To Fonds Description

Pierre Berton fonds. Second accrual.


Group B:




Box 36

The Mysterious North. McClelland and Stewart, 1956

            Research notes

            Abridged TMS. (car.), 136 pp.

Illustrated Heritage of Canada

            TMS. The Beginning Years 1860-70. (photocopy) 158 pp.

            TMS. The Seventies, first draft, prologue and Chapters 1-12 (photocopy)

 Just Add Water and Stir. McClelland and Stewart, 1959.

            Galley proofs and illustrations (incomplete)

Fast, Fast, Fast Relief. McClelland and Stewart, [      ]

            Tms. (incomplete) with author’s revisions, p. 36-233

            Cover art work


Box 37

The Big Sell. McClelland and Stewart, 1963.
            Tms. (car.), ivpp. 296 pp.
My War with the Twentieth Century. Doubleday, New York, 1965.
            Tms. with author’s revisions (final), 231 pp.
            Art work, 52 pp.

            Galley proofs (final), 74 galleys

            Page proofs (2 sets, revised), 204 pp.


Box 38 

The Comfortable Pew. McClelland and Stewart, 1965.

            Tms., with author’s revisions, 205 pp.

            Tms. with author’s revisions (final), 209 pp.

            Galley proofs of notes

 The Smug Minority. U.S. edition, Doubleday, 1969.

            Preface, tms. revised, 8 pp.


Boxes 39-45    

The Impossible Railway: The Building of the Canadian Pacific. Alfred A. Knopf, 1972.

            Research material for railway books:

            Photocopies of McDonald/Stephen correspondence from National Archives Photocopies of newspaper articles relating to C.P.R.

            Research notes by author

            Card index of secondary material relating to railway

            Tms. of The National Dream, photocopy, 496 pp.

            Tms. of The Last Spike, photocopy, with comments and revisions, 633 pp.

            Tms. of The Impossible Railway, with corrections and revisions, 655 pp. Impossible Railway -footnote material, index, illustrations

            - proofs, with the author’s corrections, 205 pp.

            - printer’s proofs and retouched proofs, 624 pp.

            - galley proofs, 279 pp.


Boxes 45-46    

The Great Railway. McClelland and Stewart, 1972, illustrated edition.

            Tms. of text to accompany photographs, incomplete, 16 pp.

            Tms., photocopy of text, incomplete, 92 pp.

            Printer’s proofs, 96 pp.

            Galley proofs, 16 pp.



Klondike. McClelland and Stewart, originally published 1958, revised edition 1972.


Box 47 (binder) [stored in Box 59]

Large binder of research notes


Box 48            

Loose research notes

Tms. of alterations and corrections of original version, 216 pp.

Chapter 6 of original version, photocopy, with author’s annotations, 46 pp

Tms. of preliminary and concluding materials, revised version, l03 pp.

Illustrative material for revised version

Article (for Argosy) by author based on Klondike


Box 49

Galley proofs with corrections, revised version, 139 pp.

Total of 1 binder and 2 boxes


Boxes 50-51    

Drifting Home. McClelland and Stewart, 1973.

            Tms. first draft, photocopy, 224 pp.

            Revised Tms. and first typing -incomplete as parts used for quick second typing, 142 pp.

            First typing, complete, with revisions, photocopy, 224 pp.

            First typing, Jan’s copy, with her comments, 224 pp.

            Janice Patton’s comments and some annotated pages

            Second draft, with Janice Paton’s annotations, 216 pp.

            Second typing Tms., with author’s corrections, 216 pp.

            Second typing, photocopy (copy from which it was set), 216 pp.

            Two photocopies of new typing

            Letter from J.G. McClelland re illustrations in Drifting Home

            Author’s galley proofs, with corrections, 61 galleys



Hollywood’s Canada: The Americanization of the National Image. McClelland and Stewart, 1975.

Boxes 52-55

Research files, consisting of photocopied material regarding Canadian content in films 1907-1968


Boxes 55-59   

Research files on individual movie titles, “mounties,” individuals

Research files of photographs (photoduplicated) and copies of movie stills


Box 59

Tapes, transcripts of tapes (binder and copy), memos from research assistant

Box 59b (binder)
This is a binder related to Hollywood's Canada. It contains summaries of episodes and other material.


Box 60 

Tms., first draft, with revisions, 264 pp.

Tms., second draft, with revisions, 311 pp.


Boxes 61-62   

Tms., (photoduplicated) third draft, with two or three stages of revision, 346 pp. each


Boxes 62,64

Tms., final printer’s copy, with revisions, 338 pp.

Tms., captions, acknowledgements, notes, appendix, in various stages of revision


Box 63

Alphabetical card index to the book


Box 64            

File of editorial and production notes

Publicity notes

Author’s galley proofs


My Country: The Remarkable Past. McClelland and Stewart Ltd., 1976.

Boxes 64-65   

Manuscript, first draft, ts., revised. Chapters 1 to 18, 396 pp.


Boxes 65-66

Manuscript, second draft, ts., revised, and photocopies.

Chapters 1 to 18, 448 pp., + revised copies


Box 67

Final manuscript, ts., revised. Chapters 1 to 18, 534 pp.

 “William Francis Butler and the great lone land” -chapter not used in book. Various drafts 1st draft, 26 pp.

