To Fonds Description

Pierre Berton fonds. Third accrual.

A) Published Books
Invasion of Canada, McClelland and Stewart, 1980

Box 137
Barb Sears' Research Material.
Most of the box contains photocopies from various sources concerning the early stages of the war of 1812.

F.1 Berton's holograph research notes, 2 pp.
Notes to Berton from Barb Sears (?) and Linda McKnight.
Typed and photocopied research notes. 71 pp.
F.2 File cards with random notes by Berton
Berton's holograph research notes, 1 p.
Photocopy of memo by Berton to "Geoff", with attached research notes. Photocopied research material. 398 pp.
F.3 Typed quotations relating to the war.
Photocopied research material.
Booklet Gunfire on the Lakes.
F.4 Photocopied research material.
2 thin black binders with photocopied research material including official and eyewitness accounts of the capture of Washington.
The pages in the two binders have been numbered consecutively.

Box 138
Manuscript material.
"first try" at Invasion, ts. ; first draft -original ts. ; first draft -photocopy ts.; comments from others re. first draft.

Box 139
Manuscript material.
first draft -photocopy; second draft -original ts.; comments from others on this draft.

Box l40
Manuscript material.
second draft -photocopies, one with Janice Patton's comments

Box 141
Manuscript material.
rewritten pages from second draft for third draft; third draft -original ts.

Box 142
Manuscript material.
third draft, with Barbara Sears' comments; fourth (last) draft, set up for printer.

Box 143
Manuscript material.
fourth (last) draft, set up for printer; pictures for end papers ; maps material; some galley proofs

Nine thick black binders containing photocopied and typed research material with relevant items marked and pages numbered, unboxed. The descriptions are taken from Berton's own labels except where indicated by square brackets.
Binder #1 Raisin River 401 pp .
#2 Queenston Heights 399 pp.
#3 Indians 623 pp.
#4 Battle of Detroit, Book 1 624 pp.
#5 [Battle of Detroit Book 2] 52 6pp.
#6 Mackinac - Social History 367 pp.
#7 Fort Stephenson 197 pp.
#8 Causes 404 pp.
#9 Second Draft [Material for the second draft of Invasion]. 445 pp.
- see also boxes 144 & 145.

Flames Across the Border, McClelland and Stewart, 1981

Box 144
Barb. Sears' research material:
5 binders with Invasion and Flames ts. notes

Box 145
Barb. Sears' research material:
2 binders with Invasion and Flames ts. notes
+ 2 card indexes

Box 146
Barb. Sears' research material: photocopied pieces, 1078 pp.

Box 147
First draft -original ts.

Box 148
Second draft -original ts.

Box 149
Second draft, retyped. + readers' comments.

Box 150
Third draft - original ts.

Box 151
Third draft -retyped (?)

Box 152
Fourth (final) draft for printer.

Box 153
Galley proofs.

Box 154
Preliminaries, end matter, reviews, material for U.S. edition.

25 thick black binders containing photocopied and typed research material with relevant items marked and pages numbered, unboxed. The descriptions are taken from Berton's own labels except where indicated by square brackets.
Binder #1 York 792 pp.
#2 East -Spring 1814,
LaColle Mill, Oswego and Sandy Creek,
Lake Ontario 248 pp.
#3 Lake Champlain, Book 1, 527 pp.
#4 Lake Champlain, Book 2, 593 pp.
#5 Army, Medicine, Weapons 477 pp.
#6 British Military Records from P.A.C, 320 pp.
Colonial Office Papers, Upper and Lower Canada
#7 Lundy' s Lane and Fort Erie 736 pp.
#8 Fort Meigs 381 pp.
#9 Traitors and Treason 340 pp.
#10 Niagara Frontier -Spring 1814, Chippewa 602 pp.
#11 Third Draft -[material for the 3rd draft of Flames] 326 pp.
#12 [Burlington, Lundy's Lane, 4 Mile Creek, Williamsberg] 176 pp.
#13 Chrysler's Farm 605 pp.
#14 Chateauguay (new book) 356 pp.
#15 Stoney Creek, Beaver Dams, Black Rock 592 pp.
#16 Overview Book II 186 pp.
#17 Lake Erie 754 pp.
#18 [Ships] 205 pp.
#19 [Fort George] 324 pp.
#20 Spring 1814 -Far West 431 pp.
#21 People File 620 pp.
#22 [1813-14 including Ghent] 383 pp.
#23 Thames 655 pp.
#24 Thames II 263 pp.
#25 Niagara Frontier -Winter 1813 752 pp.
Also 1 metal card index box with holograph cards by Berton -numbers cited correspond to items in black binders listed above.

Box 155
Klondike, McClelland and Stewart, 1958
F.1 Original outline for "Klondike" for Alfred Knopf publishers with suggested prologue and epilogue, ts.
F.2 Scripts for CBC radio talks on Klondike, 1950s, ts.
F.3 More CBC radio talk scripts on Klondike, 1950s, ts.
F.4 Ford Times, July 1951 including article on Klondike by Berton
F.5 Index to revised edition of Klondike for Alfred Knopf, ts. with "A note on sources", "biographical notes" and bibliography (originals and carbon copies), ts.
F.6 Notes and correspondence re Klondike, 1946-57.
F.7 Notes and correspondence re Klondike, 1953-54.
F. 8 "Klondike Correspondence," 1956-58.
F.9 "Draft outline for TV series based on Klondike (not produced)", ts.
F.l0 "Klondike, first draft screen treatment, 1959" - bound ts.

