To Fonds Description

Bennett, Louise

Louise Bennett Coverley fonds. – 1941-2008. – 8.9 m of textual records and other materials.

Series 1
Correspondence. – 1977-2006. – 64 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series. – All letters to/from Louise Bennett (LB) and Eric Coverley (EC) jointly are found here. Eric Coverley has his own series with letters to/from him, except for those he wrote to LB which are here.

Box 1
F.1       A, 1988-2002
F.2       AFIWEE Productions, 1997
F.3       Simone A. James Alexander; biographical sketch of LB, 2000-2004
F.4       Odette Alleyne; col. photographs, 1998-2001
F.5       Anansi for All People; proclamation and stories, 1978

F.6       B, 1983-2005; col. photographs
F.7       BBC-Open University Education, 1993-1995
F.8       Gilbert Bauer, 1990
F.9       Bloordale Middle School, 1993
F.10     Andrene Bonner; b&w photographs and biographical sketch; 1997
F.11     Yvonne Brewster, 2001-2004
F.12     British Actors’ Equity Association, 1988-1995

F.13     C, 1993-2005
F.14     Caribbean, 1987-2001
F.15     Cathi Levy Players, 1996
F.16     J. Edward (Ted) Ted Chamberlin, 1996-1997; also some notes taken about his book, Come Back to Me My Language
F.17     Donette M. Chin-Loy, 2002-2004
F.18     Copp Clark Longman Ltd., 1994-1995

F.19     Eric Coverley (LB’s husband) to LB, n.d. Two oversize cards painted by EC, both from 1988 are in a folder in Map Cabinet 28
F.20     Fabian Coverley (son), 1991-2005
F.21     Ivy Coverley (EC’s sister); service of thanksgiving, souvenir magazine, 1987-1989; photocopy of obituary of her and EC’s mother, Mirian Coverley; letter from The Annese, 1978, n.d.; undated letter

F.22     D, 1987-2005
F.23     Lauris Da Costa; col photograph, 1995-2005
F.24     D.C. Tavares & Finson Co. Ltd., 1991-1993; also a furniture valuation from Bolivar
F.25     Hubert Devonish, 2003

F.26     E, 1994-2001
F.27     ELS/ESD Centre, 1994-1995
F.28     Experience Music Project, 1999-2001

F.29     F, 1987-2004
F.30     Barbara Ferland (Sheppard) and Mark Ferland, 1997-2003
F.31     Esther Figueroa, 1999-2003
F.32     Honor Ford-Smith, 1994-1997
F.33     Ian Forrest, 1999-2003
F.34     G, 1993-2004

Box 2
F.1       H, 1988-2006
F.2       Harbourfront, 1989-1997
F.3       Harcourt Brace, 1996
F.4       Harry Jerome Awards, 1997
F.5       Heritage Singers, 1995, 1997
F.6       Mary Jane Hewitt, 1988-2004
F.7       Langston Hughes
F.8       Joan Andrea Hutchinson, 1992-2004

F.9       I, 1990-2003
F.10     Ian Randle Publishers, 1995
F.11     Institute of Jamaica, 1977-2003
F.12     International Theatre Institute Jamaica Centre, 1990-2000
F.13     Island Dolls Plus Collections, 2003-05

F.14     J, 1987-2001
F.15     JAM Copy (Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency), 2004
F.16     JAM PRO, 1995
F.17     Jam World; col. photographs, 1996
F.18     Jamaica, 1990-2005
F.19     Jamaica-Antigua Association (Lignum Vitae Club), 1995
F.20     Jamaica Arts Holdings, 1994-96
F.21     Jamaica Broadcasting Corp., 1993-94
F.22     Jamaica, Consulates, 1988-2001
F.23     Jamaica, Consulate in Toronto, 1988-2004
F.24     Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, 1987-2002
F.25     Jamaica, Government of: Offices of Governor-General and the Prime Minister, 1987-2004
F.26     Jamaica, Government of: Ministry of Education and Culture, 1994-2001
F.27     Jamaica, Government of: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, 1996-97
F.28     Jamaica, Government of: Ministry of Information and Culture, 1990
F.29     Jamaica, High Commission, Ottawa, 1989-2003
F.30     Jamaica Independence Day, 1995
F.31     Jamaican-Canadian Association, 1994-2001
F.32     Jamaican Diaspora, 2004
F.33     Jamaican Federation of Women (Dotsie Gordon), 1998
F.34     Jamaican Nationals Association, 1985-2004
F.35     David Johnson, 1966-67
F.36     Jones & Jones Productions, 1898-2005

F.37     K, 1986-2005

F.38     L, photographs, 1990-2004
F.39     Gloria Lane re Maya Angelou, 1985-86
F.40     Longman Group UK, 1989-1995
F.41     Karl Luntta, 1995

Box 3
F.1       M, 1987-2005
F.2       Mc, 1997-2005
F.3       Louis Marriott, 1995-2001
F.4       Miss Jamaica, 2006
F.5       Montego Bay High School for Girls, 1991
F.6       Mervyn Morris, 1985-2005

F.7       N, 1982-2003
F.8       David Neely, 2002

F.9       O, 1989-2004
F.10     Bridget Osborne, 1991
F.11     Lisa Owen; script for TV commercial, 2003

F.12     P, 1993-2004
F.13     PRC, 1998
F.14     Joy Parris, 2001-03
F.15     Peppar, 1999-2004

F.16     R, 1991-2004
F.17     Reed Children’s Books, 1993
F.18     Reggae Canada, 2000
F.19     Robinson Family Reunion, 1996-2002
F.20     Beverley M. Roger, 1994-95

F.21     S, 1987-2004
F.22     Sangster’s Book Stores Ltd., 1979, 1996-2001
F.23     Scarborough Public Library, 1995
F.24     Pete Seeger, 1992-93
F.25     Shortwood Teachers’ College Alumnae, 1997-98
F.26     Sister Vision Press, 1992
F.27     Sky Writings: Air Jamaica Inflight Magazine, 2002
F.28     Sonic Sounds, 1998
F.29     Storytellers School of Toronto, 1997-98, 2004
F.30     Sunshine Awards, 1998
F.31     Syncona, 1988-1993

F.32     T, 1997-2004
F.33     Tadpole Productions, 1993-1996
F.34     Talawah Reggae Magazine, 1996-98
F.35     Laura Tanna, 1993
F.36     Vivette Taylor (Sista Enzyme); poems, 2003

Box 4
F.1       U, 1996-97
F.2       UCLA – CAAS, 1986, 1995-56
F.3       Universal/Island Music Ltd., 200-2006
F.4       University of Technology, Jamaica, 2002
F.5       University of Toronto, 1994-99
F.6       University of West Indies, 1989-2003

