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Pierre Berton
Pierre Berton fonds. Sixth accrual. 1970-1988

This accrual includes typescripts and related material of books such as The Great Railway Illustrated, Starting Out, and The Arctic Grail, typescripts of articles and speeches, and correspondence (primarily 1984-88) from the public concerning Berton's publications, interests, and business ventures. There is also some family correspondence.
Arranged in series as follows:
I Books (Boxes 206-228)
II Articles and Introductions (Box 229)
III Correspondence (Boxes 230-235)

Series I: Books (includes ms., ts., proofs, promotional material, and related correspondence)

Box 206
The Secret World of Og. Toronto: M&S, 1961, rev. ed. 1974.
F.1 Estimated budget to produce and film the play, n.d.
F.1a Evanier, Mark. Photocopy of ts. "`Kingdom of Og!': An ABC Weedend Special". [1], 47, [1], 9, 42, [1], 10-46, 50 pp. May-June 1982.
F.2 Cushman, Jane. TLs enclosing TLs to ABC Entertainment and invoice (both copies), 1986.
Correspondence with children
F.3 1982.
F.4 1983.
F.5 1984.
F.6 1985.
F.7 1986.
F.8 1987.
F.9 1988.

The National Dream: The Great Railway, 1871-1881. Toronto: M&S, 1970.
not in a file: copy of the book marked up and abridged by Berton; and notebook containing holograph notes on 11 pp.
F.10 Ts., "customer's copy" (marked up for printer), pp. 1-50, chapters 1-2 (abridgement of the book), [1974?].
G.11 Ts., "customer's copy" (marked up for printer), pp. 51-139, chapters 3-5 (abridgement of the book), [1974?].
F.12 Ts., "customer's copy" (marked up for printer), pp. 131-209, chapters 6-8 (abridgement of the book), [1974?].
F.13 Ts., "customer's copy" (marked up for printer), pp. 210-261, chapters 9-10 (abridgement of the book), [1974?].
F.14 Ts., "customer's copy" (marked up for printer), pp. 262-316, chapters 11-12 (abridgement of the book), [1974?].
F.15 Ts., "customer's copy" (marked up for printer), pp. 317-356, chapter 13 (abridgement of the book), [1974?].
F.16 Ts., "customer's copy" (marked up for printer), pp. 1-50, chapters 1-2 (abridgement of the book), [1974?].
F.17 Tscc. with carbon holograph notes on the last page, commentary by a reviewer on the CBC Chronicle, 7 pp., November 15, 1970.

The Impossible Railway: The Building of the Canadian Pacific. New York: Knopf, 1972.
F.18 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 1, 1A-F, 2-71, prologue and chapter 1.
F.19 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 73-115, 115A, chapter 2.
F.20 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 117-224, chapters 3-4.
F.21 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 226-309, chapters 5-6.
F.22 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 311-364, chapter 7.
F.23 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 366-417, chapter 8.
F.24 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 419-485, chapter 9.
F.25 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 486-547, chapter 10.
F.26 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 549-671, chapter 11-12.
F.27 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 673-736, chapter 13.
F.28 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 738-852, chapter 15.

Box 207
F.1 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 854-938, chapter 16.
F.2 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 940-1013, chapter 17.
F.3 Photocopy of ts., marked up by copy editor, printer's copy, pp. 1015-1081, 1093-1117, chapter 18, aftermath, and bibliography.

The Great Railway Illustrated. Toronto: M&S, 1972.
F.4 Ts. with holograph revisions, "Preface to the New Edition", 21 pp., March 1972.
F.5 Photographic service forms from Metropolitan Toronto Central Library, April 1972.
F.6 Ts. and photocopies of captions with holograph corrections, 61 unnumbered pp.
F.7 Photocopy of ts., pp. 220-250, part of part 4 of the book.
F.8 Preliminary proof of "From Sea to Sea" and captions for parts 6 and 7, May 15, 1972.
F.9 Ts. with a few holograph corrections of some captions, 11 pp.
F.10 Ts. with holograph corrections of captions for part 1, 27 unnumbered pp.; 2 photocopies of a later ts. of captions for part 1, each 25 unnumbered pp., April 24 [1972].
F.11 Ts. with holograph corrections of captions for part 2, 31 unnumbered pp.
F.12 Ts. with holograph corrections of captions for part 2, 32 unnumbered pp.; photocopy of a later ts. of captions for part 2, 30 unnumbered pp.
F.13 Ts. with holograph corrections of captions for part 3, 29 unnumbered pp.; 2 photocopies of a later ts. of captions for part 3, each 27 unnumbered pp., April 19, 1972.
F.14 Ts. with holograph corrections of captions for part 4, 17 unnumbered pp.; 2 photocopies of a later ts. of captions for part 2, each 17 unnumbered pp., April 20, 1972.
F.15 Ts. with holograph corrections of captions for part 5, 32 unnumbered pp.; 2 photocopies of a later ts. of captions for part 5, 37 unnumbered pp.
F.16 Ts. with holograph corrections of captions for part 7, 14 unnumbered pp.; 2 photocopies of a later ts. of captions for part 7, 16 unnumbered pp.
F.17 Ts. with a few holograph corrections of some captions, 19 unnumbered pp.
F.18 Photocopy of ts., pp. 80-119 (from part 2, pp. 67-93 of the book).
F.19 Photocopy of ts., pp. 139-157 (from part 3, pp. 109-119 of the book); 2 other pp., photocopies of newspaper and of photo of Baron Mount Stephen.
F.20 Photocopy of ts. with some holograph corrections, pp. 660-742 (from part 7, pp. 275-327 of the book); photocopy of typed note, 1 p., to Janet Craig re acknowledgments.
F.21 Correspondence with McClelland and Stewart, Janet Craig, Dane Campbell, Glenbow-Alberta Institute, and the Vancouver Public Library (with enclosures), 1971-72.

Why We Act Like Canadians. Toronto: M&S, 1982.
F.22 Uncorrected proof of prelims, August 30, 1982; corrected proof of prelims, September 2, 1982.
F.23 4 signatures (i.e. gatherings) of the book, September 10, 1982.
F.24 Correspondence and related material.

Correspondence: re complementary and preview copies of Why We Act Like Canadians sent out by Jack McClelland. Letters are addressed to Mr. McClelland unless otherwise indicated.