Box 156
F.1 "Klondike; a treatment for a musical by Berton", late 1950s, photocopied ts., 12 pp., + envelope.
F.2 "Klondike; an action breakdown", (film outline?), bound carbon ts.
F.3-4 "Klondike "ZIV-TV scripts short-lived series based (allegedly) on Klondike", 1960, individually bound scripts with loose revised pages, ts.
F.5 The Trail of `98, CBC television documentary narrated by J. Frank Willis and written by Berton late 1950s, carbon ts., + 2 copies of fuller, retyped version.
F.6 Transcript of part of BBC programme The Critics in which the TV programme The Trail of `98 was discussed, duplicated ts.
F.7 Correspondence regarding The Trail of `98 (TV) and Klondike (book), late 1950s.

Box 157
Le Grand Defi
French version (2 volumes) of The National Dream and The Last Spike (?)
-no preliminary material or title page. Annotated typescript with some holograph pages (not written by Berton), no date.

Box 158
Drifting Home
McClelland and Stewart, 1973
F.1 "Menus etc. for river trip, 1962" [+ 1972 trip?]
F.2 Brochures, ticket stubs, publicity about the Yukon, map, portion of old newspaper (1930)
F.3 Holograph notes on trip, 1 p. + transcript of tape (?), August 1972, ts. , 8 pp.
F.4 Manuscript material: First draft of Drifting Home, heavily annotated ts., 110 pp.
F.5 Manuscript material: 2nd draft of Drifting Home, annotated ts., 139 pp.

Contributions to books
F.6 Canada: Pictures of a Great Land, published simultaneously in Germany, France and Canada, 1976.
First and second (final) drafts of the text together in black binder. 1st draft, signed by the author May 9, 1977, heavily annotated ts., 16 pp. 2nd draft, heavily annotated ts., 19 pp.

B) Television and Radio Scripts, Speeches, Articles, Forewords to Other Authors' Books
These items cover a broad date range from the 1940s to 1981 and have been sorted alphabetically by title. Where the piece is untitled, the name of the organization addressed or the publication contributed to has been used. As most of the pieces are undated an indication of time of composition has been given in square brackets thus: [1940s].

Box 159
Africa TV: scripts for Pierre Berton Show [1960s?]
- Opening Sequence, annotated ts., 2 pp. + 2 carbon tss., 4 pp. total - Sequence 3, annotated ts.,2 pp. + 1 carbon ts., 2 pp. - Sequence 4, annotated ts., 3 pp., + 2 carbon tss., 6 pp. total
Alaska Highway: Article for Imperial Oil Review, September 1949, carbon ts., 9pp.
Any Fool Can Paint: Article for Mayfair Magazine November, 1952, published under the pseudonym Frobisher J. Creel, [Crele], heavily revised and annotated ts., 7 pp.
Art of Communication: "Notes and transcript of speech on communication, 1950s", - 6 typed and annotated file cards, - annotated carbon ts., 19 pp.
- note re. the speech from "Bill "
Beginnings: for Canadian Magazine, taped by Sylvia Fraser [1980?] - annotated ts., 4pp. - retyped version, 4 pp.
Big Sell: Speech [1950s?] - 19 typed and annotated file cards
Books: 2 Speeches,
- 8 typed and annotated file cards [1950's?]
- 7 typed and annotated file cards,
"Address to Canadian Booksellers, May 1971."
Books and Shows: [Scripts of radio series?] - subtitled "Grass Beyond the Mountains", carbon ts., 4 pp.
Booksellers: Speech (incomplete) [1970's?]
7 typed file cards, numbered 6-12
Boyle ("Klondike Joe"): Review for Globe and Mail of book entitled Klondike Joe
- Berton's holograph notes from the book, 3 pp.
- annotated typescript review, 8 pp.

Canada Week: Article for Toronto Star [June 1977] - annotated ts., 4 pp. - retyped version, 4 pp.
Canada Week: Letter to the editor of the Daily Colonist [1977], annotated ts., 3 pp.
Canada's Northland: Speeches
- annotated ts., 5 pp. [1950's?] - annotated ts., 4 pp. [1950's?]
- 1 typed file card
- typescript [1955], 19 pp.
- printed version of above typescript, May 1955, 16 pp.
Canadian Characters: Speeches
- to University of Toronto, 1954, annotated ts., 12 pp.
- [1954?], annotated ts., incomplete, 6 pp.
- holograph notes relating to above speeches, 14 pp.
Canadian Committee of Scientists and Scholars: Article, February 12,1982, annotated ts., 2 pp.

Canadian Flag :Speech [1960s?]
- annotated ts., incomplete, 17 pp. - carbon ts. of above, 18 pp.
Canadian Forum: Review article (1974) of The CPR by Robert Chandos
- paperback copy of Chandos' book
- Berton's holograph notes from the book, 2 pp.
- annotated ts., 4 pp.
- 2nd version, annotated ts., 5 pp.