Photographs and captions

Editorial comments and notes

Galley proofs with Pierre Berton’s corrections -incomplete, p.135-284


Box 68 

Author’s first page proofs, corrected, p.1-103

Author’s second page proofs, corrected, p.1-252

Proof copy of My Country


The Dionne Years: A Thirties Melodrama. McClelland and Stewart, 1977

Box 69

Research material in large binder

Card index file


Boxes 70-72   

Research files, including interview notes, photocopies of articles concerning and related to Quints


Box 73

Material from My Country television series concerning Quints, story line of film


Box 73            

Original tms., 344 pp.


Box 74            

Tms., second draft, incomplete, 290 pp.


Box 75            

Various chapters of second draft, annotated by Jan Tyrwhitt and Barb Sears


Box 76            

Final tms. with photocopies, printer’s copy, 429 pp.


Box 77            

Photocopies of photographs for book, notes and revised pages


Boxes 78-79   

Galley proofs, with corrections, 939 pp.


Box 79            

Tms. American edition, photocopy, 401 pp.



The Wild Frontier: More Tales from the Remarkable Past. McClelland and Stewart, 1978.

Boxes 80-84   

Research notes and files arranged by chapter: Preface, Chapters 1-7                



Box 85            

Manuscript, first draft, revised ts., 763 pp.


Chapters 1-6


Boxes 85-86   

Manuscript, second draft, revised ts, photocopy, 383 pp.

Preface, acknowledgements, sources

Chapters 1-7


Box 86            

Manuscript, photocopy of chapters 1, 2, 3,5,6, 7 with comments by

Barbara Sears, 316 pp.

Manuscript, ts. (photocopy), 340 pp.

Maps in draft form


Box 87            

Master manuscript, revised ts., 431 pp.

Editorial Comments, 1 file

Flap copy -photocopy of corrected ts. text for dust jacket

Galley proofs (author’s copy with corrections). May 1978, 231 pp.


Box 88

Galley proofs, uncorrected. May 1978. (2 sets)

Galley proofs, corrected (incomplete). May 1978, 127 pp.

Galley proofs of maps, preface, acknowledgements

Page proofs (author’s copy with corrections). June 1978, 233 pp.




Box 89             

Snowball in Hell (about Russ Baker)

            HMS on bush flying 43 pp. written by ?

            Research notes on Russ Baker in 2 pads

            Research files -seven different articles about bush flying and Russ BakerTMS (car.)

            Photos -1 page newspaper photos and 2 glossy photos

            Synopsis of story about bush pilot Rex Johnson TMS (car.) 3 pp.

            Chapter Outlines -pencilled MS notes 5 pp. 2 versions of outline, both 7 pp. TMS corrected and TMS (car.)

            Detailed Background Notes TMS 35 pp.

            TMS corrected 286 pp. plus a copy of Chapter 3 p.27-35


True Lies. Text by Pierre Berton, Cartoons by George Feyer, 1962

            TMS and TMS (car.) 54 pp.

            Artwork 9 glossy pages




The National Dream. Television series based on The National Dream and The Last Spike.


Box 90            

Typescript exploring possible programmes

Dramatic outlines

Geographical survey for series

Filming schedule


Box 91            

Draft of television script


Box 92            

Draft of television script, with alterations, incomplete

Draft television script, photocopy

Revisions and additions by script editor


Boxes 93-94   

Final version of television script, including pink revisions

Author’s comments on script

List of production personnel


Box 94            

[Sound] Notes for a television series, sent to Berton 1956 from K. Kendall, National Film Board.




Box 95             

Alfalfa Hay, tone poem for radio, 1950.

            TMS 2 pp. + TLS from CBC


Away back in 1952, radio play, 1952. For Your Approval CBC

             Production script 28 pp. (2)


Away back in 1957, television play, 1957?, Perspective

            TMS corrected 22 pp.

            TMS (car.) of revised version 22 pp.


Beefsteak by Airplane, radio script, n.d., for BBC Women’s Hour and Eyewitness TMS 2 pp.

            TMS (car.) 2 pp.

            TMS corrected (different version) 3 pp.


The Benign Volcanoes of Hawaii, radio, n.d.

            TMS revised 5 pp.


Bush Pilot’s Wife, radio, n.d., for BBC Women’s Hour.

            TMS 4 pp.


Byline story, radio play, 1946, Vancouver Theatre, CBC

            Synopsis, 4 pp. ts. with author’s corrections

            TMS 56 pp. TMS (car.) 56 pp.

            TMS heavily revised 59 pp. + 9 pp. removed from original version, and 4 pp. of holograph notes about script

            TMS (car.), copy edited for production by Doug Nixon, with MS notes Production script of copy edited by Doug Nixon, 26 pp., original,carbon, and printed copy corrected and revised to 28 pp.

            Publicity file for By-line Story


Canada, film

            Story line for Seagram’s film, TMS corrected 3 pp.

            Short outline, TMS (car.) 3 pp.

            Rough outline, Crawley Films, Sept. 22, 1955

            TMS corrected 14 pp.

            Rough outline, Crawley Films, August 5, 1956,

            TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            Short outline, Crawley Films, August 20, 1956, 5 pp.


