St. Philip-by-the-Lake Church Anglican Church

Grimsby, Ont.
Fonds - Brief Description: 

St. Philip-by-the-Lake Church Anglican Church (Grimsby, Ont.) fonds. -- 1952-2011. -- 13 cm of textual records.

The church is located in the part of Grimsby known as Grimsby Beach. In late October 1951 Canon E.A. Brooks, rector of St. Andrew's, Grimsby decided that Grimsby Beach needed and could support a church of its own. A cottage was purchased and the first service was held on 4 November. Construction began shortly thereafter on a church on Park Road North. The cornerstone was laid on 1 May 1952, and the first service was held on 5 October 1952. For a more complete history see two mimeographs in Envelope 1 in the fonds.

St. Philip's was disestablished on 30 October 2011 by Bishop Michael Bird.

The fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records and services, Vestry records, Advisory Council Minutes and correspondence, and building plans. Most of the fonds has been microfilmed on 2 reels, numbered 168, 170.

Title based on content of fonds.
Fonds on deposit. Ownership of the fonds resides with St. Philip-by-the-Lake Church.
Finding aid available in hard copy and electronically.
Researchers are requested to use the microfilms. They must also sign an agreement of use form.
No further accruals are expected.

Finding Aid: 


I - List of Parish Registers

a) Statistical

Parish Register A Baptisms Apr. 1952-Nov. 1973
Confirmations June 1952-Mar. 1968
Marriages May 1953-Oct. 1971
Burials June 1952-Nov. 1973
Parish Register G Baptisms 1974-1999 448
Parish Register H Baptisms 2000-2009 448
Parish Register I Confirmation 1969-1999 448
Parish Register J Confirmation 2001-2009 448
Parish Register K Marriage 1972-1999 448
Parish Register L Marriage 2000-2011 449
Parish Register M Burials 1962-1999 449
Parish Register N Burials 2000-2011 449

b) General

Parish Register B Service Book Nov. 1951-Sept. 1960 168
Parish Register C Service Book Sept. 1960-Apr. 1965 168
Parish Register D Service Book Apr. 1965-Aug. 1971 168
Parish Register E
Vestry Book (with Accounts and
lists of Church Members)
Nov. 1951-June 1980
Parish Register F
Dates of Services with attendance
and collection figures
Nov. 1951-dec. 1953
Parish Register O Vestry Book 1971-1999 449
Parish Register P Vestry Book 2000-2011 449
Envelope #1
Envelope #2


Church History and booklet
a) Advisory Council Minutes and
Correspondence 1956-1961
b) Deeds, Plans, Building Permit and
Specifications 1960-1977
not filmed


II - Index of Statistical Records

a) Baptisms

1952-1973 Parish Register A 168
1974-1999 Parish Register G 448
2000-2009 Parish Register H 448

b) Confirmations

1952-1968 Parish Register A 168
1969-1999 Parish Register I 448
2001-2009 Parish Register J 448

c) Marriages

1953-1971 Parish Register A 168
1972-1999 Parish Register K 448
2000-2010 Parish Register L 449

d) Burials

1952-1973 Parish Register A 168
1962-1999 Parish Register M 449
2000-2011 Parish Register N 449

III - Index of General Records

a) Service Books

1951-1960 Parish Register B 168
1960-1965 Parish Register C 168
1965-1971 Parish Register D 168
1971-1999 Parish Register O 449
2000-2011 Parish Register P 449

b) Service Attendance

1951-1980 Parish Register F 168

c) Vestry Books

1951-1980 Parish Register E 170