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Pierre Berton. – Sixteenth accrual. --  [1930]-2010. -- 1.06 m of textual records; graphic and printed material.

Note: Box numbering follows that of the previous accrual. Some dates and facts have been established by consulting A.B. McKillop’s Pierre Berton: A Biography. 2008.

 Series 1 

Writings.  – 1932-2004. – 16 cm of textual records and printed material. – Title based on contents of the series.

Note: Many drafts and excerpts dating from 2004 were found in multiple files which Berton was working on in the last year of his life.  Much of the writing did not come with identified titles but was scattered in various files. Based on information obtained from previous accruals, the archivist has identified many of them and placed those titles/descriptions and dates in square brackets. Arrangement is alphabetical by title/subject.

Box 477

F. 1 “Pierre Berton’s First Story”. [Title from annotation by [Laura Beatrice Berton] at end of story].  Handwritten in black ink on Canadian Pacific Railway Company Steamship” letterhead.  [1932].  [Written when family took its first trip from on Yukon back to Toronto].

F. 2 [“Berton House Retreat”].  Ts, edited draft for Quill & Quire [Spring 2004].

F. 3 Columns for Toronto Daily Star, 1960.  Ts (carbon) and clipping of printed version, stapled to letterhead reading “Jack McClelland”.

F. 4 “Florida Discrimination”.  Ts., edited draft of talk script, with telegram from Robert Saunders, 1964.

F. 5  “Jane Franklin”.  Ts. edited and reworked draft with holograph notes, 2004.

F. 6 “The Great Lakes”.  Ts., [1999] with revised Introduction, 2004.

F. 7 “Introduction to Mark Edge’s Pacific Press”. Spring 2004.

F. 8 :Nature Series Presentation”.  Ts. notes on index cards promoting upcoming books in Natural History of Canada series.  [1975].

F. 9 [1967: The Last Good Year].  Ts. edited, partial pages. [1997].

F. 10 “George McCullough”.  Holograph steno notebook with biography and other notes; ts. of research notes on McCullough; correspondence, clipping.  1948.

F. 11 “Miscellaneous File”.  Ts, edited of on various subjects which Berton was working on in [1980]-2004.  This file is appended with a list of items in the file.

F. 12 “Miscellany”. Ts. edited drafts on various subjects; book proposal, correspondence. Some include title.  [1980]-2004.

F. 13 “Paradise Hill”. “Synopsis of Musical TV Play”.  Original script, Gestetner version.  [1967].

F. 14 [“Paradise Hill”]. Edited  script version [Gestetner],  of song “All You Gotta Do  Is Dig”, crossed over original title reading “ The Gold Song”.  [1967].  With copy of correspondence dated 1987.

F. 15 “Paradise Hill”.  Photocopy of partial script, edited, partial.  [1967].

F. 16 [“Paradise Hill”].  “Arizona Charlie” Act 1 & 2.  1st draft.  Ts. edited draft and photocopy, edited.  Non-sequential pagination.  [1967 and later].

F. 17 [“Paradise Hill”].  “Arizona Charlie Presents Her Weight in Gold.  Rough Treatment”. Draft of reworked musical, with correspondence.  1997.

F. 18 [“Paradise Hill”].  Ts (fax), edited version of  song, “I’m Arizona Charlie”.  1997.

F. 19  Prisoners of the North.  “Boyle”.  Ts. edited and revised, partial chapter, 2003-[2004].

F. 20 Prisoners of the North.  Ts., revised and edited pages, non-sequential, with holograph notes,  January 2004.

F. 21 Prisoners of the North.  Ts, edited of chapter on Franklin and editorial correspondence from Janet Craig. Spring 2004.  Non-sequential and partial pages.  Spring 2004.

F. 22 Prisoners of the North.  Ts. edited drafts of rewritten, partial sections.  Elsa Franklin’s rewrite of Berton’s text. April 2004.