Canadian Heritage Magazine: Various columns written for the magazine, all untitled,
- [Royal Bank at Kleinburg], annotated ts., 25 February 1982, 3 pp.
- final version of above, 4 pp.
[Vancouver Art Gallery], annotated ts., [1981-2], 3 pp.
[Publications of Heritage Canada] , annotated ts., [1982?],2 pp.
[Meaning of Heritage] "Original Canadian Heritage Piece Sept 81 "
- annotated ts., 4 pp. - final version, 4 pp.
[How to form a Heritage Society], [1981-82], 2 versions of the same article, - annotated ts., 4 pp. - annotated ts., 4 pp.
[Futuristic article on the proposed demolition of the Toronto Dominion Centre], [1981], - annotated ts., 3 pp.
[A decade of Heritage Canada], [1981-2], annotated ts., 5 pp.
See also Heritage Canada [Magazine]

Canadian Historical Review: Review article of The War of 1812 by Allan S. Everest, [1981]
- 1st draft, annotated ts., 3 pp.; - 2nd draft, annotated ts., 2 pp.
- final draft, ts., 3 pp.
Canadian Pacific Railway: Series of articles for Globe and Mail [1970s?], all untitled,
- No.1. [Parliamentary Debate], annotated ts., 6 pp.
- No.2. [The great men incl. Van Horne], annotated ts., 6 pp.
- No.3. [Western Alienation] annotated ts., 6 pp.
- No.4. [The Cities created by C.P.R.], annotated ts., 5 pp.
- No.5. [Chinese labourers], annotated ts., 6 pp.
Speech(es), [1970s?]
- total of 20 typed file cards, apparently from different speeches on the railway.

Canadians as Winners: Angel Memorial Lecture, University of Newfoundland, April 6, 1974, - annotated ts., 37 pp.
Change: Speech(es), [1960s? 1970s?]
- 5 file cards with holograph notes on future fashions
- holograph notes, 1 p.
City of Gold: "first draft original script", [1950s?] - carbon ts., 7 pp.
Civil Liberties: Speech, [c.1969?]
-15 file cards with holograph notes
-5 sheets from note pad, holograph
Close Encounters: "A Proposal for a nightly half-hour T .V. program"
- annotated ts., 3 pp.
- retyped ts., 3 pp.
- holograph notes, 1 p.
Comfortable: Pew Speeches on religion, [1960s?]
- 4 holograph file cards
- 5 typed file cards [1965]
Congres des Affaires Canadiennes: Speech, [1970s?]
English and French versions in annotated tss., 61 pp. total
Constitution: Article [a Letter to Editor?] , "for Toronto Star Feb/82", annotated ts., 1 p.

Cool Canadian (also called Canadians Are Different ): Speeches, [1960s and 70s] total of 42 file cards
(See also TV script "Why We're Different Than Americans")
Critically Speaking -Books: Series of radio (?) Scripts [1950s?],
-The Great Escape and The Tunnel, annotated ts., 5pp.
-Lifesmanship and Gamesmanship, annotated ts., 5pp.
-North Pole Boarding House, As We Came By and Grass Beyond the Mountains, annotated ts., 5pp.

Dawson Trip: Column for The Star [1962], offprint, 1 p.
Dennis, Charles: Foreword for his book, January 1982, annotated ts.
Douglas, Tommy: Speech, April 1971, 8 typed and annotated file cards
Drama Festiva:l Speech to Western Ontario Drama Festival, April 4, 1967, 3 typed file cards, annotated

Box 160
Education: Speeches
- to Congress on the Future, Edmonton, 1970, printed version, 17 pp.
- Montreal, Oct. 26,1971, 10 typed file cards, annotated
- Edmonton, February 1972 18 typed file cards, annotated

Education, The New: Speech, University of Victoria, April 1969
-13 typed file cards, annotated
-2 mounted newspaper clippings
Empire Club Address: Speech, 1982, on Heritage Day, annotated ts., 15 pp.
F.E.P.C. [Fair Employment Practices Commission]: Speech [late 1940s?]
21 typed file cards, annotated

Father Lacombe: TV Script [speech?] 15 typed file cards, annotated
Freedom of the Press: Article, [1940s-50s?] annotated ts., 10 pp.
Function of a Magazine: Speech, [1950s?] annotated ts., 10 pp.
Gateway: Article, [1970s?] -1st draft, annotated ts., 1 p.
- 2nd draft, of 1st paragraph, ts., 1 p.
-3rd draft, complete, ts., 1 p.
Gun-an-noot: Article, 1977
-1st draft, annotated ts., 16 pp.
- revised version, annotated ts., 14 pp.

Harrington, Michael: Review article on The Accidental Century, [1965-6], printed version, 5 pp.
Harrison, Ted: Foreword for his book of paintings, The Last Horizon, [1980] first and second drafts, annotated tss., 5 pp. total
Headless Valley: Original series of articles for the Vancouver Sun, February 1947, originally a series of 15 articles
-14 articles, and bulletin, ts., 73 pp.,
-and rough draft of article #7, annotated tss., 8 pp.
Various articles and radio broadcasts, early 1950s, all annotated tss., total of 37 pp.
Heritage Canada: Foreword to book by Philip Graham for Heritage Canada Foundation, [1981-2]
1st draft, annotated ts., 2 pp.
2nd draft, annotated ts., 3 pp.
3rd draft, ts., 3 pp.