F.7       V, 1979-2005

F.8       W, 1995-2005
F.9       We Are the One Theatre Productions, 1997
F.10     Women for P.A.C.E.; col. photographs, 1987-2002
F.11     York University, 1995-2001

F.12     Family – last name not known
F.13     First Names; photographs
F.14     Illegible
F.15     Unknown
F.16-7  Cards to LB, some with photographs
F.18     Cards to LB and EC, some with photographs
F.19     Cards to LB and EC, 1993

Series 2
Legal and Financial Documents. – 1954-2006. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 5
Legal documents (personal)
F.1       Jamaica: certified photocopy of LB’s birth certificate; also certified copies of the birth certificates of EC and Fabian Coverley
F.2       Jamaica: passports, 1979 and 1989; national identity card, 1984; driver’s licence issued 1965 with photograph; international driving permits, 1985 and 1986
F.3       Canada: record of landing, 15 November 1986; Canadian passports, 1990 and 1995
F.4       Marriage certificate, 30 May 1954, St. Martin’s Church, New York; includes list of guests
F.5       Will, 18 June 1998
F.6       Estate of Ivy Louise Coverley, 1990-1996
F.7       Will of Eric Benjamin Harris, photocopy, 2001
F.8       Correspondence with attorneys, Elsie A. Taylor and Janet R. Mignott, 1991-1993

Real Estate
F.9       Lot 1, Enfield, Gordon Town, Saint Andrew, title to 1963 and subsequent years (photocopy); correspondence re sale of property, 1990
F.10     Lot 2, Enfield, Gordon Town Saint Andrew, valuation of 1979
F.11     Lot 4, Enfield, Gordon Town Saint Andrew, title to 1962 and subsequent years (photocopy); valuation, 1991 and 1995, correspondence
F.12     Lot 6, Enfield, Gordon Town Saint Andrew, valuation of1979
F.13     Lot 7A, Enfield, Gordon Town Saint Andrew, agreement for sale and other documents, 1991
F.14     Lot 7B, Enfield, Gordon Town Saint Andrew, correspondence re sale, 1990-1992, also map of lot
F.15     Enfield, Gordon Town Saint Andrew ,lot numbers not specified, legal documents, 1990-91
F.16     Fort Lauderdale, Lot 23, Block 4 of Castle Gardens no. 1, 1990, sale
F.17     Scarborough, 1319 Neilson Road, 1995, purchase
F.18     Scarborough, 2350 Bridletowne Circle, no. 1007, lease, 2002

Copyright and contracts
F.19     Assignment of copyright: between LB and the Government of Jamaica, 1999
F.20     Contracts: Moon Handbooks, 1995; Holmes Associates, 1983 (draft); Lord Have Mercy Inc. (incomplete)

F.21     Island Music, royalty statement, 1993-1997; also memorandum to Mervyn Morris re Island Music
F.22     SOCAN, 1996-96; includes royalty statements
F.23     Stormking Music, Inc., royalty statement, 2006
F.24     Mutual Security Merchant Bank, 1993
F.25     Travel budget for “Lawd di Riddim Sweet”, n.d.
F.26     Audio and Video cassettes, stock inventory lists
F.27     TV Ontario, release and license no. fee, 1993
F.28     Stanley Motta Ltd., legal agreement, 1979

Box 6
Series 3
Writing. – 1941-2008. – 48 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – Series contains prose, poetry, songs and other genres as well as writing by others. – Recordings of some of this material can be found in Series 6, beginning in Box 24.

Aunty Roachy seh, 1993, edited by Mervyn Morris. A collection of LB’s radio monologues first broadcast in Jamaica, 1955-1982; an earlier working title was “Miss Lou’s Views”
F.1       Various lists of contents, 1978, n.d.; typed lists of contents of LB’s notebooks, 1966-1974, n.d.; “Taped Discussion Session – Louise Bennett and Mary Jane Hewitt – 23 August 1975”, 21 pp.
F.2       Monologues used in Aunty Roachy seh, typed, placed in alphabetical order by the archivist
F.3       Monologues not used in Aunty Roachy seh, typed, placed in alphabetical order by the archivist
F.4       Monologues not used in Aunty Roachy seh, typed, Christmas themes
F.5       Computer prints, pages in numbered order, n.d.
F.6-7    Computer prints, pages in numbered order, using title “Miss Lou’s Views”, with cover letter from Morris, 1992
F.8-9    Proofs

Files from 10 onwards are in standard English.
F.10     Anancy stories
F.11     “Caribbean Literature”
F.12     “Caribbean Poetry”
F.13     “Champong Nanny as retold by Louise Bennett”
F.14     “Easter Bun and Cheese”
F.15     “Folk Songs”, typed outline
F.16     “Folklore-Lecture Demonstration” and “Lecture Demonstration”, outlines, table of contents from dissertation by Mary Jane Hewitt
F.17     “Grand-Market and Christmas Market”, for Sky Writing
F.18     “Jamaica Traditions of African Origin”
F.19     “Jamaican Folklore”, for Air Jamaica
F.20     “Jamaican Folk Songs”
F.21     [Jamaican language]
F.22     “Jamaican Rememberance”; page 2 is titled “Miss Lou and Jamaica”
F.23     “Mood: Notes on the Dimension of the Dance”, UNESCO
F.24     “Moods in Jamaican Folk Music”
F.25     “Old-Time Jamaica Country Wedden”

Research/Reference files
F.26     “Jamaican Rites of Passage”
F.27     Lists of “Jamaican Proverbs”
F.28     Lists of Vocabulary, Alphabets, Glossary, Language
F.29     “How to Dance Quadrille”
F.30     Extracts and notes on N.W. Manley

F.31     Introduction of Julie Pearn, Poetry in the Caribbean (London: Hodder & Stoughton 1985)

Box 7
F.1       Sheet music
F.2       “Jamaican Songs from Pantomime Compiled and Published by Louise Bennett”; 16 page leaflet, dated 12 December 1941 in handwritten note
F.3       Lists of songs
F.4       Lyrics of songs, typed and handwritten, placed in alphabetical order by archivist
F.5       Lyrics of songs, mimeographs, placed in alphabetical order by archivist
F.6       Lyrics, classified as songs, dances, and games, typed, numbered by hand 64-93; some of the pages have no numbers. File also contains holograph notes and fragments
F.7       Songs and poems about Christmas

Poetry (see also box 12)
F.8       “Jamaican Dialogue Poems”, ts., Gleaner Co., 147 pp.
F.9       Numbered ts. carbon of some pages from “Jamaican Dialect Poems” with title of “Miss Lulu Sez”
F.10     Poems, placed in alphabetical order by archivist
F.11     Photocopy of Jamaican Humour in Dialect, Gleaner Co., 1943
F.12     Photocopy of “Colonization in Reverse”, 1996
F.13     Poem fragments
F.14     Fax sent by The Creative Unit in 2004 containing several poems. Page one of the fax is missing thus it is not possible to know if LB is the author.

