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Vera Brittain fonds. Fourth and Sixth Accruals.

Fourth Accrual

Box 283:
F.1 Vera Mary Brittain
1. Vera sitting in carriage
2. Vera sitting on mother's lap.
3-4. Vera standing in garden
5. Vera sitting on rug.
6. Vera with a group of girls.
7. Vera in costume.
8. Vera sitting on bench with a friend.
9. Vera standing with a friend.
10. Vera.
11. Vera dressed in suit and hat.
12. Vera in long coat and hat.
13. Vera with mother.
14. Vera with parents.

F. 2 Edward Brittain and Maurice Ellinger
1. Edward, about 1907.
2. Edward, about 1908, age 12 approx.
3. Maurice standing on stairway (2 copies).
4-5. Maurice standing in garden (2 copies).
6. Edward dressed for cricket.
7. Edward dressed for tennis.
8-9. Edward standing in garden.
10. Maurice standing at desk.
11. Maurice standing by house
12. Maurice standing on steps.
13. Portrait of Edward.
14-18. Edward in uniform.

F.3 Edith and Thomas Brittain
1-3. Standing in garden.
4. Standing in front of house.

F.4 Edith Brittain
1. Sitting in garden.
2. Standing by the sea.
3. Standing in front of house. This is not Edith Brittain; identity of person not known.
4-6. Portraits of Edith Brittain around 1932.
7. Standing in front of house. This is not Edith Brittain; it may be Vera

F.5 Thomas Arthur Brittain
1. Holding dog.
2. On horseback.
3. Standing by horse.
4. Early portrait.
5. Sitting in car.
6-9. Portraits, 1932.

F.6 Vera and Edward Brittain
1. Portrait of Edward and Vera.
2. Vera and Edward in the garden.
3-8. Vera and Edward sitting on bench. There is some doubt as to whether the young man is Edward.
9-10. Vera and Edward playing tennis.
11. Vera and Edward in front of house with dog.

F. 7 Shirley and John Brittain Catlin with parents
1-3. Vera and John, 1928.
4. George Catlin and John, 1929.
5-6. Vera and John, 1928.
7-10. Vera and John, 1929.
11. Vera, John and Shirley.
12. Vera and Shirley, 1932.
13. Vera and John, 1945.
14. Vera, John and Shirley, ca. 1933.
15. Vera with John and Shirley when young, proof by Yevonde
16. Winifred Holtby, Vera and John, 1932. Note: Number 15 not used.

F. 8 Shirley and John Brittain Catlin
1-3. Portraits of John and Shirley, 1931.
4. John and Shirley in costumes.
5. John and Shirley at the beach.
6. John and Shirley gardening.
7. John and Shirley standing near garden.
8. John and Shirley sitting in wheel-barrow.
9. Shirley pushing wheel-barrow.
10. John and Shirley at beach.
11. John and Shirley at beach.
12. Postcard written by Edward. Also photograph of John and Shirley on horseback with 2 others, 1938, Kingsdown, Kent
13. Portrait of John, ca. 1937.
14. John standing in garden.

F.9 John Catlin with Edith and Thomas Brittain.

F.10 Family Group Pictures
1. Vera, Edward, their parents and two other people (2 copies).
2. Sitting in car.
3. Vera, Edward, their parents and another person.

Box 284:
F.11 George Catlin's parents
1-2. Rev. George Catlin.
3. Edith Kate Orton Catlin.

F.12 Portrait of Geoffrey Thurlow.

F.13 Vera Brittain's Grandparents
1. Inglis Bervon.
2. Vera's great grandfather Thomas Brittain

F.14 Photographs of unidentified people, numbered 1-8, number 7 is Louise Heath-Jones, Vera's head mistress at St. Monica's School
F.15 Miscellaneous
1. Entrance to cemetery in Asiago.
2. Cheddleton Paper Mills.
3. 11 photographs of Llaebaeloy.
4. 2 negatives of Winifred Holtby, with blurred pictures.
5. 1 postcard, Roma.
6. Front of a building.
7-9. Inside of building.
10-12. Sea side pictures.
13. Picnic at Morton Old Hall.
14. R.S. Gustard, 1916.