TLs from Alberta Tourism (Joyce Ingram), 1982.
TLs from Charles Baird, 1982.
TLs from Walter Baker, 1982.
TLs from office of Perrin Beatty, signed by Judy McFarlane, 1982.
TLs from Edmund C. Bovey, 1982.
TLs from John M. Buchanan, 1982.
TLs from E.L.M. Burns, 1982
TLs from Horace B. Carver, 1982.
TLs from Gayle H. Christie, 1982.
TLs from Joe Clark, 1982.
AL from Judge and Mrs. Cohen with address labell, 1982.
TLs from office of Hume Cronyn signed by Sylvia K. Brooks,1982.
TLs from Hugh Curtis, 1982.
TLs from William G. Davis, 1982.
TLs from L.L. Desjardins, 1982.
TLs from Mabel M. DeWare, 1982.
TLs from Michel Dupuy, 1982
TLs from Arthur C. Eggleton, 1982.
ALs from Gordon Fairweather, 1982.
TLs from office of Senator Jacques Flynn, signed by R.C. Lefebvre, 1982.
ALs from Eugene Forsey to Pierre Berton, 1982 (with envelope + 1 photocopy)
TLs from Ruth Frankel, 1982.
TLs from Guy P. French, 1982.
TLs from Robert C. Gimlin, 1982.
TLs from Walter L. Gordon, 1982.
TLs from Governor General, signed by Elizabeth Pitney, 1982.
TLs from Gus Harris, 1982.
ALs from Phyllis S. Haslam, 1982.
TLs from office of R.H. Hawkes, signed by H. Leuth, 1982.
TLs from office of Senator Hicks, signed by Alice S. Moore, 1982.
TLs from B.M. Hoffmeister, 1982.
TLs from office of Donald Johnston,signed by Lyse Lemay, 1982.
TLs from Bruce [Hutchison?] to Pierre Berton, 1982.
ALs from Murry Koffler, 1982.
TLs from J. Gilles Lamontagne, 1982.
TLs from W. Kaye Lamb, 1982.
TLs from office of Rene Levesque, signed by Rejeanne Lemay, 1982.
TLs from Johnny Lombardi, 1982.
TLs from James M. Lee, 1982.
TLs from Marianne Macdonald to Pierre Berton, 1982.
TLs from J.G. MacGregor, 1982.
ALs from Grace MacInnis, 1982.
ALS from Jack MacIsaac, 1982.
TLs from Grace McCarthy, 1982.
TLs from George R. McCague, 1982.
TLs from Robert B. McClure, 1982, 2 pp.
TLs from Leland W. McGaw, 1982 + photocopy.
TLs from Donald S. McGiverin, 1982.
TLs from George J. McIlraith, 1982.
TLs from Roy McMurtry, 1982.
TLs from Pierre Marois, 1982.
TLs from Joel R. Matheson, 1982.
TLs from Don Mazankowski, 1982.
TLs from Roland Michener, 1982.
ALs from Lil W. Morse, n.d.
TLs from Peter C. Newman, 1982.
TLs from Erik Nielsen, 1982.
TLs from John Panabaker, 1982.
TLs from John H. Parker, 1982.
TLs from office of Howard Pawley, signed by Georgette Feely, 1982.
TLs from R.J. Perrault, 1982.
TLs from Rabbi Gunther Plaut, 1982.
TLs from Claude Pratte, 1982.
TLs from Alan Redway, 1982.
TLs fom John J. Robinette, 1982.
TLs from Murray G. Ross, 1982.
TLs from Paul E. Rousseau, 1982.
TLs from Jean Sauve, 1982 + 1 photocopy.
TLs from Geo. B. Schaefer to Pierre Berton, 1983.
Apc from Catherine Small, 1982.
TLs (photocopy) from Society of American Travel Writers, signed JL., to Pierre Berton, 1983.
TLs from George F.G. Stanley, 1982, 2 pp.
Telegram (photocopy) from William Stephenson, 1982 + 1 photocopy.
ALs from Greg Stevens, 1982.
TLs from Archdeacon C. Swanson, 1982 + 1 photocopy.
TLs from William E. Taylor, 1982 with attachment + 2 photocopies.
TLs from Rolad J. Thornhill, 1982.
TLs from W.O. Twaits, 1982.
TLs from office of Bill Uruski, signed by S. Manson, 1982.
TLs from William N. Vander Zalm, 1982.
ALs from J. Bryan Vaughan, 1982 + 1 photocopy.
ALs from Jean Wadds, 1982.
TLs from Jan Walter to Pierre Berton, 1982.
TLs from Eugene Whelan, 1982.
TLs (photocopy) from Moncrieff Williamson, 1982, 2 pp.
TLs from D.G. Wilmot, 1982.
TLs from Michael H. Wilson, 1982.

Related material: Itinerary for Berton to publicize the book ts. 6 pp.; press release ts. 1p; Introduction to Berton's book by Gordon Sinclair ts. 2 pp. and 1 photocopy of Berton's signature to be used in book 1p.

Masquerade: 15 Variations on a Theme of Sexual Fantasy. Written under the pseudonym of Lisa Kroniuk. Toronto: M&S, 1985.
F.24a Promotional material; itinerary of Berton and receipts; contract with M&S, July 15, 1985; agreement with CBC, November 15, 1985; TLs from M&S (Jack McClelland), 1985; ALs from Edith R. Hamilton, 1985;and ALs from Dorothy Loomer, 1985.

The Berton Family Cookbook. Toronto: M&S, 1985.
F.25 10 printed invitations to "autumn luncheon" for launching of book, October 20, [1985]; itinerary for Janet Berton to promote the book, October-November 1985.

Vimy. Toronto: M&S, 1986.
F.26 Correction to p. 18, line 18, of the book, 2 pp.
F.27 Correspondence from readers of the book, 1988, including TLs from Janice Tyrwhitt, 1987.
F.27a Condensation of Vimy for Reader's Digest Magazine. Photocopy of ts. of computer print-out. With 2 TLs from Reader's Digest and photocopy of ALs from Berton, 1986-87.
A & M Records of Canada Ltd. (James Monaco), 1986, with photocopy of TL from Berton, 1986.
F.27b Correspondence and related material:
TLs from Annuity Quotations (Canada) Ltd. (J.W. Brown), 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from Audrey Ball, 2 news clippings enclosed, with photocopy of TLs from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Audrey Bateman, 1986.
ALs from J. Gordon Beatty, 1986.
2 ALs from Pat Bennett, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Louise Brown, 1986.
TLs from the Canadian Allied War Remembrance (Noel E. Calladine), 1986, with TL
(car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from Catherine J. Collins, 1986, with photocopy of TLs from Berton, 1986.
TLs from Coles Book Stores (Pter W. Ross), 1986.
ALs from Dean A. Colvill [?], 1986.
2 TLs from Janet Craig, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from Tam W. Deachman, 1986
ALs from Francis Drew, 1986, with photocopy of TL from Berton, 1986.
TLs from The Elder Statesman (Don McLellan), 1986, with photocopy of TLs from Elsa Franklin, 1986.
First World War photographs with discharge certificate of Norman Ellis, 1916.
TLs from Robert Flowers, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Whitfield Ganong, 1986.
3 ALs from L.D. Giffin, 1986, enclosing newsclipping and ts. "Vimy", with 2 TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
Photocopy of TLS to the Globe and Mail, 1986.
TLs from K. Hailstone, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from The Halifax Herald Ltd. (Gordon G. Murray), 1986, with photocopy of invoice from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Bruce Harrison, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from R.E. Henley, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Jeff Hubbell, 1986.
Photocopy of TLs from W. Bruce Hutchison, 1986, to Elsa Franklin, and TL (car.) from Franklin, 1986.
Photocopy of TLs from Berton to Peter Isles, 1986.
TLs from Carl P. Johnston, 1986, poem enclosed.
ALs from Margaret Kelly, 1986, with photocopy of TLS from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Harry B. Kennedy, 1986.
TLs from Richard V. Laughton, 1986, newsclippings enclosed, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from Erma Ross Littlejohn, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Ernie Marshall, 1986.
TLs from Andrew D. McCrindle, 1986.
ALs from Blanche MacLeod, 1986, with photocopy of ALs from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Norma Martin, 1986, with photocopy of TL from Berton, 1986.
TLs from Merrifield Book Shop, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TL from Roy Minter, 1986.
TLs from M.A. Moffat, 1985, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1985.
Photocopy of TLs from David A. Moir, 1986.
TL from Phyllis Montemiglio, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
13 photos from the National Archives of Canada.
ALs from Gad T. Neale, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Ronald Nydegger, 1986.
ALs from Fred Olds, 1986, with photocopy of TL from Berton, 1986.
4 TLs from J. Pecover, 1986-87, 2 photos enclosed and TL from his father, with photocopy of TLS from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Lois Perry to Mrs. Sloan, 1986.
2 ALs from Gordon F. Rafuse, 1986, with 2 TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Marion Ragg, 1986.
TLs from Frank B. Risteen Sr., 1986, with photocopy of TLs from Berton, 1986.
TLs from J. William Ritchie, 1986.
TLs from Peter Roberts, 1986.
TLs from Sam Roddan, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from A. Rutherford, 1986.
ALs from J. Scott, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Lloyd Shoebottom, 1986, with photocopy of TL from Berton, 1986.
Photocopy of TLs from Berton to B.G. Sivertz, 1986.
ALs from J.R. Smith, [1986], with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
2 TLs from D.F. Spankie, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Ellen Spencer, 1986.
ALs from R.W. Stewart, 1986.
TLs from Thomas R. Sutherland, 1986, newsclipping enclosed, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALs from Arthur V. Thom, 1986, with photocopy of TL from Berton, 1986.
ALs from John Tidridge, 1986.
ALs from George Turner, 1986.
TLs from Hilda G. Wilford, 1986.
ALs from Maida Woodcock [?], 1986.
TL (car.) from Berton to Peter Worthington, 1986

