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Pierre Berton fonds. Fifth accrual. 1951–1986. 15 record storage boxes (190-204)


Group E

Arranged as follows in series:


A:         Book Manuscripts and Related Material;

B:         Articles;

C:         Scripts and Proposals for Television, Film and Radio;

D:         Correspondence;

E:         Heritage Canada;

F:         Berton Celebration Dinner.


SECTION A:   Book Manuscripts and Related Material


BOX  190


The Royal Family (published 1954)

Renewal-- Certificate of Copyright, letter from Knopf with various certificates to renew the copyright in the U.S.A., 1 file, 1981.


The Golden Trail (published 1955, rev. ed. 1973)

Gage, correspondence re royalties and reprintings, 1 file, 1974-81.

Correspondence, contract, 1 file, 1971-74.



The Mysterious North (published 1956)

Correspondence, 2 files, 1971-72, 1974-77.


Klondike (published 1958, re-issued 1972)

Book-of-the-Month Club, correspondence, 1 file, 1972

Correspondence, 1 file, 1969-73.


The Secret World of Og (published 1961, new ed. 1974)

1 file of publicity material re the new ed. (press releases, newsclippings, correspondence, and illustrations), 1974.


“72 Wedgewood Crescent: A Tale of Free Enterprise”

(unpublished novel, 1964)

1st draft, corrected ts., 1 file, approximately 287 pp.

final draft, corrected ts., 1 file, approximately 313 pp.


“Readers and Reports” (including a letter from Jack McClelland and a report from Arthur Hailey), 1 file, 25 pp.


The Comfortable Pew (published 1965)

Correspondence with publishers, 2 files, 1964-77.


The Cool, Crazy, Committed World of the Sixties (published 1966)

Correspondence, includes a transcript of Berton’s interview with Mort Sahl, 1 file, 1966-67.


The Centennial Food Guide (with Janet Berton, published 1966, re-issued 1974 as The Canadian Food Guide)

2 files, correspondence, photocopy of ts. (18 pp.) “On Tribal Feeding” by Janet Berton, and tour schedule, 1974-78.


The Smug Minority (published 1968)

Correspondence and contracts, 2 files, 1967-71.


The Great Railway Illustrated (published 1972)

Correspondence, 1 file, 1972-75.


American ed. [The Impossible Railway], correspondence, 1 file, 1971-72.

“Stories from the Pierre Berton Show” (unpublished 1972)

Correspondence and carbon/photocopy of ts. (27 pp.), 1 file, 1972.


Drifting Home (published 1973)

General fan mail, 1 letter, 1 file, 1979

Knopf-CKW [Berton’s agent], correspondence re American ed., 1 file, 1973-78.

Germany, correspondence with Universitas Verlag, 1 file, 1975.


Hollywood’s Canada (published 1975)

3 files of publicity material (list of review copies, correspondence with the press and media, reviews, book tour information, etc.), 1975-76.

CBC, photocopy of 1 letter from Berton, 1 file, 1979.

General Correspondence, 2 letters, 1 file, 1978-79.

McClelland & Stewart, correspondence etc., 1 file, 1974-76.

Lewis Allen, correspondence re movie, 1 file, 1977-80.


BOX  191


My Country (published 1976)

3 files of publicity material (correspondence, tour schedule, press releases, etc.), 1975-76.

Reader’s Digest, correspondence re excerpt, 1 file, 1980

Italian trans., correspondence, 1 file, 1977

Cassettes--Promotion, press releases and correspondence, 1 file, 1979.

General Correspondence, 2 letters from readers, 1 file, 1979.



The Dionne Years (published 1977)

7 files mainly of publicity material (the paperback edition, Dionne documentary, press releases, post cards of the quints, photos, correspondence with publishers, etc.), 1977.

Promotion-USA, correspondence, reviews, etc., 1 file, 1977-81.

Hume, Martin & Timmins, correspondence with Berton’s lawyers re defamatory material on David Croll, 1 file, 1977.

Knopf--Cancellation, correspondence re Knopf not publishing the America ed., 1 file, 1975-77.


W.W. Norton (New York) and John Cushman, correspondence, contract and royalty statements re American ed. and Berton's literary agent, 1 file, 1977-80.

USA Movie, Jim Retter--Cushman, correspondence re film of Dionne saga, 1 file, 1980-81.

General Correspondence, 1 file, 1976-83.

Chatelaine, correspondence with Jack McClelland re excerpt, 1 file, 1977-78.