Heritage Canada [Magazine]: Various articles, all untitled, [Van Horne Residence]
1st draft, annotated ts., 5 pp.
2nd draft, ts., 5 pp. + photocopy, 5 pp.
[The Heritage Canada Foundation], [ca.1974] annotated ts., 4 pp.
Speech, September 1978, 2 typed and annotated file cards, (on Berton's youth in Dawson)
Heroes: Speech for Canadian Club, April 1970, 20 typed and annotated file cards
Human Rights: Speech, April 1970, 6 typed and annotated file cards
Hungary: Speech [1960s?] 3 handwritten file cards + note, 1 p.

I Married the Klondike" Various drafts of the TV script marked "Beginnings" ,
1st draft, annotated ts., 15 pp.
2nd draft, ts., 14 pp.
3rd draft, annotated ts., 21 pp., with shooting schedule, Ms., 2 pp., ts., 2 pp.
4th draft, photocopy of 3rd draft with different annotations, 20 pp.
5th draft (final), ts., 19 pp.
International Series Talks: Outlines of 8 different [proposed?] broadcasts, [1950s?] carbon ts., 3 pp.
Is the Press too Sensational?: Speech to Empire Club, [n.d.], 3 versions,
original ts., annotated, 19 pp.
carbon ts., 19 pp.
photocopy ts., 19 pp.

Japan: Speech, [n.d.], 17 typed and annotated, + handwritten file cards
John Birch Society: Article, [Maclean's?], 1963,
annotated ts., 7 pp.
page proof, corrected, 1 p.
Justice in Canada: Speech to B.C. Corrections Association, 1964,
1st draft, annotated ts., 18 pp.
2nd draft, carbon ts., 20 pp.
+ 3pp. of mounted news clippings re. the speech

Box 161
King, Harold: Speeches [1950s]
-7 typed and annotated file cards, September 1958
- 4 typed file cards (shortened version of above)
Klondike : Various speeches [late 1950s- early 1960s]
- 6 typed file cards on the writing of the book Klondike
-7 typed file cards on the gold rush
- typed and annotated notes for Klondike speech, 8 pp.
- typed and annotated notes, dated April 1960, 7 pp.
-1 ts. sheet [for speech?] on Berton's youth in Dawson "Dawson speech -Janet", annotated (by Mrs. Berton?), ts., 6 pp.
- Printed summary of Berton's speech, February 1981, to meeting of Canadian Surveyors, 1961, 2 pp.
Landmarks of the War of 1812: Article, [1981],
lst draft, annotated ts., 6 pp.
2nd draft, annotated ts., 7 pp.
London Press Club: Article [?], January 1982 annotated ts., 1 p.

Lost Cabin: "First draft 'The Lost Cabin' for Spring Thaw (Robert Goulet", [1950s?], annotated ts., 1 p.
Maclean's Magazine: "Notes -Berton -Anniversary Issue", excerpts from early issues of Maclean's, [1950s?] carbon ts., 24 pp.
Maclean's Magazine: Various items, notes for speeches, etc., [1950s]
-"'Slush file' articles -rejected and reasons why, June 23, 1955", ts., 2 pp.
-Speech on skills of writing, annotated ts., 3 pp.
-Speech on writing magazine article, annotated ts., 3 pp.
Maclean's Magazine: Various pieces [1950s]
- Speech on topicality, 5 pp.
-Article by Ron Hambleton, cut by Berton, 14 pp.
- List of articles rejected, 1 p.
-Analysis of types of articles published by Maclean's, 1948-9, 5 pp.
The Magazine of the Future: Speech, on 50th Anniversary of Maclean's, [1955], annotated ts., 5pp.
Magazines: Speech [1950s],
typed and annotated small sheets, originally 10 pp.,
only 9 pp. included

Mass Media: Speech, [1950s?],
+ unmounted cuttings relating to speech
McMichael Collection: Letter to editor of Globe and Mail published Dec. 1, 1981, original ts., 1 p.; photocopy of published
Medicare :Speech, April 10, 1968, Saskatoon and April 12, 1968, Regina,
12 typed and annotated file cards
Newspaper cuttings, mounted, about the speeches (See also the related correspondence with Dr. John Bury of Saskatoon, Causes file)
My Own Thing: Proposal for weekly half hour television series from My Country Productions,
Annotated ts., 1 p.
Holograph list, 1 p.
Final ts., 2 pp.
Mysterious North: Series of (Radio?) Talks [mid 1950s]
All in annotated typescripts:
1: The Lonely River, 7 pp.
2: The Lake on the Roof of the World, 6 pp.
3: The Barren Grounds, 7 pp.
4: The Land of the Caribou, 7 pp.
5: The Yukon River, 7 pp.
6: Perma frost and Placer Gold, 7 pp.
7: The Alaska Highway, 7 pp.
8: North to Baffin, 7 pp.
9: Summing Up, 7 pp., also typescript notes for the series

National Energy Policy: Article (?), [c.1980]
Annotated ts., 4 pp.
North to the Nahanni: Series of (Radio?) Talks, [c.1951] based on the "Headless Valley" articles.
All in annotated typescripts:
1: The Myth of Headless Valley, 7 pp.
2: The Mad Pilot, 7 pp.
3: The Great Lone Land, 7 pp.
4: Headless Valley, 7 pp.
5: Million Dollar Valley, 2 pp.
6: The Outlaw Indians of Bear Lake, 8 pp.