Starting Out. Toronto: M&S, 1987.
F.28 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts., first draft, [3], 65 pp., chapter 1.
F.29 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts., first draft, 62 pp., chapter 2.
F.30 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts., first draft, [1], 69 pp., chapter 3.
F.31 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts., first draft, [1], 47 pp., chapter 4.
F.32 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts., first draft, [1], 73 pp., chapter 5.
F.33 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts., first draft, [1], 33 pp., chapter 6.
F.34 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts., first draft, [3], 83 pp., chapter 7.
F.35 Photocopy of Box 207, file 28.
F.36 Photocopy of Box 207, file 29.
F.37 Photocopy of Box 207, file 30.
F.38 Photocopy of Box 207, file 31.
F.39 Photocopy of Box 207, file 32.

Box 208
F.1a Photocopy of Box 207, file 33.
F.1b Photocopy of Box 207, file 34.
F.1c Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts. second draft. [3], 2-53 pp. (chapter 1) and 48 pp. (chapter 2).
F.1d Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts. second draft. 53 pp. (chapter 3) and 39 pp. (chapter 4).
F.1e Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts. second draft. 53 pp. (chapter 5) and 26 pp. (chapter 6).
F.2 Titled "Sweet Memories, 1920-1947". Corrected ts. second draft. 79 pp., chapter 7.
F.3 Ts. third draft, [1], 52 pp., chapter 1.
F.4 Corrected ts. third draft, [63]-113 pp., chapter 2.
F.5 Ts. third draft, [115]-170 pp., chapter 3.
F.6 Ts. third drat, [173]-226 pp., chapter 4.
F.7 Photocopy of uncorrected ts. of chapter 7 (see Box 208 file 2), second draft, with Jan Patton's corrections and queries.
F.8 Corrected ts. of rewritten sections including draft of captions for photographs (2 pp. are photocopies), 48 unnumbered pp.
F.9 Corrected ts. of inserts, [78] pp., pagination is irregular.
F.10 Final ts. with editorial and holograph corrections by Berton, printer's copy, [9], 2-62 pp., prelims and chapter 1.
F.11 Final ts. with editorial and holograph corrections by Berton, printer's copy, 63-171 pp., chapters 2-3.
F.12 Final ts. with editorial and holograph corrections by Berton, printer's copy, 171 [misnumbered]-215 pp., chapter 4.
F.13 Final ts. with editorial and holograph corrections by Berton, printer's copy, 216-282 pp., chapter 5.
F.14 Final ts. with editorial and holograph corrections by Berton, printer's copy, 283-320 pp., chapter 6.
F.15 Final ts. with editorial and holograph corrections by Berton, printer's copy, 321-400 pp. ( chapter 7) and captions (45 pp., includes photocopies of illustrations).
F.16 Correspondence: ALs from Lucy [Berton], 1987; 5 TLs from Janet Craig, 1987; TLs from Robertson Davies, 1988, with copy of TLs from Berton; TLs from Loise N. Dobbs, [1988], and TL reply from Berton; ALs from David Carlin, 1988, and copy of TLs from Berton; ALs from Joan Kehoe, 1987, and TLs reply from Berton; ALs from A.M. Pennie and TL copy of Berton's reply. Ts. with holograph notes of inserts and promotional material (1 p. in ms.), 10 pp. 1 p. concerning design and setting of the text.

The Arctic Grail. Toronto: M&S, 1988.
F.17 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 68 pp., chapter 1.
F.18 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 66 pp., chapter 2.
F.19 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 51 pp., chapter 3.
F.20 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 91 pp. chapter 4.
F.21 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 43 pp. chapter 5.
F.22 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 56 pp. chapter 6.
F.23 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 58 pp. chapter 7.
F.24 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 46 pp. chapter 8.
F.25 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 87 pp. chapter 9.
F.26 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 33 pp. chapter 10.
F.27 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 77 pp. chapter 11.
F.28 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 84 pp. chapter 12.
F.29 Ts. with holograph corrections, first draft, 104 pp. chapter 13.

Box 209
F.1 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 211 pp. chapters 1-3.
F.2 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 69 pp. chapter 4.
F.3 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 50 pp. chapter 5.
F.4 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 49 pp. chapter 6.
F.5 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 52 pp. chapter 7.
F.6 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 45 pp. chapter 8.
F.7 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 94 pp. chapter 9.
F.8 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 36 pp. chapter 10.
F.9 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 81 pp. chapter 11.
F.10 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 85 pp. chapter 12.
F.11 Ts. with holograph corrections, second draft, 73 pp. chapter 13 + holograph notes, 55 pp.
F.12 Ts. with holograph corrections, final draft, 131 pp. chapter 13.
F.13 Ts. with holograph corrections, "Author's Note", 4 pp.; Ts.(photocopy), 4 pp. and laser proof, 3 pp.
F.14 Photocopy of ts., first draft, pp. 1-374.
F.15 Photocopy of ts., first draft, pp. 375-677.
F.16 Photocopy of ts., second draft, chapter 11, 80 pp.