Book-of-the-Month Club, contract between the Club and W.W. Norton & Co. and related correspondence, 1 file, 1978-79.


CBC Program--Story Lines, several tss., 1 file, 1977-79.

CBC Program--Story Lines, contract, correspondence, and tss., 1 file, 1978-79.

CBC & Cushman, correspondence re CBC documentary rights, 1 file 1980.


Reviews, 1 file.


Letter to CBC (Larry Zolf) enclosing item re David Croll, 1 file, 1978.

French edition, correspondence with publishers, 1 file, 1977-83.

German article, correspondence re excerpt in Bunte, 1 file, 1978-79.

Good Housekeeping, correspondence re excerpt, 1 file, 1979.

Seal Books, correspondence and royalty statements, 1 file, 1978-80.

Bantam-Norton, correspondence re American edition, 1 file, 1978-81.

Reader’s Digest, correspondence re excerpt, 1 file, 1978-80.


The Wild Frontier (published 1978)

2 files of publicity material (correspondence, press releases, and tour schedule), 1978-79.

French edition, correspondence and contract with Jacques Frenette Editeur Inc., 1 file, 1980-81.

Cushman--Norton, correspondence re American ed., 1 file, 1978.

Book Lists, list of people to be sent the book and a letter, 1 file, 1978.

McClelland & Stewart, correspondence, 1 file, 1978-79.

General Correspondence, 1 file, 1979.


The Invasion of Canada (published 1980)

Little Brown Atlantic contract re Book-of-the-Month Club, letter and photocopy of contract, 1 file, 1980.

Little Brown contract, correspondence re USA rights, 1 file, 1980-81.

Autographed copies, lists of people to be sent an autographed copy and resulting correspondence (includes congratulatory letter from Bruce Hutchison), 1 file, 1979-80.

Maps, correspondence re maps in the book, 1 file, 1979.

Cushman, correspondence with Berton’s agent, 1 file, 1979-80.

General Correspondence, 2 files, 1977-80.

French [edition], correspondence with publishers, 1 file, 1980-81.

Toronto Star contract, legal correspondence and excerpts, 1 file, 1980.

McClelland & Stewart, correspondence, sales information, etc., file, 1981-82.

CBC, correspondence re television series, 1 file, 1980-81.

Promotion, correspondence, 1 file, 1980-82.

G. Stephen Hawes, M&S, Drummer Boy, tour schedules and 1 letter, 1 file, 1980.



Flames Across the Border (published 1981)

Reader's Digest, correspondence re excerpt, 2 files, 1981.

 Outline [of Invasion of Canada, vol. 2] 2 tss. and a photocopy of ts. with correspondence, 1 file, 1980.

CBC Documentary, proposal (ts. and photocopy) for television program and correspondence, 1 file, 1982.

USA--Atlantic--Cushman, correspondence re American ed., 1 file, 1981.

Book-of-the-Month Club, correspondence, 1 file, 1981.

Promotion, 2 letters with McClelland & Stewart, 1 file, 1981.

Autographed copies, lists of people to be sent a copy and correspondence, 1 file, 1981.

McClelland and Stewart, correspondence, 1 file, 1981.

Piece for Cushman, correspondence and photocopy of ts. (5 pp.), 1 file, 1982.


BOX 192


Masquerade (published 1985)

1st draft + rewrites, corrected ts., 1 file, approximately 155 pp.

2nd draft, “By Lisa Kroniuk”, corrected ts., 1 file, approximately 135 pp.

final draft, “Masquerade: 15 Variations on a Theme of Sexual Fantasy, By Lisa Kroniuk”. Copyright 1984…”, corrected ts., 1 file, approximately 150 pp.


Vimy (published 1986)

Dictation, pre-1st draft, ts., October 11, 1985, 148 pp., contained in blue binder.

Dictation, pre-1st draft, ts., 455 pp., contained in 2 binders, yellow binder (pp.1-355) black binder (pp. 356-455).

Notes and Plans, ms., 1 file, approximately 100 pp.

Dictation, pre-1st draft, ts., Nov. 8, 1985, 13 pp. in folder.

Description of book for dustjacket, corrected ts., 1 file, 5 pp.

Promotion material [“His Hottest Best Seller Yet …”], printer's copy, corrected ts., 1 file, 25 pp.

Editors’ Notes, photocopy of 3rd (?) draft, 1 file, 110 pp.

“Edited ms.”, printer’s copy, corrected photocopy of ts., 1 file, approximately 565 pp. (either Berton’s copy or Janet Craig’s).