Messages for
F.15     Arts and Culture Jamaica Inc., 2001
F.16     Caribbean International Literary (Calabash) Festival, 2003
F.17     Caribbean Cultural Theatre, 2002
F.18     “Christmas Message”
F.19     Alvin Curling, 1989
F.20     Gordon Town 25th anniversary message; also signed by EC who did the calligraphy
F.21     Heritage Singers, 1994; also a fax, 1997
F.22     Jamaican Cultural Development Group; JCDC Nostalgia in Gold, 1998
F.23     Jamaican Women’s Federation
F.24     Lignum Vitae Club of Antigua, 1995
F.25     National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (N.D.T.C.)
F.26     Paul, 2002
F.27     University Singers’ Programme, 28 July 1994
F.28     Young Children in Communities
F.29     Unknown group, message in the form of a poem beginning “Nuff nuff love to everybody!”

Tributes for
F.30     Maya Angelou, March 1986
F.31     Thanksgiving … Cyril Bailey
F.32     Joyce Britton

Scripts (for broadcast and recording)
F.33     “Gleaner TV Labrish”
F.34     “Jamaica Folk Songs”, programmes I and II; “Folkways of the Caribbean”, 1957
F.35     “Jamaica National”, 1996
F.36     “Meet the Commonwealth”
F.37     “Mento Time”
F.38     Lists of scripts, including from “Working 80”

F.39     “Dat Jamaican Dialect should be offical recognize as one secon language”; LB spoke in the affirmative

F.40     Draft review of Jennifer Keane-Dawes, “Homesickness”

F.41     “Poetry, Talk and Tings: An Evening with Louise Bennett”, York University, 14 March 1995
F.42     “Miss Lou’s Speech (Key to the City [of Kingston] Function”
F.43     “The Gift of Laughter”, York University Convocation, 1998
F.44     University of Technology, 2002 Cultural Award acceptance

Letter to the Editor
F.45     The Gleaner, 2001

F.46     Notes and fragments

Box 8
Works by Others
F.1       Janice Barnes; also letter thanking LB for participating in the research of the untitled paper, 1994
F.2       Ruth D. Brown, “Our Special Visitor”, 2000; LB was the special visitor
F.3       Mark V. Campbell, “Un-Imagining Africa: The Nature and Location of ‘Africa’ in the works of Louise Bennett”, 2003
F.4       Kevin O’Brien Chang, “Give Miss Lou the Vibes While She’s Alive”, 2003
F.5       decREK, “Martinet, Mediator, Mother: Growing up with Mogga”
F.6       Kate Elizabeth Ernest, “Festus and Felix”, photocopy of proofs, 1994
F.7       Maud Fuller, untitled poem about LB
F.8       Salvatore Greco, “Art and Mandela and Political Change: A Video Documentary”. According to the Ryerson website this was produced as “Art, Apartheid and Political Change”
F.9       Amah Harris, “To God Be the Glory”, 1998; handwritten note to LB on cover page
F.10     Ashante Infantry, article about LB lecture at York University
F.11     Patricia Karayan, “Childhood in Jamaica: Musical Influences”, March 1993 for Prof. Lederman; also a thank you note for Karayan
F.12     Cliff Lashley, “Savoring the Performance/Text: Theoretical/Methodological Problems in the Criticism of West Indian Poetry”
F.13     Mervyn Morris, “Louise Bennett”, 1993
F.14     Mervyn Morris, “To Prime the Pump”, speech to conference opening, 9 January 2008
F.15     Mervyn Morris and Rex Nettleford, “From Mimi’s Lap: Miss Lou’s Memoirs Outline Book and In Her Own Words – as Told by Miss Lou”
F.16     Rex Nettleford, “Louise Bennett: Living Legend”
F.17     L.A. Phillip, “Destroying the Myths of the Caribbean Language”
F.18     Michael Reckhord, “Bibsie”, 2003
F.19     Colin Rickhards, “The Arts and Dollars: Cultural Icons Tackle Controversial Issue”, 2000
F.20     Margarietta St. Juste, “Introductory Remarks … to mark the launch of Auntie Roachy Sey”
F.21     Kathryn Wheeler, “Cultural Awakening through Visual Storytelling & Folklore”, outline proposal, Cambridge University, 2002
F.22     Marjorie A.G. Whylie, “The Launch of Visiting with Miss Lou”, 4 August 2003
F.23     Unknown authors, scripts of Anancy stories; in one story LB has the role of Aunt Lize
F.24     Unknown author, Queenie’s Daughter”, script
F.25     Unknown authors, various scripts
F.26     Unknown author, “The Other Jamaica”, pp. 1-2 are missing; page 3 begins with “Treatment”
F.27     Unknown authors, poems
F.28     Unknown author, prose about LB
F.29     Unknown authors, speeches about LB
F.30     Unknown authors, interviews with LB

Series 4
Published and Printed materials. – 1945-2005. – 38 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – This series contains materials by and about LB, material about Jamaica, and other materials.

Box 9
F.1       Articles by LB in Skywriting, 1977-1983, n.d.
F.2       Articles and messages by LB in various publications, 1994-2003

News clippings (original and photocopies) about LB
F.3       N.d.
F.4       1950-55
F.5       1967-74
F.6       1975-89
F.7       1990-99
F.8       2000-05

F.9       News clippings about the Order of Merit, 2001
F.10     News clippings removed from an album, 1945-1998
F.11     News clippings removed from an album, 1983-2004

Periodical articles about LB
F.12     1981-1986
F.13     1988-1997
F.14     2000-2002
F.15     2003-2004

Box 10
F.1       Biographical sketches of LB. There is also a biographical sketch in Box 1, F.3
The remainder of the box contains materials about Jamaica; files have not been numbered. Includes some Jamaican folklore.

Box 11
Printed Materials:
F.1       Leaflet for film “Calypso”, Rome, 1959
F.2       Partial photocopy of Joseph J. Williams, Hebrewisms of West Africa, with Kingston Athenaeum Circulating Library
F.3       Wedding programmes
F.4       Printed entertainment programmes; LB not mentioned
F.5       Printed programmes; LB not mentioned; includes “2nd International Story Telling Festival with rare articles by Peter Brook and P.L. Travers”
F.6       Bob Marley; documents about
F.7       Granny Maude blank greeting cards, printed in Miami Florida, 1986-87
F.8       Printed business cards
F.9       Miscellaneous printed and typed documents
Oversize:  Poster for the play, “da Kink in my Hair”, Jan.-Feb. 2005; signed and with messages from the cast to LB. In folder in Map Cabinet 28.