Box 210
F.1 Revised laser proof with holograph corrections, early version, 109 pp. chapters 1-2.
F.2 Revised laser proofs, later version with holograph corrections in pagination 109 pp. each, chapters 1-2.
F.3-4 Revised laser proofs, 198 pp. each, chapters 3-6, 2 copies.
F.5 Original laser proof with extensive holograph corrections, 261 pp. chapters 1-5.
F.6 Original laser proof with extensive holograph corrections , 118 pp. chapters 6-10.
F.7 Original laser proof, 41 pp. chapter 7.
F.8 Revised laser proofs, 79 pp. each, chapters 7-8, 2 copies .
F.9 Original laser proof, 80 pp. chapter 9.
F.10 Original laser proof, 27 pp. each, chapter 10, 2 copies.
F.11 Original laser proof, 271 pp. chapters 5-10.
F.12 Original laser proof, 63 pp. chapter 11.
F.13 Revised laser proof, 110 pp. chapter 13.
F.14 Photocopy of original laser proof, 233 pp. with holograph corrections, chapters 11-13.
F.15 Revised laser proof, 244 pp. chapters 11-13

Box 211
F.1 Photocopy of original laser proof, 385 pp. chapters 1-8.
F.2 Photocopy of revised laser proof, 173 pp. chapter 9.
F.3 Photocopy of original laser proof edited for revision, 27 pp. chapter 10.
F.4 Photocopy of original laser proof, 27 pp. each, chapter 10, 3 copies.
F.5 Photocopy of original laser proof, 65 pp. each, chapter 11, 4 copies.
F.6 Photocopy of original laser proof edited for revision, 65 pp. chapter 11.
F.7 Photocopy of original laser proof edited with further revisions, 65 pp. chapter 11.
F.8 Photocopy of original laser proof edited for revision, 71 pp. chapter 12.
F.9 Photocopy of original laser proof with holograph corrections, 71 pp. chapter 12.
F.10 Photocopy of revised laser proof, 71 pp. each, chapter 12, 2 copies.
F.11 Photocopy of revised laser proof, edited, 101 pp. chapter 13.
F.12 Photocopy of revised laser proof, 101 pp. each, chapter 13.

Box 212
F.1 Master manuscript marked up by copy editor, printer's copy; ts. and laser proof with extensive holograph corrections. pp. 1-349 + 17 pp. prefatory pages.
F.2 Master manuscript marked up by copy editor, printer's copy; ts. and laser proof with extensive holograph corrections, pp. 350-736 + 94 pp. additional pages (Afterword, Bibliography, Chronology, Acknowledgements and Index and corrected duplicate pages).
F.3-5 Photocopy of page proofs pp. 13-198, chapters 1-4. 3 copies.
F.6 Photocopy of page proofs pp. 199-307, chapters 5-7.
file 7 Photocopy of page proofs pp. 254-370, chapter 7 (incomplete)-9 (incomplete).
file 8 Photocopy of page proofs "Author's Note" with holograph corrections, 7 pp.
file 9 Photocopy of page proofs "Afterword", 5 pp.

Box 213
Editorial and production files re: Arctic Grail
F.1 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand. 66 pp. chapter 1.
F.2 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand. 61 pp. chapter 2.
F.3 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(12 pp). of comments. 74 pp. chapter 3.
F. 4 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(5 pp.) of comments. 67 pp. chapter 4.
F.5 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrwhitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(11 pp.) of comments. 44 pp. chapter 5.
F.6 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand. 50 pp. chapter 6.
F.7 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(2 pp.) of comments. 42 pp. chapter 7 + another photocopy of ts. 42 pp.
F.8 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(6 pp.) of comments. 49 pp. chapter 8.
F.9 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(8 pp.) of comments. 91 pp. chapter 9.
F.10 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrwhitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(5 pp.) of comments. 30 pp. chapter 10.
F.11 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrwhitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(8 pp.)of comments. 79 pp. chapter 11.
F.12 Notes and comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, photocopy of ts. with corrections in editor's hand and ts.(1 p.)of comments. 84 pp. chapter 12.
F.13 Comments by Janice Tyrhwitt, ts.(21 pp.) and photocopy of some pages (6 pp). chapter 13.
F.14 Correspondence M&S - Janet Craig and others (Feb 1987-May 1988) (includes corrected pages of ms.). TLs., Ts.(photocopy), laser proof. 63 pp.
F.15 Correspondence re permissions (1988) - Robert Headland, James Houston, Farley Mowat, T.C. Pullen. HL, TL, and photocopies. 21 pp.
F.16 Editor's notes chapters 1-3 , 13 pp. Holograph and photocopy.
F.17 Editorial and production notes, 96 pp. includes holograph and ts. notes and comments on various parts of ms. with annotations, and production schedule etc.).
F.18 Illustration captions. Ts. with holograph corrections and photocopies of laser proofs. 9 pp.
F.19 Prelims. Ts. (1 p. ) and photocopy (5 pp.)
F.20 Outline. Original laser proof with holograph corrections (2 pp.) and photocopy of laser proof (2 pp. each - 2 copies).
F.21 Flap copy. Photocopy of corrected ts. (3 pp.)
F.22 Promotion tour schedule and marketing plan. Original laser proof with holograph annotations and photocopy.
F.23 News release, ts. with holograph corrections and 1 book launch invitation. 9 pp.

Box 214
F.1-12 Photocopies, from various sources of research material used and possible additions for Arctic Grail. (individual files marked). Some files contain ts. notes by Berton's research secretary, Barbara Sears.
Box 215
F.13-32 Photocopies of research material. (as above).
Box 216
F.33-40 Photocopies of research material. (as above).
Box 217
F.41-49 Photocopies of research material. (as above).

Box 218
Research binders containing photocopies of material on various explorers and expeditions. Pages are interspersed with ts. notes by Barbara Sears and marginal holograph notes and comments.
Binder A - Ross & Parry.
Binder B - Parry - 2nd voyage.
Binder C - Parry - 2nd voyage and North Pole attempt.
Binder D - Ross - 2nd voyage.
Box 219
Binder E1 - Franklin Book 1.
Binder E2 - Franklin Book 2.
Binder E3 - Franklin Book 3.
Box 220
Binder F1 - Kane Book 1.
Binder F2 - Kane Book 2.
Box 221
Binder G - McClure.
Binder H - McClintock.
Box 222
Binder I (1) - Hall Book 1.
Binder I (2) - Hall Book 2.
Binder J - Nares Book 1.
Box 223
Binder K1 - Greeley Book 1.
Binder K2 - Greeley Book 2.
Box 224
Binder L - Historical and Social background.
Binder M - Franklin News Clips.
Binder N - Hayes.
Box 225
Binder O - Nares - Additional
Binder P - Nansen, Amundsen, Andree.
Binder Q - Bellot and Kennedy.
Binder R - Amundsen.
Box 226
Binder S1 - Peary and Cook.
Binder S2 - Peary
Box 227
Binder S3 - Peary
Binder S4 - Peary
Binder S5 - Peary
Binder S6 - Peary
Box 228
Binder X1 - General.
Binder X2 - General
Binder X3 - General
Binder X4 - General
1 card index box with research references to manuscript pages and binders.