BOX 193


1st draft, Author’s Note (i.e. foreword), ts. and ms., 1 file, 5 pp.

1st draft, corrected ts., 4 files, approximately 300 pp.

2nd draft, corrected ts., 5 files, approximately 320 pp.; “Afterview”, corrected ts., 1 file, approximately 25 pp.

1st and 2nd drafts, “rewrites”, corrected ts., 1 file, approximately 50 pp.


3rd draft, corrected ts. and photocopy with editorial comments in margins, 7 files, approximately 430 pp.;  “rewrites”, ms. and ts., 1 file, approximately 75 pp.

4th draft, “insert & rewrite”, corrected ts., 1 file, 6 pp.; 4th draft [?], ts. corrected by Janet Craig and returned to Berton, 5 files, approximately 600 pp.


BOX 194


printer’s copy, ts., 4 files, approximately 565 pp.

Editorial Comments on Maps (includes an unsigned letter to Berton, April 27, 1986), 1 file, 9 pp. + maps.

Editors’ Comments on 2nd and 3rd drafts revisions (letters from McClelland and Stewart, Janice Trywhitt, etc.), 1 file, approximately 75 pp.


Research Notes, photocopies mainly of printed material, contained in 4 black binders (marked A to D1) and 1 yellow binder (marked Byng).

Binders A-B

Yellow Binder (Byng)


BOX 195


Binders C - D1 + 2.


BOX 196


Research Notes, photocopies mainly of printed material, contained in 3 black binders (marked E, F2) and a yellow binder (marked F1), G.


BOX 197


Research Notes, photocopies mainly of printed material, contained in 3 black binders (marked H to I), and approximately 200  4 x 6 cards in Berton’s hand.


BOX 198


This box contains correspondence and research material arising from Berton’s advertisements in newspapers for personal recollections of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.


File 1 Richard Arthur Henderson, letters, photocopies,  1 file.

File 2 Bill Gray, “Canadian Battlefield Memorial Park--Vimy–”, photocopy of ms., 1 file, 23 pp.

File 3 William Arthur Green, “An Autobiography of World War I”, photocopy of tss., 1 file, 16 pp.

Files 4-5 two files of correspondence, formerly arranged by year, now broadly sorted alphabetically by name of correspondent, A to L and M to Z


File 6 heterogenous material

File 7 file marked “Vimy Miscellaneous Diaries + Letters”

File 8 Claude V. Williams, photocopy of letters 1916-18, ts., contained in turquoise binder, approximately 200 pp.


Files 9-10 W.M. Pecover, “WMP--The Overseas Letters 1916” and “WMP--The Overseas Letters 1917”, photocopy of ts., contained in 2 folders, approximately 100 pp.


File 11 John Henry Stacey, “WWII War Diary of, 1916 to”, ts., contained in folder, approximately 100 pp.


File 12 William Breckenridge, “From Vimy to Mons”, autographed mimeographed ts., approximately 200 pp.

SECTION B:   Articles 

Box 198 (continued)

Each entry consists of 1 file.


Script CBC Broadcast re Korean War on My Return, ts. (5 pp.), spring 1951.


With the PPCLI on the Western Front, Korea, ts. (13 pp.) and letter, April 1951.


Seoul, ts. (11 pp.), April 1951.


The Future of the North, Empire Club Speech, ts. (19 pp.) and correspondence, 1973.


Canadians As Winners, Memorial University, Angel Lecture (version of speech also given at McMaster University), ts. and photocopies of 4 other tss., and correspondence, 1974.


[“It is seven minutes to ten …”], for Quest, ts. (15 pp.) and photocopy of part of the ts., March-April 1976.


[article for Travel Times on Amsterdam, ts. (4 pp.), 1976.


China [for Weekend Magazine], photocopies of 4 tss., correspondence, flight schedule and itinerary, 1976.


Suggestions for a One Week Summer Trip to Holland, ts. (7 pp.), photocopy of ts., and issue of Travel Times, 14, no. 4 (June 1976) where the article is entitled “A Seven-Day Overview of One of the Most Interesting Countries in Europe”.


Gun-an-noot piece, 2 files, 1 file containing legal correspondence and the other several tss. and photocopies of proofs, 1977.


Pierre Berton for Mac Reynolds: Jack Scott, corrected ts. (4 pp.), photocopy of ts., and two letters, August 1979.


Landmarks of the War of 1812, Aircom Publishing, photocopy of ts. (7 pp.), July 27, 1981.