CBC Newsmagazine

            Reports by Pierre Berton:

            “British Columbia and the Ice Age” TMS 2 pp.

            “Eowler Report” (incomplete) TMS corrected 1 p.

            “Graham Towers and the Bank of Canada” TMs 2 pp .

            “Steel through the Rockies” TMS (car.) corrected 1 p.

            “The World’s Finest Electronic Piano” TMS 2 pp. and 1 p. version, corrected


CBC Science Reporter

            “The Facts about Benzedrine” TMS corrected 6 pp. (p.l carbon copy) August 1950

            “Sleeping Pills” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp., April 1950

            “Three Dimensional Animation” TMS corrected 3 pp. [n.d.]

            “The War Against Whooping Death” TMS (car.) corrected 3 pp. [n.d.]


CBC Special Speaker

            “The New Wave of Nationalism” [n.d. ]

            TMS synopsis 1 p.

            TMS (car.) corrected 5 pp.


City Desk Series (CBC radio)

            Programme 1, July 16, 1946, untitled, concerning the activities related to a city desk in a newspaper office, TMS corrected 6 pp.

            Programme 2, n.d. , “Under the Big Top”, TMS corrected 6 pp.

            Programme 3, August 6, 1946, “Newspaperman’s Best Friend is his dog”, TMS corrected 5 pp.

            Programme 4, August 10, 1946, “Dogs who have made headlines”, TMS corrected 4 pp.

            Programme 5, August 17, 1946, “Army” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.

            Programme 6, August 24, 1946, “Sea stories with a grain of salt”, TMS corrected 6 pp.

            Programme 7, n.d. , “Alcoholics Anonymous” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            Programme 8, n .d ., “Reporters’ Words” TMS corrected 8 pp .

            Programme 9, n.d. , “Newspaper Morgue” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            Programme 10, n.d., “Immigration Building” TMS (car.) 6 pp.

            Programme 11, n.d., “All in a day’s work” TMS corrected 6 pp.


City Desk, later series, CBC radio

            Programme 1, Dec. 9, 1946, untitled, about civic elections. TMS corrected 6 pp.

            Programme 2, Dec. 16, 1946, “The Blackest Market of All” TMS corrected 9 pp.

            Programme 3, Dec. 23, 1946, “The Festive Season” TMS corrected 5 pp. Programme 4, Dec. 30, 1946, “Stories of the Year” TMS corrected 6 pp.


Creeping Green, radio play, n.d.

            TMS corrected, of story, 11 pp.

            TMS corrected, of play, 23 pp.

            Production script, 25 pp.


Critically Speaking on Radio

            Item on Royal Tour, not given

            TMS (car.) corrected 5 pp.


Eskimo Igloo, radio, n.d.

            Research notes, TMS 4 pp.

            TMS revised 6 pp.


Genius in a Bottle, radio series, n.d.

            Production script of first episode 3 pp.

            Production script of second episode 2 pp. (page 1 missing)

            Production script of third episode 4 pp.


How to Write for the Newspapers, for Here and There, radio, n.d.

            TMS corrected 6 pp.


I Found the Lost Valley, radio play, n.d.

            TMS corrected 22 pp.


International Service (Radio) -general items

            “Autumn Wild Flowers” TMS corrected 3 pp.

            “Bush Pilot Yarn” (about Russ Baker) TMS 6 pp.

            “The Canadian North” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            “Christmas in Canada” TMS corrected 2 pp.

            “The International Border” TMS corrected 2 pp.

            “Mountain Full of Mercury” (for BBC’s Meet the Commonwealth thru I.S.)

            TMS corrected 3 pp.

            “Sam Steele of the Klondike” Broadcast rights to January 3, 1959.

            TMS corrected 6 pp., also 3 pp. incomplete TMS version


Box 96  

International Service: Architecture

            “Architecture -our house” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “Architecture of the Coast” TMS corrected 3 pp .

            “West Coast Architecture” TMS lp.


International Service: Canada Series

            “No. 1 “ TMS ( car. ) 8 pp .

            “No.2” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.

            “No. 3” TMS (car. ) 8 pp .

            “No. 4 “ TMS ( car. ) corrected 6 pp .

            “No.5” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            “No.6 Northern Ontario” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            “No.7 Southern Ontario” TMS corrected 8 pp.

            “No.8 French Canada” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            “No.9 Quebec is Changing” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            “No. 10 The Maritimes -Our Poor Relations” TMS corrected 6 pp.

            “No. 11 Maritime Cities” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.

            “No. 12 The North” TMS (car.) incomplete 1 p.

            “No. 13 Summing up” TMS (car. ) corrected 6 pp .

            “No. 13 Tips to Tourists” (differs from above) TMS (car.) corrected


International Service: Canadian Companies

            “Hudson’s Bay Company” TMS ( car. ) corrected 6 pp .

            “2: Canadian Pacific” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.

            “3: Massey Harris” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.

            “4: Eaton’s” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.

            “5: Loblaws” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.


International Service: Canadian Primer

            “A for Alberta” TMS and TMS (car. ) 2 pp .

            “Alberta Coal” TMS ( car. ) corrected 2 pp .

            “Baseball “ TMS 2 pp. and TMS (car.) 2 pp .

            “G for Gas” TMS 1 p .