Series II: Articles and Introductions.
Box 229
F.1 Foreword by Pierre Berton, to Point Pelee Canada's Deep South, by Darryl Stewart, 1977. One published copy of the book. Includes photocopy article for Weekend, May 12, 1979, entitled, "Close Encounters of the Bird Kind" by Berton; photocopy article entitled , "Watching The Birds And The Bird Watchers at Pelee", May 15, 1962. This file contains correspondence relating to and from Fregdon Travel Service Limited, 1985.
F.2 "Theme Park, Frontier Experiences, [June 21, 1974]. Corrected ts. 9 pp. with 1 p. of ms. and photocopied tss., 9 pp. each.
F.3 Foreword by Berton to Rogues, Rebels, And Geniuses: The Story of Canadian Medicine by Donald Jack. Ts. 2 pp. and correspondence from Donald Jack and Doubleday Canada Limited, 1981.
F.4 Foreword by Berton to A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador by Mina Hubbard. [1981]. Ts. 3 pp. with holograph corrections; related correspondence, 1981.
F.5 Foreword by Berton to This War Is Closed Until Spring, by Charles Dennis. [1981]. Ts., photocopied, 2 pp. [1982] and related correspondence.
F.6 Article by Berton for London city Press Clubs' Twenty-fifth anniversary. Ts., photocopied, 2 pp. [1982].
F.7 Columns for Canadian Heritage. The Heritage Canada Foundation Newsmagazine.
Column entitled "We're in the information business." Tearsheets for 3 different articles.
Column entitled "Get Organized". October 1981. Tearsheets; 3 photocopied tearsheets; 3 photocopied tss. 4 pp.
Column entitled "What we mean by `heritage'". Tearsheets for 2 articles.
Column entitled "A Bank in Kleinburg". Ts. photocopied, 4 pp.; Tearsheets, May 1982.
Column entitled "Mawson's Visions". Tss 3 pp. each. 2 copies, November 4, 1982.

F.8 Articles for New Canadian Encyclopedia.
"The War of 1812". Ts photocopied, 10 pp; Ts photocopied, 6 pp.
"The Klondike Gold Rush". Ts photocopied , 2 pp., two copies.
"The Dionne Quintuplets". Ts. photocpied, 3 pp.; Ts. photocopied, 2 pp
"Kleinburg". Ts photocopied, 1p., two copies.
"Heritage Canada Foundation". Ts. photocopied, 2 pp.
Correspondence relating to and with New Canadian Encyclopedia Publishing Ltd. 1982-1985.

F.9 Foreword by Berton to Residences: Homes of Canada's Leaders by Maureen McTeer. 1982. Ts. photocopied, 2 pp.
Related correspondence with author Maureen McTeer and publishers.
F.10 Article by Berton for Leisureways, Nov. 16, 1983. Ts. with holograph corrections. 2 pp.; Ts. 3 pp.; Ts. photocopied 3 pp.
Related correspondence.
F.11 Introduction by Berton to a collection of Jack Scott's columns. Ts. 2 pp.; Ts photocopied, 2 pp..
Related correspondence with Peter Murray, 1983.
F.12 Article by Berton for Town and Country Magazine, on "The Meaning of the Frozen North in the Canadian Experience". Ts with holograph corr., 11 pp.; Ts revised June 30, 1983, 11 pp.; Ts. with holograph corr., 11 pp.; Ts 11 pp.; Printer's first proofs, 7 pp., November 1983.
Related correspondence with publishers, 1983.
F.13 Foreword by Berton to Edna Staebler's cookbook. Ts 2 pp.
Related correspondence with publishers, 1982.
F.14 Article for Heritage Canada Foundation's 10th Anniversary Conference Report, 1984. Ts. with holograph corrections, 2 pp.; Ts with holograph corrections, 3 pp.; Ts 3 pp.
F.15 Introduction by Berton to Heritage Canada Foundation's Main Street Book. Ts. with holograph corrections, 2 pp.; Ts 3 pp.
Related correspondence, 1984.

F.16 Introduction by Berton to Russ Baker and His Pacific Western Airlines by John Condit. 1984. Ts. with holograph corrections, 2 pp.
Related correspondence with author, Jim Condit.
F.17 Story by Berton for T.V. Guide, entitled "Charlie Grant's War". Ts. with holograph corrections, photocopied, 5 pp., Nov. 21, 1984; Ts. 5 pp.; Ts photocopy 5 pp., Dec. 18, 1984.
F.18 "Hollywood's Canada", an outline for a one-hour television documentary, by Berton, 1984. Ts. 13 pp.
F.19 Writers' Union piece by Berton on "Stephen Franklin", February, 1985. Ts. 2 pp.; Ts. photocopied, 2 pp.
F.20 Steel and Steam by Pierre Berton. A special limited edition book. Ts. corrected, 43 pp.; Ts. corrected,. 43 pp. Berton's edited copy.
Related correspondence, 1985.
F.21 Untitled article for National Universities week, to be published in UBC paper, 1985. Ts. photocopied, 3 pp.
F.22 "The Last Spike", 100th Anniversary article for Toronto Star, May 1985. Ts. 7 pp.
Related correspondence.

F.23 "City Sophistication, Naturally Vancouver", article by Berton for National Geographic's Traveller magazine, 1985. Ts. with revisions, photocopied, 22 pp.; Tearsheets.
Related correspondence with National Geographic Society.
F.24 "Pierre Berton Country", article for City and Country magazine, 1985. Ts. with holograph corrections, 5 pp.; Ts. 4 pp.; Ts. 4 pp.; Ts. photocopy, edited version, 5 pp. April 2, 1985; Ts. photocopy 4 pp.; Printer's proofs.
Related correspondence with City and Country Home magazine.
F.25 "Metis Outline". 1986. Ts. 7 pp. and Ts. photocopied, 7 pp.
Related correspondence.
F.26 "Theme Songs": a proposal for a one-hour weekly radio disc show. n.d.
Ts. with holograph corrections 30 pp.; Ts. photocopy 30 pp.
F.27 "Close Encounters": a proposal for a nightly half-hour T.V. programme, n.d. Ts. 3 pp.; Ts. photocopy 3 pp.

F.28 Speech by Berton, "Hollywood's Canada". (N.Y. speech, "Hollywood's Canada). n.d. 26 index cards, holograph notes, and ts.
F.29 "The Gold Song", a poem by Berton. n.d. Ts. with holograph corrections, 15 pp.; Ts. photocopy, 15 pp.
F.30 "The Golden Quest", a story by Berton. n.d. Ts. photocopy, corrected with notations, 8 pp.
F.31 Television scripts for CBC's The Journal, 1985.
Scripts are untitled, and are listed therefore by subject: Father's Day, ts. 1 p.; Age - Being a senior citizen, ts. photocopy, 1p., Jan 10, 1985; Feminist writers, ts. 1p., September 18, 1984; All You Can Eat Salad Bar, ts. 2 pp.; April 25, 1985; Canadian drama, Ts. with holograph corrections, 2 pp.; Santa Claus is Coming to Town, ts. 2 pp. and photocopy. 2 pp.; Pasta diets ts. 1p. 2 copies, November 15, 1984; Ts.(another version) 1p.; Ts photocopy (another version), 1p; Movie credits ts. 2 pp.; ts photocopy, 2 pp.; German expressionist films Ts. 1 p., two copies; The King of Comedy ts. 1p and ts. 1p photocopy; Robert Altman films ts, 1p.
F.32 Untitled script, subject My Country, [1984]. Ts. with holograph annotations, 10 pp.; ts. photocopy with holograph annotations, 6 pp., ts. photocopy, edited version, March 29, 6 pp.; ts. 6 pp.
Related correspondence.

