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Advertising collection. Second accrual. [186-?]-1971. – 63 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 93 oversize items.

Box 1
F.2       One-sheet items: “Klaas Tilly inventor [of the] … the remedy”; Maxwell House Coffee; White Rose coffee spoons available from dealers in Greater Toronto; “The Reliable Family Medicine. Dr Morse’s Indian Root Pills” available from W.H. Comstock Co. Ltd., Brockville, Ont.
F.3       Small paper items and cards: McCormick machines; Page Wire Fence Co. Ltd., Walkerville; Orillia Hardware Co. Ltd. – C.C.M. bikes; Rice Lake Furco., Toronto; Steele, Briggs Seed Co. Ltd., Toronto; Chas. Stevens, Hard Wood Ashes, Napanee, Ont., 1893; the 1900 Washer Co., Toronto; Saragen’s Head Family & Commercial Hotel (British); Derby Dry Ginger Ale, Jockey Club Brewery, Guelph, Ont.; T. Eaton Co. floor polishing brush and wax, 1928; T. Eaton Co. Ltd., crib, spring and mattress, 1925; Canadian Chewing Gum Co., Toronto, chiclets; America Dry Ginger Ale, KIK Beverages, Halifax, N.S.; Straiton & Storm’s pinnacle cigars  illustrated with Mr. F. Federici as “The Mikado” on the front; British Woolen Mills, Owen, Sound, Ont., 1951; L.D. Sawyer & Co., Hamilton, Ont., engines, illustrated “A Portage in Muskoka”; Alfred J. Cammeyer, New York, illustrated price list for sporting shoes
F.4       Leaflets (1-4 pp in length): “Brant-Ford Chain Drive Ton-Unit for Ford Cars” – manufactured solely by R.O. Cumback, Brantford, Ont.; “Olson Extension for the Ford Truck” – manufactured by Swedish Crucible Steel Co., Windsor, Ont.; “Christmas Gifts … Walker Stores, Limited … Toronto; “Super Maple Leaf presents this dated events World War Map … Maple Leaf Super Anti-Freeze … Canadian Industrial Alcohol Company Limited”, 1942; Eaton’s, spring and summer 1935; Gaylord Telephone Co., Chicago , Ill., 1878; “The Coach and Sedan … Oldsmobile, Oshawa, Ont.
F.5       Pamphlets (5 pp. or longer): “Hudson’s Bay ‘Point’ Blankets”; “The Hand of the Potter Commemorating the Bicentenary of the Birth of Josiah Spode” Copeland & Duncan Ltd,. Toronto, “Text Book  of Atkins Sterling Quality Saws”, Shurly-Dietrich-Atkins Co. Ltd., Galt Canada; “Flower Bulbs and Their Culture”, J.A. Simmers, Toronto; “Engins a Gazoline”, P.T. Legaré Limitée, Montreal; Dominion Truck Equipment Ltd., Kitchener, Ont., pages that used to be in a binder
F.6       Periodical: Fisher’s Machinery and Supply List, vol. 2, no .10 (October 1920): A.M. Fisher Publishing Co., Toronto
F.7       Postcards: 8 b&w postcards of Simpson’s Toronto Store with case titled “Souvenir of Simpson’s and Toronto the Queen City”
F.8       Photographs: 4 b& w photographs of Good Year Tires, Crosley Radios, Rolex watches. These four photographs appear to have come out of the same binder; one is stamped Rapid Grip and Batten Limited, Toronto. One b&w photograph of “White Rose salesmen’s Topnotchers Sales Progress Club”, 1949
F.9       Cloth Doll: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cloth Doll, with mailing envelope, 1948
F.10     Recipes: Grape-Nuts, Canadian Postum Co. Ltd., Toronto
F.11     Display card: “Belle Ewart Ice” (needs repair)
F.12     Display card: “Dingman’s Soap Sweeps the World”, electric soap, card is shaped like a broom, Toronto
F.13     Paper Hat: Nasmith’s Peter Pan Bread
F.14     Bookmark: Leonard Bros. Fish Dealers, Montreal; contains a calendar for 1902, plasticized
F.15     Correspondence: John Watson Manufacturing Co., Ayr, Ontario, 1956, with enclosure; Geo. W. Stout, Studebaker, Hamilton, Ont., 1915
F.16     Mailing envelope: Bankers’ and Manufacturers’ Liquidation Sale, Fall and Winter Catalogue, 1932-33, Regina, Sask.
Small Signs (with sticks):
F.17     Borden’s Milk Co. Ltd., Montreal; col. image of bucolic scene
F.18     “Nearly All In” – image of two cats in a hat; Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Co. Ltd., London, Ont.
F.19     “Buy Only the New Williams Machine”, Williams Mfg. Co., Montreal, sewing machines; image of men fishing