Series 5
Personal and professional documents, awards, and realia. – 1950-2006. – 1.8 m of textual records, graphic material and realia. – Title based on content of series. – This series contains LB’s note books, calendars, awards, programmes and other materials.

Box 11
F.10     Resumés and biographical sketches. There is also a biographical sketch in Box 1, F.3.
F.11     Personal documents: United Department Store Workers of America union card, 1953; Jamaica Association of Dramatic Artists membership card, 2003 (with photograph)
F.12-3  Tributes and Awards, 1960-2007, n.d. The 1960 OB.E. is a photocopy. There is a typed list of awards, also programmes, a tribute from EC, and other documents. See Box 13 for medals; boxes 14-19 for awards and plaques. Larger tributes and awards are in an oversize folder in Map Cabinet 28. Extreme oversize: reproduction of the University of Technology, Jamaica, Cultural Award Citation, matted.
F.14     Programes (LB as performer and/or speaker), 1950-2004, n.d.
F.15     Posters with LB as performer, 1986-1995, n.d. Larger posters are in an oversize folder in Map Cabinet 28. Extreme oversize poster, framed, for “Miss Lou Live!” at the Albany Empire in London, signed by LB.
F.16     Printed images of LB on cards. A large Blue Cross of Jamaica calendar 1999 as well as an Amnesty International poster, both with her image, are in an oversize folder in Map Cabinet 28.
F.17     Bookmark, “My Aunti Roachy Say … Walk Good!”; various image of LB (2 copies)
F.18     Tickets to LB performances, two both with n.d.
F.19     Printed invitations addressed to LB
F.20     Press releases, 1999, 2005, n.d.
F.21     Audio cassette covers: “Yes M’Dear”, “Auntie Roachie Seh” and Jamaican Folk Songs”
F.22     Vinyl disk jackets, photocopies: “Listen to Louise” and “Children’s Jamaican Songs and Games Sung by Louise Bennett”, 1957. Three disk jackets for “Miss Lou” and “Louise Bennett Carifesta” are in an oversize folder in Map Cabinet 28
F.23     Printed note card with LB’s image from print by Darrell McCalla, 1994; also poetry. Extreme oversize Print no. 17 of 450 of the McCalla work signed by both and framed.
F.24     Printed Christmas cards with LB’s image
F.25     Printed place mat from Mr. Wong’s restaurant with happy birthday wishes and signatures, 1997
F.26     Schedule for a British Tour in Tour; notes for a proposed visit to Jamaica
F.27     Misc. printed documents with LB connection

Box 12
Notebooks and address books
Note: books contain daily activities plus brief notes/writing and poetry throughout
1983; 1991-1992; 1992-1994
1995-1996; 1995-1996; 1995-2001; 1996
1996-1999 (1 pg. 1988); 1996-1998
1997; 1997-1998
2000; 2000-2003
Telephone and address books (5); all contain brief notes and poetry throughout; also a 2003 calendar with names, addresses and phone numbers
“Record Note File”; entries for albums and books by LB sold at events, 1992-1996

Box 13
Medal in blue case from the republic of Chile for LB’s contribution to world culture, 1996. See also boxes 14-20.
Order of Merit red cylinder, 2001; the cylinder is empty

Jamaica Independence Medal, 1962 with ribbon and pin (not known how widely this medal was distributed)
Institute of Jamaica commemorative medal marking its Centenary Year, 1979; in blue case with gold trim

South Dakota souvenir dollar, 1972; round pins with slogans – “Women for P.A.C.E. Canada, Adopt a Basic School in Jamaica”; “The Joy of Life is Love”
Small metal sculpture of a man playing a drum.
Fans (2), one bamboo, one cloth (folded)
Wooden tray
Set of 5 white metal bracelets
One pair of spectacles
Magnifying glass
Two small wooden bowls, one with a lid
Leather wallet
Jamaica passport cover
Small Jamaican flag

Oversize: Embroidered sampler with the quotation: “‘We are what and where we are because we have imagined it’ B Curtis” is located in Map Cabinet 28

Box 13A
Miss Lou doll manufactured by Island Dolls Plus Collections

Awards and Plaques (Boxes 14-20)
Box 14

Box 15

Box 16

Box 17

Box 18 (oversize)

Box 19 (oversize)
1992 and 2006

Series 6
Photographs and Audio Visual materials. – [194-]-[200-]. – 4.8 m of graphic material, sound recordings and moving images. – Title based on content of the series. – Photographs can be found in other series. – Some photographs have been scanned by archival staff and placed on a CD.

Box 20
F.1       LB performing in her trademark “National Costume”; includes several cardboard images of “Auntie Roachie” and the cover for Jamaica Labrish
F.2-3    Performing and promotional images; working at BBC, [1945-1947]; conducting first summer school in drama as an extra mural teacher at U.W.I, 1949; with Ranny Williams and Charles Hyatt, Panto, 1949; First of August Celebration, Town Square, 1962; launch of “Miss Lou’s Views”, 1967; 1st Carifesta, 1972; “Queenie’s Daughter”, 1973; performing in “Merry Wives of Windsor”, 1973; computer printout of LB with Ranny Williams also on plaque board with oversize photographs
F.4       Portraits and passport photos, [196-?] – [200-?]
F.5       [194-?]-[195-?] LB as a young woman; includes one school class photograph; one photograph on board the RMS Queen Elizabeth; one photograph taken possibly in Switzerland; various b&w
F.6       1940s. 1 page from a photograph album titled RADA days (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), July 1946, 6 b&w photographs; “1943 Panto”
F.7       1950s. Photocopies of LB and Langston Hughes, 1953 (2); 4 b&w photographs, Dec. 1957; LB, Mrs. Pauter and Gwen, June 1950; 1 b&w found with leaflet for Italian movie Calypso, 1959; c.1950s; 1 b&w of Miss Lou having story time for kids at her house in Jamaica, 1959 ( image also on plaque board with oversize photographs)
F.8       Wedding photographs, 30 May 1954. See also box 23, file 7.
F.9       1960s. Various scenes in Jamaica; 6 b&w photographs of a social gathering “Gordon Town House, late 1950s to early 1960s”
F.10     “Launching of Labrish”, 2 b&w photographs with Michael Manley, 1 page of negatives, 1966
F.11     [196-?]-[197-?]; photographs from Jamaica, various social gatherings
F.12     1970s. Col. photographs of LB receiving the Order of Jamaica, 1974; Anancy being presented to the Governor General Florizel Glasspole and Michael Manley, 1979 (2 b&w photographs)
F.13     1980s. Thanksgiving Service, 1986; small photograph album from Patuch, Pauline, Nicolas and Nea, July-Aug. 1986
F.14     Chicago, 1986
F.15     Michael Manley visit, 18 Oct. 1987; includes 8 x 10 b&w photograph signed by Manley