Outlaws of Bear Lake: Radio Talk (?)
Variation of #6 in the North to the Nahanni series, carbon ts., 7 pp.
Peace Research: Speech [c.1962]
10 typed and annotated file cards
Perri: Notes for speech (?), [1970s?] on adoption of black daughter,
annotated ts., 3pp.
Pierre Berton Show: Speech for dinner celebrating 1,000 Pierre Berton Show, February 3, 1969
8 typed and annotated file cards
Press: Various Speeches
1) Outline notes for Winnipeg speech to friends of Literacy, April 1962, 2 pp.
2) 12 file cards, [development of (1)?]
3) Carbon ts. of text of speech to University of Toronto [1960s?], 20 pp.
4) another version, carbon ts., of the same speech (3), 32 pp.
Press: Speech [1950s?)
annotated tss., 2 pp.
Press: Copies of speeches by others on "The Press & the Public", - draft and published versions, given at Canadian Institute on Public Affairs Conference, Toronto, 1962
Prisons: Television show, [1960s?], typed and annotated typed and annotated file cards,
6 file cards -initial outline, later developed and + rejected cards (?)
41 file cards -complete programme
Public Planning: Speech, January 1961,
ts., 17 pp. + mounted clippings

Box 162
Royal Family: Speech [for Victoria Curling Club?], [1950s?]
Holograph notes for speech, 1 p.
More detailed holograph notes, 1 p.
Typed outline of speech, annotated, 4 pp.
Russia: Speech (?), [1950s?]
2 typed and annotated file cards
Secret World of Og: Speech, [1950s?]
Photocopied ts., 13 pp.
Senior English (Schools Programmes): 2 Radio Scripts, [1950s?]
Program no.1, annotated ts., 10 pp.
Program no.2, annotated ts., 9 pp.
Seoul: Speech, [1950s?]
typed and annotated notes, 6 pp.
Separatism: Speech for University of British Columbia, May 12,1965
-10 typed and annotated file cards
-Typed and annotated draft of speech, 11 pp.
-Carbon copy, unannotated, of above
-Assortment of cuttings about the speech
Service, Robert: Article, [1950s?] ts.,7 pp.
Service, Robert: Television broadcast, [1960s?] annotated ts., 6 pp.
Service, Robert :Television Programme, Spring 1958.
Interview with Robert Service at Monte Carlo, for CBC Close Up
3 bound carbon ts. with annotations and deletions, 52 pp., 49 pp., 36 pp.

The Sixties: Television broadcasts for the Pierre Berton Show. December 20, 1968,
2 part ts., 11 pp., 12 pp.
Smug Minority: Various Speeches, [1960s]
-"education", 6 typed and annotated file cards
-"old versus new" -speech to Victoria College, Nov. 1967,
- 12 typed and annotated file cards
-"poverty" (Vancouver 1968?), annotated ts., 4 pp.
-"life & leisure" , annotated ts. , 3 pp. + cutting
Smug Minority: Article on the book, April 1968, incomplete, 9 of former l0 pp., annotated ts.
Smug Minority Revisited: Speech to Winnipeg United Appeal, March 1, 1973,
18 typed and annotated file cards
South Africa: Speech for debate, [1960s], annotated ts., 7 pp.
(See also Canadian Flag)
Steele, Sam (Canadian History): Speech, October 20,1969, 12 typed and annotated file cards

Tahiti: Talk (TV programme?)
19 typed file cards
Television and Education: Talk, Halifax, October 3, 1967,
8 typed and annotated file cards
Television and Radio-Wonderland of Waste: Talk, [1960s?], 5 typed and annotated file cards

Toronto Star: Beginning of short story (to be completed by readers)
March, 1982, annotated ts., 1 p.
The Town that Gold Built : Radio talk in the National School Broadcasts series
Used Cars: Speech, [1960s]
13 typed and annotated file cards
Watson, Tom: Speech, 1967
4 typed and annotated file cards
What the Future Holds for Canadians:Article, for Financial Post, December 1981,
1st draft, annotated ts., 1 p.
2nd draft, annotated ts. (photocopy), 1 p.
Why We're Different Than Americans: TV (Pierre Berton Show) Script, December 28, 1967, ts., 11 pp.
A Woman's Way Through Labrador: Foreword to book by Mina Hubbard, 1981,
lst draft, ts., 3 pp.
2nd draft, annotated ts., 3 pp.
World Tour: TV programme(s), [n.d.],
13 typed and annotated file cards

A Writer and His Many Media: Speech, [1960s?],
7 typed and annotated file cards
+ holograph title sheet
Writing: Speech, [n.d.],
7 typed and annotated file cards
28 file cards with cuttings attached, annotated; examples of writing techniques
Writing: Speeches, [n.d.],
an assortment of various speeches, on large paper, small paper and file cards, some holograph, some typed and annotated
Writing: As above, [n.d.], various articles, annotated, tss.

Box 163
Research Trips
Headless Valley (Nahanni Valley) Expedition, February, 1947
F.1 Berton's notebook -pencil notes (with some sketches) of the trip
F.2 Correspondence -
letters giving information before the expedition
letters requesting information as a result of the articles fan mail
also telegrams from Hal Straight (Vancouver Sun) and Rita Hayworth
See also articles under "Headless Valley" in Scripts, Speeches, Box 160.