            “G for Gold” TMS (car.) corrected 2 pp.

            “Industrial Research” TMS (car.) corrected 2 pp.

            “Inland Waterways” TMS synopsis 1 p., TMS expanded synopsis 1 p.

            TMS (car.) script corrected 2 pp.

            “I for Investments” TMS (car.) corrected 2 pp.

            “Language” TMS (car.) 2 pp .

            “Agricultural Machinery” TMS (car.) corrected 2 pp.

            “N for Nickel “ TMS synopsis 1 p. , TMS 2 pp.

            “O for Oil” TMS synopsis 1 p., TMS 2 pp., TMS (car.) corrected 2 pp.

            “P for Prairies” TMS (car.) corrected 2 pp.

            “R for Railways “ TMS ( car. ) corrected 2 pp .

            “R for Radium” TMS synopsis 1 p. , TMS (car.) 2 pp.

            “Regionalism” TMS (car.) corrected 2 pp.

            “Great Lakes Shipping” TMS corrected 2 pp.

            “T for Telephones” TMS corrected 2 pp.

            “W for Weather” TMS 1 p .

            “X for Cross Roads” TMS 1 p.


International Service: Land, Sea and Air Series

            “Cows -South America” TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.

            “The P.G.E. Railway” May 30, 1950, TMS (car.) corrected 6 pp.


The Lively Art of Education, radio, n.d.

            TMS revised 6 pp.


The Lost Cabin, radio play, Prairie Playhouse, CBC, April 26, 1956

            Song, TMS 2 pp. + TMS (car.) 2 pp.

            (song entitled “The Legend of the Lost Cabin)

            Script, TMS corrected 10 pp. (incomplete)

            Script, TMS corrected 22 pp.

            Production script 30 pp.


Mayfair Miniature: Vincent Massey, radio, n.d.

            TMS revised 5 pp.


The Mysterious North, radio, A.M. Chronicle, CBC Halifax, April 18, 1956

            TMS (car.) corrected 4 pp.


Our Grandchildren’s History Books, suggestion for a film

            TMS synopsis 1 p.

            TMS of play corrected 5 pp.


Paradise Hill, unpublished musical, produced in Charlottetown, 1967

            HMS of songs 70 pp.

            TMS of play 47 pp.

            TMS of play (different version) rev1sed 71 pp. Act Two.

            TMS of play, revised 50 pp. Act One.

            TMS of play (another version) 43 pp., TMS (car.) 43 pp., and production copy 43 pp.

            Musical play in two acts for television, TMS 16 pp. and TMS car.

            Synopsis for television, production script, 88 pp.


Box 97  

            “Rejected pages” TMS and TMS revised 62 pp.

            “New pages” TMS and TMS revised 42 pp.

            Miscellaneous pages, production script

            Production script, corrected, of songs


            Notes on play by Stephen Franklin, TMS (car.) 6 pp. August 12, 1967


Script #143, television sketch, [n.d. ]

            Production script 4 pp.


The Second Coming, outline for musical revue by Pierre Berton and George Feyer

            TMS corrected 8 pp. of outline and sample scenes


Senior English, radio series (school broadcast)

            “Program No. 1 “ TMS ( car. ) 16 pp .

            “Program No. 2” TMS (car. ) 14 pp .


Sharp Edges, radio play, [1951]

            TMS 25 pp., TL from CBC


Spring Thaw -a variety of items written by Pierre Berton

            “An Actor’s Prayer” Song, TMS draft corrected 3 pp., TMS 2 pp.

            [Alcoholic Marriage Duet” TMS corrected 1 p.

            “An All-Canadian Show” Song, TMS corrected 4 pp. , TMS corrected 3 pp. ,

            TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “Blackout Sketch” TMS 1 p. (2 different sketches)

            “Clean Bomb” Song, TMS corrected 4 pp., TMS (car.) 4 pp. (entitled

            “An Ode to Sanitation”)

            “Dr. Livingstone skit” TMS 5 pp.

            “Dope” Spring Thaw 1960, TMS (car.) 6 pp., Production script 9 pp.,

            Production script corrected 9 pp.

            “Duet” Spring Thaw 1969, TMS (copy) 3 pp.

            “God save 0 Canada” Spring Thaw 1961

            TMS (car.) corrected, of skit, 3 pp., Production script 4 pp.

            “Good Neighbour Policy” Sketch, Spring Thaw 1956

            TMS corrected 6 pp.

            TMS (car.) different version 6 pp.

            TMS corrected, another version 4 pp.

            TMS (car.), another version 6 pp.

            Production script 6 pp.

            “A long, long time ago” Song

            Production script, p.51-65


            “Mayor and Supermayor” Spring Thaw, Song, 1958

            Rough notes 1 p.

            TMS (car.) corrected 3 pp.

            Production script 3 pp. + score

            “Millions of Tiny Hollow Flavour Buds” Skit, Spring Thaw, 1956 Production script 8 pp.

            “The name we can’t forget” Song

            TMS (copy) 4 pp.

            “One for the record book” Skit

            TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “Ode to Woodbine” Song

            Production script 2 pp. + score

            “Royal Commission Lament” Song, Spring Thaw 1958, CBC Parade 1961

            7 scripts, TMS and TMS (car.) corrected, all differing. Total of 38 pp. Production copy, corrected, 8 pp.