Box 21
F.1-2    1990s. Anniversary and birthday parties; celebration for “Lawd Di Riddim Sweet” including invitation to launch event; also an extreme oversize framed collage of photographs with two news clippings.
F.2A    79th Birthday, celebration held on 8 Sept. 1998. Col. photographs. One is inscribed on verso "'The Crown of Pork Roast'" Lloyd's Last Masterpiece in Cooking Done with Love for Louise .... Rosie Johnston".
F.2B    Col photograph of LB with her cousin Dr. Randolph Edwards
F.3       “36th anniversary tribute to Miss Lou”, Miami, 10 June 1990
F.4       York University Convocation, 6 June 1998
F.5-6    2000s. Receiving the Order of Merit award, 2001; Scarborough hospital, 2001; “Me and Sparrow” (Slinger Francisco, “Calypso King of the World”), 2001; Eric Coverley’s funeral, 2002; Canadian Achievement awards, [2004]; with Lloyd Chung, Fr. George Bardowell, David Espeut and Marcia (last name unknown), 2005; birthday parties
F.7       2 col. photographs of LB with Karen Richards Siyambla and Aunt Lyn Andrews, July 2003
F.8       LB meeting Queen Elizabeth. Not clear if meeting is in England or Jamaica.
F.9       2 col. photos with Maya Angelou [1986?]; 1 col. photo with Joan Andrea Hutchison “Bumpy Head”; LB with “Sherly” (Sheryl)-Lee Ralph, American actress and singer
F.10     Negatives
F.11-13  Various photographs from the 1970s to 1990s with unknown dates. The earliest photographs are taken with a Polaroid camera.

Box 22
F.1-3    Various photographs from the 1990s to 2000s with unknown dates.
F.4-5    Eric Coverley, [195-?] – [200-?]
F.6       EC sketching. Photograph is torn with parts of the image missing, very fragile
F.7       LB or EC’s mother, negative and print; LB’s father’s mother, negative
F.8       EC standing beside his artwork dedicated to Winston Churchill; possibly presented to Churchill during his visit to Jamaica in 1953
F.9       Reproductions of 19th century portraits, not identified but presumably family
F.10     Ivy Coverley
F.11     Fabian and family
F.12     From envelope titled “Family and such delikes” [sic]
F.13-6  Photographs of women and their families who refer to EC and LB as “Daddy” and “Aunt Lousie”, Althea, Christine, Odette and Simone

Photographs without LB present
Neville Allen, newborn
Irving Burgie and Uivia Heron-Burgie
Caribbean Folk Singer, Palm Bay, Florida, 1999
Charmaine and Michael Dyche; includes two unsent wedding thank you cards and wedding photographs
Leonie Forbes, Lois Kelly Miller and Fae Ellington
Carl Henry
Margaret Kiddoe
Shirly Lintor (2 photographs: as a little girl; in nurse uniform, England)
Ifeoma Nwankwo, 2001
Barbara Palmer
Angela Smith, Clark Smith, Earl Isaacs and his two granddaughters, 2002
Carolyn, Dale, and Justin Warren

F.18     First or last names only
Angela, 1983
Clarke, Angela, Monique and Stevie, 1973
Donette and Ray
Johnnie, 1945
Lowell, Magalson (2)
Nicole and son Justin, St. Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, 1995
Rob, Brooke and Taylor, 2000
Tyrone, 4 years old

Box 23
F.1-3    Unidentified; names and dates not known, photographs without LB
F.4       Scenes from Jamaica including the St. Martin de Porres Roman Catholic Church in Gordon Town and National Heroes Park, [199-?]
F.5       3 b&w 8” x 11” photographs of mechanics, possibly in Jamaica, signed by C. Hunt
F. 6      Portraits of others; includes 3 head shots of Michael Maberley and 1 b&w portfolio photograph of Eyrick Darby

F.7       “1954-1979”; 2 b&w official photographs from the Jamaica Tourist Board of LB preparing for a New Year’s party; 13 wedding photographs; various scenes in Jamaica
F.8       “Carifesta Time 1976”; includes scenes from festival and other photographs with family in Jamaica; “Carifesta Ball Waldorf Astoria, New York, Friday 18th June 1976”
F.9       Fabian’s wedding; scenes with family and friends in Jamaica; includes 1 letter from “Your lovely daughters Christine, Althea, Odette and Simone”, addressed to Aunt Louise and Daddy, 1980
F.10     “The Coverleys of Florida”. Includes 6 b&w passport sized photos of LB, [195-?]-[197-?], Althea’s children and other family gatherings
F.11     “Friends, family, etc.”, 1990s
F.12     “The Drums Keep Sounding: The Story of Miss Lou”, photographs taken during the production of the docudrama, 1995
F.13     Black History Month Concert, 2004
F.14-5  Award ceremonies, social events, birthday parties

Oversize (in map cabinet 28)
*On stage, Panto, 1973
*“Miss Lou as Mother Santa”; LB is handing a present to a young girl
*2 plaques: described in box 20 files 2-3 and 7

Audio-Visual Materials
Note: Ananci and Anancy are used interchangeably. The numbering of all the following items was done before the archive arrived at McMaster University. Some items are recorded on more than one medium.

Box 24
Miss Lou Commercial Material
Audio Cassettes and CDs
1. “Auntie Roachie Seh” by Miss Lou “Authorised”, n.d.
2. “Auntie Roachie Seh” special edition, autographed by LB, n.d.
3. Bre’ Anancy & Miss Lou, Sycona, Toronto, n.d.
4. Come Home to Jamaica Disks 1 and 2, copies on CD
5. The Honourable Miss Lou, Premiere Productions Limited, Jamaica, [1981]; copy on CD also available
6. Jamaican Folk Songs by Miss Lou, “Authorized”, same songs as The Honourable Miss Lou, n.d.
7. Lawd…di Riddim Sweet, cassette insert only, 1999; also available on CD (cassette and CD both labelled 7)
8. Miss Lou’s Views: A pot-pourri of typical and topical Jamaican happenings in the dialect of Louise Bennett as related by “Auntie Rochie [sic], original recording, Jamaica, 1962
9. “Yes Mi’ Dear”, 2 live versions plus 1 recorded from the CD (original CD not available as part of this archive), [1981] (all 3 cassettes labelled 9)

VHS Video Cassettes and DVDs
10. The Honourable Louise Bennett-Coverley: “Miss Lou”, Then and Now, by Literature Alive, a documentary series that profiles Caribbean-Canadian authors, 2005
11. Miss Lou & Friends, Jamaica’s First Lady of Comedy Lousie [sic] Bennett, International Theatre Institute, taped on 27 March 1990, 58 mins. (2 VHS tapes, 1 DVD, all labelled 11)
12. Visiting with Miss Lou, The Creative Production and Training Centre Limited, 2003, 55 mins.