Dawson City Trip, June 1962 for Toronto Star
F.1 Itineraries, fares, lists all relating to the planning of the Dawson trip also souvenir postcards, ticket stubs, etc. pencil sketch
F.2 Advertising and promotional material for Dawson and area, also some nineteenth century photographs of Dawson
F.3 Dawson City Festival Foundation (Berton was a director) circulars and subscription reports
F.4 The Stampeder: A Weekly News of the Dawson City festival, vol. l nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 7, November 1961- March 1962, several duplicates
F.5 Correspondence, 1961-62, relating to the trip and the fund raising campaign
See also column in Scripts, Speeches, Articles, box 159, on Dawson trip.

Mysterious North trip - for research which led to the book, articles and broadcasts
F.1 Notebook, mostly aphorisms about money and the attaining of wealth
F.2. Research material -cuttings, press releases, etc.
F.3 Research notes for The Mysterious North - ts. and ms.
F.4 Correspondence relating to The Mysterious North including reports and corrections from various readers and correspondence from Hudson's Bay Co., Arctic Institute of North America, Department of Northern Affairs (Gordon Robertson) and Cyrus Eaton
F.5 Mysterious North - illustrations, instructions for printer, maps, lists of maps, 1 sheet of galley proofs listing illustrations
F. 6 "Picture story on The Mysterious North" script for film, 3 pp. ts .
See also series of talks "Mysterious North" and "North to Nahanni " in Scripts, Speeches and Articles files, box 161, and Chilkoot Trail trip material in box 175.

All dating from late 1970s to early 1980s except where otherwise indicated. General, personal and business letters included.
Box 164
Abey, Edmund G .
Academy of Canadian Writers
Allan, Mary
Allen, Arthur
Anderson, David J.
Angelis, Mickey Pauline de
Angus, Dr. William
Archer, Vern
Argosy Travel
Argyle, Ray
Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists
Aziz, Philip J.
Balcom, Marg.
Balk, Alfred
Bant, Marguerite
Barrett, Tony
Bayley, William Hewitt
Beattie, Jessie
Bell Telephone
Benoit, Jehane
Berry, David
Black, Catherine
Blackstock, Harvey
Book and Periodical Development Council
Bookman, Steven M.
Bosa, Senator Peter
Brask, Per
Braun, Dr. L.D.
Brennan, T. Ann
Brewin, Andrew
Brimelow, Peter
British Broadcasting Corporation (1956)
Brown, Jeremy
Bull, Violet
Bums, Skip
Byrne, Anita
CFI Investments
CFRA Radio Ottawa
Calgary, University of
Campbell, Craig S.
Campbell, Tom
Canadian Airline Passengers Association
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Canton Jones, George
Carpenter, Mary (see separate file)
Carrigan, Edward
Cartwright, Joyce
Celebrity Service
Clap Hands (contract for show - see separate file)
Clyne, J.V.
Cochrane Pageant Committee
Colbert, Nancy
Collingridge, R.C.
Commcept Publishing
Conacher, James R.
Continental Group of Canada
Cooper Appraisals
Cooper, Robert
Coyle, J.C.
Creighton, Douglas
Cribari, Susan
Crombie, David
Crowley, Everett
Cultural Property - Government of Canada
Cussler, Bob
Daily, Mrs. Arthur F.
Dallegret, François
Daly, Tom
Danson, Barney
Davey, John P.
Davidson, M. Schofield
Davies, Rick
Davies, T. Richard
Dent, Hugh F.
De Sormo, Maitland C.
Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Doern, Russell
Donovan , Michael
Doodchenko, Albert
Dover Promotions
Downey, Jack
Drysdale, Ian
Dunbar, Charles
Ehrman, Joachim B.
Ellis, Desmond
Financial Post
Findlay, Timothy ["Tiff"]
Fisher, Gordon
Fodor, Nicholas J.
Forsey, Eugene
Fortado, Dora L.
Foster Advertising
Foulds, Andy
Fox, Paul (1960)
Fraser, Marilyn L.
Fraser, Sylvia
Frayne, June
Geddes, Garry
Gervais, Marty
Gifford, Martin N.
Gillies, James
Godfrey, Paul
Golden, Aubrey E.
Green, L.H.
Griesdorf, Norman
Grohne, Jurgen
Hageman , Norm
Haggart, Ron
Hailey, Arthur
Halperin, Israel
Hambling, Donald V.
Handman, Stan
Hannon, L.F.
Hardin, Herschel
Harnum, Bill
Harrison, Ted
Heading, Paddy
Hennessey, Catherine G.
Hiebert, Paul
Hoffman, Paul
Hotel Vancouver
Houston, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Howarth, Michael
Hunt, Krystyna
Hunter, F.A.
Hutchinson, Bruce
Iler, Yvonne
Irwin, C. Thomas
Jackson, Allen C.
Jacoangeli, Bruno
Jamieson, Bas
Jerome, Edith
Jetter, Anna
Joerin, M.
Johnston, Donald B.
Jones, Glen A.
Jones, Iris E.T.
Jordan, Bob
Jordan, Barbara
Kahnert, Stephen M.
Kalman, Harold
Kayfetz, B.G.
Keate, Stuart (1965)
Keith, Hon. Mr. Justice
Keator, D.
Keefe, Kenneth B.
Kennedy, Betty
Kenney, Grant J.
Kilbourne, Bill
Killman , Murray
Kinrade, Laura
Kinsella, Anna
Kirk, Malcolm
Klarer, A11en
Kleinburg Binder Twine Festival
Krug, Robert E.
Kunkle, Gerry
Kusche, Larry
Laidlow, J.M.
Landsberg, Michele
Lemire, Joseph C.
Lemon, Robert G.
Lenglet, Marcia
Leslie, Edgar
Lewis, Stephen
Lorimer, James
Love, David
Low, Ben
Lyle, Marilyn
MacDonald, Dave
MacDonald, L.A.
MacGregor, Roy
MacLellan, Gene
Macmillan Company
MacPherson, Glenn A.
Mailey, John
Mann, Larry D.
Martin, Robert
Mappin, Judith w.
Marchard, Jean
Martin, Tantoo
McCarter, Alec
McCaskill, Tim
McClelland, Jack (see also Mowat file)
McClelland & Stewart (Marta Kurc)
McDonagh, Bernard
McGaw, Jack
McIntosh, Hugh
McIntyre, Scott
McLaren, Charlie
McRae, D.
Mead, Florence
Meek, Stewart
Meltzer, P.D.
Melzack, Louis
Mikes, John H.
Milnes, Bridget
Mitchell, David
Moore, James D.
Moose Jaw, City of
Mowat, Barbara
Mowat, Farley (see separate file)
Munro, Elinor
Munro, Herc (see separate file)
Murray, Dana
Muter, Paul
Myers, Jay
Nadeau, Fernand
Nancy Griffon Fund
Nantel, Roger de C.
National Magazine Awards Foundation
National Museums Canada
National Research Council Canada
Nelson, Arnold G.
New Peterborough Review (by Elsa Franklin)
Newman, Peter C.
O'Leary, L.F.
Ontario Arts Council
Ostrey, Bernard
Padua, Genaro
Paikin, Carole
Palmer, William
Parkin, John C.
Parrish, Alan
Pascal, Naomi
Pateraude, J.
Peat, Marwick and Partners
Pedery-Hunt, Dora de
Perry, A.
Perzel, Anthony J.
Pfaff, Isaac
Phelps Publishing Company
Phillips, Alan
Pickering, Arthur F.
Piller, Heinar
Plul, John
Porteous, Ken
Porter, Anna
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