            [Songs & Skits] from Spring Thaw, from binder, including “Actors Prayer”, “Airlines” ,    “Gold Song” , “Lost Cabin” , “Requiem 14 Year Old”,”Clean Bomb”, “Ode to Humanity”, “Healing Mountain”, “Carols Nuclear Age” , “65 Days of Xmas” , and “Ode to Superhighway”.

            TMS and TMS (car.), total of 40 pp.

            “T.T.C. Lamport” Song 3 pp. production script

            “What about a song about Toronto” TMS revised 2 pp., TMS (car.) 2 pp. production script 2 pp.

            “World Series Skit “ TMS ( car. ) 3 copies, 1 p. each

            “Yummy”, skit, 1961, TMS (car.) 1 p. , Production script 1 p.


Box 98  

Sunday Papers, radio broadcast, n.d.

            TMS (car.) 5 pp.


Tempus Fugitive, radio play, n.d.

            TMS revised 21 pp.


The Town the Atom Built (Deep River)

            TMS 6 pp.

            TMS (different version) revised 6 pp.


The Two Richmonds, radio broadcast, n.d.

            TMS revised 5 pp.


The Two Windermeres, radio broadcast, n.d.

            Research notes 4 pp.

            TMS revised 5 pp.


Vancouver Radio, various scripts of broadcasts

            1. “The Flavor of the City” TMS 4 pp .

            2. “The Places they don’t show the tourists” TMS 5 pp., TMS later draft 5 pp.

            3. “People you didn’t expect to meet” TMS revised 5 pp., TMS later draft revised 4 pp.

            4. “You and Captain Vancouver” TMS 5 pp. Incomplete account of Vancouver, TMS (car.) p.5-9


The Waiting Room, radio play, previously a short story

            TMS of short story, 1945, 15 pp.

            TMS of short story, with revisions p.l, 3-16

            TMS of short story 16 pp.

            TMS of short story 11 pp.

            Production script of play, 1949, Vancouver Theatre 21 pp

            TMS for television play, 1958, 26 pp.


What to eat at night, radio broadcast, n.d.

            TMS revised 2 pp.


            Unidentified scripts and notes 3 pp.




Box 100

[Alaska Highway Trip] December 11,1969, for Maclean’s, TMS with revisions 2 pp., TMS (car.) 2 pp.


Bear Lake entitled “Murder at Bear Lake” HMS 10 pp. (not by P. Berton), TMS revised 3 pp., TMS (car.) entitled “Meester Carl and the Bear Lake Outlaws” 8 pp., TMS (car.) entitled “The Outlaws of Bear Lake” 6 pp.


The Big Day at Point Pelee 2 drafts, TMS revised 9 pp., TMS revised 9 pp.


Book Reviews

Time Inc. by Robert T. Elson

            TMS revised 4 pp.

            TMS (copy) revised, 4 pp. (differs from above)


History of the Canadian Pacific Railway by W. Kaye Lamb

            TMS draft 3 pp.

            TMS revised draft 3 pp.


Joe Boyle, King of the Klondike by William Rodney

            TMS revised 5 pp.

            TMS revised draft 6 pp.


British Columbia Pavilion storyline “The Magical Boxes”

            TMS revised 3 pp.


 [Canada] untitled article

            TMS draft revised 2 pp.

            TMS draft (copy) 2 pp.


[Canada and the United States] untitled article for The Rotarian, 1974

            TMS revised 12 pp.

            TMS (copy) revised draft 13 pp.

            Correspondence re article

            TMS of another article on same topic, TMS (car.) 16 pp.


Canada 1976

            TMS (copy) with few revisions 16 pp.


Canada -From Sea to Sea

            TMS (car.) 83 pp.


Canadians as Winners, Angel Memorial Lecture, Memorial University of Newfoundland, April 6, 1974

            TMS (copy) of lecture 26 pp.


[Canadian Identity] untitled article

            TMS 2 pp.


 [China trip] drafts of articles about trip

            TMS notes 16 pp.

            “The culture shock begins...” TMS revised 16 pp., TMS (copy) 16 pp.

            “Hey, I heard about your trip.” TMS revised 13 pp. TMS revision of above 13 pp.

            “If I were asked to name. ..” TMS revised 6 pp .

            Correspondence re trip


City Desk: series of articles about newspaper reporting (see also radio scripts of same name)


 “Anybody can write for the newspapers”

            TMS 5 pp.

            TMS 4 pp.


 “Freedom of the Press”

            TMS revised 4 pp.


 “A Newspaperman’s best friend is his dog”

            TMS revised 6 pp.

            TMS 5 pp.


 “Now it can be told”

            TMS 3 pp.


 “The people who come into newspaper offices”

            TMS 4 pp.


 “Reporters are the craziest people”

            TMS 6 pp.

            TMS 4 pp.


 “The Uninhibited Press”

            TMS 6 pp.

            File includes clippings and original illustrations by Pierre Berton.


Foreign Remainders Brief to the Secretary of State from the Writers’ Union of Canada

            TMS revised 11 pp.


 Grebe Family: Series of newspaper articles. File includes copies of

            printed versions and illustrations.