Box 25
Miss Lou Interviews, radio shows, award ceremonies, poetry and speeches
Audio Cassettes
13. Afternoon Tea with Ms. Lou, 10 Apr 1994 (see also video 70)
14. Anancy Stories
15. Beyond the Headlines, RJR radio, interview with Miss Lou re: National Pantomime show, 19-20 December 1996 (2 cassettes both labelled 15)
16. Black Business and Professional Association, June 1989
17. Breakfast Club radio interview, 11 July 1993 (2 cassettes both labelled 17)
18. Caribbean Round-up on WBAI (NY) feat[uriing]. Miss Lou, 21 December 2002
19. CBC radio, “Louise Bennett, Jamaican Storyteller” on “As It Happens”, 9 Apr. 1992
20. CBC radio, Morningside, 15 Nov 1990
21. CBC radio, This Morning with Miss Lou, 20 Jan. 2002; tribute to Eric Coverley, CHRY 105.5 FM, 9 August 2002
22. CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph, show 14 on 21 July 1995; show 18 on 30 Sept 1995; show 78 on 1[5] Feb. 1997 (3 cassettes all labelled 22)
23. “Dutty Tuff”
24. Folk Roots: A Collection of Traditional Music by the Heritage Singers, 1998
25. Here & Now, 7 July 2002; 15 Aug 2002 (2 cassettes both labelled 25)
26. The Honourable Miss Lou, music and interview
27. Songs from The Honourable Miss Lou with additional songs not on commercial recording
28. In concert at family party re: appointment as Ambassador at Large for Jamaica, 17 Dec 1989
29. Interview by Dianne Thompson, WGCI Radio Chicago, 27 July 1990
30. Interview by JoAnn King, KUSP, Toronto, 15 Aug 1989
31. Interview for Caribbean Crucible, CHRY 105.5 FM, 16 Jun 2003 (2 cassettes both labelled 31)
32. Interview for Little Carib by Rose Ann Pierce, 31 Oct 1981
33. Interview with CBC’s Sunday Morning George Emerson, 12 Aug 1989           
34. Interview with BBC’s World Service by Sarah Ward
35. Interview by Rob Bowman, 7 Aug 1989
36. Interview with Miss Lou re: her early career and language history in Jamaica; Ivy Coverley, Charles Hyatt, Wesley Powell speak re: Miss Lou (2 cassettes both labelled 36)
37. Interview with Miss Lou re: career and Jamaican language
37a. Interview, 30 Sept 1981
38. Jamaica National radio script, 11 June 1996
39. Listen to Louise
40. Lou and Ranny 283, 399 (radio sit-com)
41. Lou and Ranny 399, A52
42. Lou and Ranny A126, A281
43. Lou and Ranny A281 completed, A467 incomplete
44. Lou and Ranny A395, B360
45. Lou and Ranny B360, A126
46. Louise Bennett Day on Nationwide [Jamaica], 9 July 1999
47. Louise Bennett Folkways, Children’s Songs and Folk Songs, 1954
48. Message from Miss Lou for PACE Toy Drive, 3 Dec 1999
49. Miss Lou “Yes mi dear”; “Bedward dip dem” and “Under the Coconut Tree”
50. Miss Lou and the University of the West Indies Singers, CBC, 23 Aug 1994 (2 cassettes both labelled 50)
51. Miss Lou Jan 20 (no year present)
52. Miss Lou’s tribute to Mas ‘Ran’ (Randolph Samuel Williams or Ranny Williams), July 1991
53. Nationwide HOT 102 [Jamaica], Miss Lou’s 80th Birthday, 7 September 1999
54. Order of Merit Ceremony, Toronto, 18 Dec. 2001
55. Verse on Poetry International: A Radio Magazine of World Poetry, prog. 11 & 13 (2 cassettes both labelled 55)
56. Performing at CODE’s Caribbean ‘88 Gala, 25 June 1988 at the Radisson Hotel, Ottawa Centre
57. Queenie’s Daughter Soundtrack  
58. Radio interview re: The Drums Keep Sounding, TV docudrama biography on Miss Lou
59. Radio interview, 5 June 1998
60. Reflections on Jamaica’s Christmas Traditions, 2 Dec. 1994
61. Reggae Riddim, 9 Jan 1990
62. Reggae Riddim 2, 9 July 1991    
63. “Rock - Stone - Anancy Pantomime Show”, 1971
64. Speech at Founders College, York University, [14 March 1995]
65. Straight Talk with Miss Lou, 7 April 2000

Box 26
VHS Video Cassettes
66. 10th Anniversary Sistrunk Historical Festival, 15 Feb. 1990
67. Acceptance speech for being named the Jamaican Theatre Personality of the Century
68. Acceptance speech for the award by the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies, 1983
69. Acceptance speech for the award from University of Technology Jamaica (Utech), 2002
70. Afternoon Tea with Ms. Lou, 10 Apr 1994 (2 copies both labelled 70)
71. Calabash Greeting, Book Television
72. Caribbean Pioneer Women of Canada: First Variety Show, Miss Lou performing in her “national costume”
73. The Drums Keep Sounding and video launch scenes (2 copies both labelled 73)
74. Emmanuel United Church, Waterloo, recorded greeting from LB, 14 Nov. 1998

Box 27
75. Evening for Miss Lou, Royal York, Oct 5; also contains Marcus Garvey exhibit
76. Hon. Miss Lou: On the life and times of Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley, filmed by A.P.I., 1980
77. In Unionville, Long Island, 9 Oct 1989; Ken Hill funeral service, Jamaica, 23 Mar 1989
78. Interview with Beverly Henry, 2003
79. Interview for “Kallaloo”, n.d.
80. Interview with clips about her career and the definition of “labrish”
81. Interview with performance clips and appearance on TV show in the 50s or 60s
82. Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, Living Legends: Ms. Lou
83. Jamaican Folk Tales and Oral Histories, Institute of Jamaica Publications Limited, 28 minutes, 1987.
84. Launching of Aunty Roachy Says [sic]
85. At Lauris Da Costa’s place, August 1997

Box 28
86. Living Legends: Miss Lou
87. Miss Amy & Miss May, 40 min., 10s.
88. Miss Lou and Tim Tim stories, songs and poems, Trinidad, October 1986
89. Miss Lou Day, 7 Sept 2002
90. Miss Lou in Five
91. Miss Lou Interview, n.d.
92. Miss Lou Reply, Ford Center
93. Poems: Universal Suffurage [sic] Voting, includes “New Constitution”, “Votin’ Lis’“, “Rightful Way”, “Votin’ Ink”
94. Poetry, Talk and Tings – An Evening with Louise Bennett, Founders College, 14 Mar 1995
95. Portmore Healthcare Complex BHMC 2004 Honouring Ms. Lou
96. Reggae Strong interview with Miss Lou, rough cut, Step Lively Productions, Inc., 55min.

