Library Home

  • Rooms are for McMaster users working on collaborative projects
  • You will need your MAC ID and password to book a room
  • Minimum 3 people in a room & maximum capacity listed below for each room
  • If you do not show up in the room after 15 minutes of the booking time then you will lose your complete booking and the room is free for anyone to use
  • For privacy protection, we recommend that full names not be used when reserving a room
  • Please limit your bookings to 2 hours per day per group
  • The Library reserves the right to cancel bookings in violation of this policy. Attempts to monopolize study rooms will be considered a breach of the Library Code of Conduct
  • Bookings can only be made up to two weeks in advance
  • Wireless access is available
  • Please keep your confirmation e-mail as proof of booking
  • Booking is during library hours

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