Box 2
- Men’s clothing collection: Five items, all on Whatman Drawing Board. Pencil sketches filled in with water-colours. Four of men in suits. There is also one drawing of the heads of young boys presumably for a different advertising campaign. They are grouped together here because they are all on Whatman boards.
- National Employment Office Jobs campaign in Toronto, 1965. Four items, all on Hi-Art Boards. Three pencil sketches with pasted up text. One charcoal pencil, pen and ink drawing of a building
Reaching goals campaign, 1953. Seven items. Drawings done in tempera, cut and pasted onto Banbridge Board. Not all items are pasted onto boards.
- Studebaker. One pencil sketch, “Low cost sells Studebaker to Value Wise America.”
- Young woman baking. Pencil sketch partly filled in with water-colour
- Notice that Archie the comic strip will be appearing in the London Free Press. Artist: Eric Charles Bradford, 20 January 1955. On H-Art Board. Tempera.
-Crane’s Fine Paper. Signed on verso: Pierre Langelier, Valentine Studio, no. 36, 1939. On Hi-Art Studio Board Brushed on india ink. (Needs repair)
Laura Second:
- Children’s labels, colour book, December 1928; various proofs with layers of colour added for “Wholesome Sweets for Children”
- Candyteria wrapper, black and colour book, November 1933; various proofs with layers of b&w and colour added
- “Blottes”, Oct. 30, 1946; written backwards on the images is “postcard” and the date “Aug. /46”
- Candy Box Covers; various proofs with layers of colour added “Wholesome Sweets for Children”; n.d. but using the same slogan as the 1928 material
- Buffalo Fertilizer Co. “Ideal Wheat & Corn”; gouache and ink portrait of a young woman with flowers – wheat & corn plants are in the background. Her arm is on a bag of the product. Pasted on the verso is a printed tag: “Sketch from the Art Dept. of Brown & Bigelow, St. Paul & Toronto”.

Large calendars:
Note: Some calendar have metal strips on their tops and bottoms. Some are on card stock. Banks have been grouped together.
- Bank of Nova Scotia, 1954; painting of Girl Guides by A. Sheriff Scott.
- Bank of Nova Scotia, 1955; painting titled “Royal Canadian Sea Cadets in Training”, by H.J. Simpkins
- Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 1963; painting by Yen Chin of Chang Kuo-Lao
- Merchants Bank of Canada, 1900 and the first four months of 1901; drawing of the head office in Montreal
- Royal Bank of Canada, 1941; paintings by A. Sheriff Scott illustrate each month