            “Goliath Tobacco’s Big Comeback” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “The Great Detergent Premium Race” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “The Hanging of Roger Mahaffy” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “Herbie, the Singing Nutria” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “The Prudence of Herbert Snarf” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “Raven Lan Lure’s Mysterious Past” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “The Revenge of Homer Skrim” TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “Three National Heroes” TMS (car. ) 4 pp.

            “When Cigarets were banned” TMS (car. ) 4 pp.


The Grebe Family: Collection of articles from the above series, submitted as book manuscript, 1962. All TMS (car.)


            “An Ancient Fable: Shakespeare Revises a Play” 5 pp .

            “Announcing a National Separatist Movement” 4 pp.

            “Behind the Scenes with the Great Toothpaste Crisis” 4 pp .

            “The First Man on the Moon” 4 pp.

            “Meaningless Laudations suitable for Book Jackets” 4 pp.

            “My Own History of the Next Half-Century” 4 pp .

            “My Own History of the Plot to De-commercialize Christmas” 4 pp .

            “My Own Radio and T .V. Guide” 4 pp.

            “Professor Gulliver Grebe’s Adventures Among the Snarfs” 4 pp.

            “The Revenge of Homer Skrim” 4 pp .

            “The Secret of Fenshaw Skrim” 4 pp .

            “That Familiar Voice on the other end of the line” TMS 6 pp.

                        TMS (car.) 4 pp.

            “War and Peace! “ Spp .

            File includes copies of readers’ reports.


Guys and Dolls: Comment for program for Calgary production of play, 1970. TMS revised 1 p., TMS (car.) 2 pp., covering letters


   Haiti, travel article, n.d.

                        TMS revised 9 pp.


How to Tip and Still Eat, article, n.d.

            TMS revised 6 pp.


International Gold Rush Park, travel article, n.d.

            TMS (copy) 4 pp.


Last Spike, excerpt for Maclean’s 1971

            TMS (copy) 13 pp. and accompanying correspondence as well as

            TMS revised 4 pp. of article on Canadian unity to accompany excerpt.


The Last Train, article for Weekend Magazine 5/8/78.

            TMS revised 5 pp.

            TMS (copy) of revised draft 6 pp.


Letters to the editor, sent to editors of a variety of newspapers, n.d., 1972-1979.


MacPherson. Don. Interviewed by Berton, 1977

            Annotated transcript 50 pp.

            Transcript (copy) revised 16 pp.

            Related correspondence


Media Overview, for Financial Post, n.d.

            TMS revised 15 pp.


My Country, article about his book of the same title.

            TMS revised 16 pp.


My Love Affair with the Crystal Garden

            TMS revised 8 pp.


A Native’s Return to B.C. (about Russ Baker)

            TMS 46 pp.

            TMS (car.) 46 pp.

            [untitled] article about Ontario, June 1971

            TMS (copy) 5 pp.


Past Imperfect, short story

            TMS revised 6 pp.


The Pleasure of Writing, Mac1ean’s 1971

            TMS (copy) 12 pp.


Police PowerQuest March/April 1976

Rough HMS notes 4 pp.

            TMS draft revised 10 pp.

            TMS second draft revised l5 pp.

            TMS third draft revised l5 pp.


Prescription for the Next Prime Minister, for The Toronto Star

            TMS revised 5 pp.


Reflections on an Acapulco HolidayThe Toronto Daily Star, February 20, 1962

            TMS (car.) 2 pp., printed copy, revised


Roundelay, short story

            TMS revised 25 pp.


A Study in Tweed, a vignette

            TMS 4 pp.


[Television] (articles written by Berton about his programmes)

            For Quest, 1972 “Some years ago in New York...” TMS revised 9 pp.

            n. p ., n. d. “Stan Freberg, ...” TMS revised 6 pp .

            Rough notes 1 p.

            Clippings about media and Malcolm Muggeridge


Television in the Seventies, for Toronto Star, 1969

            TMS revised 1 p.

            TMS (car.) 2 p.



 [Travel] articles for Travel Times

            “It wasn’t until I was...” TMS revised 4 pp.

            “A couple of years ago. ..” TMS 2 pp .

            “Suggestions for a one-week summer trip to Holland” TMS revised 5 pp.


 [Turkey recipe] for Toronto Calendar [1960]

            TMS 3 pp.

            TMS (copy) 6 pp.


Turning Points in Education, Berton’s submission for this series in

            McGill Journal of Education 1971

            TMS revised 5 pp.

            TMS (car.) final draft 6 pp.

            Related correspondence


Water Hazard, short story

            TMS (car.) 6 pp.


What I want to see in Toronto, for Toronto Star 1970

            TMS (copy) 1 p.



Where’ll we go on vacation?, newspaper article, December 1959

            TMS (car.) 5 pp.

            Printed version (copy) n.p.


Who found the Klondike’s Gold?, for GEOS magazine, 1972

            TMS revised 2 pp.

            TMS (car.) of final draft 2 pp.

            Related correspondence


 [Yukon] article for Maclean’s 1972

            TMS (copy) 5 pp.

            TMS (copy) of final version 10 pp.

            Proofs of printed version 4 pp.

            Related correspondence


            Miscellaneous articles, copies.




Box 101  

The Open Gate: Toronto Union Station, 1972, edited by Richard Bebout

            TMS (copy) of Berton’s contribution l0 pp.