Series III: Correspondence

Box 230
F.1 ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, including ACTRA Awards Committee). 1983-87.
F.2 Adamson, Merle E. 1984.
F.3 Aden Bowman Collegiate. 1985.
F.4 Adshead, Gordon R. 1986.
F.5 Aeros Management. 1985.
F.6 Agency for the Performing Arts, Inc. 1983.
F.7 Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. (Norm Bolotin). 1978-84.
F.8 Alberta Foster Parent Association. 1984.
F.9 Alden, Ross. 1984.
F.10 Alfsen, Adam. 1984.
F.11 Allain, Mrs. Joseph. 1985.
F.12 Allan, Marjory Boyd. 1984.
F.13 Allen, Glen. 1984.
F.14 Allen, Joyce. 1984.
F.15 Allen, Misha. 1984-85.
F.16 Alliance for Canadian Broadcasting (includes letters from the Rt. Honourable Brian Mulroney and Michael Wilson). 1985.
F.17 Allinson, Frank. 1986.
F.18 The Alumni Association of the University of Victoria. 1984.
F.19 Amata Transition Home Society. 1986.
F.20 Amnesty International. 1982-86.
F.21 Anderson, C. Pat. 1985.
F.22 Andreas, Gladys. 1984.
F.23 Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report. 1985.
F.24 Andrews, Art. 1986.
F.25 Andrews, Pat. 1986.
F.26 Anglin, Lise. 1985.
F.27 Angus, William. 1986.
F.28 Ankers, Dawn. 1984.
F.29 Annesley, Fred. 1984.
F.30 Annuity Quotations (Canada) Ltd. 1986.
F.31 Anton, Andrew. 1984.
F.32 Arctic Research Establishment. 1985.
F.33 Argue, Lois. 1986.
F.34 Armstrong, Arnold. 1985.
F.35 Armstrong, Burt. 1986.
F.36 Arnold, Marvin. 1986.
F.37 Art Gallery of Ontario. 1985.
F.38 Ash, Sharon. 1984.
F.39 Atlantic, Little, Brown and Co. 1985.
F.40 The Atlantic Monthly Press. 1985.
F.41 Atwell, Charles R. 1985.
F.42 Austin, Ron. 1984.
F.43 Avonlea Branch, Palliser Regional Library. 1983.

F.44 Babineau, Evelyn. 1986.
F.45 Bain, Hazel. 1985.
F.46 Ball, Audrey. 1985.
F.47 Barnes, Wenonah M. 1986.
F.48 Barrie and District United way. 1986.
F.49 Barton, Marie. 1985.
F.50 Batty, Edy. 1985.
F.51 Baxter, Betty. 1983.
F.52 Beach Arts Centre. 1986.
F.53 Becker, Jane. 1986.
F.54 Becktol, Jacob S. 1984.
F.55 Michel Bedford Studio Photography. 1972-86.
F.56 Mike Beedell Photography. 1984.
F.57 The Beefeater Club. 1987.
F.58 Beirness, Arthur (Balshine Foundation Ltd.). 1986.
F.59 Belkin, Lucile Rome. 1985.
F.60 Bell, Ernest. 1985.
F.61 Bell, Verna M.Y. 1984.
F.62 Bennett, Pat. [1986].
F.63 Bennett, Wilf. 1984.
F.64 Beret, John H. 1984.
F.65 Berger, Philip B. 1984.
F.66 Bernhardt, Rob. [1986].
F.67 Billington, Peter. 1984.
F.68 Bishop, Russell J. 1986.
F.69 Bjarnson, Emil. 1985.
F.70 Black, John W. 1984.
F.71 Blackstaff, Harry. 1985-86.
F.72 Blackwell, Susan. 1986.
F.73 Blair, Angus McDowell. 1984.
F.74 Blessed Trinity Community Church. 1984.
F.75 B'nai Brith Youth Organization. 1984.
F.76 Bodin, Vonda. 1984.
F.77 Bolton Nurseries. 1985.
F.78 Book of the Month Club. [n.d.].
F.79 Books in Canada. 1986.
F.80 Borradaile, Christiane. 1984.
F.81 Borrell, Helen. 1986.
F.82 Bowen, Lynne. 1984.
F.83 Boyce, Margaret H. 1986.
F.84 Braemar Books Ltd. 1984.
F.85 Bragg, Ellen. 1985.
F.86 Brand, Verna. 1984.
F.87 Branum, Orville. 1986.
F.88 Brenie, Helen. 1984.
F.89 Bridges, Rita. 1984.
F.90 Brisson, Rita. 1984.
F.91 Broadbent, Ed. 1986.
F.92 Brode, Patrick. 1985.
F.93 Brooman, R. 1984.
F.94 Brosh, Tara. 1984.
F.95 Brown, Alice K. 1984.
F.96 Brown, George. 1984.
F.97 Bruce Forbes Landscape Ltd. 1984.
F.98 Bruggeman, Theresa. 1984.
F.99 Bryers, Jacqueline R. 1986.
F.100 Buchanan, John M. 1986.
F.101 Buchanan, Roberta. 1986.
F.102 Buffinga, Catherine. 1986.
F.103 Builder, A.G. 1986.
F.104 Bulman, Alan E. 1984.
F.105 Buth, L.M. 1985.
F.106 Buttrick, Ann Tatton. 1986.
F.107 Byers, Owen. 1986.
F.108 Byfield, Ted. 1984.
F.109 Byrd, Robert O. 1985.
F.110 Caiger-Watson, Ross. 1985.
F.111 Calissi, Pierre H. 1984.
F.112 Callard, Arthur. 1985.
F.113 Callwood, June. 1985-86.
F.114 Cameron, Elspeth. 1986-87.
F.115 Cameron, Frank B. 1984.
F.116 Cameron, Silver Donald. 1985.
F.117 Campbell, Lilly M. 1985.
F.118 Campbell, Marjorie. 1984.
F.119 Campbell, Muriel. 1984.
F.120 The Canada Council. 1982-84.