F. 23 Prisoners of the North.  Ts., edited and non-sequential pages on War of 1812.  With correspondence from Doubleday Canada  and holograph notes, April 7, 2004.

F. 24 “Speech notes for CSCE” (Canadian Society for Civil Engineering).  Holograph notes in pen.  [2003].

F. 25 Speech notes on cards. Speech topics appear to be on Canadian identity, Heritage, Government.    Holograph and ts., edited.  [1982].

F. 26 “A Tale of Escape Without Parallel”. Ts., heavily revised and edited by editorial staff.  October 2004.

F. 27 [Yukon Road Trip].  Ts., draft, edited for film.  Partial script.  [1960s].

F. 28  Miscellaneous pages of text, heavily revised on lighthouses and lighthouse keepers. [2004].

F. 29. Incomplete fragments from various titles.  Ts., edited drafts, some retyped by editorial staff.  [1960s-2004].

Series 2

Correspondence. – 1942-2004. -- 16 cm of textual records and printed material.  – Title based on content of series.

Note: Correspondence can also be found in Series 3 and 4.

Box 478

F. 1 Letters from P.B. to Janet Walker, 1942-1945.

F. 2 Letters from P.B.  to Janet Berton, 1947-1949.

F. 3 Letters from Laura Beatrice Berton (Pierre Berton’s mother) to P.B., Janet and family, 1956-1957.

F. 4 Letters from Andrew Leslie Walker and  Mrs.Walker (Janet’s parents) to Janet, P.B. and family, 1956-1959.

F. 5 Letters from P.B. to Penny and Pamela Berton, postcard, 1959;  P..B. to Patsie Berton, 1976.

F. 6 Letters to/from Berton family to Penny Berton and Jon Hardy in Asia, 1975-1976.

F. 7 Letters to/from Berton family to Penny Berton and Jon Hardy in Asia, 1977-1978.

F. 8 Letters to/from Berton family to Penny Berton and Jon Hardy in Asia, 1980-2000.

F. 9  Berton family Christmas card recall notice and correspondence, 1979-1980.

F. 10 Berton family Christmas card recall notices, clipping and cards, 1960s-1978.

F. 11 General correspondence addressed to Pierre and Janet by last names A-Z. Included is correspondence from Elspeth Cameron, [P.K.], Irwin, Jack McClelland, Arthur Hailey and Mavor Moore, 1956-2004.

F. 12 Foster Parents Plan, 1969-1970.

F. 13  Correspondence from students, re Berton’s showing of films City of Gold and “Yukon River”, 1975.

F. 14 Kleinburg Public School.  Letters from Grade One.  June 2003.

F. 15 Kleinburg Public School.  Letters from Grade Two.  June 2003.

F. 16 Splash Party, 1969 and 1970.

F. 17 Splash Party, 1971.

Series 3

Personal, art work and graphic publications. – 1936 – 1988. -- 12 cm of textual records, printed materials and graphic art. --  Title based on contents of series.

Box  479

F. 1 Diary 1988; Five Year Diary with entries for gardening and vegetables for April and May, n.d.

F. 2 Pan American World Airways certificate, April 16, 1960.

F. 3 Korea and Japan related documents, mementos, receipts and correspondence from Public Information Office and some holograph notes.  1951.
[From March 1951 to July 1951 Berton was war correspondent for Maclean’s Magazine.  He arrived in Korea by way of Alaska and Japan].    

F. 4 Korea and Japan publications, postcards, theatre bill and memorabilia. Includes Korean Phrase Book (1944).

F. 5 The Seagull Special. Gestetner copies of Boy Scout camp newspaper established by Berton in 1936 .  Contains writing and  illustrations by Berton.

F. 6 Holograph colour cartoons and news strips, drawn by Berton while at Victoria College, 1937. Drawn in black pen and ink with added colour wash. 9 pages of cartoons.