- Hudson’s Bay Company, December 1941; painting titled “John Rowand Halts the Blackfoot Charge” by Henry Simpkins
- John Labatt Limitée, Montreal, 1947 and 1948; painting by W. Book; text is in French
- Lannin’s Garage, Winchester, Ont. and Chesterville, Ont.; Feb.-Dec. 1940; painting titled “The Old-Time Country Doctor” by J.D. Kelly and A.H. Hider. This calendar is advertising a Ford Motor Car; the painting depicts a horse and buggy.
- Old Chum Tobacco, Aug.-Dec. 1942; painting titled “Pioneers” depicts two men with pipes – through the window H.M.S. Victory can be seen. On the verso are some notes from “The Institute Program” including clothing, food, home crafts and housing.
- Ottawa Paint Works Ltd. (O.P.W.), 1938; painting of “Champlain Building a Wall on the Island of Montreal”, by A. Sherriff Scott
- Ottawa Paint Works Ltd. (O.P.W.), Dec. 1942; painting titled “Canada’s Victory Torch Ceremony at Ottawa, also two inserts of the torch in London with Churchill. Medlyns Hardware, St. Thomas, Ont.
- People’s Gas Supply Co. Ltd., 1960; Ottawa, Cornwall, Brockville and Pembroke, all in Ontario; painting of a Goldeneye duck
- Robertson, Stark & Holland Ltd., Toronto, Oct.-Dec. 1952; bird painting by Herb Chidley, col. photograph by Robert P. Holland
- Rock City Tobacco Ltd., 1922; Master Mason Cut Plug tobacco
- Rolph Clark Stone, Lithographers and Color Printers, Nov. 1940; “Simplicity” engraving
- Rolph Clark Stone, Lithographers and Printers, 1949; “York from Gibraltar Point”, drawn by J. Gray. York is now Toronto.

Smaller calendars:
- J. Bruce Payne, Ltd., Pharaoh Cigars, Granby, Que.; display card allowing the user to set the day and month; with b&w photograph of a woman in and oval frame
- Frank Hawkins Grocery, 1934; painting of rapids; Kellogg’s cereals
- General Accident Assurance Company, Toronto, 1926; drawings and cartoons illustrate each month; on the verso is text about “When Accidents Occur”. This calendar is water-damaged and in fragile condition.
-Howard Smith Paper Mills Ltd., Montreal, 1930; paintings of birds by Major Allan Brooks illustrate each month; ends April 1931
-Howard Smith Paper Mills Ltd., Montreal, 1932; drawings and etching of dogs by Morgan Dennis illustrate each month; ends April 1933
- Producers Dairy, [Ottawa], 1940; daily order forms are attached
- Scott Mission, Toronto, 1959
- St. Remy Motor Service Ltd., Kingston, Ontario 1948; illustrated with a wedding photograph of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh
- Toronto Humane Society calendars for 1927, 1939 and 1942, illustrated with photographs of wild animals (1927), pets (1939) and animals in war (1942). The month of February is missing from the 1942 calendar. The 1927 calendar has information on the animals printed on the verso.
- Watkins, 80th Anniversary, 1948, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver; illustrated with a painting of a stage coach under siege. Calendar includes a list of the many household products sold.
- Watkins, December 1960; illustrated with a painting of a family on a merry-go-round. . Calendar includes a list of the many household products sold. Stamped “E.D. Kruger, R.R.3, Caledon”