F.120a Canadian Achievers (radio programme on CKAY hosted by Berton and syndicated by Drew Marketing Ltd.). The file consists of correspondence with Drew Marketing Ltd. (1985) and with listeners of the programme, tss. of radio scripts, newsclippings, and related material.
ALs from Edith Ruth Borolignon, 1985, photos enclosed.
TLs from Expressions (Ron Yakimishyn), 1985, enclosures, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1985.
TLs from A. Herman, 1985, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from B. Knelson, 1986, enclosures.
ALs from Joanne Lipp, 1985, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1985.
TLs from F.E. Miller, 1985, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1985.
ALs from Eva P. Ochitwa, 1985, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
ALS and TLs from Mary E. Orr, 1986, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1986.
TLs from Claude I. Taylor, 1986.
TLs from Harry P. Tomarin, 1985, with TL (car.) from Berton, 1985.
Radio scripts (each 1 p. ts., most are photocopy, with a few holograph revisions in Berton's hand) on the following individuals: Peter Abilgaard; Errol Abramson; Nelson Adams; Ed Alfke; Joni Anderson; Terri Austin; Norm Babbs; Hubert Barbeau; Earl Barish; Brian Batstone; Jean Paul Beaudoin; Betty Bednar; Larry Belbeck; Gordon Bell; Lynee Bermel; Sylvia Bernier; Norma Berti; Yvon Blanchette; Albert Bohemier; Roberta Bondar; Joel Bonn; Bill Braden; Doreen Braverman; Michael Bregman; Claude Brerar; Alexander Brott; John Brown; Rachel Browne; Gnenvieive Bujold; Wayne Burton; Billl Caldwell; Abraham Calp; Paul Cancade; Bob Carroll; Phillip Carroll (and David Steele); Cheryl Carver; Roberta Cava; Chris Chester (and Claude Weichel); Tom Chudleigh; Greg Clark; Rodney Clark; Major William Clarke; Jack Clayton; Al Clouston; Leonard Cohen; Keith Cowan; Scott Cunningham; Michael Cusson; Beverly Dales; Ann Ferris Darling; Mike De Groote; Irving De Voe (and Bruce Holbein); Yvan Desgagnes; Paul Desmarais; John Doole; Joycelyn Doyle-Rodrigue;Garth Drabinsky;Jean Drapeau; John Dubeta (and Lillian Bargholtz and Edward Hill); Jim Dunford; James Dunlop; Meyer Dunn; Charles Dutoit; Alan Eagleson; Grace Mackay Edgar; John Edwards; Dale and Betty Ennis; Maureen Enns; Michael and Phyllis Entis; Dieny Evers; Joe Fafard; Goug Firth; Steve Fonyo; David Foster; Ken Fowler; Michael J. Fox; Rowland Frazee; Tony Gabriel; Agre-Philippe Gagnon; James Ganong; Michael Gaucher; Jack Gaudaur; Patrick Gauthier (and Jami Benchimol); Nick Genevose; Ghermazian family; Rejean Gilbert; Kevin Gillis (and Sheldon Wiseman); Richard Glover; Mike Gluss; Nathan Gold; Milli Gould; Erik Graf; Harry Graham; Don Green; Andrew Grenville; Raymond Grunwald; Rudi Haering; Willard Hagen; Monty Hall; Gayle and Tara Hallgren (and Noreen Kenny-Campbell); Andre Hamel; Chris Haney (and Scott Abbott); Rick Hansen; Jackie Harbor; Evelyn Hart; Tom Hedley; Jerry Heffernan; Elen Henderson; Denis Heroux;Les Hewitt; Suzanne Hillier; Lee Hindle; Sherman Hines; John Hirsch; Abby Hoffman; Les Hooton; Leslie Hope; Jack Hopps; John Hopps; Wilhelm, Heinrich and Edward Huber; Michel Huck; Gary Hurwetz; Gloria Hutchison; Brenda Huxly; Anthony Hyde; Terry Jacks; Robert Jackson; George Jenkins; J.J. Johannesen; Lynn Johnston; Pat Jorgeson; Yousuf Karsh; Linda Keller; Terry Kelly; Larry Kent; Murray Killman; Owen Kimber; Alan King; Fred Kirkwood; Bruce Kalver (and Doug Hemphill); Byron Knelson; John Knox; David Krenbrink; David Krofchak; Mimi Kuzyk; Ted Kwiatkowski; Guy Laliberte; Bernard Lamarre; Blaire Lancaster; Diane Lanctot; Robert Lapalme; Noel Lawrence; Marion Lavigne (and Ronne Hemming); Paul Leblanc; Maurice Leclaire; Gary Lee; Leonard Lee; Paul-Emile Leger; Bernard Lemaire; Jacque LeMaire; Jim and Sandra LeMaistre; Jean-Paul Lemieux; Phillippe Lemoine; David Leonard; Paul Leskew; David Levy (and June Bibby and Martin Rumack; Eugene Lewis; Jon Lien; Rich Little; Pierre Lorti; Serge Losique; Claudette MacKay-Lassonde; Jim MacNeil; Karen Magnusson; Antonine Maillet; Gerry Malloy; Ron Marken; Rod Marlin; Bill Marr; Greg Matayan; Rhonda Maxwell; Jack McClelland; Archie McCoy; Flo McLeod; Douglad McCullagh; Art McNeil; Howie Meeker; Umberto Menghi; Max Meyer; Serge Millen; Frank Mills; Earl Mindell; Alfonso and Augusto Minicozzi; John Minnis; Mat Monenm; Adeleine Morris; Pat Morrow; Angelo Mosca; David Murphy; John Murphy; Susan Nattrass; John Nickson; Roy Nodwell (and Dave Camm, Steve Richards, and Gary Albach); Peter Nygard; Gary O'Neil; Toni Onley; Kenneth Oppel; Sean O'Sullivan; Walter Ott; Hugh Paton; Freeman Patterson; Bill Pattison; Jimmy Pattison; George Patton; Pierre Paladeau; Andy Peller; John Pennie; Andre Perry; Peter Duschenes; Walter Pieczonka; Maurice Pinsonneault; Jacques Plante; Al Pluim; John Poser; Brian Price (and Howard Rocket); Sylviane and Patricia Puntous; Michael Purski; Harry Purvis; Rene Racine; Claire Ranger; Ross Reibling; Bill Reid; Marcel Riendau; Mordecai Richler; Michel Rivard; Jean Robitaille; Hal Rogers; Tony Ronza (and Walter Sedlbauer); Nell Schilder; J.M. Schneider; Ian Sharp; Jean Shaw; Jim and Marge Sheldrick; Uwe Shiffke; Peter Shostak; Alain Simard (and Andre Menard); Herschel Segal; Issy Sharp; Norma Shepherd; Karl Shutz; Bill Silver; Bob Silzer; Rene Simard; Jack Singer; Annabelle Slaight; Ian Smith; Llewelyn Smith Sr. (and Llewelyn Smith Jr. and E.D. Smith); Ian Sinclair; Paul Soubry; Sydney Spiegel; David Stevens; Melanie Stephens; Marlene Syewart Streit; Adrienne Stringer; Frank Stronach; Leo Strub; David Suzuki; Harry Tamarin; Gordie Tapp; Ken Taylor; Ron Taylor; Roxanne Taylor (and Nancy-Anne Gerdes); Derek Tennant; Bill Thompson (and Tom Purdy); Bob Thorssen; George Tidball; Alex Tilley; John Timm; Jack Tramiel; Antoine Turmel; Ted Turner; Barbara Underhill (and Paul Martini); Karel Velan; Ben Veldhous; Ed Viberg; Jacques Villeneuve; Henrietta Virga; John Voortman; Darrel Watkins; Harvet Webber; Ben Weider; Chris Wessenberg; Denis Whitaker; Charlie White; Ken Wilkie; Terry Willard; Hector Williams; Lynn Williams; Penny Williams; Al Wilson; Dave Wilson; Lois Wilson; Larry Woodman; Arlaine Wright; Adam Yawrenko; Jim Yeates; Bill Yuill; Don Zacharias; Ron Zalko; Eberhard Zeidler; and Mortimer Zuckerman.

F.121 Canadian Cultural News Service. 1984-85.
F.122 Canadian Civil Liberties Association (Hon. Elmer McKay). 1984.
F.123 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Alliance. 1985.
F.124 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 1983-86.
F.125 Canadian Campaign for Prison System Improvement (Israel Halperin). 1986.
F.126 Canadian Civil Liberties Association. 1986.
F.127 Canadian Committee of Scientists and Scholars (Konstantin Chernenko, Flora MacDonald). 1985.
F.128 Canadian Council of Native Business. 1986.
F.129 Canadian Crafts Council. 1986.
F.130 The Canadian Encyclopedia. 1985.
F.131 Canadian Hunger Foundation. 1986.
F.132 Canadian Mental Health Association. 1985-86.
F.133 The Canadian National Institute for the Blind. 1984-86.
F.134 Canadian Native Arts Foundation. 1986.
F.135 Canadian Nature Federation. 1985-86.
F.136 Canadian Politicians Portrait Project. 1984.
F.137 Canadian Population Task Force. 1985.
F.138 The Canadian Red Cross Society. 1986.
F.139 Canadian Scene. 1986.
F.140 Canadian Symbols. 1985.
F.141 The Canadian Television Producers and Directors Association. 1983.
F.142 Canadian War Correspondent Association. 1985.

