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Advertising collection. Third accrual (48-2011). – 1877-1991. – 20 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 13 oversize items. – 3 photographs.

Box 1
F.20     Almanacs
- T. Milburn and Co., Toronto, “Burdock Blood Bitters Almanac”, 1895. The back cover contains a printed message from J.A.Loucks, Campbellford, Ont.
- Wells, Richardson and Co, Montreal, “The Diamond Dye Almanac”, 1885. The front cover has an image of Queen Victoria; the back cover is stamped “G.G. Eakins, Chemist and Druggist, Campbellford, Ont.”
- Henry, Johnson and Lord, Burlington, Vermont and Montreal, Quebec, “The Household Almanac”,  1888. The col. cover illustration is of Cedar Beach near Burlington, Vt.; the back cover is stamped “P.D. Goldsmith, druggist, Campbellford.”

F.21     Monthly calendars printed on card stock (blotters):
- Canada Printing Ink Co. Ltd., Winnipeg: four items, February, March, May, June 1943
- W.L. Donnelly, Electrical Supplies, Ottawa, April 1921
- A.S.  Kennedy, Toronto, November 1947
- Robin Hood Mills, Montreal, Toronto, Moose Jaw, Calgary, Saskatoon: three items, May 1931; April 1932; May 1932

F.22     Dominion Bank, Toronto, Ont., June-December 1948. Small desk calendar
F.23     Exclusive Fish Market, Fort William, Ont., 1923; illustrated with printed image of two fishermen in a stream
F.24     Masco Company Ltd., Toronto, Ont; 2 leaves (June and July) from 1918; three leaves (March, June, October) from 1920
F.25     Stone Church, Davenport at Bay, and CKEY, Good News Broadcast every Sunday, 1946; illustrated with an image of Pastor H.J. McAlister as well as members of the congregation in the CKEY studio.
Note:  Larger calendars are unboxed.

Cards (small printed card stock)
- Athlete Straight Cut Cigarettes; col. image of cricket
- Barrett, Seguin & Co., Toronto, Ont., “Trading Department Jasper Porcupine” mines, 11 May 1946
- Brigdens Ltd., Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Artists, Photographers, Engravers, Printers, “The Right Angle”, tips for firms both exhibiting and not exhibiting at the C.N.E.
- Coca-Cola Ltd., “Coke knows no season”; col. image of two skiers in winter
- Canadian Bank of Commerce
- G.R. Carmichael, Kenora, Ont., insurance
- Smith Transport Ltd., Toronto, Ont.
- Trudeau Motors Ltd., Belleville, Ont.

F.27     Canada Printing Ink Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ontario; 13 items printed on card stock, one is dated 1925; various images including birds. Three cards with addresses in Montreal and Winnipeg in addition to Toronto. One card with a Montreal address. Four cards with a Winnipeg address.

F.28     Nabisco Shredded Wheat: Sound-Jet Space-Ship Glider: 3 cards, instructions, motor, glider; the latter two can be punched out of the cards

Post cards
- Anthony Fence, Walkerville, Ont.
- Canadian Department Stores, Ottawa, Ont.; B&w image of the store
- Dodge Dart, 1961; col. image of Lawrence Welk with the automobile
- Lipton’s Teas Coffees; illustrated with col. drawings of plants
- Selkirk Fence Co., Hamilton, Ont., pmk., Feb. 1908

Restaurant Menus
- Denny’s, “Grand Slam Menu”, double sided, 1991
- Olympia Restaurant, Owen Sound, Ont., [1950s?]
Leaflets, pamphlets, tear-sheets and other printed items
F.31     Beatty Bros Ltd., Electric Washer, cover col. illustration of a woman with an electric washer, The back cover notes that the company has been in business for over 53 years. Although it has been dated by hand in pencil 1921; the correct date is ca. 1927. Stamped “A.J. Desand, St. Catharines” Ont.
F.32     Bentley Sporting Goods Ltd., Niagara Falls, Ont. In addition to products sold, it contains badminton and tennis rules. Stamped “Robertsham Book Store, Oshawa”, Ont., [ca. 1932]. The bottoms of some of the pages have been cut off.
F.33     Birks Jewellers, Toronto, leaflet containing facts on the Hope Diamond, Dudley Necklace and the Star of the East, as well as the new 1950 designs.
F.34     T.E. Bissell Company Ltd., Elora, Ont., “‘The King of the Disk Harrows’, The Bissell”
F.35     Boyle’s Drug Store, Brampton, Ont., “Children’s Pictures, Monthly Snapshot Contest”, 1936
F.36     Bradley-Garretson  Co. Ltd., Brantford, Ont., “Farmer Harding’s Peculiar Predicament”, solved by the “Every-Ready” tool kit

Note: Box 2 contains oversize items from the first accrual.