- Brading’s Breweries Limited: “Brading’s Beerdrinker’s Map, a Guide to Good Times in Ontario”
- Bull-Durrant Limited, Oshawa, Ont.: “The Bull Shock Absorber for All Cars”, the verso is covered in penciled notes. List of cars includes the McLaughlin.
- D.C. Co. Ltd.: “Dominion Shot Shells for Field and Trap Shooting, Dominion Metallics for Game and Target Shooting”, Canada, 1915. Illustrated with two bullets and the letter “D”.
- Dominion Rubber Company, Canadian Rubber Company of Montreal Limited, Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. Ltd.: “Claques Jacques Cartier”; illustrated with a portrait of Jacques Cartier on a ship
- Kellogg’s: “Start the Day Right! Kellogg’s All-Bran … for Constipation”. This poster is shaped like a circle; illustrated with a young woman holding a bran muffin – also a maple leaf where the price was to be written
- McCormick-Deering Line, Hamilton, Ont.: Farm machines; copyright International Harvester Co. of Canada Ltd. Illustrated with a young woman picking cherries; farm machinery is barely seen in the background
- Northern Wine Company, Limited, Edmonton, Alberta: “$50,000, we are forced to sacrifice”; Liquor sale price list, ca. 1920
- Oxford County Clerk’s Office. Call for tenders for supplies for the gaol (jail), Woodstock, Ont. 4 Nov. 1912
- Pugsley, Dingman & Co., Toronto, Ont., makers of Dingman’s Electric Soap. “Kitty’s Bath” depicts a young girl giving  her kitten a bath using Dingman’s Soap. Printed by Toronto Lithograph Co., “entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada, in the year 1886 [written in full] by Messrs. Pugsly, Dingman & Co. Toronto, in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture.”
- Rennie Seeds. “Rennie’s Seeds Are Fresh . Every Package Is Dated”. Illustrated with flowers.
- Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd. “Robin Hood Flour Present ‘On Parade’ featuring the Band of H.M. Canadian Grenadier Guards, Coast to Coast Thursday Evening C.B.C. Network”; illustrated by the Guards marching band
- Samuel Rogers Oil Co., Ottawa: Streetscape of Ottawa, includes Rogers sign. Artwork by W.H. Sadd. [1894?]. Condition is fragile.
- Shamrock Smoking Tobacco: “Good Luck”; illustrated with a couple in green looking for four-leaf clover. (Needs repair)
- Stanley Rule and Level Co., New Britain, Conn.: “Woodworker’s Companion”; illustrated with an image of the factory and carpenters’ tools made by the company
- W. Bell & Co’s: “Prize Medal Organs, Guelph, Ont. for sale by A.J. James, Enfield”; illustrated with a drawing of an organ
- W.R. Webster & Co., Sherbrooke: “Smoke the Famous Cigar”, El Presidente Cigar; illustrated with gold medals, crests, flowers, and ribbon

Peel and Stick Posters for Vehicles
Bell Telephone Company of Canada: Eleven posters, all concerning Bell products. Instruction on the back indicate where on the vehicles the posters should be placed

Display cards (heavy and lighter card stock; some with stands
- Bayer: “Flavoured Children’s Size Aspirin”; image of young boy and girl
- CJBC: “Hear Them Tuesdays, CJBC 1010 Key Station of the Dominion Network CBC Radio Canada”; printed photographs of Clary Settell, Ronald Colman, Sir Ernest MacMillan, Rob Hope, 1944
- Cadbury, Bournville, England” “Cadbury’s Chocolates”; image of young woman dressed in 1920s style with the product
- Cadbury: “Whole Nut Milk Bars”; image of product
- Coca-Cola: “Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox”; image of the rabbit on a horse
- Foley Bros., Larson & Co., Winnipeg: “Foley’s Superb Chocolates & Bon Bons”; image of young woman with a hat of maple leaves
- “Grapette Soda: “Thirsty or Not”; image of Grapette Girl with dog, Pearl Frush
- “Green Spot, Made from Ripe Fruit, Orange-ade”; image of young woman with the product
- Johann Faber: “‘Apollo’, Finest Drawing Pencil in 15 Degrees”; image of the Greek God Apollo
- Kayo: “Buvez Kayo, le breuvage au chocolate chaud [drink Kayo, the hot chocolate drink]; image of Kayo from “Moon Mullens”, ca 1940s

- “Servez-vous vous-même” [help yourself]; image of little girl Rice Krispies
- “Délicieuses avec des fruits”; image of fruit

- “Kodaks as low as $5.00”; image of mother and daughter skating
- “Get Good Snaps with a Kodak Camera or a Brownie Camera; images of both cameras

- Moirs: “From Sunrise to Sunrise Chocolates”; image of Middle Eastern man on horseback, signed Z. Tomasso
- Moirs: “Moirs Chocolates Halifax”; image of young woman with the product
- Neilson’s: “Nuts & Hard Centres”
- Old Chum: “Fragrant … Satisfying … Canada’s Favourite Tobacco”; images of a fish, a pipe, and a man fishing