Box 231
F.1 The Canadian Writers' Foundation Inc. 1982-87.
F.2 Capital Broadcasting System Limited. 1093-84.
F.3 Carpenter, Ted. 1984-85.
F.4 Carr, Barbara A. 1985.
F.5 Carroll, Timothy. 1984.
F.6 Cassidy, Paul. 1986.
F.7 Cavaliere, Anna. 1984.
F.8 Cedervale Junior Public School. [1984].
F.9 Cedzo, Karen. 1984.
F.10 Cenname, John G. 1985.
F.11 Central Hospital. 1985.
F.12 Central Independent Television. 1986.
F.13 Chambers, Fraser. 1985.
F.14 Charlton & Gobuyan Design. 1986.
F.15 Chemainun Mural Project. 1984-85.
F.16 China Trip. 1986. (other related correspondence).
F.16a Christensen, Chris. 1984-85.
F.17 Christie, Norman M. 1985.
F.18 The Citizen. 1985.
F.19 Citizens Concerned with Adoption. 1985.
F.20 Civil Service Commission. 1985.
F.21 Clare, Lenore. 1986.
F.22 Clark, Harold. 1984.
F.23 Clark, June I. 1985.
F.24 Clarke, Jean. 1984.
F.25 Clarke, Wayne. 1984.
F.26 Clarkson, Adrienne. 1985.
F.27 Clyne, Jack V. 1985.
F.28 Coalition Against The Return of The Death Penalty. 1985.
F.29 Coalition For Canadians Cultural Survival.
F.30 Coates, Kenneth S. 1985.
F.31 Colby, Howard. 1984.
F.32 Cole, Eileen. 1985.
F.33 Kelly Ann. 1986.
F.34 Collinson, Gordon. 1984.
F.35 Collison, E. Pat. 1984.
F.36 Companion of the Order of Canada. 1982-86. (Gray, Hon. Herb.; Alexander, Lincoln; Blakeney, Allan; Newman, Peter.).
F.37 Condy, Florabel. 1984.
F.38 Conlin, Dan. 1984.
F.39 Cook, Christie. 1985.
F.40 Cooke, Alan. 1985.
F.41 Cooke, Robert S. 1984.
F.42 Cooper, Wayne. 1985.
F.43 Cornish, Chris. [1984].
F.44 Corporation of the Town of Strathroy. 1986.
F.45 Corsini, Maria Vera. 1984.
F.46 Cossar, L. 1984.
F.47 Council of Canadians. 1985. (Correspondence includes Mel Hurtig correspondence and pamphlets, and a paper by Berton regarding "The Crises Facing Canadians". 3 pp. ts with holograph annotations and ts. corr. 4 pp.
F.48 Council of Canadians. 1986.
F.49 Covering, Larry. 1984.
F.50 Coyle, Taskea. 1984.
F.51 Craft, Kimberly. 1984.
F.52 Crawford, Mildred. 1986.
F.53 Crease, Harry. 1985.
F.54 Crivaro, Laurel. 1985-86.
F.55 Crone, Robert. 1984.
F.56 Crow, Allan. 1984.
F.57 Crowe, Dora A.S. 1984.
F.58 Crowell, Wanda. 1983-84.
F.59 Crowley, John. 1985.
F.60 Curtis-Hare, Dorothy. 1984-85.
F.61 Cuthill, Marnie. 1985.

F.62 Dalton, Don. 1984.
F.63 Darknell, W.E. 1985.
F.64 David Thompson University Centre. (Nelson B.B.). 1984.
F.65 Davy, Frank. 1985.
F.66 D'Entremont, Laurent. 1986.
F.67 Deane, John. 1985.
F.68 Decovie, M.S. 1986.
F.69 Diestelmeier, Karl W. 1984.
F.70 Delta Hospital Auxiliary. 1986.
F.71 Derbowka, Roman J.M. 1984.
F.72 Derry, John. 1984.
F.73 Design Group International Incorporated. 1985.
F.74 diVirgilio, P.S. 1985.
F.75 Diamond, Ethel. 1984.
F.76 Dickie, Victoria. 1986.
F.77 Dodge, Dwight. 1984.
F.78 The Don Harron Show. 1984.
F.78a Dooling, Viola. 1985.
F.79 Dowling, Lillian. 1984.
F.80 Drabiniasty, Mary. 1984.
F.81 Drew Marketing Ltd. 1985.
F.82 Driscoll, Glen H. 1984.

F.83 E.C.H.O. Players. 1984.
F.84 East, Stewart B. 1985.
F.85 Eden Press. 1985.
F.86 Edington, Muriel. 1985.
F.87 Edmonton Historical Board. 1985.
F.88 Edmonton Opera Guild. 1986.
F.89 Edwards, Allan W. 1986.
F.90 Edwards, Hilda M. 1985.
F.91 Edwards, Lew. 1985.
F.92 Ehrenworth, Alan. 1986.
F.93 Eisenberg, Nat. B. 1986.
F.94 The Eldorado Hotel. 1984.
F.95 Eldridge, Joan. 1985.
F.96 Elinsley, Richard. 1986.
F.97 Elliot, Lewis. 1984.
F.98 Emberley, Dennis W. 1985.
F.99 The Empire Club of Canada. 1985.
F.100 Engagements. Refused. 1986.
F.101 Evans, B. 1984.
F.102 Evans, Steve. 1986.

F.103 Fairhurst, Ted. 1985.
F.104 Farquharson, James K. 1985.
F.105 Fast, Terri. [1984].
F.106 Federation Gallery. 1985.
F.107 The Federation of Ontario Naturalists. 1985.
F.108 Ferguson, Anna Lynn. 1986.
F.109 Fern, Stewart. 1985.
F.109a Ferrier, Elizabeth. 1985.
F.110 Fetherstonhaugh, John. 1985.
F.111 Filmpride. 1984. (Stewart, Tom).
F.112 Findley, Timothy. 1983.
F.113 Finnie, Richard Sterling. 1985.
F.114 Forest, Laura A. 1986.
F.115 Forrester, Maureen. 1984.
F.116 Foster Parents Plan. 1985-86.
F.117 Foulds, Andrew. 1984.
F.118 Four Seasons Hotel. 1985.
F.119 Fowke, Edith. 1986.
F.120 Fox, Donald S. 1985.
F.121 Foy, Marion. 1984.
F.122 Fraser, Winston. 1984.
F.123 Freedman, Steven. 1984.
F.124 Friends of the Canadian War Museum. 1987.
F.125 Front Page Challenge. 1985-86. (Fan mail, including letters from Gordon Sinclair).
F.126 Fuller, Lucy I. 1984.
F.127 Fullerton, C.G. 1986.
F.128 Fulton, Freda. J. 1986.

F.129 Gage Publishing Limited. 1981.
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Box 232
F.1-27 The Heritage Canada Foundation. (Chairman: Pierre Berton; includes correspondence, minutes, pamphlets, publications, speeches and articles).
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F.26 "Main Street Program", article by Berton for Heritage Canada. Ts. with holograph annotations, 3 pp.; Ts., 3 pp.; and Ts. with holograph annotations, 1 p.
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Box 233
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Box 234
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Box 235
F.1 Saint Francis Xavier University. 1985.
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