[speech to the Empire Club on the Heritage Canada], photocopy of corrected ts. (15 pp.) and letter, February 17, 1982.


Short Story [opening instalment of the Great Toronto Mystery for the Toronto Star], photocopies of 2 tss. (3 pp. each), photocopies of 2 tss. (1 p. each), and correspondence, March 1982


Constitution, for Toronto Star, photocopies of 2 tss. (1 p. each), March 1982.


Constitutional Preamble, for Toronto Star, photocopies of 2 tss. (1 p. each), March 1982.


Letter from Canada, for the Washington Post, corrected ts. (4 pp.), ts. (4 pp.) and letter, October 1983.


Review of Jim Christy’s The Price of Power: A Biography of Charles Eugene Bedaux, ts. (3 pp.), newsclipping of the review from The Globe and Mail, and correspondence, December 8, 1984.


[“When George Orwell wrote his landmark novel…”], for Macleans, corrected ts. (8 pp. ) and photocopy of another ts. (i pp.), December 12, 1984.


[foreword to Jean Pierre Lemieux’s Canada-Canada], ts. (2 pp.), photocopy of ts., photocopy of another ts. (2 pp.), and correspondence, 1984.


[on gardening], for Country and Home Magazine, photocopy of ts. (4 pp.) with 1 p. on the captions for illustrations, April 1985.


The Last Word [on the Animal Rights Movement], corrected ts. (1 p.), April 24, 1985.


Vancouver, for National Geographic Traveller ts. (18 pp.), corrected ts. (20 pp.), corrected photocopy of ts. (17 pp.), photocopy of ts. (pp. 2-8), and other tss., galley proof, and correspondence, August 1985.


Vimy, for the Sunday Star, corrected ts. (4 pp.) and ts. (4 pp.), 1986.


[“On August 7, 1872, seven Canadians…”], for Saturday Night, corrected ts. (5 pp.), corrected ts. (4 pp.), ts. (5 pp.), [1986].


Gordon Sinclair, for the Sunday Star, corrected ts. (1 p.), n.d.


Journal Last Word [on Father’s Day], ts. (1 p.), n.d.


The Last Word [“A little while ago I was asked…”], ts. (1 p.), photocopy of ts., corrected ts. (2 pp.), n.d.


[“The happiest and most productive days of my life…”], corrected ts. (2 pp.), n.d.


ACTRA, corrected ts. (2 pp.), n.d.


Introduction to Harrison’s Sam Magee, corrected ts. (3 pp.) and photocopy of another ts. (3 pp.), n.d.


[on Bruce Hutchison], for the Vancouver Sun, corrected ts. (4 pp.) and photocopy of another ts. (4 pp.), n.d.


Review of John Nihmey and Stuart Foxman’s Time of Their Lives, for the Montreal Gazette, corrected ts. (3 pp.), corrected ts. (3 pp.), and photocopy of another ts. (3 pp.), n.d.


For David Scollard M&S [“For the past several years…”], photocopy of ts. (2 pp.), n.d.


To: Mel Hurtig From: Pierre Berton, for CBC, photocopy of ts. 4pp.), n.d.


BOX 199


[“If I were given a second choice…”], ts. (2 pp.), n.d.


Identity, ts. with some pp. photocopied (15 pp.), n.d.


Outline for the Second Coming (with George Feyer), ts. (9 pp.), n.d.


[“In the spring of 1958…”], ts. (5 pp.), n.d.


The Legend of Headless Valley, photocopy of ts. (23 pp.), n.d.


Review of The CPR: A Century of Corporate Welfare, ts. (6 pp.), n.d.


The Last Spike, for Toronto Star, corrected ts. (7 pp.), n.d.


Anthology, photocopies of approximately 30 tss.



SECTION C:   Scripts and Proposals For Television, Radio and Film


Each entry consists of one file.


Close-Up, CBC, interviews, notes, and scripts, 1958.


Pierre Berton Show, transcripts of taped sessions, contracts, correspondence, 1963-75.


Screen Gems, file containing three proposals (Pierre Berton’s World, The Untold Story, and The Great Debate), transcripts of segments of the Pierre Berton Show, photographs, and correspondence, 1964-71.


Proposals to CBC re syndicated Pierre Berton Show (not accepted), 1965.


Glory Hunters, an hour length TV film series, with Elsa Franklin and Fletcher Markle, 1967.


Bobby Gimby Show, the Pied Piper of Canada, several copies of the proposal with correspondence, 1970-71.