Box 3
F.1       The Canada Life, Canada’s Oldest Life Assurance Company, “A Cavalcade of Canadian Events”, illustrated by Tom McLean, n.d.
F.2       Climax Baler Co. Ltd., Hamilton, Ont., 1 leaf re No. 124 Climax Electric Baler
F.3       Consumers Lumber Company Limited, Hamilton, Ont., two cards each one with a cartoon by Lou Skuce, [1930s?]
F.4       Copp, Clark Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont., “America’s Best School Slates”
F.5       Colonial Motor Club Ltd., Toronto, [192-]
F.6       Dominion Soap Company, Hamilton, Ont. Letterhead created by Duncan Litho. Co. Ltd., Hamiton. Original artwork (text differs from finished product); Duncan interoffice envelope stamped 26 Mar 1908; circular letter using the letterhead to announce the firm will be the sole manufacturer and distributor for Andrew Jergens Co. The circular letter is on a sheet of paper folded in quarters; the remaining three contain the new letterhead only.
F.7       Dundas Drug. Co., Dundas, Ont., “Hard Nuts to Crack. Fifty Famous Puzzles”, complied by Prof. Wagner Haxton (Toronto: Specialty Co., 1897)
F.8       T. Eaton Co. Ltd., Montreal; two printed col. Christmas cards with messages in French from “Père Noël”; one contains cut-outs of Santa Claus, his sleigh, reindeer, sack, and gifts; the other has Santa Claus as well as a variety of nursery rhyme characters. One card is dated in ink 1930.
F.9       T. Eaton Co. Ltd., Canada, “Eaton’s Toyland, 1954”, includes sample b&w photograph of Santa with young girl, information on pricing and ordering.
F.10     T. Eaton Co. Ltd., Toronto, “Modern Wall Decorations”, col. illustrations, [192-]
F.11     Fisher Motor Co. Ltd., Orillia, Ont., manufacturers of automotive equipment and counter display cases; col. illustrations of a variety of cases, [ca.1916-1929]
F.12     E.W. Gillett Co. Ltd., Toronto, makers of Magic Baking Powder, “Frank in Fairyland”, 1926; image of the factory on the back cover
F.13     Hobbs Mfg. Co. Ltd., London, Ont., mailing card re its radio programme containing a b&w image of the “Hobbs Glass Melody Boys”, 1929
F.14     James Texts, Belleville, Ont., illustrations of fountain pens and pencils, 1931-1932
F.15     Kellogg Co. of Canada Ltd., London, Ont., “Mother Goose as told by Kellogg’s Singing Lady with pictures by Vernon Grant”, 1934
F.16     City of Kingston [Ont.] Business Directory, 1887
F.17     Kroehler Mfg. Co. Ltd., Stratford, Ont., “The Care of Upholstered Furniture”
F.18     Lamarre & Co. Ltd., St. Remi, Quebec, stove and heaters, blank blotter
F.19     Lou Skuce Studios, Toronto, “Lou Skuce Comic Jigaw Puzzles”. The cover, “Comic Jig-saw Puzzle”, has a Skuce cartoon featuring “Gold Metal Tea & Coffee” and “Red & White Tea & Coffee”; inside is a puzzle, “Monkey Business”
F.20     Hugh McKay & Co., St. Stephen, New Brunswick, “Royal Gift Soiree”, list of gift amounts, 28 Feb. 1879 (lottery)
F.21     McLary Mfg. Co., London, Ont., “‘Sunshine’ Furnace”
F.22     Renfrew Machinery Co. Ltd., Renfrew, Ont., illustration of the Renfrew Acorn stove
F.23     Robert Dean, Montreal and Toronto, “First Prize Trunk” [188-]
F.24     Rolland, “Paper Samples”; folder containing paper of different colours for use in business letters. The paper samples have a variety of different letterheads with a connection to Canada, e.g. Vancouver, B.C. and Hamilton, Ont. The folder is made from “‘Rolland de Luxe”, India. [193-]
F.25     Seaman Kent Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont., “Se-Ke and the Beaver”, Beaver brand hardwood floors; family stamped on the front cover is “Arthur A. Sills, Hardwood Floors, Belleville, Ont.” [1920]
F.26     A. Schoenhut Co., Philadelphia, manufacturers of toys and novelties, toy piano instruction pamphlet with some printed sheet music; other items such as dolls are featured near the end; only half of the back cover remains.
F.27     Sharples Separator Co., West Chester, Pa., Sharples Salesman, 7 no. 9 (Sept. 1913).
F.28     Sherindale Farms, Woodbridge, Ont., breeders of chickens, order form. 1948
F.29     Swift Canadian Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont., “Eat Right to Work and Win”, 1942. Comic characters donated by King Features Syndicate. “Contributed by Swift Canadian Co. Limited to Canada’s All-Out War Effort through the Canadian Nutrition program”.
F.30     Tippet-Richardson Limited, Toronto, Ont. contract bridge score pads (6), cover illustrations of flowers (4), reproduction of a painting by Frances Tipton Hunter of a boy and his dog, reproduction of unsigned painting of a clown with a dog, [1940s?]
F.31     Topps Company, New York, 3 bubble gum wrappers featuring hockey
F.32     Toronto Asphalt Roofing Manufactuirng Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont., “Note Book”, cover illustration of a house, printed information on back cover about asphalt; the first page of the note book contains a list of materials.
F.33     Tudhope-Anderson Co. Ltd., Orillia, Ont. and Winnipeg, Manitoba, “Be Comfortable this Winter”, Hutchinson Gas Tight Furnace, [1950s?]
F.34     Vancouver Sun. Edith Adams , “Sun Prize Winners, 6th Annual Cook Book”
F.35     Visibile Systems Co., Toronto, Ont., “Wheeldex”, tear-sheet from Office Management, April 1934