F. 7 The Microscope.  Photocopies of newspaper edited and illustrated by Berton while at Victoria College, 1938.

F. 8 The Pipeline. Vol. 1, No. 1 July 20, 1939-Vol. 1, No. 7, August 24, 1939. With Extra issue for Sunday August 6, 1939.  There is no newsletter No. 2.  [Newsletter established and illustrated by Berton while working at Middle Dominion mining camp, Yukon, in the summer of 1939.]
 Holograph newsletter typed, with pen and ink and marker headers and captions.  Contains cartoons in black ink and water colour.  Newsletter is on verso of Dawson Mining District printed form. 
F. 9  Torch.  Two issues of newspapers. Berton is listed as Editor and Advertising Manager in his rank as Corporal and Lieutenant.  Published by C.A. (B) T.C.  Canadian Army Basic Training Centre, Camp Chilliwack, B.C. November 15, 1942 and February 15, 1943 issues. 

F. 10 Sketch in pencil of living room furniture, bookshelves and tables.  [1950s-1960s].

F. 11 Doodles and sketches by Berton of figures and faces.  [1968].

F. 12 Page proof from Random House of sketches of cats used in Cats I Have Known and Loved, 2002.

F. 13 Original Pen and ink illustrations (14) by William Winter used in The Secret World of Og .  1961.  Illustrations  are marked up by Berton giving instructions for page numbers for placement in his book.

F. 14 Memorabilia – Pierre Berton and Janet Walker wedding invitation and clipping of announcement in newspaper; “Tillicum Club” newspaper column clipping from The Daily Province with photo of Penny Berton at typewriter, at the age of 9 months.

Series 4
Subject files. --  1953-2004. – 16 cm of textual records, printed material and graphic material. – Title based on contents of the series.

Box 480

F. 1 Pierre Berton Resource Library – Official Opening Commemorative Folder, Vaughan Public Library Board, October 17, 2004.

F. 2 Pierre Berton Show Interviews – list of show # 1601-1606, #1609-2160 and dates. [1960s]-1973.

F. 3. Pierre Berton Show scripts for topic of Québec Separatism: “Gilles Greboire” (#881), “Pierre Bourgault” ((#1036) and “René Lévesque, 1967.

F. 4 Berton House Writers’ Retreat – applications and correspondence, 2003/2004/2005.

F. 5 “Cats”- cards, photographs, photocopies, illustrations of cats. [2001-2002].

F. 6 Christmas cards – unused, printed by Berton family, 1971-[1980s].

F. 7 Consulate Party Nov. 9, 1972 – includes letter from James Andrews Beard and telegram from Jack McClelland.  [Reception given in honour of Berton’s book,  
The Impossible Railway: the Building of the Canadian Pacific, first American edition by Consul General Bruce Rankin].

F. 8 Cyrus Eaton – holograph notes for], three published articles on Eaton, from Maclean’s Magazine, May 1, 1953, October 27, 1956, March 29, 1958.

F. 9 Foster Parents Plan – documents, correspondence, 1964-1969.

F. 10 “Indian Prints from B.C.”- order form, correspondence and a copy of The Canadian Reader, May 1963.

F. 11 Itineraries – 2002-2004.

F. 12 Marriage counseling course notes and related correspondence from American Marriage Counselling Institute, St. Louis Missouri, 1963. This file also includes a copy of The Saturday Evening Post, January 5-12, 1963.

F. 13 “Marriage”.  Clipping; letter from Dr. Stephen Neiger to Sam Levine re compatibility tests, 1963.

F. 14  Proofreading and Press notes from Alfred P. Knopf, 1963-1964.

F. 15 Review Media for The Royal Family, 1955.

F. 16 Barbara Sears notes and correspondence on “The Canadian Shield”, 11 May 2004.

F. 17 [Lister Sinclair]. “Lister’s Radio Course notes”.  [1964].

F. 18 Toronto Star – List of published columns, 1991.

Series 5
Photographs, graphic and  printed materials. --   [1930]-2010. -- 46 cm of graphic records,. – 650 photographs.