Pilot Script for Radio Feature: Frontier Yarns (CP Rail), with correspondence, 1971.


Roundelay, ts. (24 pp.), contract and correspondence, 1973-74.


The People Show, 1977.


An All Canadian Show, 1983.


National Dream Revision, for CBC, May 1985.


Back To Batoche, 1 hr. CBC, documentary, 1985.


How to Be Successful, proposal for a one-hour taped television program, with Elsa Franklin, 2 proposals, 1986.


What’s Bugging You?, outline for a daily half-hour television show, with Elsa Franklin, 2 proposals, n.d.


Preliminary Proposal for Animation Series for Global Television, with Elsa Franklin, n.d.


The Greatest Show on Earth, with Elsa Franklin, n.d.


Touch and Tell, with Elsa Franklin, n.d.


My Kind of Place, with Elsa Franklin and Charles Templeton, n.d.


The Pierre Berton Hour, a nightly one-hour television program, n.d.


The Great Railway, story outline for eight television documentaries, n.d.


Coffee with Clyde [Gilmour], outline for a 15-minute daily television programme, with Elsa Franklin, 2 proposals, n.d.


The Jet Set, prospectus for a half-hour television program, with Elsa Franklin, 4 copies of the proposal, n.d.


The Canadian Connection, proposal for a 90-minute live television program, with Elsa Franklin, n.d.


A Look at Magic, n.d.

SECTION D:   Correspondence


Each entry consists of 1 file unless stated otherwise.


BOX 200


Access Ontario, 1983.

Aden Gold Study (printed item).

American Publishers, 2 files, 1962-70.

Applebaum/Herbert Report, 1983.

ARC Records, 1966-68.

Argosy, 1972.

Arts Alliance, 1984.

Arts for Peace, 1982-3.

Authors Guild, 1983.

Awards (University of Victoria, World Tourism  Day, Booksellers Award, Alaska University), 1982-3.

Roger W. Axford, 1983.


Varina Joan Beattie (Van Horne Estate), 1984.

Michael Bliss, 1970.

Books & Tours, includes itinerary, 1974.

Andrew Brewin Foundation, 1983.

Buffalo Evening News--Shribman article, contains issue of The Magazine of the Buffalo News (Sept. 2, 1979), 1979.


Canadian Booksellers Association, 1982.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association, 1982-84.

Canadian Embassy re Berton’s appearance on “Martin Agronsky: Evening Edition”, 1972.

The Canadian Forum, 1970.

Canadian Radio-TV Commission.--Brief--Berton, CRTC (contains Berton’s brief, 1970), 1983.

CBC, 1965-72.

City of Gold, letter to the Willow Road Senior Public School and notebook, 1982.

Comic Strips--Books, 1972-73.

Committee for Soviet Jewry (Anatoly Scharansky), includes letter from Pierre Elliot Trudeau, 1983.


Contracts Various, 1969-72.


Philip Conway, 1983-84.

Crystal Palace, includes photocopy of 11-page ts. “Iron and Glass: The Technological Lineage of the Crystal”, 1977.

Cuban Boat Trip, 1985.

Cushman, John--JCA Literary Agency Inc., 1978-82.

Custom Shop Ltd., 1974-84.


Doctor’s House Ltd., 1973-78.

E.A.S. Leasing, 1978.

Electronic Typewriters (printed material).


George Feyer, also includes ts. (4 pp.) “Stamp Book--George Feyer--Introduction” and ts. (11 pp.) “Feyer’s Fare”, 1967-76.

Hugh Forgie, 1970.

Foster Parents Plan, 1982-84.

Freedom of Information, 1982-84.

Front Page Challenge, includes contracts, 1965-73.


BOX 201


Alvan Gamble, 1970.

General Broadcast Sales, 1965-67.

Global-TV, 1969-74.

The Globe and Mail, 1981.

Heritage Kleinburg, 1979-80.

Jean Hodgins, 1969.

Hospital, correspondence received mainly during his stay in hospital, 1983.


Initiating Committee--Peace, 1983-84.

International Campaign--Massera, 1982-83.

Kainai Chieftainship, 1982-84.

Harold King Farm, 1982-84.

Klondike/Catford Cycling Club (photocopy of printed item)

Knopf & CKW (Collins-Knowlton-Wing Inc.), 1972-76.


Longman Canada Ltd., 1969.

Luncheon File, 1982-83.

Macmillan of Canada, 1971-76.

Mackenzie, Alexander Trail Assoc. (John Woodworth), 1984.

