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(Oct 18/18) Often students book rooms and do not use them. Potentially figure out a way to confirm this so that others may use. i.e. send an email 10 min. before to confirm.

Library response:

Thank you for your comment and suggestion regarding our group study room booking system.  We do have a policy for group's who do not show up for their selected booking time.  They have 15 minutes from the time of the booking to show up at their selected group study room.  After the 15 minutes, if the room is still unoccupied their booking will be cancelled and another group can use the room.  If you see an unoccupied room please do not hesitate to ask a full time staff member at the Services desk for assistance.

Thank you again for your comment and suggestion.

(Oct 18/18)
Answered by: Ann Pearce (Supervisor, Information Services, Innis Library)
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