Note: Most photographs were not captioned or dated.  Where available, the titles and dates have been noted as found. Many others have been identified by the archivist and description and dates have been supplied, based on photographs in previous accruals. Titles/descriptions are noted on each envelope, assigned the letter “E” and numbered chronologically.

Box 481  
485 photographs

E. 1 Christmas Santa Photos. 6 col. photos, 3 b&w photos.
E. 2 Early Yukon Photos. 9 b&w photos.
E. 3 Janet - Klondike Research Trip (U.S.). 1 col. slide.
E. 4 Pierre & Janet - Parties/Events (?). 24 col. photos.
E. 5 Pierre & Janet at Event (Probably Berton House Writer’s Retreat Fundraiser). 8 col. photos.
E. 6 Pierre & Janet with Friends (Summer Pool Parties, etc.). 25 col. photos, 2 b&w photos.
E.7 Bertons & McClellands in China, 1975. 6 b&w photos.
E.8 Kleinberg Splash Party, 1985. 25 col. photos.
E. 9 Binder Twine Festival. 5 col. photos.
E. 10 Pierre & Janet - Birding. 13 col. photos.
E. 11 Doris Heffron - Klondike, 1977. 16 col. photos.
E. 12 Pierre’s Honorary Degree at University of Western. 17 col. photos, 1 misc.
E. 13 Berton Splash Party 2000 (?), Kleinberg. 12 col. photos.
E. 14 Yukon - Dominion Creek, 1938-39. 8 b&w photos.
E. 15 Pierre with Adrienne Clarkson at Rideau Hall. 74 col. photos, 1 misc.
E. 16 Janet’s Father (Andrew Leslie Walker), 1944. 1 b&w photo.
E. 17 Janet’s Mother, 1944. 1 b&w photo.
E. 18 Janet’s Family & Early Life. 3 col. photos, 18 b&w photos, 4 clippings, 1 invitation.
E. 19 Alaska Highway Trip. 4 b&w photos, 1 article, 1 misc.
E. 20 Janet, June Callwood, and Toby Robinson. 1 b&w photo.
E. 21 Headless Valley Expedition, 1942. 4 b&w photos.
E. 22 “The Fifties”. 3 col. photos, 8 b&w photos, 8 clippings, 9 misc.
E. 23 “The Sixties”. 12 col. photos, 18 b&w photos, 3 clippings.
E. 24 “The Seventies”. 22 col. photos, 4 b&w photos, 3 misc.
E. 25 “The Eighties”. 12 col. photos, 1 b&w photo, 2 misc.
E. 26 Scrapbook [1990s - 2010. 22 col. photos, 2 b&w photos, 1 misc.