Box 29
97. The Salvation Army, complete footage including 25 s. spot, Oct. 1989
98. Service of Thanksgiving & Celebration for the life of Rt. Hon. Michael Norman Manley, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Toronto, 27 April 1997
99. [Visiting] Toronto Hakka Villages, 20 Nov 2002
100. Tribute to Miss Lou at the Ford Center
101. Tribute to Miss Lou at the Royal York
102. Tribute to Miss Lou by the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association Kingston Chapter for Best of Kingston Award, 1997
103. Tribute to Miss Lou, 7 Mar 1997
104. Visiting with Miss Lou, 54 min.
105. World Theatre Day, “Miss Lou & Friends”, Jamaica, 1990
106. York University spring convocation for honorary doctor of letters degree, McLaughlin College, 10 June 1998

Box 30
Video Cassettes, various types
107. Louise Bennett, Toronto, “Tape 1, Reels 1-2-3”; Beta
108. Louise Bennett, Jamaica,
“Tape 2, Reels 4-5-6”; Sony designed for still picture reproduction
109. Jamaica, “Tape 3, Reel 7”; Beta
110. Jamaica, “Tape 4, Reel 8”; Beta
111. Jamaica, “Tape 5, Reel 9”; Eastman Professional

Box 31
Family and Friends
112. From “MJ” with love and admiration (2)
113. “Happy Birthday Mass Eric”, amateur CD
114. Audio invitation to Joan Andrea Hutchison’s 50th birthday celebration, 20 Oct. 2003
115. Digital image of EC’s visitation and funeral plus the repatriation of his body and LB’s body back to Jamaica. The CD is labelled as Miss Lou’s Thanksgiving Services, Toronto and Jamaica, August 2006
Audio Cassettes
116. EC interview, 26 May 1999 (3 cassettes all labelled 116)
117. Seaton House, Fabian, 26 Aug 1997
VHS Video Cassettes
118. EC’s Memorial Service
119. LTM (Little Theatre Movement) Tribute to EC after his death presented by Jamaican Magazine
120. Charmaine & Michael’s Wedding, labelled “For Aunty ‘V’”
121. Sandra’s family gathering

Box 32
Audio from Miss Lou’s collection with some relevance or association to her, Jamaica or Caribbean folklore and music
Audio Cassettes
122. 1st cut new version, Carib Waltz; 2nd cut old version Carib Waltz
123. AMS Sisters, taped from vinyl record
124. Anancy Stories by Little Ifeoma, with business card for Ifeoma C.K. Nwankwo, The University of Michigan
125. Black Music Association, Talent Search Finalists (1986-1987)
126. Calypso music
127. Easton Lee, From Behind the Counter: Excerpts from the book of poems
128. Easton Lee, Heritage Call: Ballad for the Children of the Dragon
129. Ebonics
130. Folk songs
131. Four the Moment, We’re Still Standing, Jam Productions
132. Gregg Hansen, D-reg Music, Blookshot Red & Rollin’ Publ., 1989
133. Homecoming songs
134. Independence, 1989
135. Jamaican Mento’s vol.1
136. Jimmy Tucker, Shekinah
137. Jimmy Tucker, The Music of the Moravians
138. Joan Andrea Hutchison, Dat Bumpy Head Gal
139. Ken Corsbie, Caribbean Voices
140. Lillian Allen, Don’t They Know
141. Lionheart Gal: Life Stories of Jamaican Women
142. Lord Tanamo, Skamento Movement
143. Music Boy Panto
144. Panto – Witch
145. Paul Heens-Douglas, I Hear You
146. Quadnelle 85, St. Croix Album
147. [Quadnelle] Music
148. Songs, Panto 1971; June Fishin’
149. Syncona
150. Warren Brady, Mr. Tally Man
151. Way Gilbert, Mike Rowland, Titania, The Fairy Queen

Box 33
VHS Video Cassettes
152. Anansi, narrated by Denzel Washington, music by UB40 (2 copies both labelled 152)
153. Canadian Club - P.J. Patterson, Prime Minister, Jamaica, 15 July 1994 (2 copies both labelled 153)
154. Carrying a Heavy Load, documentary on Caribbean women and socioeconomic conditions, 4 July 1993, 35 mins., 28 secs.
155. Culture Shock VII, Nation Language, 4 Mar 1993
156. Diggers, film about the building of the Panama Canal; with note to LB from Roman Foster, 22 July 1986
157. The Doctress: Mary Seacole of Jamaica, 2003, 39 mins.
158. Ebonics and African Languages, Dr. Jacob Carruthers and Dr. Ernest Smith (2 tapes both labelled 158)
159. Eve, with Oliver Samuels’
160. An Evening of Caribbean Comedy & Song, 11 May 1986
161. Fi mi Love’, A musical journey with the Jamaican Folk Singers
162. Hill an’ Gully Ride Jamaica
163. Jamaica Nationals Association, Inc. 42nd Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence Celebration
164. Jamaica’s National Dance Theatre Company, 2002
165. Laugh Jamaica: Skits and Songs from the Comedy Revue
166. Legends of SKA, Toronto, 12-13 July 2002
167. Michael Manley State Funeral, Kingston, Jamaica, 16 March 1997, 45 mins.
168. The New Music: Dub Poetry
169. Oliver and Trini, “In Search of Comedy & Culture”
170. Oliver and Trini, Caribbean Christmas
171. Ottawa Creole Conference, 1996
172. Panel of community members discussing dialects of the Caribbean, including Patois, and English
173. Reggae Sunsplash, 1993
174. Reggae, the Story of Jamaica Music, BBC, parts 1 and 2
175. Scholarship Pageants, Queens & Princes, 2005
176. Show 4-29 featuring Dennis Lee & Jamaican Language
177. Sixty Glorious Years…and Beyond, Re-enactment of Launch of the People’s National Party, Ward Theatre 18 Sept. 1998
178. SKAMOVIE!, sampler 4:30 mins.
179. Strong Jamaicans, Stirring Time: The Story of Organized Labour in Jamaica
180. Sunrise, a music video about the Caribbean by Larry Evans
181. University Singers in Concert, Ryerson Theatre 1 Oct. 1989, Toronto
182. University Singers in Montreal, August 1994
183. Yes, I Can!, John Brooks’ Community Foundation Documentary of minority groups and education, July 1992