            Related correspondence


Go Boy, 1978, by Roger Caron

            TMS revised, of preface 4 pp.


Dictionary of Canadian Biography, not yet published.

            Article on A.B. Rogers, TMS revised 8 pp.

            TMS (car.) of final version 3 pp.


Too Many Tears, by Susanne Mass, McClelland and Stewart, 1974, with

            introduction by Pierre Berton

            Research material on Susanne Moss

            Tape of Pierre Berton show with Susanne Moss

            Correspondence between Berton and Moss regarding book, 1969-1974

            TMS of Berton’s introduction with author’s corrections


Food that really schmecks, 1968, by Edna Staebler

            Introduction by Pierre Berton, TMS revised 2 pp.

            TMS (copy) of final version 2 pp.


Point Pelee: Canada’s Deep South, 1977, by Darryl Stewart

            Foreword by Pierre Berton, TMS revised 2 pp.

            TMS (copy) of final draft 2 pp.


Summary Sigma Report 1975

            Preface. TMS revised 4 pp.

            TMS (copy) of final draft, 5 pp.




Business and Financial


Boxes 102-103

Centennial Celebrations Consultants Limited


Box 104          

Advertising Received

General Business, 1940s-1969


Box 105          

General Business, 1970-1974

Minutes of McClelland and Stewart Directors’ Meetings, 1973-1974


Box 106          

General Business, 1975-1977


Box 107          

Business Correspondence from Publishers and Agents, 1952-1966, including:


            Knopf International

            Mavor Moore Productions

            McClelland and Stewart

            William Morris Agency

            Willis Kingsley Wing




Personal, 1945-1977

Boxes 108-110


For speed in sorting the correspondence in this section, both incoming and outgoing has been arranged under the name of the correspondent (3 boxes). Only extensive correspondence files have date range noted.


Allin, Alfred                                                      Colombo, John Robert

Ambrose, Tommy                                             Colville, A.B.

Armstrong, Ennis                                              Connors, Tom

Ashbee, Ken                                                    Conroy, Bob

Atkins, Sally                                                     Cook, Ram say

[B ], Moira                                                       Cornthwaite, S.G.

Bacque, Jim                                                      Cowan, Harold

Baker, Valerie                                      Creighton, Helen

Bant, Marguerite                                               [Cromie], Dan

Barrie, Andy                                                     Crump, N.P.

Barron, Sid                                                       Curtin, Walter

Bassett, John                                                    Daley, Frank

Battersley, Jane and David                                Darcy, Robert

Beach, Mrs. W.D.                                            Davis, Mrs. Fred

Beat tie, Jeann                                      Deaville, Lenore

Beat tie, Jessie L.                                              Delaney, Terry

Bedard, Eva                                                     Dennison, Merrill

Benny, Jack                                                      Dillman, Mary Alma

Bertin, L.                                                          Domville, James

Blackstock, Harvey                                          Douglas, Tommy

Boer, Hans De                                                 Downes, Peter

Bosworth, Fred                                                Dutra, J.V.

Boggs, John                                                      Edwards, David

Boggs, Maurice                                                Fales, Douglas A. 1974-76

Bond, Beth and Court                           Feheley, M.F.

Bonisteel, L.                                                     Filion, Harry

Broadfoot, Barry                                              Findlay, Timothy

Brott, Boris                                                      Fischer, Lorne

Bruce, Barbara                                                 Fisher, John

Bryne, Mr. and Mrs. John                                 Fishman, Charles

Bucher, George                                                Fleury, L. & D.

Bujold, Genevieve                                            Foley, David

Burbidge, F.S.                                      Fowler, Hubert

Cairns, Bess                                                     Franq, Mrs. Marcel

Caldwell, Penny                                                [Fraser], Blair

Campbell, Garry                                               Fraynes, The

Cappon, Daniel                                                Freedman, Bill 1963-76

Captain George                                                Friedman, Frances P.

Cavazzi, Juliette                                                Frum, Dr. Murray B.

Chamberlain, Frank                                          Gardner, Paul A. 1973-75

Clare, John (Maclean’s)                                    Gardner, Ray

Colicos, John                                                    Gehman, Richard

Collier, Alan C.                                                George, Margaret

Collins, Robert J.                                              Gibson, Douglas


Gifford, Giff.                                                     Lewis, David

Gilmour, Clyde and Barbara                             Lynch, J.

Godshif, Ron                                                    MacDonald, Flora

Goodfellow, R.J.                                              MacDonald, John and Sheila

Gould, John                                                      MacInnis, Joseph B.

Graves, Jonquil                                                 Maclennan, Hugh

Gray, James H.                                                 MacMillan, Hugh

Gzowski, Peter                                                 Mallette, Karl

Hailey, Arthur                                       Mallon, June

Hallman, Gene                                      Maloney, Arthur

Hambleton, Ron                                               [Masant], Eric

Hannon, Leslie (Maclean’s) 1963-177             Matah, Sy

Hardin, Herschel                                               McAllister, R.A.

Hardy, Jon                                                       McCormack, Terence B.

Harrison, David F.                                            McCormick, Baron

Harrison, Harold                                               McIntyre, Vera

Harrison, Ted                                       Meeker, Howie

Hazelton, Philip                                                 Michie, Anne

Henderson, [ ]                                      Milnes, Bridget

Henry, Anne                                                     Mines, R.F.