Envelope 1: 6 photographs and 40 negatives of old Brittain photographs.
Envelope 2: Small album containing photographs of Switzerland, 1910.
Envelope 3 : Frame containing photograph of an unidentified man.
Envelope 4: Small album of unidentified men and women except for one which is Rev. George Catlin.
Envelope 5: Photograph on glass of Thomas Arthur Brittain as a small boy.

Box 285:
Envelopes 6 and 7: Photographs in frame of unidentified women.
Envelope 8: Photograph in frame. Probably Mrs. Thomas Brittain as a girl.
Envelope 9: Five unidentified photographs (ship, coastline, young man, little girl). Also family group of four taken in Hanover in 1922.

Album A: Early photographs of Brittain family.
Album B: Photographs of people on holiday.
Album C
1-2. Inside of church.
3. Unidentified couple.
4. Unidentified church.
5-6. Inside of church.
7. Vera with her parents.
8. Unidentified woman.
9-10. Front of buildings.
11. Edward.
12. Unidentified young man.
13. Outside of buildings.
14. Inside of church.
15. Vera and her mother.
16. Vera, mother, father and two unidentified people.
17-18. Buildings.
19. Vera with her parents and two other people.
20. Vera's father sitting in his car.
21-22. Buildings.
23. Young girl, unidentified.
24. Unidentified woman.
25. Unidentified man.
26. Unidentified woman.
27. Vera's father and another man sitting in car.
28. Vera, her parents, and three unidentified people.
29. Vera's parents in car.
30. Vera's father in car.
31. Vera.
32-33. Edward.
34. Edith Brittain.
35. Unidentified man.
36. Edward.
37. Edith Brittain.
38. Vera holding parasol.
39. Unidentified girl.
40. Unidentified man.
41. Vera, her mother and three other people.
42. Vera and another girl.
43. Vera, her mother and two other people.
44-45 .Unidentified girl.
46. A house.
47. Edward.
48. Ferry boat.

Album D
1-2. Group of children.
3. Vera.
4. People with donkeys.
5. Vera as a flower girl.
6. Unidentified girl.
7. Faded picture, probably Vera.
8. Wedding picture, Vera as flower girl.
9. Unidentified girls.
10. Faded landscape picture.
11. Vera leaning out of window.
12. Vera.
13. Seaside.
14. Vera leaning out of window.
15. Faded picture, unable to identify.
16. Someone gardening.
17. Vera.
18. Vera with book.
19. Two ladies, unidentified.
20. Four unidentified people at beach.
21. Vera as a flower girl.
22. Vera, her mother and another woman.
23. Vera, her parents and two other people.
24. Vera's mother with an unidentified woman.
25. Vera's mother.
26. Edward and unidentified person.
27. Vera and her mother.
28. Vera's father sitting in car.
29. Vera leaning over fence.
30. Vera as flower girl.
31. Vera's father sitting in car.
32. Vera leaning out of window.
33. Vera's father sitting in car.
34. Edith Brittain.
35. "The trio", 1913.
36. Unidentified woman.
37. Vera standing by trees.
38; Vera leaning out of window.
39. Edward.
40. Vera.
41. Vera sitting in garden.
42. Roland Leighton.
43. Vera's parents.
44-45. Buildings.
46-48. Portraits of six women.
49. Unidentified boy.

Sixth Accrual

Box 282
Memoir of Vera Brittain by her former daughter-in-law, Jennifer, Lady Balfour of Burleigh. Ts., 5 p.

Seventh Accrual

Box 282
F.9 "Testament of Youth". Shooting script. Part 5. 1979.


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