Box 165
Radio Canada International
Reid, Gilbert
Rikley, Phyllis
Riskind, Gladys
Roberts, R.J.
Robson, J .M.
Roehl, Harvey
Roy, Roger F.
Ruby, Clayton C.
Ruby, A. Walling
Russell, Maude
Schoonmaker, L. Craig
Scott, Val
Scully, William
Segal, Brian
Sewell, Norman
Shannon, Bill
Shields, William A.
Simkins , Bernard
Simpson, William E.
Skelton, Robin
Smith, Ernie R.
Smith, Rosalind
Sondhi, Kuldip
Soop, Louis M.
Soward, F.H.
Stacey, Alan
Stanton, Mark
Steven, Kenneth Allan
Stevens, Sinclair
Stevenson, Captain Dick
Stewart, Patricia
Straight, Lee
Swanson, Archdeacon C.
Sypnowich, Peter
Taft, Claude
Tasker, Ronald R.
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, Len
Taylor, W.E.
Templeton, Charles
Thacker, Dory
Therien, Marcel
Topping, C.W.
Toronto Dominion Bank
Toronto Star
Tracy, Webb
Trevecca Nazarene College
Trowell, Doug
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott
University of Prince Edward Island ("Richard")
Ustinov, Peter
Vanderhorst, John
Varma, Devendra P .
Viau, Pierre
Wall, James M.
Warkman, Mary Ann
Warner, David
Warren, Wm. Paul
Watson, Andy
Watson, Patrick
Watson, T.W.
Watzl, Sharon
Weber, John & Clara
Weil, Edward
Wells, G.B.
Westley, Annette
Whyard, Flo
Windsor Arms Hotel
Whipper Watson's Showarama
White, Garfield
Wolfe, Harold P.
Woodall, Ronald
Woods, Diana
Woodworth, John
Yaneff, Chris
Young, Scott
Invitations to Berton to speak or to officiate at various functions have been sorted alphabetically by the name of the agency requesting his presence and filed only by name where no group is involved (e.g. Lieutenant Governor of Ontario). Most of them date from the mid 1970s to early 1980s but there are occasional ones from the 1960s.
Causes (organizations)

Boxes 166 & 167
Heritage Canada
Since this group, of which Berton has served as chairman, represents the most significant "cause" in terms of volume of material, material relating to it has been kept separate from that of the other groups in which Berton has involved himself.
The material has been sorted chronologically and includes correspondence to and from Heritage Canada officials and interested members of the public, minutes of meetings, reports on various projects and brochures.
1973 & 1974 Box 166
1975-1980 Box 167

Box 168
There are individual files with correspondence from early 1970s to early 1980s on the following groups or issues:
Abortion -much of this correspondence is from the Canadian Association for Repeal of the Abortion Law.
Canada Studies Foundation -includes minutes of meetings of the executive.
Canadian Authors Association
Canadian Civil Liberties Association -includes submissions compiled by the group, notices and agenda of meetings and corres- pondence from Alan Borovoy and Gar Mahood .
Canadian History Comic Books -includes correspondence from Jack McClelland.

