Regulations Governing Personal Behaviour in the University Library (Mills, Innis & Thode)

The Library seeks to maintain a safe, healthy and productive learning environment in which all persons [users and staff] treat each other with respect and courtesy. Access to, and use of, Library resources and facilities is a privilege which must not be abused.

Users and staff are expected to comply with the following policies while in the Library:

  1. EATING: Eating is permitted in all areas except Mills Research Collections (Mills, Lower Level), the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection (Mills, L102) and the Lyons New Media Centre games room (Mills, L414) and edit suites (Mills, L415/416).
    DRINKING: Beverages in any covered container are permitted in all areas except Mills Research Collections (Mills, Lower Level), the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection (Mills, L102) and the Lyons New Media Centre games room (Mills, L414) and edit suites (Mills, L415/416).

  2. NOISE: Loud conversation, offensive language, rowdy or disruptive behaviour is prohibited in all library spaces. During Exam Periods, designated Quiet Study areas are established (Mills: 3rd - 6th Floors; Thode: 1st and 2nd Floors; Innis: Back room excluding group study rooms.)

  3. SILENT STUDY: Conversation is not permitted in designated Silent Study areas (Mills, 6th floor, east end; Innis- Silent Study Room). If unable to resolve noise issues in Silent Study areas on their own, users are welcome to report infractions to or use the online form.

  4. CELL PHONES: The volume on cell phones must be kept low while in the library. Please move away from others when speaking on them.

  5. ELECTRONIC DEVICES: All personal electronic devices (MP3 players, etc.) must be used with earphones and the volume must be kept low.

  6. LAPTOPS: Laptop users should "mute" the sound unless earphones are being used and the volume is kept low.

  7. PUBLIC COMPUTERS: When using public computers the sound should be "muted" unless earphones are being used and the volume is kept low.

  8. STUDY SPACE: Study space cannot be reserved. This includes booking group study rooms for more than the permitted time.The Library reserves the right to cancel bookings in violation of this policy. Attempts to monopolize study rooms will be considered a breach of these regulations. Private papers and materials left unattended on tables, carrels, or computer stations may be removed by staff. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended.                                                                                              McMaster's library study rooms are available to students seeking space for collaborative study and academic purposes. Recognized clubs and organizations seeing meeting space should contact the McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC). The library reserves the right to cancel any bookings which contravenes this policy.

  9. OBSTRUCTING ACCESS: Users will not block access to library collections, facilities or services. Electrical cords must not cross aisles or open spaces. Users may not congregate at entrance/exit doors or on ramps.

  10. SMOKING / DRUGS: Neither smoking nor using illegal drugs is permitted anywhere in the Library. This includes the use of e-cigarettes. Smoking may not take place with 9 metres of any library entrance, including the top of the ramp at the Tower entrance on the southeast corner of Mills Library.

  11. VANDALISM: No user shall engage in vandalizing or defacing library buildings, collections, furniture or equipment.

  12. GARBAGE: All garbage and waste materials must be disposed of in the proper receptacles.

  13. SPORTS ACTIVITIES, ETC: No sports activities are permitted anywhere in the libraries, including ball playing and the use of roller skates, in-line skates, skate boards or bicycles.

  14. SOLICITING: Soliciting and begging are not permitted in the Libraries.

  15. FILMING: Photographing, filming or video/audio recording is prohibited unless with the express prior permission from the Associate University Librarian, x22410or via email.

  16. SIGNS:  Permission to post signs must be obtained before signs can be posted. (See a service desk for further details.) Library staff will take down unauthorized signs.
    Signs should never be taped to painted walls as removing them may cause damage to the surface.

  17. RESHELVING: Users are asked not to reshelve library materials. Used materials should be left out on tables or in designated areas for library staff to reshelve. This helps track material use and reduces misshelving.

  18. IDENTIFICATION: Any member of the library staff may request a library user to produce his/her university identification card. If an individual fails to produce identification, he/she may be asked to exit the building.

  19. COMPUTERS: Users will abide by the University's Acceptable Use policies for campus computers.


Behaviour within the Libraries will be monitored by staff and student employees. Users found to be contravening these regulations may be asked to leave the building. If the behaviour continues and/or if the individual or group refuses to leave the building, campus security will be called. Individuals found in contravention of these regulations may face action under the Student Code of Conduct.

This policy will be reviewed throughout the 2017/18 academic year. Discussions continue with the Office of Judicial Affairs regarding the alignment of these regulations and associated sanctions with the Student Code of Conduct. Comments should be forwarded to: Anne Pottier, Associate University Librarian, Library Services (, extension 22410).