Heyerdahl, Thor                                               Mitchell, W.O.

Hicks, G.G.                                                      Mittler, Nicholas

Hillman, Serrell                                                 Moore, Dora Mavor

Hofsess, John                                       Moore, Mavor

Holt, Sinma                                                      Morant, Daisy 1971- 75

Hon-fuu, Stephen                                             Mowat, Farley

Horn, Kahn-Tineta                                           Munro, Raymond A.

Horshey, Alec S.                                              Newman, Peter C.

Horsley, Alan and Susan                                   Noonan, Corinne

Hunt, Ralph B.                                      Nordling, Otto

Hutchinson, Bruce                                            O’Donohue, Tony

Innes-Taylor, Alan                                            Owen, David

Irvine, Wm. J.                                       Parkin, John C.

Irwin, W.A.                                                      Patterson, Tom

Jacobson, Sol                                                   Peter, Dr. Lawrence

Jaffary, Karl                                                     Peterson, Phyllis Lee

Jaques, Edna                                                    Phillips, Alan

Johnstone, Ken                                                 Pollock, Jack

Kaesner, Anna                                                 Preston, Ginny

Katz, Sidney                                                     Quigg, John

[Keate], Stuart                                                 Rathgeb, Charles

Kelly, Norman                                      Ready, W.B.

Kelner, Merrijoy                                               Reece, Robert

Kinrade, Laura 1972-1977                               Rogatnick, Abraham

Kirkwood, C.                                                   Rowan, William

Knight, Allan                                                    Rowland, Holly

[Koshavoy], H.K.                                            Ruster, George W.

Kreisel, Henry                                      Sargent, Edward

Krug, Robert 1961-1976                                 Schwartz, Mischa

Langley, Rod. D.                                              Scott, Frank

Lapierre, Laurier                                               Scott, Jack

[Lautens], Gary                                                Shulman, Dr. and Mrs.

Lewis, Burton                                       Silva, Celia G.

Sinclair, Gordon                                               Timothy, Adrian

Smith, Jeanne                                       Tompkins, Ronald

Smith, K.S.                                                      Tracy, Webb

Smith, Dr. Martha L.                                        Turner, John

Smith, Robert G.                                              Tweedsmuir, Lord

Smith, Norman                                                 Waddell, Allan G.

Spec tor, Phil                                                    Waxman, Al

Stevenson, Capt. Dick                          Webster, H.A.

Stodart, Mrs. D.S.                                            Welsh, Art

Stone, Alan B.                                      Whitehead, William

Stone, Phil                                                        Wigmore, Donnalee

Straight, H.L.                                                    Woodall, Ron

Street, Jeff                                                        Woodside, Willson

Sugarman, Ben                                                 Woodward, Paige

Swann, Anahid 1970-74                                   Woolgar, Didi

Tapscott, Carl                                      Wurio, Eva

Telford, Dr. Kenneth                                        Yost, Elwy

Telpner, Gene                                       Young, Scott

[Templeton], Charles                            Zarov, Basil

Thornber, Ron


Box 111

Correspondence to and from unidentified people, also a personal Subject File including correspondence relating to:




            Clothes and hair


            Hotels, food, etc.

            Job applications made to Berton

            Memberships and subscriptions

            Testimonials and references given by Berton

            Writers’ organizations




Boxes 112-114

Invitations and Engagements




Causes, 1963-1975

The bulk of the correspondence in this category has been listed alphabetically under the name of the organization or institution concerned, including both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Subject headings include:


Boxes 115-116



Boxes 117-120

Adoption to Boy Scouts

Canadian Peace Research Institute to Civil Liberties

Committee for an Independent Canada to Nishawana Institute

People or Planes to Toronto Symphony

Vietnam to Wolves


Where there was not sufficient volume to warrant an individual file, the correspondence has been included below:


Box 121

Miscellaneous Organizations and Appeals to and Donations by Berton


Appeals for assistance by individuals upon their own behalf have been included below:


Box 122          

Individual Causes, 1963, 1970-1977


Note: There is also a chronologically arranged box which has not yet been refined into organization/individual categories:


Box 123          

Individuals and Organizations, 1972-1974



Boxes 124-126

Requests from authors or would-be authors for advice, appraisal of work, assistance in publishing:



            Unsolicited manuscripts and publications, most of them privately printed, 1970s.


Box 126          

Requests for Information, 1963-1977

Offers to give/sell articles, books, diaries, etc., 1971-1977



Box 127          

Requests for information, photographs, autographs, 1964-1974

Essays and pictures on the theme of religion, 1972


Boxes 128-130           

Letters and pictures regarding Secret World of Og, 1961-1972 





Boxes 131-33

Miscellaneous fan mail, 1945-1972




Box 134          

The following box was received in a subject arrangement and comprises fan mail regarding:

            Klondike, 1975-77

            Railway Books, 1974-76

            Hollywood’s Canada, 1975-76

            Drifting Home, 1974-76

            National Dream (TV) 1974

            My Country (TV) 1976

            Great Debate (TV) 1976


Boxes 135-136           

Radio and TV Fan Mail. 1962-1977

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