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(Aug 11/09) Can we please teach those using the library to respect, by keeping quiet, the learning opportunities of others. Notwithstanding the trend toward group learning in the library, it is important to treat the space in general as a sanctuary of peace and quiet, for thinking and reflection. Please lets figure out how to cut down on random noise by speaking gently, whispering and being aware of others around you. [print suggestion entered by library staff]

Library response:

As I am sure you are aware the use of the library has changed dramatically over the last few years, and very few areas are now quiet. One thing we have attempted to do is to zone the various types of study space in our libraries. We would encourage you to find the space that meets your personal needs the best @

Additionally, we have created the Guidelines Governing Personal Behavior ( which we do expect users to abide by, but it is sometimes a challenge to enforce these guidelines.

(Oct 29/09)
Answered by: Catherine Baird (Marketing, Communications and Outreach Librarian),Anne Pottier (Associate University Librarian, Library Services),bannisl

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