “England’s Hour”. 1941
F.15-19            “Honourable Estate”. 1936-1937.

Box 260 (formerly Box P2)
F.1       “Boy of my Heart”. 1966.
F.2       “Halcyon: Or the Future of Monogamy”.1929.
F.3       “Testament of Youth”. 1934.

Letters to the Editor
F.4       Letters to the Editor; includes multiple signatory letters. 1943

Articles containing Quotations by VB
F.5       “Do You Remember”. Daily Herald, 11 November 1937;
F.6       “That Word Peace”. Peace News, 29 April 1955

Interview with Brittain
F.7       “What my Children Have Taught Me”. Horace Richards, Parents, March 1935
F.8       “Vera Brittain’s Challenge to Youth”, Elizabeth Yates, Christian Science Monitor, 193-
F.9       “On Bringing Up Shirley”. Janet Duckhouse, Nottingham Evening News, 5 Nov. 1938
F.10     “Fifty Years After the Vote”. Jane Sheldon, Methodist Recorder, 15 Feb. 1968

F.11     “Woman in Transition” – The Dragon. 1939.

News clippings and Tear-sheets with mentions of VB, 1934-1969

By Subject
F.16     Family Events. 1918.
F.17-31            Shirley Williams. 1955-68.
F.32     ‘Pictures for Daniel’. 1960s various.
F.33     Catlin Reviews. 1957. (mimeographed list)
F.34     Winifred Holtby. 1935-68.

Box 261 (formerly Box P3)
F.1-10 War/Peace. Clippings and pamphlets.1925-48.
F.11     Literary Women. 1957-58, 1968.
F.12     Women. 1936-38.
F.13     Education for Girls. 1960.
F.14     Role of Women in Politics. 1963-94
F.15     Two clippings removed from notes on the novel Lady into Woman.

Box 262 (formerly Box P4)
F.1       Population Problem. 1937.
F.2       Notes from US Lecture tour. 1939-40.
F.3       World Food Situation – American material. 1946.
F.4       Marriage of Princess Elizabeth. 1947.
F.5       Other Authors, W. Somerset Maughm. [n.d.]
F.6       Did It Happen Series. 1954.
F.7       Criminal cases. 1928-54.
F.8       Short Story. 1968.
F.9       World Leaders. 1963-64.
F10      Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. 1968.
F.11     “Peace Must Be Romantic or War Will”. 1933.
F.12     Obituaries.1935-67.
F.13     Russia. 1946.
F.14     Malta. 1964.
F.15     Japan. 1946.
F.16     Africa. 1967.
F.17     Nuremburg trials. 1946; includes issue of Time, 28 Oct. 1946.
F.18-19 Germany, 1947; includes periodicals and pamphlets.
F.20-6  Miscellaneous clippings

Box 263 (formerly Box P5)
F.1-6    1920s; Files 1-2 are “Letters to the Editor and replies to her reviews, etc.”
F.7-20  1930s File 7 is “Letters to the Editor and replies to her reviews, etc.”

Box 264 (formerly Box P6)
F.1-13  1940s; includes massacre bombing

Box 265 (formerly Box P7)
F.1-11  1950s
F.12-15            1960s

Box 266 (formerly Box P8)
Periodicals, Newspapers, Pamphlets, Tear-sheets
F.1       Time Magazine. 7 June 1943.
F.2       Time Magazine. 6 March 1944.
F.3       The Times, War Graves Number. November 1928.
F.4       Times Educational Supplement. 13 May 1966.
F.5       Times Educational Supplement. 20 May 1966.
F.6       Mills College - “What’s Past is Prologue”
F.7       Mills College – June 1945
F.8       Mills College – Fall 1945
F.9       Mills College – Spring 1946
F.10     Mills College – Viewbook. 1945.
F.11     “Visions de Slovénie” (French), 1922.
F.12     Nash’s. May 1937 (Coronation number).
F.13     “Need there be Need?”. J.D. Bernal, [n.d.]
F.14     “The Knight Crusader”. 1939-1940, 2 issues.
F.15     News Chronicle. 11 January 1946.
F.16     Macmillan’s Autumn Books. 1940.
F.17-8  Various Publications. 1916-1960.

Box 267 (formerly Box P9)
F.1       Foreign Affairs. 1931.
F.2       “The League of Audiences”. [n.d.]
F.3       Peace Pledge Union. September, Sept. 1938; mimeographed list
F.4       “The Favill Press”. [n.d.]
F.5       “State Housekeeping” by Ruth Fry. [n.d.]
F.6       “Beauty Still Shines” from The Galloway Advertiser. 1941.
F.7       Friends Post War Service Group. 1939, 1942.
F.8       Gandhi Centenary Working Group. [1969].
F.9       Emergency Press. Today’s Paper. 1955.
F.10     “An Appeal” from Tailal Das. [n.d.]
F.11     “A People’s Centre in Sicily” - Danilo Dolci Trust. [n.d.]
F.12     “An Appeal To Women “by Sadie G. Stave. [n.d.]
F.13     Authors and the BBC. 1947.
F.14     The Anti-Slavery & Aborigines Protection Society. [n.d.]
F.15     “The American View” by Walter Lippmann, 1932
F.16     Air Disarmament Committee. 1938; includes “ARP is No Solution”
F.17     Addams, Jane. [n.d.]
F.18     British Council of Churches. 1923.
F.19     British Peace Committee. [n.d.]         
F.20     Re: John Bunyan., 1935, [n.d.]
F.21     Christian Fellowship in Wartime.1942.
F.22     Christian Pacifist and Land Units. 1943.
F.23     Friends of Europe, “Hindenburg’s ‘Political Testament’”. 1934.
F.24     Folk House. 1938.
F.25     International Society of Socialist Studies: John Papworth, “Socialism and World Poverty”.1959.
F.26     Japan Section of International Fellowship of Reconciliation. (Japanese). 1961.
F.27     London Electricity Board. 1936.
F.28     Chelsea Old Church Newsletter. 1941.
F.29     Now: a Political and Cultural Weekly. Issue of 27 September, 968.
F.30     Indian Opinion. Issue of 26 January 1950.
F.31     St. Martin’s Review, 3 issues, July and August 1947, November 1953
F.32     Various Publications, 1927-1966.

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