184. Gerry Thompson, Reggae Gospel: From Then To Now
185. A Benefit for Jamaica’s Children with HIV/AIDS, 15 May 2004
186. Redemption Song, a monument by Laura Facey
186a. Paul Kastick, Wappy Back, 1999 - 45 rpm vinyl record

Box 34
CDs (uw = unopened wrapper)
187. Akwaaba De Drummers, Our Heritage
188. Della, Ashes on the Window Sill, 1997
189. Denise Williams, Night Lights
190. Grace, Kennedy & Co., Ltd.; contains 2003 Annual Report, 2004 1st Quarter Financials, 2004 1st Quarter Chairman’s Report, and 2004 Kingston Investor’s April Briefing
191. Ivy Claudette Armstrong, Native Dawta [2004?]
192. Jamaica Gospel 2000 (uw)
193. Jamaica Gospel 2001 (uw)
194. Jamaica Kiosk 2: Music Clips, 28 March 2001
195. Joan Andrea Hutchinson’s, Hamper of Jamaican Proverbs
196. Lisbeth (Cooke) Haddad, “Only Fi Yu”, 2004
197. Mento Music in Jamaica, vol. 1, 2000, insert contains description of Mento music
198. Mighty Sparrow Volume I (CD missing)
199. National Popular Song Festival 2001: Top Ten Finalists (uw)
200. Phyllis Walker & Anansi: The First Spiderman (uw)
201. “Shabada”
202. Sonny Bradshaw & the Jamaica Big Band, Live
203. The Heritage Singers, Hallelujah Pepperpot
204. Trevor A. Lawrence, Hey Lickle Bwoy, 2000, signed by Lawrence

Series 7
Death, Funeral and Memorials. – 2006-2008. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 35
F.1       Service of Thanksgiving, 3 August 2006, Toronto, Ont.
F.2       Memorial Tribute Concert, 8 August 2006, Jamaica
F.3       Funeral, 9 August 2006, Kingston, Jamaica
F.4       Memorial Service, 17 Sept. 2006, Hamilton, Ont.
F.5       Memorial Tribute, Broward County, Florida, 16 Oct. 2006
F.6       Celebrating Black History Month, a Tribute to Miss Lou, Toronto, Ont., 31 January 2007
F.7       Tribute, National Heroes Park, Jamaica, 7 Sept. 2005; also photograph of Memorial Plaque for LB and EC, news clippings
F.8       “Biography and Tributes”, memorial leaflet
F.9       Sympathy cards and letters to Fabian Coverley, her step-son, 2006
F.10     News clippings and internet prints, July 2006
F.11     News clippings and internet prints, August 2006
F.12     Special issue of The Gleaner, 3-9 August 2006
F.13     Nov-Dec. 2006 issue of Sky Writings with article, “Our Beloved Miss Lou”
F.14-5  News clippings, Sept. 2006-Oct. 2008; includes printed thank you from the family
F.16     Heritage Singers tribute programme, 2007
F.17     Pamela Appelt (LB executor), correspondence, 2006-08; includes LB death certificate
F.18-20            Fabian Coverely, correspondence, 2006-2008; for correspondence while LB was alive see Series 1
F.21     Reading Festival, Florida, 2008
F.22     University of West Indies conference on LB, “Noh Lickle Twang!”, 9-12 January 2008

Series 8
Eric Coverley. – 1941-2001 – 51 cm of textual records, graphic material and realia. – Title based on the creator of the series.

Box 36
F.1       Correspondence, A-W, first names, 1945-2002
F.2       Birthday and other cards
F.3       Biographical sketch, “Notes on the Highlight of our Guest”
F.4       Biographical sketches
F.5       Auto-biographical sketches, incomplete
F.6       “Notes for Thank You Address re Presentation of Award to Louise at the Chilean Embassy on Thursday 27/6/96, Canada”
F.7       Artwork: Coats of Arms
F.8       Artwork: Printed blank greeting cards
F.9       Artwork: Col. copies
F.10     Artwork: Sketches and notes
Oversize: Artwork, photocopies, “Lilies of the Valley” – 2 b&w, 1 col. Pencil sketch of unknown building. "Papers for Pends" signed notebook. In Map Cabinet 28
F.11     Calligraphy samples including two pastoral scenes lettered “Louise” and “Eric” with biblical quotations; also an oversize tribute to Cito Gaston of the Toronto Blue Jays, located in Box 38
F.12     Calligraphy drafts, citation for Mavis Burke
F.13     Appointment calendar, 1983
F.14     Programs: Souvenir Programme of the Ernest Mapletoft Cupidon Memorial Recital, Ward Theatre, 23 March 1941; includes EC, Jamaica’s only Chalk Talk Artist-Comedian. Also typed programme, Novelty Show and Charity Drive, 15 Feb. 1945. See also Box 37
F.15     Printed materials
F.16     Awards: Binder cover for The Ward Theatre Foundation, Season of Excellence, 1988
F.17     Legal documents: Will, 1998, Power of Attorney, 2001
F.18     Record of Landing, 1992
F.19     News clippings re EC as performer, 1938-45; also photocopies of news clippings. See also Box 37
F.20     News clipping photocopies, 1990-1994: includes “Christmas morning celebrations in Kingston” by EC, 25 Dec. 1992, Jamaican Weekly Gleaner
F.21     News clippings re his death, tributes; also his funeral programme
F.22     Service for Re-Interment programme, 2006

Box 37
F.1       News clippings and programmes re EC as a performer pasted into scrapbook, 1942-45
F.2       Bound note book, 1986

Box 38
Plaques: Daphne Da Costa Memorial Foundation, 1998; Kingston Technical High School for outstanding contribution to Jamaican culture, 1994
Trophy: Heritage Singer, 1997
Institute of Jamaica, Sir Anthony Musgrave; engraved on the rim is “Mr. Eric Coverley Popular Arts Theatre”
Jamaica Order of Distinction, 1978 (officer); in blue case with gold trim
Col. photograph of EC in metal circle with date of 2001 engraved, hung on a red ribbon

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