Box l68
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Canadian Writers' Foundation- includes minutes of Board of Directors and income and expenditure statements.
Censorship -includes original ts. of Berton's letter on censorship to the Toronto Daily Star, [January 1973?], letters from readers in response and one from Peter C. Newman.
Citizen newspaper-correspondence between John Sewell and Berton
Dora Mavor Moore-minutes of the D.M.M. tribute committee -letters of recommendation for Royal Bank Award
Douglas-Coldwell Foundation -includes correspondence from Laurier La Pierre and T.C. Douglas.
Everdale Place-minutes of finance committee meetings
-advertising brochures
-letters by Berton requesting donations
-letters of enquiry about free schools
Free Jayaprakash Narayan Campaign
John Damien Foundation -includes correspondence from John Hofsess and Alan Borovoy.
Media- French and English -includes letters from Robert Fulford and George F. Davidson
Old Buildings, Preservation and Conservation -letters from the public regarding preservation of historic buildings and sites
-letters from William Kilbourn and G. Drummond Birks.
Peace Research (and Canadian Peace Research Institute -correspondence from early 1960s) -includes letters from Dr. Norman Alcock and Ray Silver.
Peace -Peace Research (some from early 1960s) -pamphlets and brochures -outline for a speech
Planned Parenthood

Box 169
Organizations, mostly mid-1970s to early 1980s
F.1 Alberta Seventh Step Society
Amnesty International Canada
Argomenti Canadesi
Atlantic Conference on Learning Disabilities
Bhatacharya, Kean (on behalf of organization)
Body Politic Free the Press Fund
Canadian Aid for Vietnam Civilians
Canadian Association of Freelance Writers
Canadian Committee for International Human Rights
Canadian Human Rights Foundation
Canadian Images Programme
Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
Canadian Institute for Public Interest Rights
Canadian Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty
Collins, David -campaign for his recognition
Dayliner- C.P. Rail
Energy Probe
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway
Explorers, Voyageurs and Fur Trade Society
Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Harold King Farm
Help the Aged

F.2 Icomos Canada
Inter City Angels
International Committee to Free South Vietnamese
Medicare (1968)
Montreal International Book Fair
Moroz, Valentyn (Committee for the Defence of)
Ontario Wolf League
Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway
Pakistan Earthquake Relief Fund Committee
Participation Quebec Youth Committee
Pickering Airport
Prisoner's Rights Group Public Defender
Public Library Week
Public Library Month
St. Catharines library system
Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn Committee
Scouts Canada
Sacharansky, International Committee for the Release of
Stay-in-Quebec Campaign
Steam Engine, Toronto-Niagara
Symons Report (copy of)
Teaching Through Television
Toronto Free Theatre
Uruguay -Prisoners in
Wildrose Scouting New Horizons

F.3 Causes (organizations)
Requests for donations, usually a book, by various groups and organizations for auctions, raffles, etc.
F.4 Causes (individuals)
Requests from Berton admirers for his autograph, inscription of books and favourite recipes.
F.5 Causes (individuals)
Requests for assistance with personal problems (alphabetical).

Box 170
F.1 Letters from authors (or would-be authors) requesting advice, assistance, manuscript reading, names of publishers, etc.
F.2 Requests for information, mostly on Berton's books or historical matters.

Box 171
Letters giving information (mostly historical from elderly Canadians), historical booklets and pamphlets often sent by the authors. Late 1970s-early 1980s, not alphabetized.

Box 172
F.1 Fan letters -making reference to radio or TV programmes
F.2 Fan letters -general
F.3 Offers -to sell or donate items
F.4 Requests- to write books, produce programmes, narrate records on suggested topics
All of the above correspondence dates from the late 1970s to early 1980s and has not been alphabetized.

Boxes 173 & 174
The Secret World of Og
Letters from children and their teachers about Berton's book, many with photographs and illustrations. Most of this correspondence dates from the 1970s to early 1980s and has not been alphabetized.

Box 175
Subject files of miscellaneous correspondence:
C.R.T.C. -includes letters to and from Pierre Juneau, (copy of the public hearing on radio frequencies, 1974) and other published material, all dating from 1970s.
Canada Train (see also alphabetized correspondence files for National Museums Canada and Bernard Ostry) -includes letters to and from Bernard Ostry and brochure of National Museums of Canada, all 1977.
Centennial Wine Society -correspondence and advertising brochures,1973-74.
Chilkoot Trail -correspondence relating to Berton's trip there in August 1971. Includes letters from Randle Iredale, Alvin Balkind, Erik Karlesen and V. Geist (University of Calgary) as well as itineraries and brochures.
Film (various) -includes correspondence with J.E. (Ed) Broadbent on Canadian film policy, Alfonzo Diez de Aux on a proposed film, Joseph Dydzak on film distribution, Claude Fornier and Ian C. McClennan on proposed films . All the film correspondence dates from: the 1970s.
Film Writers -correspondence relating to possible writers for Berton film scripts from Robert Anderson and Margaret Collier, all 1972.
McClelland and Stewart West -Berton, as a director of McClelland and Stewart, was involved in the company's efforts to establish in Alberta a joint publishing programme with the Glenbow-Alberta Institute. The correspondence here includes letters, notes and memoranda to/from Jack McClelland, David Scollard, Allan Hammond, G.C. Hamilton and Warren Stewart as well as some minutes of meetings and some material relating to possible publications, 1973-1978.
Pamphlets, etc. -Book of the Month Club News, October 1978, with cover picture of Berton and promotional article on The Wild Frontier
"The Pierre Berton Celebration Dinner", an affectionate tribute by his friends, 28 February 1979. Illustrated booklet of testimonials.

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