F.36     James Stewart Mfg. Co., Windsor, Ontario, black and white photograph pasted on board, of some of their stoves at what appears to be a trade show
F.37     “Muskoka Foundry Limited, Engineers, Machinists, Iron and Brass founders, Bracebridge, Ontario”, small metal plate affixed to board.
F.38     Preston East Dome Mines Ltd., South Porcupine, Canada, “Souvenir of the Official Opening of the MILL, Saturday, April 29th 1939”; b&w image of the mill

Box 4
Note: Items similar to those found in Box 3 have been placed here because of their slightly larger size of some of them.
F.1       Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd., “Edison Mazda Lamps, Go to War”, World War II pamphlet
F.2       John B. Stetson Company , Stetson Hats, salesman presentation folio, “The Greatest Promotion Ever Given to a Single Hat-Name”, ca. 1940
F.3       “Transfer Wrightville Transfer”, Lucien Paquette, Prop. Hull Quebec, text in English and French,     display card, dated in pencil 1944

Leaflets printed on one side only:
Stores in Simcoe, Ont., [187-]
F.4       Hendry’s Store, The Golden Bee-Hive, Simcoe, Ont., Oscar Hendry, “Semi-Annual Clearing Sale”
F.5       The Golden Bee-Hive, Simcoe, Ont., Oscar Hendry, “Be Glad O ye People!”
F.6       Sovereen’s, Simcoe, Ont., “The Great Special Spring Sale!”
F.7       S.M. Sovereen, Simcoe, Ont., “Selling Off!”, 18 May 1877

F.8       Paxton, Tate and Co., Manufactures, Port Perry, Ont., “Lane’s Improved Board Machines”

Leaflet printed on two sides:
F.9       Ellwood Epps, Clinton, Ont. “ Mammoth 20th Anniversary and 88th Sales Bulletin, “Let’s Go Hunting”, mailed to Burns McKay, St. Mary’s Ont.; includes fishing tackle

Coronation Souvenirs:
F.10     T. Eaton Co. Ltd., “A Souvenir of the Coronation of Their Most Gracious Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, May 12th, 1937”, leaflet with colour images.
F.11     International Harvester Co. of America, “Coronation Souvenir”, June 1911 of George V, pamphlet; illustrated by farm equipment and royalty.

Oversize Calendars (not boxed)
Tufts & Thomson, Madoc, Ont., furniture, January 1913; illustrated with two ladies and a young girl in an automobile
Waterloo Trust and Savings Company, Kitchener, Waterloo, Galt, Preston, 1952
Waterloo Trust and Savings Company, Kitchener, Waterloo, Galt, Preston, 1953
Note: These three calendars are in the same folder.

Robertson, Stark and Holland Ltd., Toronto, wholesalers and manufacturers, October-December 1952; Godfrey Wildfowl Pictorial; bottom left corner is torn (torn part is extant); contains many col. images of wildfowl; one reproduction image is by Robert P. Holland

Oversize Display Cards (not boxed)
Planters Edible Oil Co., New York City, Hi-Hat Peanut Oil, presents Sheindele the Chazente, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Radio Station WEVD. Some of the text is in Hebrew. [ca.1920]
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, “Give …”, yellow with image of woman’s head [late 1940s or 1950s]
Pepsi, “Toronto’s Time in ’89, Roof Raiser”, 1989. Folds into a megaphone
Note: The above three are in one folder.

“Red Cross Kidney Plaster Feels Good on the Back”, illustrated with a drawing of a couple at the beach facing the water and holding a sun umbrella. This item has holes to attach it to backing of some kind which is no longer extant.

Oversize Posters (not boxed)
Ontario Safety League, Toronto, Ont., “Relying on You... Be Prepared for Babysitting” [1974]
The Most Famous Face in Cigarettes Player’s Navy Cut”, illustrated by an image of a sailor with cap reading “Hero” inside a life buoy with ocean and ships
Winchester Shot Shells, New Mark 5, made in Canada. Illustrated with drawing of the shells box in red, gold and blue as well as a maple leaf.
“Wall Paper, Elegant New Designs and Colourings”. This is followed by “for sale by” with blank space left for the merchant’s name. Illustrated with a drawing of a young woman in red classical dress wearing a laurel wreath. She is holding a painter’s palette and sketchbook. Duncan Litho. Co. Ltd. Hamilton. [late 1890s or 1900].

Oversize Photograph (not boxed)
G. H. Waller & Son, Toronto, Ont., 16 x 20 b&w photograph pasted on board of cold cellar with meat (sheep, rabbit, poultry, venison, cow, possibly buffalo). The photograph was taken at an exhibition such as the CNE.

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