Box 482 oversize 

65 photographs
E. 1 Pierre on the River, 1973 “Drifting Home”. 1 b&w photo.
E. 2 Yukon - White Horse Pass. 18 photos.
E. 3 Pierre’s Husky Dog. 2 b&w photos.
E. 4 Yukon Postcards. 12 postcards.
E.5  Pierre - Barber Shop Quartet. 4 b&w photos, 1 b&w slide.
E. 6 Pierre and Lucy with Chief Isaac and Possibly Frank Berton of the Yukon Order of Pioneers, c.1930. 1 b&w photo.
E. 7 Nahanni River, Northwest Territories. 2 b&w photos.
E. 8 Pierre at Award Ceremony. 2 col. photos.
E. 9 Dawson City Photos, 1917-1929, with captions by Laura Berton. 43 b&w photos (some hand tinted).
E. 10 Pierre’s 80th Birthday Party, 2002. 1 col. photo.
E. 11 Yukon Scenery. 9 b&w photos.
E. 12 Pets (2 Cats, 1 Dog). 3 col. photos.
E. 13 Pierre Classroom Photograph, Monterey School, 1933. 1 b&w photo.
E. 14 Pierre c.1930s (High School or University). 3 b&w slides.
E. 15 Pierre and Janey at Ball, Totonto, 1947. 1 b&w photo.
E. 16 Pierre as Boy Scout, 1935. 1 b&w photo (mounted).
E. 17 Pierre and Janet at Event (Old Shot). 1 b&w photo.
E. 18 Pierre and Janet at Festival of Flavours, Chinatown, Toronto, 1988. 17 col. photos.
E. 19 Polaroid of Pierre c.2002 (?). 1 col. photo.
E. 20 Pierre Wearing “YO OP” Sash. 1 col. photo.
E. 21 Pierre Outdoors. 1 col. photo.
E. 22 Pierre in Garden. 2 col. photos, 2 col. slides.
E. 23 Pierre by Pond. 1 col. slide.
E. 24 Janet (Later Years). 2 col. photos.
E. 25 Penny and John (Hardy) Wedding, Dec. 1980. 1 col. photo.
E. 26 Dawson City (House and Museum), 1990s. 3 col. photos.
E. 27 Old Shot of Pierre at Microphone. 1 b&w photo.
E. 28 Pierre, 1939. 1 b&w photo.
E. 29 Portrait of Pierre. 2 b&w photos.
E. 30 Pierre in Cap and Gown at Podium (Honorary Degree?). 1 col. photo.
E. 31 Pierre Camping (?). 1 b&w photo.
E. 32 Pierre and Aggie, 1939 (Dawson City?). 1 b&w photo.
E. 33 Pierre’s Speech at Fraser River Discovery Centre, Sept. 26, 1990. 1 col. photo.
E. 34 Pierre Portrait Proofs, 1993. 7 col. photos.
E. 35 Group Portrait of Berton Children. 1 b&w photo.
E. 36 Penny and Pam Berton (?) Outdoors. 1 b&w photo.
E. 37 Laura Beatrice Berton and Others in Yukon. 6 b&w photos.
E. 38 Pierre - Signed Portraits. 4 b&w photos.
E. 39 Berton Family at Tor Star Open House, 1959. 2 b&w photos.
E. 40 Family Portrait with Pierre, Janet, Penny and Pam (at Kleinberg). 1 b&w photo.
E. 41 Portrait of Pierre and Janet with Dog. 1 b&w photo.
E. 42 Portrait of Berton Children Outdoors with Siamese Cat. 1 b&w photo.
E. 43 The Ubyssey (University of British Columbia Publication; Pierre Berton: Editor-in-Chief), March 28, 1941. 1 newspaper.
E. 44 “80 Years Through an Artist’s Eyes” Poem for Pierre’s 80th Birthday, from Lucy. 1 calligraphic page.
E. 45 “Rose Marie” c.1962, Used for Pierre Berton Show (1968-1969). 1 b&w photo.
E. 46 Pierre as Boy Scout, 1935. 1 b&w photo.
E. 47 Pierre with Children at Family Pool, 1968. 4 b&w photos.
E. 48 “Mysterious North” (1956) Photos by Pierre. 17 b&w photos.
E. 49 Pierre Receiving Order of Canada (?). 1 col. photo (mounted).
E. 50 Portrait of Penny, Pam, and Patsy. 1 b&w photo (mounted).
E. 51 Portrait of Pierre, Janet, Penny (?), and Others Outdoors. 1 b&w photo (mounted).
E. 52 Portrait of Berton Children Outdoors with Collie. 1 col. photo (mounted), 2 b&w photos (1 mounted).
E. 53 Janet and Children at Construction Site (Kleinberg House?). 2 b&w photos.
E. 54 Graduation Photo of Pierre (University of British Columbia). 1 b&w photo (mounted).
E. 55 Group Shot of Children (at Berton House?). 1 col. photo.
56. Oversized Group Portrait of Children. 1 b&w photo (mounted).

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