Helen Maloney, n.d.

Peter Martin Associates Ltd., 1969.

Rob McCandless, 1975-77.

McClelland and Stewart, promotion (1 file), copyright and Knopf (1 file), cars book (1 file), Christmas book (1 file), the Last Train and Weekend Magazine (1 file), general correspondence (9 files), 14 files in all, 1968-84.

Nancy Challenge (Ontario’s Challenge for HMS Challenge), 1984.


National Dream--Play, 1972-73.

National Gallery of Art--Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, 1982.

Natural Science of Canada Ltd. (NSL) Publishers, The Illustrated History of Canada series, 3 files, 1968-73, 1982-84.


BOX 202


National Union Government Employees/Peace: No Future Without It, 1984.

Norton, W.W. & Co.--Publishers, 2 files, 1978, 1982.

Office Equipment Contracts, 1979-84.

Operation Dismantle, 1983-84.

Order of Canada, 1974-83.


Peace Action Book, 1984.

Peace Petition Caravan, 1983-84.

Permissions, 5 files, 1969-73, 1979-80, 83-84.

Photograph File--General, 1983.

Pollution Probe, 1983.

Pornography, 1983.

Cy Porter, 1983-84.

Project Awareness, 1983.

Public Archives of Canada--Can. Radio and TV Study--Host Production, 1983-84.

Quest, 1972.


Railway Movie--Ammendola, 1971-72.

William Ready, 1971-72.

Research (notes and printed material).

Researchers--Office Section, 1982-84.

Richmond Hill Cable TV Ltd., 1972.

Satellite Broadcasting Corp. (Pay TV), 1982-83.

Saturday Night, 1977.

Laura Secord, 1980-81.

Shaw Festival, 1983-84.

Gordon Sinclair Award File, 1983.

Keith Sutherland re Steven Truscott case, 1969.


Toronto Memorial Society “Shopping for a Coffin …” (letter and brochure reprinting Berton’s article), 1984.

Tourism--Award, 1983.

Trade & Commerce, 1975.

Translations, 1972.

Travel Arrangements, 1982-83.

University of Toronto, DCB (biography of Major A.B. Richards), 1977-78.


Vancouver Post Office Strike, 1980.

Vantage Records, 1970-74.

Vaughan Township (Robert Martin), 1978-79.

Vitec Communications Ltd., 1970-74.


West Book General, 1982.

White House Tapes, 1976-80.

Windsor Art Gallery, 1979.

The Windsor Star, 1973.

Willis Kingsley Wing, 1959-68.

Writers Development Trust, 2 files, 1977-83.

Writers’ Union of Canada, 2 files, 1982-84.

SECTION E:               Heritage Canada


BOX 203


Each entry consists of 1 file. The inclusive dates of the material are 1974-80.


Heritage Breakfast, Sept. 13/79.

Heritage Canada Information Kit.

Heritage Speech, 1978.

Election of Governors, Board of Gov. Lists.

Sample Press Kit.


Sample Camp. Material

General Correspondence.

Tour October-November 1979.

Film Coverage of Projects

Income Tax Act


Lieut. Governor’s Award.

Phillips’ Contract.

Regional Council Meetings.


Projects, Preservation, General Correspondence.


Reformed Tax Treatment of Existing Buildings, HC and Historical Preservation Ed.

Slides for Television.

Heritage Day 1980.

Heritage Canada (correspondence, minutes, photos, etc.), 3 files, summer 1978 to April 1979.

Financial Statements, March 31, 1979.


BOX 204


St. Andrews Civic Trust Inc.

The Walton Street Study, August 1978.

Canada’s Illustrated Heritage.

The Natural World (Lister Sinclair), proposal with Sinclair for a mail order series.

Heritage Series NSL.


NSL--Decade Series.

Heritage Book File.

NSL editorial correspondence (no file folder).

Several issues of Heritage Canada magazine and other magazines.

SECTION F:               Berton Celebration Dinner


Testimonials or written contributions from Elsa Franklin, Stephen Franklin, John Bassett, Fred Bodsworth, Scott Young, Larry Zolf, Farley Mowat, Arthur Irwin, Bruce Hutchison, Eric Nicol, Margaret Laurence, Charles Templeton, Gordon Sinclair, Robertson Davies, June Callwood and Trent Frayne, Arthur Hailey, Clyde Gilmour, Peter C. Newman, Margaret Atwood, William B. Forbes, Bruce Mickleburgh, and Mavor Moore, 1 file, 1979



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