- Ovaltine: “Drink Delicious Ovaltine”, image of farm woman, carrying a milking stool and a tin of the product
- Robin Hood Oats: “Canada’s Favourite Breakfast; image of little girl with doll
- “Smiles ’n Chuckes Candies”; image of beach scene
- Toronto Sun (newspaper): “Now Available Weekends; text only, 1971 or later
- Wrigley’s: “Ride Refreshed Work Refreshed”; image of two men, transportation vehicles, a factory, and a pack of the chewing gum
- Wynola: “Good Any Time”, image of stacked Wynola bottles; “Your Daily Double”, image of young woman pouring a glass of soda – double sided card, ca. 1930s
- Wm Lech U Sons, 413 George Street, Peterborough, manufacturers of fine furs: Hand-lettered one of a kind card with 4 images of women in coats and one of a leopard from American Fashion Co. N.Y.
Unknown display cards:
- “Flavor Mellowed in Wood 4 Years”; only part of the display; information on name of product not available
- “Succulent”; in two pieces; image of a young woman with fruit and cereal, probably Kellogg’s

Metal Signs
- [Cadbury]. “Ask for Sweet Marie”; illustrated with the silhouette of a young man wearing a hat. St. Thomas Metal Signs, Ltd., St. Thomas, Ont. Sign is dented.
- Railway Assurance Passengers Company, Toronto, Ont. The Oldest Accident Office in the World; Accident Insurance all Kinds”. Text only. Part of the sign is damaged.
- Steel Company of Canada, Ltd., Hamilton, Ont. “Bundling Table, Stelcoat, … Galvanized Sheets.” Contains table listing different weights and thicknesses available.

Other oversize items
- G. E. Barbour Co. Ltd., Saint John, N.B.: Two sheets of printed labels for “King Cole Tea” – one is colour, the other b&w.
- Bellville, Ont., various businesses of: Printed sheet contains maps of the townships of Huntingdon and Hungerford surrounded by small ads for Belleville businesses. Printed by Roberts & Reinhold, Montreal [1860s or 1870s? – gold was discovered in Madoc in 1866]
- Coca-Cola Co. of Canada Ltd.: Board Game, “Steps to Health”, 1934; currently framed in glass which cannot be removed. The board display looks completely different from the 1938 game. Includes slogan: “Made in Canada for Over 28 Years” printed on a maple leaf
- Coca-Cola Co. of Canada Ltd.: Board Game, “Steps to Health”, 1938, based on the Malden Health Series; includes a message “To the Children of Canada”
- J.S. Fry & Sons, Bristol and Montreal: Paper shopping bag with printed information on chocolate bars and baking chocolate
- General Foods: Grape-Nuts cereal. “Authorized Map of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition” with an accompanying note, 1934

- “Colourful Cloth Dolls” includes Dinkey the Dog, Crinkle the Cat, and Freckles the Frog. The original set as issued by Kellogg’s also included Dandy the Duck. The patterns are printed on cloth and have not been cut. 1935.
- 3-D face masks, printed on paper, both sides. One is a pirate, the other a pig. Advertising Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies
- S.S. Bremen steamship model printed on paper; parts 2 and 11 are missing. Lithographed in Canada
- “Howie Wing Moving Picture Machine”, 2 models printed on paper and card stock, with reel 1 for use in the machine, printed in English on paper. One is in English (card stock), the other in French (paper). Lithographed in Canada
- Corn Flakes, oversize display box

- Metropolitan Bank, Toronto, Ont.: This is a leaflet for the Guelph, Ont. branch; it contains a map of the county of Wellington. The leaflet has been flattened and encased.
- Quaker Oats Company, Peterborough, Ont.: “Jake’s Glider” – a wooden kit to make a flying gilder toy. With envelope and mailing box

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